The Underground War (2021) Movie Script

Maintenance Team 3
The specified area has been reached
For maintenance
Please report any damage found
Why is the valve broken again
It was fixed the other day
Found thermostatic pipe No. 42.
The valve is damaged
It is being replaced.
Tell rose we're done
How are things going over there
All going well and moving on
If we want to survive
we have to get the medicine
Be quick and agile, everyone
Pack it all up
One team is responsible for supplies
the other teams organize defense
Hurry up here
Here comes Kuroba
Get the drug sample and quickly evacuate
Everyone has to stick to the passageway
to buy time for the evacuation
Get some more fences.
Speed up
antitank grenade
The rest of you get on top
Don't be afraid
We'll be fine
Unprecedented solar storms erupt
and the flow of particles ravages the earth
Under the action of strong
radiation and high temperature
The surface became scorched soil
Mankind suffered the
greatest catastrophe in histor
Survivors were forced to sleep underground
waiting for the earth to
recover in the long night
Start the wake-up program
Fang Yi, captain of the C40 guarantee,
has been dormant for 788 days
Two years is not enough for you to sleep
You look so bad
I would rather
never wake up
Cover me
The shield is losing its hold
help! Ask for help
Base 825 has fallen
Request support
Base 825 has fallen
Request support
Hello, C40 long Night team
This is the highest command authority
of the long Night Plan
artificial Intelligence
long Night Light
According to the provisions of
Article 2 of the third paragraph
of the dormant Security rotation Agreement
in the long Night Plan
To wake you up urgently
requires you to fulfill your obligations
Go ahead
What's the tricky thing again
The goal of this mission
is to infiltrate and destroy
the experimental facilities
in the 825 secret refuge
five kilometers away
through the underground secret tunnel
the 825 refuge
How come I've never heard of it
Shelter 825
is a genetic drug research center
established for the black feather project
which has been kept confidential
Isn't there a long night team on duty
The duty team has completely lost contact
Why destroy this sanctuary
Four hours ago, the 825 shelter was invaded
by the black feather club
and the team on duty
had completely lost contact
The experimental drugs
and research materials
could not be left to the black feather club
and had to be completely destroyed.
How to destroy the entire base
and what about survivors
There is no possibility of survivors
You need to enter the central control room
to initiate the self-destruct sequence.
Kuroha has made sufficient preparations
As you can see
there are only six of me
The most important thing for me
is that my team members can live safely
Why can't we start
the remote self-destruct program
No permission
No permission
Is there anything you can't control
Two hours later
There will be another long-night team
Feint 825 refuge
the main enemy will withdraw temporarily
There is not much time left for you
so set out immediately when you are ready
Get ready to go to work
Where is the medicine for Kuroha's disease
I don't understand
what you're talking about
Where is TG927
Who told you to shoot
I think he is useless
It's up to me
Mind your own business
Find this girl
and bring her back alive
If you want to live
find the medicine right away
Find this girl
Zhuo Ya, don't look
Didn't the night light
take over the underground city completely
actuallythere are places
beyond its jurisdiction
let us run so far to carry out the mission
It's better to walk than to kill you
Do whatever you are told to do
don't you think
the reaction of the
long night light just now
is a bit strange
This mission
is related to the failure
of the black plume project
After the long night light
took over the underground city
no one ever mentioned the Kuroha plan again
about this sanctuary
We know nothing
The people in Kuroha Club
usually leave as soon as
they grab some supplies
This time
they kill all the original teams over there
There must have been
a premeditation here
Isn't that dangerous
No matter how dangerous the job is
you have to do it
there is no place for
your dormancy warehouse
You can go back if you want to quit.
There's a bunch of people in the back
waiting for your position.
I just want to live
If you want to live
you have to get the job done
Don't move
now that we have discovered
the booby trap in Kuroha
it means we are almost there
Get ready to work, everyone
Brothers, no one will die in vain.
we haven't heard from the girl yet.
Keep looking
Aren't we looking for medicine this time
What does it have to do with this girl
Since Dr. Chen committed suicide
some people have been engaged in
the research of the Kuroha experiment plan
The girl in the photo
is Dr. Chen's student
Her name is Enron
and she is the only one
who participated in the
Kuroha experiment plan
If we find her
we will find the medicine.
So the girl has the potion
As long as we find the
girl, we can be saved
We have to find her
come on
We were attacked in the No. 5 area
Our team was attacked
Yes, sector five was attacked
faster than expected
The game begins
Searching area five
Zhuo Ya
This thing is very important
You must hide it
If someone finds you
and wants to take it
you destroy it
come on
Team C40
has arrived at the designated position
In order to assist your actions
Team Feint has been dispatched
to attack sector 5.
The main force of Kuroha
has been transferred
you must resolve the battle
before the enemy retreats.
According to the calculation
you only have 15 minutes
for the mission.
There are twelve enemies
in the central control room
a little more than previously expected
Liu Huo, Genna
shoot under cover from above
Genna is in charge of the starting line-up
killing the guard at the door.
Leon and I will take the left
You and Duan Yishan
take charge of the right side.
Whether the enemy is down or not,
never forget
to reload on the enemy's vital areas.
Got it all?
Check the watch
check the weapons
and leave in three minutes
Your stuff
can only block pistol bullets
They all use automatic rifles.
It's useless,
don't hold me back
Whether it works or not
it's better than nothing
Duan Yishan
You log in system
Settings self-destruct program
The rest of you are on alert
and ready to evacuate
C40 team calls long night light
self-destruct program has been set up
The countdown begins in one hour
Mission accomplished
We can evacuate.
It's not our job
It's gonna get us killed.
The Long Night Light
says there are no survivors
It seems to be miscalculated.
This is Fang Yi, captain of the C40 team
Please identify yourself
I'm the director of
the A7 lab in Sanctuary 825
how are you
Can you walk by yourself
Take her
We'll evacuate.
Wait a minute
We can't leave
We have to go
The self-destruct device has been activated
and this place will be in ruins
in an hour
Did the long night light
send you to destroy this place
I don't need to report to you
Please get out of the way
Put down the gun
Do you know what you're doing
I just want you
to hear me out
Next time, raise your gun
when you are fully confident
Since you are here
you should know that
this is a drug research center
for Kuroha
The results of our research
are a matter of fate for all
Then I'll tell you that
the Kuroha project has failed
People who have been injected with drugs
can live under the
surface of high radiation
but their life span will
be greatly shortened
Like the people of Kuroha Society
this study is meaningless
The failure of the Kuroha project
was caused by the long night light
and now we have
new research results
The new drug won't have any side effects
Humans have a chance to end dormancy
and return to the ground.
I don't believe it
This can't
be true
Otherwise, why would Kuroha
bother to come here
I hid my medicine on a child
named Zhuoya
We must find her
and get the sample back
This is the hope of all mankind
Do you want to live
in the dark underground forever
our work has been finished
and now we should immediately withdraw
to the ground
and end the dormancy
Long Night Light won't agree
We'll lose support
It's too risky to do so
It's just a program
We're people
If we don't obey orders
everyone will lose their dormancy rights
and we may all die here
What is most important to us
in life
is not a dark underground city
not a cold dormant warehouse
but our family
and friends
What's the point of
living alone
in this world
I will do it
as long as there is a little hope
of saving mankind
Your job is done
Liu Huo
took everyone to evacuate
and Enron and I went to save people
I'm not leaving
I'll follow the captain
I order
team C40
to take on a new mission
to find and rescue Zhuoya
get the medicine and evacuate safely
Temporarily cut off contact
with the long night light
we switch to
individual communicator
Where is Zhuoya now
In the warehouse in District 15
let's go
Why don't you shoot him again
stop the bleeding
I'm dying
Brother, hold on
Leon, answer me
answer me
hold on
hold on
You're gonna be okay.
I'm going home
the enemy is coming
We have to go
Captain, we have to go
I see
I ordered us
to evacuate
The attack just now
was to attract our attention
there has been a long
night light team sneaked in
I underestimated the long night light
It has completely controlled human beings
Their purpose is the same as ours
They can't leave alive.
Take cover!
Duan Yishan
find a way to get us out!
Be quick!
We can follow the direction of 9 o'clock.
There was a detour.
All right, I got it.
Mike, Liu Huo, Gina
You pin down them and hold the position.
We have to go find someone.
Duan Yishan, you go first.
Come on.
Let ' s go.
Zhuo Ya
Zhuo Ya
Zhuo Ya
Zhuo Ya
Oh no, she must be in trouble!
Hold on.
Don't worry
Kuroba is still looking for.
I don't think she has been found yet.
There are a lot of enemies.
They are coming our way.
we don't have much time.
We have arrived at the reservation area.
Conduct a search.
No target found.
No target found!
They had more than one team.
Our guys in A area were taken out.
They are only buying time.
Stuff in the A section.
find them.
It's better for me
to do this kind of brainstorming.
But remember
I want to see the live ones.
I can see that.
I totally understand.
C40 team member Liu Huo,
please receive new mission.
I finally found you.
If we continue to do this,
aimlessly looking,
it must be too late to retreat.
I think she ought to be scared,
You try to think more carefully
where would she go at this time.
There is definitely a place she goes
when she is most frightened.
Until this shelter was abandoned,
she and her father,
had been living here.
So where is her father?
He killed himself.
The failure of the Kuroba project
dealt a big hit to the teacher.
He has paid everything for this plan.
Duan Yishan
I know,
you are talking about Dr. Chen.
Duan Yishan
Xiao Ya!
Don't take the shot.
Xiao Ya!
Drop the gun.
Let's just talk about it.
Chill out.
You bastard, set the child free.
How can you kidnap a child!
Oh, don't shoot.
I told you drop the gun.
Hey, wait a minute.
I can put the gun down.
You just let the kid go.
She's innocent.
Don't try to trick me.
You put the gun on the ground right now.
Or I'll kill her right now!
Xiao Ya
OK, I drop the gun.
kick it over.
Very well.
do me a favor,
tie him up,
Just do what he says.
Come on,
tie it tighter.
You know very clearly
what I want.
Just bring me the stuff,
at least,
this kid will survive.
you can think of
what a pity it would be.
You bastard,
I'm the only one who can
tell you where the stuff is.
Let Xiao Ya out of here.
Shut up.
Lily died,
Xiao Ya has no friends,
present you a new friend,
his name is Jimmy.
Don't worry.
Where is the stuff I gave you?
Black Wolf has cut off communication.
We are unable to contact him.
I had given him a chance.
Well, let's go.
Now that Zhuoya has injected the medicine,
we must be hurry
and get her to a safe place
so we can get a sample from her blood.
Let's go.
there are just,
less than twenty minutes left,
and at the speed we're going,
we can't escape the blast.
Try to think of
what eles you can do
by transient high voltage,
overloading the computer
temporarily disabling the system,
which could buy us some time.
Mike, Liu huo,
you hold the position.
you go to the central
control room right away,
and Duan Yishan will show you how to do it.
I'll cover you.
Let's go.
I'm now here,
what should I do?
Open the shield under the control panel,
the third layer.
The third layer is the
electromagnetic control switch.
Turn off 4 to 7 circuits first
and pull out the bottom row of power.
There is one red lever next to it,
pull down it.
We're in safe for now.
All hands.
Assemble at the rendezvous point
and prepare to pull out.
Let's go.
Are you all right, sister?
It's fine.
Are you thirsty?
You two better drink some water,
come on.
The meeting point is just ahead,
so hold on a moment longer.
this time,
will the Long Night Light punish us?
We did nothing wrong.
Do you guys still believe
in the Long Night Light?
The collapse of the
Kuroha Project back then
was due to
the awakening of the Long
Night Light's self-awareness.
They wanted to control the whole human race
to change the drug formula,
which led to the failure of the experiment,
thus Zhuo Ya's father killing himself.
No wonder the Long Night Light
trying to ruin everything here.
As long as Zhuo ya is brought back,
it is equivalent to,
the success of the Kuroha plan.
We can completely take over
all permissions of Long Night Light.
That means
anyone who gets a sample of the drug gets,
who gets
the control of the Long Night Light.
Self-destruct program reboot.
Did something happen to Gina?
What you asked me to do,
I did.
But my mom,
the time she was dormant,
must be extended.
Requests can be accepted
But one more task has to be completed.
Kill all the people,
including your squad members.
We are too late.
I know that.
Our pressing task now is
to find a place with a complex structure
and try to find a way to survive.
take cover.
Duan Yishan
Duan Yishan
Duan Yishan
return my belongings to me.
Zhuo Ya
Are you hurt?
C40 squad.
Does anyone hear me
C40 squad.
Does anyone hear me
Zhuo Ya
look here.
Take this,
follow the red arrow above
and it will take you out.
are you abandoning me
Zhuo Ya
When my dad left me back then,
he had the same look on his face.
I don't want to go alone.
Can anybody hear me?
Can anybody hear me?
Enron, is that you?
How are you doing?
I'm fine.
This area is blocked off.
Where's Zhuo Ya?
Sister Enron, I'm fine.
She is beside me,
is safe
and not injured.
I will send a scout robot,
which will show you directions.
What about you?
You take Zhuo Ya,
go straight underground,
and you'll get to the
Long Night team's outpost.
You have to stay here by yourself.
I'm injured,
so I can't take you out.
Fang Yi,
you said that as long
as there is a ray of hope,
you will do it.
It's not time to get desperate.
I can't mess up for you.
Do you know
we're all going out together.
I'm sorry.
I can't protect you anymore.
Fang Yi
Fang Yi
no matter what you think,
Only by getting Zhuo Ya out of here
will all of our sacrifices be worthwhile,
Do you understand?
We have all lost our loved ones,
but that is why
we have all the greater reason
to live well for them.
I will never abandon anyone.
You wait for me.
can't we go out?
But I had promised my father that
I would stay alive.
Stay alive.
I'll go through the
collapse area and join you.
We'll find you and help
you treat your wounds,
and we'll take Zhuo Ya away with us.
Zhuo Ya
I'll get you out of here now
there's someone up ahead.
Look around you,
do you have any weapons to defend yourself?
What should we do now
It is your only way out,
and you have to find a
way to get through here.
Take a look,
there's a button on the grip,
press it,
and see whether there's a bullet.
Then push up the grip,
above the grip is the sleeve,
and pull it.
Now this gun
is already in an excited state.
We don't have time to train aiming.
Don't panic!
Grip the gun with your hands
and lightly snap the trigger.
When you are shooting,
get as close to your target as possible.
But how do I approach the target?
Give me a second.
On that dead body just now,
there should be a night vision device.
You need to find this electric switch.
I'll use the scout droid to distract them,
and you pull down the switch.
It's the only chance.
are you okay?
what happened to you?
Are you all right, sister?
I'm OK.
Enron, we really need to hurry.
Follow the red arrows
on the manned display
we'll meet at the rendezvous point.
where are you?
We just want to stay alive.
Why are you forcing us?
That's not a reason
for you to kill someone.
The things I want
are supposed to be ours,
you have no right to judge me.
For the sake of the Kuroha Project,
we volunteered to be sacrificial victims.
And now I'm being like trash
and kicked away by you guys.
That's not true.
The drug has been developed.
It is in the blood of the little girl.
You are the same as the Long Night Light,
full of lies.
I just want to get back my belongings.
You can't win.
I have saved you once again.
Liu Huo
you are still alive,
have you seen Enron?
Liu Huo what are you doing?
What the hell are you doing?
I'm carrying out the commands
of the Long Night Light.
What can the Long Night
Light really do for you?
as you said,
family is most important.
You lost your family,
but I still have.
The only thing that can keep them alive
is the light of the long night.
It lets me
kill everyone here,
but I don't want to.
Just hand over the little girl,
hand her over,
then we can go back together.
Liu Huo
I tell you,
you were fooled by it.
The Long Night Project
to the Kuroha Warriors
is all a conspiracy.
All of them are trying to control us.
Now we have the drugs
to get back on the ground.
We have the best chance to change all this.
Since you are so stubborn,
I will kill you first,
and then,
I will go find the little girl by myself.
Are you all right?
I'm fine
Sister Enron
Are you okay?
Don't worry.
Live on for us.