The Uncanny (1977) Movie Script

you have my no no I'm sorry I don't
ah Wilbur how nice to see you come in
thank you you have no trouble getting
here no no no trouble at all let me take
your coat thank you it's just a little
going in
I didn't know you had a cat oh yeah sure
there's a matter of fact you ought to be
grateful to sugar it wasn't for him I
probably wouldn't be interested in
publishing your book then you are going
to publish it
oh wait a minute just a moment I said
interested the matter of fact I'm not
convinced that the public is ready for
the story you said that about my book on
flying saucers now everyone believes it
and my theory regarding the pyramids do
you believe this sort of thing I believe
everything I write everything there's a
poem it's just a moment - what you say
is right how are you going to convince
the people what you're writing about is
true for instance the marking story
there could be dozens of explanations
this is what really happened I had
access to the police statements and the
doctor's report on the bodies believe me
I do know what happened I know
come mr. Weiss to see Miss Maggie Thank
You Janet
how are you today miss Malkin feeling
stronger I hope Oh battling arm you know
it takes more than a stroke to put me
other back I'm sure now here are two
copies of the new video ask me to
prepare and now what I would like to do
is to go through them bathroom Janet
what are you doing I'm just based
learning and I thought it'd be alright
if I it is most certainly not all right
mr. Wallace and I have an important
matter which we wish to discuss in
private you must find some pills to go
yes miss Mallon have you fed to the cats
yet no miss Marcus well please do sir
yes miss Marvin and shut the door behind
you I'm not feeding my treasures done
that girl will be the death of me one of
these days I'm quite convinced of it
do you really wish to leave your request
to your nephew as it stands miss Malkin
in your original will he was a sole heir
quite sure michael has squandered a
considerable amount of my money already
and I have received remarkably little
gratitude from him in return
no mr. Wallace my money was guilt with
the only ones who'll be loyal to me all
these years
to my own little family now if you would
be good enough to sign these both yeah
and yeah you will keep one copy for
yourself and I will take the other
and I hope he'll feel better soon miss
Malkin good Lord will see to that soon
enough should you think of changing your
mind not your nephew I won't be changing
my mind again mr. Wallace you can be
sure of that my only regret is that I
won't be here to see his face when you
read the will
can't say I am through your job with all
those cats did they give me the creeps
we have a mutual understanding I scratch
their backs and they don't scratch mine
excuse me
would you put this in the safe for me
I'd rather you did it than the girls
because they're behind that picture yes
I still need the combination ah yes I
have it right here in my diary
doesn't matter
is that her which being upsetting you
brace yourself first your aunt's will
new area my sister's son Michael his
kindness to me has always been
conspicuous by its absence
but we've the cost of one very good
dinner at a fashionable restaurant
because it will probably be the last you
can now afford the cats get everything
you know one no you have his rest
I took it from her Louis briefcase when
he wasn't looking
so auntie has made after new wealth but
mister have a drink
my financial worries would be there's
another copy in the safe but you have
the combination
I know where she keeps it how would you
answer that your monitor is very very
you're a wicked girl Janet a wicked
wicked girl who deserves to go to hell
please don't don't give me police
very very rich
I know where she keeps
still no answer I think you're right
there better go and take a look and I
think it would be a good idea to call in
a police station on the way
everything happened exactly as I told
you the lovers of the cats were hungry
they had to eat something but to suggest
that they deliberately decided to avenge
the murder of their owners is just too
fantastic if you want proof look at this
a sworn statement from the solicitor a
copy of it what are you going to do I
want to put the cat out no you don't
expect me to let him do what he wants to
do in here come on sweetheart come on
come on come on come on
don't see this now perhaps you'll
believe me yes but there were two cats I
saw them they were top let's talk some
more about your book this little girl
Lucy mr. pictures of
mrs. Blake how do you do
I've known amazing town welfare
department thank you so much for having
come all this way
oh it's part of the job come to you
hello Lucy do you remember your aunt
Joan well I'm sure we'll all soon be
friends and Wellington Wellington this
is Wellington he's my friend well that
is a surprise this is your room it used
to be your mother's what do you think of
it Wellington Wellington says he likes
it cats can't talk yes they can but it
takes a long time before you can
understand them now I'll show you my
room it's bigger than yours
that's because I belong here I have to
unpack it's a pity about her parents I
certainly didn't expect her to bring her
cat with her mrs. Mayton what my wife
means is that she thinks some animal
might disrupt the house they scratch all
the furniture and make everything dirty
please try to bear with this one mrs.
Blake you see Lucy's extremely attached
to that cat and in a way it's the only
link with life as it was before the
plane crash if she were to be separated
from Wellington now I think it would
break her heart
everything all right losing magic taro
ritual witchcraft where'd you get all
these they were my mother's
my sister believed in all this well
they'll have to get rid of them no they
were my mother's we'll see dinners in
ten minutes
hurry up
don't you dare make a mess is that good
Wellington mummy why can't I have a cat
because I don't want you to have one
dear you think that this bird and the
fish would be quite enough you lose he
keep Wellington we let Lucy keep
Wellington because because she doesn't
have a mummy and daddy would you do if
you and daddy were killed in the plane
crashed could I have a cat then it's my
turn to play with Wellington now who
said it was your turn
stand up see I'm bigger than you are so
you'll have to do what I say because I'm
bigger and this is my house I can play
with Wellington whenever I like and you
can't stop me you're my friend now Oh
Wellington says is my friend not yours
huh we'll see off you go
I'd like you to play in the Tea Room
this afternoon yes Wellington you're
gonna have your picture painted do you
think everything's gonna be all right
I hope so Oh Wellington stop moving
around finished so what do you think of
your stuff do you like it you have to
add some whiskers there I'll go and show
on each other I won't be long Wellington
we finished now you silly cat
there's a good boy I won't hurt you
Wellington Wellington don't be afraid
come on Wellington Wellington mummy I
love what Wellington did Lucy if you
can't look after your cat properly he'll
have to leave now take this cloth and
clean up that mess and if he does it
again we'll just have to get rid of him
that's all
I know this with my dad
what an earth this happened to you all
right she was playing with her cat she
fell in the mud I saw it from my window
that's not go up to your room and change
into some clean clothes immediately it
wouldn't have happened if she hadn't
been chasing that cat Angela why don't
you go out and play daddy and I have
something to discuss okay yes look let's
face it that cat has to go but honey
Luce is crazy about Wellington
you know what mrs. maintenance and she
suffered a bigger loss and I refuse to
have all this extra work cat hair all
over the place is disgusting all right
what do you want me to do the vet gave
me an address of a place in town where
they do it quietly and painlessly
Wellington Wellington why are you hiding
back Wellington Wellington come by
Wellington is your turn to close
Wellington Wellington Wellington where
are you don't you know Wellington's God
gone for good daddy took it away this
morning he sold him to the butcher to
make it to dogs me
Wellington Wellington here you cut away
she'll find you she'll tell her mother
Wellington what are we gonna do
you are clever
let's try
Willington how did you get back
what are you doing you'll be in awful
trouble when mommy gets home you better
wash it off and now for the ceremony you
can watch but don't step into the circle
whatever you do it could be dangerous
I got tighter grown bull yaaaa area
again you're not such a big girl anymore
Angela are you in there
nosey have you seen Lucy what are you
doing with his candle on the floor and
all these chalk marks I want you to
clean this up immediately and what I
thought I told you to be very careful
when you're using paint in here
what a sticky mess
why can't you be good like Angela she
never puts a foot wrong it's true that
Angela Blake did disappear but shouldn't
disappear for all sorts of reasons I'm
sure the police will find her eventually
I would you know darkness state are they
why don't you relax it's only sugar you
can't be sure I know that hungry voice
anywhere it may not be love don't open
the door please
what do you want me to do leave him out
there to freeze you see it's nothing to
be afraid of no more milk for you you
should go on a diet we let them talk
about just as they please hardly
noticing them and all the time they're
watching us spying on us making sure
that we behave if you expect me to
publish this book as anything other than
fantasy you'll have to do better than
all the truth you asked for is here No
do you remember the case of Valentine's
yes definitely forget it
it was the cast that did it the cat
now do you consent to be my bride and to
assign all your lands over to me never
then behold the instrument of your
destruction parting is such sweet sorrow
Madeline I was so melodramatic Tom
darling would you love make it a little
more realistic Oh
well sir there seems to have been a
mix-up of some sort in your props
department most unfortunate but as far
as we're concerned you're free to go
ahead as soon as you please
thank you very much inspector for
clearing up the mystery so quickly I
hope you'll drop by later to see the
picture when it's finished
can't stand or pictures all that blood
goodbye inspector we're back in business
isn't there one small problem you've
overlooked what's that a leading lady
leading lady and I want to tell you're
extremely sorry I'm about your wife a
great loss to the industry and the
acting profession
thank you it's very comforting to know
that Madeline had such such kind friends
oh please don't stand on my cup dear
Madeline at least she died actly which
is the way she would have wanted to go I
know that always the professional
I was wondering who is going to replace
Madeline in the movie I mean well Bruce
and I were just discussing her did you
think I might've venture to make a
suggestion miss Hamilton
mr. Pomeroy I want you to meet Adina
she was my wife's standing the likeness
is amazing and the younger Valentine
dear tells me to be right for the part
with the countess how do you feel about
it I'd love to do it mr. Pomeroy I've
studied the part and I know all her
lines she looks good but can she act
Madeline I saw her in a play once only a
small production of course but we were
very impressed with her talent and of
course she does look so like Madeline
not change the hairstyle a little you
might not have to reshoot any footage
I'll have the contracts drawn up this
afternoon Oh
Thank You mr. Pomeroy I'm sure you've
made the right decision
congratulations miss Hamilton
Bruce Bruce baby a new star is being
alone at last
as they say in those terrible scripts
they're always sending me well how does
it feel mystic I found all the seven
tomorrow you can choose your own what do
you think that neighbors would say thank
you that I had brought a beautiful woman
to my house on the very day that my wife
was killed me probably think that you
switched a real blade for the rubber one
what's the matter
I I did I owe his Madeleine's and then
empty-headed creature like his mistress
oh he's so cute
what's his name I don't know I called
him scat scat scat scat hmm
it's the cat factory for you tomorrow it
frightened him as long as I don't
frighten you away
how considerate of madland to be my size
poor metadata she was giving the
performance of her life because her see
it was a big scene and she went all to
pieces no she's just a bit player hmm Oh
VD I love you if I didn't know better I
would say that Madeleine was back no he
turns out to be she
what are you going to do as I am in a
manner of speaking their stepfather I
shall have to find them my foster
parents and baptize them by total
immersion what about the mother I'll sue
to her tomorrow
when I get back from the studio
are you already what idiot fix that
laugh anyway so good to be home VD you
had a terrible day
we catch it what was it that killed the
cat curiosity
there are more ways than one to skin a
all right at vina now for the last time
remember see the spikes coming towards
your eyes right you act scared you
scream your lungs out got it good girl
I'll get in there everything arms on the
side perfect now whatever happens
Valentine don't let go of that cable
right what do you think I am an idiot
let's try a rehearsal ready and at last
dear Contessa you are beginning to see
the error of your ways
I said scream do you call that a scream
those are spikes real spikes coming
towards you I just don't feel scared she
doesn't feel scared I know there's no
danger when this rule goes back alright
we'll save this for tomorrow
let's try the love scene she should be
good at that
dungeon of harder love scene take 12 all
right quiet everyone and action
ah Cantus your beauty gladdens my heart
and quickens might not but tell me what
is your feeling for me she was in the
last scene this time he's supposed to
kiss him what are you talking about why
yeah she's not going to work out well
Idina well she's still got a nervous she
she hasn't quite recovered from the
shock of Madeleine there's still plenty
of time to recast let me stay behind
with her tonight I'll run over the
scenes with her and give her the the
feel of it
tomorrow should be perfect I promise all
what is the matter don't you want to be
a success I did see the cat that cat is
probably back at home now dead come on
let's rehearse the Iron Maiden get in
Rowan commit and this time try to act
remember the spikes are coming for your
eyes your body you'll scream you sound
like a mouse come out and hear this
cable hold it tight or else I shall
thank you
now I will show you what tell our means
well what's the matter the cat got your
it's true that's the way they were found
that there could be a dozen explanations
for what happened the jealous woman
perhaps and her four escaped maniac one
explanation fits all the stories or the
facts it's here
years of research evidence from all over
the world proving beyond a shadow of
doubt that cats have been exploiting the
human race for centuries we think we are
the masters and they are merely pests
but we're wrong they are the masters
someday well I read your evidence I know
I get carried away at times I simply
must get my book published to warn
people make them aware what acting
before it's too late you've got this
with your life with your life I shall do
my best
Bahia I better be getting back now I
don't like to be out after dark but too
many of them about thank you
it's a strange thing years ago people
used to believe a cat was the devil in
disguise I'm beginning to think they
were right well I'll let you know my
decision about the book thank you good
night good night
ah sweet huh come on
I can deny you anything can I