The Unspoken (2015) Movie Script

Oh, Jesus!
I need immediate back up
at 166 briar road.
I have an active crime scene.
Possible 187, suspect present.
I repeat, suspect present!
Hello? Is anyone down there?!
This is the sheriff's
Stay where you are,
you understand me!
You leave me no choice
but to shoot!!
Whoever is in there,
we can work this out!!!
Please, please, we need to get
outta here!!!!
You're okay!
No, no, you don't understand!
We have to go now!!!
Mother, father, two kids, gone
without a goddamn trace.
Did you get anything out of her?
No, she's in pretty bad shape.
I went to high school with her.
Said she's the housekeeper here,
helped out with
the kid sometimes.
All the blood on that girl
in there, it's not hers.
Not hers?
Then' who's is it?
I don't know,
that's your job right.
Jesus, what the hell happened
in there?
I don't know, boss,
he was already hanging there
when I went in.
Hey, get the hell outta here!!
Seal the place off!
Nobody gets in here
without my say so!
Until we find out what
happened to this family.
Power's been turned on.
Uh, forgive me for asking,
but are you sure that you want
to be doing this?
The place is uh...
It's an awful mess.
I appreciate your concern,
Mr. Walker,
but we'll be just fine.
We'll be just fine.
Won't we, Adrian?
Come on.
Now don't worry,
in a couple days
it'll be just like home.
No wandering off.
We've got a busy day.
I never realized how far
you live from the city.
I spent nearly 30 minutes just
trying to find the driveway!
I am so, so sorry.
It's quite alright, we just
arrived ourselves.
Well, well, well.
Excuse me.
Adrian, I thought
we had a deal.
No wandering off.
Cookie? You ok in there?
Just a dream.
All good.
That was a heck of
a dream, huh?
Can't remember the last time
you had a nightmare.
They didn't call?
No, not yet, but Jim told me
the mill just got a big order
and they should be starting
up my shift again real soon.
It's been two months.
Yeah, I know, but we've
been able to spend
a lot of time together, right?
Morning, Angela.
Good morning, Ruby.
Do you have a minute?
Is everything ok?
Yes, yes.
I um...
I know times are tough with your
father not working and all...
If you're interested,
there's a part-time job
helping care for a nine
year old boy.
I'm not sure what
his condition is
but it sounds like the mother
needs an extra set of hands.
But this is...
I know.
It's not like these jobs
come along all the time,
especially around here,
and the money is good.
I should get back.
You don't need me today?
Oh, we always need you, hun,
but you should go.
At least pay her a visit,
see for yourself.
Let me know how it goes.
Wish me luck.
Good one, man.
Hey, Angie, where are
you going?
We have stuff to do,
Don't you be getting
all hot and bothered,
I'm not going far.
I don't understand why you
hang out with those creeps.
I mean, you know what Luther
is into, right?
He dabbles, nothing serious.
That's not what I hear.
Hey pandy, why don't you bring
your little friend back here,
we'll have ourselves
some real fun.
In your dreams.
I thought you couldn't
hang today
because you were at the daycare.
I was.
Mrs. Harris, one of
the teachers there,
she got me a job interview.
Around here?
With who?
Is it something secret
or something?
No, it's um...
It's a babysitting job
at the briar house.
Yeah, right.
I'm on my way there now.
No one in their right mind
would move into this place.
Not after what happened.
That was a long time ago,
and besides, no one knows
what really happened.
The family just vanished.
TV still on, car left out back,
food on the table.
Whatever happened,
it wasn't good.
I don't want you to go.
They're paying good money
and you know my dad
hasn't been working.
Angela, please.
At least let me go with you.
Tell me I didn't
just see that.
Don't touch me again,
you hear?
I told you, I don't go
that way.
You suck.
You're really messed up,
you know that?
That was uh...
Pretty hot, pandy.
Yeah, real hot.
Shut up, the both of you!
What's going on here, pandy?
The girl's got issues,
what do you want me to say?
You exchanging love notes?
It's an address.
She's got a job interview.
Not at the briar house,
she don't.
She said someone
just moved in.
Bullshit, we were just
out there,
no one's living in that place-
shut it, Rodney.
Who did she say she was
meeting out there?
Why the sudden interest?
Who did she say
she was meeting?
You're hurting me!
Who, pandy?
I don't know, alright?!
It's some babysitting gig!
Everyone in the truck.
We're gonna go see
for ourselves.
I'm so sorry.
Can I help you?
I... I um...
Everything ok out here?
Mrs. Harris at...
At the daycare, she said you
might be looking for some help.
Oh, you must be Angela.
Oh, thank you so much
for coming out here.
How are you doing on those
basement windows, Mr. Walker?
They've been kicked in
pretty good, probably kids.
They'll need replacing.
You want me to go ahead
and seal them up
with some plywood for now?
Whatever you think is best.
He's kind of a creepy guy,
but he's the only handyman i
could get to come out here.
Creepy might be
an understatement.
Come on, let me introduce
you to Adrian.
Mrs. Harris says you're
great with kids,
but just so you know,
Adrian isn't your typical
nine year old.
Sorry, I um...
I spent my entire life
hearing stories about this place
and I never thought
I'd be inside.
What kind of stories?
Oh, just...
Just silly stuff.
It doesn't matter.
No, really.
Come on.
I'd like to know.
When we bought the place
they said the bank had
locked out
the previous owners
for non-payment.
That makes sense, I'm sure
that's what must have happened.
That's not what everyone
really thinks happened.
People around here think
a lot of things,
but no one really knows.
Taking a break, are we now,
and it isn't even noon.
We can't all be like you,
This one speaks
the truth, don't she?
Portia, this is Angela,
she's going to be helping take
care of Adrian when she can.
It's very nice to meet you.
Maybe you'd like to do
the honours?
I understand it's his favourite.
Sure, thanks.
Come on.
Before we go in,
you should know...
My son stopped speaking
about two years ago,
right after my husband died.
It was like something inside him
died at the same time.
The doctors haven't been
much help
so I thought maybe getting
him out of the city
might be a good thing.
Sounds like the right move.
Yeah, move right into a house
my own handyman
is too scared to set foot into.
Maybe that's not such
a bad thing.
Maybe it's not.
He likes to hide.
Come out, come out,
wherever you are.
Are you in here?
We're gonna find you.
I'm going to find you.
Shoo, shoo!
Seems to have come
with the place.
Everything ok in here?
Adrian is hiding again.
Do you mind looking downstairs?
Yeah, of course.
I'll give her a hand.
You might not talk
to your mother
but you're sure as hell
gonna talk to me.
Now what is it that you want
with this place?
Talk to me, boy!
Mr. Walker!
I found Adrian, Mrs. Peterson!
Mrs. Peterson!
Oh my god, what happened?
I caught him trying to sneak
off into the forest over there.
He fell when I was chasing
after him.
Oh, Adrian.
What were you thinking?
You know you are never
supposed to leave the house.
Mrs. Peterson, I...
I'm sorry, Angela,
do you mind if we get
a fresh start tomorrow?
I think Adrian's had a little
too much excitement today.
We need to have us
a little talk.
So what did I tell ya?
These people aren't right
in the head.
Don't they know what happened
in that house?
Nobody knows what happened
in that house.
Yeah, well, the original owners
didn't just up and leave
on their own without taking
their car and their other crap.
I heard they buried the bodies
under the house.
Yeah, like the cops wouldn't
have found that already?
So what happened then,
They're just gone, man.
The house just took 'em.
Will the two of you shut up?
Woah, woah,
what're we gonna do?
He's gonna find it!
There's nothing we can do
about that now.
Do about what?
Let's get out of here.
This is stupid.
What's going on here,
Nothing you need to worry
about, alright?
Let's go.
Ok, fine.
I'll tell you, ok?
Just not here,
not right now.
Come on.
Who the hell moves into a shit
hole town like this on purpose?
Into a place like that.
Yeah, well, whatever
the reason is,
we have ourselves
a serious problem.
You either tell me what
the hell is going on
like you said you would
or I'm out of here.
I'm not thinking you really
want to know, pandy.
Try me.
Once it's said, it's said.
There ain't no undoing that.
You might need to get
those pretty little hands
of yours dirty,
are you ok with that?
Just tell me.
We're keeping our stash there
in the house,
hidden in the basement.
Figured it would be the last
place the cops would ever look.
By stash you mean drugs?
The point is we need
to get it out.
And that old man
in the forest?
What was that all about?
Rodney here wouldn't
enter the house
without leaving an offering,
i guess you can call it.
You know what?
You're right.
I don't want to know.
We're past that point now,
You're in, just like you wanted.
Don't worry, they're
just cats and dogs.
We need to keep whatever is
in that house happy, right?
So what now?
We go in tomorrow
and we take what's ours.
With all those people in there?
You got a better way?
Yeah. I have a better way.
I see you made it in time
for all the excitement.
What happened?
Is everyone ok?
Well, it's Mr. Walker.
I didn't see him after
everything that happened
with Adrian yesterday,
but then this morning
his truck was still here.
But what happened to him?
I don't know.
The police have been out
there ever since they got here.
Let me just finish up here
and then I'll take you inside
to see Adrian.
You must have made quite
an impression on him,
I think he's been
waiting for you.
Looks like it's been moved,
It certainly didn't get here
by itself.
There are some footprints
over here,
but they just end.
They don't go anywhere.
The blood on this rock can't
be more than a day old, right?
Where did it come from?
This dog has been dead
a lot longer than that.
Another animal?
Get chambers down here,
have her look at this.
Tell her I need the results
back right away,
meaning not sometime next month.
Excuse me.
Hey, Adrian.
I don't think we've officially
met yet.
So I heard that portia
has made
some jam sandwiches in
the kitchen, your favourite.
That's crazy,
because jam sandwiches
are my favourite, too.
What do you say we go
and eat?
Well I'll be damned.
Ok Adrian, let's go clean up
in the kitchen first.
It's... it's ok, Adrian.
We'll play a game
when you're done, ok?
It'll be fun.
Come on in.
Thank you, ma'am.
Now, you and your men have
been awfully busy out there.
Please tell me there's nothing
to worry about.
Well, there's been
no sign of elan.
Ok, well that's a good thing,
Yeah, we think so.
We did, however,
find a flask,
and elan is known to be
a bit of a...
So what are you saying?
You think he went off on
a bender somewhere?
Why didn't he take
his truck then?
Well, we think he was
scared off.
Scared off by what?
Well ma'am, a house like this
and it's history,
it attracts a certain...
And what type of element
is that?
No, go ahead.
Say what you need to say.
We found several dead
animals in the forest
surrounding the house.
It appears they were killed
in some type of ritual.
Do you mean...
That seems to be the case,
ma'am, yes.
Now, as serious as it sounds,
and it is serious,
it's probably just
a bunch of kids.
No need to worry
about your own safety.
How can you be so sure?
Well, it's been going on around
here off and on for 17 years.
But like I said, it's probably
just a bunch of kids
and the last thing they want
is to be found out.
And now the house is occupied,
I'm pretty sure it's the last
you'll see of them.
Sheriff, you there?
Excuse me.
Go ahead.
Yeah, we've got some
fresh footprints
about 50 feet up
from the swing.
Looks like they lead out
to briar road.
I'll be right there.
Just a few more things and
we'll be out of your hair.
Now, if you hear
or see anything,
we'll be here in ten minutes.
Thank you.
Dio] ...We're still out here
at 166 briar...
Don't feel like you're obligated
to stay.
I promised Adrian
we'd play a game.
I can't very well back out now,
can I?
Are you sure about this?
You should go and do
what you need to do.
Besides, half the police
force is here, we'll be ok.
Ok, well I just need to take
this stuff to goodwill
and then grab some groceries.
It won't take long at all.
Yeah, we're all good.
You are a godsend,
Thank you.
Now, I promised you we'd play
a game, didn't I?
Ok, marbles it is.
Do I get to keep that one now?
I guess it would help if i
knew how to play, huh?
Nice shot, Adrian.
Oh, no worries, I'll get it.
Did your mom lock this door?
I think I must have tapped it.
Well, it looks like we have
the house all to ourselves.
I'm sorry, Adrian, I'm sorry,
i didn't mean to scare you.
Is someone here?
It's me, it's me!
It's just me.
What the hell are you doing
in here?!
The door was open, I heard
a plate smash in the kitchen,
I thought you might be
in here.
It's kinda creepy, right?
You're not answering
my question.
You're not answering
your texts.
I came to apologize.
I need you to leave, pandy.
Look, I'm really sorry!
I'm an idiot.
I panicked yesterday.
It wasn't cool.
I need you to leave
before my boss comes back.
I'm not leaving until
you accept my apology.
Just tell me what you want
me to do to make it up to you.
If you're really sorry,
you'll leave right now.
I need you to go, now!
Adrian, I need you
to come out, ok?
I don't know how you got
in there,
but you don't need to hide.
Everything's ok.
Adrian, please.
Adrian, it's been
almost an hour.
It's time to come out now,
Your mother's going
to be home soon.
We don't want to upset her,
Can you please answer?
Let me know you're ok?
You've been under here
the whole time?
But... but if you're here...
Adrian, I need you
to help me!
Please, Adrian!
I'm sorry, but we have
to go now!
What's going on?
There's someone here,
in the bedroom closet!
What're you doing?
Get Adrian out of here
and call the police.
But you don't know
what's in there!
If there's anybody in here,
you're gonna wish you weren't!
You must think I'm crazy.
Of course not.
I just think you got a little
spooked is all.
I'm sure there's a perfectly
logical explanation.
A little jumpy there,
Yeah, whatever.
Still no show, huh?
Mom came back a few
minutes ago
but other than that, nothing.
Luther's gonna be pissed.
Looks like you could use
a ride.
Now here I am,
being all hospitable,
and you don't even have the
common courtesy to answer me.
I don't need a ride, asshole.
What do you want?
Did pandy put you up
to this?
It's funny you should
mention her.
You wouldn't happen to have
seen her today, would you?
I don't know what you think
is going on, but it-
I don't care what's going
on between you two, alright?
I just need to know if
you've seen her today.
She stopped by where I work
for, like, five minutes.
And what? That's it.
She left.
I knew it, she chickened out.
Shut up about it,
you hear me?
Don't say anything.
Oh, boy.
Luther, Logan and Rodney.
What a surprise.
Everything ok over here?
We're just offering Angela here
a ride home is all.
Angela, is that what's
going on?
Something like that.
Why don't you go wait
by my car?
Go ahead.
So Luther, I got
a phone call today
from the new owner of
the briar house.
Seems they had
an intruder today.
You boys wouldn't know
anything about that now,
would you?
Hell, no.
You'd have to be crazy
to step foot in that place.
Now if I recall, your driver's
license is still suspended,
isn't it, Luther?
That'll get you a night
as a guest at the county.
Oh, I wouldn't do that, Luther.
Not over this.
You can make it home
by yourself ok, right?
Yes, sir.
Now I don't want to see you boys
by the briar house ever again,
or bothering that girl.
Do you hear me?
Do you hear me?
Yes, sir.
Now take Luther's truck
and get back to town.
Why haven't you been
answering your phone?
I... I was on my bike.
Honey, the daycare is
five minutes away
and they closed about
an hour and a half ago.
Cookie, you're not being
straight with me.
Don't get mad, ok?
You started that part-time job.
You said you wouldn't
get mad.
No, you asked me
not to get mad,
I never said that I wouldn't.
It's just a part-time job,
it's not that big of a deal.
And what is this part-time job?
I'm helping to look after
a little boy.
He stopped talking
when his father died
so he needs some
extra attention.
Well, I guess that sounds
like time well spent.
So where do these
people live?
They're the ones that moved
into the old briar house.
I don't understand.
You've been in that house?
Ok, you are quitting,
you understand me?
You are not to set foot
in that house again.
Dad, they're just stories.
You're quitting!
Do you understand me?!
You are not to go in that
house again, am I clear?!
Why is it such a big deal?
You are not to have anything
to do with that house
or the people who live in it!
End of discussion!
Where the hell are you?
If that's you, this isn't funny.
Whatever stupid game
you're playing,
I don't want any part of it.
Oh, no!
Irving community daycare.
Hi Mrs. Harris, it's Angela.
I was thinking I could come
into the daycare today.
You didn't take the job
with Mrs. Peterson?
No, it didn't work out.
Well that's too bad.
You know, Mrs. Peterson
asked for you specifically.
She was quite adamant.
She asked for me by name?
She said you were the only one
she was interested in hiring.
I... I'm sorry, Mrs. Harris.
I just realized I'm late
for work.
Push over, I'm driving.
Long night, huh?
Tell me you found pandy.
We looked, man.
She's nowhere, seriously.
She can't be nowhere,
she's gotta be somewhere.
You talk to her folks?
They're out of town.
We waited at her house
but she was a no-show.
No phone calls, no texts,
We left, like, a million
You heard her yourself
She was at that place
for all of five minutes
and then she bolted.
She didn't get it done
and now she's scared
to show her face.
So what's our move?
Anybody gonna tell me
what we're doing here?
I thought we were going
to the briar house.
Don't say I never gave
you nothin'.
Where'd you guys get
all this?
Just been saving it
for a rainy day.
Oh, whoo.
Hey, listen.
You know, I'm...
I'm down to kill a dog
or whatever,
and I'm totally down
to go into this house
and get what we need,
but I'm not down
for murdering nobody.
Let me tell you something.
I got twenty logs worth
of product in that house!
I answer to people
who are dead serious
about making their money!
And if I don't have that product
to go out and make that money,
who do you think they're
gonna come after?!
I get it.
You saw there was cops all over
that place yesterday.
That's why we're not leaving
any witnesses.
Thank god.
Portia's a no-show today
and I thought you had changed
your mind about coming in.
Is everything ok?
How is it that you knew
to ask for me by name?
I'm sorry...
The daycare.
Mrs. Harris, she said you had
asked for me specifically,
that I was the only one you
were interested in hiring.
Well, I uh...
I asked around and I talked
to the other parents
and everyone recommended you.
How else would I have known?
I'm... I'm sorry.
It just seemed a little-
Yeah, well that seems pretty
par for the course
around here, right?
Yeah, yeah I guess it does.
I hate to do this to you,
especially after yesterday,
but I have to find a replacement
for portia
and of course no one will come
out to the house
to be interviewed.
Go and do what you need
to do.
We'll be fine.
Are you sure?
You seem to be surviving
this place just fine,
I'm sure I'll be ok
for a few hours.
You are a life saver,
you know that?
Oh, Adrian is just taking
a nap,
he's gonna be so happy to see
you when he gets up.
You are
not of this world!
This is Mike, leave a message.
Hey, dad.
It's me.
I think I screwed up.
You're gonna be mad, but...
But I'm at the briar house
and it's just-
oh, no!
Don't be afraid.
You two see where they went?
Didn't make it through here.
Nah, I didn't see them,
but sure as hell heard her.
Logan, you stay in the kitchen.
Watch the door.
You see them,
you shoot them.
Those two can never
leave here.
We straight?
I'm gonna get what
we came for.
You gotta be shittin' me!
How's it going down there?
The basement door is missing
it's goddamn handle!
Everything's gonna be ok,
I'm just gonna find something
to get the boards
off the windows.
911, please state
your emergency.
Oh, no, no, no.
Screw this.
What the hell's going on?!
Stay in the kitchen
and watch the door!
: Please, you gotta
get me off of here!
I'm all messed up!
Please, man.
Please I need your help!!!
What're you doing?
You can't just leave me here!
What happened to Rodney?
He's fine.
He doesn't sound fine!
Why don't you go find
the girl and that kid,
kill them both so we can
get the hell outta here?!
We're almost there, Adrian.
Please don't!
Where's Luther?
Just take whatever you want!
Where's Luther?!
He's in the basement at
the bottom of the stairs.
Oh, god!
Please let Adrian go.
Adrian, I know you're scared,
so am I but I need you-
I'm gonna make you pay for
what you did to me, bitch!
Screw this.
Adrian, are you hurt?
It'a ok, we'll be fine.
Just calm down.
What do you want?!
Just tell me what you want!
Please! Please, no!
Please, help!
Please! Please!
Help me!
Please, I need your help!
Adrian? It's safe now.
You can come out.
Adrian, are you in here?
We have to get
out of the house, ok?
Adrian, we don't have time
for games, ok?
God cannot save you.
We are not of this world.
I got the kid!
You want him to keep breathing
you best show yourself!
I won't hesitate
to kill this kid!
You hear me?!
Do you understand me?!
Just let him go.
Please let him go.
You see now?
That wasn't so bad.
That's impossible!
If you're the one doing this
you need to stop, ok?
It's over.
We're safe now.
Adrian, please!
No one else has to die!
Please, Adrian,
you have to stop!
The police are on their way,
stand back!
Adrian, stop!
Your mom was right,
whatever lives in this house,
you need to kill it!
You need to kill it, now!
Adrian, you're killing him!
That's my father!
You need to stop, please!
Adrian, please.
Please, I'm begging you.
Aw, my sweet.
I thought you were going
to stay in bed today.
Oh, thank god!
Thank god!
I had such high hopes
for you, Angela.
Adrian really likes you.
Just let us go, ok?
Your mother, she worked
for the previous tenants.
Their children loved her
very much.
But unfortunately, when she
discovered the truth,
well, I understand when she
couldn't get anyone
to believe her.
Your father included.
She killed herself.
She thought the family
was possessed.
Filled the place
with crucifixes.
So typical.
Demons, possessions,
It's how your kind
has tried to explain our
presence for centuries.
What do you mean,
"our kind"?
What the hell does
that make you?
Where I'm from, we're required
to mature our young
in more primitive worlds
so that things like...
Well this don't happen in ours.
Just until they can control
So you're...
Let's just say we're the reason
your haunted houses exist,
and we return to
them frequently.
See, you people expect
these things to happen
in homes like this, so it
affords us some... flexibility.
But I saw my mother.
You thought you did.
You humans have
such imaginations.
Why are you telling me this?
Adrian wants you
to come with us.
Come with you?
Adrian almost killed
my father
and he murdered
all those people.
Adrian's not a murderer!
He was protecting you.
Just like you protected him.
It seems we don't
have much time.
If you stay they'll never
believe you.
They never do.
Just think about your mother.
I... I can't.
Did you ever finish your
game of marbles?
I told Adrian he's probably
scaring you, but...
Boys will be boys.
On your feet.
Drop the knife.
Looks like we're almost there.
I think you're really going
to love this place.
I really do.