The Turning (2020) Movie Script

[footsteps running]
[panting and moaning]
[engine starts]
Okay. Okay. Okay.
Oh, come on. Come on. Open.
Open. Oh, God. No. Shit! Shit! Oh, God!
[newscaster] A memorial service
for Kurt Cobain
was held today in Seattle,
two days after the musician was found dead
of an apparent suicide.
[turns off TV]
That's not how fancy nannies dress.
Come on. I'll take them.
I'm a private tutor.
Least you could do.
Leaving me without a roommate.
I'm sorry for the short notice.
They They need me tomorrow.
What about your class?
I thought you loved those kids.
I do.
But the school's the one
that put me up for it.
Look, I couldn't say no, okay?
A few years ago,
this little girl lost her parents,
and then now,
her nanny just abandoned her.
So you're ditching me
for a seven-year-old.
You don't know what it's like
to grow up without parents.
And I love teaching.
I wanna make a difference, you know?
So, you taking those with you?
I think I'm kind of looking forward
to having a little break from these.
She's been having a bad spell lately.
But I'm gonna go see her
tomorrow and say goodbye.
Are you gonna be okay
when you're up there?
My God.
I'm going from 25 screaming kids
to one little girl.
How hard can it be?
[rock music playing on headphones]
-Hi, Mom.
What are you working on?
Hey, what if I help you move
your stuff back into the art room?
I'm leaving today.
For the The new job.
You remember I told you
about that little girl
all alone with her housekeeper?
Little girl? All on her own?
Well, that's a big responsibility.
I know.
I can handle it.
[chuckles softly]
You look nice.
Thank you.
Here. Take this.
It'll keep you warm.
[singing indistinctly]
Love you.
[birds cawing]
[gates squeaking]
[gasps] This can't be real.
[birds squawking]
[doorbell rings]
[woman] Flora leaves her toys everywhere.
Don't be surprised if you find
a Little Mermaid in your toilet.
[chuckles softly]
You must be Kate.
Yes. Hi.
-Come along.
Are you Mrs. Grose?
I am.
[Kate] Oh, it's so nice to meet you.
And it's just the two of you here?
Cleaners and the gardener
come in every couple of weeks,
but, yes, it's just me and Flora
while Miles is away at school.
And this is where
you'll give Flora her lessons.
Have you ever been a live-in governess?
No. no. Not since the 1800s. [chuckles]
Is that a joke?
No, no. Not a funny one.
This is my first live-in job.
Well, I hope you know what you're doing.
The children are very special, Kate.
They're thoroughbreds.
Now, come along.
I have something on the stove.
[Kate] It's so quiet.
All the better to hear you
when you get lost.
Is that a joke?
Mmm. That smells so good.
I made this soup for Flora's father
when he was her age.
Oh, you've been with the family
for that long?
That's quite a commitment.
It's an honor is what it is.
And may I ask how the parents died?
They died in a tragic car accident,
just outside the gate.
Flora saw the whole thing.
-That's awful.
-Yes, it is.
And it's hard for the children.
Well, growing up without parents is
[clears throat]
My father left when I was Flora's age so
Is that right?
I'd love to meet Flora.
Where might I find her?
She's down at the stables.
Just take the path around the back.
Uh, may I?
Of course.
[gate squeaks]
[wings flapping]
It's Kate. I came to say hi.
-[wings flapping]
[neighing loudly]
[Flora laughs]
-[horse whinnying]
-Where were you hiding?
Like I'd tell.
[horse continues whinnying]
Jeez. He's not very friendly, is he?
His name's Samson.
He's grumpy all the time.
He only lets Miles ride him.
[horse snorts]
Oh. And who's this?
This is Delilah.
She was my mother's horse.
You can pet her on the nose if you want.
Just be gentle, okay?
She wants your apple.
How did you know that?
-[Kate exclaims]
-[Flora laughs]
She is my favorite horse.
Did you know that apples
have cyanide in them?
And the seeds are poisonous.
No, I did not know that.
How did you know that?
She told me.
Doctor Felicity Peppercorn Clock Watch.
Oh. Nice to meet you, Felicity.
That's quite a name.
She's a veterinarian.
Is that what you wanna be?
Or maybe a chef.
You could be both.
I would have to be a vegetarian.
Why is that?
I can't save animals and eat them.
Very true.
[chuckles] Come on.
Hold on.
[Kate] Wow.
[Flora] This maze is very complicated.
Yeah. It's so big.
You need to know
your way around, or you'll get lost.
One time I couldn't find my way out,
and I almost starved to death.
[Kate laughs] What?
Jeez, your friends must love it here.
I don't have any friends.
[Kate] You have no friends?
[Flora] Nope.
Well, you might have one now.
"Maybe." Okay, I'll work for it.
[Flora squeals]
Okay. So, what,
you're in ninth grade, tenth?
-Second? Wow.
I could've skipped a grade if I wanted.
Miss Jessel said
I was an exceptional student.
Wait. Who's Miss Jessel?
My teacher before you.
She taught me French, you know.
She did?
Come on, slowpoke.
-And this mirror is from the 1980s.
That's my great-great-
great-great-aunt Louisiana
and her dog, Otis.
And that's the ship her brother died on.
Guess what he had?
He had dentistry.
Yeah, that's what I said.
That's Miles' room.
And that's mine next to it.
Wait, wait. What's down there?
That's the east wing.
I don't go in that part of the house.
[Kate] Why not?
Don't wanna.
This is your room.
I hope you like the bedding.
-This is my room?
This is all for me?
Oh. This is my great-grandmother Sophie.
You stuffed your grandma?
No, silly head.
It's just supposed to look like her.
Oh, I see.
Well, she's uh, she's creepy, huh?
[Flora] I think she's pretty.
Do you wanna see something else?
Behold. My great-grandmother's
sewing room.
My mother used to take me shopping
when I was little.
But after she died,
Miss Jessel started making
all of my clothes for me.
Well, that one's beautiful.
Miss Jessel never got to finish this one
before she left.
It was for my birthday.
I am a mannequin.
[chuckles and squeals]
[Kate] Mmm.
What is this?
Um Yeah. Miles did that.
I told him it was tacky.
[Mrs. Grose] Now eat it all up.
I have an idea.
What if you and I took a little field trip
to go get some ice cream
before class started tomorrow?
Uh, no. Flora doesn't leave the property.
She has everything she needs here.
-Don't you, darling?
She prefers my French apple tart
with a little bit of cream on the side.
And you don't have to go anywhere
for that.
Do you, darling?
No. [laughs]
You're gonna leave me, aren't you?
What are you talking about?
Miss Jessel left without saying goodbye.
And now she won't talk to me anymore.
You know, some people
have a really hard time saying goodbye.
But I bet she did it the way she thought
would be best for both of you.
Well, it's not easy for me.
Let's get you to bed.
Tucked in?
I like you.
I like you.
And I'm not going anywhere.
Promise, promise?
Cross my heart and hope to die.
Stick a needle in your eye?
Mmm. No. No, no. Maybe not that part.
[both laugh]
[Kate] Okay.
[mellow pop music plays]
[gasps] Oh, God.
You are terrifying.
So weird.
-[whirring loudly]
[woman faintly] Shh. Stop.
[footsteps thudding overhead]
-[man faintly] Come here.
-[woman faintly] Peter.
[thunder rumbles]
[woman faintly] What are you doing
in here? How did you get here?
[woman faintly] I said you
need to leave, now.
Shh, shh. You're gonna wake the children.
[man faintly] The children are asleep.
[woman faintly] Don't touch me.
[man faintly] No one needs to know.
[thunder crashes]
[woman faintly] Please, stop.
[man faintly] Keep your eyes closed.
Just come dance with me.
[woman faintly] Stop. I'm scared.
[banging in distance]
[woman faintly] Help! You're scaring me!
-[banging continues]
-[man chuckling]
[woman] You're hurting me!
-[banging continues]
-You better go.
[man faintly] Look into my eyes, Jess.
[woman faintly] Stop it! Please go.
-Leave me alone.
-[man] I'm not going anywhere.
[woman] You're hurting me! Don't touch me!
[wind howling]
[doorknob rattling]
Who are you?
I'm Miles. I live here.
I mean, um what are you doing home?
You shouldn't be in here.
I I know. I thought I I heard something.
You should go to bed.
[Miss Jessel] Monday, March 6th.
Flora got 100% on her state capitals quiz.
I am so proud of her.
-French library terms.
-Reading in French today.
Elle excelle.
She also drew me a picture of kangaroos
and elephants hopping through the jungle.
Reading, free reading, and art.
Flora only wanted
to paint in black and white.
Mathematics. Six times table quiz.
Miles disappeared today.
I thought he had run off.
But it turns out
that creep took him to a bar.
They came home late,
laughing like they were both drunk.
[Miles and Flora singing]
Ask me no more questions
I'll tell you no more lies
The boys are in the bathroom
Zipping up their
Flies are in the table
The table's in the park
Ms. Katie and her boyfriend
Are screaming at their
Flies are in the dead girl
The devil's in the park
Ms. Katie and her boyfriend
Are screaming in the dark
Dark, dark, dark.
Kate, come meet Miles.
We met.
I'm really sorry about last night.
I didn't I didn't mean
to be rude or anything.
Sorry if I scared you.
Oh. It's fine. [chuckles]
So, seems like you had a rough night.
-You're a sleepwalker, like Flora.
-I don't sleepwalk.
How would you know, silly?
You're asleep the whole time.
I just know.
-That's a cool sweater.
-[Miles] Thanks.
You shouldn't be wearing that.
He wanted me to have it.
-Was it your dad's?
-It was Quint's.
-Who is Quint?
-He was the riding instructor.
He managed the estate.
He was the best.
Oh, and he's not here anymore?
He died.
-Everyone dies, Miles.
[telephone rings]
So, do you ride horses?
Oh. Well, I rode a couple of times
at summer camp.
-[Flora] Hello, Fairchild residence.
-But that's a lie.
-I just stayed on the horse.
-[both laugh]
-I can teach you if you want.
I mean, if you can handle it.
Oh, is that a challenge?
Uh, no, I think I can handle it.
-Yeah. I'm I'm a quick learner.
-[Flora] Please hold.
Hey. It's the headmaster at Miles' school.
He would like to speak
with the person in charge.
Yes, fine.
Better take that.
Hello. This is Kate.
So, Miss Flora,
are you forgetting your breakfast?
Yes? Well, let me cut it up for you.
Okay. Um, thank you for letting us know.
[hangs up telephone]
So, what did old fragile Farty want?
He, um
He gave me a list
of some of your schoolwork
to complete while you're home.
That sounds fun.
[clears throat] Where are you going?
-To my room.
-What about your plate?
-Your plate.
Aren't you gonna take it to the kitchen?
Want me to cut the grass too?
But Mrs. Grose prepared
a beautiful breakfast for us,
and it would be the polite thing to do.
That's her job, right?
-[Mrs. Grose] It's fine, Miles.
I'll do it, darling. You go on ahead.
Come on, Flora.
Let's go.
It's not your job either, Flora.
They were born into privilege, Kate.
Can you please remember that?
Miles was expelled.
He attacked another student.
He what?
Yes, apparently a teacher found him
with his hands around another boy's neck,
slamming his head into the bathroom tile.
Oh, absolutely not.
[exhales] No! He wouldn't do that.
He did.
And it sounds like he's very lucky
that the other boy's family
isn't pressing charges.
Yes, well, other boys, Kate,
have always been jealous of Miles.
-Here, let me help you.
-No, thank you.
This is my job.
You do yours.
[ball thudding]
And what's that lava
that sits in the volcano called?
Um it's magma.
Mmm. Yeah. Ouch.
It is "ouch." Super hot.
[thudding continues]
Does Miles get in trouble a lot?
Miles is the best.
[chuckles softly]
Stop it!
Thank you.
Flora, back to work.
[guitar playing faintly]
Don't you know how to knock?
Do you have a friend in here?
What do you want?
Sorry. I thought I saw
someone come in here.
There's no one in here.
It's just you and me.
I think we got off on the wrong foot.
You're new.
I accept your apology.
[zipper unzips]
It's interesting.
Yeah, she's just
Well, there's two of them.
I thought it was just the little girl.
So did I.
But the brother is back
from boarding school.
And I think he hates me.
I knew it sounded too good to be true.
Still happy you went?
Oh, yeah.
Sorry, it's great.
So focus on the positives.
Don't let this kid get under your skin.
Working on it.
Tell me about the house now.
Are there, like, creepy suits of armor
or paintings with eyes cut out?
Or a crypt in the basement?
[Rose] Hello?
You're not listening to me.
[sighs] No, I am listening.
[Flora] Help!
So, remember that guy Tanner?
We went to that bar on 14th
a few weeks ago?
Well, he finally called me back.
But, like, now I'm in is it worth it
Oh, my God. I gotta go.
[muffled scream]
We got you. We got you.
We got you. We got you.
[Flora giggling]
[gasping and panting]
Both of you in the house now!
What on earth happened to you?
Ask the thoroughbreds.
[breathes heavily]
[thudding in distance]
[gasps] What?
What are you doing?
There was a spider on you.
It was crawling up towards your face.
When my door is closed,
I'd like you to knock.
Your light was on. Thought you'd be awake.
You scared of the dark?
I'm sorry.
I haven't made
the best impression, have I?
To be honest, you haven't.
What happened at school?
Why did you hurt that boy?
He burned every one
of the pictures my father sent me.
I miss him.
-[Kate gasps]
You need to go to bed.
Can I still give you
your riding lesson tomorrow?
[whip cracks]
Head up. Thighs against the horse.
Sit in the center of the saddle.
You'll get better balance.
-[whip cracks]
-Ride harder.
Put your thumb on the top of your reins
and your pinkie on the bottom.
-Don't let her get the bit.
-Okay. I'm not.
[whip cracks]
Rein her in hard.
[clicks tongue] Well done.
You didn't have to keep whipping her.
Yes, I did.
You wanted to learn.
That's how Quint taught me.
It's a strong animal.
If you don't exert power over it,
then you'll never gain control.
You look good up there.
Miles. I'm bored.
Can we do something else now?
What do you wanna do?
Can we show Kate the koi pond?
It's Flora's favorite part of the garden.
Let's check it out.
[Flora] Look. That koi is,
like, bumping into the wall.
[Flora and Miles laughing]
[Miles] She's trying to
make her great escape.
-Maybe she wants to be a flying fish.
-[Flora] Make a wish upon the rock.
[Miles] I wish that this
Longer. For 25 years.
[Flora gasps] What if he lived to be,
like, 100?
[mimics angelic music, chuckles]
[Kate] This is so pretty.
[Flora gasps] Miles!
He's got a fish.
[Flora] Stop!
[Miles] Get the hell off of her!
[gasps] Oh.
Poor baby.
What are you doing?
Nothing should have to suffer.
That was my favorite fish.
Now you've seen the koi pond.
[Flora giggling]
[Flora] I love this tea party. Me too.
Hey, don't drink out of my cup.
Oh, I'm sorry I didn't give you any tea.
[gasps] Oh, my
Oh, Flora.
Just checking you were still here.
Still here.
Miles' effects from his school
arrived this morning.
Mrs. Grose.
-Do you ever hear---
[Flora shrieks]
I'm gonna get you! You're it!
Guys. It's very early.
-Can you stop?
-You're it! You're it.
Children, can you listen to Kate?
Listen to Kate, please.
You need to take charge here, Kate.
Bad dreams?
I have an idea.
Since it's Saturday,
why don't we go into Millbrook
and get a new koi?
I don't want to.
Come on. It'll be fun.
You know that Flora
doesn't leave the property.
You don't have to go, darling.
What if I asked my special friend, huh?
Want me to try?
Will you keep me and Flora safe?
You will?
-And Kate too?
-And Kate too?
[Miles] Really?
He says you have nothing to worry about.
Okay. So, go get your coat.
Good job, Miles.
He also thinks your tattoo is sexy.
[moody rock music playing on car stereo]
I get mean when I'm nervous
Like a bad dog
I get mean when I'm nervous
Like a bad dog
I want to jump into blue water
And I miss riding horses
I miss running fast
I miss riding horses
I miss running fast
I was meant for running fast
I pretended you were mine
It made me calm, babe
Please stop. I don't wanna go.
Oh, no, honey. We're almost
at the gate. We'll be fine.
I don't wanna go! Stop!
-Hey. What are you doing?
-[Flora] I wanna get out.
-Flora, stay in your seat.
-Stop the car.
[Kate] No. Leave your seat belt on.
Sit down, Flora.
Miles, tell her to stop or I'm gonna die!
-Stop the car.
-Miles, I don't wanna die!
Stop the car or I'll fucking kill you!
I told you to stop.
[Kate] Wait. Flora.
[muttering] Oh, Jesus.
Come on.
-[banging on window]
[Miles] I know what you're afraid of.
Keeping the lights on won't keep you safe.
[Kate] Flora?
-Leave her alone.
-Flora, can you look at me?
-[Miles] She doesn't wanna talk to you.
You terrified her.
Where'd they find you anyways?
You know, you need to stop talking
to me like that.
You're not our mother.
You're not our family.
Stop pretending to be.
I'm leaving.
Yeah. Just leave.
Leave like everyone else.
[line ringing]
[telephone ringing]
This is Rose's assistant.
How may I help you?
Hi, Rose.
Hey, hey. You okay?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm great.
How are you?
It's so nice to hear your voice.
Uh-oh. What's wrong?
Actually, it's, um
it's a little tough here.
The The boy hates my guts for some reason
and the little girl
isn't speaking to me, so
I'd like to think
it's nothing that I'm doing, but
maybe it is.
Or maybe they just don't want me.
I don't know.
I don't know.
It's really, um, hard here.
I think, uh
I think maybe I can't stay.
Then don't. Bail.
They can find someone else
and I can have my roommate back.
I can't. I made Flora a promise.
And I crossed my heart and hoped to die.
Can I sit?
That's better.
Hey, Flora.
I'm sorry that I didn't stop
when you first asked me.
It's really not nice
not to be listened to.
Have you ever heard of a brave face?
I'm actually wearing mine right now.
Can you see it?
I don't see anything.
That's good. Because it's invisible.
So if you saw something,
it would mean it was broken.
My mom showed me how to make one,
so I can do it for you if you want.
I've actually been wearing mine
since I was way younger than you.
What do you think? Should we try?
I just have to do a quick scan
of your face
to make it first, okay?
Good, good, good.
-Oh, that's a good one.
That's really You've got
a good face for it. Yeah.
So, I'm gonna get all of
my bravery and all of yours
and mix it together
and get it into my fingertips.
Looks good.
So, let's see. Show me your brave face.
Flora. Come on.
You've got a wild animal inside you.
Let me see you roar.
That was a huge roar.
I've never seen a brave face take so fast.
Shall we test it out,
see if we can see ourselves in the water?
[both] Roar!
-[knocks on door]
-[mellow rock music playing]
Um, I I got you something in town.
It's, um
This. It's just this great album.
So, I know how close you and Quint were.
Yeah. He was my friend.
That must've been really tough.
Do you want to talk about it?
Not really.
You know, something kind of similar
happened to me when I was your age
and I'd wished I had someone to talk to.
[bangs drum]
Look, I'm not trying to replace Quint.
[bangs drum]
Can you stop
Can you please stop?
[banging continues]
We need to talk.
Oh, you're back.
I thought we'd lost another one.
Is Miles the reason Miss Jessel left?
Don't be ridiculous.
Then why?
It was Quint.
There was something going on between them.
Could tell by the way he looked at her.
That's not a reason to run away.
Well, I gather things
went south with them.
Because he was a brute.
When the parents died,
he walked around this place
like he owned it.
Even moved himself into the master suite.
He was disgusting.
How did Quint die?
He had an accident.
A couple of weeks after Miss Jessel left.
Fell from his horse, drunk.
Died in the dirt
like the animal that he was.
How was he with Miles?
He was a terrible influence.
He used to take Miles
and disappear with him for hours.
And Miles was such a sweet boy.
The Miles I've met is not a sweet boy.
Well, that is really no concern
of yours, is it, Kate?
Then whose concern is it?
I mean, it certainly
doesn't seem to be any of yours.
[door opens, creaks]
Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
[Miss Jessel] Quint sat next to me
at dinner, reeking of whiskey.
He won't leave me alone.
Mrs. Grose won't do anything to help.
I have to sleep with my door locked.
Quint tried to come in,
in the middle of the night.
I can barely focus on my lessons now.
I feel Quint's eyes on me all the time.
I woke up to a photo
that Quint left on my bed.
I don't know how he got in.
I'm not safe.
I have to leave.
[horse whinnies]
[whip cracks]
[Kate] Miles, come back.
Talk to me!
[whip cracking]
[woman] Stop!
You're hurting me.
Help me.
Help me.
Help me.
Help me.
Help me.
-[water splashing]
Can you paint at your desk, please?
I paint better over here.
No, you're gonna get paint
all over the floor.
Okay, fine. I'm finished anyways.
Wanna see?
What is this?
Me and Miss Jessel.
[Flora] Can we play flashlight tag now?
But you promised.
[Miles] Yeah, Kate. You promised.
You don't wanna let Flora down, do you?
You promised. You promised.
You promised. You promised.
You promised. You promised.
You promised. You promised.
Okay. Okay, okay, okay, okay.
What are the rules?
Turn off all the lights.
You have to find us with this.
If you flash us, we're dead.
You're it.
Call out the state capitals.
No peeking.
Come on. Come on. Come on. [squeals]
Arizona. Phoenix.
[floorboard creaks]
[footsteps running]
[door closes]
-[footsteps running]
-[Flora squeals]
I'm dead. I'm dead. I'm dead.
[footsteps below]
Is Miles down there?
You wanna come with me to find him?
I can't. I'm dead.
[mimics ghostly wail]
[door handle rattling]
-[Flora laughing]
-[door slams]
[Kate] Miles!
Okay, I don't wanna play anymore.
[door creaking]
[breathing heavily]
-[door slams]
-[hand slaps flashlight]
-[Kate screams]
Do you remember any of the moves?
Did I even play
Can you just
Just stop?
Stop it!
This isn't funny!
-[air blows]
-[soft growling]
Kate. Oh, my God.
What happened to your face?
Explain yourself.
I was hungry.
I am sick of the games!
Don't talk to them like that.
He has been terrorizing me since day one!
Don't be ridiculous.
He's been here with me
for the last 15 minutes.
The only person doing
the terrorizing around here is you.
Now what are you doing?
[both laughing]
[shrieking, panting]
[doorknob rattling]
Bad dreams?
I'm gonna sleep with you, okay?
Come on.
This came for you.
Did you open my mail?
It came like that.
[Mrs. Grose] Who is Darla?
My mother.
Oh, I see.
Well, we can't choose our family.
Whatever your mother has,
let's hope it's not genetic.
[telephone ringing]
Kate, I need you.
I can't talk right now.
They're gonna throw me out.
Mom, I think I'm seeing things.
Did you look at the drawings?
[door creaks]
[whispering continues]
[woman] You're gonna wake the children.
[man] The children are asleep.
[woman] I said you need to leave now.
Let me go, let me go.
No, stop!
[loud thudding]
-[thudding continues]
-[woman whimpering softly]
[woman gasping, choking]
[woman] Stop! No. No.
-[man laughing]
-Oh, my God.
It was him.
It was Quint.
What are you talking about?
Quint murdered Jessel.
-I saw her body in the bottom of the lake.
-You stop now!
You stop telling tales.
You knew.
You knew Quint killed Jessel!
Look. Quint's dead.
I made sure of it.
-Where are the kids?
-You stay away from them.
They're not safe.
I should never have let you in here
in the first place.
You knew.
You knew. You never did anything.
I've been protecting this family
for a lifetime.
And I won't let you near them.
'Cause you're mad, Kate.
[Kate gasps]
Are you okay?
I'm scared.
Okay, do you still have that brave face?
I need you to put it on, okay?
It's good?
Okay, let's go.
[Flora] Where are we going?
[Kate] Everything's gonna be fine.
We just need to get to the car.
I don't wanna die! I don't wanna leave!
Flora, come back.
[rock music blaring on speakers]
Miles? We have to go!
We have to get Flora out of here.
[music stops]
Hey, Miles. Listen.
It's Quint.
I thought I was going crazy, but I'm not.
He's here.
You know that, don't you?
Mrs. Grose is dead, isn't she?
[electricity crackles]
We need to leave.
No, I can't.
I'm sorry. For everything.
Flora won't leave without you.
We need to go!
I can't.
He won't let me leave.
[rock music blaring on speakers]
How long until he hurts Flora?
Please, Miles!
[music continues blaring]
[Kate] Open the door!
Stay down.
I need you to be brave, okay?
Come on. Come on, open.
-Come on. Come on.
-Come on.
[Mrs. Grose] Whatever your mother has,
let's hope it's not genetic.
I guess you can't escape the inevitable.
[Flora] No, stop it. I'm serious.
[Miles] You shouldn't be going
into her room.
You have to trust me on this.
[Miles] Shh. I can hear her.
Play it cool. She's coming.
[Flora] Miles, what's wrong with her?
She looks scary.
What are you guys doing in here?
I wanna go.
What's wrong?
Shh. Flora.
[Kate] Flora.
Did you see Quint in the mirror?
I know that you saw him.
Yes, you did. I saw you.
[Miles] Quint's dead.
You saw him too.
No, I didn't.
Why are you lying to me?
-I saw him. I know you saw him.
-I didn't see him!
Just tell me that you saw him!
-Flora! Tell me you saw
-[Flora gasps]
You broke her!
-She's broken. You broke her!
-I can fix her. Just let me
No, you can't! You broke her!
-It was an accident.
-You broke her!
You can't fix it.
She's broken.
Just like you.
Come on, Flora.
[Flora] Why is Kate crazy?
[Miles] I don't know.
[Darla] Well, that's a big responsibility.
[Flora] Miss Jessel left
without saying goodbye.
It was Quint.
I know what you're afraid of.
You need to take charge here, Kate.
-Just checking you were still here.
-You're not our mother.
[Kate] He's been terrorizing me
since day one.
[Mrs. Grose] The only person doing
the terrorizing around here is you.
[paper rustling]