The Two Gentlemen of Verona (1983) Movie Script

Cease to persuade, my loving Proteus.
Once more adieu.
He after honor hunts, I after love.
He leaves his friends
to dignify them more,
Thou, Julia, thou has metamorphosed me,
made me neglect my studies, lose my time,
Sir Proteus, save you!
Aye, why that's noddy.
Here is for your pains.
I must go send some better messenger.
I fear my Julia would not deign my lines
of the gentle Proteus?
Peruse this paper, madam.
To Julia, say from whom?
That the contents will show.
Dare you presume to harbor wanton lines?
And yet I would I had
o'erlooked the letter.
It were a shame to call her back again
What a fool is she,
that knows I am a maid,
Fie, fie, how wayward
is this foolish love.
That like a testy babe
will scratch the nurse
My penance is to call Lucetta back
What ho, Lucetta?
What would your ladyship?
How now minion!
Keep tun there still,
so you shall sing it out!
Go get you gone and let the papers lie
Nay would I were so
angered with the same!
Oh hateful hands!
To tear such loving words!
Injurious wasps, to
feed on such sweet honey
I'll kiss each several papers for amends.
kind Julia.
Unkind Julia!
As in revenge of thy ingratitude
And here is writ, love-wounded Proteus.
Poor wounded name!
My bosom as a bed shall lodge thee
But twice or thrice was
Proteus written down.
Poor forlorn Proteus.
Passionate Proteus.
To the sweet Julia, that I'll tear away.
And yet I will not, sith so prettily
he couples it to his complaining names.
Thus will I fold them one upon another.
Now kiss, embrace,
contend, do what you will!
Dinner is ready, and your father stays.
I see you have month's mind to them.
Tell me, Pathino,
what sad talk was that
to let him spend his time no more at home,
Sweet lines!
Here is her hand, the agent of her heart.
Tis a word or two of commendations
My good lord, I cannot
be so soon provided!
Thus have I shunned the
fire for fear of burning.
I feared to show my father Julia's letter,
Oh how this spring of love resembleth
And yet a thousand times it answers no.
? Come live with me and be my love
? That hills and valleys dales and keels
? Woods or steepy mountain yields
? When to her lute Carrinia sing
? But when she doth of morning speak
Sir, your glove!
Sweet ornament that decks a thing divine!
Oh excellent motion!
He should give her interest,
and she gives it him!
As you enjoined me,
I have writ your letter
I thank you gentle servant,
tis very clerkly done.
A pretty period.
And yet I care not, and
yet take this again.
And yet I thank you,
The lines are very quaintly writ,
Madam, they are for you.
Aye, you write them sir, at my request,
If it please me madam, what then?
And so good morrow, servant.
Oh jest unseen, inscrutable, invisible
I would I were no worse.
Have patience, gentle Julia.
Why then, we'll make an
exchange here, take you this.
Here is my hand for my true constancy.
What, gone without a word?
Alas, this parting
strikes poor lovers dumb.
Nay twill be this hour
ere I have done weeping.
My mother weeping, my father
wailing, my sister crying,
Yet did not this cruel
hearted cur shed one tear,
Why a Jew would have wept
to have seen our parting.
No, no, this left show is my mother.
And I am the dog, no the dog
is himself and I am the dog.
Why there is is, my
mother's breath up and down.
Now come I to my sister!
Now the dog all this while
They master is shipped and thou
art to post after with oars.
Well I will go.
Now daughter Silvia,
Aye my good lord, I know the gentleman
This is the gentleman
I told your ladyship
They say that Love
hath not an eye at all.
Welcome dear Proteus!
Madam, my lord your
father would speak with you.
Once more new servant, welcome.
I have done penance for contemning Love,
with all the cunning manner of our flight,
Even as one heat another heat expels,
or as one nail by strength
drives out another,
so the remembrance of my former love
Is it my mind,
or Valentine's praise?
Her true perfection,
That I did love.
For now my love is thawed.
and that's the reason
I love him so little.
If I can check my erring love, I will.
If not,
to compass her I'll use my skill.
He he say no, it will.
To leave my Julia, shall I be forsworn.
To love fair Silvia, shall I be forsworn.
To wrong my friend, I
shall be much forsworn.
Love bade me swear
and Love bids me forswear.
Oh sweet suggesting Love,
if thou hast sinned, teach me,
but now I worship a celestial sun.
Unheedful vows may heedfully be broken.
Oh fie, fie,
unreverend tongue!
whose sovereignty so
oft thou hast preferred
I cannot leave to love,
and yet I do.
But there I leave to
love where I should love.
If I keep them,
I needs must lose myself.
If I lose them, thus find I by their loss
for Valentine myself, for Julia Silvia.
I to myself am dearer than a friend,
witness Heaven that made her fair!
I will forget that Julia is alive,
and remembering that
my love to her is dead.
This night he meaneth with a corded ladder
Now presently I'll give her father notice
lend me wings to make my purpose swift.
As thou has lent me
wit to plot this drift.
Counsel Lucetta, gentle girl assist me.
And even in kind love I do conjure thee
a journey to my loving Proteus.
But in what habit will you go along?
Well not like a woman,
an ocean of his tears,
his love sincere, his thoughts immaculate,
And presently go with me to my chamber,
All that is mine I leave at thy dispose,
Sir Thurio give us
leave, I pray a while.
Now tell me Proteus,
But when I call to mind
your gracious favors
this night intends to
steal away your daughter.
I know you have determined to bestow her
I thank thee for thine honest care.
This love of theirs
myself I have often seen,
and so unworthily disgrace the man,
And that thou mayest
perceive my fear of this,
Sir Valentine!
Stay with me a while.
I am to break with thee of some affairs
Tis not unknown to thee that I have sought
she is peevish, sullen, froward.
Neither regarding that she is my child,
but she is nice and coy and
nought esteems my aged eloquence
though ne'er so black, say
they have angels' faces.
Quaintly made of cords.
A cloak as long as
thing will serve the turn?
Ah, what letter is this same?
What's here?
To Silvia.
And here's an engine,
fit for my proceeding.
My thoughts do harbor
with my Silvia nightly.
I curse myself, for they are sent by me,
that they should harbor
where their lord should be.
I will enfranchise thee.
It is so, and here's the
ladder for the purpose.
Why Phaeton, for thou art Merops' son,
wilt thou aspire to guide the heavenly car
Overweening slave!
make speed from hence.
And why not death,
And Silvia is myself, banished from her
is self from self.
A deadly banishment.
What light is light,
if Silvia be not seen?
Unless is be to think that she is by,
except I be by Silvia in the night
She is my essence, and I leave to be,
if I be not by her fair influence
cherished, kept alive.
I fly not death to fly his deadly doom.
From hence, from Silvia,
and from me they friend.
I am but a fool, and yet I have the wit
But that's all one, if
he be but one knave.
He lives not now that
knows me to be in love.
But what woman, I will not tell myself.
And yet it is not a maid
for she hath had gossips,
which is much in a bare Christian.
Imprimis, she can fetch and carry.
Why a horse can do no more,
A sweet virtue in a maid with clean hands.
and that cannot I help.
for thee
at the North
Sir Thurio fear not but
that she will love you,
What might we do to make the girl forget
But that my lord, I
shall be very loath to do.
You have prevailed, my lord.
As much as I can do, I will effect.
You must lay lime to tangle her desires
After your dire lamenting elegies,
I will pardon you.
Fellows, stand fast!
If there be 10, shrink
not but down with em!
Stand sir!
Sir we are undone,
these are the villains
Already have I been false to Valentine.
And now I must be as unjust to Thurio.
to be corrupted with my worthless gifts.
When I protest true loyalty to her,
When to her beauty I commend my vows,
But here comes Thurio
now must we to her window
For you know that love will
Now my young guest,
methinks you're allcholly.
? Who is Silvia what is she
? That all our swains commend her
? Holy fair and wise is she
? The heaven such grace did lend her
? That she might that she might
? That she might she might
? Is she kind as she is fair
? For beauty lives with kindness
? Love doth to her eyes repair
? To help him of his blindness
? And being helped and being helped
? And being helped being helped
? Then to Silvia let us sing
? That Silvia is excelling
? She excels such mortal each mortal thing
? Upon the dull earth dwelling
? To her to her
? To her to her
? Let us garlands bring
How now, are you sadder
than you were before?
The music likes you not.
You mistake.
How, out of tune on the strings?
You would always have
them play but one thing?
Fear you not Thurio, I shall so plea
Good evening to your ladyship.
Think'st thou I am so
shallow, so conceitless,
to be seduced by thy flattery,
For me, by this pale
queen of night I swear,
I am so far from granting thy request
to whom thyself art
witness, I am betrothed,
and art thou not ashamed to wrong him
Oh and so suppose am I.
For in his grave, I assure
thyself, my love is buried.
Sweet lady, let me
rake it from the earth.
Go to thy lady's grave,
and call hers thence.
Or at the least in her
sepulcher thine!
I am very loath to be your idol, sir.
But since your falsehood
shall become you well
send to me in the
morning and I'll send it.
And so, good rest.
As wretches have o'ernight
Host, will you go?
This is the hour that madam Silvia
Madam, madam!
One that attends your ladyship's command.
Which since I know they
virtuously are placed,
When will you go?
Good morrow, gentle lady.
Good morrow, kind Sir Eglamour.
When a man's servant
shall play the cur with him,
I would have, as one should say,
But I no more wit than he
to take a fault upon me
And goes me to the fellow
that whips the dogs,
Mark me, and do as I do?
When didst thou see me heave up my leg
Sebastian is thy name?
I like thee well,
A slave that still an
end turns me to shame!
Sebastian, I have entertained thee,
partly that I have need of such a youth
and thy behavior.
Which if my augury deceive me not,
Fortune, truth,
therefore know thou that
this I have entertained thee.
Go presently.
Take this ring with thee.
She loved me well delivered it to me.
She dreams on him that
has forgot her love,
And thinking on it makes me cry, alas!
Well give her that ring,
That's her chamber.
Go, tell my lady, I claim the promise
Your message done, hie
home unto my chamber.
Where thou shalt find me sad,
How many women would do such a message?
Alas, poor Proteus, thou has entertained
Why do I pity him?
Because I love him, I must pity him.
This ring I gave him
when he parted from me,
to plead for that which
I would not obtain.
I am my master's true confirmed love.
unless I prove false traitor to myself.
Yet will I woo for him.
But yet so coldly as heaven it knows
Gentlewoman, good day!
I pray you be my mean to bring me
do entreat your patience to hear me speak
He sends you for a picture?
Go, give your master this.
whom his changing thoughts forget,
Pardon me madam, I have unadvised
I will not look upon thy master's lines.
Madam, he sends your ladyship
this ring.
The more shame on him that sends it me.
And that's her cause of sorrow.
She hath been fairer madam, than she is,
But since she did
neglect her looking glass
How tall is she?
For at Pentecost,
And at that time I made her weep agood.
For I did play a lamentable part.
Madam twas Ariadne passioning
which I so lively acted with my tears
that my poor mistress,
moved therewithal,
wept bitterly.
And would I might be dead if I in thought
She is beholding to thee, gentle youth.
Alas, poor lady,
desolate and left.
I weep myself to think upon my words.
Here, youth take my purse.
I give thee this for thy
sweet mistress' sake.
Because thou lovest her.
And she shall thank you
for it, e'er you know her.
A virtuous gentlewoman,
I hope my master's suit will be but cold,
how love can trifle with itself!
Here is her picture.
Let me see.
I think if I had such a
tire, this face of mine
And yet the painter
flattered her a little.
Unless I flatter with myself too much.
Her hair is auburn, and
mine is perfect yellow.
If that be all the difference in his love,
and take this shadow up.
For tis thy rifle.
Oh thou senseless form.
Thou shalt be worshiped,
kissed, loved, and adored.
And were there sense in his idolatry,
I'll use thee kindly
for thy mistress' sake
that used me so.
Or else by Jove I vow,
I should have scratched
out your unseeing eyes
The sun begins to gild the western sky,
She will not fail, for
lovers break not hours,
See where she comes.
Go on, good Eglamour.
Sir Proteus, what say Silvia to my suit?
Oh, why it is to be a peevish girl
And I will follow,
more for love of Silvia
And I will follow,
more to cross that love
How use doth breed a habit in a man!
This shadowy desert, unfrequented woods,
Here can I sit alone, unseen of any,
and to the nightingale's complaining notes
Oh thou that dost inhabit in my breast,
Who's this comes here?
Unhappy were you madam, ere I came,
Whose life's as tender to me as my soul!
And that's far worse than
none, better have none
Thou common friend, that's
without faith or love,
for such is a friend now.
Treacherous man!
Thou hast beguiled my hopes.
Who should be trusted,
when one's own right hand
Proteus, I am sorry I must
never trust thee more,
but count the world a
stranger for thy sake.
The private wound is deepest.
Oh time most accursed.
Amongst all foes that a
friend should be the worst!
My shame and guilt confounds me.
Forgive me, Valentine.
If hearty sorrow be a
sufficient ransom for offense,
And as truly suffer as e'er I did commit.
Then I am paid.
And once again I do receive thee honest.
Who by repentance is not satisfied
for these are pleased,
by penitence the eternal's
wrath's appeased.
all that was mine in Silvia, I give thee.
Oh me unhappy!
Look to the boy.
Why wag, what's the matter?
Oh good sir.
My master charged me to
deliver a ring to Madam Silvia
Why this is the ring I gave to Julia.
And Julia herself did give it me.
And Julia herself hath brought it hither.
Behold her that gave
aim to all thy oaths,
How oft hast thou with
perjury cleft the root!
Oh Proteus!
Let this habit make thee blush!
Be thou ashamed that I have took upon me
if shame live in the disguise of love,
Than men their minds!
Oh tis true!
Where man constant, he were perfect.
That one error fills him with faults.
What is in Silvia's face,
that I may spy more fresh in Julia's
with a constant eye?
Come, come a hand from either.
Let me blessed to make this happy close.
Twere a pity two such
friends should be long foes.
Bear witness Heaven,
I have my wish forever.
Forbear, forbear I say!
The more degenerate and base art though,
Dispose of them as thou
know'st their deserts.
We will include all jars with triumphs,