The Twin (2017) Movie Script

Please, just slow down.
Take a deep breath, son.
We can't have a discussion
if everyone isn't calm.
That's right, just take a moment
to relax.
Oh, God.
Hi. Roses for Ms Rose.
Hi. Aren't you the guy
from next-door?
What? am.
Oh, happy birthday.
How did you know?
Well, actually What? noticed them
delivering the balloons.
What? hope it's OK.
I'm sorry, of course.
Thank you. Sure.
Surprise! Happy birthday, Mom.
What? brought doughnuts. What?
What? thought you had to stay
locked in your dorm all weekend
studying for exams?
What? faked you out, and you are not
an easy person to fake out,
but What? did it.
Oh, you're a teenager.
You know exactly how to do it.
Have you met our neighbour?
Uh, a few weekends ago.
How are you, Mr Allen.
I'm fine, thanks. Jocelyn, right?
And please call me Jake.
And who's this?
This is my boyfriend, Tyler.
Nice to meet you, Mrs Rose.
Happy birthday.
You didn't have to.
Wow. Thank you.
Well, look,
make sure you hit this with
a balanced fertiliser
in about a month or so.
Once it's established,
you'll be fine.
Yeah, I'm not really a plant person.
That's what gardeners are for,
But it's a very nice thought.
Thank you.
Konnichiwa. "Hello."
Douzo yoroshiku.
"Pleased to meet you."
She's planning some sort of trip.
No, we want to go on an extended
social study for Japanese culture.
"We"? Yeah, we.
Me and Tyler.
Aishite imasu.
Really? And that means?
"I love you."
Well, this baby should be just fine.
If What? were you, I'd keep
an eye out for the thorns.
No kidding.
You are quite the cook, Ashley.
What? have not had a meal like that
in a long time.
You are so right, Jake.
You should make him
your beef Wellington sometime.
Beef Wellington?
What? haven't made that in years.
So, Tyler, where's your family?
are the in the state?
Mom, please. What?
It's OK, Jocelyn.
What? grew up not too far from here,
but my parents...
There was an accident
about a year ago...
...and they didn't make it.
Oh, that's awful. I'm so sorry.
Do you have any other family?
So, what are you majoring in, Tyler?
Tyler is premed.
Good choice.
Yeah, I'd like to work in the ER.
What? feel like you can do
a lot of good there.
He really likes helping people.
What? think you're going to do great.
So, about this trip. Trip?
To Japan. How does that figure
into premed?
It's in August. It's only two weeks.
August? ls it chaperoned?
No, it's not.
I'm 19, Mom.
But there are adults
leading the trip, right?
It's called independent study.
That means you do it independently,
You don't have to worry, Ms Rose.
What? won't let anything bad
happen to your daughter.
What? think you both know
what I'm talking about.
So, how about those doughnuts, yeah?
Please. Yeah.
# Happy birthday to you
# Happy birthday to you
# Happy birthday, dear, Mom
# Happy birthday, dear Ashley
# Happy birthday to you. #
Yeah, Mom!
So, Ashley...
...thank you for a wonderful dinner,
Ashley. What? appreciate it.
Well, thank you for
coming over and for the rose bush.
I'm going to try not to kill it.
You promise? Promise. OK.
Look, I'm wondering,
how do you feel about maybe
a birthday brunch tomorrow?
What? know this great little place.
Well, that sounds great, but
Jocelyn is only here, you know,
for a couple of days.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
No, What? understand completely.
I get it. OK.
How about when she goes back?
Yeah, maybe.
What? like maybe.
My card. If you need anything
at all, just let me know.
Thank you. You're really very sweet.
What? think that's just
the doughnuts talking. I'll see you.
See you.
So, what about you and this boy?
You don't think you're rushing
things a bit with this,
"I love you" stuff and
taking a trip together?
It's not what you think.
Tyler's not like that.
He's kind and sweet and respectful.
Please, don't worry.
We're not like, you know, like that.
Oh, well, I'm glad to hear it.
You're both too young.
Do you remember that older boy
when you were in ninth grade?
Mom! What was his name?
Jason, Jordan...
Now, he was an aggressive sort.
You caught me kissing him,
like, twice.
What? think smoked grass, too.
So? Everybody does it at least once.
Remember when you used to track me
with that phone app of yours?
Find Your Family?
Only my favourite app.
That was way annoying.
You know What? still have it too.
So you just behave yourself,
young lady.
But seriously...
...I'm afraid that you might
get hurt by Tyler.
He might be latching onto you
out of grief for his family.
He might need some time to heal
before he's ready to be
in a relationship.
Mom, you worry too much.
If he needs time, he'll tell me.
Well, you know me.
Moms worry. What? know.
And What? love you, but you need to
start thinking about yourself again.
Your baby's all grown-up.
OK, now you're just trying
to make me feel old. What? am not!
So, what about that Mr Allen?
He's handsome. Yeah.
And What? can't believe you practically
dragging him into this house,
and with me cooking.
You have mad kitchen skills.
Flaunt them. Besides,
he seems really nice.
He is, and What? actually think
he likes me,
but What? don't want
to get involved right now.
Mom, it's been ten years
since Dad left.
Sooner or later you're going to have
to learn how to cut loose again.
Out of the mouths of babes.
Hi, Jake? It's Ashley.
What? know it's a little late,
but What? was wondering if that
invitation for brunch was still good?
Yeah. Yeah, that's great.
I'll be ready.
OK, bye.
Morning, sunshine.
Hey, I've got a couple
of errands to run,
but I'll be back in time for lunch.
Aishite imasu.
Well, we fell in love
in high school.
He was my first love.
You know, What? never even dated
anybody else in college?
Such an idiot.
Well, hey, you can only be
where you are.
Mm. That is very deep, Jake.
Everything happens for a reason.
Yeah, What? know.
Sounds like a lot
of self-help nonsense, but truth is,
when you're young, who knows
what the future holds?
Well, we got married right out of
college and a couple of years later
Jocelyn came along,
and then by the time she was nine
he had left.
That's cause he didn't know
what a good thing he had.
He remarried and had a couple more
kids, he just forgot about Jocelyn.
Really sorry, Ashley. What? really am.
That must have been very difficult
for you and your daughter.
Well, since she grew up
without a father
What? worry that she'll choose someone
just to fill that void,
you know what What? mean? Yeah.
Well, what are you meant to do,
investigate every boy she decides
to go out with?
That's exactly what What? did
all through high school.
And believe me, there were
some bad apples in that mix.
What? bet.
What? bet. Well, hey,
she's all grown up now.
Yeah, and that's what scares me.
Look, What? don't know you too well,
but What? believe you're a strong,
responsible, caring person
and you have to trust that
you raised Jocelyn
to have those same qualities.
And you have to trust in
letting her make her own decisions.
You have to.
You're right.
Jake, you're absolutely right.
It's just a hard thing to do.
Yeah. Letting go always is.
Yeah, it's so nice
to finally meet her.
What? know. What? hope she likes me.
Yeah, I'll be home soon.
What? just have one last stop to make.
They said you weren't feeling
very well today.
Is something bothering you?
Take this, Derek. It will make you
feel much better.
It's Tyler.
I'll be back in 20 minutes
to check on you.
Well, recovery from
the kind of trauma
that Derek endured doesn't happen
in a straight line.
Sometimes there are...
hiccups, steps backwards.
But he's been here
for almost a year.
Yes. Well, in the last month
he's developed a delusion.
What kind of delusion?
He's insisting that he's you.
He says his name's Tyler and that
we're treating the wrong twin.
But why?
Because of your parents death,
What? would presume.
He knows you didn't cause it
and therefore he wants to be you.
And do you really believe that?
Well, sometimes the mind seeks a way
out that is not always healthy.
On the other hand,
it could be eight complete pretence
just to keep him out of jail.
Thanks. He's been somewhat
agitated this morning.
Yeah, What? was speaking
with Doctor Ruben.
He said he hasn't seen
any improvement.
These things take time.
Hey, handsome. What's your name?
Uh, morning.
Derek, my man.
They let you out? Awesome.
Did you meet any girls?
Did you meet that Jocelyn girl, huh?
Jocelyn? What? heard she's real pretty.
Conrad, you need to stay
in the day room.
I'll see you in group. What? want
to hear everything that happened.
What? can't wait!
So, you said he's been upset today?
We gave him a mood stabiliser
a little while ago.
He'll be fine. Please wait
in the visitors room. OK.
Your brother's here to see you.
We'll put you in visiting room B.
There are some board games there.
New board games are over there.
It's me, Tyler.
Boy, they must have given you
a lot of stuff today.
It's too bad.
There's so much What? want
to tell you about.
How amazing Jocelyn is.
She says she loves me.
And What? love her.
We're staying at her mom Ashley's
house for a couple of days.
What? think What? told you
about her last time.
Here's a picture of them.
Yeah, it was
her mom's birthday yesterday.
And we had a little party.
Nothing big,
but it was cool.
Boy, What? really hope they can
get you out of this.
But what happens next won't be easy
for either of us.
What about a game of checkers?
You used to love that.
But, hey,
no cheating.
THEY GRUN What? just gave him the one...
My brother, What? think
he may have overdosed!
What happened? What? don't know.
He just slipped to the floor
while we were talking.
Do you want to wait
in the other visitor room?
For what? Till he comes to
so you know he's OK.
No, I'm sure he'll be fine.
My girlfriend's waiting for me.
Oh, how sweet.
Oh, my brother was right about you.
You're going to be just fine.
It's just a little bump.
What are you doing?
Easy, Derek, not too fast.
I'm not Derek.
I'm Tyler. Tyler just left,
but he'll be back to see you soon.
What?! Oh, no! I'm Tyler! I'm Tyler!
Listen, he got away!
Derek just escaped!
You don't understand!
You have to get him
before it's too late!
Stelazine! No! 20cc. Intermuscular.
You have to get him
before it's too late!
Wow, you weren't kidding.
About what?
You said you'd be back in time
for lunch and What? was just making it.
I'm starving. Missed me, huh?
Come on, let's eat.
Mmm! Mmm! This is, like,
a great sandwich.
Really? Thanks.
Oh, no.
That's my sandwich. Who cares?
What? Seriously, you, the person
who absolutely gags on mayonnaise
didn't notice it was
all over your sandwich?
Oh, yeah. What? think maybe
here it works.
OK, "Mr What? Hate Mayo".
Aishite imasu.
Go get the flash cards. Let's study.
Study what?
Are you OK?
Yeah, where did you leave them?
Living room.
What? can let you up.
How do What? prove to you
who What? really am?
You've had a rough morning.
Why don't we just take it slow?
Do you need help bringing
the groceries in?
What? actually didn't go
to the store. Oh.
What? went to brunch with Jake.
My, my, my. What? am glad
you changed your mind.
Good for you.
Honey, it's just brunch,
but he is very kind,
so, you know, we'll see.
Yes, "we'll see" is good.
No, Derek, please just slow down.
Just take a moment to relax.
Tyler, have you seen...?
Tyler, are you OK?
Everything is fine. Why?
Is it something with Jocelyn?
No, no, nothing to do with her.
She's amazing. What? wouldn't be here
right now if it wasn't for her.
She saved me. What? don't understand.
Sorry, What? was thinking about
my parents and the awful car crash
that took them from us.
Us? Oh, my family.
What? know now that ever since then
I've been waiting for Jocelyn.
It's like fate or something.
What? used your fried chicken recipe.
What? found it stashed away behind
the cookbooks.
What? haven't made that since...
What? was little, What? know.
But What? figured since
it was a special night...
Oh, you really don't need
to keep making such a big deal
of my birthday.
Seriously, this is why What? came home,
And, um... And?
And What? did not know you were having
brunch with Jake this morning.
And What? sort of invited him
over for dinner.
It'll be like a double date.
Me and Tyler and you and Jake.
Jocelyn, What? just saw him.
I'm sorry, how could What? have known?
When did you go from being
my daughter
to being my sorority sister?
Why don't you go freshen up?
I'll finish here.
Tyler, can you get the door?
Hey, Tyler. What's up?
Not a lot.
From next-door.
Of course, my brain
was somewhere else.
Hey, What? know the feeling.
Well, What? mean, now I'm embarrassed.
You remembered my name.
What? wouldn't worry about it, Tyler.
So, what do you think of
the rose bush What? got Ashley?
Fits in pretty nicely,
don't you think?
Yeah, it sure does.
You'd never know
it wasn't here a day ago.
Can What? come in?
Oh, yeah, be my guest.
Mom used to be a yoga instructor.
Did you know that?
Yeah, many moons ago.
But she was good at it.
Well, I'll have to get
a lesson sometime.
Don't even get me started.
What about you, Jake?
Anything that you're good at
that we should all know about?
Well, is that a trick question?
Actually, Ashley,
What? was part of the Rifle Corps
in the service,
so What? enjoyed target shooting.
Rifles, seriously?
Yeah. What? like getting to the shooting
range from time to time.
What? think it's kind of fun.
Cool. Really?
You think that's cool?
Sure, why not?
What? don't know. We've just never had
a conversation about guns before.
I'm just surprised, that's all.
Yeah, well, my dad never let me have
a rifle, but What? always wanted one.
Every kid does, right?
You learn something new everyday.
Well, What? guess that's part of falling
in love, right?
You learn new things
about your partner.
It's just me. Jocelyn?
Shh. I'm OK, Mom.
HEY. what happened?
Nothing. A spider, that's all.
Since when are you afraid
of spiders?
This one snuck up on me.
OK. Night, Mom.
What are you doing?
What? missed you.
That's very sweet, but
you know the house rules.
Oh, come on, babe, she's gone now.
Don't "babe" me.
When the time is right
we'll do it on my terms,
and not before and certainly
not in my mother's house.
Let's go, then. Where?
Let's get in the car. What? want
to be alone with you, Jocelyn.
Stop, stop. You're being
kind of a jerk.
I'm sorry.
Stafford Psychiatric?
Tyler? Tyler,
What? need to talk you about...
What time is it?
It's early. What? barely slept.
And you're telling me this because?
What? am telling you this because
What? am very concerned
about your relationship
with that boy.
There's something important
that What? don't think
you know about Tyler. What?
Did you find a joint,
maybe an internet porn search?
What you always do this?
As a matter of fact, What? found an odd
assortment of pills and a dresser.
But more importantly,
he has a brother that's a patient
at a psych hospital.
Did you know that?
That's totally ridiculous. Why?
Because if he had a brother,
don't you think he would have
told me about it?
Oh, honey, there's so much
you need to learn about men.
Mom, you're really starting
to bug me.
His brother has been locked up
in Stafford Psychiatric
for almost a year.
I... I don't understand.
He lied to you. No, he didn't.
Honey, this is not the sort of thing
that you withhold from your partner.
We need to go to that hospital.
And what will that get us?
The truth.
This doesn't concern you.
This is my life.
We need some answers.
Fine, I'll talk to him.
He has had months
to tell you about this.
Back off, Mom.
What? do not want you making
the same mistakes that What? made.
I'm not you, and I'm not going
to some hospital
until What? talked to Tyler about it.
Fine, you can talk to him.
What? am far too concerned at this
point. What? need to see for myself.
No, stay out of it, Mom!
No, honey. What? cannot do that!
Group starts in room A
in five minutes.
I'd like to make a phone call.
Sorry, you know the rules.
Look, come to group.
It might make you feel better.
Who's leading the group?
Oh, so, now you don't remember?
No, What? don't.
Doctor Reuben, has always.
So, support, medication therapy.
What? think that's something
we all agree is short term.
Where we want to move onto
is self-reliance.
Derek. Well, I'm glad you decided
to join us today.
Listen to me, there has been
a terrible mistake.
I'm not Derek Wells.
Sit down please, Derek. You and What?
had a meeting yesterday.
We discussed Derek's condition,
Sit down and we can discuss
this calmly
or you're going to have to go
back to your room.
You told me he wasn't improving.
Don't you remember?
You told me he was delusional.
He thinks he's me,
but that was just a trick.
He did it to set
this whole thing up.
He's taken my place.
Please, Derek, just sit down.
Now then, who would like to begin?
What? would.
What do What? have to do to convince you
that I'm Tyler Wells?
My brother attacked me yesterday
and you let him escape.
Derek, we've talked
about this every week.
Every week?
Can't you see that
I'm a different person?
We only look alike,
but can't you see the difference?
Look, Derek,
What? really understand you don't want
to live here,
and if What? was in your position
What? probably wouldn't either,
but until the court
finds you competent...
...we're stuck with each other.
Right, well,
who'd like to begin?
What? would.
Let go of me! Please, please, no!
Ah! Please! Ah!
Let go of me! Please, please!
Stelazine? Yeah, 10cc. Got it.
You have to let me go.
You have to let me go.
It's OK. It's going to be OK,
it's going to be OK.
It's going to be OK.
Hey, babe.
What's up?
Why didn't you tell me
you had a brother?
What? You heard me.
I... I didn't think it mattered.
Were you embarrassed because
he's in a psychiatric hospital?
So, you know.
Look, I'm sorry. What? just didn't
want it to get between us.
What? don't judge people, Tyler.
How'd you find out?
My mother read an article online
about the night...
What? can't talk about it.
It's too hard.
That's why
What? never told you about Derek.
It's just better to pretend
to have no family.
I'm so sorry.
God, What? wish my mother hadn't
and you could've just told me
in your own time. No, no, it's OK.
Hey, where is your mother?
I'll go talk to her.
She went to the hospital
to visit your brother.
She what? What? asked her not to go.
I'm sorry, Jocelyn.
What? love you, Jocelyn.
What? love you too.
You have a visitor.
You don't look up
for seeing anybody.
No, it's OK.
What? want to see them.
All right.
She's in the day room.
Please, please.
What? don't believe it. Please, help me.
What? Please, Mrs Rose.
How do you know my name?
Please, Ashley...'s me, Tyler.
He tricked me.
He tricked them all.
What? came to see him yesterday...
...and he knocked me out.
He took my clothes.
Oh, my God. He's at the house?
He says that he's Tyler,
my daughter's boyfriend,
and he knows my name.
Easy, Ms Rose. How exactly
do you know the patient?
What? told you, he's the brother
of my daughter's boyfriend.
So, you're not a member
of his immediate family.
Are you hearing me? What? think
a terrible mistake has been made.
There's no mistake, and What? really
can't have this conversation with you.
It would be a HIPAA Violation.
What? hope you understand.
Look, there is a young man
in my house right now
alone with my daughter and What? don't
even know who he really is,
so What? need your help.
Ms Rose, I'm really not supposed
to tell you this,
but I'm a mother too.
That young man is not
your daughter's boyfriend.
He's been in the hospital
for almost a year.
But he knew me, he recognised me.
When Tyler comes to visit,
he tells Derek everything
that's going on in his life.
I'm sure he showed Derek
pictures of you too.
OK, how do you explain this?
What? don't know.
What What? do know is Derek Wells
is a dangerous patient.
Dangerous to others.
They're pretty sure he
deliberately crashed that car.
The passenger airbag was disabled.
Killed his parents and the girl.
He's not competent
to stand trial right now,
but when he is,
the charge is murder.
Oh, my God.
Where is he?
What's going on?
There was a boy in the hospital
that knows my name
claiming to be Tyler Wells.
He looks exactly like you.
A twin brother.
Are you Derek Wells?
Of course not.
A twin brother?
I'm so sorry to have caused you
all this distress.
Why didn't you tell me that your
brother was an identical twin?
Would it have mattered?
Derek was driving when...
...when the car went off the road,
killing my mother and father.
Yeah, there were three people
killed in the accident.
There was. Derek's girlfriend.
He was crazy about her.
The accident changed him.
What? don't doubt that.
He fell into a catatonic state and
eventually led to suicide attempts.
And now he keeps insisting
that he's me.
So, you're saying that it's a
delusion that he's actually you.
Yeah, they think that his mind
can't accept responsibility
for causing the accident.
So he isn't violent?
Only to himself.
Whose birthday was it two clays ago?
Yours, why?
And our neighbour, what's his name?
OK, What? get it.
Jake. And he gave you a rose bush
for your birthday, it's out front.
You know what? You could have
learned all of that
since he came back from the hospital
yesterday. What about...?
What about what?
Your mother's a very clever woman.
I'm sorry that she did that.
She's just looking out for you.
I'm so sorry.
No, I'm the one to be sorry.
Maybe this will calm you down
a little bit. Thanks.
I'm so worried about Jocelyn.
How do What? keep her safe?
You can't.
She's on her own now.
She's a grown-up.
Well, sort of.
This boy has so much baggage,
so many secrets.
What? just don't trust him.
You're still not convinced, huh?
I'm telling you, he's a different
boy since yesterday.
Maybe. Or maybe you see him
differently now.
What about this?
It's a bag of aspirin.
Yeah, and it was different earlier.
It was filled with
pills and capsules
of different colours
just like at the hospital.
It's not even the same bag.
He changed it.
Are you sure?
Of course I'm sure.
One of those boys is locked up
because they think
he murdered his parents,
so what if that boy isn't
who he says he is?
That's something
What? don't have an answer for.
That's what What? thought.
Come on. You know What? know that one.
Let's go to the next one. So, what is this?
Tyler? just go to the next...
Hey, What? may have overreacted earlier.
No, it's my fault.
What? wasn't totally honest with you,
and What? don't blame you
for being concerned.
I'm glad you understand.
You don't have to worry.
I'll take good care of her.
She's lucky to have a mother
like you.
Thank you.
Hey, Derek. How's it going, man?
You going to see that
Jocelyn chick again, huh?
How do you know about her?
Are you kidding me, dude?
You only talk about her like,
constantly, like,
every day, like, every minute.
How's she doing? You call her today?
You know the rules.
Dude, you've got to call her.
You've got to call. Got to.
The nurses lounge is unlocked.
Has a phone. 5-5, outside line.
Go down the hall and when
What? go off call your girl-girl.
Go, man.
Argh! Argh! They're everywhere,
they're everywhere! Get out!
Can you see them?! Can you see
their faces?!
Can you see them? Can you see them?
Can you see them?
They're everywhere!
OVER PHONE: Hi, this is Jocelyn.
Leave me a message.
OVER PHONE: Hey, it's Tyler.
What? need help.
I'm locked up in Stafford Hospital
and no-one believes who What? am.
Please, come as fast as you can.
Someone might believe you.
Bad news, babe?
Hey, it's Tyler. What? need help.
I'm locked up in Stafford Hospital
and no-one believes who What? am.
Please, come as fast as you can.
Someone might believe you.
I'm sorry that happened.
They're not allowed
to make phone calls in there.
For good reasons.
It was so surreal.
He asked me to come see him.
That What? could be the one to prove
to them who he really was.
Your mom already told you.
Only immediate family
can visit right now,
and What? don't want to.
How'd he get my phone number?
What? left it with the staff
as an emergency contact,
you know, in case
What? couldn't be reached.
It's so sad.
You know, Derek was always
the other one.
The problem twin.
It's no wonder he wants to be me.
So, Derek,
you had a pretty tough week.
I'm not Derek. Yes, well,
so you keep saying.
It's true. What do What? have to do
to prove to you?
What? think it's important
that we discuss some things
you brought up last week.
What? didn't bring anything up.
You told me of your feelings
about women,
your anger towards them.
Your fantasies about hurting.
He murdered our parents
and his own girlfriend.
What? don't think that constitutes
a fantasy.
It might constitute a confession.
If What? were Derek.
Which I'm not.
Let's talk about your girlfriend.
Derek's girlfriend.
You told me that any woman
who betrays a man
deserves to be punished.
Sounds like him.
Look, do you realise how
these thoughts and feelings
are a great concern to us?
Doctor Rubin,
you're going to regret this.
Derek's out there right now
and he might kill again.
And this time it'll be your fault.
Look, Derek...
We are doing the best we can
to get you out of here.
You're making it very difficult.
Have it your way.
Derek Wells just left my office
in a very agitated state.
See if you can round him up,
will you?
Watch it. Hey!
Calm down, calm down!
Hey, man, just take the stairs!
What? got it, What? got it.
I'll go this way, you go that way.
Let go!
You're making a mistake! You're
making a mistake! Let go!
We were supposed to go back
to school this morning.
Come on. Look, What? don't want to miss
this opportunity.
What? have a class this afternoon.
Just let me do this with Jake
and then we'll go.
I've wanted to do this
since What? was a kid.
Fine, we'll make it work.
You're the best.
All you. OK, first things first.
Safety on.
OK, after the first set of shots,
the first thing you do
is put the safety right back on.
Red, you're dead.
OK, Tyler? Remember that.
Now, no matter whether
you're walking or standing,
always point the barrel
of the gun directly down
to the ground in front of you, OK?
Gun safety is habit.
Learn the habits or someone
could get killed.
So, how do What? aim?
OK, line it up, relax.
Good. Now, don't pull the trigger,
just squeeze it slowly and gently.
Don't forget to breathe.
Tough, tough, tough shot.
Look, you're pulling, OK?
Just squeeze it. Try again.
Just squeeze the trigger.
Load her up.
Line her up and just relax.
Better. That's it, good, go again.
Good. Right. How did that feel?
OK, good. I'm going to line them up.
Good job.
You're getting good at this, kid.
The hell do you think you're doing,
What? just wanted to see if What? could hit
something that was moving.
That was totally unnecessary,
do you understand me?
You do not have to kill it.
It's just a bird. What are you
getting so tweaked about?
OK, I'm sorry, man.
What? didn't realise
it was such a big deal.
But What? did pretty good, huh?
We need to go.
You are getting a roommate.
It's going to be so nice for you
to have someone to talk with.
He's not coming for a while, though.
The doctor has to examine him and,
you know, do the usual stuff.
Usual? What's the usual?
You know, blood pressure, vitals.
Check for distinguishing marks,
that kind of stuff.
Wait, that's it! Look, What? need
to speak to the doctor now!
Why? Distinguishing marks,
I've got one.
What? got this scar when What? was ten.
Derek pushed me out
of the tree house.
OK. OK, so the doctor checked Derek
for distinguishing marks, right?
So, there'd be a record of that.
Derek doesn't have this scar, What? do.
He's got a mole.
A mole on his left side.
What? don't, see? Don't you understand
what I'm saying?
Yes, Derek, What? understand.
So then check the damn record!
Now! OK.
I'll let the doctor know.
You love him, not me.
Derek, please. Please what?
You called him last night,
didn't you?
What? called him because he wanted to
know what the physics homework was.
Really? You think
I'm some kind of idiot?
No, Derek, What?... Just...
Just please slow down, OK?
You're just like everyone else.
"Oh, Tyler, you're so perfect.
"Tyler, you're so amazing."
Blah, blah, blah.
Derek, that's enough!
Enough what, Dad?
I'll tell you what's enough.
All the lies What? have
to take from you people.
Take a deep breath, son.
We can't have a discussion
if everyone isn't calm.
That's right. Let's all
take a moment to relax.
All right, Dad, let's all relax.
What? must've fallen asleep.
Come on, let's go.
Go where? Where do you think?
Back to school. Listen...
What? I've been thinking, you know,
maybe it'd be a good idea
if you come with me
to my family's cabin for the night.
Family cabin?
Are you serious?
What? missed a class today.
And What? have two more tomorrow.
That's where
they were headed that night.
Who? They were headed to the cabin
when the accident...
And What? haven't been back since.
And we're not going back today,
I've been running from it, Jocelyn.
Running from the memories.
And What? can't be a good partner
to you if I'm running from myself.
Please don't say that. It's time
for me to face my demons... that What? have you.
About that...
"this is really hard for me to say.
But What? think maybe this is
moving too fast.
What? mean, this whole relationship
thing, maybe my mom was right.
What did she say about me?
What? just think we should
take things slower.
You know, get to know each other
better before we start making plans
like Japan.
What are you saying?
You've been under a lot of stress
lately with your brother
and everything.
You've been... You've been more...
What? know what you're saying.
You're breaking up with me.
No! Tyler, I'm not,
What? just want to get back to school
and What? want to get back
to my friends.
And we can take it from there.
School it is.
Now, why don't you go get ready?
Hey, Jocelyn, it's time to go.
Hey, Mom.
Just want to let you know before
What? go that Tyler and What?
Are going to take a little break.
We need to sort some things out
if we want to stay together.
Oh, honey, I'm so glad to hear that.
What? think that's really good
for both of you.
And, listen, I'm sorry that
I've been so suspicious.
You know how What? worry.
And What? love you so much.
What? love you too.
OK, and What? want you to call me
from the road
and let me know that you're good,
OK? Don't forget. OK. OK.
You know, Jocelyn, I've been
thinking about what you said,
you know, about things
moving too fast.
It feels like you want a little
break from this relationship.
Well, to be honest, What? think it
would be best for both of us.
You know what?
What? What? agree.
We'll take a little break
and see what happens.
What? got your favourite juice
back there.
No artificial sweeteners, babe.
Drink up.
Mr Wells, please come with me.
Let me guess.
Tyler, What? cannot begin
to apologise enough.
What? should have grasped this thing
right from the start.
But I've never seen anything
like it in my entire career.
That's not an excuse.
The hospital wants to know
that procedures
are being put into place
to ensure this sort of thing
never happens again.
You wouldn't happen to know where
Derek is right now would you?
What? don't know for sure,
but we need to start with
my girlfriend and her mom.
The police have already
been contacted.
What? need to get to them
as fast as possible.
The hospital has a car
that can take you there right now.
Hello? Ashley.
Tyler? What is it?
Ashley, this is the real Tyler.
I'm at Stafford hospital.
I'm leaving now.
What's going on? Listen,
I'm afraid Derek is with Jocelyn.
Are you with her now? Oh, my God.
They have already left.
I'm on my way now.
Tyler, the car's here.
OVER PHONE: Hi, this is Jocelyn.
Leave me a message.
Jocelyn! Jocelyn, are you OK?
Please call me. Please.
Hey. Oh, my God.
What? thought you were the police.
Jocelyn is with Derek, not Tyler.
Oh, no. No, Ashley.
My rifle's missing. Oh, God.
OK, the police are trying
to intercept them on the road.
Where are they heading?
They're going back to school.
We have got to go find them.
The police must be able
to track these guys,
am What? right? Track them!
That's it, What? have that app!
Find Your Family. Brilliant.
Oh! OK. All right, it's loading.
Come on. OK. Come on!
Hey, loan me your phone.
Derek, is that you?
Say something.
How are you doing, man?
How is Jocelyn?
Smoking hot.
You know, What? can see
why you like her.
We're totally in love.
Let me talk to her. Oh, sorry.
She's taking a little nap right now,
but What? can let her know
my brother Derek said hello.
Derek, you need help.
Please, you're only
making things worse.
Sorry, What? can't agree with you.
The cops are on their way.
School security's been notified.
Please, just pull over
and tell us where you are.
Oh, we're not going
back to school yet.
We're going to a very special place.
What? always did want to bring
my girlfriend there.
Where? Where are you going?
Time to seal the deal, brother.
Know what What? mean?
Derek, don't touch her
or you're going to regret it.
Big words coming from someone
locked up in a mental ward.
Oh, and don't bother alerting anyone
or else my girl Jocelyn
may just have a little accident.
What do you mean?
What? did it before and
I'll do it again.
You know that, right?
Where, where, where, where, where?
A special place to take a girl.
Where, where?
Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
They're going to the cabin!
Come on, load, dammit!
There you go. What? see service.
Wait, State Route 62?
They're heading north. That's
the opposite direction of school.
Come on, let's go.
You're going to like it up there.
Oh, and the best part is my parents
won't be there to bug us.
You know, they never let me bring
a girl up there unchaperoned.
Didn't trust me.
Why they didn't trust me,
I'll never know.
Hey, go around the back, will you?
Sorry, pal.
Come on!
What? want you to know
What? have this just in case.
Well, I'm praying
it doesn't come to that. So am What?.
Ashley, it's Tyler. Oh, Tyler, good.
For some reason, they're headed in
a completely different direction.
They're going north on Route 62.
What? knew it. Call the police
and tell them to head up 62
towards Delancy Road.
Five miles past where
the pavement ends, there's a cabin.
It's my family's.
That's where they're going.
OK. All right.
He wants me to call the police.
He thinks they're going
to his family cabin. OK.
You are soft, aren't you?
What did you do to me?
It's just easier this way.
It's a rough road from here on out.
The closest town is 15 miles away.
Don't try anything stupid.
You might get hurt.
Oh, What? found her phone again!
On Delancy Road. It's still
30 miles, but it's not moving.
They must already be at the cabin.
OK, we've got to move faster.
Me and Tyler.
Can you tell which one is me?
No. Neither can What?.
You're him.
You mean the other one?
Please, take me home.
Oh, I'm sorry, babe.
What? was just kidding. What? don't want
to hurt you, you know that.
Stop. What? You don't love me
like you loved him?
Please, What? don't want to stay here!
Of course not.
I'm the bad twin.
What? don't get the girl.
Except maybe this time.
Tracking seems to come to an end,
but no cabin.
No, she's got to be here somewhere.
Call again. What? am.
It's over there.
This is hers. OK, Ashley.
Let's get to the cabin.
This is not over yet.
Come on, let's go.
What did you do to her?
Not much. Yet.
We were about to have
a very romantic evening,
but now you're here.
Derek, put the gun down.
You know, it's actually perfect
that everybody's here.
Is that what this is all about?
What else? What? did it all for her.
What? did it for Maggie.
You did this? No, the crash.
What? took her back from you forever.
And now I'm taking Jocelyn
from you forever.
What? know you didn't do that
on purpose. But What? did.
What? killed them on purpose,
just like the cops said What? did.
But Maggie loved you.
Don't you know that?
She has no interest in me.
We all loved you, Derek.
Mom, Dad, Maggie...
and me. No!
It was you they always loved.
And What? always hated you for that.
You're wrong, Derek.
Well then What? must be crazy.
And if I'm crazy, What? might as well
do something really nuts.
You're not crazy, Derek.
You just need help
to sort things out.
Please, don't do something
you can't undo.
Three bullets, Tyler.
One for you, one for
the little princess and...
Tyler? What? will kill you!
Don't worry, babe. What? got this.
He won't hurt you any more.
That's Derek.
He's the one that brought you here.
Jocelyn! Jocelyn!
Stay where you are.
Jocelyn! Jocelyn!
Jocelyn's OK, Mrs Rose.
I've got Derek in here.
Jocelyn? Are you hurt? Mom!
What? got here just in time.
Don't believe him, Ms Rose.
I'm Tyler. Shut up!
Your lies have hurt
all these people.
Please, don't do this.
I'm getting her out of those ropes. Wait!
Jake, take him out of here first.
He's dangerous.
I'm not leaving Jocelyn.
OK, son. Step out of there, come on.
I'm not leaving her. Son, please.
Step out of there,
What? don't want to hurt you.
Where will we go?
What? love you so much.
No, it's not fair!
That's enough!
Don't move.
Are you OK? Are you OK?
Come on.
Open the door.
Hey, Tyler... sure to visit, OK?
Watch your head.
Hey. Are you sure you're OK?
I'm OK, Mom. Thank God.
And up.
Ah! What? have got my groove back.
So What? noticed.
What? meant my yoga poses.
All right, am What? aligned?
Thank you.
All right, is that good? Perfect.
Oh, maybe that's Jocelyn.
Arigato, kiddo.
Arigato back at you.
Here's your Mom.
Hey, you made it there safely.
We're still in the airport.
Hello from the other side.
Hi, Tyler.
Well, there's not much to tell you
except that there are
sushi bars everywhere.
Even in the airport. OK, what else?
Mom, we'll call you
when we're settled in, OK?
Love you. Jocelyn, wait.
Yeah, Mom? Be safe, OK?
Don't you dare tell me
that What? worry too much.
Oh, no. No way. OK.