The Unity of Heroes (2018) Movie Script

What the hell have the foreign devils hidden?
So many guards.
Could it be something valuable?
I'm just passing by to relieve myself.
Put out the fire!
The water is coming!
Go after him!
- The water is coming.
- Hurry!
Captain, what should we do now?
Destroy everything here.
No one can know anything about this.
Who are you?
Master, that's a ghost.
You even fight a ghost?
Wow, my Master can beat a ghost!
Seven, send him to the consulting room.
Have you found the escaping specimen?
Captain Lu Xiaoyue.
I'm still on that.
Lu Xiaoyue.
Do you know what Sir takes a fancy to you most?
Your cruelty.
Back then, to bury your mother,
you were beaten badly by
the foreman without a word.
Sir doesn't want the wolf pup he got back then
to become a useless dog.
Remember who buried your mother.
You must do things with your cruelty.
Remember, in this base,
there must be no slips.
Got it?
I got it.
Then get going.
- Follow me.
- Yes.
Master, how is he?
Still alive,
but he is deeply poisoned.
It's hard to detoxicate him.
And I don't know who poisoned him.
Master, are we going to pick up Lady Thirteen?
Oh, let's go.
Have a look.
Northern Fist Club is open for recruits.
- You go this way.
- Yes.
- And you go that way.
- Yes.
Open for recruits.
What is Northern Fist Club?
I haven't heard of it.
- Waiter.
- Coming.
Get me some tea.
Open for recruits.
Have a look.
Northern Fist Club
is open for recruits in the south.
Have a look.
Northern Fist Club
is open for recruits in the south.
Please enjoy your tea.
Northern Fist Club...
Have a look. Northern Fist Club.
Northern Fist Club.
Girl, you may not learn.
But why did you throw it?
Senior Brother! Senior Brother!
Senior Brother!
How can you bully a girl?
Aren't you shameful?
Shame on you. Shame on you!
Who are you?
I'm Liang Kuan,
the most favorite and handsome student
of Master Wong Fei-hung
Who is the number one master in Guangdong?
Oh, he's Master Wong's student.
Yeah. How impressive!
I don't give a damn. Beat him.
Bravo. Impressive.
Are you scared?
Thank you.
Do you surrender?
Then I'll beat you to surrender.
Kuan, are you alright?
I'm alright, Master.
I'm Wong Fei-hung from Foshan. And you?
So you're Wong Fei-hung?
I'm Wu Zhennan of Wu's Flower Fist.
Oh, Master Wu. I heard a lot about you.
I wonder why my students
offended you just now.
Master, his students just...
You're the number one master in Guangdong
and the martial arts instructor
for the local militia.
I'm new here,
and I'll let it go for your sake.
Then thank you.
Junshan, let's go.
By the way,
my Northern Fist Club
will open on 18th this month.
If you have time,
would you honor me with a visit?
You're going to teach your martial arts here.
That's good.
I'll definitely be there then.
See you.
See you.
Master's horse.
Stop! Stop!
Mater's horse.
Well, let it go.
Go find another horse.
Ah, find another horse?
Then we'll be late for Lady Thirteen.
Master, we don't need another horse.
I'll pull the cart.
What are you kidding?
Master, look at my legs.
I can pull anything. Come on, Master.
Oh, he really works better than a horse.
Yeah, and you don't even
work as well as a horse.
What are you talking about?
What's this?
What's this? Let me have a look.
Let me have a look.
Why hasn't Fei-hung come yet?
Miss, please help me.
Help me.
you should have given
Wong Fei-hung a hard time.
There is no best writer;
nor is there second best fighter.
If we want to keep a foothold in Guangdong,
we must beat him, the number one in Guangdong.
Doctor Lu.
Come on. The ceremony is beginning.
Here we are.
So fast.
It burnt hard last night.
The big fire
kept them busy the whole night.
Master, the ghost this morning...
Oh, no, the patient was also burnt all over.
Would he be related to the fire?
Don't talk about this here.
Let's go and find Lady Thirteen.
Back off. Back off.
What's going on there?
Let's go and have a look.
Excuse me. Excuse me.
He seems to have no hands.
Luckily this lady doesn't despise him.
Are you here every day?
I'll come and bandage you tomorrow.
This is the way westerners meet.
should I hug her too?
Oh, no.
Just do as Chinese do.
Nice to meet you.
Let's go.
I have some luggage there.
Could you help me with it?
Seven, go get the luggage.
I'll go find another carriage.
No need, Master.
I'm okay to pull it.
I'll go get her luggage.
Thank you.
Why does a westerner have so much luggage?
Guangdong has changed so much!
Far more foreign buildings.
Now many Chinese adore foreigners
and even learn from them in construction.
This is blind adoration!
we learn from foreigners
because they're advanced.
Look at this umbrella.
Its frame
is made of steel,
which can open automatically with the spring.
I just need to press it.
It seems like that
it is hard to open the umbrella.
But I bring it back for you.
Since you don't like it,
I'll keep it myself.
Who will take a gift back?
Why does the carriage stop?
Seven, are you okay?
Could you please wait a moment?
I'll go find a horse.
Really? A foreign hospital?
Owned by foreigners?
Go and have a look.
Please be quiet.
Hi, everybody.
Please be quiet.
Today, I'll introduce you Mr. Vlad,
dean of Shengguang Hospital.
He brings medicine and knowledge from the west,
to help us Chinese.
Who are you kidding? Were we born yesterday?
Please be quiet.
How kind this dean is!
Foreigners poisoned
the Chinese with opium first,
and now cure them.
What the hell do they want?
As many other foreigners,
Mr. Vlad also wants the world to be a heaven
where everyone can live a happy life
with no war,
or no pain.
Medicine has no boundaries.
Shengguang Hospital is going to
offer free assistance and treatment
to the Chinese addicted to the opium.
Great. Great. Great.
Hi, everybody.
Not all foreigners are bad.
There are good ones.
Look, he is a good one.
Every Chinese addicted to the opium...
Let's go.
Great. Great. Great.
Lu Xiaoyue.
She is so gorgeous!
Hey, look at you.
Kuan, bring me the silver needles.
She likes me.
She doesn't like me.
She doesn't like me.
Oh, she likes me.
Master's flowers!
She likes me.
I'm going to kill you.
How can you nip off Master's flowers?
What the...
It's bald.
- Fei-hung.
- Yes.
What's wrong with him?
He's been strangely poisoned
with many choked acupoints.
Oh, no.
Why are you firing the needle?
You must disinfect medical
devices with alcohol.
That's okay. Fire can disinfect it.
It doesn't work. Wait a second.
Here. Use the alcohol.
No. That's how my father taught me,
and how my grandfather taught my father.
That's why you fall behind.
Western doctors use alcohol.
Are western doctors so good?
The traditional Chinese medicine
has a long history.
That's wisdom from our ancestors.
How long has the western medicine existed?
The traditional Chinese medicine
fails to cure many diseases,
while western medicine may solve them easily.
I don't think so.
A patient came to me the other day.
The western doctor
had failed to find the cause.
But I just gave him
the Common Goldenrop Decoction
and he recovered soon.
we should admit their advancement.
Only when we learn from them
can we stop falling behind.
The Chinese civilization has
existed over thousands of years.
All are advanced than those in the west,
except for the barbarism.
Do you call that falling behind?
That's sophistry!
Master, time for dinner.
Master, Lady Thirteen.
Time for dinner. I'm starving.
Go and have dinner.
We'll have your favorite chopped cold chicken.
That's okay. That's okay.
I'll get you another one.
Well, do you have
a knife and fork?
Knife and fork? Yes.
Thank you.
You can't even use chopsticks now?
shut up
and eat.
Here's the knife and fork for you.
Oh my god!
What God?
Oh, that's English.
It means, oh my dear.
I know a little English too.
Hello for meeting and goodbye for leaving.
No for shaking head and yes for nodding.
I always go to the foreign teahouse.
Lady Thirteen,
could you teach me some English?
I want to go to the foreign teahouse too.
Fei-hung, what do you think?
It's okay. No problem.
It's good to learn more things.
Thanks, Master.
Master, enjoy the dinner.
Master, I'm finished.
Read after me.
No problem.
Meat isn't cooked?
Yes. Yes.
Meat only tastes good when it's cooked.
Oh, no problem.
Well, I'll teach you something easy first.
It also means no problem.
Oh, how stupid you are!
You just pretend to be holding a spoon.
When the meet is cooked,
drink some soup and it tastes delicious.
That's it.
What else do you know expect eating?
The student over there,
have you learnt it?
Why are you hiding?
I've seen you.
Alright. Alright.
So much for today.
It's time to practice Kung Fu.
Ah, practice.
Okay, we're going to practice.
Would you like to practice some?
It's not safe in Guangdong now.
How about teaching you some to defend yourself?
No, thanks.
I learnt fencing
in the west.
shall we have a contest?
Oh, they hugged.
Alright, Shaojun.
I'll teach you some Chinese Kung Fu.
Shaojun, look.
If someone attacks you from behind...
Put your hand on my shoulder.
- Okay.
Step him,
kick his crotch,
and poke him in the eyes.
Stop fooling around.
Got it?
Okay. Have a try.
Lady Thirteen,
are you ready?
Kuan, are you alright?
Haven't you found him yet?
Without taking the ice on time,
I'm afraid he's dead now.
There's an ancient Chinese saying that
it's always wise to play safe.
We need to test on more patients.
Excuse me.
Come in.
Good morning, sir.
Good morning.
I'm Shaojun Mo
from the Thoracic Surgery of Newcastle.
And...this is my resume.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you too.
Miss Mo.
Welcome to our hospital.
I do really admire
your spirit of dedication,
and I'd like to throw myself
to Chinese medical
and health service
under your lead.
Miss Mo.
Thank you to join us.
Thank you.
Go with Miss Mo
as surgery.
Yes, sir.
What's wrong with them?
Phthisis or hepatitis,
mostly because of taking opium for long.
Oh, well.
May I have your name, please?
Lu Xiaoyue.
How long have you been here?
Doctor Lu.
May I go to the chemical lab first?
Do you have anything to test?
Have you heard of any disease
that makes someone's veins to stand out
and gets abnormally strong muscles?
You have a patient like that?
Yes, he's right now in Baozhilin,
in a coma.
Sister Shaojun,
here we are.
Doctor Lu.
The Northern Fist Club
will open on the 18th this month.
Let's go together and have a look.
We'll see.
Master Huang, you have great skills.
My old bones all depend on you.
My Lord,
you should walk more,
rather than sitting all the time.
Okay, I'll take your advice.
My Lord,
how is it going with the investigation
on the fire of the wharf?
Oh, that was just a fire.
Not a big deal.
I saw the wharf surrounded by
some foreign soldiers
and it gave unusual smell.
I don't think that was no big deal.
For this thing,
don't ask too much.
My Lord,
I'm the martial arts instructor
for the local militia in Guangdong.
The civilians trust me.
Please be very frank to me.
You're not strong enough
to control the situation.
Even I, as a magistrate,
am highly constrained.
Master Wong,
let's just do our own jobs.
Get out the things inside for me.
Oh, okay.
What's this?
Lady Thirteen asked us to move them in.
I got some medical instruments
from the hospital
to conduct experiments at home.
Be careful then.
Be careful with lives!
Rest assured.
I know how far to go.
I'll stay and help.
What's this? Let me have a look.
Hands off!
Give that to me.
the specimen is in Baozhilin now?
I'm going to kill him tonight.
Don't rush.
Wong Fei-hung is too famous in Guangdong.
Do not provoke him for no good reason.
Didn't Doctor Mo invite you
to the Northern Fist Club?
Get on well with her
and you'll find a chance.
Congratulations. Congratulations.
Congratulations, Master Wu.
Thank you. Thank you.
Thank you. Come in, please.
The northern lion feels something missing.
Let's go.
Senior Brother.
Only a few are watching.
Go on.
Cut the crap and keep dancing.
Thank you for coming with me.
It's my pleasure.
I like fun, too.
Wonderful! Southern lion!
Wow, impressive.
That's better.
Look, that's the real lion dance.
Bravo. Impressive.
Master Wu.
Wish you have more students.
Isn't that Master Wong of Baozhilin?
Yeah, that's him.
How generous he is!
He comes to help with the club from the north.
Yeah, you're right.
This head of lion in which
I attended the lion dance competition and won.
Now I give it to you as a gift.
Thank you for coming.
Thanks. Come in, please.
Obviously, Wong Fei-hung comes to show off.
Don't make trouble.
It's our big day. We'll see.
Keep dancing.
There you are.
Lady Thirteen.
Lu Xiaoye.
You know each other?
Yes, yes.
I've kept your necklace
and I wear it even when I sleep.
It's well preserved.
Senior Brother.
He is the boy we fought last time.
Master Wu, I'm sorry.
Master Wong, how impressive!
But Master, he...
That is great!
Yeah. Yeah.
Master, don't let him show off.
Master Wong,
I know a little about the lion dance too.
Shall we compete today?
Come on.
Wow, bravo.
Bravo. Impressive! Wonderful!
We have a draw.
Oh, Master Wong is better.
Master Wu is kicked.
Master Wong is the top master in Guangdong.
What did I tell you, Master?
Why would Wong Fei-hung be so kind?
He meant to embarrass you
in fear that you would have
a better performance.
So you bring the head of lion today
to tell me who the winner is?
Oh, I see.
Master Wu, you get me wrong.
I let go of your students
for your sake.
But today,
I need a solution from you.
His students stirred up trouble first...
Kuan, apologize.
Master, I did nothing wrong.
Why would I apologize?
It was him...
Master Wu,
I'm sorry.
See? You deserve it.
Hey, Second Senior Brother.
Thank you for your generosity.
Back off, Seven.
Are you still angry with me?
How dare I?
If I hadn't yielded today,
we would have become enemies with them.
It doesn't matter if I yield.
But all Chinese martial artists
must hang together.
I know I made a mistake.
Let's go.
You like Kuan, don't you?
How is this possible?
Why not?
Look at your eyes!
come and have a look
What's this?
This is residue in the blood of my patient.
It's highly toxic.
It has a component
similar to opium,
but much purer.
Who has developed this?
If it gets out,
it will do far more harm than the opium.
Let's figure out a way to solve it.
I know a medicine that may help.
But I'm not sure
if there's any in the hospital.
I'll help you.
That will be great.
Lady Thirteen, time for dinner.
Oh, coming.
Is something bothering you?
Oh, no.
tomorrow is your birthday.
How are you going to celebrate it?
Oh, I've been busy in the hospital lately.
Patients are missing.
I must make the rounds of the wards on time.
As for birthday,
just forget it.
Oh, I see.
Well, then forget it.
No way!
Birthday is important.
You must celebrate it.
Am I right?
Yes, he's right.
How about this?
Zuimeng Restaurant is next to your hospital.
Shall I invite you to have
the chopped cold chicken there?
One hour will be enough.
Okay, thanks.
Come on.
Go and have a look.
Master, take a look.
That's weird.
His choked acupoints are dredged.
I made it.
I made it.
Fei-hung, I made it.
Master. Master.
Hurry. Get me the three-edged needle
and cupping jar.
Master, he...
His poison has been mostly cleaned out.
But there are some sequelae.
I'm afraid he'll be idiotic all his life.
That's all my faults.
He wouldn't be so,
if I hadn't injected him.
Not really.
I can't expel the toxin
without your injection.
Lady Thirteen, Master.
He's awake at least.
But he has no name.
Shall we get him a name?
He looks so much like a ghost.
I'm Evil Feet Seven.
Shall we call him Grimace Eight?
That sounds good.
Grimace Eight.
What's your name?
Grimace Eight.
I wonder what the toxin is
with so much virulence.
I drew his blood for testing before.
It had some component
similar to the opium.
But the opium isn't that strong.
Mr. Vlad,
I've given her the medicament.
the specimen will be killed.
Well done.
We're running out of
patients in the hospital.
Go get some back from the street.
Don't get opium addicts.
Get healthy ones.
The research progress speeds up lately.
We're running out of
patients in the hospital.
Isn't it going wrong?
Thousands of people must be sacrificed
for a successful revolution.
As the leader,
we should see the future,
rather than getting stuck in useless mercy.
We aim to
make every Chinese strong.
To completely change
the physique of Chinese people,
all efforts will pay off at last.
Do you still remember
how your mother died?
You don't want anyone else
to work to death like her
in the construction plant, do you?
I see.
is the ice
the purification of opium?
The opium has killed so many Chinese.
But now you tell me
to save them with it.
I don't really understand.
You don't need to understand.
I'll figure it out myself.
Some nails are crusted
and should be replaced.
Master Wong.
Wait for me.
Bring this to Lady Thirteen.
I'm sure she'll love it.
What's this?
A cream cake.
I learnt it secretly from the foreign teahouse.
I paid the foreign cook with such a big bowl
of pork shank.
Why does a Chinese eat
a foreign cake for her birthday?
Alright. Give it to me.
Enjoy it.
Be careful.
Table for how many people, please?
Two? This way, please.
Keep the noise down.
Keep it down, or someone may find us.
Who are you?
Would you like to order first?
Wait a second.
My friend is on his way.
Master, haven't you gone to Zuimeng Restaurant?
Hold the kid.
Kuan, I'll leave it to you. Save her.
Hurry up! Get her out!
Okay. Okay.
This way, please.
Excuse me,
so many guests are waiting.
If you don't order,
could you please leave?
One more quarter, okay?
Alright. One more quarter.
That's the deadline.
Sir, I'm sorry.
We're full today.
I have something important
to report to the magistrate.
Master Wong.
The magistrate is
at a meeting on foreign affairs.
He can't see you now.
Does foreigners matter most,
or our compatriots?
You can't go in.
What's the fuss?
My Lord.
Oh, Fei-hung.
My Lord.
When I passed an alley,
someone was kidnapping a woman and kid
in the open day.
When they fought against me,
they took some drug
and became immediately powerful.
But that's highly toxic.
A patient of mine was ruined by that too.
I suspect it has something to do
with foreigners.
Let me introduce you.
This is the martial arts instructor
for the local militia in Guangdong,
Wong Fei-hung of Baozhilin,
Master Wong.
this is the dean of Shengguang Hospital,
Mr. Vlad.
Why do you bother
to bring a gift?
You may leave
if you don't have any other problem.
My Lord, we must investigate it.
I know you're devoted
to the country and its people.
But we need evidence for everything.
You can't be guessing wildly.
You may leave first.
I'll be back to you with the evidence.
See you.
A martial artist is always rude.
Let's get back to where we were.
Sit down, please, Mr. Vlad.
Sit down, please.
Then please take care of the pass
for sea transportation.
It's my pleasure.
It's our duty to help with the trade
between China and foreign countries.
This is the money donated to Guangdong
on behalf of British East India Company.
I hope this money
will bring benefits to Guangdong.
Mr. Vlad, you're not only a kind doctor,
but also a great philanthropist.
Come on. Have some desserts.
Come on.
Come on.
Enjoy it.
Master Wong.
Here you are, Master Wong.
Is there a girl in
a foreign dress waiting for me?
Yes, she's been waiting for long.
Over there.
This way, please.
Kill him.
Wong Fei-hung.
He's known too much.
He's associated with the government.
And his power in the local militia
can't be underestimated either.
I'm afraid killing him
may alarm the whole province.
We never fear the Chinese.
This is
your last mission.
Do it tonight.
I don't want him to be alive tomorrow.
Get going.
Mr. Vlad,
the ice is going to be
transported across China.
Lu Xiaoyue is a bit unusual lately.
You need to take a split approach.
That's for sure.
I hear the Northern Fist Club
has a problem with Wong Fei-hung.
Is that true?
But Wu Zhenan
is rather firm.
Everyone has his soft spot
no matter how firm he is.
it's up to you.
Come and have a look.
What is northern fist?
Have a look.
Is it a crooked martial arts?
Have a look.
I'll learn the southern fist at least.
Why northern fist?
I'll learn the southern fist at least.
Why northern fist?
We'll have fewer students if we make trouble.
Baozhilin again!
Have a look. We are open for recruits.
I'm a secretary of British East India Company.
My name is Henry.
I have a way
to make you the only martial club in Guangdong
in the place of Baozhilin.
I wonder if you're interested.
Senior Brother,
Master asks us not to contact with foreigners.
Shut up, you aping foreigner!
My master will be
the number one in Guangdong one day.
Oh, will he?
Master Wu isn't accommodated to circumstances.
I'm afraid it will be eight to ten years
before he succeeds.
He may wait,
are you willing to spend your green years
in supercilious looks?
Do as I tell you,
and you'll get
glory, splendor, wealth and rank
in just a few days.
Get glory, splendor, wealth and rank
in just a few days?
Shaojun, it's me.
Sorry to keep you waiting today.
I'm really sorry.
I don't want to listen to you.
Leave me alone.
Master. Master.
You know what?
Who does coax a girl empty-handed?
You should give her gifts.
Exactly. Exactly.
I quite agree.
Especially Lady Thirteen returns from the west.
It won't be wrong
if you give her flowers.
Girls in the foreign teahouse all love that.
How do you know?
None of your business.
Did he really leave?
Why obedient now!
Lady Thirteen.
Master brings you flowers.
Shaojun, I'm sorry.
That will be fine.
Well, not Chrysanthemums at least.
Sunflowers are pretty
and practical.
Fruits are edible,
to calm the liver and ease smolder.
Perfect to calm your liver.
Enjoy them yourself.
Why is she leaving?
Why is she unhappy?
Master. Master.
Whose idea?
Master, Grimace Eight is screaming.
I'll go and check.
Go get Lady Thirteen back.
Okay. Let's go.
Lady Thirteen.
Lady Thirteen.
I didn't find her
walking so fast before.
I'm too tired to run.
That's what women do.
Obedient as a rabbit when she's happy
and runs faster than a rabbit
when she's unhappy.
Then what should we do now?
What else can we do?
Keep looking for her.
Let's go.
Lady Thirteen.
Lady Thirteen.
Do you remember how Master taught us?
Beat them.
What a small world!
I didn't go for you but you come to me.
You're dying tonight.
Okay, we'll settle
all the old the recent grudges.
What did he just drink?
Drug to kill you.
What should we do?
Fight him together.
Okay, go.
Senior Brother.
Rong, come on.
Senior Brother! Senior Brother!
- Let's go.
- Senior Brother.
Where are they?
Dead wood.
Stupid man.
Numb man.
Lady Thirteen.
You do it again?
I don't think Master should send us here.
I don't know it's you.
You just said he sent you?
Then alright.
Damn you, Wong Fei-hung.
You look like a gentleman,
but you sent your students to hurt mine.
Master, Liang Kuan told us that
Wong Fei-hung despises you.
And he said a northern idiot
can't stay in the south.
What does that mean?
It means he rules here,
and you...
Tell me!
You're the idiot.
Master, you must avenge us.
Not now.
He may lose face.
But I must keep rules.
After my club has a firm footing,
I'll get it back at him doubly.
You're right.
We're from the north.
So we have to subject ourselves.
Master, have some tea
and calm down.
No way.
I can't...
just let it go.
Let's go.
What the hell did they eat
to be so strong
and even ignore the pain?
Sleepless fruit. It causes no sleep,
strong sense and easy addiction.
It hurts Qihai acupoint.
I'm not taking the drug.
I'm not taking the drug.
I'm not taking the drug.
Grimace Eight, what's wrong?
I'm not taking the drug.
Shengguang Hospital?
I'm not taking the drug.
Wong Fei-hung!
Master Wu, what are you coming for?
Wong Fei-hung.
You hurt my students.
I'm going to wage
a life-and-death struggle with you today.
Master Wu, there must be some misunderstanding.
I have something urgent now.
Shall we discuss about it later, okay?
See you.
See you.
Wong Fei-hung.
When will you stop caring for nobody?
You see?
The number one in Guangdong is defeated by me.
Now I'll show you
who the real number one in Guangdong is.
Congratulations, Master.
Shoot him.
I don't think you're fit for this.
The sound comes this way.
- Master.
- Master.
Master. Master.
Master, I'll no longer be fun-loving.
Master, wake up.
Shut up.
Are you going to cure him or not?
What should we do now?
Prepare a pair of gloves for me.
Get going.
And get me some hot water.
Lady Thirteen.
Are you really going to cut him?
This is an operation.
But it...
It scares me.
Operation? Leave it to me.
Leave it to me.
I can't stand it.
Congratulations, Master.
Are you alright, Master?
Have some tea.
What did you put in the tea?
Tell the truth.
the drug from a foreigner.
Didn't I ask you
not to contact with foreigners?
And how dare you hurt me with their drug?
That's only for more strength.
I never dare to cheat you or hurt you.
A martial artist values the morality most.
You're destroying my reputation.
I'm going to smash you.
He did that to help
with our development in Guangdong.
Master, please forgive him.
What's wrong with you?
Senior Brother.
Senior Brother. Senior Brother.
You also took the drug, didn't you?
Are you alright?
What about you?
All of you took that?
The foreigner...
asked you...
to fetch the drug personally.
Master, please help us.
Yes, please help us.
Please help us, Master.
Lady Thirteen, how is he?
Luckily, he wasn't shot in the heart.
How long will it take before he wakes up?
Is Wong Fei-hung dead?
You know what?
This is your last mission.
In fact,
your mother has long been
tested as my specimen.
Take her away.
Yes, sir.
Even Captain Lu was killed.
How long can we live?
Oh, foreigners are in control. Forget it.
All monsters are locked in the research lab.
I feel like a fish out of water.
Just leave her here.
One, Two, go.
There's a good stall of wonton.
Come with me and have a try.
Is that your treat?
Lady Thirteen. Lady Thirteen.
Please come.
He's awake.
Why so many sweat on his forehead?
I'll get some medicine from the hospital.
Take good care of him.
Oh, okay.
Rong, get some water.
Seven, take good care of him.
didn't Xiaoyue
just tell us that
she was instigated by Vlad...
To do that?
She hurt our Master anyway.
But Xiaoyue
helped him too.
She avoided his vitals.
Helped our Master?
You mean
British East India Company
conducts human experiments
in the name of Shengguang Hospital?
Depending on British East India Company,
Shengguang Hospital develops new opium.
Wow, that's complicated!
I think...
since we know the truth,
we must report it to the government.
The government doesn't dare to butt in.
Nor are they capable.
They have the pass now.
The ice will be transported across the country
damn those foreign pigs.
We must stop them.
Don't worry.
As long as I'm alive,
I'll keep fighting against them.
Xiaoyue has made herself clear.
Lady Thirteen also said
Master wasn't in danger.
Just for this once.
where's Lady Thirteen?
She's gone to the hospital.
You know what?
What bad luck I have lately!
That's right.
I've lost all my salary last month.
Shall we go and try again?
But I swore to give up gambling. Why...
I don't have any money. Let's go.
They had tried to kill Master.
The longer Lady Thirteen stays in the hospital,
the more dangerous she'll be.
If she has any unexpected misfortune,
Master will really die this time.
No way. Let's go and save her.
Let's go.
They must have taken precautions.
We'll get killed
if we just break in.
To save her,
we'll go to any dangerous place.
stay and take care of Master here.
We'll get Lady Thirteen out.
Let's go.
It's you.
I thought you were moral.
I didn't expect that
you could do such dirty things.
You don't like
the name of "sick man of East Asia", do you?
I can remold you
and let you survive this world
ruled by the law of the jungle.
You should be grateful.
Your drug is more toxic than the opium,
and get people more addicted.
In the name of saving the world,
you're doing conscienceless things.
You're a disgrace of the medical community.
Fei-hung is right.
Savages like you
will have your retribution
sooner or later.
If you want to see a doctor,
come early tomorrow morning.
my younger brother is dying for smoke.
Please let us in.
Just let them in.
Thank you. Thank you.
Why are we letting them in?
Just three more specimens.
I see.
Don't move.
Brother Kuan, hold it stably.
I'm going to vomit.
Catch them.
Catch them.
What a buzz tonight!
Senior Brother, what should we do?
Fight them.
Senior Brother,
why are they getting more?
How do I know?
What should we do?
What else can we do?
Foshan Shadowless Kicking.
Are you alright?
- Yes.
- Master.
Are you getting better?
Master Wong.
I thought I would never see you again.
Master Wong,
I know where they are.
Show us the way. Go.
The dungeon is on the first floor.
The people caught are all locked there.
The drug warehouse is on the second floor.
You may get there that way.
Go find the drug.
And I'll go get Lady Thirteen out.
Be careful, Master.
Fight them.
Master Wong. Master Wong.
Master Wong, help us.
Fei-hung, watch out.
I'm okay.
Master Wu, you're poisoned.
Do not get lost.
Do not be used by foreigners.
All drugs are here.
We must destroy them right now.
I'm good at smashing things.
Come on.
Smash them.
Zhang Junshan, here come your old friends.
Oh my god!
What are you doing?
Do you know how much these drugs are worth?
Sir will not spare you if he knows this.
Kill them.
Go quickly.
Sleepless fruit. It causes no sleep,
strong sense and easy addiction.
It hurts Qihai acupoint.
I shall hit him on Qihai acupoint.
What should we do now?
Smash them.
Smash them.
Master Wong. Master Wong.
Master Wong, are you alright?
Master Wong. Master Wong.
Stand up, Master Wong. Stand up.
Hold it.
Master Wong, stand up.
Master Wong, stand up.
Master Wong, stand up.
Let me go.
Don't move!
You're really the number one in Foshan.
Even my best specimen is beaten by you.
Do you know why I like
to do experiments on Chinese?
Because your life
is worthless.
You're inexhaustible
and bottomless.
Nothing will be cheaper than you.
you have no conscience
and never take Chinese as human beings.
I'm not going to spare you today.
Your kicking skill is fast,
but can it go faster
than my bullet?
Your bullet is faster than me.
But you know what?
The Chinese will never give in.
Master Wong. Master Wong.
Master Wu, you...
Master Wong, please forgive me.
Foreign drugs must be eliminated.
To clean up the excrescence,
you must destroy it completely.
Master Wu.
You can rest assured.
Wong Fei-hung, I appreciate you very much.
It is really a pity
if a talent like you stays in Guangdong.
Why don't you join
the British East India Company
and conquer the whole world with me?
You'll have endless fortune
and women.
What do you think?
Step him,
kick his crotch,
and poke him in the eyes.
That's it.
Master Wong. Master Wong.
Master, are you alright?
I'm okay.
What should we do next, Master?
Go release the civilians.
are you alright?
I'm okay.
What about you?
Be careful.
Thank you, Master Wong.
Bring the tea to the Master.
Master, please enjoy the tea.
you're my student from now on.
Have you remembered our rules?
Yes, I have.
They're your senior brothers now.
Stand up.
Senior Brothers.
Junior Sister.
Come here.
Let me take a photo for you.
Master, let's take a photo.
Stand aside.