The Two Popes (2019) Movie Script

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Good morning. Um...
I am looking for a flight
from Rome to Lampedusa.
I... I know I can book it
on the Internet,
but, uh, you know,
I've only just moved here.
Bergoglio. Jorge Bergoglio.
Like the pope?
Oh, well...
Well, yes. Uh, in fact, um...
I'm... I'm not sure, um...
Vatican City.
Very funny.
a young man was walking
in the woods.
His name was Francesco Bernardone.
Suddenly, he found a chapel...
with the walls destroyed.
He stepped inside.
A crucifix was still there,
where the altar had been.
Francesco felt captivated.
The crucifix spoke to him and said,
Francesco, repair my Church.
Francesco was a practical man.
He went up to the quarry on Mount Subasio,
cut stones,
carted them down the mountain,
and repaired the broken walls.
Any journey,
no matter how long...
has to start somewhere.
Any journey,
no matter how glorious,
can start with a mistake.
So, when you feel lost,
dont worry.
God will not give up.
Ive been thinking...
We have many troubles here.
Its not fair to leave it all to Our Lady.
Who else could pray for us?
Let's see... young man!
Whats your name?
- Lorenzo!
- Ah!
The name of my team, San Lorenzo!
No, no, no, no.
San Lorenzo, pray for us...
The pope...
The pope has died.
and sisters,
our beloved Holy Father John Paul II
has returned to the Lord's house.
He was a champion
of human rights
who fought for justice for the poor
and reached out across all faiths
for unity.
But in sharp contrast,
John Paul II's papacy
also marked a clear end to liberalization
and a return
to the Church's harsh condemnation
of homosexuality, abortion...
and the ordination of women
and married men.
Archbishop of Kiev,
Cardinal Husar.
Cardinal Arinze of Nigeria.
Many say he will be
the first African pope.
Good. This?
Bergoglio, Argentina.
Leading advocate for reform.
Very popular in...
I know who he is.
- Cardinal Martini.
- In Catholic churches,
people are praying for cardinals
in charge of electing the new pope.
...farewell to the pope,
the cardinals of the Catholic Church
have gathered in Rome
to elect a new pontiff...
In Rome, 115 cardinals from 52 countries
have been praying to elect a new pope.
deeply spiritual,
but, nonetheless, very political.
They will choose
between tradition and reform.
The media's predicting a dispute
between the German conservative,
Joseph Ratzinger,
and the Italian reformist, Carlo Martini.
Ratzinger is a central figure
in the Vatican
and has long been considered
the natural successor to John Paul II.
What's the hymn
you are whistling?
"Dancing Queen."
That's good.
Good afternoon.
- Buona sera.
- Dobro pozhalovat.
Buona sera. Willkommen.
The Church is too used
to this glory.
This is Europe...
Our churches are beautiful but empty,
like a fire covered in ash.
We need someone to blow the ash away.
Someone outside of Europe is better.
No, Martini. Not me.
- Cardinale Ratzinger.
- Ah...
Thank you
for the beautiful sermon.
You are welcome.
Cardinal Hummes,
life was easier
when everybody spoke Latin.
Nice to see you.
No "nice to see you"
for you, Jorge.
The cardinals are
about to vote.
...cardinals make
a formal procession
into the Sistine Chapel...
The cardinals'
only communication
with the outside world
will be through that chimney.
White smoke means a new pope. when there's no result.
...the Vatican this evening.
The first ballot
could be taking place right now.
There might be a vote today.
...grand doors have slammed shut
and will remain...
Only then will we find out
the identity of our new pope.
I call as my witness Christ the Lord,
who will judge me,
that I elect the one who I deem...
...should be chosen according to God.
Martini Cardinalis.
Bergoglio Cardinalis.
Ratzinger Cardinalis.
Bergoglio Cardinalis.
Bergoglio Cardinalis.
Ratzinger Cardinalis.
Ratzinger Cardinalis.
Martini... Ratzinger...
Bergoglio Cardinalis.
The results
of the first scrutiny...
Joseph Ratzinger, 47 votes.
Jorge Bergoglio, ten votes.
Carlo Maria Martini...
nine votes.
It is black.
This means
that no candidate has achieved... cardinal obtained
the 77 votes needed.
It's just ten votes.
No one
from the Southern Hemisphere
has had so many before.
- The world just tipped on its axis.
- Martini got nine.
So, it's 19 votes for a real change.
If he tells his followers
to transfer their votes to you...
Reform needs a politician.
Transfer your votes to Martini.
He has worked for reform for years.
It's too late for that.
He's already asked anyone
who voted for him to vote for you instead.
No, please.
"The most important qualification
for any leader
is not wanting to be leader."
that's why it must not be Ratzinger.
He really wants it.
I think the Church faces, uh, um,
a great danger. Serious danger.
We need one common point of reference.
Only one unchanging, eternal truth.
Only one unchanging...
Only one unchanging, eternal truth.
You think he really wants it?
Being pope is like being a martyr.
The results...
of the third scrutiny...
...are the following:
It's white! It's white!
It's white!
Habemus Papam!
We have a new pope!
That will be the words announced
from that balcony up there.
Habemus Papam.
I think that,
rather than a victory for conservatives,
the election of Cardinal Ratzinger
is actually a demonstration
of the unity of the Church.
There weren't great divisions
within the College of Cardinals.
That it was a fairly easy choice
to go with Cardinal Ratzinger...
Jorge, what will you do now?
Return to Buenos Aires,
plan my retirement.
You're too young to retire.
The Church voted to make
overdue reforms remain overdue.
I can do more good
as a simple parish priest.
I'll pray for him.
Joseph Ratzinger has a sharp mind.
He's, uh, an intellectual...
He's the...
the watchdog of the faith.
This protects the Doctrine of the Faith.
He's gonna fight... relativism.
What do you mean by that?
Well, I mean,
he's... he's going to stand up for dogma.
He's gonna be a great pope.
Oh, my God, this is the best...
I can't believe it.
He's already started with "no."
"No against this, no against that..."
It's bad for the poor in Brazil
and the poor in the world.
People are abandoning Catholicism
because it is too conservative.
I know Ratzinger.
The Nazi shouldn't have been elected.
Bye, bye.
Don't buy Tonio's stamps.
- Oh...
- They don't work.
Theres nothing wrong with them.
I wrote a beautiful letter, and no reply.
Sent it again, still no reply.
Your stamps don't work.
Doesn't matter how good your letter was,
San Lorenzo will never call you.
Maybe you used the wrong address.
Its a well-known address.
To whom?
The pope.
Tonio's stamps work.
I have your letters,
and this is from the Vatican.
Why the pope?
I booked my flight.
- Seriously?
- Mm-hmm.
What's so urgent?
You want to retire?
Eh... s.
Don't do it.
We need you in Buenos Aires.
He wants me in Rome.
I booked my flight before this.
A coincidence...
There are no coincidences.
We are all in God's hands.
We turn next to the Vatican
and the stunning accusation
that's the talk of Rome.
Confidential Church documents
were allegedly leaked to the press...
Ridden with factionalism,
malpractice by the Vatican Bank,
and even sexual misconduct.
Who would have believed
that one of the pope's most trusted aides,
the man who helped, is under arrest?
...leaking embarrassing
confidential Vatican documents...
This dossier has only been read
by one guy: Pope Benedict XVI... he's fully aware of the issues...
The whole thing is a holy mess.
There's no clarity as
to what happens behind those closed doors.
Ah, s.
Good morning.
Are you
the cardinal archbishop of Buenos Aires?
- Oh, Eminence, please...
- No, no, no, no, it's fine.
- Buongiorno. How are you?
- Good, thank you.
The car is just out here.
This way.
May I?
- Oh, grazie.
- Grazie.
Oh, Eminence... E-Eminence...
No, no, I prefer to ride up front.
- Grazie.
- Oh, very well.
It's a beautiful car.
- Thank you, Eminence.
- Very comfortable.
This is the way to Rome?
No, no, Eminence.
The pope is in his summer residence.
Oh. Summer residence. Ah.
Perhaps that's why
he didn't get my letter.
Uh, Eminence, forgive me, but...
...he prefers to see
his bishops dressed like bishops
and his cardinals like cardinals.
Oh, really?
Y-You have a spare cardinal's hat?
It's a private matter,
so it's not in the official diary.
He is reading the report.
Yes, His Holiness is aware.
I'll ask if he can speak to him.
Your Holiness.
- Would you speak to Cardinal Bertone?
- Ah...
I have him here.
Ah. Grazie.
His Holiness will join you shortly.
Ah. Does the Holy Father meet
his cardinals here often?
No. Uh, it's the first time.
Oh, it's... it's...
it's not raining.
In Rome, one never knows
what will happen next.
Where is he?
Looks like he's lived here all his life.
Oregano, exactly.
My mother swore by oregano.
It makes everything taste good.
My mom mixes it with breadcrumbs.
- Me too.
- Really?
Everything the pope eats comes
from Gandolfo.
We send it to Rome. It's all organic.
Vegetables, eggs, cheese.
Ah, Santo Padre. Ah.
- Good morning!
- Holiness.
Last time we met,
we spoke Latin.
A short meeting.
I wasn't the student you were,
Holy Father.
Please, not Latin.
Ah, Latin is useful. Especially when...
I have to announce bad news to cardinals.
Only 20 percent of them... become angry
as only 20 percent of them know
what I have said.
I'm sorry to have kept you waiting.
I know you... value punctuality.
Uh, Paolo, my last assistant,
he would have made sure
I got here on time.
He was, uh...
- He was perfect, you know?
- Now he's in jail.
Would you prefer to walk?
- Well, that might not be wise.
- Huh?
Your shoelaces are undone.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
You wrote to me asking for permission
to retire as cardinal archbishop?
Yes, uh...
I have my papers here.
Uh, cardinals are not required to ask
for their retirement until they're 75.
Are you ill?
- I have a problem with my lungs.
- I know,
but you were born with that,
and it's not really troubled you since,
has it?
It's in your file.
- My file?
- We keep files on everyone.
So you don't have to be flattered.
No, I, uh...
- I'm not ill.
- No.
In fact, you're very active.
You walk everywhere
and, uh, sometimes use a bicycle.
Yeah, and I tango once a week.
Tango is dance?
- I'm Argentinian.
- Oh.
Tango and football are compulsory.
Of course, yeah. You dance with someone?
Uh, I... One might look rather foolish
dancing alone.
So, for the sake of the dignity
of my office, yes, with someone.
Of course, that's good. Please.
You've been one of my harshest critics,
and there's a lot of competition
for that title.
I've never spoken out against you.
No, not directly, but, um...
you refuse to live in the official palace
of the cardinal archbishops.
S, it's too grand. It's too big.
By being so, um... pure and simple,
you imply the rest of us
are not living simply enough.
Can one ever...
live simply enough?
On, uh... married priests.
I was misquoted.
I said, "Celibacy can be a blessing.
It can also be a curse."
Yeah. And on homosexuality?
All I said was...
- No doubt, misquoted again?
- Taken out of context.
Aha... But might I suggest
you try telling the newspapers
the opposite of what you think?
Your chances of being quoted correctly
might, therefore, improve.
Another thing: you openly give sacraments
to those who are out of communion.
To the divorced, for instance.
Oh, I believe
that giving communion is not a reward
for the virtuous,
it is food for the starving.
So, what matters is what you believe,
but not what the Church has taught
for hundreds of years?
No, no, no.
Mark, chapter two, verse 17,
"I came to call sinners,"
as the Church has taught
for thousands of years.
If we do not draw a line...
Or build walls to separate...
You talk about walls
as if they are bad things.
- A house is built of walls. Strong walls.
- Ah...
Did Jesus build walls?
His face is a face of mercy.
The bigger the sinner,
the warmer the welcome.
Mercy is the dynamite
that blows down walls.
You have an answer for everything,
don't you?
Don't stop now.
- Keep moving.
- I have to walk. Let's go.
- Don't stop now. Keep moving.
- You're clever. Far too clever.
Keep moving.
You see my dilemma.
You're very eloquent, you're very popular.
If I allow you to resign,
it will look like a protest.
The Church being attacked from all sides,
why would you want to abandon her
to her enemies?
Does a shepherd run away
when the wolves appear?
I'm not running away.
Ill take a parish.
Ill be a good shepherd to its people.
Don't you understand?
You were almost elected pope.
If you resign,
it will look like a criticism.
The way you live is a criticism.
Your shoes are a criticism.
You don't like my shoes?
Please, do not make a joke
of everything I say. Please.
It is dishonest and cynical.
Have enough respect to show me
your real anger.
Do you think the Church is failing?
- Well, we are losing people.
- And that is the fault of the Church?
Not of... of... Western relativism,
or permissiveness,
or what do they say now?
Oh, yes, "Anything goes."
You said the Church is narcissistic.
- Or was that another misquote?
- No, no, I did say that.
It seems to me that your Church...
- My Church?
- Our Church...
- Oh.
- moving in directions
that I can no longer condone,
or... or not moving at all
when the time demands movement.
Holy Father...
I no longer wish to be a salesman.
- A salesman?
- It's a metaphor.
A salesman for a product.
A product?
A salesman for a product that I...
- I cannot, in all conscience, endorse.
- That you don't believe in?
It seems to me
that we are no longer part of this world.
We don't belong to it.
We are not connected.
"A Church that marries
the spirit of the age..."
"...will be widowed in the next."
- Yeah.
- I know.
Holy Father...
When you were leader
of the Jesuits in Argentina,
you had all the books on Marxism removed
from the library.
And I made seminarians wear cassocks
all day,
even when they were working
in the vegetable garden.
And I called civil marriage
for homosexuals the Devil's plan.
- You were not unlike me.
- No.
I changed.
- No, you compromised.
- No. No compromise.
- No, I changed.
- Com...
It's a different thing.
Change is compromise.
the life He gave us,
is all change.
You are the successor to San Pietro.
San Pietro was married.
Oh, thank you for letting me know.
I had no idea.
We didn't ask priests to be celibate
until the 12th century.
- Hm.
- Angels?
No mention before the fifth century,
and suddenly, angels are everywhere,
like... like pigeons.
Nothing is static in nature
or the universe,
not even God.
God does not change.
Yes, He does.
- He moves towards us.
- "I am the way, the truth, and the life."
Where should we find Him
if He's always moving?
On the journey?
This is your ego talking.
You think you know better.
I'm Argentinian.
- How does an Argentinian kill himself?
- Ah?
He climbs to the top of his ego
and jumps off.
I'm not familiar
with this part of the garden.
Where are we?
Maybe this way, where there is some shade?
Oh, yeah.
Perhaps we'll find God over there,
on the journey. I'll introduce you to Him.
We defend 2,000 years of tradition,
but Cardinal Bergoglio, he knows better.
No, no. We have spent these last years
disciplining anyone
who disagrees with our line on divorce,
on birth control, on being gay.
While our planet was being destroyed,
while inequality grew like a cancer,
we worried about whether it was all right
to speak the Mass in Latin,
whether, uh, girls should be allowed
to be altar servers.
We built walls around us,
and all the time,
all the time, the real danger was inside,
inside with us.
What are you talking about?
I think you know what I'm talking about.
We knew there were priests, bishops,
great men of the Church
who preyed on children.
- And what did we do?
- We are addressing this.
We heard their confession,
then moved them on to another parish
where they could start all over again.
- We believed if they confessed...
- Oh, we believed it was better
if nine children suffered
than if nine million lost their faith
because of a scandal?
- No, of course not. That is grotesque.
- A bishop! A bishop said that to me!
Uh-huh, and how did you answer him?
I told him to remove the priest
from his ministry
and initiate a canonical trial.
Straight away.
I didn't believe a few magic words
from the priest
would make everything all right again.
Magic words?
Is that how you describe the sacrament?
Confession cleans the sinner's soul.
It does not help the victim.
Sin is a... a wound,
not a stain.
It needs to be healed, to be treated.
Forgiveness is not enough.
You say "we,"
- but you mean I'm the one to blame.
- No.
- Holy Father. Please.
- Your protest... Listen to me.
Your resignation is a protest
against the Holy See,
- and you're asking me to ratify it.
- No, no.
You say you no longer wish
to be cardinal archbishop.
I ask you, are you sure
you still wish to be a priest?
I don't agree with anything you say.
- Ah, thank you.
- You're welcome.
The Holy Father has retired now
until dinner.
- Uh-huh.
- I'm to show you to your room.
My room?
Come. Please.
But, uh...
What about His Holiness?
- The pope eats alone.
- Why?
He prefers it that way.
But he has arranged for you both
to eat the same meal.
Just as his mother used to make it.
- Huh?
- A typical Bavarian dish,
Kndel mit Soe.
Yes, I know.
After dinner, sometimes,
he comes here to relax.
- It's beautiful, huh?
- Mm-hmm.
Well, Papa John.
Se posso...
S, grazie.
- Arrivederci, eminenza.
- Oh, grazie.
Well done.
You did 10,000 steps today.
- Congratulations.
- Ah, my goal.
My doctor gave it to me.
He said, "You are in good shape for 86
but very bad shape for a human being."
I believe this was a joke.
- No, no, please.
- No, no.
- No, no.
- No.
- Please.
- No.
- I know you love football.
- No.
I've never understood
the excitement myself.
Really? Not even during the World Cup?
You know, your national team and mine,
we could be in the final together
next year.
They could be a match for Argentina.
Yeah. That's good.
Please sit. Uh.
Holy Father...
- I want you to look at my papers, please.
- No, no, no...
- No, this is... But my papers, I really...
- No, no, no, no, no, please.
Please, no,
- this is the reason I'm here.
- Nein.
I know you like to talk,
but I'm exhausted.
Please, sit down.
Let's just be quiet together. Please sit.
- Get so tired.
- Hm.
- Would you like a tea or coffee?
- No, thank you.
I find if I drink coffee
too late at night, I can't sleep.
Hm. Me too.
You know,
the hardest thing is to listen...
to hear His voice.
God's voice.
Sorry, even for a pope?
But perhaps especially for a pope.
You know, when I was a young man,
hundreds of years ago,
I always knew what He wanted of me.
What God wanted, what...
purpose He had for me.
But now...
I don't know.
Perhaps I need to listen more intently.
What do you think, Cardinal Bergoglio?
What? Uh, hmm...
I think, perhaps, I need a...
a spiritual hearing aid.
Who does know?
You know, when I first heard that voice,
whatever that was...
His voice, God's voice... brought me peace.
Such peace.
You must have felt that?
Hmm. The call, yes.
The peace...
I wouldn't call it peace.
180 tickets sold.
- Am I free?
- Sure!
You know, the world can be chaotic.
And there's beauty in that.
Oh, I started to think
about being a priest when I was a kid.
I wasn't sure, so my grandmother said,
"Ask God for a sign."
I did.
I felt abandoned.
So, I got on with life.
I had a job.
I had Amalia.
What are you doing?
I had a future.
Jorge, these results are the same.
Yes, same experiment.
What did we agree on?
We have to test, test, and test.
We live and die by facts.
Facts are...
You've had a haircut.
That is a fact.
And that shirt is new.
Also a fact.
You've decided?
You will propose!
That's speculation.
No, a deduction.
An incorrect deduction.
I already asked.
Tonight we'll discuss the details.
So, you won't be a priest.
A logical conclusion,
What took you so long?
I had to listen to...
you know,
if He had other plans for me.
- He.
- Ah.
This country doesn't need another priest.
I'll redo the tests.
- Next time, don't fool me.
- Promise.
You're going to be a great father.
You're beautiful!
The prettiest ones.
How do I look?
Very handsome!
Bueno, muchas gracias.
Come in.
Come in.
No, Father, I was just passing.
Bless me, Father,
for I have sinned.
I'm listening, my son.
Before we start, may I ask you something?
I havent seen you around.
Where are you from?
Parque Patricios.
Sometimes I come here to give Mass.
I'm praying
youre not a Huracn supporter.
Your prayers have been answered.
I live close by
in the priests home for the sick.
You tend to the sick.
No. I'm one of them.
I have cancer.
Then why are you here,
I woke up this morning,
the Lord asked me to hear confession.
But no one came...
until you.
What is troubling you?
I'm listening, son.
Some time ago, I asked for a sign.
He's giving it now.
Maybe He wanted me here
to speak with you.
With me?
Now you know our Father is watching.
You can confess.
Free your heart.
- Bergoglio.
- Gracias.
- Bergoglio.
- Yes.
- Welcome home.
- Thank you.
- How are you?
- Good.
Do you know what you're saying no to?
- Yes.
- Yes?
She even has a name.
Oh, well.
You will have to learn to love her
in another way.
Love has many faces.
It's a big mistake to think
one can live without love.
I still have San Lorenzo.
I can see now
there was never an alternative.
That priest, that day,
me finding him there.
Even if I'd passed by,
God would have found
another way to call me.
You have such certainty.
And I'm certain... He wants me to retire.
No, please.
I know we have our differences,
our disagreements,
but, please, this evening,
let's be... simply brothers together,
shall we?
Do you play the piano or any instrument?
No. No, but I know you do.
You, uh... you made an album.
Uh, Music from the Vatican: Alma Mater.
That's right, I did. Heh.
Have you a copy of the album?
Oh, yes, yes. Por supuesto.
Ah. I could sign it for you.
Yes, please.
Perhaps you could play something now.
Well, I...
I'm a bit out of practice, but...
let's see, I'll try.
Now, this little piece by Bedich Smetana,
my favorite Czech,
and, uh, it's a lullaby.
Let's see what I can do.
He lived a tragic life.
- Ah.
- Yeah, well.
Anyway, so...
You know, the, um...
this album was recorded
in a... a famous studio in London.
I was told, uh, I should be very honored
because the Beatles had been there.
- Do you know the Beatles?
- Yes,
- I know who they are.
- Of course you do.
"Eleanor Rigby."
- Who?
- "Eleanor Rigby."
- I don't know her.
- You know, Yellow Submarine.
- Sorry, I don't know who she...
- The album, Yellow Submarine.
Yellow Submarine? That's silly.
It's very funny.
Yes, I... I can't remember where the...
studio was, it was a...
But, uh,
it was like a church or something.
Abbey Road.
- Abbey, the Abbey? Yes, the road.
- Abbey Road. You went to Abbey Road?
No, no, no.
It would not have been appropriate.
But, you know,
I once thought
I had a calling for music, but, uh...
I'm afraid, um...
at the keyboard, I'm not infallible.
But I enjoy it.
You like?
It's... very different.
It's wonderful.
It's an old, um...
uh, Berlin cabaret song.
It was made famous on the radio
before the war
- by a singer called Zarah Leander.
- Ah.
She was very pretty.
I was a big fan of hers.
- Sorry, who was?
- Zarah Leander.
- Would you like some wine?
- Oh!
- There's some.
- Ah, okay. Thank you.
Sweet Auf Wiedersehen
- La, la-la-la
- La, la-la-la, la, la-la-la-la
It's good wine?
The signal is not good here.
Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's bad.
But it's, uh...
Look, there's this... Look.
My favorite program is Kommissar Rex.
It's a television program from Austria,
and, uh, a German shepherd dog
who solves crimes, and, uh...
...the trouble he gets into.
The trouble he gets into every week.
It's very fun, oh my.
It takes my mind off things.
You know something, I'll tell you.
Here, in this place,
they call me "God's Rottweiler,"
guarding the house of God.
They don't know I... I know, but...
So I never say anything.
But it's a...
you know, it's a small pleasure.
Well, small pleasures are important.
- Yeah.
- You know the story, the...
the two seminarians who...
who liked to smoke?
No. They should resist the temp...
Well, yeah, yeah. So, the first one,
he goes to his spiritual director,
and he says,
"Father, is it permitted to smoke
while praying?"
And the director says,
"No. No, of course not."
- Of course not. No, it's...
- No, no. So...
So, the second one, he was a Jesuit.
He says to his friend, "Brother,
you're just asking the wrong question."
- Ah.
- So he goes to the director,
then he says,
"Father, is it permitted to pray
while smoking?"
Pray and smoke at the same ti...
- Ah?
- It's a joke.
It's a silly joke.
Pray and smoke at the same time.
It's impossible.
I can never remember jokes.
Remembering jokes is an essential part
of Jesuit training.
I like company.
I was alone.
Isaiah 41, chapter 10.
Yeah. "Do not be afraid,
for I am with you, always."
S, s.
I know He's here...
but He doesn't laugh.
At least, I don't hear Him laughing.
You know?
No, you wouldn't know.
Someone like you...
would never understand what I... mean.
I'm sorry, I'm...
I must rest. I'm...
It's been a long day.
Gute Nacht.
- Yeah.
- Yes.
- Good night.
- Buenas noches.
Good morning, Eminence.
Ah, good morning.
The Holy Father apologizes,
but he's been called back to Rome.
Urgent business.
If you can get ready as soon as possible.
- Thank you, Sister. Goodbye.
- Eminenza. Goodbye.
Cardinal, I have a souvenir for you.
- I made some cuttings.
- Thank you!
So, when you return home...
Let me help you.
I hope this urgent business is not too...
Oh! Oh!
I hope this urgent business
is not too distressing.
Oh, the Curia is like a machine.
You put your hand inside,
it chops it into mincemeat.
They always defend themselves.
Sometimes it feels like being pope is
to become breakfast.
What is that plant? Is that, uh...
- This?
- Is that basil?
It's oregano.
Your gardener gave it to me.
Oh, yes. You're very popular.
This popularity of yours,
is there a trick to it?
I just try to be myself.
Whenever I try to be myself,
people don't seem to like me very much.
Also, there's no option,
since I'm obliged to be pope.
Holy Father, about my retirement...
The Holy Father wants
to finish his conversation with you,
but first, he must deal
with an urgent matter.
May I know the nature of the business?
You can talk to him tomorrow
at seven, okay?
Hey, Cardinal,
need a lift?
- How's the pizza?
- Better when hot.
The scandal at the Vatican worsened today
after Gianluigi Nuzzi released
his book entitled
His Holiness:
The Secret Letters of Benedict XVI.
The book consists of documents, letters,
and memoranda
between the pope
and his personal secretary.
It has sent shock waves
through the Vatican
and brought Pope Benedict back to Rome
from Castel Gandolfo,
his summer residence.
Thank you, Lord,
for Pipita's gift.
Also, Lord, bless our pope.
The German? Let him bless himself.
Let God grant him a quiet night
and a peaceful end.
Holy Father, he's not there.
What do you mean?
We cannot find him.
I sent a car, but he's not there.
Find him!
I always wondered,
the uniform,
it must be very uncomfortable, huh?
Very hot.
Difficult to keep clean.
Or perhaps someone cleans it for you?
This is where we're meeting?
I was just asked to bring you here.
You know, I've never been in here before.
When it was empty, I mean.
No, uh...
visitors, no tourists.
wanted to experience the moment with you.
Ah, Padre.
- Yeah.
- If I was pope, I'd be in here every day.
- Yeah, what else?
- What?
Well, if you had been chosen,
what would you do?
- Holy Father.
- No.
This place would be different,
I think. Huh?
- Well, I wouldn't eat alone, for a start.
- No?
Aside from the theology,
- it's no good for you.
- Oh.
You know,
Jesus was always breaking bread
- and feeding people.
- Well, what else?
Well, I'd, uh...
I'd sort out the Bank.
Oh, good luck with that.
Yeah, well,
the banks almost destroyed my country.
You know, they beg for deregulation,
like tigers begging
to be let out of a cage.
- Yeah.
- They devour everything in sight.
It's new elitism.
You're beginning to be happy
I'm going to retire.
You, um...
For many weeks now, I've been...
well, I've been praying for a sign.
I don't understand.
Well, when your...
when your request came to me
to retire as cardinal archbishop,
I could not accept it, your retirement,
I mean, until I'd, um...
spoken to you.
So, you had to come from Argentina to Rome
to see me.
And, uh...
what I'm saying is,
perhaps you had to come here
for some other purpose.
Like what?
you see, I've made a...
a decision, an important decision,
I think,
for the life of the Church
and for her future.
Something I ask you to hide in your soul
and speak of to no one.
- Uh-huh.
- Know what I mean?
- S.
- Good.
You know, sometimes...
sometimes, you notice little things.
It's very strange.
You know, the other night,
after... prayer,
I put out the candle, and uh...
instead of rising up...
the smoke went down,
like Cain's offering being rejected
by God.
Do you notice such things?
I bought my ticket for my flight here...
...before you requested my presence.
- No.
- Yes!
- Your plane ticket, you bought it before?
- Yeah.
Well, that gives me great encouragement.
You're the right person.
I'm going to resign.
- This marble is cold here.
- Sorry...
- ...the right person for what?
- To tell.
To tell what?
What I just said. I'm going to resign.
Uh, resign from what?
The Papacy.
The Chair of Saint Peter.
The Bishopric of Rome.
I'm going to renounce all of them.
But you can't. You... You...
- You wouldn't be the pope anymore.
- No.
Popes can't resign!
It's not without precedent.
Celestine V resigned, 1294.
Didn't you know that?
Holy Father, you think...
you think people will not be shocked
because this happened
once before, 700 years ago?
I... I came here just to have you sign
a piece of paper.
I know.
Now you know why I could not grant you
your wish to retire.
It would be another conclave.
It is important that you're there.
Holy Father, you must not do this.
You cannot do this.
Why not?
Why do the presidents of America
and Russia and China come to you?
unlike them,
your authority comes from the fact
that you will suffer and die
in the job.
- Yeah.
- A martyr
to justice and truth.
For this, all people come.
Forgive me, but...
Christ did not come down from the cross.
Ah! God always grants you the right words.
No, no.
No, a pope must go on forever.
Be the personification
of the crucified Christ.
If you do this,
you will damage the Papacy forever.
And what damage will I do if I remain?
It's... It's... two popes?
- Well, in 19...
- No. It is... No, it's unthinkable.
Well, in 1978, we had three popes.
but they weren't at the same time.
I was making a little joke.
A joke?
A German joke.
It doesn't have to be funny.
You know, there's a saying,
uh, "God always...
corrects one pope by presenting the world
with another pope."
I should... I'd like to see my correction.
Both commanding authority.
Only one would command authority.
I would, uh,
hide away, out of the spotlight.
Silence incarnate!
Are you being pressured to go? The Curia?
No, no, no.
If there was pressure from there,
I would resist.
No, I know my intentions
and my motives are pure.
- See, I'm a scholar, not a manager.
- Don't stop now.
- Keep moving.
- Yeah.
Keep moving.
And besides, I, um...
Don't stop now.
- I have a pacemaker, and I'm half-blind.
- Keep moving.
I can no longer see out of my left eye.
And, uh...
governance requires eyes
that I do not have.
I've struggled and fought to do what...
must be done, but, um...
I've lost.
It is our weakness
that calls forth the grace of God.
You show your weakness,
He gives us strength.
I've given you my answer.
Be satisfied.
With respect, Holy Father...
it's not me who needs to be satisfied.
It's 1.2 billion believers.
They'll need to know why.
Otherwise, they'll think
there is a scandal, a... a plot.
that is the calculation of leadership.
A calculation we must both make.
Both? Why?
Well, for months,
I've been, uh, wanting to resign,
but there was one thought
that prevented me from that.
I thought, "What if at the next conclave,
they voted for that, uh,
Cardinal Bergoglio?"
For you.
Then I offered my resignation.
I was delighted.
As I said...
what prevented me from resigning
was the thought that, uh,
they could've chosen you, or elected you.
But now you are here in Rome to see me,
- and now, I've changed.
- You've compromised.
No, I've changed.
Compromise is something else.
Your style and your methods
are entirely different to mine.
I don't agree with any...
well, most of the things you say,
think, or do, but, uh...
for some strange reason,
now I can see a...
a necessity for a Bergoglio.
But I cannot do this without knowing
that there is, at least,
- a possibility that you might be chosen.
- No.
It could never be me.
All right.
We are at an impasse.
You cannot retire from the Church
unless I agree to your going,
and I cannot resign
until you agree to stay.
It's a conundrum. A theological conundrum.
You don't understand.
It could never be me.
We know in our heart of hearts
that it could be.
The Church needs to change,
and you could be that change.
Oh. No. No, uh...
Not me. Never.
- It couldn't be me.
- Why not?
You know why.
I've read your files.
The files... are incomplete.
How incomplete?
People of Argentina:
The country faces a hard moment
in its history...
In the '70s,
the government was overthrown
by a military dictatorship.
At that time, I became the head
of Jesuit priests in Argentina.
I remarried.
In other words,
you live with someone.
Everybody was a suspect.
Thirty thousand people were killed.
- What happened?
- We want our children. Where are they?
Anyone who disagreed disappeared.
Esther, my old boss.
My friend.
Her daughter was among them.
We Argentinians say
there are thousands and thousands...
of mothers and families suffering
in pain, anguish, and despair.
We don't know where our children are!
They say you lie.
We are lying?
That our children disappeared?
Where are they?
The so-called Christian Army have them!
Many priests were seen
as supporters of the armed resistance.
...neither oppressors
nor oppressed.
Father Mugica,
the voice of the poor in Argentina...
...was martyred in 1974.
After him...
...many priests and nuns were killed.
This is not a time I'm proud of, Father.
I felt my job was to make sure
my priests were safe.
And I spoke with Massera,
one of the leaders of the junta.
- Tried to reason with him.
- Admiral.
To compromise.
Father Bergoglio,
from the seminary.
- The seminary?
- Nice to meet you.
Where Jesuits become Marxists
through books.
- He is with us and got rid of the books.
- Hm.
Maybe a priest took them to a mission.
It is a joke.
My chaplain is a Jesuit.
I'm listening, Bergoglio.
Hlder Cmara, Church and Development.
Yankee Imperialism in Latin America,
Hola, Jorge.
I didn't understand the call.
What's happening?
They are watching you, Esther.
We need to clear the house.
All of it.
Why the urgency?
The Working Class. Peronism.
Brecht. Marx.
How do you know they're watching?
Who are you talking to?
See this guy protesting with you?
His name is Astiz.
Personal friend of Admiral Massera.
Otherwise known
as the "Blond Angel of Death."
An informer.
Hes a son of a bitch.
How long will you stay quiet?
Why don't you speak out?
Why dont you speak out?
If I speak,
I can't help.
No. If you spoke,
you would be one more, like us.
You like to be the one
in the admiral's palace...
making contacts.
In this moment,
she looked at me like I was a stranger.
With fear.
That was the last time I ever saw her.
She warned me,
and I didn't listen.
Had I listened,
I would not have made
the mistakes that I made.
I was his teacher.
Now he's head of the Jesuits
in Argentina.
And Uruguay.
These are the guys learning skills.
Come meet the boys I mentioned.
They're real artists!
You need to close down Rivadavia.
I need you to close this mission.
We didn't build this for nothing.
We can't abandon people.
With Massera,
if we haven't lost a Jesuit...
It's because you didnt speak out.
And made us irrelevant.
Theyre watching...
and dont like what they see.
I know!
- How?
- What?
How do you know that, Jorge?
Did you go to President Videla's house?
To give communion?
They are assassins, Jorge.
My role is to protect the Order.
That's our calling now?
To protect ourselves?
I taught you...
How do we know Christ?
By following in His footsteps.
Where do they lead?
Or before a firing squad!
If that's so, so be it!
I'm your superior.
I'm begging you to return to the seminary!
If we don't obey?
You are Jesuits. You made vows!
Break them, and you're no longer Jesuits!
If we arent Jesuits, we lose protection.
It's like a death sentence.
So keep your vows. Damn it!
We refuse to cease our work.
You keep drinking tea with killers.
Listen to me!
I'll talk to whoever helps me save lives.
And you obey. Shut down the project!
It is an order.
You hear? It's an order!
But they disobeyed my orders.
Questioned my authority.
You talk about, uh... your authority.
What did you do with that authority?
You used it to save dozens of lives.
It's in your file.
I brought you some food...
And you hid families of trade unionists
in the seminary.
You even drove some of them
up to the border yourself.
It wasn't enough.
No. No, not for your...
brother Jesuits, no.
It's an order!
obscured my judgment.
Their right to say Mass was removed.
And with it, the protection of the Church.
I was supposed to protect them.
I failed.
Go home!
The Mass is over.
Who's the priest?
Keep cool.
Gentlemen, calm down, please.
It's not easy
to entrust oneself to God's mercy.
I know He has a very special capacity
for forgetting our mistakes.
God forgets,
but I don't.
They were taken away
and tortured for months.
Their hands were broken.
The priest.
Come in.
I'm listening.
- You have my priests...
- Vilas serves.
He is good, right?
you have my priests Jalics and Yorio...
They are not political.
Why did you kick them out?
They were temporarily suspended.
A technical matter.
Who told you?
We see and hear everything.
Four months.
What are you doing to them?
Enough, Bergoglio!
I know full well where my priests are!
They're not your priests.
You just said so.
It's a "technical matter."
That's in!
You should think
before you act.
My words had no impact.
It was empty.
But you did all you could.
- It wasn't enough.
- All dictatorships...
take away our freedom to choose.
We both know that.
Or reveal our own weaknesses.
And then, they took Esther.
There were so many bodies
washed up on the shore,
the Coast Guard complained
they couldn't cope.
My dear friend...
And where was I?
Where was Christ in all this?
Was he taking tea
in the presidential palace?
Or was he being tortured in prisons,
with Yorio and Jalics?
Well, perhaps the path appears straight
when we...
look back at it.
On the way, we often feel lost.
The dark night of the soul. Hm.
After the dictatorship fell
and democracy returned,
your order turned on you.
You were cast out of office,
removed from your position,
stripped of all authority,
sent abroad.
They accused you
of hard-line views, of being right-wing,
of having sinned by doing too little,
of being egotistical.
You were sent to the mountains,
God bless this food...
Two years of introspection,
of dark days and nights.
Of interior crisis.
Of change.
Bless me, Father, for I have sinned.
I hate my former mother-in-law.
I want to kill her.
Bless me, Father,
for I have sinned.
I heard a lot
of confessions. I learned to listen.
I have bad thoughts.
I masturbate many times a day.
Forgive me, Father,
for I have sinned.
I live in sin constantly...
...I feel very ashamed about it...
I'm always depressed.
...looking at them
with sexual desire...
I feel I'm a fraud...
I had a TV.
I liked to watch football.
A TV needs an antenna and a signal.
Sometimes the signal is bad.
We don't know why,
but sometimes it doesn't work.
It's the same when we pray.
Sometimes the signal God sends us
is strong and clear.
It works fine. One feels the connection,
that we are really plugged-in,
in direct contact.
But other days...
one can only say,
"Well... at least I tried."
But you've gotten nothing back.
You don't have an answer.
You say,
"Father, that doesn't happen to you."
People believe that for us
it's different...
That we have...
a direct line with God.
No, it's not like that.
For us, it's the same as for you,
and you...
What I mean is...
today, I'm not worthy
of delivering a sermon.
My words would be empty.
Today, you should teach me.
That would be the best.
We have known tyranny in this country...
...but a new tyranny rises up.
Not just here,
but around the world.
You talk about tyranny!
Your friends were tyrants!
They took away our companions!
You are an accomplice.
Friend of the military!
- Tell the truth!
- Where are they?
- Where are they?
- Where are they?
A tyranny...
not just of repression...
and oppression...
or terror.
A tyranny of unfair economic structures...
that create huge inequalities.
You know,
20 percent of the world's population
consumes resources
at a rate that robs the poor nations
and future generations
of what they need to survive.
Just as the commandment
"Thou shalt not kill"
sets a clear limit
so to safeguard the value of human life,
so today,
we also have to say, "Thou shalt not"
to an economy of exclusion...
and inequality
which idolizes money.
Every community...
is called to be an instrument
for the liberation...
the liberationand promotion of the poor.
How difficult it is
to get out of ourselves sometimes
and stop being selfish.
Because we think,
"I'll be an idol, be loved, be the Lord."
It's not like that.
There's only one Lord. Up there.
So, I want you to pass the ball.
Romn, you have Lucas here.
Look at him!
- Is it clear?
- S.
- Understood?
- Yes.
- Understood?
- Yes!
Let's play!
With heart
and short passes!
Now you are playing as a team.
We need bridges, not walls. Thank you.
Nice to meet you.
It's a pleasure to listen to you.
It took years
until Cardinal Quarracino noticed you
at an international conference.
You were made bishop.
But you did not live like one.
You renounced luxury.
You did the work once denied
by Fathers Yorio and Jalics.
I tried to walk the road
from which I had banished them.
Every vegetable I chopped,
every eviction we stopped,
every case we won,
I saw as some kind of penance.
I'm just gonna tell you
one little thing.
We all suffer from...
spiritual pride.
We all do.
You must remember that, uh...
you are not God.
"In God, we move, and live,
and have our being."
We live in God, but we are not of it.
You're only human.
But... there he is.
Human. Yeah.
...if you'll allow me, my son.
You must...
believe in the mercy that you preach.
I absolve you
in the name of the Father,
the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.
- Amen.
- Hm.
Thank you, Father.
Holy Father.
It's nine o'clock.
- They are opening the doors to the public.
- I forgot.
Grazie. Danke.
Would you like me
to delay the opening?
Most of these people have waited
most of their lives to see this.
This way.
Yeah. Come with me,
I want to show you something.
- Grazie.
- This is the sacristy,
- known as the Chamber of Tears.
- Ah.
I don't know if they're
the tears of, uh, joy or tears of sorrow.
You know, I came in through that door
as Joseph Ratzinger,
and I went out through the same door
- as Pope Benedict XVI.
- Ah.
Thank you.
Holy Father, are... are you hungry?
- Hungry?
- Ah, s.
Yes, perhaps, you know,
I think I am hungry.
- Do you want me to ask the kitchen to...
- No, no, no, there's no need. There's a...
There is a place
just in front of the Porta Angelica.
Oh, you know it?
Excellent pizza and coffee.
- Pizza?
- Yeah.
- No, no, no, no.
- Oh, no? Okay.
Pizza, okay.
A margherita and diavola,
two Fantas, and a coffee.
- Please, no photos.
- Excuse me.
- Excuse me.
- Whoa!
This way.
Excuse me.
You know, always, in the past,
whenever a pope,
or Holy Father, would eat,
at every meal, always at his side,
would be three Jesuit brothers, and...
they were his food tasters.
I think the lack of Jesuits has probably
poisoned more than one Holy Father.
Perhaps I should take a bite
out of your slice, huh?
- Just to be on the safe side.
- No. No. That's mine. That's my pizza.
- Would you say grace, Holy Father?
- Yes.
Thank you, Lord, for this food
that we enjoy here,
in this place outside of time.
See, Lord, your Church, your flock
is under attack, is in crisis.
God, grant us the wisdom
and the strength
to oppose the hypocrisy
that disfigures her.
St. Francis,
intercede for us
as we seek to repair the Church.
Would you like to add something?
Amen. It's good.
Good, isn't it?
You know, I was, um...
thinking about your teachers,
Yorio and Jalics.
- Did you ever reconcile with them?
- With Jalics, yes.
We said a Mass together.
Can you light the candles, please?
They're lit, Father.
Can you pass the stole? We're late.
In the name
of the Father, the Son,
and the Holy Spirit.
Lord, wash me clean...
from my sins,
so I can celebrate...
these sacred mysteries.
Now, let's give each other,
a fraternal hug for peace.
We cried...
in each other's arms.
He forgave me.
And Yorio?
To the end, he saw me as a traitor.
And then he died.
I'm still seen as a divisive figure
in Argentina.
You know, yesterday you said, uh...
"Life is never static."
You know...
you lead... not by power
and not by intellect,
but you lead by...
you particularly, you lead by, um...
the way you live
or the way you have lived.
You've changed.
That man is...
is still inside me.
That doubt, it...
it still exists.
- Hmm?
- Um...
You think your sins disqualify you,
but we are all sinners.
Now, please, hear my confession.
Well, would you deny me a confession,
No, no, don't kneel.
Don't kneel. Please, Holy Father.
- Oh.
- Sit, please.
I think if I sit,
it'll have to be an informal confession.
What should I say?
I don't know. What do you usually say?
How long since your last confession?
Eight... seven... eight days.
And have you sinned greatly in that...
I'm sorry,
I... I don't mean to imply that you...
Of course I've sinned.
Several numerous venial sins,
and, uh...
But I'm getting too old and, uh, forgetful
to remember what they are.
- Can you say that?
- Yeah.
I didn't know you could say that.
That's... That's useful.
I've sinned against you, Lord,
whom I should love above all things.
As a child, I failed you first by not...
having the courage
to taste of life itself.
Instead, I hid away in books,
and then study.
I know now that this...
left me empty and void of the world...
...for which the Church is...
meant to help.
Go on.
Remember Father Maciel?
There were claims 12 years ago
that his molesting of boys
continued for decades...
Yes, I did not give sufficient attention
to the duties assigned to this one priest.
Sufficient attention?
Village after village?
- But you knew!
- Yes, I should've known.
I should've known.
- The facts were sent to me.
- You said there was more.
Evidence was placed on my desk, but...
You forgot to love the people
you are meant to protect.
- I ask forgiveness.
- Father...
if this is the sole reason
you wish to resign,
it is even more important that you stay,
heal the wound.
- Listen to me.
- Complete the work you have begun.
You see,
every reason I give you is not enough.
So, let me tell you again,
I can no longer sit
on the Chair of Saint Peter.
- You're mistaken.
- I cannot feel the presence of God.
I do not hear His voice,
do you understand me?
No. No, you're mistaken.
You are mistaken.
I believe in God. I pray to God!
I cannot play this role anymore.
I'm so sorry.
Since I was a child, as a boy,
I always felt His presence with me,
at my side.
For my entire life, I have been alone,
but never lonely, until now.
I'm so sorry.
But now I can hear His voice
these last two days.
I've heard His voice again.
- I'm glad.
- Yes.
And the voice is the last one
I expected to hear Him speak with.
It was your voice.
- No.
- Yeah.
I think, perhaps, I could not hear Him
not because He was withdrawing from me,
but because He was saying,
my faithful servant."
God, the Father of mercies,
has sent the Holy Spirit among us
for the forgiveness of sins.
May God grant you His pardon and peace.
And I absolve you of your sins.
And remind you...
that truth may be vital,
but without love,
it is unbearable.
Caritas in veritate. Your book.
In the name of the Father, and of the Son,
and of the Holy Spirit.
You have lifted a great burden
from my shoulders.
- You have placed a heavy one on mine.
- Ah.
- Huh?
- Uh...
Is there another way out,
or shall I call security?
No, no, no, I've hidden
behind security long enough.
No, they're my people.
- Oh.
- I'm their pope.
At least, for now. Come on, let's go.
Scusi. Grazie.
Scusi. Buongiorno. Buongiorno.
Buongiorno. Buongiorno. Grazie.
Buongiorno. Buongiorno.
- Buongiorno.
- No, no, no, no. Leave... Leave him.
- Look, he's happy.
- Hmm?
Let him have his moment.
- You must be pleased to go home.
- Ah...
Speaking English is exhausting.
Terrible language,
so many exceptions to so many rules.
...silence incarnate.
Do you know the story of St. Francis?
When he was asked to...
told by God to restore His Church,
he thought He meant bricks and mortar.
Poor St. Francis.
Even he made mistakes
and got things wrong.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Ah.
- Holy Father. Bye.
- Bye.
- No, please.
- What?
- Please.
- You know, St. Francis, he loved to dance.
- Oh, yes?
He would have learned to tango. Hm?
- Well, it's too late for me.
- No, no, no, no.
Come. Come. I'll show you.
- Come. Come. Come.
- No.
- No, try. Come, I'll teach you. Come.
- No.
- I can't dance.
- No, so...
Now, you see, I go forward with my right.
- Yeah.
- And you go forward...
Oh. Non ci credo.
- Huh? One, two...
- One, two.
...three, four. Half-step.
And to the side, to the side.
No, no, no.
No, no, go away.
Leave me alone! Leave me alone! Go away!
Auf Wiedersehen.
Go. Go. To the airport. Go.Ooh!
- That's for you.
- Oh!
- Yeah. Abbey Road.
- Well...
- The Beatles.
- Absolutely.
- Go now.
- Abbey Road, eh? Beautiful.
- Ciao.
- Thank you.
Eh... Well, my friend...
Right. Go on. Auf Wiedersehen.
- Auf Wiedersehen. Grazie.
- Arrivederci.
To the airport!
Don't bring him back.
- Grazie.
- Arrivederci.
You were only waiting
For this moment to arise
What is it?
When he has something tricky to say,
he speaks Latin.
Did I hear right?
Not sure.
Did you get that?
Are you sure?
The pope just renounced.
Believe it or not, this is the last day
of Benedict XVI's papacy.
He's moving to Gandolfo, where he will...
The Holy See had become... his own words,
"Simply a pilgrim who will still like
to work for the common good."'s Catholics are arriving
to see the election of a new pope,
and for the first time, they may see that
from Latin or North America.
Many of the cardinals
want to narrow the gap
between what happens within those walls
and what goes on out there
in the Church in the world.
Do you see the conclave
going in a more conservative direction
or a more progressive one?
...standing at a crossroads
between the old and the new...
The cardinals are getting ready,
in a ritual hours away
from the first vote for the new pope,
and they are...
Bergoglio Cardinalis.
Bergoglio Cardinalis.
Scola Cardinalis.
Bergoglio Cardinalis.
Bergoglio Cardinalis.
Scola Cardinalis.
Bergoglio Cardinalis.
Bergoglio Cardinalis.
Bergoglio Cardinalis.
Bergoglio Cardinalis.
Bergoglio Cardinalis.
Bergoglio Cardinalis.
Bergoglio Cardinalis.
May God forgive you all for this.
Don't forget the poor.
You have a phone?
Dear brothers
and sisters...
Holy Father,
sorry, no reply.
Ah, bene, grazie.
Holy Father, you must choose.
No, grazie.
I will wear what I am wearing.
The shoes?
They're part of a tradition
No, mine are fine.
Holy Father, the mozzetta?
No, thank you. The carnival is over.
Habemus Papam.
If there have to be tears,
lets make them tears of joy.
Cardinale... Bergoglio!
Brothers and sisters,
good evening.
You all know that...
the duty of the conclave...
was to give a bishop to Rome.
It seems that my cardinal brothers...
found one
almost at the end of the world.
Now, here we are.
First of all,
I'd like to say a prayer
for our Bishop...
Emeritus Benedict XVI.
Let's pray together for him.
- Name?
- Bergoglio. Jorge Bergoglio.
Like the pope?
Oh, well, uh...
yes, if...
It's... It's Vatican City.
Yes, very funny.
You stand there all night?
Yes, Holy Father.
Really? Ah...
Um, I am trying to get the Wi-Fi in here.
You know how it works?
The Wi-Fi?
S, s. I'm trying to make a booking,
and apparently, the only way
it can be done is online.
Can you help me at all?
Of course, Holy Father.
Let me just...
I'll be very grateful.
- Ah, your phone, of course.
- Yeah.
And where to?
- Lampedusa.
- Lampedusa.
- How many seats?
- Just me.
Would they let you go alone, Holy Father?
Of course.
I'm the pope.
We are seeing
a globalization of indifference.
There is a culture of conflict,
which makes us think only of ourselves.
Makes us live in soap bubbles...
...which, however lovely,
are also insubstantial.
We've become used
to the suffering of others.
"It doesn't affect me."
No one in our world feels responsible.
Who is responsible for the blood
of our brothers and sisters?
The refugees washed up on the shores
of the Mediterranean?
"I don't have anything to do with it.
Must be someone else.
Certainly, not me."
When no one is to blame...
everyone is to blame.
Don't stop now. Keep moving.
Keep moving.
Don't stop now. Keep moving. Keep moving.
- How are you, Holy Father?
- I'm adjusting, Holy Father.
And, uh, ready to destroy you.
The World Cup Final of 2014 has begun.
It's Germany versus Argentina.
Two great rivals.
Here, they meet again for the end game.
Oh, look! It's you.
You're famous.
This is an Argentina team
that beat the Netherlands
in the semi-final.
You know, it's exciting.
I get the excitement now.
I can feel the excitement.
Good, you understand.
It's a Germany team
that thrashed Brazil 7-1.
- Pizza.
- Please, please, please.
Bittersweet moment for Brazilians,
and they have hosted
a truly wonderful World Cup.
That's presenting Higuan with a chance!
And the chance has been blown.
Mascherano's touch.
That's an obvious foul.
Mller has been sent
crashing to the floor...
Argentina is very violent.
No, it's all part of the game.
Germany fans are ready
for the Toni Kroos corner.
And Hwedes has met it!
- Off the post and gathered by Romero!
- Ooh!
Higuan's on the move in the middle,
- and Higuan has scored!
- Ah!
But it's not going to count.
Higuan was offside.
What a let-off for Germany.
Mascherano. Zabaleta.
That's a foul. That's a clear foul.
- Huh?
- No, it's all part of the game.
Tackle after tackle, foul after foul.
That's a swing of the arm.
- He's got blood.
- It's nothing. I tell you, it's nothing.
- No, it's nothing. It's a scratch.
- Violent people.
- It's a scratch.
- No.
Sergio Agero is
a very lucky player
to still be on the field.
Andr Schrrle.
Trying to make good progress.
And he fires the ball in to Gtze!
Oh, no, no!
Mario Gtze for Germany!
What a moment in the Maracan!
Now Germany can celebrate.
Germany are champions of the world!
The game decided
by one glorious goal
scored by Mario Gtze.
It's Germany!
Well, congratulations.
Make sure to eat well!