The Undershepherd (2012) Movie Script

Somebody shout, "Amen"!
"involves hundreds of
millions of dollars
from all round the world.
AH of it is tax-exempt.
For decades these churches
have been home to legions
of lost souls seeking some
kind of spiritual identify.
An identity that has eluded them
for most of their lives.
Tonight "Hindsight" will take
you behind the scenes
of the Black Church and
the lives of its believers.
And you may not
believe what you see.
We'll be right back
after this.
"For the the
ransom of the Lord shall return
"and come to Zion
with singing.
"With everlasting
joy on their heads.
"They shall obtain joy
and gladness
and sorrow and
sighing shall flee away. "
L, even I...
He's got hold of us
both, man.
Well, we could
have him killed.
We need to talk.
Roland, I'm not gonna have
this conversation with you
in the middle of
Dr. Cannon's sermon.
Yes, you are.
You realize this week
marks our 15th year
in these same
two chairs... 15.
It's time for us to
make our move now.
Patience has never
been one of your virtues.
We're youth
Youth ministers.
Look at our wives.
How much longer they
expect us to be patient?
Barely making
ends meet.
Hey... shh!
I know he
can't hear us.
Can you for once just have
a little faith in God?
I can't believe
you just said that.
When was the last time
they let us preach?
Excuse me.
You all right?
Take over
for me.
You know I
don't preach.
One of you boys, come
here and take over.
Come here, you're
coming with me.
Taking the Doctor
to the room.
It's all right,
it's all right.
- You go ahead.
- No, you go.
No, come on, man, would you
just preach, please?
We'll both preach.
You first.
Man, would you go and
take the mic?
I'm just saying, man,
it's just time, all right?
We're ready.
We're ready, L.C...
We can do this.
Did you see how
well we did today?
You know what,
he's right, Lawrence
You guys added some
much needed life
in that church
this morning.
Look, we didn't go to
bible school for six years
so we can sit
in the pulpit
and watch Dr. Cannon
put people to sleep
You know, people
can hear you, right?
Can we just eat?
$22,000 a
year, Law.
Come on, man,
seriously, it's time.
It's time.
Dr. Cannon will retire
soon... at some point.
And why would
he retire?
raking it in.
It's just
not right.
I mean, look at
the time and energy
you two put into the church
and the youth ministries?
Yeah, she's right, she's
making a really good point.
You guys
really have...
What's wrong
with you?
Delicious, have
you ever had...
This is not the time
or place to do this.
It's never the right
time for you, Law.
Do you remember
the plan?
I know, but I'm sure
you're gonna remind me.
When we graduated
from Divinity Southern,
we agreed we give ourselves
five years at this church.
And if we
didn't move up
we start our
own church.
It's been
15 years, Law.
- 15 years.
- And open it with what, Roland?
It costs money
to open a church.
Do you have it...
do you?
It says in
James 1:3-4.
"Knowing that the testing of
your faith produces patience. "
"But let
patience have its perfect work.
That you will be complete...
lacking nothing. "
Okay, well, it says in
James, chapter 2, verse 17.
"Faith by itself, if it does
not have works, is dead. "
Patience holds us
until we receive
what we're
believing in God for.
You got any more?
No, I'm
tapped out.
Good, 'cause
I'm tapped out, too.
You make
me sick.
I'm out
of here, man.
Come on.
Where you going,
where you going?
You're not staying
for dessert?
The game starts in
about 30 minutes, man.
Come on, Cass.
- All right.
- I'm having dessert.
- You got this?
- Yeah.
I might have two.
Bye, hon.
- I'll see you, sweetie.
- Okay, all right.
- See you soon.
- Yes.
You know, I just wanna go
to the ladies room, okay?
Why would you put me
on the spot like that?
Lawrence, you even said
yourself it's time to leave.
I have.
But I don't want Roland
to dictate my career moves.
I don't like when you get in
the middle of our debates.
It makes me
He's your
best friend.
Casandra, just stop
co-signing for him, all right?
When it's time for us to leave
then we'll be right.
Okay, okay.
Why do you have to wait
for him... You are ready?
Excuse me.
You think I was
as good as L.C.?
You were better.
It's just that the church
always seemed
to be more
receptive to him.
That's because he
goes over the top.
I mean, it sounds
good but...
I have no idea
what he's saying.
You're ready.
I think it's time to cash in
on Dad's trust fund
and open a church.
L.C. wants to come
along, so be it.
And if not, it
wasn't meant to be.
Now that is minister
Roland A. Braxton I know.
Kiss me.
So the Lord has asked me to
start my own ministry.
And I will take all the love
and knowledge that Dr. Cannon
has bestowed upon me
and someday try, try
to be a beacon of light
in the community
shining as
brightly as Dr. Cannon.
Shirley and I will
miss you.
And we love you,
God bless you.
Good job.
Good luck.
Thank you,
Dr. Cannon.
I'll miss you.
It seems like only yesterday
since these two men
came to
this church to serve.
Minister Case and
Minister Roland
are like me
and Bishop Redfem.
Tighter than that sweater that
Brother Joey is wearing.
And so it
is only fitting
that we allow Minister Case
to make
the final comments.
There comes a time
when you have to let go
and let God.
I don't think
y'all heard me.
There comes a time
when you have to let go
and let God.
I don't... Amen,
I don't think you heard me.
There comes a time
when you got to let go!
And let God.
I We gotta let go I
I I said come on I
I Come on and give
me something I
I To send him off I
I We gotta let Him I
I We gotta go I
I We gotta do it I
I We let Him go I
I I love you brother I
I I love you brother I
r With y'all r
I Come on my brother I
I We got to get it I
I We got to let Him I
I We got to get it N
We got to get ready
We got to let
him know
He's got a new house
to go to.
But whenever you
ready to come back
this house is yours.
- Okay.
- 7:00... 7:30.
You were
Well, that was an
inappropriate hug, I think.
She's just a
young woman.
Oh, uh, these
are my friends.
Why did I think she was
away, at school?
She was, but you know, she's
been back for a while now.
Well, I, um,
I should go.
- You go.
- Now.
- Tuesday.
- Tuesday.
My place?
Yes, I'll meet you,
I'll pick you up.
Okay, sweetie.
Take care, bye.
Hi, honey.
You ready to go
to lunch?
Oh, hi.
Hi, Ms. Case, how
are you?
I'm good,
I'm good.
We are just...
we are really happy
that you guys aren't leaving.
Let's go, guys,
let's go.
Bye, minister.
Appreciate the word
again, thank you.
Bye ladies.
Uh, goodbye,
Okay, so...
That was rude.
How was
that rude?
Can you just... excuse us
for a moment.
All that, all that,
all that...
that really
wasn't cool.
I really enjoyed
that sermon today.
Thank you, sir, thank you very,
very much, thank you.
- You proud of him?
- Yes.
We need
to talk.
Praise God, absolutely,
whenever you want, I'm ready.
All right.
Give me a call
whenever you're ready.
Ten... no,
eight, eight.
Yeah, I think this
is it.
- This is it right here.
- Right here?
Yeah, this
is it.
Jesus... you sure?
- Oh, wow.
- What do you think?
Well, I guess we gotta
start somewhere.
Dr. Cannon has been here
for over 50 years.
Even you have to admit,
the man was real good.
Minister Case,
are you kidding?
I mean, if anyone
should be considered
to take over the preaching
duties of this church,
I believe
it should be me.
You know, technically, we
don't even have to have you
in this meeting 'cause you are
not a member of this board.
Just stop all
this nonsense.
Brother Wilks, I'm
ashamed of you.
If Dr. Cannon knew what you were
up to he would be hurt.
And if Red gets wind of
this... you know what, no.
I vote for
no change.
All in favor,
raise your hand.
Look, as you know...
All proceedings of this board
shall remain confidential.
This meeting
is adjourned.
You people are standing
in the way of progress.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Thank you so much for being
here with us this morning.
It's a beautiful day.
Good to see all
your beautiful faces.
And, uh, just very thankful
that you are all here
to worship with us,
and, uh, do God's work.
So, uh...
And as I said before...
These people
were not friends of God.
No, they weren't,
they were...
They were frauds.
They were fakes.
- And...
- That's it!
They were false
Praise Him...
Thank you, Jesus!
Thank you, Jesus.
Somebody say, "Amen. "
Tell 'em, tell 'em,
tell 'em, Pastor.
Tell 'em, Pastor.
It's like some of
the people you work with.
They smile in
your face,
and all the time they
trying to take your place.
They're the backstabbers.
Pastor, tell 'em.
Tell 'em, Pastor,
tell 'em!
Y'all don't hear me?
Tell 'em, Pastor,
tell 'em!
Ha-ha, tell
'em, Pastor, tell 'em!
I Tell them I
I Tell them, Pastor I
I Tell them how we need to
move in God's favor I
I Tell them,
tell them, Pastor I
Tell them, tell
them, Pastor.
I Praise God I
I Praise God I
I Praise... God I
I Tell them I
Y'all don't hear me?
I God wants change I
I If you want change I
I God wants you
to live I
If you don't
hear me today...
I God... wants you
to live I
But he also
wants you to give.
I God wants you to live I
But he wants you
to give.
I You gotta give I
I In order to live I
I You gotta give I
I You gotta give I
I You gotta give I
I You gotta give
if you want to live I
I You want change I
I I'll bring
a change I
I You want change,
I'll bring a change I
I Are you sick and tired I
I Of listening to the
same old sermon I
I Are you sick and
tired of the same old story?
I Are you sick and tired
of listening I
I To the same old black man
killin' the same old black man I
I You want a change I
I You want a change I
I You want a change I
I I'll bring you change I
I Come on, Pastor Roberts,
come and tell them I
I Come on,
Pastor Roberts I
I You finish telling them I
I Come on,
Pastor Roberts I
I You gotta tell them I
I You gotta tell them I
I You gotta tell them I
I You gotta tell them I
I You gotta tell them I
I You gotta tell them I
I You gotta tell them I
Praise God,
thank you, Jesus.
I Praise God tell them
Pastor Roberts I
I Finish tellin' 'em I
I Tell them,
Pastor Roberts I
I You gotta tell them I
I Finish tellin' N
If you can stop yelling
in the hallway and just tell me
what the problem is because I
don't know what the prob...
Now wait!
Just stop.
I want something done about
this young man.
And I want
something done now.
Look-look-look, let's
just stop it.
Let me tell
you something.
If you ever do that to
me again, I will hurt you.
I swear I will.
Let me go!
I want him suspended
or banished from this church.
You need to get your ass
kicked, you know that?
Now look,
let's not overreact.
Sit down, please.
brothers and sisters,
I really don't understand
what the problem is.
What you did out there
was disrespectful,
that's the problem.
Pastor Roberts,
I just got caught up in
the spirit of your sermon.
I just couldn't contain
my enthusiasm.
The Holy Spirit is
a very powerful thing.
We all know that.
Wilks, what do you
want to do about this?
Those people in
that church have no idea
that there is a problem.
Suspension or banishment
will send a very clear message
that there is a problem.
So let's just
take those options
off the table
right now.
why don't we
just consider
adding a very talented new
voice into the mix.
Oh. "o. no, no.
You mean, allow
him to preach?
Oh, crazy.
- Out of the question.
- Crazy.
He's a loose
With all due
respect, Doctor.
You are losing them
out there.
Losing them.
Hey, look, look,
look here.
If I was 30
years younger,
me and you would go
out in the back.
20, 20 years.
Me and you.
But you're not.
You're not.
I just wrote these
sermons last night
and wanted to get
your opinion.
Okay, I'll
look them over.
Okay and I'll get
your car.
Thanks, Joe.
Hold on, hold on!
Can we, can we, can
we table him?
Sister Roberts.
You look absolutely
breathtaking today.
How are
you doing?
I'm fine.
What's going on
in there?
Well, it appears
that, uh...
Dr. Cannon and your husband
and a few others are mad at me.
What you did out there
was pretty risky.
You know how
conservative this church is.
You just made them
all uncomfortable.
What about you?
What about me?
Do I make you
Not in
the least.
Then maybe we could get together
for coffee sometime.
You do know I'm
a married woman.
You do know that I
like to drink coffee.
I like it black.
Lots of sugar.
A little bit
of cream.
Well, church, it's time
to hear your testimonies.
Well, uh, I been coming
to this church
for about, uh,
ten years now, Dr. Cannon.
And, um... there's no place me
and my family would rather be.
My problem
is my six kids.
Yeah, six kids can
be a problem.
Yes, yes.
It's hard to get them
to wanna go to church.
My kids say
church is boring.
That's understandable.
It's hard to get kids
to sit still for a minute.
Believe me, I know.
But they like it
when Pastor Case preaches.
They can related.
And frankly,
so can I.
Now I'm
open to change.
'Cause change is
good, right?
So if there's any
possibility that he can, uh...
speak to us a
little more.
Well, thank
you Sister Jones.
Who's next?
Brother Randy?
Well, I agree with
Sister Jones.
I'd like to hear a little bit
more from Minister Case, too.
You call minister
L.C. in here.
I And more
than a conqueror I
I Thank God for the blessings I
I He calls me to heaven I
I Safe in his hands
His love for me I
I For God's grace
and mercy and love N
To my brothers
and sisters
and family of the Greater
First Baptist Church.
I come to you anonymously
today because what I have to say
can seriously cause
Many of you tithe
your very last dollar
not knowing how you're going to
make it to the next paycheck.
It's because of you
is why I'm coming forth
with this information.
Some of our
leaders of this church
have been stealing money from
this church for years.
While you sleep in
your one-bedroom apartment,
with five kids, just know that
the money you have tithed,
to this church,
is not going into the church.
It is going into the two
condos in the Bahamas
purchased by
Dr. Cannon and Bishop Redfern.
There's a time for
a change
at the Greater
First Baptist Church.
That's it.
All right listen, we need
to make a decision.
Now I feel that
Redfern and Cannon
should step down
I will not.
What you trying to
do, Will?
Do you or don't you have
a condo in the Bahamas?
Now this information
is easy to obtain.
It probably was
a gift.
It was sold to me by Reverend
Hodges church four years ago.
So Redfem, did Reverend Hodges
gift you the adjacent unit?
I'm not
gonna answer that.
We don't need to answer
any questions
about our
personal business matters.
Why not answer if you got
nothing to hide, Dr. Cannon?
You have units
side by side?
Deaconess Carter
is ill today.
So let
us proceed.
Now I move that Bishop Redfern
and Dr. Cannon
be immediately
banished from the church.
Now of course, they will have
the right to file any grievances
with the National Baptist
You don't have
the power to do that.
I don't.
But the board does.
If we do this,
who are we gonna get to
preach on such short notice?
Excuse me.
But I'll be taking
over those duties.
You keep talking like this and
Doctor's still in the room.
Come on,
now nobody wanna hear
you preach, all right?
Is that a
fact, Parker?
Don't let me start
in on you.
It says right
here in this book.
"He who casts the
first stone
"will not prosper in
the valley of death.
What in the hell
are you...
See, see, see, that's
what I'm talking about.
This guy can't preach.
Read the book,
You've never
read the book.
Can we table who is
going to preach
until we vote
on my proposal?
Now all those in favor of
banishment raise your hand.
Gentlemen, majority rules.
Please, you can gather
your things.
I see what you
up to, Wilks.
I'm gonna sue you
and everyone in
this room.
- We'll take later.
- No!
You'll be talking
to my attorney.
Let's go, Red.
No, wait,
wait a minute.
We built this
We're just gonna walk out
of here just like that, huh?
Is that what
you think?
Talk to me!
- Let's go.
- No, let me go, let me go, man!
52 years... we
built this church.
52 years of blood,
sweat and tears.
You think we just
gonna walk out of here
with our tail between
our legs like that?
Listen, I'm sorry...
- Is that what you think?
I'm sorry it had to
end like this.
It's not the end.
This is only
the beginning.
We will be back!
Come on,
I'll start working
on my sermon for Sunday.
All of those in favor of Deacon
Roberts conducting services
on a temporary basis
raise your hand.
On a temporary basis.
Get up.
Get your ass up!
You been throwing
up again?
No, I...
You been throwing
up again.
I can smell it.
Sit down.
Sit your
ass down.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I was just... I'm getting
a little fat.
And I needed to just...
a little water...
What do you
expect me to do?
No, no,
What you need to
do is pray.
What you need is
to rebuild your faith.
You are weak.
How could you let Satan
back into our home?
How could you
do that?
How could you let
Satan back into our house?
How could you
do that?
How could you let
Satan back into my house?!
How could you
do that!
I know you
like me slim.
I just need to get...
a couple...
I love you.
Don't you know that?
I love you and I don't
want to lose you.
No, no, no,
no, no.
Do you love me?
Do you love me more
than you love yourself?
Do you love me more
than you love God?
That is
your problem.
That's your
Clean up this,
smell like vomit!
Get in there, get in
the bathtub.
Get in the bathtub!
What's wrong?
Uh, we
got problems?
What is that?
That's all we're getting
from the $45,000 trust?
How do they come up
with that number?
Apparently there's some...
mutual funds that
were all tied up and...
not doing too well, and
after the estate taxes
and just handling and legal
fees, that's all that's left.
That's... this is...
only gonna cover two months'
rent for the church.
That email has
everybody rattled.
Let's not talk church
Let's talk
about you.
What about me?
Are you haPPY?
Why would you ask me
something like that?
Your body language
with your husband
gives away
your unhappiness.
We have our ups
and downs.
What about you
and your wife?
a good woman.
Albert is
a good man.
It's... time out
with this.
I know that meeting
here is very inappropriate.
I also know that what I'm
about to say next
is even more
But I'm gonna
have you.
This connection I have
for you,
I have never felt
for any other woman
and that is why I know I
am going to have you.
It may not be today,
it may not be tomorrow
or next year.
But you will be mine.
Well, I don't know if
you are medicated
or conceited.
Or maybe you're just
that sure of yourself.
I would go with C.
Well, I'm flattered...
But if you're suggesting what
I think you're suggesting,
then that's not
just an option for me.
I hear you.
I hear you.
God has blessed us
this morning.
All right?
I'm so encouraged because
I see some familiar faces
from First Baptist
here today.
Thank you all so much
for coming to be with me.
And to share this wonderful new
place of ours, new beginnings.
But a lot of Dr. Cannon's
philosophies and teachings
are still here, so it's a big
part of my background.
I can't abandon that.
He didn't
abandon me, right?
So happy to see all of
you here this morning
with your bright faces
and your lovely smiles.
Many of you know, changes
have been made here.
Lot of changes are being
made here in First Baptist.
But just know that
the word of God
never changes.
Yes, the faces
have changed.
But it's
the fiber, uh-huh...
Let the church
say fiber.
That makes up
this church of change.
Now some of y'all are looking at
Pastor like you're confused.
But I know you
know what fiber is.
You get it in
your oatmeal.
You get it in your
shredded wheat.
Did he say oatmeal!
So you see,
the fiber...
The faith and our resolve
makes change...
We want Dr. Cannon!
No, now, Sister, Sister, do
me a favor now.
We want Minister L.C.
Now hold on, don't be
We mad, we mad.
This is not time
for testimony
so I need you
to sit down, Sister.
No, you sit down!
Church, hold on, church,
hold on, church.
Hold on, church.
We are still
in God's house.
We are still in God's
house, now.
No, no, it's okay,
it's okay, it's okay!
It's okay, it's okay.
No, we, no-no-no, wait
a minute, wait a minute.
We are still in God's house.
And you're gonna
respect God in God's house!
I'm still the Pastor
in this church.
lam still
the Pastor of this church.
It's time for some
real talk.
And if you don't wanna hear
some real talk, you can go now.
I'll wait.
That's right.
- Amen?
All right, Pastor Roberts,
it's gonna be all right.
Y'all wanna
walk with me?
Y'all wanna walk
with me?
Y'all wanna
walk with me?!
Y'all wanna walk
with me?
You wanna walk?
I will take this
church to the next level.
If you walk with me.
You wanna walk
with me?
Will you
walk with me?
Will you walk
with me?
Will you
walk with me?!
Will you walk
with me?
Will you
walk with me?!
Sister Williams,
I need you get out of your
chair and walk with me.
You can do it.
You haven't walked
in many years.
I can't do it.
In the name of
mighty God,
I need you to get up out of
that chair and walk with me.
- I can't do it.
- Yes, you can.
I need you
to walk.
Come on.
You can walk.
You can walk.
You can walk.
You can walk.
You can walk.
You can walk.
You can walk,
come on.
Just another step.
In the name of
the Father and the Holy Ghost.
I got you to walk and I want
you to walk out that door
on the legs that
God blessed you with.
Hallelujah, hallelujah.
You can walk,
you can walk.
So how we doing,
total offering:
Well, then...
that's pretty good.
Roland, we're not gonna be
able to keep the doors open.
we've still got some trust
fund money left, don't we?
No, it's gone.
I've already checked with
four different banks.
We don't
quality for a loan.
I'll just get
another job.
Honey, you already
have three jobs.
It's okay.
It's okay,
'Cause it's
gonna work itself out.
Didn't you see all the people
from First Baptist, huh?
Casandra told
me about, uh,
Dr. Cannon
and the Bishop.
Yeah, that's
pretty sad.
Hon, do you...
Do you think we
left too soon?
What we're doing is God's
plan for us, okay?
He's gonna see
us through it.
It's 10:30 at night,
where are you going?
Church business.
Oh, give me 15 minutes,
I'll get dressed.
You're not going.
Who is it
this time, L.C.?
How old is
this one?
You're the most pathetic,
ungrateful woman I
have ever met.
All you have
to do is be smart,
pretty on Sundays,
and enjoy the life that
I provide for you,
and you can't
even do that.
I don't even know who
the shell of a person
that's standing in
front of me right now.
You got the nerve
to ask me where
I'm going?
what I am doing?
Why don't you
just go
and throw up
or something.
Do that.
I love you.
I know.
Does that not
mean anything?
Someone drove up here
this morning
in a 1997 Buick
knowing good damn well
that they just purchased
a $130,000 BMW 76.
You know who you are.
So is that necessary
to point you out?
If you holding
out on the church,
You holding out on God.
You need help
with that?
Hey, L.C.
we need to talk
about expansion.
Expansion, what... you wanna
add on to this church?
It's time for you
to be on TV
like Creflo
or Fred K. Price.
Are you serious?
Look, you are on
that level.
It's time for you and me to
make some real money for us.
And this church.
I bought some time
on the Divinity Network.
You will be broadcasting
live this Sunday.
You are
Are you ready
for that?
Oh my God, yes, oh
my... thank you, Jesus.
Thank you.
So God woke me
this morning and said,
"Pastor Lawrence Case, Jr.
I need you to get our message
out to more people. "
Really, really.
Then he said, "You need
to be on TV."
Seeing that I'm not one
to question God's will...
Don't question
God, no.
I'm here to tell you today,
brothers and sisters,
Don't question.
That the First Baptist Church
of Christ
is going worldwide!
I told you
I would bring ya!
I told you I would
bring ya!
Told you I would take it to
the next level.
That's good.
I'm gonna ask you...
New voice here!
I'm gonna ask you...
What is all this?
You mean
the TV crew?
You know what
I mean?
You didn't consult me or
any of the board members.
I am the chair
and I made
the call, okay?
No, it's not
You're turning this church
into a circus with that...
that clown.
You're thinking
small time.
Do you know how much
money we about to make?
It is not
about money.
It's about integrity and
dignity and respect.
When's the last time you
cashed the respect check?
I'm gonna ask ya!
Would you sacrifice
your children?
Look at the children
in here, look at them!
Those of you at home, look
at your children
Look at them!
Look at your
Would you give your
child up, your only child up?
Would you sacrifice
Would you?
Miss Brown.
How old is
your baby.
She's two months.
Two months.
Two months.
Two months!
Whoo, hallelujah,
Hallelujah, hallelujah!
Hallelujah, hallelujah,
Would you
give up your
only child?
Would you sacrifice
your only child
for Mrs. Stevens?
Because I know you don't
particularly care for her.
Would you do that?
I know you wouldn't
do that?
No, you wouldn't do it.
But God did!
His only child!
For you!
And you!
Take camera two.
Keep it tight, keep
it tight.
I don't know.
God, God, God, I am
not worthy.
I am not worthy to
be your humble servant.
I feel love.
I feel love.
I feel your love!
But I also feel your
tremendous loss!
I'm not worthy.
Law, homerun!
- Nice sermon.
- Thank you so much.
Just when you think it can't
get any better, it does.
Well, thank you
so much, Miss Wilks.
Thank you very much.
See you at home,
- Yes, baby.
- Take care.
- We'll talk.
- Absolutely.
Thank you
so much.
Good morning.
Uh... my husband and I
have a bit of sad news for
you all this morning.
Who is it?
Uh, do know how
much longer?
Casandra, I'm busy,
what do you want?
L.C., we
need to talk.
What do you want,
I want my
husband back.
You reek.
I'm sorry?
- You reek?
- I reek?
The whole room
smells like vomit.
You been throwing
up again?
No, I have
not been.
No, I haven't.
I don't need
to talk.
What's that
This is all that
should matter to you.
So why don't
you take it
and go do
what you do.
Go shopping-
I don't want
to shop.
I want my
husband back.
No, no!
What are
you doing?
Don't talk.
L.C., please.
I just want you to
listen to me.
What, what,
what for?
- Because...
- What for?
- What for?
- To get back to us!
All you're gonna do
is just throw up!
Look at you,
you look a mess.
I'm not gonna
throw up.
Look at this, all this,
would you just...
become skin
and bones now.
This is not who
I married.
I'm not skin
and bones.
This makeup, these baubles,
this dress, all of this!
What is this!
You don't look
like my first lady.
I am your
first lady!
I bust my butt to be a
first lady for you!
And all you care
about is this!
Your filthy, dirty,
- rotten
- Get out!
- Stinking, demon money!
- Get out, out.
You can't...
I can't.
I can't do it to...
Not right now,
I'm in the office.
Is everything okay,
the list coming?
There's a small
Nobody wants to
give up their seat, sir.
Okay, what about
Miss Bell?
Minister, I didn't
call Miss Bell 'cause...
I kinda felt bad
calling her.
What did
you just say?
I didn't call her.
I'm gonna ask you again,
what about Miss Bell?
What about her?
Miss Bell is
a good person.
She's been here...
When I ask you
to do something!
I need you
to do it!
Do you
understand me!
Have a seat,
have a seat.
I want this cleared up
in the next 15 minutes.
So the doctor has me taking
these pills for depression.
And I just wanna thank
the Lord for finally
finding medication
that really works.
And I feel human again.
I just wanna
thank Jesus.
I just wanna
thank you Jesus!
Thank you!
God is worthy to
be praised, Hallelujah.
Are you serious?
Are you
kidding me?
You ought to be
ashamed of yourself.
You're right because you are
not right with God.
I can't believe you would
thank Jesus for some pills.
You're depressed because
you're weak.
You're depressed because
you're not right with God.
L.C... L.C., this is
her testimony!
Pastor L.C.!
Did anybody see
Deaconess Carter's name
on the program this
No, sir.
The answer would
be no.
So with
all due respect
Deaconess Carter,
would you please
sit down.
Give me this,
what is this?
You don't need
any Lithium!
Amen, Amen.
You don't need...
any Vicodin!
You don't need it!
You don't
need it!
God is all you
How's it going?
Have you seen
What's this?
Your numbers.
I don't know how
to read these.
Look, all you need
to know is
last week's telecast
received the highest ratings
in the history of
this network.
You know...
his whole message
has changed.
so mean-spirited.
Publicly humiliating
What is your
excuse, Americal?
No more excuses!
Thank you, Jesus.
No more excuses.
No more excuses.
Oh, praise God.
I'm so glad y'all
with me today.
So glad y'all
with me today.
Hey, Michael, how
are you?
I appreciate it.
Can you stand
up for me, please.
Stand up, please.
Praise God,
What is your excuse?
I can't think of nothing
right now, sir.
are you sure?
Tell him, Michael,
tell him.
Yeah, Pastor,
I'm sure.
Just tell him,
All right.
Kira, where
are you, sweetheart?
I'm here, Pastor.
Oh, there you go, hey, you
looking good, baby, how are you?
Can you get those babies
to stand up, please?
Michael, I'ma ask
you again.
What's your excuse?
I don't understand
what you're doing right now,
- I don't really...
- Michael?
What is
your excuse
for not paying
child support?
What is your excuse
for not playing
an active role
in these beautiful
little girls' lives, huh?
Amen, hold on,
hold on.
I'm not sure
what your excuse is
for coming in this church,
sitting behind your baby's mama,
bringing a stray...
this stray in the house
of the Lord!
I wanna know
what your excuse
is for being half
of a man.
You know what... I
ain't gonna take this.
Let's go, baby.
- You can run, Michael.
- Whatever.
Let him 90...
you can run!
You can run, Michael,
you can run!
You can run,
Michael, you can run!
You can't hide on
God is everywhere,
forgive me.
This whole
thing is broadcast on live TV.
The sad part is, everybody's
going crazy, they love it.
They love it.
Roland, did
you hear that?
I told you we should've
watched the show.
Listen to this.
You guys should
go to church.
Praise the Lord.
The Baptist convention will
take place in Atlanta next week.
Attending will be our
choir director,
Sister Evelyn Roberts...
Sorry I got off on
a bad foot with you.
Excuse me.
You know what?
You're a fraud
and an insult to
this church.
And God.
I am God.
Hm, hm, hm.
Good morning,
First Baptist Church of Christ!
Good morning!
I gotta tell you,
it's so great.
- Really seriously, it's so
great to see all
the new faces.
So blessed.
And some old.
You see the Lord knows
who the haters are.
Yeah, it's true.
So if you want to
hate on me!
Because I'm smarter
than you.
Because I'm
better than you.
Because I'm stronger
than you.
Because I'm
more patient than you.
Amen, Rev.
I'll pray for you.
Y'all ready for
the sermon, today?
Y'all ready for
the sermon?
Oh, man, I think I
broke my glasses.
The Holy Spirit broke my
glasses, will you hold on...
Hey, you like that one?
Ma'am, I love
you so much.
I appreciate you so
much, please, come back.
Great service today, sir.
I appreciate that,
thank you so much.
Can you find Casandra
for me and, uh...
go around
and get my car.
Which car you driving
today, sir?
Which car am I driving,
which car am I driving?
CLS, CLS, I need you to
find the CLS for me.
Got it.
Appreciate that, praise God,
appreciate it, appreciate it.
Hey, Law.
L'ma pray
for you, man.
Pray for me?
You gon' pray
for me?
L'ma pray for you!
What you mean,
gonna pray for me?
I'm gonna pray for you.
You acting
the fool, Law.
- All right?
- Why did you come here?
How you gonna front to me
in front of all these people.
We're supposed to
be brothers.
We are brothers,
you left!
You gonna come back
here and try to judge me,
hate on me?
What is this
about, money?
No, I don't need your money.
I came back here because I
thought you needed some help.
I wanted to see if
it was true
all the things I
was hearing about you.
But you're lost, man,
you're lost.
Is that it?
Is that the best
you can do?
You know what,
I'm sorry I came.
I'm sorry I came.
I definitely did not expect
to see the devil at work.
I tell you what, Shirley,
why don't you take this...
- Get your hands off...
- He needs the money?
Who are you?
I don't think I have
to answer that.
As a matter of fact,
while I'm thinking about it,
maybe you should've
been dating me
instead of this
under-achiever right here.
Stop. stop!
You don't have
to do that.
Stop. stop!
Get out
of my church!
- Stop it!
- Get out of my church.
Hi, Nish.
You have to just tell
him to stop sending me
all these flowers, it's
getting out of control.
I have to
be honest, um...
I don't understand.
I thought you knew who was
your secret admirer.
I know who the secret
admirer is and I just...
You're the
secret admirer.
I mean, you've been
sending me
all the flowers and
all the messages and...
What's wrong?
it's sweet.
I know my approach might be
a little different.
I was just afraid
you would reject me.
No, I would never...
ever reject you,
I'm honored.
L... I mean, I, uh, I don't
know what to say, I'm just...
I'm just, uh...
Say you'll
go out with me?
Uh... I really have to
think about it.
Will you
think about it?
And maybe call me?
Yeah, I'll think
about it.
Thank you, Joey.
Bye, Nish.
You know, Joey
has a crush on me.
- Is that right?
- Yup.
I had
no idea.
Yeah, he's been
sending me flowers
and he's been
texting me
and all the time I
thought it was you.
You thought it
was me?
Sending you
Well, he said it was
from a secret admirer,
so I just assumed
it was you.
'Cause I
wanted it to be you.
Oh, well.
L gotta go-
Yeah, baby, what's up?
I haven't heard from
Casandra in two days.
I mean, that's not
like her.
Well, didn't she go
to the Baptist convention?
No, I know for a fact
she did not go.
Baby, you're worried
about nothing.
We should tum on
some lights.
It's not exactly like we have
permission to be here, okay.
Just... let's do
this really quick
before somebody calls
the cops on us.
I'm telling you, she
probably just went to Atlanta.
Something doesn't
feel right.
- Did you hear that?
- Hear what?
shh, shh.
It's downstairs, downstairs,
go back down.
What is
that smell?
Honey, what are
you doing?
What are you doing?
Cass, stop, stop.
Honey, what are
you doing?
Come on.
- Come with me, okay?
- Wait-wait.
No, no, honey,
My goodness, what
are you doing to yourself?
- Can you see?
- I got it, I got it.
We're gonna
have a baby.
Oh, wow.
- Wow.
- It's crazy.
Oh, wow.
Not you.
Who's is it,
Did you...
what, what?
Did you really just ask me
that question, who's is it?
Wow, okay.
My sweet Nish,
I cannot have kids.
I have been trying to impregnate
my wife for years.
And the doctor's
have told me
that I have an extremely
low sperm count so...
I'm practically
sterile, yes.
So I think we need to take
a look at your other partners.
I don't have any
other partners.
Don't you
lie to me!
I don't have
other partners.
Why you reacting
like that?
I am having
a baby!
This is
your baby.
All you want
is money?
It's Joey's,
it's Joey's.
Is this
Is it money, you
want money?
- I can't believe...
- Is it about money?
Our baby.
Shut up, shut up,
shut up.
You tell anybody and I will
bury you, you hear me?
Man'. Apparently long-time
church member Marla Gifford
had some sort of a disagreement
with Minister Case,
at least that's
what we're hearing
from other church members.
That's when she showed up at
the First Baptist Church
with a large
hunting knife.
Now what you're about
to see here
may be a little too
graphic for the younger viewers
so parental discretion
is advised.
Take a look.
You told me
to pray, Pastor.
What's wrong, Marla?
You said
that prayer would work.
I can't sleep,
I can't eat.
I can't
even function!
You done told me"
you done told me to get
rid of those pills.
You don't need them, Marla,
you don't need those pills.
- You don't need them.
- Yes, I do.
You need to
simply pray.
It doesn't work, stupid!
Let me pray
with you.
God always
listens to me.
Always listens to me,
just follow me.
Just let me
pray for you.
You just gotta close
your eyes.
Come on, if you
close your eyes...
Drop it... I'll break it,
HI break it.
- You got her?
Got her.
Mafia'. You're breaking
my arm!
Minister Case
then was able
to disarm and apprehend
the deranged woman
and she was
promptly arrested.
It's crazy.
How long has this
been going on?
L.C.'s been out of control
for, I don't know, like six...
- six months or so.
- No, no.
It's just...
I'm talking
about you.
Honey, you have
an eating disorder.
No, I don't have
an eating disorder.
Cass, you're either
- That's not fair.
- Or anorexic.
You know, I really hate
it when you do that.
- Cass, I wouldn't say this
- Nothing is wrong with me.
If I didn't care
about you.
Okay, you're doing
it again.
We can help
you find somebody
who specializes in this
kind of thing.
Okay, okay.
I'm keeping
the baby.
Let's think
this through.
If the board were
to find out that
I was the father of
this child, I would be over.
This is about our
baby, Lawrence.
I would lose
everything, Nish.
Why are you being
so selfish?
What... this is
all about you?
No-no-no, it's not about
me, it's about our child.
I'm begging you,
If God wanted us
to have this baby,
he would want us
to be married.
I'm scared.
I'm like...
I'm gonna call
your father
and inform I will
be leaving the church.
don't cry, baby.
Baby, don't cry.
Listen, maybe we
can move away.
You know, we'll move,
we'll go to a different city.
We'll raise our child.
You can start
another church.
You don't need
We'll start
another church.
You're not being
Your father's kill me,
he's gonna kill me.
My wife, she will
divorce me, Nish.
I don't care
about your wife!
Okay, you don't
love her!
Do you love
her... No!
I know, I know.
Stop talking about
her to me.
Calm down, Nish.
Okay, I'm... I'm...
I'm gonna type up
my resignation.
Nish, I love
you so much.
I love you, too.
Nish, do you believe me
if I told you
that I want to
marry you as soon as my...
as soon as my divorce
is final,
I swear to God
I will marry you.
You'll marry me?
I gotta go. baby,
I gotta go.
Yeah, yeah, that's what
I thought, okay,
well, you guys are
set for next Sunday.
Oh, sorry, we're
cash only.
Okay, okay.
Yes, that's the sermon
right there, sir.
This is excellent.
Thank you.
Paragraph form,
just like you like it.
Hey, listen, uh...
I need a big favor
from you.
No problem.
You want
another sermon?
I can write another one
up, no problem.
No, no.
I got myself in...
into a little bit of a
situation and, uh...
Are you okay?
No, I'm fine, I just need
you to take a friend of mine
to this clinic
on Tuesday.
Here we go.
Oh, this
is great.
Pastor, um...
This says it's
about 70 miles away.
Yeah, I know.
Clinic, wait-wait-wait.
This is an
abortion clinic.
You want me to take someone
to an abortion clinic?
- Why would you ask me...
- I trust you more
than anyone
in this church.
You can trust me,
it, it...
It just a
lot at one time.
I really need you to
do this for me.
Who am I taking?
Come here,
come here!
Come here, come here,
come here.
But Pastor...
I love you,
- Thank you.
- Who?
Who, who am
I taking?
Thank you.
Brother Wilks'
Yes, Nish.
You're married.
- Whoa, whoa...
- You've been with Nish?
Come on,
come on.
Hey, hey, take it easy, I
know how you feel about her
but I need you to
do this for me.
No, I can't do it.
Hey, hey, hey.
I wanted to be
with Nish.
I know, I know,
I know, I know, I know.
Hi, Pastor, I'm still at
the church, but look.
I can't prove it.
But we
know for a fact
the members of the Republican
party bought him off.
Look, we need you back.
There's a whole lot
of disappointed members
at that church.
Well, as long as
L.C.'s there
I don't really see
that as a possibility.
When everyone saw you
last week,
the folks were
generally excited to see you.
Just come and be a
guest speaker.
it's Shirley.
Were they excited to
see us before
or after
the fight broke out?
Well, I don't think L.C.
will ever go for that.
Well, that's
not his decision.
I'm in charge of booking
guest speakers.
He'll do it.
What are you talking...
I don't need
that game.
You don't
need no game.
What you doing?
You just locked
my door.
I wanna
see you.
Well, you can
see me now.
You know what
I'm talking about.
I want you
inside of me.
- Um-um.
- Um-hmm.
Hold on,
hold on.
Praise God,
just a minute.
Am I interrupting
Oh, Nish.
Oh, no, I was
just leaving.
You have lipstick
on your face?
No, Sister Roberts
just kissed me on the cheek.
She enjoyed
the sermon.
This is
your cheek.
This is your lips.
This is your cheek, this
is your cheek, what is...
Hey-hey-hey-hey-hey, would
YOU just stop it?
- No, you stop!
- Stop it.
A woman kissed me on my cheek,
end of story, you understand me?
When am I going?
It's about
an hour from here.
What time are you
picking me up?
Not picking
you up.
What time are
you picking me up?
Yes, what time are
you picking me up?
Joey is taking you.
You told Joey?
- I trust him.
- You told Joey?!
Let's just be
You're telling me that
you are not taking me
and you are asking
me to be reasonable?
This is your
Look, I'm really sorry that
I didn't know you like me.
Don't sweat it.
Are you mad
at me?
I'm not
your man and...
I don't have a right
to be mad.
I need you
to go first.
My God.
What's wrong?
Hey, Pastor.
There's nothing
Everythingfs cool.
I was...
Shut up.
And sit
your ass down
before I knock
you down.
Hey, hey, hey,
Minister, how are you?
Do you have
a gun?
What do you
think it is?
You crazy?
Why would you
say that?
That man...
Let's go in.
I'm scared.
Not laughing now,
huh, Case?
The way you laugh at
my sermons on Sunday.
Let me hear
you laugh.
Let me hear
you laugh.
Nurse, stat,
room eight!
There's been
a complication.
There was a lot of
blood loss.
We're trying to help
her regain consciousness.
- Regain consciousness?
- Yes.
Now she needs
a transfusion
but she didn't put her
blood type on the form.
Do you know
what it is?
Mind if I get that?
Yes, I do mind.
- Look, let me explain.
- Shut up!
Now, I just wanna
ask a few questions.
Can I ask a few questions,
Minister, please?
Evelyn, can I
ask a few questions?
How long has this been
going on, hm?
Pastor, that
doesn't matter.
- Joey.
- Pastor!
I gotta call
you back.
- I, I...
- I gotta call you back.
Doesn't matter.
Well, let's just see
what the congregation
has to say about that
on Sunday, Pastor.
You think you can turn
my congregation against me?
It's just my word
against yours.
I'm sure this
picture will help me.
She's what?
She's at a clinic and we need
to know her blood type.
Where are you?!
We're about
an hour away.
She's A positive.
A pos... Doctor!
Doctor, she's
A positive!
Yes, yes, yes,
I'm her father.
Sir, I need your consent
for a transfusion.
Yes, you have
my permission.
Give me back that... get...
put him back on the phone!
Yes, sir?
Give me
the directions.
Right now!
Let's go,
Come on.
Look at me.
You're going
straight home.
You understand?
Let's go.
Wait up,
Pastor Roberts.
Can we just talk privately, man
to man for a moment, please.
Talk, Minister.
That is, what you
do best, right?
How much?
How much?
Come on, Minister.
My Benz, the CLS?
And you?
A weekly feature
on my live broadcast.
Brother Wilks.
Brothers Wilks,
I can explain.
- You need to get out.
- I can explain.
I said, get out!
- I can explain.
- Get out!
Oh, dear God,
take it out on me.
Don't take my...
Take it out on me.
Hey, Joey, how
did it go?
Not good.
There were
complications and
she lost a lot of blood.
Oh my God.
Can they give her
any more blood?
We couldn't because we didn't
know her blood type so...
I had to
call her father.
You what?
I tried to call you but
you kept hanging up.
You called
Brother Wilks?
I had to.
What did you
say to him?
I told him that
she had a procedure
and there were
You say anything
about me?
Not yet.
What do you
mean not yet?
L'ma have to tell
him the truth.
Hold it, Joey,
Hold it, let's just
think this through.
Pastor, she's dying...
she's dying in there
from aborting your child.
Hey, look, look,
we don't know
if this is my
child for starters.
Are you serious?
Joey, Joey,
calm down.
If I give you... If I
give you, uh, if I give you
$10,000 tomorrow, will you
have my back on this?
Pastor, I
didn't wanna...
I didn't wanna take her
here in the first place.
Listen, listen, listen, listen,
listen, it says in Luke, Luke.
Luke 22:32.
"But I have prayed for you that
your faith should not fail.
"And when you
have returned to me
strengthen your brethren. "
Are you sure?
Let me get
that for you.
Come on, you
need help.
I got it, I got it,
I got it.
No, you're in
the wrong button.
I'm burning up.
You are, you're sweating
and you are shaking.
Like a leaf.
Lean back.
Don't worry, okay,
don't be nervous.
You are gonna
be amazing, okay?
You're gonna
be great.
Thank you.
I don't want him to preach,
and that's final.
Did you forget
how this church is run?
You don't dictate anything
around here.
I can have you
replaced in two seconds.
Oh, you really don't wanna open
that can of worms now, do you?
This is my church.
No, this is the church
we allow you to speak in.
I have quadrupled the money
that comes into this church.
I have the highest-rated
ministry on television.
Without me, this church
would be nothing!
What are you scared
of, L.C. huh?
Are you scared that
Roland just might upstage you?
You're good, you're
real good.
Are you serious?
Dead serious.
You know what,
I'll let
him preach.
You'll let him
And one more thing,
Yeah, what?
If you ever
physically touch me again
I know people that
will hurt you.
Oh, Deaconess.
That's my brother,
How you doing, man?
Heard you were
looking for me.
Yes, Joe, I have.
My Joey.
Joey... I really,
really appreciate you
not saying anything-
appreciate you.
Take it.
I don't
want that.
Joey, she... I heard
she's gonna be okay.
Thank God.
Just go on,
take it.
I don't want
that money.
Now just hold on a
minute, here, all right?
If you walk out that door,
you just keep on walking.
You are no longer
welcome at this church.
And leave my keys
on my desk!
Why don't you
think about this?
I could've taken you
places, Joey.
Come with me.
Come with me,
take it.
I pray to God I'm not
going to places you're going.
You keep that.
Just hold on minute,
hold on a minute,
just hold on a minute.
If you ever say
If you ever
say anything.
No one is ever gonna
believe you.
You hear me?
Good morning,
I said,
good morning, church.
Good morning!
We have a...
special guest
this morning.
Young man who's been here with
us for about 15 years and
went off to start his
own church, praise God.
We wanna welcome him back,
him and his lovely wife.
I want the church
to give him a big
First Baptist welcome.
For Pastor
Roland Braxton.
Come on up, Pastor.
I'm, uh...
truly blessed to be here
this morning.
When I agreed to come
back and, uh, preach here today,
it... it...
Take your time,
tell it!
...led me to reflect
on, uh...
all the things that
have transpired in, in
me and my beautiful wife,
Shirley's life
since we've been away.
And now I can
truly say that, uh...
I know now what it's
like to struggle.
But I wasn't
always in that place
of humility and
I was arrogant, I was
brash, I was impatient,
I was...
I had my own ideas of what
I should be doing.
In Proverbs, it says that, "men
may know wisdom and instruction,
"understand words
of insight.
instruction in wise dealing,
"righteousness, justice
and equity.
Yeah, yeah.
"The wise man also may hear
and increase in learning
and the man of
understanding acquire skill. "
It's just one of
the many lessons I've learned.
Come on, now.
I need you to
step down now, come on.
The Bible also says,
"Man is bowed down.
"And men are brought low.
"But the Lord of hosts
is exalted in justice.
"And the Holy God shows
himself holy in righteousness.
"He will raise a
"He will raise a
signal for a nation far off
"and whistle for it to
the ends of the earth.
None is weary,
none stumbles. "
Sit down.
You can sit down,
that wonderful?
Short and sweet.
Just like
I like it.
We wanna thank Pastor Roland
for his sermon today.
And I was moved.
By the reception of
this church!
For a man,
who quite frankly,
turned his back on his
and walked away.
From this church!
We made a scene that he
was off doing the Lord's work,
but that wasn't the case.
He wanted
his own church.
He wanted his own
Well, well.
And he couldn't achieve
that identity
in the shadows
of Dr. Cannon.
So he turned his back on all
of us and this church
and set out
on his own path
designed by the devil
So now he comes back
with his beautiful wife.
Crawling back!
a prodigal son.
Coming to save the house
and its riches!
You know the story.
your ass down!
Sit down, Rol.
Your knees are burning!
If God was truly
on your side
it would've
succeeded, Amen?
But it failed.
He failed.
You failed.
He's a loser.
He's an imposter
disguised as a Pastor.
He can't be sincere if he can't
be an undershepherd.
A true undershepherd.
If your heart is filled
with ego and greed, Roland.
God is so good.
God is so good.
God is so good.
Some of you have heard about
Nish Wilks being ill and, uh,
God sent some inspiring
But he wasn't
done with it.
We're done with you!
We can talk about this
after the service.
As I was saying,
God is there even when...
you think he isn't.
We want the truth.
Can you please escort
Brother Wilks out my church.
Young man, I am the Chairman
of the Board of the directors
of this church.
And I know you
know who runs this church.
Get down, L.C.
Listen, listen.
Tell 'em, L.C.
If you have one ounce of
decency left in you.
Tell them!
Tell them,
You tell them the truth
about how you used my daughter.
Hold on, hold on,
wait a minute, wait a minute.
I know we got cameras in here
but wait, one minute.
Wait, one minute.
The truth about
your daughter
getting pregnant by
a member of this church?
Tell them the truth
The truth about her terminating
one of God's children!
The truth,
you want the truth?
I'll give you the truth,
Brother Wilks.
The truth is
that my assistant Joey
is the father of that
terminated baby
and that's why he
is not here today so, yes.
You want the truth about
your daughter?
The truth of your
daughter is a whore.
Oh my God!
You wanna talk about
free will?
Son, I told you,
that you were no longer
welcome in this church,
my house!
The minister
is lying!
As God is my witness,
Minister Case
impregnated Nish.
I've given you
And you wanna stand here
and defame me and my character!
You know I am a
married man.
I drove a young woman that
you got pregnant
to an abortion clinic
where she almost died.
And then...
he asks me to say
that I was the father.
And I almost did.
You almost did.
Y'all finished?
There's cameras
in here.
As God is my witness, I don't
know what kind of reality show
is going on here,
Brother Wilks.
L'ma pray for you.
This young
man is bitter
because I let him go.
People, please.
don't be fooled
by this well-orchestrated
Roll the tape.
Roll the tape.
Wait, wait, this
is an abortion clinic.
Who am I
I wanna see you.
I want you inside
of me.
Nish'. You told Joey...
this is your responsibility.
Tum this off,
tum it off.
Tell them!
You're telling me that
you are not taking me
and you are asking
me to be reasonable?
Tum it off!
Tum it off!
I am human?
I am human,
all right, all right.
Wait a minute.
I am not
a thief.
I have made
a few mistakes.
It's over!
I can't get
no forgiveness?
You don't know what
you're doing.
You don't know
what you're telling me.
I brought you here and I've
made some mistakes.
I admit to them.
But I am
the best thing
that ever happened to you
in this church!
Shut up, shut up!
I am
the closest thing
you will ever get
to God!
Get off of me!
I built this church!
And I can't get
no forgiveness?
I can't get
no forgiveness?
Get him out of here!
You will love
me again.
The story of
Reverend Lawrence Case
should not be considered
to be an indictment
of the Black Church,
but rather an
indictment of man.
Greed, corruption, infidelity,
tax evasion, sex, deceit...
all can and do
rear their ugly heads
in virtually every facet
of our society.
From politics to
countries at war
to marriages and yes,
even to the pulpit.
They are but a few
of the infinite frailties
that define us
as a people.
A footnote.
Reverend Lawrence Case
is now serving time
for what
many are calling
the most significant tax
evasion case of the decade.
And while he may
be locked up,
he continues to do what he
does best and that is preach.
With good behavior, he is
expected to be released
in the summer
of 2015.
For "Hindsight,"
I'm Mike Rollins.
Good night
and God speed.