The Truth Beneath (2016) Movie Script

Korea Party nominee
KIM Jong-Chan.
And 4-term independent
candidate NOH Jae-soon.
In Daesan, a stronghold
of the ruling party,
the 21st General Election
will usher in
a generational change,
or a change of parties.
Look at all of you.
Nice effort!
Love that enthusiasm!
Bet you had a lucky dream
last night?
Welcome, y'all!
Come on in.
Welcome, sir!
Campaign Manager?
Keep up the good work!
Congressman, this is my mother.
Oh, my!
How do you do?
NOH Jae-soon
Dad, it's NOH Jae-soon again.
He never quits, does he?
Imagine working 16 years
for a guy like him?
For 16 years
you kissed my ass,
and now the whole party's
gone over to you.
That's the level
of our congressmen.
Watch yourself, Jong-Chan.
Sir, I heard about
your daily wake up calls.
So it's really true!
Who's that?
Say hi to everyone!
I had the speaker phone
turned on, sir!
How do you do, sir?
Mom, I'll be late tonight.
What? You'll be late?
I need to finish
my group art assignment.
Look me in the eye.
I'm doing it with Jahye.
From today, you and Dad
will be real busy,
so I'm going to shape up
and not cause trouble.
Then pin Jahye's number
to your memo board.
So what birthday present
do you want from Grandma?
Birthday Event So what birthday
present do you want from Grandma?
That's okay,
you don't need to buy one.
Grandma, I want
100 million won.
Anyway, I'm planning on
throwing her a party.
You're going to win.
In Daesan, when the
Korea Party primary is over,
people say
the election's over, too.
KIM JONG-CHAN The Korea Party people
say the election's over, too.
So there's not much campaigning
for the main election.
Candidate #1 KIM Jong-Chan So there's not
much campaigning for the main election.
But this year,
circumstances are different.
Let's go to Sinsung District
in Daesan.
This place is the focus of attention
after famous TV personality
KIM Jong-Chan unexpectedly
captured his party's nomination.
The district previously served as
a reliable source of votes
Candidate #5 NOH Jae-soon The district
previously served as a reliable source of votes
for four-term lawmaker
NOH Jae-soon.
Sure enough, the Korea Party's
primary was a shocker.
Candidate #5!
Pundits see it as a strategy
of MOON Hyun-sung,
who is considering a
presidential run next year.
- Candidate #1!
- KIM Jong-Chan!
- A new generation!
- KIM Jong-Chan!
- A new politics!
- KIM Jong-Chan!
- Candidate #1!
- KIM Jong-Chan!
- A new generation!
- KIM Jong-Chan!
- A new politics!
- KIM Jong-Chan!
- Candidate #1!
- KIM Jong-Chan!
- A new generation!
- KIM Jong-Chan!
The number you've dialed
cannot be connected.
Please leave a message
at the tone.
You have the wrong number.
But, Jahye...
Do you know a girl
named Jahye?
No, there's no one
named Jahye here.
Min-jin's Monster Mom
She's not here.
I said she's not here!
No, we haven't hung out
for over a year!
She's having fun
with her lover!
Never heard of her.
There's a problem.
Min-jin hasn't
come home yet.
Oh, my.
NOH Jae-soon's making
trouble on his site.
If we report her missing,
then she comes back, we'll have
stirred up rumors for nothing.
And it's not the first time
she's run off.
She's been fine for 3 months.
She's quite the flirt.
The boys must find her
mighty sexy.
Watch what you say
about that girl.
Did you hear something?
Well, my ears ain't
stuffed with cotton.
These photos are all
from two years ago.
She had a fight with
her friends about something,
a schoolmate reported her,
and these were taken.
Where the heck
did he find these?
Are you really from
Jeolla Province?
It ain't a sin, is it?
Lighten up ma'am!
Come over here.
Right, lighten up!
She promised me
she wouldn't do it again.
But Jahye's number
was a fake,
and her phone's
still turned off.
Well, look at yourself...
You conceal your hometown,
and ambush us like this?
You know how bad this
regional rivalry is.
Who's ambushing who?
Are you crazy?
You think we'd just announce it?
What are you so angry for?
I ain't angry, it's you
who aren't making sense!
- Who are you to...?
- All the decisions here...
are made by me.
Listen up, shitheads!
Is this your campaign?
I know it's sensitive, but let's
wait another day for Min-jin.
I'll protect our children.
I'll protect our children. This
is your main campaign promise.
Let's wait one more day.
She didn't even bring
an umbrella to school!
Are you willing to lose
the election over this?
You won't lose because
your daughter ran off!
We can't underestimate NOH.
Once he latches on,
he'll keep using this for sure.
Right. She'll be back.
Her image is important, too.
That's no reason to worry.
My goal isn't to be
a Korea Party member.
There's a Jeolla proverb,
'A couple who buries their child
spends a passionate
night together.'
Meaning that if a child dies,
the parents will
make another one.
A child's death
won't kill the parent.
The Korea Party
milks you until you're dry.
Then, they'll simply
find a replacement.
If we join forces later,
people will feel betrayed.
Are you comfortable with that?
Don't be scared.
War is waged with a smile.
If you launch a new party,
will you step down as leader?
It's 'Jahye.'
I don't know her last name.
Third year, 11th class.
Same height as Min-jin,
her father's a public servant.
She has tortoise shell glasses,
long legs...
Her hair's always messy.
And she's great at drawing.
Did you see her?
They're best friends.
I mean, did you see her,
or talk on the phone?
My daughter said
she's a great student.
Ma'am, do you know a
BAE Ok-soon?
Jahye's number...
it's the number of Ms. BAE Ok-soon.
Lives in Gyeonggi Province.
I don't know her.
Why is KIM Jong-Chan hiding
his wife's hometown?
These phone numbers here,
they're the kids my
daughter hung out with.
They're all low-grade kids.
If it's of any help...
Except for a hit-and-run homicide,
there were no incidents that night.
Where was the hit-and-run?
An outer road by
the New Town construction.
The victim was a male,
not from here.
Do you happen to know
a girl CHOI Mi-ok?
- CHOI Mi-ok?
- Yes.
In telephone records,
the person Min-jin called most
wasn't Jahye, it was this girl.
CHOI Mi-ok, Sinsung Middle School.
Grade 3, Class 7.
Never heard of her...
Is there any problem
with Min-jin?
Same height as Min-jin.
Tortoise shell glasses.
Long legs, hair always messy.
A civil servant father...
that's you.
KIM Yeon-Hong A civil servant father...
that's you.
No, she said Jahye was
a really great artist.
I can't draw, honey.
Then who's Jahye?
Jahye Piano School
I'm sorry.
There's no Jahye
in Min-jin's school.
And no girl whose father
is a public servant.
And Min-jin didn't have
art homework yesterday.
That's right, Min-jin didn't
have any art homework.
The signal from Min-jin's phone
switched off at 4:19pm.
The location was at school.
She was in class then.
It's possible her
battery ran out.
That's Mi-ok.
Min-jin stayed with Mi-ok
at school until late.
Because she had no umbrella.
CHOI Mi-ok
Min-jin and I left school
late at night.
I heard a car engine revving,
so I looked.
She got in a car and left.
A white car.
Don't lie.
My daughter's doesn't
leap into strange cars.
They seemed to
know each other.
A man, or a woman?
Could be a man...
or maybe a woman.
The license plate...
I don't remember.
I checked all the nearby
CCTVs, but couldn't see them.
What does your father do?
He's a driver.
He loads shit in the back
and drives it around.
That's called a sewage truck.
Then, your mother?
No mother. A stepmother.
Just the three of you?
I got a grandmother.
She's really sick.
Two sisters. Two brothers.
Where'd you get this?
You know what this is?
A watch.
Your dad supports 8 people
driving a sewage truck,
and you own that?
That watch was a gift
to Min-jin's dad.
Min-jin changed the band
and wore it herself.
But after we moved here,
it was stolen.
It was too expensive
to report to the police,
you say this is yours?
Fuck, it's mine!
Missing child CHOI Mi-ok?
The student Mi-ok?
The detectives and journalists
already asked about her.
KIM Chang-hoon The detectives and
journalists already asked about her.
Because I'm Min-jin's
homeroom teacher, I guess.
Yes, that's right.
I was her homeroom teacher
last year.
UM Ok-ran I was her
homeroom teacher last year.
But the detectives
already talked to me.
She had excellent grades.
1st year - class rank
Her scores were
very consistent.
2nd year - class rank
Mi-ok and Min-jin
were peas in a pod.
In first year, they were
in the same class.
But teacher.
That's a lie.
How can you call
her grades consistent?
Her grades transformed.
No proof that girl
swiped Min-jin's watch,
and telling the cops
just makes more trouble.
Should've left it be...
Min-jin's still gone.
What do we do?
I know it's strange to
bring it up now,
but remember our school
presentations on future goals?
Sure, you wanted to be
a first lady like Hillary.
Crazy me said
a good wife and mother.
You were such a hottie
back then.
But where could Min-jin be?
KIM Jong-Chan
Yes, you're here?
NAM Su-choong,
violent crimes division.
- I took over this case...
- Let's talk in the car.
NOH Jae-soon
It was your wife who
discovered she was missing?
That was the first day
of the campaign?
Why continue campaigning
after your daughter disappeared?
You'll just lose
support that way.
You want us to quit
the election?
No... it's just frustrating.
That sewage smell!
I'll open the window.
What were you doing
at the time she disappeared?
What were you doing
when she disappeared?
I had an important meeting.
Who was the meeting with?
I can't say.
It's a political matter.
Just tell them, honey.
Later, if it becomes a problem,
I'll tell you then.
Remember when you rebelled
and wanted to be a singer?
Who does she take after,
running around like this?
She's off having fun somewhere.
The night she disappeared.
Who'd you stay out
so late drinking with?
Is that so important?
It's hugely important.
How important?
Important enough to decide
if I live with you, or not.
If something ever happens
to our Min-jin,
what will you do then?
A girl vanishes, and her father
parades around campaigning.
Why return to a home like that?
I met someone I can trust.
How can I talk when
you look at me that way?
Authentication failed!
Check your ID/PW.
Hello, how can we help you?
Hello, my name is Kim Min-jin.
I forgot my ID and password.
What should I do?
Fuck. Fuck.
Min-jin Awesome
You have
53,660 unread messages.
Min-jin, couldn't you
clean this up?
October 2 6...
Min-jin how've you been?
My daughter Min-jin
will surely return!
I will never give up!
People, when my daughter
comes home,
I will be the most steadfast and
trustworthy father to her!
Sorry to call so early.
I'm the mother of
student KIM Min-jin.
Yes. How can I help you?
We talked on the phone sometimes,
since first year.
The detectives
already asked about it.
That's the day she disappeared.
Ah, that's payment day.
This month
I joined a savings club.
As you can see, their singing
is not exactly normal.
I guess you had no idea.
That she was so ostracized.
Min-jin said, more than anything
she didn't want you to know.
And her?
They were both picked on.
I still should have
told you long ago.
To be honest,
I'm worried, too.
- Help me, teacher.
- Ma'am!
She ate just a few mouthfuls
of rice before leaving.
I don't know if she's eating
properly where she is.
Help me.
I'm sorry.
That's really all I know.
Help me, teacher!
My daughter vanished,
but nothing has changed.
Just one... the daily calls
from NOH Jae-soon stopped.
We couldn't find any evidence
linking NOH to your daughter.
I knew it.
No! This isn't acceptable!
Then show me all
the investigation reports.
That's illegal, ma'am.
I'd lose my job. Your husband
would be smeared with this.
you're voting for NOH?
If you leave NOH alone and
something happens to my girl...
I got something to do,
come along.
Ma'am, your stubbornness
will get us in trouble.
Now... look at a single dot.
Take a deep breath,
and let it out.
Psychological Research Lab
Do your eyes sting?
Take a deeper breath...
there's a white car.
There's a woman
talking to Min-jin.
Her hair is tied up
in a single knot.
She looks pretty.
She speaks Seoul dialect.
What time is this?
I don't know.
Do you see the numbers
on the license plate?
Okay, let's go back
to when you first saw the car.
It's going by too fast.
It's going by slowly.
1... 8... G...
8... 5...
I can't see the rest.
Where is she going?
To Seoul?
What will she do in Seoul?
Be a singer.
Hey, Min-jin went to Seoul?
She went to Seoul
to be a singer?
Did I say that?
Was she really hypnotized?
Should we do it again?
Don't waste time with this.
I'm leaving.
Oh my.
Shut up!
Candidate 5!
NOH Jae-soon!
Candidate 5!
NOH Jae-soon!
Candidate 5!
NOH Jae-soon!
She's in here?
PARK, Campaign Manager
What was my husband's schedule
on the first night of the campaign?
He finished work
and left at 2am.
After that, I don't know.
His schedule on the
first night of the campaign?
Of course, I drove him.
Just a minute.
CHOI, Driver
Ah, it was at
the Residence Hotel.
He went drinking there?
With who?
I think it was Shin Sun-mi
of the New Politics Party.
Though they left separately.
I think that's right.
But ma'am...
Is your hand all right?
Why, shall I check it, ma'am?
Maybe he really doesn't know.
Fuck that.
Dude spent 16 years
with douchebag NOH.
Can't trust no one
in this lame ass city!
Girl, what's gotten into you?
No, forget it.
Help me to access
the police file on Min-jin.
I can't do that.
It's illegal to open
police files.
You spent 16 years
at NOH Jae-soon's side,
surely you know
how to do it.
Still, I can't.
Infringing personal privacy law...
I'm sorry, ma'am.
I'll ask one last time.
Do you really not know who
my husband saw on that night?
No, I don't.
I really don't.
Get me Min-jin's police file.
If you ditched NOH Jae-soon
and came over to us,
you need to prove
that you're trustworthy.
Don't think life's so easy.
Campaign Manager!
I'll tail her, don't worry.
Think... think...
Screw your head on!
Think... think... think...
Screw your head on
and think!
Go back to the beginning.
Go back to the beginning.
First day of the campaign...
My husband and I
were distracted all day.
Did Min-jin like
the kimbap I made her?
Somewhere, I heard the song
she likes to sing.
Do you have proof
that he whistled?
And do you have proof
our daughter sang that song?
It's a wiretap.
I knew it!
That's how he knew her song.
Get rid of our wiretaps on NOH.
We'll use this against him.
Take them out of his office, now!
KIM Min-jin
Ten days after the disappearance
of KIM Jong-chan's daughter,
support for independent candidate
NOH Jae-soon is surging.
With KIM continuing to campaign
despite his missing daughter,
it seems unlikely he'll see
a return in his popularity.
What's in your heart?
Are you begging for salvation?
Are you begging for help?
Please save her...
Please save her...
Unworthy mother,
how can you keep your
face and neck upright?
Please save her...
Please save her...
My heart aches.
My heart aches, my child.
KIM Min-jin
Let's meet in heaven, beloved daughter
MOON Hyun-joong of the
Korea Party, Governor CHOI,
and Daesan Mayor PARK
are all present.
Other lawmakers came
together with MOON.
Independent NOH Jae-soon and
New Politics JA Chul-hee are also here.
Chairman MOON
visited the bereaved family
and urged KIM to continue
with his campaign.
What can I ever say
to comfort you?
With the missing KIM Min-jin
returning in a coffin,
the criticism directed at KIM
is transforming into
sympathy and support.
As a wave of grief
passes over the populace,
some describe her as the girl
who will save her father.
The bell is ringing.
Skirt swishing,
the crazy woman
goes out with her bouquet.
Out of the way.
A pooping shooting star
falling from a green sky.
From the deep deep hole
where you are,
the sun don't shine.
Open the door!
- Fuck.
- Are you okay?
I was scared you wouldn't
forgive me no matter what.
That day I met Shin Sun-mi
of the New Politics Party.
I know. You secured
your future over drinks.
It's over between us.
it's not over.
It's over!
I decide if it's over or not!
We're through!
I don't give a shit
about politics or elections!
You killed my baby.
Honey please,
think rationally.
Think rationally?
The Campaign Manager might've
killed my girl for the sympathy vote.
Or did you hire someone,
in order to win the election?
I can't trust anyone
in this fucked up city!
All of you in this insane city
are rotten to your core!
Fuck off!
It's not just you
who lost a daughter!
What if...
What if...
she really died
because of me?
10240... 10240...
The bell is ringing.
Skirt swishing,
the crazy woman
goes out with her bouquet.
Out of the way.
A pooping shooting star
falling from a green sky.
From the deep deep hole
where you are,
the sun don't shine.
Black as black,
my meals taste worse
than your cigarettes,
my snacks,
my soul.
Did you really place
17th in the entire school?
Min-jin's grades kept going up.
It was suspicious,
but I wanted to believe.
Sinsung Girls' Middle School
Sinsung Girls' Middle School The
bell is ringing. Dingdong-dingdong.
The bell is ringing.
Exam Papers
Skirt swishing,
the crazy woman
with her bouquet.
Out of the way.
Final Exam, Math - Attachment
with her bouquet. Out of the way.
Jini and Oki,
crying their heart out
A pooping shooting star
falling from a green sky.
From the deep deep hole
where you are,
the sun don't shine,
black as black.
Teacher, can I ask
your email address?
There's something
I need to send to you.
I'm busy now, but I'll call...
That's my email address.
CHOI Mi-ok is a suspect?
The night Min-jin disappeared,
someone saw Mi-ok
all covered in blood.
Mi-ok would never do
something like that.
I got it.
Thanks, teacher.
Fine, let's assume
you didn't kill her.
But if not, why is her
blood on your sneakers?
Look here... you see the black?
That's Min-jin's blood right there.
This blood and her DNA
is a match.
So don't even think
about lying.
Once, Min-jin and I
were crossing the street.
A taxi ran a red light and came
towards us, so I pushed her.
She fell over then
and skinned her knee.
Her blood got on
my shoes that day.
Min-jin's skirt was so short
you could see her asshole!
If she bled so much,
why didn't I see it?
Tell the truth, you!
Min-jin's knee really was skinned,
but we don't know when.
So please, calm down!
When was it skinned?
My daughter is not a criminal.
Let's go outside.
Mr. CHOI... you're her father?
What, all of you knew?
Your daughter called
my husband shit!
She said her dad drives around
a big load of shit!
Why do you think she
said that, Detective?
You must have said
the same thing at home!
Why'd you pretend
to be so nice to us?
My daughter...
would never say that
for no reason.
I haven't done
anything for her.
She studies well on her own,
and is a nice girl.
Don't make me laugh!
She studies well?
Come outside, please!
For the past two years,
your daughter has been cheating.
Ask her.
What this exam paper is.
Get her out of here.
If you're through,
please go.
As her father, you should've
known her grades were strange!
You're fired!
Your husband really is shit!
My daughter would
never do that.
Hey, asshole!
Calm down!
The illegal wiretaps in
KIM's home and office
were planted by a member
of NOH's team.
Independent candidate
NOH Jae-soon.
KIM is using unsubstantiated
claims about wiretaps
to slander me
in this campaign.
I'll stake my political life
on the truth.
After Min-jin died,
my husband's ratings went up.
The Campaign Manager
got me the police files.
Witness report,
New Town site hit-and-run
Some ways off, a girl
in a school uniform
was walking around
with no umbrella.
Looked like a ghost, I say.
What's she doing out
in the rain, I thought.
Then I saw her
covered in blood,
and smeared in dirt.
So I said,
"Whatcha doin' in the cold?"
"Whatcha doin' in the cold?"
But then she ran off.
But there was so much rain.
It was dark,
and she was far off.
Was it her... was it not her?
I don't think so.
No, the girl wasn't Mi-ok.
The test showed no blood
on Mi-ok's school uniform.
Tell me this is a different
color from what it really is.
We're starting.
Was your pride hurt that
your dad was her dad's driver?
Did you bury Min-jin?
Why'd you format your phone?
Was there something
you wanted to hide?
It got wet that day,
and stopped working.
Just answer yes or no.
That's why I formatted it.
Did you kill Min-jin?
Min-jin was just an annoying shit.
KIM Min-jin
When her dad came
as a guest speaker,
all the other kids
must've felt it too.
Do announcers earn a lot?
Someone as famous as you?
I know how you feel.
It's our secret.
I promise.
If you won't get rich,
you won't be an announcer?
Then how do you
become an announcer?
Oh, sorry.
I stayed with my dad in
Washington a few years.
Are you mad?
Don't be mad.
Fuck you.
KIM Passes NOH in Polls
After Daughter's Death
Bereaved mother's
controversial attire
Did you complete your task?
And the photo?
This is driving me crazy.
It is bad.
In hospital,
very very more terrible.
And after you must
meet counseling doctor.
Damn, you like Joan Faye?
Joan Faye.
Joan Faye.
Joan Faye.
Title, "Wild Rose Hill".
You wanna know
a reliable way?
The most reliable way
is to jump
from someplace high.
This is great!
Investigation Records,
Murder of Kim Jong-chan's Daughter
My daughter's account
had over 50,000 emails.
I found one email
from two years ago.
First year finals, she received
the exam three days early.
As you see,
10240 sent the exam.
The subject says "omitted".
Forwarding something
left out of earlier messages?
So she forgot to delete it.
These are her grades.
From that semester,
her scores shot up.
And the same with CHOI Mi-ok.
They ranked among
the top in the school.
Then they continued
to rank high.
Now CHOI Mi-ok is
one of the suspects.
Isn't it suspicious?
If your grades drop suddenly
it's a problem,
but in the opposite case,
no one suspects.
My daughter's
bad at school like me.
You don't really think this is
connected to her death?
Why'd you send her the exams?
I liked her.
So you killed her?
Are you crazy?
Why would I?
I really liked Min-jin.
Then lead her down a good path,
don't help her cheat!
It's what she wanted.
I only gave her the questions,
she solved them herself.
I don't know about you,
but she's smarter than you think.
If you tell the police,
it will disgrace our dead Min-jin.
Don't you want to
win the election?
She was bullied
when she was alive.
Do you want people talking
about her even after death?
Except for a hit-and-run homicide,
there were no incidents that night.
Where was the hit-and-run?
An outer road by
the New Town construction.
The victim was a male,
not from here.
Don't move.
If you move you'll get hurt.
The suspect in the assault
on KIM's wife
is head of the
Clean Citizens Group
and a long-time supporter of NOH.
On NOH's homepage,
the suspect posted 20 messages
on KIM's qualifications
and her hometown.
Sir, she's awake.
You had someone
following me, right?
I worried something
might happen to you.
This model is over 20,000 volts.
Keep it with you.
This is a permit to use it.
Stun Gun
Instruction Manual
Don't get hurt, darling.
Our Min-jin wouldn't
want that, either.
Thanks, honey.
It may be
that our daughter
was not as nice
as we thought she was.
eleven and a half.
Now, our party will start.
October Free Time.
Now we'll always be together.
The black night is coming.
Now, the stars
will shine brighter.
Braid my hair.
Embrace my heart.
It's time to go.
Wild Rose Hill.
Where butterflies fly.
Watch over my dream.
It's time to go.
Wild Rose Hill.
That's me.
I was the first one
to become a fan.
Their song tells my story.
Do you want another video
of Jini and Oki?
This is one that I shot.
Mi-ok would never
do that to Min-jin.
Mi-ok is the coolest
girl I've ever met.
We were really happy.
Min-jin worried if she moved,
Mi-ok would get picked on.
To avoid that,
you need good grades,
and you need
to dress smart.
Mi-ok is really poor.
CHOI Mi-ok
JO So-yeon
JO So-yeon.
Why's your uniform so tight?
Is that your style?
Wild Rose Hill
by Jini and Oki
One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine, ten,
eleven and eleven and a half!
One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine, ten,
eleven and eleven and a half!
Now, our party will start.
October Free Time.
We'll be together always.
The black night is coming.
Now, the stars
will shine brighter.
Embrace my heart.
Embrace my heart!
Braid my hair.
Braid my hair!
Protect my dream.
Protect my dream!
October Free Time.
That's the first day
of Dad's campaign.
Since Mom and Dad
were busy.
This is the branch
of a wild rose.
Wild Rose Hill is
where Min-jin was found.
Eleven and a half
must mean 11:30.
And 100 million stars?
Min-jin wanted 100 million won
for her birthday present.
It was for
your party, right?
And the party was...
And the party was...
the money you got from the one
who sent you exams.
I know who she is.
Min-jin's the lyricist,
I'm the composer.
We don't steal songs
from other people.
Your school uniform.
I met JO So-yeon yesterday.
She was wearing your uniform.
You surely washed it,
but a test reveals everything.
After my mom died,
I only had my dad.
Then he remarried
and popped out those kids.
All I had was Min-jin,
so why would I kill her? Why?
Okay you didn't do it!
But then who killed my Min-jin?!
It was her!
She hired someone
to kill Min-jin.
The phone of the bastard
who killed Min-jin.
In here's the number of
the person who ordered it.
It's my fault Min-jin died.
She was gonna
give that money to me.
Because my family's poor,
and Min-jin would study abroad.
I drove that bastard's car.
Got in when he wasn't looking.
I hit him in the same way
that he killed Min-jin.
I learned to drive from my Dad.
Backwards and forwards.
three times.
To the President of Korea,
since Min-jin died and I could
be next, I'm leaving this letter.
The person who killed
Min-jin and me
is teacher SON Sora
from Sinsung Girls Middle School.
The reason she killed us
is that we have a video of
her having sex with a man.
Two years ago we gave her
a car air freshener
with a hidden camera inside.
So for two years she sent
exam papers to us.
Finally we demanded
100 million won.
And she hired someone
to kill Min-jin.
President, I beg you to
please execute SON Sora.
It's our final wish.
Have a nice day.
From CHOI Mi-ok.
If you've seen it,
give me back the phone!
No, give it back!
I'm not stupid.
I just pretended not
to know about her grades.
No, give it back!
I'll die without that.
No matter what people say,
I liked this city.
It's my husband's hometown,
and where Min-jin grew up.
This was ordered by
KIM Yeon-Hong.
Birthday Event
Min-jin, we love you so much!
- Mom and Dad
That was a funny trick.
My friend died,
but I have the video.
Let's meet.
The 21st General Election
to the National Assembly
begins shortly at 13,470 polling
stations across the country.
The voting period lasts
from 6 am to 6 pm,
and vote tallying
begins thereafter.
Eligible voters must show
a national ID, passport,
driver's license or other
officially issued ID.
Locations of polling stations are
printed in official voting guides...
Honey, the person who killed
Min-jin is not NOH Jae-soon.
But you should keep
insisting it was him.
That he killed your daughter
and broke your wife's rib.
Don't be sorry
to Min-jin, honey.
Beat NOH Jae-soon
for sure today.
KIM Jong-Chan
Wanna know how much
of a devil your kid was?
I screwed up
for just one month,
but it's going to
stay with me forever.
You fucking bitch!
You fucked up.
There's no turning back
no matter how much you regret.
I'll remind you of this everyday,
Until you die,
you slutty bitch!
Fucking bitch.
When that bastard kid
comes out in the world,
I'll tell everyone what a
filthy bitch his mother is!
You fucking whore!
When that fucked up kid
comes out of your stinking cunt,
I'll make him regret
the day he was born!
Your smelly cunt!
What, are you wet now,
you slut?
KIM Jong-Chan and
Mi-ok's teacher?
I don't know...
I could be wrong.
You know what?
Your father and our teacher...
Someone's demanding
100 million won from me.
They have a video of us.
Who is it?
I don't know.
Min-jin got killed
by a hit man
that her Dad hired.
Why didn't you tell him
it was our daughter?
I wanted both of them
to pay for it.
Give me the video.
Look, this is what you did.
Call my husband.
Someone who knows
about us contacted me.
I already took care of that.
She wasn't alone.
Her friend saw her being killed.
I was told to stay out.
She wants to talk to you.
You know how boring
my wife is?
She's frigid like a stone.
Oh, baby...
Fuck! You only killed Min-jin,
you bitch!
Watch out, you whore!
I'm gonna get my revenge
on you for Min-jin, bitch!
If I kill you,
then I lose.
Live to pay for it.
I beat NOH Jae-soon.
Homepage of NOH Jae-soon
Upload video
KIM Jong-Chan car sex
To Mi-ok, best friend
in the world. -Min-jin.
Oh, Min-jin...
Were you cold?
It was cold, right?
It's me...
It's okay.
It's okay.
Don't cry.
Don't cry.
Don't cry.
Don't cry.
Don't cry.
Don't cry.
Don't cry.
Did my daughter say
that she liked me?
She said you were stupid.
That her mother's stupid.
So she needed to protect her.
Directed by
LEE Kyoung-mi
SON Ye-Jin
KIM Joo-hyuk