The Undertaker (1988) Movie Script

This is what I need today.
A flat!
Oh, this is great.
It's what you get when
you lend somebody a car.
Hello sweetheart,
having car trouble?
Uh, yes, I have a flat.
Uh, you need a man to
help you change a tire?
That would be wonderful,
but I don't have spare.
Well hop on, I'll give you
a ride to the gas station.
Well, I'm a little afraid
of this bike.
It'll be just like being
in your mother's arms.
Well, I guess I have no choice.
Just go slow.
Would you stop this goddamn
thing already please!
Where you going sweetheart?
Look, you said you were
going to take me
to a gas station, right?
You didn't take me to a gas station.
You took me for a nice
little ride, which I hated.
Now I can make my own way back.
Thank you very much.
But sweetheart, you didn't
pay me for the ride yet.
Look, I'm not gonna
pay you for anything,
YQU got that?
You asked me to go on this thing.
I didn't ask you.
And I hated it, goodbye.
Sweetheart, I don't
want money, lwant you.
- Oh yeah, yeah?
- Like hell!
May I help you?
Thank you for stopping.
That son of a bitch.
I hope I killed him.
Do you think you could
take me into town?
I would really appreciate it.
Of course.
You have a commitment
from the governor.
Oh, Jean be sure to get
a confirmation of that
at least two weeks in advance.
He's not the most reliable
person we know, right?
If that's it, Mayor, I'd like
to get back to the station.
You know I'm working on
that Mary Lawrence case.
Oh yes, a shame.
Any progress, Chief?
Not a damn thing.
Well the meeting is adjourned.
Thank you all, goodnight.
Good night.
Good night, good night.
Oh, oh Jean.
Thank you for staying late.
I hope I haven't spoiled
your plans for the evening.
No, not tonight.
I think I'm just gonna
crawl into bed early
and maybe read a little.
Oh, I wish I could do the same.
I'm gonna be here another
two hours at least.
Oh, do you mind typing
up the minutes for me
before you go?
Can do.
Ah, thank you again Jean.
Thank you.
Okay gentlemen,
you can take her out.
Uncle Chickie, did you
catch the jugs on that one?
You are one sick bastard.
Yeah, uh hi Doc.
No, no, no, no.
No, hm-mn, it's okay.
Ah, so it was a stroke?
Huh, yeah.
I agree, it is a shame, yeah.
Oh, by the way, Doc,
I got a release from the family.
So we can sent the body
over to Holland Mortuary
in the morning, okay?
Ybah, flghL.
Yeah, thanks for taking care of it.
Bye now.
Hi Mr. Holland,
got a delivery for you.
Sign this, please.
Nice day today, isn't it?
You wanna hurry up in there, please?
We got people dyin' to see us.
He ought to be talking to you.
I know he didn't mean me.
I'm sure you know now,
I never meant to hurt you.
You're always one of my favorites.
I just want you to look so beautiful
for the mayor and everybody.
After all, a promise is a promise.
Isn't that right, Mary?
What's a bride without a bridesmaid?
I'll be right back.
Not Hazel, I wasn't good enough.
Oh, my feet are killin' me.
Hazel, were you out
there a minute ago?
He's so ungrateful.
I mean he runs right by me,
just like I was nothin'.
He knocks me down.
Who are you talking about?
Nicky, of course.
He ran outta here just
before I came in.
Well, I know her.
She's the mayor's secretary.
They say it was a stroke.
It's all that damn smoking.
I'm tellin' ya.
Look, Hazel I have a lot
of work to do.
It's a shame, shame.
I have a lot of work to do Hazel.
All right, I'm goin', I'm goin'.
And some of these tribes
use this as a rite of passage
into the next world.
Um, excuse me, Miss Hayes.
Yes, David.
Yes, did they really, you know?
You mean did they ejaculate?
They believed that by
ejaculating into the corpse,
the man could take his
seed into the next world,
in case he dies in
battle with rival tribes,
and never had the opportunity
to father children.
That's sick.
Miss Hayes?
What if no one volunteers
for this great honor?
What if nobody dies?
Well, in that case they'd
have to have a sacrifice.
But that's murder, right?
I mean, come on, they kill somebody.
Yes, murder to us, but to
them it was a religious ritual,
and integral part of their culture.
Does it still go on?
Yes, in some of the occults
groups we read about today.
But you mean in Africa and Haiti,
voodoo and stuff like that.
It's a surprising fact
that according to statistics,
more cases of necrophilia
were reported
in the United States than
anywhere else in the world.
Well, that's all the
time we have today class.
Wait for me outside.
Miss Hayes?
I'm sorry,
I didn't mean to startle you.
It's all right,
what can I do for you?
Could we talk just a little
bit more about today's subject?
Oh, gee, I'm really sorry.
I'm in a bit of a rush.
Just a couple of minutes.
I really need to talk to someone.
It's kinda personal.
It's about this.
Yeah, I think so.
You think so?
Nick, what are you talking about?
Could you meet me tonight?
Nick I'm really flattered,
and I must admit that
was a novel approach,
but uh, I'm sorry.
Miss Hayes, I'm serious.
I think I have something
interesting to show you.
Nick, again, I'm sorry,
but I can't tonight.
All right, if you change
your mind let me know.
Where'd you wanna take me?
My Uncle's funeral home.
You know, that's not the best offer
I've had in a long time.
If I change my mind I'll let you know.
Good bye.
I thought you said you were
only gonna be a couple of minutes?
Sorry Angie, I had something
to discuss with Miss Hayes.
I'll bet.
Come on, I'll take you home.
Wait a minute.
I'm not going anywhere unless
you tell me what could be
so personal that you
could tell Miss Hayes
but you can't tell me.
Drop it Angela, all right.
I told you,
it has nothing to do with us.
It was a personal thing, all right.
When's it gonna get
personal between you and me?
I mean, I don't even
know when the last time
we made love is.
Angela drop it, all right.
I haven't got time for this.
If you're so unhappy with
me, find someone else.
Don't be afraid.
I'll be with you soon.
So I'm just getting into necrophilia
in my anthropology course.
- Necrophilia?
- Yeah.
- What?
- Ls that mandatory?
No, it is not mandatory.
But I like to cover everything.
May I finish?
Yes, go ahead.
Thank you.
So I have this one student,
Nick Leonard.
I don't know, you know him?
Yeah, nice buns.
That's him.
He comes to me after class
and he tells me
he'd like to show me something
relative to the subject.
Guess where he wanted to take me?
To his uncle's funeral home.
Sounds pretty kinky.
Not quite my speed.
Look Pam, do yourself a favor.
Don't give these guys any weird ideas.
They're already crazy enough.
You are absolutely right.
Well, I am going to go put
myself into some sweetness.
Miss Hayes?
' Yes.
Hi, it's Nicky.
Nick Leonard.
Look, I'm sorry to call you at home,
but I must see you.
Oh look, Nicky, I'm right
in the middle of something.
Can this wait 'til class?
No, it's just really important
that I meet you tonight.
Nick, look.
I'm really flattered, but
I, I don't think we ought to
go out of the bounds of the
student-teacher relationship.
You know, and besides,
I am seeing somebody.
No, it's nothing like that.
It's just that,
well, what I'm talking about...
Look, you gotta see it for yourself
or you're never gonna believe me.
Look, Nick.
Please, you gotta trust me.
Just give me 10 minutes.
I'm begging you.
Better not be some
sort of fraternity joke.
This is no joke.
Meet me at my uncle's
funeral home in 20 minutes.
Oh, and Miss Hayes.
' Yes.
The address is 242 Lamont Avenue.
Thanks Miss Hayes.
Thanks for coming Miss Hayes.
I really appreciate it.
We'd better hurry.
Hey, don't rush me.
I'm gonna tell you again,
this better not be a joke.
This is no joke.
Come on, he'll be back soon.
We'd better hurry.
So what?
Hey Nick, this, you know,
you're not gonna do something crazy?
No, but he is.
What do you mean?
Come on, I'll show you.
Be quiet, I don't wanna
wake up my aunt.
All right.
Nick, where the hell we going now?
My uncle's laboratory.
But be quiet.
Great, just great.
Wait here.
Wait here?
Oh great.
Nicolas, where are you going?
Damn, he must've put
the body in the coffin.
It must be upstairs.
Oh thank God for that,
now let's get the hell out of here.
I don't know why I let
you talk me into this
in the first place.
No wait, look, I know
you think I'm nuts,
but I can prove it.
Prove what?
He's an Undertaker.
Now, let's get the hell out of here.
What are you looking for now?
The photographs,
but I can't find them.
Roscoe, is that you?
What are you doing
working there so late?
Damn, that's my aunt.
Oh my God, if she tells him.
Come on.
Damn neighbors
changing everyday.
Now they're trying to rob the dead.
Come on.
sacred, nothing's sacred.
Pretty gory, huh?
Well you must
really like this movie, sir.
How many times have you seen it?
I know, I'm late again.
You're always late, Billy.
You made me go to
the movies by myself,
and then you pick me
up late, it's not fair.
I know, I know.
I promise it won't happen again.
You've been saying
that for how long now?
Thanks Nancy.
Sorry to call you on
such short notice.
It's all right, Mrs. Hudson.
Oh, and I'll probably
need you next week too.
I'm available.
Now you sure
you don't need a ride home?
I'm sure.
Thank you.
Good night, Nancy.
Good night.
I don't know why you're
crying, I learned this tonight.
You don't know what it's like
to never have a body warm and soft.
Like in the movie.
Sleep my love, sleep.
J1 Rock-A-Bye baby
No, Uncle Roscoe.
I don't want to.
I don't want to.
No, Uncle Roscoe.
You bastard.
You sick fucking bastard.
Oh Nicky,
can I be of some assistance
to you my dear boy?
You sick bastard.
You sick fucking perverted bastard.
Sick and perverted, Nicolas.
This is your uncle.
Since your mother died, and
your so-called father left you,
I sent you to school,
I remind you, Nicolas.
I'm surprised at you.
Miss Hayes said in school
today that people like you
should be put away.
Miss Hayes?
Some slut?
You'd take some sluts
word over your uncle,
who loves you?
Nicolas, you're breaking my...
- Loved me?
- Yes.
You never loved me.
Yes I do.
You're breaking my heart.
I'll kill you for what you did.
I'll kill you for what you did!
Do you know about
pressure points Nicolas?
On, Nicky.
Nicolas, you've been a very
big disappointment to me.
But there's someone
I want you to meet.
It's your Aunt Nancy.
She's precious, isn't she?
Look at her Nicolas, look at her.
Don't worry, Nick.
She'll be joining you
on that long journey.
I'm just going to put you to sleep.
Don't be afraid.
Calm yourself.
Do you think Uncle Roscoe
would hurt you Nicholas?
I love you.
What is this?
Jesus Christ!
Oh my God!
Have you seen Nick Leonard today?
No, but that's not unusual.
I don't have him in any
of my classes this year.
Hm, he didn't show up for
mine, and he never misses.
What do you have the hots
for this guy or something?
You have got a one-track mind.
Why, thank you.
I am just a little
concerned after last night.
I think it's a little weird, you know.
Uh, I gotta go, it's late.
- I'll see ya later.
- See ya later.
Mary Lawrence who
disappears about a week ago.
Or the Bowen kid, who
disappears last night.
Too much of a coincidence, right?
Well, what's our next move, Chief?
I don't know what the
hell we got going on here.
We better call in the state police.
- Let's go.
- All right.
Hang in there, okay.
You'll be all right, alright?
You hang in there.
So, you think there's
some connection between this
and the disappearance
of the two girls?
Look, the Bowen girl was
as reliable as the sunrise.
And the other kid, Mary Lawrence,
not the type to just take off.
Well the coroner can
pinpoint age, sex,
method, blood type.
If what you found belongs
to one of those two girls,
we'll know soon enough.
So, we can assume we're
dealing with a psycho.
Probably a drifter.
Nah, no 'cause a drifter
wouldn't stay long.
You know, he's too noticeable
in a small town like this.
And those disappearances
were a week apart.
How 'bout a college kid?
Ain't never had any
trouble with 'em before.
They can't even drink here.
This town's dry.
Well, let's not get too
far ahead of ourselves.
Let's see what the coroner has to say.
I got the paperwork all cleared up.
This whacko is following
this picture scene by scene.
This movie's his MO.
You gonna start using
that police jargon again?
If you wanted to be a cop
you should've taken the test.
Hey look Louise,
you think just because
I'm a security guard, it
means I can't solve a crime?
I can't make arrests?
Listen Sherlock,
I've got work to do.
Oh come on Louise,
take a look at it.
Let's just look at the murder scene.
One, we got a gruesome murder.
Blood scattered everywhere.
There are pieces of guts
and intestines laying scattered about.
Listen, I just, I just ate.
Why don't you go talk to
the projectionist, okay?
I'm sure he's seen it
more times than you.
Oh now, Louise, I always
thought you were brighter
than the rest of these hicks.
I mean, let's look, even the
missing bodies are in here.
And let me tell ya something Louise,
this guy's been in this theater,
and he's seen this
picture five or six times.
And you know what?
He's coming back.
Roscoe dear, it was a beautiful
funeral you did, you know.
You made it look so peaceful.
Thank you, Hazel.
And the mayor and
his wife both commented
how natural she looked.
You know, just the
other day I was thinking
how the neighborhood
has changed, you know,
with the scene in the park,
and those kids trying to break in.
What kids, break in where Hazel?
Well, it slipped my mind.
What, what are you are
you talking about Hazel?
I remember now.
I heard voices coming
from your laboratory,
and I went there, and
I thought it was you.
But as I turned on the light,
I saw this young woman
running out the back door.
Did you call the police, Hazel?
No I didn't.
Nothing was missing.
You think I should have?
Administration, Mrs. Thomas speaking.
Yes, Chief, sorry.
How can I help you?
Yes, I know it's here somewhere.
Bear with me.
I found it, Chief.
Let's see.
Oh that's Hayes.
H-A-Y-E-S, right Chief?
Pamela Hayes.
165 Clermont Avenue.
165 Clermont.
Yes, thank you.
Thank you very much.
You moron.
Angela, how ya doin'?
Hi, Mr. Holland.
Is Nicky here?
No, the last time I
saw him he was with you.
I haven't seen him since yesterday.
We had a fight.
He's not at his apartment.
Did you go there?
Did you call him?
Well don't worry about it.
We've always been very
high-strung in the family,
but I'm sure that when I see him
I can get you kids back
together again.
Thank you.
Will you have him call me?
I certainly will.
Where are those matches?
Hey Pam, you wanna
grab those paper towels
in the back seat of the car?
Yeah, I got 'em.
Well naturally I thought there
was some kind of connection
between necrophilia and his uncle.
God, I hope he calls me tomorrow.
My curiosity is driving me crazy.
Well, you think we
should call the police?
And tell them what?
We don't have any proof of anything.
I'm not even sure
if Nick was involved.
Look we'll talk about it tomorrow.
I'll see you in the morning, okay?
Yeah, night Man.
Did you hear the phone?
Jesus Christ, you
scared the hell outta me.
It's your mom.
I'll be right there.
Next time, Miss Hayes.
Next time.
Hey, come in Joe!
How ya doin', Doc?
Said you had something to show me.
This is one for the books,
my friend.
What makes this one so different?
The bits of tissue I examined,
are those of a woman between
the ages 15 to 20 years of age.
As you probably know,
the person stops bleeding
when the heart stops.
Now, judging by the way
the blood coagulated,
the girl was alive when
she was disemboweled.
Son of a bitch.
It get worse.
Aspetta, it get worse.
There are traces of semen
on the intestine tissue.
I think I'm gonna be sick.
Well I'll get this down to them now
and, will you do me a favor, Doc?
What's a matter, Joe?
Would you get rid of the jacket.
I'm dying with the heat.
Oh, yeah, sorry.
In this job you get
used to everything!
It's all your fault Nicolas.
All your fault!
Well you'll just have to wait
my dear boy.
But not you, my sweet.
I found a suitable companion
for your safe journey.
Don't worry.
You know, I'm quite harmless.
That's it.
This ain't my idea of fun excercise.
Oh, I'm so glad you said that.
I quit.
I'm dying of thirst.
Let's get you some water.
Oh Christ.
Look at him, Tarzan of the Apes.
Does he have that kind
of energy where it counts?
Oh, and then some.
You know Professor Wilson,
even when I was your
student, I never liked you.
She said it's not
unusual for guys Nick's age
to take off like that.
You don't buy that, do you?
Sure don't.
So, why don't you call the police?
And tell them what?
That I think Nick's uncle may
have done something to him,
because he showed me his laboratory?
Oh yeah right.
I can see them coming
to arrest me now.
Well if you're not gonna
call the police
then why don't you just
forget about it?
You know, you are really amazing.
Can't you see that there
just might be some connection
between all these girls
that are disappearing
in town and Nick?
And what about Mrs. Pavelock, huh?
Next door for Christ's sake?
Did it ever occur to
you, just occur to you,
that Nick just might
be telling the truth
about his uncle, huh?
Well then call the
fucking police already?
Why don't you make up your mind?
All right, drop it.
Here comes Kevin.
What, quitters?
No pain, no gain.
Hey, where's Stan?
I thought he was joining us.
Stan's forte is indoor sports.
Hey, you guys are coming
to dinner with us tonight,
aren't you?
No, we can't.
Stan's working late tonight.
I'm gonna meet him later
at his apartment.
But you guys will survive
without us, right?
Oh, I think we will survive.
And if we don't, what a way to go.
You didn't get the windshield.
- Sorry Mr.
- Holland, I'll get it now.
Let's see where you go.
Very clever Mr. Holland, very clever.
Who else would have an easier
time getting rid of bodies?
Christ, I'll be the biggest
thing to hit this town since...
I need proof, proof.
Oh, and what an invitation.
Look at this.
A funeral.
Bunch of hypocrites.
Oh now Roscoe,
why would you say that?
Are you kidding, Hazel?
Sorry for your gain.
They always hated the bastard.
What a sense of humor you have,
I know, Hazel.
Well, can I help you, young man?
Oh no, I'm fine.
I guess I'm a little bit shaken up
over the death of my friend.
I can understand that.
Would you like to sit for a while?
No, I'm fine.
It seems like my wife
is a little bit late.
You know, I really hate these things.
I can understand,
but unfortunately it's
one of life's realities.
I'm sure that you would
be more comfortable
if you came inside.
Much cooler, we have air conditioning.
Oh no, I'm fine.
Just stay out here,
until my wife arrives.
Well then you wouldn't
mind if I went back inside.
I have a lot of people waiting for me.
Thank you and God bless you, son.
Roscoe, dear, is that
young man all right?
Yes Hazel, he became quite ill.
He had to leave.
Well, perhaps he'll
feel better tomorrow.
I'm sure he will.
All right.
Mary Lawrence disappears.
No sign of foul play.
And a good kid.
And the Bowen kid, Nancy.
Disappears a few blocks from her home.
Somebody give her a ride?
Well according to Mrs. Hudson,
she declined a ride with her.
Now of course she could've
been picked up by a school chum
butnah, nah.
All her classmates were
at home at the time.
Someone knew she was babysitting.
Waiting for her?
Or she was the victim
of opportunity.
Some guy comes cruising
along, late at night.
She's a girl, walking alone.
He's gotta be one sick bastard
to do what he did to that kid.
I'll tell ya something
else that's bothering me.
Yeah, what?
Mrs. Pavelock.
Blood splattered all over
the inside of her home.
Now we either have too many
acts on our hands,
or this guy's changed his pattern.
Excuse me.
Yeah, Chief Banes.
No, it's gotta be the same guy.
Because he's still taking
away the bodies.
Where are the bodies?
Could be he's branchin' out.
Just got a call from a gal
who's boyfriend
is missing since Wednesday.
College kid, name's Nick Leonard.
Same night the Bowen kid disappeared.
Yeah, same
night as the Bowen kid.
Hey, come on Louise,
can you hurry it up?
What's up with you?
You gotta hot date or something?
No, I got some
important things to do,
so if you wouldn't mind.
I'm going.
Good bye, Louise.
Yeah, good night.
What the fuck you trying to do?
I only wanted some
change for cigarettes, man.
You know you could've
gotten yourself killed.
Now get outta here.
Tonight I show these small town hicks
what a real detective is.
And Mr. Holland you're gonna help me.
I know, I know Jenny, but...
You must be patient.
I've been very, very busy.
Oh, Nicolas.
Come on baby, wanna talk about it?
Oh, I just can't get
this off my mind.
Poor Jenny next door.
I'm really worried.
Maybe Mandy was right.
Maybe we should call the police.
That's what they're there for.
And what if we're wrong.
What if there's no connection.
Isn't that what you
really wanna know?
You're right.
I love you.
I love you.
Listen, listen,
I'm gonna call her.
Call her
tomorrow, she's with Kevin.
Look I gotta call her tonight,
or else I gotta go home.
All right, give her a call.
Yeah, I hope I'm not
interrupting anything.
Mandy, what do you want?
Everything I can get.
You better believe it.
Yeah, sounds like I'm the
one that's interrupting you.
What's up?
Well, if you really wanna know.
Mandy, why did you call?
Well I guess I was
just a little worried
about this thing with you and Nicolas.
Who's Nicolas?
Well I think you'll
really be proud of me.
I finally made a decision
to call the police.
Yeah, you did?
That's really great.
So I guess you won't miss me
if I don't come home
'til tomorrow, huh?
I'll see you when I see you.
Enjoy yourself.
Okay, bYe-
You better be ready
to finish me, stud.
Roscoe dear,
here's your tea and biscuits.
Oh, thanks Hazel.
You know Mrs. Harrah called.
She said they'll be
delivering Mr. Harrah today.
Who is he?
Oh, you remember him.
Ah, you know, he was the
one you used to laugh at
because his name is the same
frontwards and backwards.
And you know, she said you
should put his hairpieoe on,
or his friends won't recognize him.
Look Hazel, I would appreciate if,
I have a lot of work to do,
if you'd just
leave me alone for a bit.
All right dear, I'll go upstairs
and do what I have to do,
I have work too.
Okay dear, take care of yourself.
I have work to do.
Yes, that's right.
163 Clermont.
Thanks Inspector.
They'll be here in 15 minutes.
I heard.
Are you sure we're
doing the right thing?
Yeah, I mean, at least
it'll be out of your hands.
You got nothing to lose.
Nothing to lose but my
credibility as a teacher.
They'll keep it confidential.
Honey, not in this town.
Thanks again, Miss Hayes.
We'll look into it right away.
Let you know if it amounts
to anything, all right?
Thank you.
By the way,
how do we find this place?
Make a left at the light
and a right two lights down.
Thank you, you've been very helpful.
How well did you know Mrs. Pavelock?
We had a nodding acquaintance.
We said hello when we saw her.
Thank you.
Pavelock, coincidence or mistake?
Could be.
She teaches these kids
about necrophilia
in an anthropology course
and then gets spooked by it herself.
Unless she unwittingly
triggered some sick mind
into doing all this.
You think it's this kid, Leonard?
I'll tell you what I think, partner,
I think she is one lucky lady.
And if the aunt didn't
come along when she did,
I think we'd be looking for
our Miss Hayes right about now.
Roscoe dear.
What is it, Hazel.
Two nice gentlemen
friends to see you.
Would you come in?
Please be seated.
You have my ear.
Sincere condolences, a
loved one has passed?
Oh no sir, nothing like that.
We'd like to ask you a few
questions if you don't mind.
Would your gentlemen
friends like some tea?
No thank you ma'am,
we won't be long.
Well then I'll be
leaving now, dear Roscoe.
Thanks, Hazel.
I guess you're here
about Nicky, right?
That's right, son.
Police officers and we've
been lead to believe
that you know about your
nephew's whereabouts.
Well I guess you'll
find out sooner or later,
so I might as well tell you now.
Find out what son?
About Nicolas.
I promised I would be silent,
but I guess I should tell you.
He was helping to dig and,
he's just a kid,
but what he did to these bodies.
It was incredible.
That's why he brought her
here that night.
He came to me and he told me,
he begged me for some money, you know.
He said it was an accident.
It was no accident.
I found out the next day
it wasn't an accident.
I'll get on the radio and
get an APB out
on this guy right now Bobby.
He was my dearly
departed sister's only son,
and I just couldn't tell anybody.
What was I supposed to do, oh God.
Excuse me.
I'm sorry.
Wait, is Hazel out there?
No, we're
alone here, Mr. Holland.
Okay, I don't want her to know.
Thank you, Officer.
Poor Nick, you know.
He didn't mean it.
He was...
He was abused when he was a kid.
And what he did to these poor,
oh Momma.
Please calm down, sir.
You won't hang Nicky if
you find him, will you?
Where does that door lead, sir?
That's uh,
my laboratory.
Do you mind if we take a look?
Certainly not.
I'll show you.
Oh Nicky...
Officer Barry.
This is the laboratory.
Where does that door lead,
Mr. Holland?
Through the courtyard, Officer.
And this one here?
Hall, the hallway.
And this one over here, sir?
Oh, uh, that's the storage closet.
I'll get the key,
it's not open, Officer.
It's open, Sir.
Oh, is it?
I though you said this
was a storage closet.
It's Nick.
It's not, it's a storage cellar.
Mind if I go down?
No, not at all.
Nicky, there's some
gentlemen here to see you.
I'll be right back.
Officer Barry's in the washroom,
would you like some tea?
Oh, uh, no, no, it's fine.
A cold beverage perhaps?
Yeah, something diet'd be nice.
Hm, okay.
No, I don't feel like
making dinner tonight.
I'm leaving Stan's
house in a few minutes.
I'll bring a pizza.
No, don't.
I wanna go down and try
to speak to Nick's aunt.
Are you crazy?
What if his uncle is there?
Look, the police never
called me back,
like they said they would.
They probably never even
went down there.
I've gotta find out.
Just wait for me.
I'm going with you, okay?
Fuck this.
No, I'm at the hospital.
I just, I was on my way out,
and I couldn't wait for
these cops anymore
to tell me what was going
on with this guy, Nick,
so I just thought
I would go over there
and check it out for myself
and this guy ran a stop,
it wasn't my fault.
He ran the stop sign.
All right, listen, can
you just pick me up here?
All right that'd be great.
I guess I'll wait outside.
- Bye.
- Dr. Jorgenson report
to emergency stat.
Son of a bitch.
I gotta be outta my fucking mind.
What am I doing here?
Looking into my parlor
there's a spider
and a fly.
Oh no!
Thanks for the tea.
And for coming to pick me up.
Don't mention it.
You know that accident was
probably a sign telling me
to stay home and mind my own business.
By the way, where's Mandy?
I don't know, should be here by now.
Maybe she went to pick up some chow?
Oh yeah, she did mention
something about pizza.
I told you gentlemen, your
patience shall be rewarded.
It's show time.
Look what I've got.
It's marvelous.
Comes in very handy.
Do I hear a plea?
Are you begging for mercy?
Is that drama?
As I end my refrain,
I press down.
No applause?
Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk.
You don't seem to be their cup of tea.
Perhaps Pamela would be.
Well, my dear,
I guess that's show biz.
Well, hello Miss Hayes.
Mandy, you've been a
great deal of help to me.
Oh Nicky,
we're going to meet Miss Hayes.
Business hasn't been good lately.
What with these, all these
vitamins that people are taking,
and the Surgeon General's
warning about smoking,
the silly driving without
drinking laws,
I haven't been able to
ship you out that fast.
I guess I'll have to
drum up some business.
You awake?
Come on, you're not going
to sleep on me, are you?
Mm, let me sleep.
Come on, I got a great idea.
I'll be right back.
Kevin, you clutz,
what did you break now?
You bitch.
You ought to run.
Soon you'll be joining all your
friends, my darling.
But first there's a little
service you must perform.
A gesture, you might say,
for the problems you
caused Nicolas and me.
N, N, very good.
Very good,
Now I forgive you.
Now I forgive you!
[Chiefl Break it in.
God damn.
Oh God.
As I promised you gentlemen,
you'll all have travelling companions.
And you lovely, Mandy,
will be back with Pamela again.