The Ultimate Legacy (2015) Movie Script

Miss Sally,
you asked me to remind you
when we were 30 minutes out.
Oh, so I did.
You will look after him,
won't you?
Of course you will.
Oh, you always have.
Ma'am, she's here.
Come in.
.Anderson has arrived.
I hear, um, St. Thomas is just
lovely this time of year.
First things first, shall we?
All right.
Tell Mr. Colby
we're making every effort
to settle his father's
estate expeditiously.
I don't how much longer I can
keep him leashed before he sues.
You might consider replacing
his leash with a choke chain.
I take threats seriously.
Here you go, Kelly.
Thank you so much.
- Well, take care.
- Thanks.
Why, Kelly,
you look lovely!
Thank you, miss Sally.
It's so wonderful
to see you again.
And that's for the office.
So, tell me, have you found
Mr. right yet?
Still looking.
No keepers yet.
Oh, thank you.
I, uh, rode my bike in today.
Oh, miss Sally.
Always a treat!
Mr. Hamilton
is expecting you.
Thank you.
- Well, later.
I know you don't take cream.
I remembered.
Oh, wonderful.
You do know
Mr. Hamilton is retired.
Miss Sally,
you know that we'd been glad
to come to you.
We enjoy any excuse to
visit Anderson house.
Well, nonsense.
You know I enjoy getting out.
Sister, what do we owe
this honor?
Well, I'm afraid there's
no delicate way to put this.
I've come to make
final arrangements.
Uh, for Anderson house.
I'd like it to go
to my grandson, Joey.
You do know that Joey
can't take care
of Anderson house.
Now, now,
don't be so hard on the boy.
Besides, I'm afraid
there's no time for debate.
You see, I have been told...
That I have less than a month.
Excuse me?
This comes as quite a shock.
Joey can't possibly
manage Anderson house.
Ted, Anderson house
doesn't need Joey.
Why, hawthorne, Claudia, and
Oscar handle the day to day,
but Joey does need
Anderson house,
and he is our only link
to the family legacy.
Your wishes
will be fulfilled.
Thank you.
Then the rest
is merely details.
Everything is here.
My final request of you
is that you make it legal.
It's not
going to be easy.
Thank you, Ted.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Thank you.
Miss Hastings:
Ah, I'll see you out,
miss Sally.
Oh, that won't be
necessary, darling.
Oh, and, uh,
when you do find a keeper,
make sure he can keep up.
I'm almost there.
Can you give me a biner?
- Hey, Joey.
- Yeah?
I think
we got company, man.
Oh, thanks, lino.
Hey, lino, can you lower me?
On command?
I wish.
I thought about it, though.
Who is this guy?
I don't know. Kgb?
You serious?
No, I'm not serious.
I can't ever tell if
you're telling the truth.
Dude, just stop talking.
- Mr. Anderson.
- Yeah.
I'm ulrik keel.
You're needed
at Anderson house.
Nobody called me.
Your phone has been
My phone's been disconnected.
What's going on here?
Mr. Anderson, your
grandmother has passed away.
Uh, hey, guys,
can you...
Can you drive the jeep back
to the cabin for me?
Who are you exactly?
Your grandmother
and I are...
Were very close.
I'm here to take you home.
Yeah. Let's go.
Hey, lino.
Ohh! Oh. Ohh.
Hey, hey, hey, are my
kids making messes again?
Yes, we are!
Oh, hi, Ted.
Uh, yes, he's right here.
Hi, Ted.
Yeah, yeah.
No. I just got your text now.
Yeah, of course, of course.
I'll be right there.
Okay, bye.
You have to go now?
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'll be back soon.
You better be.
Jason, thank you
for joining us.
Of course.
Miss Sally mae
Anderson was my first referral.
And many famous personalities.
More humanitarian work
was done around the dining room
table of Anderson house
than any boardroom in the world.
Sadly, she passed away.
She left her grandson a
significant monetary legacy
with a few stipulations.
That sounds familiar.
Poppy, why did you
call us in here?
I didn't know miss Sally other
than what I heard from you.
Or that she had a grandson.
We need your help.
Angelica, you and Kelly
will handle the legal side.
Jason, I know that you
have a foundation to run
and that you're very busy,
but I have a unique request.
I'd like you to be just
a little more... hands on.
We know you three can do this.
I'll do my best.
Uh, Mr. Stevens,
I look forward
to working with you.
Just call me Jason.
Jason, I'd like you
to be at the funeral
so you can help Joey understand
his new circumstances.
Once you read the documents,
you'll understand.
Oh, I'm sure I will, poppy.
Don't you ever call me
that in public.
Never. Poppy.
Now get out of here.
Entitled "cornerstones,"
which she learned from our
mutual friend, red Stevens.
"If I am to dream,
let me dream magnificently.
Let me dream grand and lofty
thoughts and ideals
that are worthy of me
and my best efforts."
Oh, dear.
Ma'am, can I help you?
Why, yes, yes.
I have a flat tire.
Yeah, I see that.
I have no idea
where the, uh, the Jack is.
I have never changed
a tire in my life.
Well, neither have I,
but no worries,
- I'll just search it.
- Okay.
Where do you find
the Jack on a...
Can I borrow your phone?
Yes, yes, my phone.
It's right here.
Okay, well,
so much for that.
Where were you headed?
A funeral.
Nearer, my God, to thee
nearer to thee
e'en though it be a cross
that raiseth me
I thought you were going
to pick the kid up?
Dropped him off
to get his bike.
Nearer, my God, to thee
nearer, my God, to thee
nearer to thee
Miss Sally mae Anderson
lived an incredible life.
She would want us
to celebrate her memory.
But most of all,
she would want us
to honor her legacy
by embracing the future
with the same respect, love,
hard work, and wisdom
that are the foundation
of Anderson house's
many successes.
You must be Hamilton.
It's "Mr. Hamilton" to you.
Okay, Mr. Hamilton,
I'm Joey.
I know who you are.
All right, I understand
that my grandmother
trusted the execution of
the estate to your firm.
He's all yours.
Well,he's charming.
We'll be
handling all the legal affairs
regarding the estate.
Just tell me
what I need to do.
We'll meet in two hours.
Oscar will show you
to your room.
I know where my room is.
Can you tell me
what's going on here?
We'll see you
in two hours.
Before we go to my room,
there's someone we need
to take care of.
Thanks, buddy.
All right.
Just tell me what I need to sign
so I can leave.
Unfortunately, Mr. Anderson,
it's not that simple.
Angelica will fill you in
all the legalities,
and Jason Stevens here will
handle everything else.
Joey, hi, I'm alexia.
I'm Jason's wife.
I'm so sorry for your loss.
Thank you.
- Bye.
- See you later.
I'll see you at home.
Bye, baby girl.
I'll see you later, okay?
I truly am sorry
for your loss.
Wait a second,
miss Hastings.
I'm the only person
at this meeting
who's an heir to
my family's estate, am I right?
Your point?
Is there
someone else listed
in my grandmother's
will here?
Is that why I'm getting
the runaround?
There are over
300 detailed pages
in this file.
As partner in my grandfather,
Mr. Hamilton's, firm
I'm charged with executing
this "legally binding" document.
Okay, so, what?
Are you charging by the hour,
or how are you getting a piece
of this pie?
Um, Mr. Anderson...
Just Joey, actually.
What's your name?
Uh, Kelly, but you can
call me miss James.
Um, you actually haven't
inherited anything.
Well, great, fine.
Well, in that case,
I better be going.
Excuse me, I have some
travel arrangements to make.
Mr. Anderson just realized
his credit cards
have been canceled.
Well, at least
he's not on a date.
Good luck.
Rain down on me
good luck, dudes.
Come in!
Great sound!
Yeah, I love this guy!
Okay, my phone's dead,
and all my credit cards
have been canceled.
Your trust terminated
with miss Sally's passing.
How do you figure
in all this?
Uh, miss Sally
and my grandfather were close.
I was asked to help.
Help with what exactly?
You'll receive
your inheritance
if and only if you meet
all the stipulations
outlined in this contract
during a mandated one-year
residency at Anderson house
overseen by Mr. Stevens.
Here. For a year.
Miss Sally was hoping
you'd embrace
the Anderson house legacy.
Three weeks ago
I had $5 million.
What happened to it?
When miss Sally passed,
your funds reverted to the
Anderson house corporate trust
represented by myself and
Mr. Stevens here, respectively.
She did this
to force me back here.
No one is forcing you.
You can always walk away.
And if I do?
Well, then...
Miss Sally made provisions
to ensure the continued success
of her work.
What happens
at the end of the year
if I still want nothing
to do with... this?
Then all
Anderson house assets revert
to an irrevocable
charitable trust.
And I get nothing.
You will receive a payout
of $5 million.
What used to be my trust.
If you want
your money, sign it.
I want my freedom.
Anyone have a pen?
Listen, I know what
you're going through.
No.You listen.
You don't know me!
I signed that contract
to buy my escape!
Once I'm done, I'm out.
Got it?
Breakfast is at 7:00.
So, let's say
after a year,
I want to sell Anderson house
and be done with it.
Hmm? Then what?
I have first right
of refusal
at a predetermined price.
Who are you?
What are you doing here,
and how much?
Gus Caldwell.
You're about to find out.
One dollar.
Any other questions?
Not at the moment.
Hey, Mr. Stevens,
what's next on the agenda?
The memorial garden.
What memorial garden?
The memorial garden
we're about to build
in the honor of miss Sally.
Well, this could be
You know what this
reminds me of, don't ya?
Oh, please, please don't.
All right,
the walkway up the slope
will end right about here.
This area will be surrounded
by a wrought-iron fence.
They'll be benches here
so people can enjoy the view.
Do you guys have a plan,
or are you just making
this up as you go along?
Plans are in the truck.
Do you mind?
No, go right ahead.
We're burning daylight!
It's not right.
Why not?
These plans were drawn up
by the best landscape
architect in Texas!
Did he physically
inspect the site?
Never mind.
What do you mean
"never mind"?
Don't walk away like that!
Come back here and talk to us!
Gus, Gus,
just give us a bit, all right?
Will you, Gus?
What's the problem, Joey?
In general,
or specifically?
Either. Both.
Okay, well, I know
there's still something
you're not telling me.
I mean,
I've signed the contract.
I'm here for the next year.
But there's more
to this, right?
All right, look.
I'll make you a deal.
You tell me what's wrong
with the plans,
and I'll answer some
of your questions.
Oh, it's
getting warm out here.
Maybe I should bring them
some refreshments.
Oh, I can do that.
I'm just doing
my due diligence.
Give me a minute, and I'll put
a tray together for you.
Here, let me help.
All right, now look at this.
What am I looking at?
An English terrace garden
with tombstone here.
You got rectangles
here and here,
and triangles here and here,
and right-angle tension
everywhere you look.
what's wrong with that?
Nothing if there's never
more than three inches of rain.
Anything over that,
and then there's nowhere
for the runoff to go.
Well, a French drain
would fix that.
What's wrong with rectangles?
The headstone is a rectangle.
Well, it's not just
any rectangle.
What is it?
It's a golden ratio.
Ah, 1:1.618.
Physics 101.
You ever see
Da Vinci's "last supper"?
It's 15 feet, 1 inch
by 29 feet.
That's a ratio of 1:1.618.
Same ratio as the headstones.
So miss Sally based
her design off of a painting?
No, she designed it after
a universal mathematical law.
Here, come look.
Excuse me.
All right,
what am I looking at?
Closer next to me.
Oh, I see it.
See how that bubble's
pushed up against that side?
Now what this.
As it now, water flows
around the gravesite.
She set it up that way.
Any more than ten inches
of rain,
and Gus' garden is going
right into that pond.
what do you suggest?
I'm thinking
a Japanese-inspired design
based off the golden ratio.
Come here.
Stand right here.
Hold that.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
Thank you.
Do you think
that's an accident?
Where did you learn this?
Did you ever hear
of the Internet?
Can you pull this off?
Look, we have a deal.
I explained why Gus' plan
won't work,
and I showed you one that will.
Makes total sense to me.
Now, if you two will excuse me.
Mr. Stevens. Mr. Anderson.
Miss James.
Now, I want to know the truth
about what's going on
around here.
Can I buy you lunch?
Yeah. Let's go.
You gents know
what you want?
Two of whatever
he's having.
Uh, two burgers.
No onions. No onions?
Uh, a couple of root beers.
You promised me
The will details a series
of steps you have to take...
Thank you.
Look, when my grandfather died,
he left behind a series
of messages for me.
He called them gifts,
leading up to the ultimate gift.
Now, I had a number
of tasks to complete
before I received
my inheritance.
He wanted to ensure whoever
took over the estate
understood and respected it.
And he picked you.
Look, he gave me a chance.
The Stevens foundation
is now funded
by the estate of red Stevens.
And you're the c.E.O.
And your grandfather
laid these steps.
Not steps. Gifts.
Right, right,
of course... gifts.
Uh, Kim, do you have
a pen I could borrow?
Thank you.
Name 'em.
Well, the first
is the gift of work...
Briefly, please.
Work, money, friends,
learning, problems, family,
laughter, dreams, giving,
gratitude, a day, and love.
Sounds like loyal, brave,
reverent, trustworthy,
friendly, clean,
courteous, kind,
helpful, cheerful, and honor.
You a scout?
So, I literally have to
complete the 12-step program?
Look, we're all trying
to fulfill miss Sally's wish
to protect the legacy
of the Anderson house.
What does that word mean
to you?
I'm an only child,
and now they're all dead.
I'm happy to let the Anderson
house legacy die with them.
Is there something wrong
with your burgers?
Not at all,
but would you mind
boxing them up for us?
Sure thing.
Thank you.
I think you and I got off
on the wrong foot.
I want the original copy
of the will.
You already have it.
No, I'm talking
about the notebook.
What notebook?
Miss Sally
never used computers.
And I seriously doubt
that she dictated
300 pages of legalese.
There's a notebook,
and I want it.
All right.
Yes, Mr. Anderson is requesting
miss Sally's original copy
of the will.
He believes it's in
a handwritten notebook.
Oh, really?
Well, we'll swing by
and pick it up.
Let's go.
You guys, uh, you hungry?
Thank you.
Of course.
And by the way,
how much did you inherit?
$100 million.
What did you do with it?
I gave it away.
All of it?
All of it.
Well, in that case,
thanks for lunch.
Why didn't you mention this
before I signed the contract?
It contains a clause
that states any heir who...
Who contests the will is
automatically disinherited.
Why didn't you mention this?
It wasn't a stipulation.
Something on your mind?
What I can't quite
figure out
is the connection
between my grandmother
and red Stevens.
I mean, something had to be
going on between those two
for them to be so close.
You think?
I mean, why else would she
impose the same rules on me
that your grandfather imposed
on you?
Maybe they had a thing
for each other.
What are you implying?
They must have been very,
very close.
But probably closer
behind closed doors.
What, are we walking
the rest of way?
Those two people were
God's gift to the world!
They did more than you could
ever hope to do.
Hey, hey, hey. Relax.
It's all good.
You got yours.
I get that.
I'm just trying to get mine.
You said you understood what
I was going through, right?
I didn't make that up!
You feel that, right there?
I can feel it.
Heart racing, temples bounding,
blood coursing through
your veins
so you feel like
you're about to explode.
You feel that?!
Are you done?
Try to imagine living
with that every day
while everyone who is supposed
to love you
wanders from one party
to the next...
And you might have
a shadow of a clue
of what I'm going through
and why I don't trust you...
Or anybody else.
You know, I'm thinking
if I complete this
12-step program
before the year's up,
can I leave early?
Let's just take it
a day at a time.
Oh. Here.
It's for the
memorial garden... only.
Don't get any bright ideas.
I'm full of bright
ideas, Mr. Stevens.
Excuse me? Uh, excuse me.
I already had these on hold.
You see the little red tags
right here? They're...
I, uh, didn't
fancy you a green thumb.
Oh, but you do fancy
me, then, huh?
Ha ha.
So, are you looking
to buy those?
Why, do you want 'em?
What, the trees?
What else?
You don't like me,
do you, Kelly?
Or should I say, miss James?
Do you care, Mr. Anderson?
You gonna buy those
or not?
Are we only communicating
in questions now or...?
You're different
off the clock.
Oh? Most people are.
Mr. world traveler.
Oh! That was good.
Ah, all right.
How about you take that one,
and I'll get the other one?
Oh, I get it.
You want the big one.
Yeah. Is that all right
with you?
Oh, no, that's fine.
I prefer the small feisty ones.
There you go.
Wait, there is one
Japanese maple too many here.
No, no, no.
Well, okay, these are the ones
that you ordered, uh?
And that one there,
that one's a gift.
A gift, huh?
Well, that's very nice.
Thank you.
Reminds me
of miss Sally
when he sets his mind
to things.
Arrangements have to be
just so.
I wish he applied that
to his bedroom.
See, they say they know
carry on.
But when have they ever
known how
to help each other?
All our sisters and brothers
and when will we give up
the fight
it never was a fight
to hurt each other
all the sisters
and brothers
when you don't have
the words
To explain the hurt
You can lean on me
Oscar, come here!
Lean on me
lean on me
when you don't have a hold
you can lean on me
lean on me
lean on me
that's so good
lean on me
And for my sisters
to the left!
I won't stop trying
and I won't stop fighting
here's my shoulder
you can...
You can lean on me
when the bullets
start flying
- Thank you.
- lean on me
Lean on me
when you don't have a hold
you can lean on me
for my brothers
and for my sisters
here's my shoulder
you can lean on me
when does that kid eat?
He eats all the time,
solitary like.
I deliver his meals to his room.
Poor child can't cook,
unless you count
using this blender.
Mr. Anderson concocted
a green energy drink
of his own design.
It's pretty good actually.
Yes, quite.
Well, what's in it?
Kale, spinach,
dandelion leaves,
ginger, a banana, frozen
blueberries, strawberries,
an apple and...
A dash of cinnamon.
A dash of cinnamon.
How could I forget that?
It gives it a certain
je ne sais quoi.
I was just going
to say that...
If I knew what it meant.
Well, hey, let's try it.
Je ne sais quoi, huh?
I hope you like it,
grammy g.
Each time
is she gonna like it, buddy?
The river flows
she's gonna like it.
An eagle flies
a flower grows
I wanna love you
yeah, all right.
Wait, wait.
Can I take a look at that?
Here we go. See?
I told you he wasn't a vegan.
How do you know
someone is vegan?
Because they'll tell ya,
over and over.
Come on.
- Twenty. Good man.
- Jason:
Don't you have a life?
Well, I have a wife
and a daughter I love very much,
and a multi-million-dollar
that provides me with
extraordinarily fulfilling work.
Don't you miss your freedom?
Well, I miss things
I used to have time for.
Like right now, for example,
I'd much rather be with her.
Well, I miss things
I used to have time for.
It's not like they can fire you.
Well, that's true.
What about the rest
of your family?
Where's your dad?
He was killed in
a plane crash when I was 12.
So, you raised
yourself too, huh?
Yeah, and my grandfather
wasn't too impressed, though.
Yeah, I gathered.
Here. Here it is.
Didn't need it.
Well, how did you...
Each man got a free weekend
at Anderson house
with their families.
Did you run this by anybody?
No. Do you have
a problem with that?
I don't, but...
It'll be fine, then.
So, uh, how's the memorial
measure up to the fence
you built at Gus' ranch?
How do you know about that?
Let me finish running this
tray, and I'll tell ya.
I've watched them all.
Where did you get those?
There's nothing about
Anderson house I don't know,
except why my grandmother
dragged me back here for a year.
So, I did some digging.
Well, she must have
had her reasons.
How old were you
when your dad died?
Not old enough.
Did you two have
a good relationship?
He loved me and my mom.
We, uh...
We moved back here
when my mom got sick,
and when she died
everything changed.
He started drinking.
Couldn't stand it.
Couldn't stand what?
He couldn't stand that
even though he had all the money
in the world
he couldn't save my mother.
So, uh, he put a bullet
through his head.
I'm sorry.
That is not gonna
happen to me.
The gift of money
is next, right?
How fitting.
Goodnight, Joey.
I'll see ya next week.
I'll remember you
and you'll be there
inside my mind
inside my soul
you know something?
Well, you can't tell anybody.
I like this design
a lot more than I like mine.
It has a nice peaceful energy.
Yeah, yeah, it does.
I'll be leaving at sunup.
I know, Gus. Thank you.
I have you
on speakerphone.
Kelly's here.
How did it go?
Did you know that
Joey's dad shot himself?
Can you hear me?
Yes, you can hear me,
or yes, you knew?
Yes, I knew.
We thought it would be better
if Joey trusted you enough
to tell you himself,
and he did.
Well, I think that
Joey's more than satisfied
the gift of work.
Is it a fitting
tribute to miss Sally's legacy?
It's a mini takamatsu ritsurin.
How much did it cost?
He offered a free weekend
to the families of the men
who provided labor
and materials.
But I saw him
at the garden center.
Did you see him pay?
No, but I bought a plant.
Well, I'm sure he
appreciated your donation.
Hmm. Interesting.
Let's see how he handles
the gift of money.
Good night.
Well, hello there!
You Chloe?
I'm Joey.
Hey, our names rhyme.
If you can hang tough for a bit
with these old people,
I'll promise we'll have some fun
later, okay?
That sounds like fun, yeah?
The memorial garden
is breathtaking.
Thank you. Thank you.
Miss James.
I hope you slept well.
I did.
Thank you, Mr. Anderson.
Well, waking up
is more important
than going to sleep.
I think
they're both important.
Mr. Anderson.
Jason and I agree that you've
satisfied the first requirement.
So let's move along,
shall we?
Oscar, will you ask our other
two guests to join us?
You look good, Forbes.
A little better
than the last time I saw you.
You clean up well.
Thank you.
Hello, everyone.
My name's Steve.
This is my friend Max.
Nice to meet you.
Joey, these men
are here at my request.
Mr. Forbes knows
a lot about money,
which is today's undertaking,
as you know.
All we ask is that
you hear them out.
And on that note,
we'll catch up with you guys
in a bit.
All right, honey.
Hey, there's
a whole bookshelf
of my old books
in the library.
You know what happens when
you give a mouse a cookie?
Library, daddy!
Okay. Okay, we'll go.
Are you ready? Ugh.
What happens when you
give a mouse a cookie?
Sorry, please, continue.
I toured non-stop
after my first hit record.
My manager,
fearing I'd burn out,
insisted I spend a week
at Anderson house.
I met Steve right here.
We sat across from each other,
and miss Sally sat
right where you are.
Miss Sally worried you
had a warped view of money.
It costs money
to stay gone.
That's my view.
Can you say the money
bought you freedom
from this place?
You're trying to prove
I have no concept
or idea of how
the economy works.
I'm here out of respect
for your grandmother.
You don't want to convince
me of your world view first?
Oh, it's obvious that
you are the only person
who can convince Joey Anderson
of anything.
Oh, this guy knows me.
So what's this money thing
we're doing?
I'd like to stage a concert
here on the grounds
in your riding hall.
To benefit
wish for our heroes,
a program we both support.
in... in the hall?
It's a great space.
Perfect for a show.
We want you
to organize the event,
collect the proceeds,
and determine how best to
present it to the soldiers.
Uh, I've never done
anything like this before.
I wouldn't know where to start.
My advice...
Focus on the people
you're serving...
And take it one step at a time.
I'd like to
check out the venue.
Come on, Joey.
Let's go for a walk.
You want to go look
at it right now?
Got to figure up
power, staging,
how big an audience...
Is there a problem?
No, no, no.
Yeah, let's go. Let's do it.
Let's go.
Come on, Joey!
Wow, killer space.
Definitely going to need
more power, though.
I also want to figure out
stage sizing,
which I think should be
right here.
Don't you think?
Come on, Chloe.
Let's help Max count.
He needs help.
Here, get on those feet!
One, two, three, four.
Count loud.
Five, six...
Seven, eight, nine!
Hey, uh, what's this?
Hey, Chloe,
you want me to show you
my favorite secret spot
in the whole house?
Um, miss James can come.
Miss James,
you want to come with us?
Here, go grab her hand.
Well, that explains it.
Joey's reluctance.
That's a bullet hole,
and with that hole comes a lot
of dark history and baggage.
Come on under.
Here we go.
Okay, so this is it.
This is my very favorite secret
spot in the whole house.
You see my initials?
Right there?
J.A. What's that mean?
Joey Anderson.
Yeah, that's right.
Joey Anderson.
You want to put your initials
up there, too?
Okay, you can go explore while
I carve your initials in there.
All right, okay.
Joey, what's this?
What's what?
What is that?
I think someone's coming.
Oh, let's get out!
Come on. It's our secret spot!
Quick, quick, quick, Chloe.
Push it in. Push it in.
Hey, chlo.
Whatcha doing?
Come here.
Come here, honey.
Yeah, that's my girl.
Why don't you go see what
Claudia has in the kitchen
for ya, okay? Go ahead.
And not too many cookies, okay?
You saw it, huh?
Joey, I...
- Uh, I'll...
- No, hold on. Stay.
You should hear this, too.
My dad left the bullet hole in
the hall when he offed himself.
Some legacy, huh?
And you guys want me to throw
a feel-good concert there.
Was that the gift of irony?
I know what it's like
to lose someone you love.
Alexia's daughter, Emily, died.
I miss her, every day.
That bullet hole
is part of your history.
You are a composite of
miss Sally and your father
and all the Andersons.
Only you get to decide
what to do with that.
Well, it's late.
I got to get chlo home.
You call me if you need
anything, okay?
Joey, I...
I'm so sorry.
How can I help?
You can't.
What could you do?
What is she doing here?
This is her idea.
Where are we going?
You'll find out.
Hey, ange.
Michael, this is Joey.
He is heading up the wish
for our heroes concert.
And Joey, this is Michael.
He's one of the beneficiaries
of the program.
Hey. Great to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
And I'm sure
you recognize this guy.
How's it going, buddy?
Hey, how you doing, mate?
Good to see you.
Courage, honor, duty.
Hey, he played for my platoon,
and he was so inspired
that he wrote a song
for us right then and there.
Yeah, that got me through
some pretty tough times.
So, how are you doing,
my brother?
You know,
just doing the best I can.
Trying to rebuild
my arm strength,
and waiting...
Just waiting to heal like
the rest of these guys.
Well, that's what
this concert's all about.
Raising money.
Getting you guys what you need.
Yeah, I'd just like
to dance with my wife again.
Hey, Michael.
Um, can I see your hands?
I just wanna...
He's a rock climber...
With a head to match.
I'm not trying to mess
with you.
You said you've been working
on your arm strength.
I just want to give you a little
isometric strength test,
- all right?
- All right.
So, just make a claw.
Yeah, like that.
Now, resist what I'm doing
to ya.
That's really good. Push up.
Same with the other hand.
Claw, resist.
- And again.
Yeah, whatever you're doing
for your arms is working.
He's a pretty weird
kid, isn't he?
Hey, uh, do you mind
if I try something with you?
I just wanna...
Yeah, all I got is time.
Now, your arm strength
seems pretty good to me,
but we want to get you
out of this chair, right?
I'm going
to lock this up,
and we're going to use this.
The goal is to pull your elbows
back into your ribs.
Yeah, but what if
I pull myself out
and fall in the floor?
You'll figure it out.
Just a do a little bit
at a time.
Just reach up.
Lift your butt out of the chair,
and then set it back down.
I got ya.
Yes, look at that.
Whoa! There you go.
That was pretty good, though.
Yeah. Yeah, it feels
good to move again, you know?
Yeah, I bet. Good job.
Thanks, man.
You will dance
with your wife again.
You know, maybe we've
been wrong about this guy.
he's pretty impressive.
I don't think he's
the jerk poppy thinks he is,
but we still gotta
make this thing legal.
How much does
a prosthetic leg cost?
They start at around
ten grand each.
For top of the line?
the computerized models
are between $50,000
and $70,000 a copy.
think of all you've done
we are young
the years will come
and they will go
and when the rest is gone,
then I will know
that when the sun
don't shine on me
help me believe
and when my eyes
don't fully see
help me believe
help me believe
help me believe
what are you guys
doing here?
Dude, you invited us.
Dude, this place is sick.
Why didn't you ever mention it?
Who is the party for?
It's a concert
with maximillian swayne
to benefit wish for our heroes.
Cool! You know him?
Well, yeah.
Can we meet the dude?
I'll see what I can do.
But I got to get back to work,
okay, guys?
Cool, cool.
Hey, we'll catch up later.
I also want to honor
all of you.
Raise your hands.
I want to thank you
for your service
to this great country of ours.
Give 'em a big hand, guys.
We stand on the shoulders
of the brave men and women
who have risked everything
to give us freedom.
What is courage?
What is honor?
Are these words or just ideas
long forgotten?
What is duty?
What is glory?
Are they just written down
in some old story?
When we hear a word
like freedom
do we know what
it really means?
Or do we take it all
for granted
living like
kings and queens?
We are blessed to live
in freedom
blessed to live in peace
blessed with food
and shelter
blessed with life of ease
blessed together freely
blessed to...
Yeah. we can have a choice
That guy can sing!
Hey, when do we
get to meet him?
Uh, are you going
to introduce us or...?
Yeah, uh, Kelly...
Miss James...
This is the guys.
Nice to meet you, Kelly.
She's my lawyer.
One of 'em.
And he's my client.
One of 'em.
I'd like to get
into some legal trouble
if you'll represent me.
I'll see you later...
Mr. Anderson.
We are blessed
so how'd we do?
We did good.
You did good.
We raised hope and raised a lot
more money than we expected.
Michael will walk again.
Hopefully, we can help
his friends too.
Well, you get to choose
what to do with the money.
Kind of hard to believe
where I am right now.
There were times when I wanted
to burn this building
to the ground.
But tonight was good.
It was real good.
I'm not going to let him control
me from the grave anymore.
Joey, you might not
want to hear this,
but you need to forgive
your dad.
He chose death over me.
What kind of father does that?
I'm not going to
pretend to understand
what you're going through.
You not forgiving him,
you're choosing to stay hurt.
Look, I'll make you a deal.
You consider forgiving your dad,
and I'll help you with the rest
of these gifts.
You've shown you can handle
the Anderson house legacy,
but you want freedom?
Forgiveness is
the ultimate freedom.
Just think about it.
Come on.
Here's your drink, sir.
Study long, study wrong.
Oh, no, no, no, no,
I can't do it.
Nah, I... I can't count
when I'm drinking, man.
You can't count when
you haven't been drinkin'.
Well, I haven't gotten
any of your donations yet.
Oh, all right.
Cough it up, guys.
Carry the two, all right.
There you go, Joe.
Four hundo each.
Wow, I really
appreciate this.
You know that, anytime.
Just a sec.
It's going to a good cause.
Yeah, no problem, man.
Hey, can you hold this
for a second?
I've got it all, yes.
The facts?
Okay, here are the facts.
He is an arrogant,
self-centered idiot,
and so are his friends.
I can't wait for this
whole thing to be over.
Yeah, well,
as far as I'm concerned,
if foster Colby sues us
we will take him down.
Have a good night.
You deserve it, man.
Thanks, man.
Good job.
Have a good night, guys.
Take care.
All right.
All right.
Here's to us.
We're friends indeed,
and if by chance we disagree,
forget you guys, here's to me.
Guys, I think it's
about that time, yeah?
Yeah, probably.
Am I going to see you guys
tomorrow at Anderson house?
Nah, can't do it.
We got to catch the red eye.
But you should hang with us.
I, uh...
This gig's got me tied up
for a little while.
We'll catch you
on the next one.
Yeah. I really appreciate
you guys coming out.
Yeah, no problem, man.
Be good. is nowhere
to be found
Hey, pal. Hey.
Looks like you and your buddies
had a real nice reunion.
Yeah, they must be rich
judging from all that money
they gave you.
Hand it over!
Not mine to give.
Flip him over.
It's in his pocket.
Flip him over!
- Aah!
- You're a feisty one!
Good to see you.
Nice to be seen.
Good morning, everyone.
Good morning.
I trust the evening
was a success.
Let me rephrase.
I trust the concert
was a success?
How does about 350k sound?
I take it that figure includes
the donations from
your friends, Joey.
It does.
Oh, thank God!
Yeah, okay, yeah.
I'll admit my view of money
was very jaded,
or warped, to put it
in my grandmother's terms.
You know, it's funny.
Money's never meant as much
to me as it does right now
when I intend to give it away.
And, uh, miss James,
I'd like to apologize on behalf
of my friends and myself
for being arrogant,
self-centered idiots.
What are you talking about?
I overheard
your conversation, okay?
That phone call had
nothing to do with you.
Then, who were you
talking about?
It sure sounded like
you were talking about me.
No, I was talking about...
She can't tell you that.
It's called
attorney-client privilege.
Speaking of attorneys,
I'd like to address
the additional steps
laid out in miss Sally's will.
I'm listening.
Yeah, me too.
Well, Joey has proven
that he can work.
He has friends, and he can laugh
at his own mistakes.
Go on.
He's exceeded every
goal that we've set forth.
What are you getting at?
I think
you've proven yourself.
I think that we should bundle
the rest of the steps.
We can't have
any legal missteps,
but miss Sally made it clear
that she didn't want
to overly burden anyone.
Well, we're good, then.
Not quite.
The one non-negotiable
the year-long residency.
You've only been here
four months.
That leaves you plenty of time
for complete the last
learning, dreams,
gratitude, and love.
Is that true?
You weren't talking about me
last night?
You know, I have no problem
with being here a year.
Let's move on, shall we?
Joey, the learning stipulation
requires that you
not only learn,
but just as importantly, teach.
I've run into
Mr. Anderson in the...
Joey, buddy.
All right, I run
into Joey in the library,
and he's asked my opinion
on some of his selections.
Oscar has read them all.
I'm a reader.
So, Mr. Anderson... Joey...
That's going to take
some getting used to.
So, Joey, Joe-Joe, Jo mama!
Too much.
So, Joey told me to
choose any book
and tell him its setting.
I chose Conrad's
"under Western eyes."
Set in St. Petersburg.
Yeah, and Joey
then proceeded to regale me
with tales of his travels
through everything
from run-down eating houses
to ornate gilded palaces,
and this is stuff that I'd
only read about.
I selected
"heart of darkness,"
and he recounted his time
in the Congo.
I love their drums.
Those are congas.
Can we check learning
off the list?
That brings us to dreams.
That's convenient.
Because my dream...
Is to see a man
dance with his wife.
A man hold
his baby daughter.
See a family make
their mortgage payment.
This is more than we made.
If I may,
Mr. maximillian was kind enough
to make a donation of his own.
You know, my grammy g.,
to me,
was, uh, my only real family.
But, for good and bad,
the Anderson house is part
of who I am,
and I need to...
No, I want to remain
a part of its future.
Joey, I have a
recorded message from miss Sally
that I wasn't allowed to
disclose until the right time.
Shall we convene to the den
to view it?
If you're watching this video
it means my life's work
has not been in vain.
In the coming days,
Mr. Hamilton and his staff
will take care of
legally transferring
Anderson house over to you,
and I know you understand
Anderson house
is much more than just
a bed and breakfast.
It's... it's a place of hope
and healing and destiny.
I trust you will continue
its legacy successfully,
and if you ever want to talk
to an old woman
who loves you,
I'll be waiting.
And now I must bid
you all farewell.
With deepest thanks,
enduring love,
and my very best wishes.
Thank you, everyone.
Um, I'd like to have
some time alone,
and I'd like a copy
of that, please.
Live it up, live it up,
live a better life
it's a brand-new world,
it's a brand-new time
and who are you?
And who are we?
Feel like I'm losing my way
like I've been stuck
in this place
feel like I'm starting
to break
I'm just trying to survive
very clever, grammy g.
I dare you to hold
I dare you not to believe in
the words you've been sold
and I dare you to dream
I dare you to hold
I dare you not to believe in
the words you've been sold
and I dare you to dream
I dare you to hold
I dare you not to believe
feel like I'm losing my way
like I've been stuck
in this place
feel like I'm starting
to break
I'm just trying to survive
my dearest Joey.
Remember this if nothing else.
Everybody struggles,
often in ways we can't detect,
just as you have.
No child should have
to witness
the violent death of a parent.
Be kind to people,
and err on the side
of forgiveness,
especially when it comes
to your father.
Above all, be kind to yourself.
I do love you so.
May God bless you, my dear.
Your heart, my heart.
Grammy g.
I love you, grammy g.
I'm sorry
I wasn't there for you.
But I am now.
And I will make you proud.
The Anderson house legacy
will live on... me.
'Twas brillig, and the slithy
toves did gyre and gimble
in the wabe...
All mimsy were the borogoves,
and the mome raths outgrabe.
Hast thou slain
the jabberwock, then?
I have.
Come to my arms, my beamish boy.
Who else knows about this?
No one.
Not Jason or angelica?
No one.
A-and this...
This is separate from...?
She added your name
to it when you turned 18.
Are you sure?
And there's
no stipulation...
There's no stipulations to this?
I'm free.
How many moments
pass me by?
What are you up to,
I'm gonna dance
with my wife.
How many days
will slip away?
How much pain does it take
to see it?
To live my life and love
like I mean it?
I keep all my secrets
you got a dollar?
Just happen to have one.
My room stays my room,
and the third party gets
first right of refusal.
I'm selling. You buying?
Um, well, I seldom
carry singles these days,
but, uh... ah, one moment.
My parking meter stash.
And one dollar.
Thank you.
How many moments
pass me by?
There she is.
He, uh,
gets to keep his room.
Oh, indeed.
Continuity and consistency
are hallmarks
of Anderson house.
And this
is for the Anderson house
$25 million.
No one who works
on this place
and no veteran ever
pays to stay here.
As you wish.
Thank you so much.
Thank you for supporting
our heroes.
No, thank you, sir.
Mr. Anderson.
Miss James.
How many moments
pass me by?
How many times have I said
I won't try
to live my life
and love like I mean it?
How many days
will slip away?
How much pain
does it take to see it
to live my life
and love like I mean it?
I'm gonna love
like I've never ever
loved before
I'm gonna leave
like I only have a last wish
has been taken care of.
That's good news.
Miss Hastings will show you
around the office.
That's good news.
Well, now I can rest easy.
I just heard sipping.
I do hope that wasn't
a pina colada.
All right.
You take care.
It was a pina colada.
Daddy, what's this?
Well, what's this say
right here?
"Personal and confidential."
Good girl. Good girl.
What do we got here?
Well, next time
you're buying lunch.
Are you guys ready to go?
Yeah, yeah, we're going
to go have some fun, aren't we?
Yes, we are! Yes, we are!
You better be ready
to have some fun.
All right, you ready to go?
How's it going?
Very good, miss James.
Why, thank you.
You ready?
You bet, Mr. Anderson.
One thing, though.
I was, uh,
I was kind of hoping
I had your permission
to call you something else.
You sick of miss James?
No, no, no.
I think it's pretty cute.
But I was thinking of something
more along the lines of
Mrs. Anderson.
Well, there are certain steps
that should probably
be taken first.
Steps or gifts?
Don't worry.
You're pretty good at those.
All right, then.
- Here we go.
- Oh, man.
I'll beat you down.
Oh, are you?
I don't know.
Catch me.