The Unloved (2009) Movie Script

[ Birds Twittering ]
[ Girl ] The Lord is my light
and my salvation;
whom shall I fear?
The Lord is the strength
of my life;
of whom shall I be afraid?
When the wicked,
even mine enemies and my foes,
came upon me
to eat up my flesh,
they stumbled and fell.
Where have you been?
I went to the shop.
[ Clears Throat ]
You've been away for hours.
Where have you been?
Just went to the shop.
I got distracted.
Look, Lucy--
I'm sorry.
I've been waiting for you,
baby, you know.
I've been waiting for you
for two hours now, you know.
Where have you been?
The shop's round the corner.
Where have you been?
I'm sorry, but I just went to
the shop, and I--
Stop saying you're sorry.
Stop saying you're sorry.
Just be honest with me.
Where have you been?
I just got distracted.
Where's my cigarettes?
Couldn't find the money.
I was walking there,
and then I got to the shop
and it's--
I couldn't find
the money in my--
Where's the money?
Lucy, I gave you the money.
I gave you five pounds.
Where's the money?
I'm sorry, but I just--
Stop fucking saying "sorry."
Where is the money?
I don't know.
You've either got the cigarettes
or you've got the money, Lucy.
Where is it?
I've not got it.
[ Sighs ]
What are you doing to me?
I didn't mean to--
What are you doing this
to me for?
I didn't mean to--
Just be fucking honest
with me!
Did you spend the money?
No, I didn't.
You spent the money,
didn't you?
I didn't!
You been away with your pals
and you spent the money.
I've been sitting here waiting.
[ Whimpering ]
I didn't. I promise.
You did! You did!
You don't just fucking
lose money like that.
That's all we had.
That's all we had.
What am I gonna do?
What am I to do with you now?
You're gonna make me angry.
You're making me angry now.
You're making me angry now.
You've got one last chance.
Where's the money?
Where's the fucking money?
[ Whimpering, Sniffling ]
I don't know.
Don't lie to me, Lucy.
Last time. Where's the money?
I'm sorry,
but I don't know!
I don't want to
do this to you.
I don't want to do this to you.
Tell me where
the fucking money is!
[ Whimpering ]
What did you do with the money?
Where did you put it?
Did you smoke the cigarettes?
Are you smoking the cigarettes?
[ Blows Landing On Wall ]
What am I supposed to do?
[ Father Gasping ]
[ Lucy Whimpering ]
[ Father ]
Shut up!
[ Belt Hitting Lucy ]
[ Father Whimpering ]
You gotta learn.
[ Teacher ] Okay, year six.
Thank you very much.
That's great.
If you'd like to come to the end
of your writing now,
we're going to finish
your family biographies
I can't wait to read them.
So close your books,
get your P.E. kits and get
dressed as quickly as possible.
We're going for P.E.
in the hall.
[ Children Chattering,
Complaining ]
Quietly, thank you!
Lucy, do you want to go
and get your P.E. bag?
I forgot to bring my P.E. kit.
You forgot to bring
your P.E. kit?
But you forgot to bring it
last week as well, Lucy.
Why did you forget?
I just left it at home.
You just left it at home.
I need you to bring
your P.E. bag in,
'cause I need you to do P.E.
Okay, so next week
will you bring it in for me?
Put your book back in your tray.
You're going to have to
sit out this one.
Sit at the side of the hall
with Miss Jones.
[ Chattering, Shouting ]
[ Teacher ]
Okay, now once you've got that,
I want you to pick
a different three parts
of your body to walk around.
But I want you
to do it together. Some of you
have started to split up.
Okay, work together.
Choose another
three parts of the body.
Try and pick three parts
that you haven't used already.
Uh, you shouldn't be
sitting around talking.
I want to see you
moving around the room.
[ Teacher, Children ]
Bless us, O God,
as we sit together.
Bless the food
that we eat today.
Bless the hands
that make the food.
Bless us, O God. Amen.
In the name of the Father
and the Son and the Holy Spirit.
[ Loud Chattering ]
[ Chattering Fades ]
Come and sit down, Lucy.
You all right?
Do you want to tell Mrs. Dales
what you said to me?
I want to phone
my social worker, please.
[ Door Opens ]
Would you like to come through?
We're just in here.
[ Woman ]
Are you okay?
We don't think it's a good idea
that you should go home
to your daddy's at the moment.
Can I go and see my mummy?
That's not a good idea either.
So what I'm going to do
is take you to
a children's home today...
until we can find you
a foster home.
What about my other
foster parents and family
and that?
That's not an option
at the moment, I'm afraid.
[ Birds Squawking ]
[ Doorbell Jingling ]
Hello? Who is it?
Can I speak to
a member of staff, please?
Can you go and get me
a member of staff, please?
[ Boy ]
[ Man ]
Connor! Excuse me. Hiya.
Jackie Taylor, social worker.
You should have got my call,
I did. Hi. It's Johann.
Nice to meet you.
How you doing? Come in, Lucy.
Sorry about the wait.
I was in the other room.
Just go on straight through.
The office
is straight that way.
[ Man ]
Please keep your eye
on the bowl, will you?
Don't get it all over
your trackie either.
I'll let you in.
[ Knocking ]
I've got Jackie and Lucy
with me here.
[ Greetings, Exclamations ]
This is Jackie.
Come on in, love.
Let me shut the door.
Get a bit of privacy.
[ Jackie ]
Who's the manager?
Ben is,
but I'm taking care of things.
I'm doing the shift handover.
[ Jackie ] And you're--
Karl. So have you got
some stuff for us, or--
- Lucy, get a seat.
- Yeah, come and sit
over here, Lucy.
[ Jackie ]
I'll drop them off
for you later.
I've got a few details
that you'll need as regards
to medication and stuff...
I've not actually
managed to pick up yet.
[ Overlapping Conversations,
Indistinct ]
[ Woman ]
I can't make heads or tails
of what you've written.
[ Overlapping Conversations
Continue, Indistinct ]
[ Karl ] All right then,
we'll definitely have
something worked out for today.
[ Knocking ]
[ Man ]
Connor, out. Out, out, out.
We'll talk later.
Lucy, I'm gonna go now.
I'll see you later.
Shall I introduce you
to everybody? I'm Vicky.
That's Johann. Karl.
Hi, Lucy! You all right, duck?
[ Chuckles ]
That's Darren there.
You all right there?
Otis? Connor? Oh, look at that.
They were so busy
busting into the room,
now they don't give a--
Oi. Otis.
Connor. Say hello to Lucy.
I don't want to speak
to someone I don't know.
Move out my face. Bye!
[ Ben ] Nice.
Ben's in charge,
or he likes to think so.
We're having sausages.
You like them?
This is the kitchen.
You're not allowed
in the kitchen unless one
of the adults is in here, okay?
Let me take you through.
I'll show you your room
in a minute.
That's the storeroom.
We've got the washing machine
down there.
Have you got-- Oh, you haven't
got a bag, have you?
We'll get some stuff for you.
Here's Lauren and Sharon.
Say hello to Lucy.
All right.
You'll be sharing with Lauren.
She's got the biggest room.
- Karl. Karl!
- We've got big TV, videos--
What am I doing?
You'll be sharing with Lucy.
I'm sharing a room now?
Why couldn't you tell me
this earlier, on me own?
Well, I've just decided.
You always want a bit of
responsibility, so there you go.
Karl, I'm 16.
I need me own space.
Do you know what I mean?
- Of course you do.
- I'm an adult.
[ Darren ]
Are you on shift?
Yeah, I've just started.
Just having my cup of tea.
Well, you're supposed to have--
Let me say one thing.
Sorry. A minute, Lauren.
You're supposed to have your tea
before you come on shift.
I'm to share with
some other fucking person?
No. No! I'm not doing it!
You're always looking
for a bit of respect.
I ain't fucking doing it!
You always keep saying,
"Treat me like an adult."
I'm not doing it!
Go on. Just follow Lauren.
[ Door Closes ]
[ Stereo: Reggae ]
[ Man Rapping ]
Now this one
is a new rap song
[ Continues ]
Right. So you two
gonna be all right, yeah?
Right. Do me a favor, Lauren.
Give Lucy help
with her bed, yeah?
Be cool.
[ Reggae Continues ]
And if you love me
please let me know
But if you no love me
let me go now, brr
Woman, if you love me
please let me know
But if you no love me
let me go now, brr
[ Reggae Continues ]
This is my Kate Moss, yeah?
So you don't come over here
and you don't touch
none of my stuff, yeah?
That's just your side.
This is my side.
Woman, if you love me
please let me know
But if you no love me
let me go now, brr
Woman, if you love me
please let me know
But if you no love me
let me go now, brr
[ Reggae Continues ]
[ Off ]
Are you coming to shops?
Are you coming?
Come on then.
Come on.
Fuck off, you dickheads!
[ Both Laughing ]
[ Loud Chattering ]
[ Girl ]
Oh, my God!
[ Man ]
Can't believe it.
Hey, hey, hey, hey!
What is it?
It should be toad in the hole.
[ Lauren ]
I wouldn't mind sucking cock!
[ Laughing ]
She wants him to lick her out!
I'll get your mum
to lick me out!
I don't know her!
[ Connor Laughing ]
I do. I know her.
I see her every night.
[ Loud, Overlapping
Chattering Continues ]
Seriously, what are you doing?
You think that's funny?
Yeah, I do.
You think that's funny?
You prick.
[ Karl ]
Oi! Pack it in!
You're a big man.
He's throwing peas at me!
So I'm getting angry!
I'm spitting my food!
[ Overlapping Chatter
Continues ]
Hey, you fuckin' slimebag!
Hey, hey, hey.
[ Children Shouting ]
Yo, big man, let him go.
Let him go.
You're a big man.
Let him go. Let him go.
You're a big man.
You're a big man.
[ Girl ]
Can you pass me a fork?
[ Chattering Continues ]
There's no need.
Just ignore him.
[ Lauren ]
Pass the beans.
[ Ben ]
Yes, please. Oh! Lauren!
Can you please
just clean the table
like a normal person?
[ Laughing ]
- Maybe you could buff it up
with your bunny slippers.
- I'm doing the other thing.
[ Lauren ]
I said that to ya!
[ Humming ]
I'm invisible
I'm invisible
Go, boy
[ Lauren Laughing ] Do you know
who Gloria Gaynor is?
You look like her.
Well, this obviously dates back
some little while...
because it's got
"per quarter, sixpence"--
[ Woman ] Yes.
You'd get a lot, wouldn't you,
for sixpence?
[ Woman ]
You would. You would indeed.
Two and a half P, yes?
[ Man ]
I would date this probably
to the start of the 1930s.
[ Woman ] Right, yes.
I can see the deco influence.
[ Man ] Exactly. Exactly. It
has that sort of eau-de-ness
feel about it, doesn't it? Yeah.
I love the idea of
putting this rock in.
It's so brilliantly colored.
And did you have this
in the kitchen?
Oh, we've had it all over.
So what are you doing
tomorrow then?
Do you want to go into town?
I haven't got
any bus fare though.
I'll sort that out.
[ Sighs, Clears Throat ]
could I have the light on?
No, you fucking can't.
[ Whispering ]
I love you.
[ Children Chattering ]
So, what?
You're just not talking to me
at all today, huh?
[ Vacuum Cleaner
Whirring ]
Sam, I know you can hear me.
Stop it now.
Get up and get ready and go.
You were all up for it yesterday
when the chap asked you
what day you could make.
Right, well, I wash my hands
of you, Sam.
I'm really disappointed.
[ Groans ]
[ Tapping ]
[ Whispering ]
Come on.
[ Bus Approaches ]
[ Brakes Hiss ]
[ Engine Idling ]
[ Brakes Hiss ]
- What are you looking at?
- You.
You're so beautiful.
I'm not.
I think you're pretty though.
Do you think you're pretty?
No? I do.
- Do you want some makeup on?
- Okay.
Have you ever wore this before?
You never wear your mum's?
I've never lived with my mum.
Hold on. Let's slap
some lipstick on.
Go "Ahh."
Oh, this looks
really nice on you.
Come on then.
[ Lauren ]
Come on.
[ Woman ]
How's your other daughter?
[ Man ]
I'm just asking.
How's your other daughter?
This has got nothing
to do with that.
It just doesn't.
Well, I'm just asking.
You're fucking twisting it.
I'm not twisting anything.
Yeah, you are.
You just fucking twisted it.
Why don't you just tell her
that you love her.
And you can't do that.
That's not true.
How is it with--
It's fucked. It's fucked. Okay?
What's her name?
Why? Why? Why?
[ Father ]
Do you want me to say it?
'Cause she's not fucking you.
All right?
[ Sighs ]
[ Woman ]
I'm frightened.
[ Father ]
I know.
[ Father ]
You're frightened of you.
[ Woman ]
Frightened of me?
[ Coffee Machine Whirring ]
Kiss me again.
[ Woman ]
You're so beautiful.
[ Bottle Cap Pops ]
Thank you.
Thank you.
I'm going to see my mum today.
Are you?
Could you empty
your pockets, please?
You think
we're the same people?
I watched you.
I know it's the same people.
Are you sure?
Bit arrogant, you are,
aren't you?
Not really, no. I'm just--
I don't know.
I watched you. You put
something in your pocket.
I swear I haven't done anything.
You've got two choices.
You empty your pockets,
or else the police are called.
You'll be locked up.
I'm just saying that
I haven't done anything.
You have. I saw you.
I haven't done anything.
Could you tell me
what your name is?
[ Lauren ] No.
We can do it the easy way or
the hard way, 'cause the police
are gonna get called.
[ Lauren ]
And what are the police
gonna do?
[ Officer ] They're going
to arrest you, sweetheart,
'cause you've been shoplifting.
[ Lauren ] The only thing they
can do is keep me up there for
about 20 minutes, half an hour.
[ Officer ]
Uh, I don't think so.
How old are you?
I'm 14.
No, you're not.
Yes, I am 14.
I don't think so.
[ Officer ]
You're a lot older than that.
No, I'm not. How old are you?
[ Officer ]
How old are you, babe?
Should you be at school?
I'm changing school.
We haven't found
a new school yet.
All right.
And where's your parents?
I don't live
with my parents.
Don't you?
And who is
this lady to you?
She's my friend.
It's not very nice
bringing a little girl
shoplifting, is it?
It's not very nice
what you're doing.
It's not teaching her
the right things, is it?
It's not very nice
you standing over me like that.
I'm gonna search your pockets.
Are you a police officer?
That doesn't matter.
No. You're a security guard.
Did you try and make
the police force?
I'm going to phone the police
in a minute, so the police force
will be here soon.
I bet you tried to make it
in the police force,
but failed miserably.
That's why you're working
in fucking Boots.
I know plenty of--
I know plenty of--
Are you swearing?
Can you stand up please
so I can search you?
No, mate. [ Giggling ]
I'm searching your pockets
I'm not bothered. Search it.
Oh, look. This is nice.
Your color.
Yeah, my color. Yeah.
Like your tongue. Blue.
Could you pass these, please?
Oh, yeah.
These are from our superstores.
You have admitted stealing, so--
So what? So what are you
going to do now?
The police are gonna get called
and you are going to
be arrested.
For what? For what? Robbing?
Go on then, do it.
[ Officer ]
Could you tell me
what her real name is, please?
I only know her first name.
What's her first name, babe?
Carol Verdiman.
Lauren? Why-- Not Lauren.
Is it Laurel Verdiman,
or Vordeman?
[ Officer ]
What's her second name?
Do you know her second name?
What's your name, babe?
Lucy Manvers.
[ Buzzer Buzzes ]
[ Chattering, Indistinct ]
Get the fuck off me.
[ Shouting ]
Hey! Calm down!
Calm, or I'll restrain ya!
Calm down!
[ Lauren Screaming ]
No! Get off me! No!
We'll take you
to the floor, Lauren.
Calm down.
Get off me.
Get the fuck off me now,
you fucking idiots!
Calm down. Calm down.
A word of advice
is not to hang about
with her too much,
or you'll be in this police car
every day.
I find that quite offensive,
to be honest with you.
I find that quite offensive,
to be honest with you.
Why do you?
"You shouldn't be knocking about
with her because--" Da-da-dah.
To be honest with you,
I don't think you've got
a clue, P.C. Lawrence.
I don't think you really know
the ins and the outs.
Is that right, Lauren?
This is just your job.
She's definitely a comedian.
She makes me laugh.
She makes me laugh.
So what have you girls
got planned
for Christmas then?
Gonna get
fucking wrecked, mate.
That's clever, isn't it?
It's gonna be wicked.
I can't wait, I can't.
So what will the home
do for you for Christmas?
What do they do?
Uh, make a really shit dinner.
Hand out a few presents.
That's about it.
What would you like,
P.C. Cooper?
You know what I'd really like?
I'd like not to see Lauren
for at least a week.
How about you, Lucy?
What do you have planned?
I don't know.
Don't know?
Are you looking
forward to it,
Lucy? Eh?
Sort of.
Sort of.
Is Santa Claus
going to be bringing you
any presents?
Oh, my God.
I don't know.
Santa Claus
Is coming to town
All right, Lauren,
we don't want it to rain.
[ Doorbell Jingling ]
[ P.C. Lawrence ]
Can you let us in?
Have you got a warrant?
You haven't got a warrant, you
ain't coming in my house, mate.
We've got a warrant.
Cheers. Come along.
Show me your warrant.
You ain't coming in my house.
Let us in.
You're not coming in my house
without a warrant.
Come on, love. Calm down.
You're not coming in
my house without a warrant.
Come on, girls.
[ Phone Ringing ]
Oh, okay. You all right, guys?
Comin' straight through.
Straight through, Lauren.
[ Chattering, Faint ]
Just leave us.
I'll deal with this one.
All right?
[ Johann ]
Just take a seat over there.
Going out? All right.
See you later.
Just a bit of, um,
paperwork, Johann.
Just the usual routine, mate.
Have a read of that.
Sign there.
And can you sign
this GE71 for me as well, mate?
[ P.C. Lawrence ]
We don't want to see
you two again, okay?
- Merry Christmas, girls.
- Merry Christmas, guys.
Take it easy, mate. Bye.
[ Door Closes ]
What happened, girls?
Why did you get dropped off
by the police?
Lauren, why did you
get dropped off by the police?
All right. Lucy, why did you get
dropped off by the police?
- We went to the shops.
- What were you doing
at the shops?
The police came.
Why did the police come?
Lauren took some things
from the shop
without paying for them...
and went outside the shop.
what are you playing at?
What are you playing at?
Why are you ignoring me for?
Why don't you just answer me?
Do you know
how irresponsible it is,
You're an idiot, Lauren.
I swear to God.
[ Door Opens ]
[ Door Closes ]
It's not funny.
It's certainly not funny.
Why didn't you say anything?
What am I supposed to do,
stick up for you?
Yeah, that's it.
Why didn't you stick up for me?
I can't do anything.
So he's getting personal
about me, calling me a dickhead,
saying that I'm an idiot--
He's got a little bit
of a point.
And you didn't say anything?
You brought the police back.
You got caught lifting.
Yeah? So?
It's not exactly Einstein,
is it?
[ Lauren ] She didn't do
anything. She didn't go in
the shops and robbed owt.
It was me. So I don't know why
everyone was telling her
not to hang around with me.
[ Ben ]
Are you a child or an adult?
You always say, "Don't treat me
like one of them.
I'm not one of them kids."
[ Lauren ] Yeah. I didn't say
anything. I don't understand
why you didn't stick up for me.
[ Ben ]
Are you going to let me speak,
or are you just
going to carry on
speaking over me?
I can't be sticking up for you
when you bring the police home
for shoplifting...
and getting her into trouble.
How can I do that?
That don't make any sense
at all, does it?
You made your bed, Lauren.
You lie in it. End of.
[ Footsteps ]
All right. See you.
[ Door Closes ]
[ Doorknob Rattling ]
- You all right?
- Fuck off.
What do you mean, fuck off?
Go away.
What was I supposed to do,
stick up for you?
I'm not bothered.
I've just been down there.
I've had a right old bust-up
with Michael.
He's not too happy
with me, you know.
Isn't he?
Look, come down
and watch a film.
I don't want to.
Oh, come on, face-ache.
Come downstairs
and watch a film.
Go away! I don't want to!
Get that on.
I'll go and put the kettle on.
Give you two minutes.
Fuck off then.
Shut up.
You gonna come?
You gonna come down?
Go away, Ben.
All right.
[ Door Closes ]
[ Door Closes ]
[ Water Running ]
[ Doorknob Rattles ]
[ Tea Kettle Whistling ]
[ TV: Music Box ]
Budge up then.
Come on, Lucy.
Come and sit down.
Come watch this.
Apparently I'm a geek.
We're watching
a French film.
[ Chuckles ]
[ Music Box ]
[ TV: Man Speaking French ]
[ Music Box ]
[ Man Speaking French ]
[ TV: Woman Speaking French ]
Good night, everyone.
I think it's time for bed now.
It's all right, Mike.
I said they could stay up.
It's a bit late.
I think everyone
should get into bed.
- Yeah, but if I said it's okay,
it's okay, isn't it?
- Well, I think definitely Lucy.
Do you want to go to bed?
Yes, please.
Yeah? Come on then.
[ Sighs ]
It's not like they're watching
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
Come on, Lucy.
Don't undermine me in front of--
I'm not being funny
with you, mate, honestly.
You don't have to be funny.
[ Whispers ]
[ TV: French ]
He was making me laugh.
Oh, evening, Kieran. All right?
All right.
[ Laughs ]
[ Laughing ]
[ Both Laughing ]
[ Laughing ]
Don't make me--
[ Lauren Giggling ]
Shh, shh, shh. Shh! Shh! Shh!
[ Whispering ]
Please. No laughing.
Put that light off.
[ Giggling ]
[ Giggling Continues ]
Shh! Shh!
[ Ben ]
Lauren! Shush!
[ Ben ]
Just stop it. Stop it.
[ Lauren Laughing ]
[ Ben, Lauren Laughing ]
[ Ben Grunts ]
[ Moaning ]
[ Ben ]
[ Lauren Giggling ]
[ Ben Grunting ]
[ Lauren ]
[ Ben ]
[ Lauren Giggles ]
[ Ben ]
See you in the morning.
Fuck off.
[ Door Closes ]
[ Dog Barking ]
[ Birds Twittering ]
[ Wind Whistling ]
[ Church Bells Tolling ]
[ Chattering ]
You all right?
I made you some toast,
and there's some milk
if you want it.
There you go.
Thank you.
There you go.
I was worried about you.
Is it all right? Good.
Do you believe in God?
Yeah. Sometimes it's hard
to believe in God,
but, yeah, I believe in God.
I believe in lots
of different gods.
Here, that on there.
That's an Indian god. Krishna.
You learn all about different
religions, don't you, at school?
I only know about Christianity.
Do you?
About Jesus?
Jesus is great.
Are you married?
No, I'm not married.
Do you have a partner
or anything?
A partner?
Yeah, I've got a boyfriend.
We can have a look at
the different ones
for you though.
[ Boy Babbling ]
[ Vicky ]
So that's it. Does it tickle?
[ Chuckles ]
[ Vicky ]
And relax your foot.
And your other foot if you can.
Okay. Shows you're
at a size one, one and a half.
Okay, I'll take this off.
So what are we here for today?
[ Vicky ] We just want something
for going out. So you can
choose. You like trainers?
I like the sparkly ones.
[ Man ] Sparkly ones?
I can do ones that flash,
young lady.
- [ Vicky ]
Oh, they're really good.
- [ Man ] Fabulous.
And they're-- And they're good
'cause they haven't got laces
as well.
But it's up to you.
Do you like them?
Do a little dance.
Wiggle your toes about.
They look really cool.
If you could have
any color hair,
what would you have?
Out of those wigs?
Probably the blonde.
You'd stay blonde?
I like it 'cause it's got--
The pink goes with the pink
in your trainers.
Do you want to keep it on?
[ Chuckles ]
You want to keep it--
Okay, let me cut the labels off.
Can I get a receipt?
[ Humming ]
[ Ben Chattering ]
[ Door Opens ]
[ Ben ]
You all right?
Oh, yeah. Hiya, Jackie.
[ Ben ]
Jackie's here, Lucy.
Lucy, do you want
to pop next door
with Jackie and get started?
Just take her to 201.
You start with your chat,
then I'll pop in and take over.
Just give you five minutes.
Aren't you gonna show Jackie
what you bought?
And what about
your family, Lucy?
Has anyone been in touch?
You had
a dental checkup yet?
I don't think so.
Okay, we're gonna try and get
you into a Catholic school, if
we can find one, uh, close by.
Says here that you've
been absconding, Lucy.
What's that all about?
[ Pen Scribbling ]
I'm sorry that I've not
been here for a while.
But the office didn't sort out
my petrol money.
But now that they have,
I'm gonna be here a lot more.
So I need you to call me
whenever you need anything.
[ Clears Throat ]
Okay, we need to set a date
for your review.
Do you think I could ask about
living with my mummy?
It's something we could talk
about at the review, isn't it?
I'll be there,
and maybe Vicky.
Here you are. Tea's up.
Oh, lovely.
Brought you a glass of milk,
Lucy, all right?
I'll leave you two to have
a chat, but if you need me,
give me a shout.
[ Jackie ]
So, at your review,
there'll be me.
[ Door Opens ]
There'll be your senior social
worker, and maybe Vicky as well.
[ Door Closes ]
So we'll all talk about that.
But you've not heard
from her at all, no?
Not a letter or anything?
[ Papers Rustling ]
[ TV: Indistinct ]
You all right?
[ Laughs ]
No, you dob.
[ Laughs ]
[ Laughs ]
[ Laughs ]
[ Laughs ]
[ Kisses ]
It's me, Lucy.
[ Exhales Slowly ]
[ Lauren Exhales Slowly ]
[ Hissing ]
[ Inhaling ]
[ Inhaling ]
[ Exhales Slowly ]
[ Chuckles ]
[ Inhales ]
I'm all right, Lucy.
You don't need
to worry about me.
[ Water Running ]
[ Water Stops ]
[ Door Opens ]
[ Door Closes ]
Oi. Wake up.
[ Mumbling ]
What was that all about?
You know what it was about?
What are you doing then?
I've come to chat.
Oh, can't I speak to you
tomorrow, please?
No, we need to talk
about it now, don't we?
Speak to you tomorrow.
Ben, what are you doing?
[ Ben ]
Do you still love me?
[ Ben ]
You turn around for me?
Come on.
I need to see your face.
Look at me.
You're so beautiful, you know?
You don't know how
beautiful you are, do you?
[ Ben ]
I do though.
[ Rustling ]
[ Lauren ]
No, Ben.
[ Ben ]
Come on.
[ Lauren ]
Ben, no.
It's all right. It's okay.
Ben, please.
You all right?
[ Ben Whispering ]
What the fuck
are you looking at?
[ Vicky ]
Obviously, Lucy's only
been with us a short time,
so it's hard to ascertain
a full picture.
But this is the first time
she's been placed in
a children's home,
and I think that's proving
one of the hardest things
for her to settle in.
There hasn't been
much continuity.
But she is vulnerable
because of her age.
And we need to put in
some guidelines, some rules.
Um, and I think
that's one of my main concerns
and priorities for Lucy.
So, another thing that I think
is quite important would be
to get her into a school.
Because I think
she's missing school.
Also, perhaps for Lucy
to maybe speak to a counselor...
or a child psychologist
on a weekly basis...
if we can push for that
Lucy and I have spent
a bit of time together,
and one thing
that's come out of that is...
that I've tried to put
into place that she is
vulnerable because of her age.
So going away
without telling us,
I-I mean, for none of the kids
is that appropriate, but with
her it is a particular concern.
I mean, I know we've gone
through that with her, but maybe
there needs to be another...
meeting that I have with her,
or go through some-- maybe state
some clearer guidelines for her.
[ Jackie ]
And is there anything
you want to say, Lucy?
Anything that you don't
understand, that you want us
to go through again?
Because now's the time
for you to say.
I don't understand why
I can't live with my mummy.
Unfortunately, at this moment
in time, it's the courts that
are going to have to decide.
[ Door Closes ]
[ Chattering, Screaming ]
We went on the ghost train,
and there was two of them.
Oh, this is really good.
[ TV: Woman Singing ]
Joyful and triumphant
O come ye
O come ye to Bethlehem
Come and behold him
Born the King of Angels
O come, let us adore him
O come, let us adore him
O come,
let us adore him
Christ the Lord
Sing, choirs of angels
[ Continues ]
Here's some juice.
[ Continues ]
O come, let us adore him
O come,
let us adore him
O come, let us adore him
Christ the Lord
Missed you.
Missed you.
Did you?
Here you are.
Do you know who that is?
Cheeky chops.
Five to 6:00 in the evening.
That's when you were born.
You were a tiny thing.
Your head was right here.
And your wee legs would dangle.
You know, I wouldn't
let anybody hold you.
In case they dropped you.
So precious.
Do you know the first thing
I ever said to your mum?
I said, "Have we met before?"
Really corny.
But I meant it.
No, we hadn't.
But we convinced ourselves
that we had and...
it was meant to be.
She wanted to be a mum,
you know.
She wanted to be a mummy,
but she just--
Just wasn't in her.
She loved you, you know.
I love you. She loved you.
There was just
something missing.
Life goes by that quickly,
You think you've got
all the time in the world...
and then it's over.
Your mistakes are there forever.
"Midway upon
the journey of our life,
I found myself
within a forest dark,
for the straightforward pathway
had been lost."
[ Bird Chirping ]
[ Man ]
On the rocks, ha, ha
Na, na, na, na, na, na
I don't give up, ha
Na, na, na, na, na, na
Give up, ha
[ Man Vocalizing ]
Two dogs, two cats
A big kitchen
and a welcome mat
I want two dogs, two cats
A big kitchen
and a welcome mat
I want all this
and all I shall have
Oh, oh
I don't give up
A boy like me
Don't ever give up
Give up his dream, no
[ Man Vocalizing ]
[ Man Vocalizing ]
[ Man Vocalizing ]
The body of Christ.
Come on.
The quicker we get home.
Come on, Lucy.
Come on.
[ Chattering ]
I love you.
Do you?
I love you too.
[ Fireworks Whistling ]
[ Woman ]
[ Chattering ]
[ All Cheering ]
[ Man ]
[ Chattering, Laughing ]
[ Stereo: Rap ]
Do you want some, Lucy?
[ Rock ]
Let me get the joke.
"What do you get if you cross
a skeleton and a detective?"
Don't know.
"Sherlock Bones."
[ Chattering, Shouting ]
[ Man ]
Oh, come on!
[ Laughing ]
[ Mid-tempo Rock ]
[ Whispering ]
[ No Audible Dialogue ]
[ Laughing ]
Doesn't matter anymore
She's still got her shoes on
She's covered in a coat
Dreams burnt out
Dreams burnt out
[ Rock ]
One, two--
One, two, three, four!
[ All Shouting, Cheering ]
[ Man ]
Go on, girls!
[ Applauding, Cheering ]
Who's up next then?
Who's up next?
Man, don't worry about it.
[ Ben ] Girls, girls,
what are you doing?
Just calm down.
Why do you embarrass yourselves?
Why do you embarrass yourself?
Embarrass myself?
You spoiled it for everybody.
It's my fault?
Shut your mouth.
You're a little clown.
Shut your mouth.
Why don't you go upstairs?
Take your little dress
that you've got ready in
and go upstairs.
[ Woman ]
Oh, Ben! Ben!
That's out of order, Ben.
For everybody
that was asking me,
"When's Lauren gonna kick off?
When's she gonna spoil it?"
She's spoiling it now.
Look at you. You're a disgrace.
- Let's not make a big deal.
- You're an embarrassment to me.
An embarrassment to Darren.
Everybody that's wasted
their time on this,
this is what you've done.
Why don't you go upstairs?
Go on.
Fuck you.
Don't eat that.
Go on. Take it upstairs.
Take your food upstairs.
You know what?
You're a fuckin' bastard!
Get out! Get out.
Why should I leave,
you fuckin' bastard?
Hey, come on!
Take it and get out.
Go on!
Go on.
[ Karl ] Ben, there's no need
for that, mate.
- Get to your room.
- No!
Get out.
[ Screams ]
Exactly. Screaming Lauren.
Right, it's a Christmas party.
[ Karl ] I don't care what
your excuses are. You cannot
talk to people like that.
- I'm not accepting it. I don't
care what his point is.
- He's manager of the house.
That was out of order.
I don't know if I'm going mad
or if I'm paranoid or whatever,
but I don't know who else
to speak to about it.
I know. About Ben?
And Lauren?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Don't, Darren.
What? Have you seen them?
I've been feeling it for weeks.
Should I talk to somebody?
I don't know.
Service Standards
or something like that?
Service Standards?
I'll go straight
to the fucking police, man.
I know it's happening.
We just can't prove it.
- What to do? Do it now?
- No, no. Tomorrow.
Michael, can I have five minutes
with Darren, please?
I'm not going anywhere, mate.
Can I just have five minutes
with Darren, please?
No? You want to stay?
What's up, Ben?
What's going on in the
front room with you and Vicky?
What do you mean?
Nothing's going on
with me and Vicky, mate.
Your behavior
in that front room--
My behavior?
Wait a minute. If you've got
anything to talk to me about,
or you for that matter--
Talk to you about?
We'll talk about it later.
I've come over to you.
Listen. I won't even talk
to you. I will fucking take you
outside and fuck you up.
Yes, rude boy.
I don't give a fuck
about this job! I don't
give a fuck about po, yeah?
I will grab a knife
and I will slash you down!
Well, it's open.
You dirty bastard!
Why don't you go?
Fucking come in here then,
Ben, eh?
Fucking come in here,
bastard, eh?
The door's there.
Come in here, eh?
You're embarrassing yourself.
I will fucking murk you,
you fucking nonce!
Are you finished?
You're a fucking dirty--
You're a fucking dirty nonce.
You are a nonce.
You keep walking away
and walking back.
Who gives a fuck?
You're a fucking nonce.
Wait a minute.
[ Darren ]
Fucking come in here then!
I'm coming down to your size.
You're a fucking nonce.
Do what you like,
you fucking prick!
[ Darren ]
Do it now, you fucking nonce!
Get the fuck out of my face,
you dirty fucking nonce!
You're fired, and you're fired.
Do you think I give a fuck?
You're fucking jailbait, mate!
Wait till you get your fucking
arse rimmed in prison!
You're fucking sick!
Is this it? Is this it?
You're fucking dirt.
I hope it is! Is this it?
You are fuck all, mate.
You are fuck all, mate.
Come on.
We've all had a drink.
You dirty fucking slag
of a fucking nonce!
Shove your dick up a fucking
adult, you dirty prick!
Get out of my face.
Shove your dick up an adult,
you dirty slag.
You don't know what you're--
Shove your dick up
an adult, you dirty slag.
You're like a broken record!
Well, you're a fucking dirty
record, you little dirty slag!
[ All Shouting ]
Go! Go! Go! Go!
You don't know what
you're talking about!
[ Shouting ]
Say nothing!
[ Darren ]
You fucked the thing!
You fucked it now!
[ Darren ]
Straight up, Karl.
I will fucking stab him now.
[ Karl ] Not here.
[ Darren ] I don't give a fuck
about the police!
I don't give a fuck
about the job, Karl!
I'll fucking kill him!
I'll kill him!
[ All Shouting ]
Fucking bitch!
[ Shouting Continues ]
You're fucking Lauren!
[ Shouting Stops ]
[ Door Opens ]
[ Door Closes ]
[ Knocking ]
Lucy, you gave me
a heart attack.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
[ Sighs ]
I brought this for you.
Happy Christmas.
Do you think I could stay here?
I have to go to work.
Do you still have
my golden book?
Have you kept my golden book?
[ Woman Sighs ]
There you go.
Thank you.
What's that for?
What do you think it's for?
It's for the bus.
Where are you going?
Is there any chance
I can stay?
Oh, God!
Come on. Let's go.
Got your money ready?
[ Vehicle Approaching ]
Go on.
Lucy. Lucy!
[ Sobbing ]
Oh, God.
[ Sobbing Continues ]
Oh, God.
Don't you ever,
ever be sorry about coming
to see your mummy, okay?
[ Sighs ]
[ Man ]
My soul is weak
My eyes are blind
The fire that drove me on
Is nothing more
than dust and ash
The day my friend was gone
Now he got his name
on a rock again
This time it's the last
And got his thousand friends,
I'm sure
Party is over fire
So put your hand in my hand
And maybe we'll forget
That life had even started
Before the day we met
My rotten bones
full of holes
Skin just holds 'em in
Might look like I'm damaged
But the damage
is deep within
So put your hand in my hand
And maybe we'll forget
That life had even started
Before the day we met
[ Ends ]
[ Birds Twittering ]