The UnMiracle (2017) Movie Script

If you had told me that when
i was your age, I would be here...
doing this now,
a pastor in a church,
Ha, I would have laughed
in your face.
See I was wild.
I was a user, and I loved it.
I fancied myself a rebel
in a world of squares.
Everybody else was just a
bunch of brain-dead zombies.
Me? I was awake,
and I was alive.
God was for suckers.
See I didn't realize I
had it terribly backwards.
May 18, 1987-- I woke
up in a jail cell.
Didn't know where I
was, how I got there,
it was total blackout.
They told me that there
had been a car accident, --
that I had rammed my car
into another vehicle.
I was going 60 miles an hour
in a 30 mile an hour zone.
No one was hurt, thank god.
But you know, they
could have told me
that I killed all four people,
and it wouldn't have
made any difference
because I was coming off
a three-day celebration
of my cousin's graduation.
It was a lot of booze--
a lot of coke for me-- it
was mostly coke because,
hey, it was the '80s
after all, right?
Well, I lost everything,
and I ended up in jail.
Thank you.
See, the four people in that
car were a young married couple
and their two young boys.
And I could've killed them.
That was it for me.
So I entered myself
into a 12-step program.
Complete and total surrender.
You know how great that feels?
What a relief it is to
surrender to something
so completely?
To just walk away
from everything.
To establish a relationship.
Something so much more
powerful than yourself
and your frail little ego.
But it was only because of Him.
See most people,
they look to God
as a means to get into heaven,
a way to cope with death.
But for us users, us addicts,
it's a way to cope with life.
Just to get us through
another day without using.
The day I woke up in jail--
May 18, 1987, I thought
my life was done.
[narrator] Turned out to be the
greatest thing that ever
happened to me.
At least once in our life,
every one of us fall
into darkness.
But no matter how
deep you sink,
no matter how lost,
or alone, no matter how scared,
no matter how dark,
somewhere, there
is always light.
Because Jesus is everywhere.
[club music playing]
I didn't always
understand this.
Once I was lost.
But that's the UnMiracle.
You have to be lost
before you're found.
[missile falling]
[gunfire/door knocking]
[door knocking]
You okay?
You woke me up
I heard yelling.
[bottle clinking]
[bottle opening]
Something to take
the morning edge off.
It's 4:30 in the afternoon.
They're all the same.
Mom wants me to ask you to
come to dinner tomorrow
if you feel well enough.
By tomorrow?
We'll see.
What should I tell her?
Tell her we'll see.
You okay?
I had just a bad dream.
Next time, use the
spare key, all right?
Don't go banging on my
door in the morning.
[bathroom door closes]
[water running]
Have you taken your meds today?
I don't know, was it--
Dude, you're like a
week and a half behind.
Say Dan, if you ever need to
wake me up in the morning,
don't wake me up with
your hand. Use a stick or
something, all right?
Because most times I wake
up, I wake up swinging.
All right little bro?
All right, good.
Man, I'm tired I'm going
sack up for a few more.
If you need help
cleaning, I could come by.
Danny, I got it, okay?
It's fine.
And you've got to remember
to take your pills.
I got it.
The doctor said that--
I got it!
Look, Danny-- hey.
I'll take them, all right?
You promise?
Yeah, I will.
[club music]
Hey Danny, I heard you're
going out with Kayla Stevenson.
That's right.
She's wild, you know
that right?
Hey, you ready to
turn up tonight?
Speak of the devil.
Sorry Dean-o, but I'm
gonna have to borrow
this one for a minute.
You got it?
Oh, baby.
I love you.
He totally didn't notice.
All praise the VA.
Is it Ritalin?
10 Milligrams?
And this?
I love you.
Hey Stilleto, long time no see.
How are you-- is that coke?
It's not free.
How about some vitamin R?
I got three.
All right, yeah.
Absolutely, sure.
Here, step up.
Not bad.
Not great.
Is there any coke in
there, or is it just speed?
Were you not happy?
Would you like another one?
Dude, it's time to go.
This party's getting
way too sketchy.
I know, but what can I do?
Kayla's out of control.
I'm running a million miles an
hour, and I can't slow down.
You know, I got
something that'll
mellow you out real quick.
Oh yeah?
The blind lead the blind
through the dizzying
maze of childhood.
How easy to revel in
the temple of youth.
But all that
glitters is not gold.
The twins are wasted.
They're puking everywhere.
I'm gonna drive them home.
I'll be back for you later.
Hugs not drugs.
Thanks, mom.
What a bitter harvest we
reap when we teach the
child to turn away from God.
For the sins of the father
are visited upon the child.
[slow music playing]
Someone should know
Who knows you
Better than you do
You are not alone
I love you guys.
I love you.
[all] Whoa!
Is she okay?
Yo, come check this out man.
I think she's overdosing.
We gotta go.
Yeah, party's over.
That's an excellent suggestion.
I think we're gonna bail.
We should call 911.
No, no, no, no no.
Chill out, Abercrombie.
She needs a doctor.
A doctor's not going to
help her sleep it off.
She's sick!
Heroin makes you
puke kid, relax.
Do not call the cops,
all right?
This house is full of drugs,
and everybody in this house
will get arrested, including
your girlfriend, which
will ruin any chance she ever
has of getting into college
or ever getting financial aid.
So I know this for a fact,
because it happened to me,
and look at me now.
She's fine.
Just when she wakes up
with aching kidneys,
make sure you give her a bunch
of water, and she'll be fine.
This is the only way
she's going to learn, man.
And we need to go.
So, good party dude.
You can't OD on one line,
Bye Dean-o.
Dean, what do we do?
Here, let's get a bucket
before she barfs again.
[door opens and closes]
[dramatic music playing]
She's out cold.
Kayla, can you hear me?
She puked all over.
Kayla, can you hear me?
She'll be okay once
she sleeps it off.
Sup, Arin?
Did she snort that
heroin you gave her?
I don't know.
You don't know?
Dude, chill out.
She's turning blue.
She's hardly breathing.
She'll be okay once
she sleeps it off.
She's fine.
She just passed out.
Her pupils are fixed.
[dialing phone]
[operator] 911,
what's your emergency?
There's a teenage girl here
who I think has overdosed.
What are you doing?
-The address is 9724 Winterlem
-[boy] No!
Drive, Crystal Lake.
[operator] Okay, Ambulance has
been dispatched,
can you get a pulse?
Pulse, yes.
[operator] Is her airway clear?
Her airway is clear.
[boy] Danny.
Cop came here.
Alcohol, Vicodin, some
cocaine mixed with Speed
[Danny] and maybe some heroin.
[operator] What's Her name?
[Danny] Her name?
[boy] Danny!
[Danny] Kayla Stevenson.
[boy] Danny!
[Danny] 16.
[police sirens]
[boy] Danny!
[doctor 1] Your daughter has
experienced a very powerful
drug interaction,
which has wreaked
havoc on her body.
-There really is very
little you can do now--
-[doctor 2] She's sleeping now
[doctor 1] --except wait for
her to wake up.
[doctor 2] There's no way to
[doctor 1] We're awaiting
toxicology reports--
[doctor 2] --if she'll
wake up.
[doctor 1] When it returns,
we'll know more.
There's something you need
to understand...
Oh, Lord have mercy.
[doctor 1] There's a very real
possibility that Kayla may
never wake up.
[heart monitor beeping]
Oh my god.
Excuse me, Mrs. Stevenson?
I'm Officer Mackenzie.
I know this is a very difficult
time for you right now,
but if you have a few
minutes, I would like
to ask you a few questions.
You going to put
my baby in jail?
No ma'am, I--
How dare you?
She almost died
tonight because of you.
They were too afraid of the
cops to call an ambulance,
and you want to
ask me questions.
I'm sorry, I--
I've got a question for you.
That what you do?
Arrest children?
You want to put all our
children in jail, for what?
Being children?
If it wasn't for these two
boys, my baby would be dead.
And you have the
audacity [crying]
to come to my
daughter's hospital bed
and interrogate us now?
I'm so sorry.
Get it together.
Protect and serve.
Protect and serve.
I'm sorry about that.
She's usually very nice.
It's just a lot
for her, you know?
Yeah, well I shouldn't
have done that.
It's nothing personal.
You seem like a really
nice guy, for a cop.
I always feel weird
coming into hospitals.
I never want to touch
anything, you know?
Yeah, me too, but
part of the job.
I'm Arin Robinson.
So you're the guy
who spoke to the EMT?
Well Arin, I'm
Officer Mackenzie.
What you did tonight
was a hero move.
Not really, but thanks.
Arin, do you need a ride home?
So you like her?
She's Kayla Stevenson.
Everyone likes her.
Nobody seemed to like her
enough to save her
life tonight.
Except you.
So how come her boyfriend
didn't call 911?
I thought of it
first, I suppose.
And what, they made
you designated driver?
Well, I don't drink and I don't
do drugs, so I made a good fit.
Was everyone doing
drugs at the party?
You'd have to ask them.
All right, who were they?
Who gave them to her?
I can't help you there.
Who gave Kayla the drugs?
I'm not a rat, officer.
Arin, there's a teenage girl
who almost died tonight.
This is serious business
we're talking about here.
If you're afraid of those
guys coming after you,
we can help you.
Look, I may be
small, but I'm not
afraid of you or your
badge, and I'm definitely
not afraid of any kid
with a bag of dope.
The only thing
that I fear is God.
Yeah, I like your bracelet.
WWJD, huh?
Man, you know being a Bible
thumper and a straight edge,
can't make you very
popular, can it?
Well, as I recall, JC wasn't
particularly popular, either.
I also remember that
the cops of that era
nailed him to a piece of wood
for speaking truth to power.
Look, kid, I'm not in
the crucifixion business,
all right?
All I want is the truth.
That's exactly
what they told JC.
Thanks for the ride,
Officer Mackenzie.
Yeah, sure thing.
Arin, wait.
If you change your mind about
anything, you've got my number.
You bet.
Hi, officer.
Some man just attacked our son.
He took him, he tried
to grab him, run off.
We ran after him,
and we got him back.
Tell him what happened.
This man came, and
he grabbed our son,
and he tried to
take him from us.
Police, open the door.
Come on in.
Police, I'm coming in.
Come on in.
I'm not gonna bite you.
Mike Phillips?
That's me.
Robert Mackenzie?
I heard you joined the mil.
I did-- Marines.
Three tours.
Three tours, wow.
[inaudible] I've got this one.
Well, well, well.
Bo Mackenzie a cop.
I never would've in a million
years seen that one coming.
Congratulations Bo.
I won't tell them
the truth about you.
Mike, I just
received a complaint
that you assaulted a child.
Yeah, well.
I think I did.
Say, I get a little
confused sometimes.
Is he okay?
I didn't mean to scare
the little bugger.
Yeah, he's fine,
just a bit shaken up.
Yeah, yeah.
I had a bit mixed up
with the meds today.
It's no excuse, I know.
I thought he was
going to trip an IED,
and I was trying
to save his life.
Some hero, huh?
Mike, anyone who puts on a
uniform for their country
is a hero.
You have a younger
brother, right?
Yeah, Danny?
Good kid.
Nice kid.
Not like we were, right?
Yeah why do you ask?
Is there someone I could call
to come over and be with you?
How about some strippers?
How about your wife?
She don't want nothing
to do with me no more.
Ah, don't worry though.
My little bro will be here in
the morning, sure as clockwork.
You mean Danny?
Mike, if I leave
you alone, will you
promise me that you won't go
outside till tomorrow morning?
Mike, if I leave you
alone tonight, will
you promise not to
go out till--
Mike Phillips, huh?
Hey, Mike!
It's me.
Danny boy, hey.
What time is it?
7:30 in the morning.
Mom wants to know if you
want to come to church.
Do you want to come
to dinner tonight?
How was the party last night?
It was okay, but--
it started out cool, then
everyone got pretty wasted.
Sounds awesome.
Kayla was pretty sloppy.
Ugh, that's the worst.
There's nothing
worse than a girl
that can't hold her liquor.
She really hit it
hard, you know?
I can imagine.
Her sister is like that too.
Cassie, wild chick.
Just wild.
She got sick, and I had
to watch her all night.
Oh, man.
That's the worst.
I got stories I
can tell you, but
hope you behaved yourself.
What would you say if
I had this friend--
a good friend, and this
friend did something
that was kind of stupid,
and totally wrong,
and someone got
hurt because of it,
but no one took
responsibility for it?
Well Danny, a Marine
lives by a certain code.
A code of integrity that
can't be compromised.
It means, Daniel--
doing the right thing,
regardless of whether
you're going to get caught
or not.
That's pretty righteous stuff,
but it's a good thing you're
not a Marine anymore, eh?
You're in it for life brother--
no such thing as an ex-Marine.
Honor, courage, commitment.
It is the willingness to
take a stand, regardless
of adverse consequences.
It's the will to heed the
inner conscience, and the will
to do what is right, regardless
of the conduct of others.
It's not enough to
know what to do.
You have to do it.
Courage is the mastery of
fear and to always do what
is right,
even in the face of death.
You have to follow a higher
path that normal people are
too weak
or too afraid to follow.
Semper fi, Danny.
Semper fi-- always faithful.
Always faithful to family,
God, country, the Corps.
It is faith that
makes a man a Marine,
and it is faith that makes a
man become more than
who we are.
And only through faith can the
impossible become possible.
With faith, anything
is possible?
But at least you're
not nothing.
[phone ringing]
[man] The pride of your
heart has deceived you.
You, who live in the
clefts of the rocks
and make your home
on the heights.
You, who say to yourself,
who can bring me down
to the ground.
Though you soar like the
eagle and make your nest
among the stars, from there,
I will bring you down,
declares the Lord.
[phone ringing]
[running footsteps]
I'd like to speak to
someone about something
that happened last night.
I'm only going to say
this one more time,
Mackenzie, you are soft.
This is a war, and make
no mistake about it
we are losing.
You better show me
something, Mackenzie.
You better show me real
quick, or you're done.
Yes sir, I mean
I will sir.
Now that assault last night.
What happened? I didn't see
anything in my bin.
It was just a
misunderstanding, sir.
I let him walk.
A kid gets assaulted,
and you let the guy walk?
Yes, sir.
A kid?
It was just a misunderstanding
between neighbors.
It's all cleared up now.
Well that's good.
That's good, because
if it comes back
that this neighbor kid gets
so much as a hair out of place
by this friendly
guy that you let
walk, who ends up being some
sort of kiddie-jumping psycho.
Do you have any idea what
it's going to do in
this department?
I'm going to get fired, and
you're going to get fired,
and we're going to sit
together unemployment and keep
each other company.
I don't want to
sit in unemployment
with you, Mackenzie.
I don't like you.
So get the marshmallows out of
your face, lose some weight,
tuck in that shirt,
stand up straight,
and get out on the street
and make some arrests.
Yes, sir.
Thank you, sir.
And find out where the
Stevenson girl got those drugs.
Comes down from the top.
If she croaks, we're talking
homicide, so look alive.
Yes, sir.
[slow music playing]
If Kayla dies, they're
gonna charge us with murder.
Man, you look like
death, Dean-o.
Been out here all night.
Cops around my house.
Had to stash my stash.
What happened to Kayla?
I was at the hospital.
She's in a coma.
Oh, wow.
Is she gonna make it?
They don't know.
She was like inches from death.
That's crazy.
They said if she
dies, it's a homicide.
Yeah, I've been good friends
with her since second grade.
I went out with
her in sixth grade.
She got me high for the
first time right there.
No way.
I'd never hurt her.
She's the coolest person
I know.
Why'd you guys break up?
She's crazy, I don't know.
Her energy is scattered.
We always remained good
friends, but there's just
no way of getting
close to her, you know?
She just deflects
anything serious.
It's like she
wouldn't let you in.
I don't really know her at all.
She dated a lot of guys that
treated her bad, like garbage.
They were older guys that
never really lasted long.
But then she dated you.
For the life of me, I don't
know why she asked me out.
I do.
Well, well, well.
I thought I'd find you here.
What up, Phil?
Sup, Abercrombie?
Dean-o, did you know there's
a cop in your driveway?
Kayla's in a coma.
Are you serious?
Well dude, that's what happens
when you sell H to teenagers.
Is she okay?
Uh, no, she's in a coma.
Well, this is all
your fault, Dean-o.
My fault?
You were the one who
gave her those mystery
lines of your street
junk bag whatever it was.
That was the most irresponsible
thing I've ever seen.
Yeah, but I knew she
could handle that.
You gave her the H
after she was trashed.
You knew how messed up she was.
You could have stopped me.
I'm not the party nanny, dude.
Yes you are.
When you're 25 and hang
out at high school parties,
you are the party nanny.
She said they were
prescribed by doctors--
that they wouldn't do anything.
She said that would be fine.
What are you talking about?
Before the party, I
gave her some pills
that I stole from my brother.
What kind of pills?
[Phil] Your brother has pills?
What kind?
-I'm going to come clean.
I'm going to tell
them all the truth--
the cops, her mom.
[Phil] Why?
I've decided.
It's the honorable thing to do.
My brother's a Marine.
He told me about honor.
Okay, the honorable thing?
Let me tell you
something about honor.
Honor demands a
code of silence.
Honor demands you never
rat on a fellow friend.
I know you want to come clean
right now and everything, man,
but what good is
it going to do you?
It's not going to help
Kayla come out of her coma,
it's not going to help
her with her treatment.
It's going to ruin your life,
it's going to ruin your family,
it's going to ruin your mother.
Dude, it's going to
ruin your brother.
You'll never get
into a good college.
I mean, that's just a few
things to think about,
other than yourself.
But we gave her the drugs.
She's in the hospital.
Let's make a deal then, okay?
When Kayla wakes up,
whatever-- come clean.
But if she doesn't, then--
Dude, she's going to wake up.
But if she doesn't, then we
take this little
code of silence
to our grave, based
upon honor, Daniel.
Honor, man.
Think about your life.
Think about your family.
Just until she wakes up?
Okay, then it's agreed.
We swear on an oath of blood.
An oath of blood.
But Arin, but Arin what?
Last night at the hospital,
the cops were all over him.
He was the one who called 911.
I don't know what
he said to them.
The little man?
If it's not one
thing, it's another.
All right, well you'll
leave him up to me.
I'll take care of it.
What are you gonna do to him?
So Danny, brother, pal, can you
score me your brother's meds?
How about a sandwich?
Hey, little man.
I hear you been
talking to the cops.
-I don't like that.
-What'd you tell them?
What did you tell them?
You want to know if I
told them the truth,
that you're a dealer, that you
gave drugs to Kayla Stevenson?
You shut your mouth!
Dude, don't.
Why don't you ask them
This isn't over, little man.
If I did rat you out, they
would've busted you already,
Officer Bob, we meet again.
Good morning, Arin.
I hope I'm not
interrupting anything.
I just wanted,
I just wanted to stop by and...
Look I want to apologize.
Yeah, I lied to you the other
night when I talked about Dean.
We didn't really find him.
Truth is, no one's seen him.
We don't know where he is.
So he didn't tell
us everything.
I just wanted to prod you
to get you to open up to me.
I understand.
Yeah, it's just some
stupid cop trick
that they teach us at
the academy, you know?
I think I saw that
in a movie once.
Yeah, well it
usually works but
I must admit you're a
tough nut.
You know, this doesn't seem
like the normal
cop thing to do.
Is this some new
department philosophy?
No, this is some new personal
philosophy that I'm trying out,
because after all I'm--
that's the only
philosophy I need.
All right, Officer Bob.
All right, see you, Arin.
[heart monitor beeping]
Cassie, thank god.
Is she okay?
They don't know.
I'm so glad you're here.
You look terrible.
You need to sleep.
I don't want to leave
her alone.
She might wake up any minute.
She's going to wake up.
She took every drug
in the book, Cass.
Every one.
Kayla, why?
I don't know.
Why would she do that?
Has Dad come?
Must be out of the
country or something
because he hasn't picked
up his phone at all.
Must have called
him a dozen times.
Would you try?
I'm not going to talk to him.
He's her father.
I just can't even deal
with him right now.
I know that Kayla wouldn't
want to talk to him.
I'm glad he's not here.
He chose to leave,
so let him stay lost.
Did you talk to him?
He said he might come.
What'd he say?
I said to him, mom wants to
know if you'll come to dinner,
and he said, will see.
I don't know what to do.
[door opens]
Hey Mike, how's it going?
It's going good.
What's up?
Just wanted to come
by, check on you.
You know I almost got fired
last night for not
dragging you
into a holding cell for
assaulting that child.
You know what?
You look really good.
You feeling better?
I'm feeling great.
Thanks, Bo.
Great, awesome.
I'm glad to hear it.
You almost got fired?
Yeah. But you know what?
It's okay.
We go way back, so buddies
stick together, right?
All right.
I wanted to ask you--
want to go out for a beer
or something right know?
You want to have a
beer with me.
Well sure, why not?
If you're up for it.
Absolutely, Bro.
All right, cool.
Remember that match
back in our junior year,
where you pinned
that guy in what,
almost three seconds?
You remember that, huh?
Oh my gosh, it was epic.
It was like the fastest
time in state history.
It was a semifinal match.
Hey, you literally pinned him.
You literally took him and
smushed him to the mat,
and just took him like a rag
doll, and just pinned him.
It was-- oh, it was great.
Yeah, got the jump
on him, for sure.
Yeah, you jumped on his neck.
You were like, you
were like a legend.
You still are.
Good times.
So, what made you
want to become a cop?
All right.
You won't believe this.
As you may recall, I was picked
on a lot when I was a kid.
I was always a bigger
kid but never knew
how to stand up for
myself, you know?
One day it was
raining after school,
and this whole group of kids
just started making fun of me.
And started yelling at me,
calling me nasty names,
putting mud all in my
hair, and it was terrible.
I didn't know what to do.
You know, I even think the
teachers knew about it.
But they chose to
look the other way,
because it was after
hours, and I guess
those were just the times then.
But then an older kid came
along and told everyone
to knock it off,
leave me alone.
And they did.
I couldn't believe it.
It was incredible.
My life really got
better after that.
It was then that I realized a
single guy, only one person
can make such an impact,
such a huge difference,
in someone else's life.
You know?
I was also at that
moment that I decided to do
the same for someone else.
And that is why I became a cop.
Cool, man.
That's cool.
So, who was it that
stood up for you?
It was you.
I have no recollection of that.
Oh, but I do.
You know, that's a
moment I'll never forget.
I'll always remember that.
Oh, that's funny, man.
But enough about me.
How about you?
How did you become a soldier?
You know, 9/11, we caught a
massive case of patriotism,
and then joined up.
Well, nothing wrong with that.
I guess.
So what'd you do?
I-- a little insurgence,
Straight up and down
dirtier than combat.
Fallujah, huh?
That was some tough
stuff there, man.
Nothing like being a cop here
in Crystal Lake,
that's for sure.
Well, on behalf of myself
and all the citizens of the
United States of America
I would like to thank you,
personally, for your selfless
and heroic service.
Here you go.
All right.
Is that Mike Phillips?
Mike Phillips.
Hey Mike, it's me, Eric.
Well, how are you doing?
Eric, hey.
What are you doing
back in town, man?
Just getting the beer
my friend Bob, here.
Oh cool.
How's it going though, man?
I heard you joined the Army.
Yeah Marines, yeah.
Same difference, as long as
they gave you a gun, right?
They gave you a gun.
Eric, every Marine has a rifle.
But where were you
stationed, though?
I was in Iraq.
Hey look, I'd rather not
talk about this stuff,
tonight all right.
I was chilling with
my friend Bob here.
I totally understand, man--
war stories and all that stuff.
I watch the news.
Yeah, thanks man.
Have a good one, all right?
But is it true that they were
spraying white phosphorus
all over civilians over there?
Have a good night, Eric.
Oh, come on, man.
I want to hear a real war
story from a real army vet.
That's stuff's awesome.
Another time. Okay, Eric?
Okay. Just tell me one thing.
Did you kill anybody?
But whoa!
Little jumpy.
Just tell me one thing, man.
Did you see anybody get killed?
Just shut up!
Shut up!
Shoot, you broke his face.
Come on, let's go.
[battlefield sounds]
You're right.
Okay, I've never been
in combat before.
But I don't need to be a
killer to know what's right.
You don't have to kill.
But you have to be
under fire, and not run,
and you have to put your life
on the line for something.
And until then, you're nothing.
And you haven't earned
me the respect to tell me
any thing about my life,
or what I have done,
or what I've seen.
God doesn't care about us.
There is a god, and he
doesn't care about us.
Yes he does.
If you had seen the
things I've seen,
you would know that
God is evil.
He's evil.
War is hell, man.
I don't even pretend
to understand it.
But God is showing you
those things for a reason.
There is no reason.
Yes, Mike.
There is a reason.
You just don't
understand it yet.
There is a reason
for everything.
Trust in Him.
Keep the faith.
Semper fidelis, remember?
Go away.
I know you've seen hard things.
I know you've done hard things.
But God will forgive you.
Just go away.
Just go away.
Go away.
[man] Who would want to
praise God?
It's like I'm made of it.
I cherish that life.
In my heart of
hearts, I cherish it.
How could I ever,
truly praise God and be
anything other than a fraud?
How could He love
someone like me?
I mean, he's just a myth,
Am I right?
What if we weren't
who we think we are?
What if our entire
we thought about
ourselves one way,
and then we found out
that everything around us--
the whole universe, was
something else, entirely.
Or what if your life was a lie?
What would it be like
to awaken from the lie?
To find out that you were more
than you ever
dreamed possible?
And that right there, God
was waiting for us all?
All you needed to do was
just hold out your hand.
Or is it just an infinite
void of nothingness?
Hey, Dean-o, I heard
you were missing.
Are you all right?
Are you sure?
May I come in?
Come on, quick.
Love what you've
done with the place.
Where are your parents?
Well, my mom is in
Cancun for the next week.
If she had to cut her vacation
short just because of me,
she'd be mad for the next year.
What about your--
My dad's in Germany.
I've only met him a few times.
I'm sorry, man.
If you ever want a place
to crash, mine's available.
Yeah, my dad would
be cool with that.
Hey thanks, man.
No problem.
Are you hungry?
Get your stuff. Let's go.
Hey, man.
I'm really sorry what
we did to you before.
That just-- really wasn't cool.
Thanks, man.
We should probably
get you a lawyer, too.
Hey man you're cool,
like really cool.
You too.
That thing you did for Kayla--
you really saved her life.
You just really knew
what to do.
I try.
I mean, why are
you doing all this?
After all I've done to
you, you should hate me.
I don't hate anyone.
Well that's cool if you
can just let it slide.
I don't let it slide,
I just do the opposite.
The opposite.
We live in a
paradoxical universe.
The most potent weapon
we have is love.
Love your enemy?
Turn the other cheek?
Logic is overrated.
I believe in something higher.
What-- God, Buddha, aliens?
The soul.
Contradictions are okay in
a paradoxical universe.
Is it the world that's
contradictory, or is it
our inability to understand it?
That's right.
We can't know God's reasons.
That's why it's called faith.
When looked at that way, the
world starts to make sense.
You're really religious.
You believe in miracles?
I believe in unmiracles.
What's an unmiracle?
It's the opposite of
what you expect from God.
Like, when something
horrible happens,
and you wonder how God
could let that occur.
It seems like He's
against you, but He's not.
It's you who's against God.
Once you realize that, the
unmiracle becomes a miracle.
It's just that you were
looking at life upside down.
Man, that's dope!
Are you high?
No. If you come to my house,
you've got to be straight,
Straight's a dirty word,
man, I'll never be straight.
All right.
If you come to my house,
you got to be clean.
All right. I can be clean.
I'd be happy to do that.
Come on, Dean-o.
Let's go.
Hey, Arin.
Karen Stevenson.
We haven't seen you
at church in ages.
Cheri, hi.
I know.
It's been a long time.
I've just been a little busy.
I've really missed you guys.
You don't have to
pretend with me, sugar.
I've seen it all 10 times over.
And you can't put
one past me, darling.
It's come back, hasn't it?
I don't have any money.
My daughter's in the hospital.
Your baby?
Oh Lord.
You have to trust Him.
I just can't handle this life.
I prayed to God to watch over
my baby, and she's in a coma.
I prayed to God for a long,
happy life, and I got cancer.
I prayed to God for
a loving family,
and my husband divorced me.
You have to put your
trust in the Lord.
It doesn't work.
I know it's hard.
I tried.
I can't.
This is just a test.
You have to trust Him.
I understand that.
I really do.
I just don't understand it.
You can't be distracted
by this world.
One day, this body
will be gone.
But the spirit never dies.
This is what Jesus
is offering--
everlasting peace.
You get your soul straight
first, and that flesh?
It will follow.
We live in a fallen world.
It was the price we paid
for the freedom to choose.
Yes, God created this world.
But then He stepped away.
And He won't interfere,
but He will remind you
that he loves you.
And that he's with you.
He's doing it all the time.
And for the few
who can see that,
they live in a state of grace.
I think I see it.
A state of grace that
can never be destroyed.
Praise God.
Amazing grace.
His grace is sufficient.
Trust Him.
He loves you, and I do too.
God bless you, baby.
That's it. We're done.
Next time you want
to talk to my client,
make sure counsel's present.
Let's go.
[door closes]
[slams table]
You know that voice in
the back of your head?
The one that always
whispers to you?
The one that always
speaks truth?
You know who that is,
don't you?
Say it.
I can't.
Yes you can.
Say it.
Why can't I--
You can. Do it.
This is so weird.
Do it.
Right on.
[both] Jesus.
[phone ringing]
[Arin] Hey Danny, what's up?
Hey Arin.
Have you seen Dean-o?
[Arin] Dean-o?
[Arin] Yeah.
Stiletto really
needs to see him.
[Arin] I don't think
that's a good idea.
Do you think you could
have him meet us?
[Arin] Where?
[Danny] He's not a narc!
Dean-o's staying with him.
If he would have narced, they
would have taken him already.
Who's to say that he
didn't already, Danny?
They're letting him stay at
little man's as a halfway narc
house until they
prep their case.
Come on, dude.
Think about it.
Kid's a narc.
Did you hear something?
Kill the lights.
[door opens]
What are you doing here?
Where is Dean-o?
He's not coming.
And why's that?
Because I didn't tell him.
He's clean now, and he doesn't
need you messing him up.
You're such a hero.
I'm really you're here,
because I know that you
were the one that narced on me.
No, I really didn't.
Really? Because they
questioned me for hours
about Kayla Stevenson.
Now, why would they do
something like that?
So you just assume it was me?
No, I know it was you.
[knife flicks open]
Stiletto, chill.
Shut up, Abercrombie,
or you're next.
Half of the school saw you
snorting Ye at Dino's house.
Maybe it was somebody else.
You know you got a big
mouth for such a little man.
And a small brain.
It's probably all
that religious stuff.
It's just mind control.
No, it's really not.
All of you.
You people are all brainwashed.
So you're telling me that
some farmer from China,
or some Native American
from 400 years ago,
is going to go to hell because
he's never heard of Jesus?
I'm sorry.
That's not a loving God.
It's all just stories
they tell the people
to enforce social propagandas
and to subjugate the meek.
In the end, they just don't
want to know what the truth is,
because you know why?
Because the truth
is just too scary.
Yeah, and what is it?
What's the real truth,
We're all alone, and
that's the truth.
But I'm not alone.
Yes you are.
The truth of life
is brutal, man.
Man is an apex predator.
The strong take, and the weak
pray for everlasting paradise
after death.
You're alone.
We're all alone.
I'm not alone.
What are you doing here?
Hey, Mike.
Michael Phillips.
So you're hanging with
the kinder now, huh?
You know, I always thought
you were a little funny.
But what's this you were
saying about apex predator?
I mean I just thought--
you've seen the most reality--
I mean, more than all of us.
So you know what I mean?
And if you'd been to war
with real soldiers
who had your back, you'd
know one thing, Melvin.
We're not alone.
Stay back.
All you care about is yourself.
And you think that makes
you strong, but it doesn't.
It makes you weak.
You're weak.
You're a parasite.
You know what?
If you think I'm wrong,
go ahead and prove it.
Come on, hotshot.
First shot's free. Right there.
Go ahead.
That's what I thought.
I'll see you later, Melvin.
[door opens and closes]
And if I ever catch you hanging
around my little brother
who's in high school--
I'm going to show you firsthand
how brutal the apex predator
really can be.
I don't know what's
going on here, Danny,
but you need to tell me
exactly what's happening.
It's about Kayla.
What about her?
She OD'ed.
That party.
The one you said
that went fine?
And she's my girlfriend, and
Stiletto gave her the drugs.
And how does this
involve you, Danny?
She's in a coma.
Why are you hanging out
with this guy, then?
Why are you hanging out with
some coke head who's waving
a knife in your face, Danny?
Are you dealing drugs?
What did Arin tell you?
I don't know what's
going on here, Danny,
but you need to tell me.
If Kayla doesn't make
it, it's homicide.
Why do you care about
Melvin Johnson, then?
Because I gave her drugs, too.
What drugs did you
give her, Danny?
Your pills.
I took some from your kitchen.
You stole my pills?
You stole my pills, Danny?
And now you're up for homicide
for your girlfriend possibly?
What's the matter
with you, Danny?
You're supposed to
tell me this stuff.
I'm your brother.
I'm here for you.
No you're not.
You say that you
are, but you're not.
You never come to dinner.
You sleep all day, and
you drink all night.
You're an alcoholic.
Shut up, Danny.
Shut up.
You know what?
Every time I come over,
you try to kill me.
Just shut up!
You're crazy, Mile.
You want to hit me?
You want to hit me?
Go ahead.
Why don't you stand
up for yourself, huh?
Stand up for yourself!
I taught you better
than this, Danny.
I taught you better than this.
And now you're stealing
from me and lying?
I taught you integrity.
I taught you Marine honor.
I'm not a Marine, Mike.
I'm not you.
I don't care about
Marine honor.
I'm a regular guy.
No, you're not.
Yes, I am.
You're the war hero, Mike.
You're the high
school superstar.
You're the sports legend.
I'm regular.
No, you're not.
You're better than that, Danny.
Yes I am.
And I'm cool with it.
Do you know how long
I tried to live up
to being your little brother?
Do you know how
hard that is, Mike?
I'm done.
I don't care anymore.
I just want to be me.
All right.
Who is you, Danny?
What do you stand for?
I guess I just stand
for myself.
[door shuts]
[dispatch] All available
units, please respond.
Possible 10-20.
You're really gonna go
in and just arrest him?
He's a kid.
His parents are out of town,
and he's gonna
sing like a canary.
But sarge, we don't
have a warrant.
Are you going to back
me up on this, or what?
[door pounding]
We're coming in.
Do you have a warrant?
I don't need a warrant.
We're here for Dean Jones.
I saw him in the window.
You can't come in here
without a warrant, Officer.
I don't need a warrant.
Now you going to let me in?
Or do I have to drag
you in too?
For what?
Asserting my rights?
Come back with a warrant.
You are housing a known
drug dealer, who gave drugs
to a minor, who almost died.
Look, I can assure
you Dean's clean.
There's no drug dealing
going on in my house.
Heroin, Arin.
He gave her heroin.
That's a felony.
We're coming in.
I know what it was.
He didn't give it to her.
I did.
If you're going to
arrest anyone, arrest me.
But you can't, can you?
I was the one who called 911.
Under the law, you can't
arrest somebody for drugs
if they were the one who
called 911 for an OD.
I was the one who
gave her the drugs.
I was the one
who made the call.
You can't arrest me.
Isn't that a lie?
Bearing false witness
against your neighbor
is a lot different from
bearing false witness
to protect your neighbor.
I don't think that's gonna fly.
Maybe not, but somebody had
to prove Stiletto wrong.
I mean, we're not all alone.
And we're not here
for ourselves.
Besides, it's not a lie.
You gave the heroin to me,
and I gave it to Kayla.
The Lord does work
in mysterious ways.
You can say that again, but
don't worry about it, man.
I mean, that's between
me and my maker.
He'll forgive me.
Nobody's perfect.
Not even me.
[slow music playing]
Dean-o, you in there?
[door opens]
What happened?
Arin said that you
can get me clean?
No one can do that, Dean-o.
I'm sorry, not even you.
As addicts, we must admit
that we are addicts.
It's not about lack of will.
It's just that we're
predisposed to the drug
of our choice.
See, the first step is to
admit that we have an addiction
and that we are powerless
against that addiction.
Well, I'm addicted all right.
I can't stop.
I've tried my hardest.
I can't.
Well I've been there, too.
That's-- it's a
feeling you know.
It's not the truth.
You can stop, you just have
to engage your higher power.
Higher power?
Some people call it God.
You can't do this
alone and
God will help you get through
the day without using.
Just one day at a time, right?
That's it.
One day at a time.
God will help you
if you let Him.
Before this week, I never
thought about God once.
We tend to look to
God in rough times.
To get us through life when
life is at its most difficult.
Some people think that
God tests us just so
we turn toward him.
Arin said God makes
bad things into good.
Yes, the unmiracle.
I cannot believe I'm having
this conversation right now.
This has been the weirdest
week in my entire life.
If you had told me when
I was your age, that I'd
be here doing this now,
pastor in a church,
I would've laughed.
I was wild, I was
a user, and I loved
every single minute of it.
But May 18, 1987, I
woke up in a jail cell.
[heart monitor]
Look at us.
Why'd it take
something like this
to bring our family together?
It's the unmiracle.
What's that?
It's just something someone
very wise once told me.
No, what's that?
When Kayla went into the
hospital the first time,
I bought her this watch as a
symbol of her mother's love.
And I found it in her
drawer this morning.
It stopped.
Mom, don't worry.
We can fix it.
I don't have any money.
Well, that's more
than it's worth.
God will fix it.
So Kayla knows that I
will always love her.
If we just pray about it.
I have cancer again, Cassie.
Mom, are you sure?
I started chemo last week.
Would it be okay if I
stayed here for a time?
That would be wonderful.
That's the best news
I heard all year.
[gasping] Kayla!
[upbeat music playing]
Two choices right
In front of me
The road I take is laced
With the taste of free bread
Two faces and hard to read
Like a million reasons you
Keep on giving
Guess you don't have
Faith in me
Guess you don't have
Faith in me
Thank you for saving me.
Anytime, Kayla.
So why do you have two watches?
Well this one tells
the time in Sri Lanka.
And I wear this one
because my mom got it
for me, when I was little.
Doesn't work, though.
So how do you tell time here?
I use my phone, obvi.
It gives me up to the
minute stock reports.
Yo. Yo.
My God, Look.
The minute hand, it was on
the cat and now it's
on the rose.
Oh my god, this
is working again.
It hasn't worked
in like five-ever.
God must be telling
you something.
You better listen.
[upbeat music playing]
You're looking casual, today.
A new look for you.
I'm not going to go
out tonight.
Do you feel okay?
I could get you something.
Listen, I only went out with
you 'cause
I thought you could score
me pills for free.
And I sort of thought
you were cute.
I'm sorry, D. It's just--
I've been really messed
up for a long time.
But now that I'm clean, I
can't believe some of the stuff
that I did.
Like go out with me?
Like use you for drugs, dude?
I'm not going to do
it to you anymore.
I don't mind.
There are real friends, and
then there are drug friends.
I don't want
another drug friend.
I don't want any drug friends.
Then let me be a real friend.
I'm sure that you would
be, but honestly,
I don't know if I can be
anything other than
a drug friend to anybody.
I need time to figure this out.
Let me help you.
Thank you, really, you've
always been so sweet to me.
It's really something
that I have to do alone.
Goodbye, Danny.
You're just starting
all this rehab junk
because you want to get
out of going to jail.
No jail.
The state's got a
911 overdose law.
They can't charge
you with possession
if you call 911 for
an overdose.
They couldn't
charge me for OD'ing,
and they can't charge
you for calling.
And don't worry about
the pills.
I told them that I got them
from some guy in the park.
You're in the clear, as long
as you keep your mouth shut.
I don't believe it.
The Lord works in
mysterious ways.
I don't believe any of
that invisible man crap.
Just because you
can't see something
doesn't mean it isn't real.
Can I see you tomorrow?
I got this thing I gotta do.
I gotta see someone.
Someone I haven't seen in ages.
Goodbye, Danny.
So, what?
You're just gonna forgive him?
You don't understand.
This isn't about that.
What do you mean?
Don't you remember
everything he did to us?
He does not deserve
your forgiveness.
This isn't for him.
It's for me.
[music playing]
Okay, God.
I need a sign.
So I know that you're real.
And that I'm not alone.
I really want to believe.
I've lied.
I took an oath.
A solemn promise to do bad.
A solemn promise to
do bad is not solemn.
Jesus can save you.
Even from the devil?
Especially from the devil.
You have to take responsibility
for your own actions.
I thought it was to
protect my friends.
But it was just to protect me.
Someone got hurt.
Someone I loved.
And for that, we
must make restitution
to the ones we've hurt.
[door opens]
My name is Dean Jones.
I gave heroin to
Kayla Stevenson.
And I'm actually here
to turn myself in.
Take a seat.
We'll be with you
in just a minute.
[slow music playing]
There's that guy in the
Corner of the room
Standing all alone
Talking to the moon
But he's not alone
Oh no
That girl sitting
Over there
I saw what an ugly dress
Did you see her hair
She got no friends
She's not alone
You are not alone
So, when is this
going to be over?
Don't worry, it'll be fun.
I'll see you inside man.
Come on, I gotta get a hug.
Love you too, Dean-o.
Hi, Karen.
You look terrible.
I know.
I haven't been
sleeping very much.
...think that God has
been trying to talk
to me in my dream that--
it sounds crazy, I know.
No, this is good.
And here I thought
you hadn't changed.
Everything's changed.
You coming?
God we thank you
for this miracle.
Now if anyone needs proof
that miracles do exist,
all we have to do is turn to
the person sitting next to us.
Now ladies and gentlemen, we
have a special treat
for you today.
From Gary, Indiana, Reggie
Hogan and One Nation.
At least once in our life,
every one of us falls
into darkness.
But no matter
how deep you sink,
no matter how lost, or alone.
No matter how scared, no
matter how dark, somewhere,
there is always light.
Because Jesus is everywhere.
I didn't always
understand this.
Once I was lost.
Danny boy.
Hey, Ma.
But that's the unmiracle.
You have to be lost
before you're found.
Kit-Kat, hey!
It's been so long.
Here's to being a
really, really bad cop.
And I will bless the
Lord at all times.
And His praise shall
continually be in my mouth.
This is the day that the Lord
has made, so let us all rejoice
and be glad in it.
I don't know about
you, but I found out
that the great spirit
of the Lord in your life
is that you're a
miracle yourself.
I need you to tell
your neighbor,
neighbor, when you look at me,
you're looking at a miracle.
If you believe that,
give God some praise.
Every one of us is
bound to each other.
Through good or bad,
thick and thin,
harvest or famine.
I used to feel alone.
I'm here just for myself.
But when I opened my heart to
Jesus, I found out the truth.
I am not alone.
No one is.
He is with us, watching,
waiting for us to reach out
our hand and hear Him say,
I love you.
You are not alone.