The Unfolding (2016) Movie Script

The most stunning, haunting location
that I've ever... I've ever been to.
- I can't wait to see it.
- Yeah, seriously?
So you want to do it? We're making
good time. We may as well do it.
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
Maybe we should build a house up here.
- Too little, too late...
- Can you hold on a second?
- I'm just going to listen to this.
- the point of no return.
The Black Swan is visible
on the horizon,
and the risk of purposeful nuclear war
right now is as high, or higher
than ever before, discounting
the accidental possibilities.
I'm sure it will blow over.
Yeah, it's all right.
It'll be alright in the end.
But... it's not the most
comforting thing
to wake up to first thing
in the morning.
Eh! Uuh!
- That's my explorer pose for you there.
- Thank you very much, Rose.
- Okay.
- All right.
- Do you want me to do my explorer walk?
- Er, yes.
That's the one! That's the one
I wanted to see.
Look how fast the clouds
are moving over there.
I know, they move really quickly.
Weather is gonna turn any minute.
- No bears in Dartmoor?
- No bears.
- You're a bear.
- What?!
- You're a bear.
- You're a cute little cuddly bear.
It is absolutely breathtaking.
This is amazing.
I'm rooting for you.
You've got a wet bum.
You didn't say, "Be careful, love."
Yeah, and that too!
There you are!
- Wooooh!
- Yeah!
You look so small.
You're the "King of the World!"
Now get back down here.
- I love you, Rose!
- Yeah, shut up!
Whoever said romance was dead?
Woah! His hat.
His leg.
- Hi, darling. Did you enjoy your climb?
- Yeah.
Wow! Look at that mist.
Tam, darling, we're going to have a real
adventure getting back to the car.
This mist is really thick. I...
Do you know where the path is?
What's that?
Do you see it? At the top of the rock?
What is that? It looks like...
It looks like a dog.
It looks like a black dog.
I feel really weird.
Where did it go?
It's weird, isn't it?
Tam, can we please just go?
Come on, let's get back to the car.
- What are you looking at?
- I thought there was someone up there.
So strange.
Ever heard of the "Wisht Hound?"
Yeah, whatever, Tam.
Can we just get off the moor?
I hope we're not lost.
Me, too.
Perhaps we should phone
the Professor or...
Arrange to come back another day.
Because we're just driving
around in the dark.
Yeah, but we're going to get
there in the end, so don't...
Right, crossroads.
I don't know if it's
the right time to say,
but there is a lot of
history to this house.
We're only staying for the one night?
Er, Phillip wants us to be there
for at least 24 hours.
There's so much we could get done
if this place is what they say it is.
I'm getting a little bit
bored with this road.
It doesn't even look like
a road, it looks like a path.
Caked on either side with boulders.
Tam, I don't think we're
going the right way...
- This could be it here.
- Yeah, you sure?
Are you okay, Rose?
Are you feeling all right?
No, but...
...indicates that it's
completely out of control
and the command and control
is in chaos right now.
No, we're threatening
a Third World War by even thinking...
Hi, mate. I'm Tam.
I spoke to you on the phone.
- Oh, hi.
- Hi, mate.
Excuse me.
Really sorry we're late.
We got caught on Hound Tor.
That place is pretty spooky.
- Yeah.
- Hello.
Erm, this is Rose. Tam.
Hi, hi.
I'm afraid we've got to shoot, actually.
We're gonna get out of here now.
If we could just record
your experiences.
I know we said we'd do an interview.
It's all this stuff kicking off, like.
Just feel like I've got
to get back to the family.
Can't spend another night in that place.
It gives us the creeps.
Please don't go.
We've driven a long way.
It would mean a very great deal to me.
Basically, I've got this one project
that I really need to...
- Sorry, man. Gotta go.
- Please.
There are the keys.
You stay there if you want.
But we've gotta go. Gotta go now.
Sorry, guys...
We can't stay here though.
Rose, we've got to stay
one night at least.
No, Tam! We can't stay here.
They've gone.
It's not our house.
Okay, I've got the camera rolling
for the grand entrance.
- That's all your equipment, isn't it?
- Mm-hm.
So... this is your, erm,
romantic weekend away?
It was never a romantic weekend.
- I've gotta get some work done.
- Have my wellies as well.
- Perfect!
- Are we going to explore or what?
Tam, I'm really scared.
- Do you want me to go first?
- Yeah.
Oh, God, that's grim!
- Oh, it makes me sad.
- Oh, God, that's...
- It does look really sad.
- There's a ladybird on it.
Don't touch it! God,
this place is amazing, isn't it?
What if I put that in
the bed just before...
Oh, please don't. I would
never forgive you.
Shall we get some more light in here?
- There you go.
- Oh, that's better.
Right, well, let's cozy down.
They're watching you.
- Okay, Tam.
- Romantic evening?
Whatever you say.
- Can you hold my torch for me?
- Mm-hm.
Cool, it's done.
Okay. Good job.
Hi, camera.
Off you go exploring.
I'm down here.
If you're wondering where we're
going to be sleeping this evening.
Yes, I am.
There we are! You're on the top.
I'm on the bottom.
No, I'm only joking.
I've found the guest room!
- Are you filming my bum?
- Yeah.
Well, you're showing me
your bum, so I'm filming it.
Ah! Are you coming to join me?
Am I making this appealing for you?
- Anyway, I'm going to sleep now.
- Yeah.
So we can monitor and record
live video and audio from here.
And I've got EVP audio analysis set up.
Yea, electronic voice phenomena.
We also have infrared night vision
and motion sensor detectors via email.
I've been itching to test this stuff.
This place is perfect.
I would remind you that the threat
of the use of nuclear weapons
constitutes a violation of
the Charter of the United Nations.
There is only one question
that needs to be
asked and it needs to be asked urgently.
How can pre-emptive nuclear attack
as a permissible war...
God, it's really getting bad, isn't it?
It couldn't happen though, could it?
A nuclear war?
We don't need nuclear ambitions.
What we need are limitations
and reductions on all nuclear weapons.
There's, er, there's something
strange about this place.
Some kind of atmosphere.
Come on!
That's totally disgusting.
Please get rid of it for me.
- I put it there in the first place.
- No, you didn't!
Now just...
Woooo, hooo. Get in. Get in.
- All right.
- It's really cold.
Is this you warming me up?
Feel how cold my hands are.
Just one more night.
Just one more night.
We'll go back tomorrow.
More hounds.
God, Tam, this place really is
out in the middle of nowhere.
It's like we're on the edge of
the world. I want to go home.
It feels like the house is watching us.
That's just your imagination.
Come on. Let's explore the grounds.
They're very sweet.
And sour.
We have to address this threat
right now while we are alive.
Can you put that on the side? Thanks!
- Who gave that to you?
- My mum.
- Your mum? What is it?
- An owl.
Nothing. Not a peep.
Well, let's pack up after
breakfast and leave.
Thank God!
Do you think you can drop
me at my parents' place?
Okay, okay.
Jesus, look at this.
What the hell happened in here?
Oh, my God!
This is just amazing.
This is right below us, Tam,
and we didn't hear a thing.
How is that even possible?
Was there someone in the house?
Did you check the rooms?
Tam, did you check the rooms? Tam?
No, I haven't. I'll do that...
What if whoever did this
is still in the house?
Jesus! I cannot believe I didn't
set the camera up in here.
What a waste!
Tam, I can't believe you're
thinking about that right now.
Whoever did this could
easily have hurt us as well.
Isn't that a bit weird, that
somebody just destroyed the kitchen?
I'm going to check
the rest of the house.
I'll clean up then, shall I?
Faith will be.
Faith... will be.
Well, we've got to stay on and
hope to record the same thing again.
If I could get that on camera.
Tam, this morning I heard something.
In the kitchen.
It was the strangest thing, like...
A whispering in my ear.
- And then...
- What was it, Rose?
I heard a baby.
I heard a baby crying, but...
It wasn't the normal crying of a child.
If you imagined what a child
in pain sounded like,
that was the noise I heard.
Can you read a name?
No, it's too weather worn.
It looks really sad.
What are they doing out here
in the middle of nowhere?
Look, there's another one here.
I think, in the bag, yeah.
All our things!
Check the house.
Check your handbag.
I don't think there's anything missing.
There's either someone
else in the house or...
- There has to be.
- This is it. We've got evidence.
Shit! It didn't record it.
I don't think the most important thing
at this moment is your camera.
I feel hugely violated. Why would
someone do this to our stuff?
I don't understand. If there's nothing
missing, if they didn't take anything,
then why did they just wreck the room?
Tam, please, can we not stay here?
I don't want to stay here any more.
I really want to go home.
- Can you smell candle wax?
- Yeah, I can.
It was definitely in our room.
Oh, God!
That was some night, wasn't it?
- I've got some, er, interesting data.
- We tried.
- But a hell of an experience.
- Ssh!
There's someone outside the door.
Who you gonna call?
All right, guys?
Why didn't you tell us
you were coming?!
I tried to call.
Got no reception, obviously.
Well, I thought I could come and
lend a hand. Get some country air.
You scared the shit out of us.
We'll spare you the details!
- Oh, my God!
- How you doing?
- Good. How are you?
- All right.
What the f...?
- Yeah.
- There's some serious energy in here.
- This isn't coming out.
- Is it not?
It's incredible, isn't it, Harv?
Yeah, I've got to ask you,
Harv. I mean...
...none of this was you, was it?
What do you mean?
You know, things are pretty
serious in the outside world.
This isn't your way of, sort of,
lightening things up, is it?
You seriously think I could
do something like that?
No, it wasn't me.
I know how seriously you
take your research.
- Check this out.
- Shit!
I've never seen anything like it before.
It's frozen solid.
Why is it frozen here?
Why is it frozen down in this bit?
- No idea.
- Check it out. It goes all the way up.
- What do you make of it?
- The system isn't even on.
It's just not possible.
You tell me.
Well, I did some checks on
the house before I arrived.
And, er, yeah, the house is built on
top of several magnetic fault lines.
That's often the case in
areas of high activity.
But there's just no definitive line
between geology and psychic events.
Yeah, but then what about radon gas?
It's mostly visual hallucinations,
but this is not what we've having here.
It's far beyond that.
It's a sign of something.
Or a warning.
Come on, Rose.
Harvey only just got here.
Let him stay at a least for a night.
We'll stay for one more night.
Look, I've always wanted
him on a research trip
and he might have some
very valid observations.
No, it's not for Harvey, it's for you.
Okay, it's for me, fine.
You know, we've never had the
freedom that we've got here, ever.
Usually, there are residents,
employees, hoaxers, for God's sake.
Look, it's fine. I just wish
you'd tell me the truth.
I can stay another day or so.
All right?
And having no other defence,
they'll deploy "Launch on Warning".
We are sleepwalking to suicide.
Everyone's so worried about
what's going to happen all the time.
Yeah, well.
Everyone will just be able to
laugh about the whole situation.
It's part of the media.
It's what they do.
It's the media.
So everyone just needs to calm
down and it will all be fine.
- Yeah?
- Are you all right?
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
Yep. Fine.
- Get some rest.
- I'm going to get some rest.
- Okay, pal.
- I'll see you in the morning.
- Yeah, nice.
- Rose.
Night, Harv.
Thanks a lot, anyway, Tam.
I didn't sleep a wink last night.
Cos you were pacing up and down,
up and down.
Don't you even sleep?
What were you doing?
What do you mean, Harv? Neither of
us got up after hitting the hay.
- Come on, I heard you.
- No, serious! We didn't.
Must mean there's someone
else in the house.
How many of these bloody cameras have
you got, Tam? They're everywhere.
This may sound crazy,
but that plant was just moving.
Moving? Are you sure it wasn't
a draught? It's by a window.
No, no, no. I mean moving, as in,
somebody was... tending to it.
It was... it was weird.
- What's that?
- It's an EMF detector.
- Let me see.
- No jokes, right?
No jokes, no jokes.
- This is crazy.
- I'm telling you, Harv.
Hi, there!
You fucking arsehole!
Jesus Christ!
- Shit!
- What?
What, What, what?
There's something on the stairs.
Right there. Did you see it?
- No...
- Right in here.
Right here.
I can't tell if it's
this house or if it's you.
Couldn't be me.
Rose. Rose, I saw something
on the stairs.
Rose, I saw something on the stairs.
I actually saw it.
- What did you see?
- It was like a... like a shimmering.
Sort of a grey shimmering.
I know. I saw it. It's been there
half an hour or so.
You saw it, too?
Well, why didn't you tell me?
We could have
recorded it. We could
have got some footage.
I want to leave, Tam. I'm sorry.
I can't stay here any longer.
- Can we just go, please?
- I'm not going to leave.
Rose, this place has every chance
of being a genuine haunting.
Is it just obsession with all this stuff
or is it partly disinterest in me?
Oh, Rose.
Why would you say
this to me now, here? Why?
I mean, have you got
any idea how hard it is to
get funding for postgraduate
study in this field?
Have you any idea whatsoever?
- Jesus, Rose, we discussed this.
- I think things have changed a bit
since we discussed that, Tam.
Have you even noticed
what's going on out there? I mean...
Nothing we can do. Nothing.
Harvey's right. What can
ordinary people do? Sit and wait.
There is someone else
in the house, Tam. I saw her.
I know. On the stairs,
this afternoon, you said.
No, that wasn't her.
I saw her outside.
I'm sure it was here.
Are sure? Really?
It was here, Tam. There was
a beautiful flower garden.
It's gone.
You don't believe me, do you?
Well, I don't see any
beautiful flower garden.
- What are they?
- They look like high-altitude bombers.
- God, I just hope they're on exercise.
- Bloody hell.
What's going on?
Oh, God! There was someone there.
Jesus Christ!
- There's no one there.
- Oh! There was.
- Calm down.
- There was someone there.
Wait, wait, wait.
What was that?
I've fucking had it with this guy.
I think we should stay up here.
Oh... look at this.
Oh, shit.
He's in here.
- He's in here, he's in here.
- Yeah.
You ready?
Fucking right I am.
- Oh, God!
- What the fuck is that?
It's literally freezing in here.
- Jesus! Go!
- Where's it gone?
What was that?
There is power to the house.
So these power cuts...
I just can't explain them.
There it is again.
I've never seen anything
like this before in my life.
The way it got in. It's coming again,
it's coming again.
And it's the same in here.
The temperature's just...
- Just dropped.
- Just dropped instantly.
The crisis becomes financial M,
as share prices drop.
The Dow Jones and Nikkei down
a further 30 percent.
Harvey! Harvey!
There's someone right behind you.
I know, I know, Rose.
He's just touched my arm.
I can feel it.
Something moving around us.
We didn't imagine that. No.
- It's warm in here, guys.
- God, Tam, you missed it.
Missed what? Harvey?
I've never been so scared in my life.
- Right, that's it.
- Jesus, I'm sweating.
- I'm calling the Professor.
- Eh?
- No, Tam, we have to leave.
- There's something happening here.
Harvey feels it. I'm calling
the Professor and that's that.
This is rare, honestly.
You don't get this.
Thanks, Tam.
Thanks a lot.
The Black Swan is already
over the horizon.
She is approaching.
She will arrive in a matter of days.
She will then lay her offspring.
- Where's Harv?
- Huh?
- Where's Harv?
- Not sure.
Just trying to get his stuff down.
Nothing has recorded yet.
Hi, matey. How you doing?
I can't stay here any more, Tam.
Because of last night?
Harv, what's wrong?
I saw Sam last night.
Sam? You saw Sam?
I'm sorry. Sam?
When I was 14, my...
My brother was killed in an accident.
He was, er...
Cycling home and he was hit by a car,
and it killed him instantly.
One minute he was there
and the next he was gone.
Oh, God, Harv, I'm so sorry.
Are you sure it wasn't a dream?
He was there.
He was stood there. He was trying to...
He was talking to me.
What did he say, Harv?
He said that he wanted to help,
but he couldn't and soon
it wouldn't matter anyway.
Okay, Harv. Just relax, okay?
Why don't we just wait for
the Professor to get here
and we'll see what he thinks
and we'll take it from there.
- It's just this house.
- I know, I know.
Airstrikes need to be ramped up.
Meanwhile, Germany has come under fire
for abstaining on the UN's vote
to commit military assets,
for fear of being sucked into a war.
That's him.
Morning, Professor.
- Remember Rose?
- Hi again.
Hi, Rose.
This is Harvey Waller,
an old friend of mine.
Just joined us to have
some fun at our expense.
- Well, that's a good use of resources.
- Well, that was the idea.
- And you are a...?
- A Geophysicist.
Oh, good. Well, welcome aboard, Harvey.
Well, Tam and myself
did discuss the fault lines.
Well, there is another theory
to take into account.
That a form of energy, a sub-microwave
level radiation,
is released by the fault,
and that, in some way, interacts
with the human neural system.
Does it make us more psychic
or does it make us hallucinate?
It's impossible to be
certain at this point.
Well, Professor, a day ago,
I would have laughed at such a theory.
But now?
There's definitely
something in this house.
What is your actual field, Professor?
Astronomy, although I do have a very
healthy interest in the paranormal.
Astronomy, wow!
But I don't see a connection.
Well, the universe is
a complicated place.
And the more we study it,
the less we seem to understand it.
I've just spent many years
pondering time and space,
and so I suppose I've
come to a conclusion that
perhaps humans might exist, operate,
independently of time and space.
Which leaves me to wonder if
perhaps we can't also operate
independently of mortality.
You're talking about ghosts, aren't you?
The human mind is
a force in this universe,
which we know very little about.
Did you manage to get all this on film?
- None of it.
- Ah.
As regards The Tor, I have heard
of similar events, of course.
A time slip, perhaps.
A ripple in time.
Or you may have been experiencing
someone else's memory of the place.
The Tor has got a great deal
of history attached to it.
It's been a hotbed of paranormal
activity since records began,
but so much seems to be happening here,
it's hard to keep up.
I'm wondering if perhaps
this house isn't
acting as some sort of psychic beacon,
and that everything that is happening
out there in the greater world
is in some way influencing events here,
just making them more pronounced,
amplifying them, if you will.
Tam, I'm also worried about Rose.
Look, I know she doesn't like it here.
I suggest that the opposite
might well be true.
In a very short period of time,
Rose seems to have developed
a profound spiritual
and emotional connection to this place.
Today to respond to
a situation of great gravity.
We are here because, for the first time
in several generations,
British forces, along with
the forces of their NATO allies,
are now in a state of
extreme readiness...
Good heavens.
I can hear whispering.
Lower the television.
Yesterday was a day of rumor and...
This is exactly the sort of thing
that's been happening.
I'm glad you're here to witness this.
All right. Look, what
we have to do is, we
have to just attack
this situation head on.
All right? We need to get involved
in a way that we'll understand
that whatever is happening
here can't harm us.
We have to take the
stress out of the situation.
That's exactly what I was thinking
about when I saw my brother Sam.
Harvey! Harvey! Where are you?
Professor? It's Harvey.
I think something has him.
- Harvey!
- Harvey!
Get him down. Oh, let him go!
Have you got him?
- Are you okay?
- Harvey, are you with us?
- Is he all right?
- I'm fine.
- Yeah, I think he's okay.
- I'm fine!
He's okay.
Right, I'm going to get water.
I'm fine.
You were thrown ten feet right across
the room in front of my very eyes.
In 20 years of research, I've never
seen anything like that before.
Now are you convinced we should leave?
It felt like a bang, right in my ribs.
I can't even explain it.
Good gracious!
- Not again!
- Where's Rose?
Professor, where's Rose?
You all right?
Mind the steps.
I'll take up here, you go downstairs.
Professor, she's down here.
- Where is she?
- She's down there in the corner.
Take this.
Is she okay?
Oh, there's this oppression.
Oh, he's hurting her.
And he won't stop.
Who's hurting her, Rose? Who?
- Rosie.
- Tam, is that you?
I feel a thousand years old.
What's that in your hand?
Fifteen Minute alert. If launched,
they cannot be recalled,
and will strike their targets
in roughly 30 minutes.
World nuclear war is now
a real possibility.
How's Rose?
She's okay. She's sleeping.
I've spoken to Muriel and luckily
she's agreed to come at once.
I'm going to collect her.
I'll be back first thing in the morning.
Should Rose go with you?
No. I want Muriel
to evaluate her situation.
I think she really needs
Muriel's special sensitivity.
You look after yourselves, all right?
Strange as it may seem,
considering what's going on out there,
this might be the safest place for you.
What does it mean, Harvey?
So this, er...
This Muriel.
You've never mentioned her before.
Muriel Roy.
I've never met her before.
I've heard stories about her.
She and the Professor, they work
together in certain situations.
Situations? What's...
When things get serious, Harvey.
Mind the step. Okay, here we are.
Okay, Muriel, Harvey is here.
And Tam.
What is it?
Ssh! Ssh!
That's the basement.
All right?
The feeling in this place is so wrong.
There's so much pain.
So much loss.
- There's a chair for you here, Muriel.
- Thank you.
- All right?
- Yeah.
There was a man on the stairs
as soon as I came in. I saw him there.
- Is that all?
- Oh... no.
There are pockets of energy
all over the basement.
There seem to be spirits trapped, but
unable to move on from where they died.
There are so many.
I've never known anything like it.
What about a spirit board?
Could we use one to contact them?
I don't think that's a good idea.
Using a spirit board's not unlike
posting a sign to your door
that reads "anyone welcome".
I wouldn't recommend its use here,
not in this house.
Sooner or later,
something really bad's going
to enter, something with bad intention.
Believe me, it isn't as easy to get rid
of them as it is to invite them in.
Muriel, is it okay if
I film the sitting?
No, wait. It's more like...
Lu... Lucasta.
Her name keeps coming again and again.
Oh, my! Her agitation's increasing.
I'm awakening her recollection.
I can see bare walls
and a bare room.
And an overwhelming sense
of being trapped.
Oh, my darling you should not be here.
Oh, you poor thing.
I'm feeling pain here.
- You all right?
- Oh, yes. Yeah.
Oh, that's quite enough of that.
It is unusual for an entity to
reveal itself and give so much
information so quickly.
The story you're describing does bear
more than a passing resemblance
to one associated to
the history of this house.
The girl could well be, er...
Lucasta Norcliffe.
She was orphaned at the age
of nine and adopted by her uncle.
Legend has it that he abused her and...
I'm sorry. I'm finding this
rather difficult to talk about.
It's all right, Phillip. It's more
than just a story now, isn't it?
Of course. Thank you.
He abused her sexually
and kept her locked away in one
of the rooms in this house.
For many years, Phillip?
Until her death at 18 years of age.
The poor, poor girl.
If it is indeed Lucasta's story,
then I'm afraid it's far worse than
any of us could possibly imagine.
You see, she gave birth to
several stillborn children.
Although two babies did live,
they were...
They were murdered.
They were murdered and burnt.
That's What I heard, Tam. I heard them.
Lucasta eventually died in childbirth.
Professor, why haven't you
told any of this to us before?
This house dates back from
the 14th century, Tam.
There are many stories
spanning many generations.
This was just one of them, albeit
a particularly tragic and horrible one.
Until Muriel here mentioned the name
Lucasta, well, I simply had no idea.
When I enter a place, I go back in time,
peel back the layers, the layers of
the psychic history of the house.
When things occur,
they're occurring all the time,
in every place, in every building.
They're usually the result
of some emotional event.
And this girl, Lucasta,
is she, er...
Well, I'm afraid the world she inhabits
is a dark and gloomy one.
And she's trapped.
Can I ask you something, Rose?
Have you seen her?
I saw somebody.
What did she look like?
I only saw her
for three or four seconds.
It was more an outline
than the whole of her.
I couldn't see her face.
I think she's been trying to
contact you since you arrived.
She's adrift.
You see, what she sees in you is you
display some degree of
illumination in the next level,
the level which she inhabits.
What she saw in you was a light
in the darkness or
the fact that help was
available and so it was.
It's time to help her.
Okay? Okay?
This ring, is it yours?
No, I found it.
But I think it was hers.
I think it is too.
It's the same as before.
What do you think, Professor?
Whatever is happening here, Tam,
there is no doubt the effect
seems to be increasing.
I just hope Muriel can deal with this.
But, frankly, I'm worried.
This is a tainted place, Phillip.
Tell me more.
The spiritual agonies of that poor girl
must have been too much to bear.
Locked in that room, her babies gone,
probably murdered,
without the comfort
of a Christian burial.
In those times, with nothing said,
without God to take them away,
their chances of going to heaven gone.
Look, you really don't have to do this.
- No, Phillip.
- In fact, I urge you not to.
It has to be done tonight.
I'd like all here to remain still.
Let's try and think of Lucasta as
a person who's been lost for many years,
trapped between these Worlds.
Who's about to take
a big step in her life
and be free for the
first time in a long time.
I'm going to put a proposition to her.
And ask her if she's ready
to come on a journey.
I'm going to create an energy
that she can move in.
I can see a brook.
There's a brook.
And there's a bridge coming into view.
She can see it too.
She's crossing the bridge too.
Are you going to be okay?
Are you going to be safe?
She's thanking me.
She's thanking Rose and...
She's thanking you all for being here.
And she's free.
I don't believe it,
I can smell flowers.
So can I.
No, wait. There's somebody else here.
Nothing. No one here.
- Are you all right, Muriel?
- It's okay, Phillip, it's passed.
I have still not cleared this place.
Christ, Professor, what else
do we know about this man?
Very little, I'm afraid.
In those times, if someone
committed a terrible crime,
their name was struck from the records,
so we know virtually nothing about him,
other than what the legend tells us.
His name might be struck from
the records but he certainly isn't.
What was evil then is
obviously still evil today.
We just have to concentrate on
what is happening here and now.
This is what H-bombs do. They massacre.
This system of ongoing, perpetual war
is an unsustainable system
that threatens the existence
of all life on Planet Earth.
You have to understand that there is
no defence against "Launch on Warning".
They won't die alone.
The reason she was trapped
was her sadness.
There was no thought of revenge.
Sorry, Professor, but can I
ask you a question about Muriel?
Yes, by all means.
How does she...
How does she do what she does?
Well, I believe that there is a channel,
a communications channel, if you will,
and mediums like Muriel
are able to tune into it.
But how is that possible?
Well, I wish I could answer
that question for you, Harvey.
All I can say is that science doesn't
seem to know how she does it either.
But I have no doubt that she acts
as a channel between this side
and the communicating intelligence,
in this case, Lucasta.
Beautiful flower garden.
Oh, Rose.
Rose, I don't want you
involved in any more of this.
Rose, I don't.
I've spoken to the Professor.
Tam, lam more a part of this
now than anybody else.
I want to face
that cowardly, vile, evil man,
and I want him to know
that we know what he did
and that he can't hide
from it any longer.
Rose, I don't like
the direction this is going.
Tam, it was always heading
in this direction, as you put it.
This is something I have to do.
It's important to me.
- Okay.
- It's real.
I'm sorry, Rose.
I've got something to show you.
It was... it was here.
I believe you, Tam.
I just wish you'd believed me.
I know that's him, Tam.
I can feel it.
Come on, let's get out of here.
The research has now given
to something else entirely.
We do have a real
and important mystery here.
And I think I speak for the entire
group gathered together in the house,
under now what area quite
exceptional circumstances.
And that our seeing this through
is important and necessary.
It's going to be very
different from last time.
So I want you to place your hands
on your solar plexus, like this.
And don't speak.
Whatever happens don't speak.
I can see him now.
You've been wandering for many years.
He wants to know
who all these people are.
I'm asking him the question.
Would you like to leave this place?
Would you like to pass through?
He's telling me no.
He's enjoying himself too much.
He says it's because
he enjoys the power.
He likes the control.
It reminds him of when
he practiced black magic.
No! No! No! No!
He's telling me he still wants to
kill people even though he's dead.
I will never leave this place!
No! No!
No, I can't do it any more.
I can't do that any more.
I'm sorry.
What we would usually do in oases
like this is try to break their mind.
To let them know what they've
done and that they are dead.
Because most of them
don't actually know that.
And then they become
like normal human beings.
But with him...
With him, it feels very different.
How is it different?
For him there is to be
no reconciliation.
It's me...
It's my mind he wants to break.
I'm really sorry but I need to rest.
Of course.
- All right?
- Yes.
Look, you look exhausted.
I think perhaps we've done enough here.
I think perhaps it's time we left.
No, really, Phillip.
As long as everyone joins me to absorb
the emotional energy of the passing.
I've just seen something in your face
which I thought I'd never see.
What's that?
Nevertheless, we have an
obligation to help resolve this.
All right. Well, I suppose we'd better
talk about it in the morning. Come on.
We are now seeing vigorous...
- God, it's getting worse.
- ...diplomatic action... restrain all sides
in the conflict.
It's like Cuba all over again.
10 broker a ceasefire
as quickly as possible.
Who's gonna get us out of it this time?
Things could be so different.
...leading to a much wider war.
Our governments are
just making it worse.
It's fucking crazy.
The Bulletin's Doomsday Clack is now
at one minute to midnight.
Something bad is coming this way.
God bless everyone
and pray for our world.
Will we make it through the night?
Yeah, of course we will.
We have the Professor and Muriel here.
Yeah, they've done
this sort of thing before.
No, Tam, not us here
in the house. Everyone.
Everyone in the world,
will we make it through the night?
Honestly, Rose...
I really don't know.
Oh, God!
There's something on
the outside of the door.
I can't hold this any more!
It's gone. It's gone.
Get off me!
What the fuck do you want?
Get the fuck away from us!
Take me! Fuck you!
Where is he?
I'm so sorry.
It's okay. We're gonna leave.
We're gonna leave.
We're gonna leave now.
It's okay, it's okay.
Jesus, what's going on?
- Harvey, we're leaving.
- Jesus Christ! Rose.
- Let me out!
- Open the door!
- Let's go.
- Oh, God, Tam! She's not here.
Get the Professor! Down here!
Harvey, go straight down.
Rose! Rose, come with me!
- Come on, come on!
- Muriel!
- Straight away.
- Which one?
- That one there!
- Professor!
- He's not here! He's not here!
- God, they're in the basement!
Down there! I heard him.
- Phillip! Phillip!
- Come on!
Oh, Jesus Christ!
Muriel wasn't in her room. I came
down here, tried to open the door.
Something hit me, Tam.
It hit me hard. She's in there.
She's in there!
Tam, open the door! She's in there!
Fucking hell, there's something...
Harvey, push it!
There's fucking something
on the other side!
- Fucking move!
- Muriel!
No, no, no!
- This is all my fault!
- Please!
- Is there anything we can do?
- No! She's gone!
I'm here! Can you hear me? I'm here!
She came down here by herself to where
the secret is hidden and buried away.
To draw him to his shame
and away from me.
Oh, my God!
She knew... she knew
what would cost her.
- We need to get her out.
- Tam, the temperature.
Tam, the temperature's...
It's not finished yet!
- We gotta go!
- Please get her out!
- Let's get out!
- Let me, let me, let me...
- Come on, come on.
- I'm coming!
Harvey! Harvey!
We need to leave! Get help!
- We can't leave him, Professor.
- Get Rose out of here!
He's after Rose, for God's sake! Go!
Run, Tam, run!
Get her out, for God's sake!
Rose! Rose!
Get up! Get up!
Come on! Let's go!
Get in the car!
Get in the car!
- Get moving!
- It's not starting!
Oh, God! Can you feel it?
He's coming for me now!
Professor... there's something
pressing against the window.
It's the same here. It's pressing
against the window here. It's freezing!
Drive the car, Tam!
Warning red. Attack warning red.
Seek cover immediately.
Seek shelter immediately.
Jesus Christ!
Oh, Professor!
Professor... Professor, no!
- Professor! No! No!
- Is he breathing?
Uh! Come on, Rosie!
Come on, Rosie, let's go!
Come on, Rosie! Come on!
Let's get out!
There's something in the trees!
There's something in the trees!
Come on, Rosie!
- There's something looking at me!
- Come on! Rosie!
Oh, God!
Faster! Come on! Come on!
Such readings seem to suggest
a form of consciousness.
29/10/16 - question.
Is there a part of a human being that
can operate outside time and space?
The natural sciences have long kept
psychical phenomena a dark secret.
Sidelined, dismissed.
Mystics, priests have long apprehended
these realms of spirits, ghosts,
parallel universes.
And, finally, I, too.
What we have witnessed these
last few days, fully convinces me
that we must strive to understand
what human personality truly is.
Such understanding
may well prove crucial
to our survival in the 21st century.
End log.