The Unspoken Truth (1995) Movie Script

He loves me.
Is that why he hit you?
Out of love.
You don't understand.
I've been with him
half my life.
He was the only one.
We had fun together.
We really did.
I kept thinking I was
doing something wrong
and I could just
get it right,
he would stop.
Did he?
Afterwards, he'd always...
And things would be happy...
For a while.
Weren't you scared
he'd hit Lily?
Clay has his faults.
But he's a good father.
He loves her.
Just like he loves you?
He would never hurt her.
I should've killed him.
Okay, all right.
Here she comes.
WOMAN: You're late!
Cleary sisters are always late!
Holy, Holy, Holy
Thy works shall
Praise Thy Name
In earth, and sky, and sea
Holy, holy, holy...
You're late.
You're late.
The Cleary sisters are
always late.
Sit, Lily.
God in three persons
Blessed Trinity
WOMAN: All right, well,
don't forget...
Lily, come on, lets go.
I'm sure the entire congregation
heard my stomach growling.
Be patient, dad,
I've to check out
for eligible bachelor.
The only eligible bachelor left
is Father Porter.
You should've listened to Da
when he told it was a sin
to get divorced.
LILY: Mommy?Lily.
I got it, Brianne.Your thug is here.
Don't start.
You know he's been
havin' a tough time.
Nobody's filled in right now.
He's been out looking every day.
Looking for what?
Oh, Brianne, come on,
it's Sunday dinner.
It's been a long time
since we were all together.
I'll ask.
CLAY: Hi, baby.
BRIANNE: You wanna come
to dinner tonight, honey?
I thought we'd spend
some time alone
together tonight.
Maybe go out.
LILY: Mommy?
Daddy!Hey, baby. How you doing?
Where are we going?
Well, you are gonna spend
the night with granny.
And your mother and I are
gonna paint the town
red tonight.
Can I stay with
aunt Margaret instead?
She'll bring her home
in the morning.
I think she should stay
at my mother's.
I'll see you
at the house.
Smile at your
sister's husband.
Lay off, Da, he's
an accident waiting
to happen.
I seem to remember
saying the same thing
about another young man
some 20 odd years ago.
You were wrong then.
And you're wrong now.
THOM: Your mother,
God rest her,
didn't think so.
Now you be
good with granny.
She's always good.
Spit-spot on the outside,
spit-spot on the inside.
Right, Lily?
Yes, granny.
You just listen
to what she says, okay?
Mom, you'll come and
get me first thing
in the morning?
Real early, we'll have
breakfast together,
okay, peanut?
CLAY: Come on, Brianne!
BRIANNE: What's wrong
with you?
She can stay
at your sister's next time,
I promise.
In my mind
You'll always be a lady
And always gonna do
What you been told
Try to show me all
That I was missing
And I have set my eyes
On the open road
If we found a common ground
We were meant to be
Hey, I know you.
You work at
the PNC coat shop
in the mall.
Sales girl, right?Assistant manager now.
Well, congratulations.
Hey, why don't we have
a dance and celebrate
that promotion?
I'm here with my husband.
Gone out searching
For adventure...
Hey, I'd rather
dance with you.
Road ain't open
Yes, we found a common ground
We were meant to be
Come on, man.
What's going on?One sec, go inside.
No, I wanna stay.
It's fine.
Now I finally take
In my mind
And wanna settle down
But there ain't no other way
What can we do about this?"What can we do about this"?
Anyone can see, you'll
never be man enough
for Brianne.
CLAY: There's nobody
that's gonna...
MAN: Whoa!
CLAY: Outta my way.
You promised you'd dance!
You're acting like a jerk,
come on!
Stop it!
What are you doing?
Just forget about it, Clay.
He's not worth it.
Clay, we can still
have a good time,
come on!
Nothing happened.
I just wanna dance.
Don't do this!
Hey, Modell!
Over here.
Come here!
I got a little unfinished
business to take care of
with this guy.
MAN: Some body call the cops!
Shut up! Shut up!
What did you do?
Shut up and look at me!
COP: Stick your hands
out the window
where I can see it now!
Open the door and
step outside. Now!
Get out the truck slowly.
Put your hands out
where I can see 'em!
Back towards me.
All right, look at me!
Put your hands on the window.
All right, now, come
out of the truck.
Up against the truck.
WOMAN: You wont believe
what's happened.
Clay's been arrested.
They say he killed a guy.
MARGARET: Was Bree with him?
WOMAN: They took her
to the hospital.
MARGARET: Is she okay?
She started hyperventilating
or something.
Da is going down
to get her now.
I don't know,
let me ask him.
No, no, no.
The answer is no.
Brianne is my daughter
and I'll take care of her
You stick your nose
in too many times
as it is now.
You wanna do some good?
You go find Lily
and bring her
home to our family.
Son of a bitch.
Clay again?No.
My father.
He can be such
a damn bully sometimes.
What happened?
Hawkins is finally in jail.
If we're lucky,
maybe they'll keep him
there forever.
Oh, Brianne.
I was so scared.
Come on, girl.
Put this on.
If you're not going to be
eating these sausages,
Brianne, I wouldn't mind.
Sure, Da.
You're not helping his
cholesterol any, Brianne.
It's only one sausage.
Don't be daft, lady,
if you're gonna
talk about me,
at least have the courtesy
of talking behind my back.
Brianne, darling, why don't you
go get some ice cream.
Ice cream for breakfast?
Sure, why not?
Pin for penny,
pin for a pound.
Did you know this
Dale Modell?
Seen him around
once in a while.
That's it.
And Clay thought
he was flirting with you?
It's hard to know what
Clay is angry about.
You don't get into trouble
unless you're with trouble.
You know you never
understood him.
No, you don't understand.
Now someone's dead
because of it.
Why doesn't that
seem to bother you?
It bothers me.
And what are you
gonna do about it?
Leave her alone.No!
She could've been
killed last night.
How dare you?
And what about Lily?
You're living in a house
filled with guns.
Don't you ever think about
what might happen to her?
I'm a good mother.
No one's saying you are not
a good mother.
It's him.
Hi, Clay, are you okay?
COP: Hawkins, let's go.
COP: Take it easy.
CLAY: You bet.
COP: Move it, Hawkins.CLAY: See you later boys.
CLAY: Hey, baby.
CLAY: Ah, let's get
the hell outta here.
CLAY: Now, you know don't
worry about a thing.
Everything's gonna be just fine.
I promise.
THOMAS: That's a last time
I put a bail for you, buddy boy.
Thank you, Mr. Cleary.
Hey. I did it for Brianne.
Now you just have
to have faith, Brianne.
CLAY: No, come on, baby.
You gotta tell the truth.
Every detail is important.
No.Ugh, please, Clay, I gotta
go to the bathroom.
Not until you remember it.
I don't know what's
the matter with you.
Usually, you know
every little detail.
I already told you
what I remembered.
No, not yet!
Please, Clay,
I gotta go so bad.
Leave the door open.
Don't you remember the way
he came on to you?
He didn't even care
that you were married to me.
I didn't tell him
right away.
I know, but when you did,
it didn't slow him down much.
He showed you no respect.
I could've handled it myself.But you were scared.
And that's why we went back.
We just wanted to make sure
the guy left you alone.
That why you bought the guns?
That's right.
I tried to talk to him.
But he threw those cards
in my face.
I grabbed one of the guns
and dropped the thing
on the floor of the pick up
truck and I couldn't find it.
And you grabbed one of them
and you went to put it
in the back
and you reached in and
you tried to take it
from there and that's
when you accidentally
shot him in the face.
But I never touch your guns.
I hate your guns.
You were drunk, Brianne!
I...You don't remember!
How many times do
I have to tell you?
How many times do we
gotta go through this?
What do I gotta do
to make you see?
We've been through this over,
and over, and over,
and over again!
And I am not gonna
go to jail for the rest
of my life
for this!
I'm so confused.
You gotta tell the truth.
There's no other way.
MAN: Mr. Cleary?
Hi, I'm Tim Robert.
I'm representing
your son-in-law.
I know who you are.
I paid you retainer,
didn't I?
Who are you?I'm Greg Thorpe,
Mr. Cleary, I'm your
daughter's lawyer.
What do you need a lawyer for?
I'm gonna tell the truth, dad.Bree.
Just what might that truth be?
It was an accident.
It was my fault.
I shot Dale Modell.
BAILIFF: This Grand Jury is
now in session.
Place your right hand
on the Bible.
Do you solemnly swear that
the testimony you are about
to give is the truth,
the whole truth,
and nothing but the truth,
so help you God?
I do.
Pull that really hard,
right. [GASPING]
How's he doing?
Who knows.
Your father would never
admit something's wrong
with him.
I'll go get dad.
This is gonna be
a quiet dinner.
We gotta support Brianne,
not attack her.
You remember that, Margaret.
NORA: I'll get it.
What you got there?
Is that a mousey?
Have you told
the little one yet?
Clay thought it'd
better to wait.
She's gonna hear
about it at school.
It's your husband.
He wants you to come home.
Right away.
I just got here.
Lord preserve us.
For Pete's sake!
I'm going out the stairs.Da.
Oh, thank you,
darling, thank you.
You know what, be a deary
and get my medicine,
would you, please?
Of course.
Hey, hello, poppet, come here.
How you doing, kiddo?
Are you okay, Grand Dad?Oh, I'm fine.
Don't you know I've got
a host of little people
looking after me?
Are they looking
after me too?
They look after
all little girls.
How about Mommy?
Do they look after mommy?
Daddy looks after mommy.
Even when he's drunk?
Go on downstairs,
get your coat.
Come on.
Bree, sit down.
I wanna ask you something.
Will you just answer me
one question?
I know you didn't
kill that boy.
But I...I don't...
understand why
you're lying, Brianne.
And I do not understand
the control that he
has over you.
To make you willing
to go to jail for him.
He's my husband, dad.
And he takes care of me.
Just like you used to.
I'll get it, Margaret.
Mr. Cleary.
I'm sorry,
I didn't realize... Lily?
You let me down again,
Brianne, you let me down.
What happened?
The grand jury decided
for prosecution.
They're gonna try Clay.
GREG: That's not
the worst of it.
They're also charging Brianne
with first degree murder.
Oh! Oh no!
PRIEST: "The Lord is
my Shepherd.
I shall not want.
"He maketh me lie down
in green pastures.
"He leadeth me beside
the quiet waters.
"He restoreth my soul.
"He guideth me in the path
of righteousness.
"Surely goodness and
loving-kindness will follow me
all the days of my life.
"And I will dwell in the house
of the Lord forever."
NORA: Thank you, father.
Oh, you're here!
Take your coat off.
Hi, how are you?
Hello.Hi, Father.
Hi, Father.How are you?
Thank you.
Have something to eat
before it's all gone.
You know Wendy Hawkins'
cream cheese, and sardine
sandwiches are
are going like wildfire.
Look at him.
He's not fooling me,
and nobody is.
Oh, for God's sake, Margaret.
You act as if you were
the devil himself.
If you go to heaven
and heaven is just everything...
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'll be fine.
A room full of people
at the house and it's so
empty without dad.
Guess we're orphans now.
We still have each other.
Do you think that...
Daddy's death is my fault?
Oh, no.
It wasn't anyone's fault.
He had a stroke.
It was his time.
I miss him so much!
I don't think I could survive
without Clay and Lily.
Oh, why can't you
just leave it alone?
Can't you see that
I'm doing the best
that I can do?
NORA: Stop treating her
like a child.
Some things are better
left alone, Margaret.
That's what Da would say now.
You promised.
Now, that was a good move,
you see, but...
you've left your knight exposed.
Oh, daddy, please
don't take my horse.
If I don't take your horse,
honey, you can take my bishop.
I promise I won't
take your bishop if
you don't take my horse.
Well, it's not how the game is
supposed to be played.
It's a deal.
It's a deal.
Hey! You took my bishop,
you little liar!
All right.
Time for bed.
But we didn't
finish the game yet.
Checkmate. Game's over.
Hey, that's not fair!
Is it, mommy?
I don't know
the rules, honey.
Don't be a sore loser.
What did I tell you
about that?
You're supposed to
congratulate the winner.
Congratulations, daddy.
Do like dad says, go on.
To bed.
Go on.
Will you come with me and
check for monsters?
I already checked,
you'll be safe.
Are you sure?
CLAY: Close the door,
behind you, Lily?
LILY: Goodnight, mommy.Goodnight.
Hey, honey.
You want me to
rub your shoulders?
Come on in.Hi. Where's Brianne?
Oh, she went shopping
a little while.
Well, when is she
coming back?
She didn't say.
I called.
I told you I was coming and
I need to talk to Brianne.
You want a beer?No.
I keep trying to get her
to return your calls, Margaret.
But she just doesn't want to.
What happened?
You two were
always so close.
Did you have words
or something?
Is that Lilly?I'd appreciate if you
didn't get involved, Margaret.
Lily's being punished
right now.
What did she do?
Oh, kids stuff.
You know, children still
gotta be taught
consequences, right?
You're just the one
to be teacher
of that consequences,
aren't you, Hawkins?
You want me to give
Brianne a message?
Yeah, tell her
to give me a call.
I can't promise anything.
You know your sister's
got a mind of her own.
You can't keep her
from me forever.
Sorry, daddy.It's okay.
You can come out now, pumpkin.
MARGARET: Brianne.
All rise.
At least she got a woman judge.
That's a good sign.
I think.
Miss. Bogart, you may
call your first witness.
And while you were... busy,
as you put it, uh...
"making out
with your girlfriend,"
did there come a time
when you noticed
the defendant Clay Hawkins?
I sure did.
He almost knocked us over
when he came out the door
of the Broken Spoke.
Was he alone?
No, ma'am. He was
with Dale Modell.
And what were Mr. Modell,
and the defendant doing
when you first
saw them, Mr. Richter?
There were going
at each other a little.
You mean fighting?
Yeah, it wasn't
much of a fight.
BOGART: And could you also hear
what they were saying?
RICHTER: Clay wasn't saying
much of anything.
Modell did most
of the talking.
...Brianne, partner.
BOGART: When you saw
them pushing and shoving,
Mr. Richter,
What did you do?
RICHTER: I laughed.
CLAY: Outta my way.
RICHTER: He was pretty funny.
After Clay Hawkins went home
with his wife,
what did Mr. Modell do then?
Same thing we did
almost every night.
He and a bunch of us
started playing poker
on the hood of some car
in front of the bar.
When the game broke up,
Dale asked for a ride home,
and I said...
Sure thing.
And we started walking.
And then there is this...
blue truck.
An old pick up, parked over
across the parking lot.
And somebody yelled at Dale.
I guess it was him.
Dale said, "Hold on a minute.
I got a little unfinished
business with this guy."
Dale was standing...
right outside the side window,
arguing with the guy.
BOGART: And what happened next,
Mr. Blogert?
He reached his hand, and like...
they were gonna shake
or something, but...
Then I saw a flash come
out of the window and
I heard a loud bang, and...
And then Dale started falling.
LILY: Faster, daddy,
as fast as you can.
CLAY: Faster? All right,
hold on tight then.
Why do you and mommy
have to go to court every day?
Well, 'cause some people lied
and said your mommy and
daddy did something bad.
Are they gonna
send you to go jail?
CLAY: Not a chance in he...
in heck.
Clay, honey, slow down.
What would happen
to me if they made you go?
Well, you'd go
to granny's, baby.
Do I have to?
Do you have to?
Do you have to?
Do you have to?
[LILY SCREAMING]Clay, you're scaring her.
You're the one
who scared her, baby.
Oh, my goodness, peanut,
did I forget to check
for monsters again?
Are they here? No.
Under the bed?
Oh, sweety, honey,
what's wrong?
I love grandma.
But I don't wanna
live there.
I promise I'll be good.
You're always good.
Don't worry.
Daddy will take care
of everything and
we'll be together
just like we are now.
What if something
does happen?
Let me stay with
Aunt Margaret.
All right?
CLAY: Brianne!
I have to go take
care of your daddy.
Will you come read me
This Little Engine That Could?
I think I can.
I think I can.
BOGART: If the two of you
didn't intend to kill
Dale Modell,
then, why did your husband
bring the guns?
To scare him, I think.
Wouldn't one gun
have been enough for that?
Dale Modell was a violent man.
Clay was just trying
to make sure he
could protect me.
By cold-bloodedly shooting
Dale Modell in the face?
That's not how it happened.
BRIANNE: Clay tried
to talk to him.
But he just threw
the cards in his face.
He reached in and knocked
the gun out of Clay's hand.
And while he was
trying to get it...
Modell went
for the other gun.
I got it first and tried
to throw it in the back.
But he grabbed my arm...
and tried to wrestle
the gun away from me.
It went off.
I'm still not sure
how it happened.
I don't know anything
about guns.
I hate guns.
No further questions.
JUDGE: You may step down.
BAILIFF: Be seated.
Miss. Foreman, have you
reached a verdict?
We have, your honor.
As to the charge that
the defendant, Clay Hawkins,
has committed the crime
of murder in the first degree,
How do you find?
FOREMAN: Guilty as charged.
BAILIFF: As to the charge
that the defendant,
Brianne Hawkins,
has committed the crime
of murder in the first degree,
How do you find?
Guilty as charged.
As I'm certain counsel
has informed the defendants,
a verdict of "guilty"
to the charge of
murder in the first degree
leaves me no discretion
in the matter of sentencing.
By state law, you are
both hereby sentenced...
To life in prison.
It's regulation.
What do I do now?
We'll appeal.
Yeah, yeah, we're back.
That one's for the men.
PRISON GUARD: Move along, girls.Right there?
Guess they wanna
shove it in our faces
what we can't have.
in front of the camera.
To the left a bit.
Now turn and face the wall.
Turn your whole body.
Get your hair out of your face.
Mouth, nose, ears, underarms.
Squat and cup...
Spread your toes.
Oh, look, such
little itty-bitty toes!
You know not many people
can spread their toes like that.
Toilet paper and delouser.
Dries up your hair something
awful, but at least
it kills the cooties.
Go on!
It's all yours tonight.
Ain't nobody gonna be
peeking in on you.
This way.
WOMAN 1: Oh, shut up, will you?
I'm trying to sleep.
WOMAN 2: Just think of it
as summer camp.
Only you don't get to go home
for a real long time.
Miss me?
[SIGHS] Of course, I do.
Hey, did you see us
on the news last night?
Didn't turn out quite
the way we planned, did it?
I know.
I'm sorry, I really screwed up.
Please don't be angry.No, no.
You stick to your story and
everything will be just fine.
I can't stand it in here.
And I worry about Lily,
and I don't know how long...
I was watching you last night.
I can see you.
What the hell are you doing?
Get down from there, Hawkins.
You found something pretty
for you to look at?
BRIANNE: My husband.
He's watching.
Sure he is.
They all are.
At least yours is in a cage.
Slow down.
What's your hurry?
I'm sorry, I'm always late,
my daughter's in there.
What's your name?Brianne Hawkins.
Hmm. Okay.
Hold it.
Take it easy.
Just turning your tag around.
That tag faces
the other way,
it's solitary.
You're gonna be here
a long time.
You better learn
to follow the rules.
Can I go now?
Go on. Mi Casa su casa.
LILY: Please mommy.
Granny yells so much.
She just has to get used to
having a little peanut around,
that's all, honey.
LILY: But she won't
let me do anything.
What is it, honey?
Monsters? Do I need to...[KNOCK AT DOOR]
Teach you how to...[KNOCK AT DOOR]
Scare away the monsters?
It wouldn't do any good.
The monsters like her.
LILY: Can I stay here
with you, mommy?
I wouldn't be afraid.
I wish I was as brave
as you are.
It's time to
go home, Lily.
We have a long ride home.
Stop being a baby.
I love you.
Goodbye, mommy.
Bye, Lily.
We got it.Ha!
We're getting our appeal.
It's set for next month.
Ah, thank you.Don't be too excited.
Judge Thaler will be
hearing the appeal.
Wait a minute, can't
we get another judge?
She's the one...She's not the problem.
I keep telling you
the odds are
that your sister's gonna
spend the rest of her life
in prison.
[SIGHS] We'll see.
Oh, there's one more thing
I want you to do for me.
What?I want you to file
for custody of Lily.
And when were you planning
on telling me this?
I'm telling you now.
Does Brianne support this?
I don't know,
I haven't asked her yet.
Yeah, well,
she only does
what Clay says.
He wants Lily
with his mother.
We have to try.
Well I have to tell you
there's not much hope
for this either.
In cases like this,
courts tend to give custody
to the grandmother.
The only person
I can see them giving
custody of Lily to
over Mrs. Wharburton,
would be the maternal
and isn't she dead?
She has to know.
How can you even think
about breaking your word?
Keeping secrets has
only hurt this family.
But you promised to Da.
We all did.I don't care!
Well, I for one, am glad Da
is not around to hear this.
Think of what he'd say.
Do you know what
I think he's say?
I think he'd say, "Go on, girl,
"do whatever you can
to get Brianne
out of that place."
How you doing, peanut?
You haven't called me
that in years.
Do you need anything?
I need some socks.
Some shampoo.
Whatever you use.
Clay says you have
such nice hair.
Okay, I'll bring it
next time.
I wanna talk
to you about Lily.
Is something wrong?
Oh, she's fine.
I want her to come
live with Ernie and me.
Clay would never allow that.
[SIGHS] You know
she's not happy
with Mrs. Hawkins.
She needs to be
with her family.
She is with her family.
I'd be a good mom to her,
you know that.
You'll never get custody.
I can with your consent, Bree.
I talked to your lawyer.
He said that the maternal
grandmother has precedence
over the paternal one
in child custody issues.
Yeah, well, so what?
Mom's dead.
My mother is dead.
Not yours.
I'm not your sister, Brianne.
I'm your mother.
You're my daughter.
I was barely 15 when
I met your father.
He worked in his family's diner.
I was crazy in love with him.
Da wouldn't hear
about us marrying.
He said I was too young.
That I was ruining my life.
The truth is he hated Nick.
He'd been in trouble
a few times.
Just like Clay?
Not like Clay.
He never laid a hand on me.
He was kind
and gentle and loving.
Why didn't he love me?
Bree, he never knew about you.
Da shipped me off to Ireland
to stay with cousin Maureen.
And when you were born,
I was supposed to
give you up for adoption.
But the minute
I looked at you...
I knew I couldn't give you up.
Not ever.
I begged Da
to let me keep you.
And he finally agreed,
but only if we said
you were his and mom's.
I had to do what he said.
We all did what he said.
What do you
want me to say?
That I forgive you?
You want me to fall
in your arms and
call you "mommy"?
You'd never be my mother.
And now you're
not even my sister anymore.
You're nothing.
Nothing to me, Margaret.
I, uh, I take it
didn't go well.
She was, uh...
so cold.
So, I don't know.
What? Hmm?
You hide the truth
from someone
their whole life,
what, expect them
to give you a big hug?
Tell you, you did
the right thing?
Nobody likes
to be lied to, Maggie.
Not Brianne... not me.
You should've
told me sooner, Maggie.
Come on, ladies, let's go!
Everybody, come on, let's go!
Let's go, girls.
Everybody out!
Time's up.
Move it, move it.
Are you in there?
What's going on, girl?
You crazy or somethin'?
Get up, Hawkins.
My ladies don't sit
on the ground.
I saw your little girl
the other day.
Cute kid.
Lily, her name's Lily.
See that lady over there?
She comes in once a week.
She's helped a lot of women
who've had problems
with being separated
from their kids.
Who says I'm having a problem?
Okay, but if you do...
I've to ask my husband first.
If Mr. Hawkins agrees
to let you see the doctor,
you let me know.
Good luck on your
appeal tomorrow.
Your hair feels like straw.
I'm sorry, it's a shampoo
they give us.
Well, tell them
to give you
something better.
I already have.
I don't think Lily's happy
with your mother.
She could use
the discipline, you know.
Clay, honey?
They have this doctor
at the prison.
And she talks with
the parents in the...
I don't want
some shrink stranger
butting her head
into our business.
No strangers.
On each of the occasions
that I met with Brianne Hawkins,
her husband was always there.
Any telephone conversations
would also include
Mr. Hawkins.
In fact, after
the initial consultation,
all the meetings were
dominated by Mr. Hawkins.
She is your client,
surely you'd be
asking her opinions.
GREG: Well...
Yes, I did, your honor, but...
My recollections of
those conversations are that...
the responses
of Brianne Hawkins
were only an acquiescence
of what her husband was saying.
You're not giving me
any new information,
Mr. Thorpe.
This has all been
gone over before.
and um, shampoo.
Toothpaste, soap.
And uh...
I brought you some
extra T-shirts too.
The warden's very particular
about how her ladies look.
I think she's gonna start
prison fashion magazine.
Anything else you need?
Could you put some
money in my account,
I could use a chocolate bar
every once in a while.
Okay, I'll take care of it
next time I come.
Thank you.
Well, you're sure
in a good mood today.
Any special reason?
Maybe it's because I realize
I don't have to see you
if I don't want to.
It's a mean thing to say.
I'm only trying to help.
By trying to act
like my mother?
I am your mother.
My mother's dead.
I never should've told you.
But you had to, didn't you?
To get custody of Lily.
That's what you
really want, isn't it?
To get custody of Lily?
I thought that's
what you'd want.
Because you were
such a great mother?
Because you were
always so loving,
and nurturing
and supportive?
You were no mother at all.
If you had been...
I wouldn't be in this mess.
I'd be with my daughter
instead of you.
This is Clay talking.
You know what
Clay would say?
You and Ernie can't
have kids and now
you wanna steal mine.
I'm not trying
to steal her, I'm...
I'm not trying
to replace you. I...
I only wanted
to take care of her,
I failed you so badly.
Guess what.
My daughter's not your penance.
Why don't you
take a break?
Come on in.
I made some dinner.
No thanks,
I'm not hungry.
Actually, I thought you
might wanna spend
some time with me.
Don't do this to me, Ernie.
Please, not now.
Why is it so hard
for you to understand
that this...
This mission you're on,
affects me too?
ERNIE: Maggie?
Why are you
shutting me out?
Why couldn't you at least
tell me the truth?
I promised Da.
No one outside the family
was supposed to know.
I'm not family?
You're not a Cleary.
Ha! The Clearys.
Always the Clearys.
You know Nora's
not the only one
who's never left that house.
Your father never
let go of any of you.
He tried to do what
he thought was right.
And that justifies everything?
Get out!
Even from his grave,
he's still holding on, Maggie.
There's enough blame
for everyone!
Me, most of all.
What are we looking for?
Anything that proves
I'm Brianne's mother.
[SIGHS] Thorpe said he
needs documentation.
If I'm gonna go
for custody of Lily.
If "we"...
Are gonna go
for custody, Maggie. "We."
I'm still angry.
Don't think I'm not.
I'll do this for Lily.
Not for you,
not for Brianne,
But for Lily, okay?
Remember the name
of that hospital in Ireland.
Pingney, Pingney!
That's right,
how did you know?
It's a bill.
Apparently, Brianne
had to go back in the hospital.
I remember.
Well, you look great.
Soft, it's just
the way I like it.
Margaret got me
some new shampoo.
How's your appeal going?
Okay.You mentioned my name at all?
Maybe just a little, I guess.
Oh, well, I'll hear
about it tomorrow.
Oh, you didn't know.
Yeah, that sweet lady
judge of yours,
She, uh...
She wants have
a little looksie.
Not even jail can
keep us apart, can it, Bree?
[SHARPLY] Can it, Bree?
You really think that
bitch of a sister,
or mother, whatever the hell
she is, can get you out?
You belong to me,
I can get you any time I want.
In here, or dead.
It's your choice.
You can't do anything worse
to me than I already
almost did to myself.
You're a liar.
You don't got the guts
to kill yourself.
The only thing that stopped me
was thinking about Lily.
Speaking of which...
I wonder how Lily's
enjoying my old bed.
I know my mom said
that she was doing real well.
Nice and healthy.
Let's just hope she
stays that way.
You wouldn't hurt Lily.
I wouldn't be the one
hurting Lily.
You'd be the one hurting Lily.
You know they won't
let him near you.
You don't know my husband.
You don't know me.
Good morning, Bree.
Mr. Thorpe.[DOOR OPENS]
MAN: Let's go.
Time's up, ladies,
back to the salt lines.
Hey, Dan.
Right now, even you'd
look good in an outfit
like that.
Come on, move it, let's go.
Come on, let's go.
Come on, Brianne,
let's go.
Did you hear me?
I said let's go, now.
Come on!
I got three more minutes.
It's more like two minutes
and 15 seconds.
Don't make a habit
of this, Hawkins.
And so the case before
presents an assertion
of a serious threat
to the process of justice.
The coercion of one witness
to give false testimony
in order to free another.
When the two parties
involved are husband and wife,
then that assertion
must be given even
more weight.
However, in
this particular case,
the assertion is simply
not supported by facts.
None of the so-called
new evidence
presented at the hearing is
either strong enough,
or new enough
to have the potential
to change the verdict.
The petition
for post conviction
relief is denied.
Court adjourned.
Don't go, mommy!
I have to, Peanut.
Stop crying.
You'll ruin your dress.
How many times have I told you?
Spit-spot on the outside,
spit-spot on the inside.
I'm sorry.
This isn't about you.
I've decided to support
your petition for custody.
I hope you can be
a better mother to her
than you were to me.
I'm beginning to think
you don't love me anymore.
I wanna talk about Lily.
I don't.
Please, Clay.
You and me, we made
a mess of our lives.
Can't we do better for her?Drop it!
I can't.
I know you want her
to be with your mother, but...
Lily's miserable.
We're gonna be in here
for the rest of our lives.
She needs someone
that she can...
She's Lily's grandma, too.
I'll tell you what.
When I see her
this afternoon...
I'm gonna tell my mother
to file for full custody.
I think that makes
the most sense.
Pardon me?
Get off her, Hawkins!
Let go of her.
Pull it off!
Get off! Cuff him!
Get him down here! Easy!
[GASPING]Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Where's the prison break?
Oh, please Mr. Danforth.
I have to use the phone.
After 3:00.
You know the rules.
It's really important.
No way.
You know what could happen
if somebody were to catch you.
Don't argue with me, Margaret.
You've gotta do it now.
Visitation starts in two hours.
If he gets to his mom
before you get to Lily...
I don't...Your machine's fixed.
Do it now!
Attention, attention.
Visiting hours commences
in ten minutes.
Visiting hour will commence
in ten minutes.
Must have already gone in.
MARGARET: For once in my life,
I'm early.
The lines aren't moving.
No one's gone in yet.
Nothing you do
ever turns out right.
What are you
talking about?
I'm talking about
two grown women
outside a prison waiting
to kidnap a little girl.
You don't have to be here
if you don't want to.
Somebody's gotta
see you don't get arrested.
My whole life, I spent taking
care of this family. First Da,
and now the rest of you.
It was your choice.
Well if you listened to him,
none of this would've happened.
You never listen to anyone,
and so you ended up pregnant.
Oh please! I'm tired
of being the whipping boy
for this family.
"None of this would have
happened if Margaret hadn't
gotten knocked up."
"None of this would've happened
if mom hadn't died."
"None of this would've
happened if moon were
made of cheese."
There she is!
Now, what do we do?
Uh... Slide over.
Get ready to drive
like a bat out of hell.
Come on, baby.
Over here.
It's hopeless.
Stop fidgeting.
You'll meet your daddy
in a minute.
Come on, baby.
Come on, baby!
Now what is it?
Granny, your slip is showing.
Spit-spot on the outside,
spit-spot on the inside.
Run, baby.
Hurry up, hurry up, hurry!
Tell your mother that
we have rules here.
If she wants you to know
your daughter's with her,
she'll have to wait till
you're out of the hole
like everyone else.
"Up, up, up
"Faster and faster
And faster and faster
"The little engine climbed.
"until it lastly reached
The top of the mountain.
"'Hurray! Hurray!'
Cried the funny little clown
The judge agreed.
Children need discipline.
She'll spoil you rotten.
Do you have enough money
left to pay the lawyer
to get my mom out of jail?
Hey, I'll tell you
a secret.
If your mom doesn't
get a new appeal,
then grandma here is
gonna bust her out of jail.
BRIANNE: You don't know
what it's like.
I couldn't breathe.
I would have done anything
to get away from him.
Is that why you married Clay?
To get away from your father?
He loves me.
Is that why he hit you?
Out of love?
You don't understand.
You're a liar![SCREAMING]
It was our anniversary.
You think I didn't see
the way you looked at him?
[WHIMPERING]You think I didn't see?
You think I'm blind?
Please, Clay!
BRIANNE: I kept thinking
I was doing something wrong.
And if I could just
get it right, he'd stop.
Did he?
Well, afterwards, he'd always...
And things would be happy.
[CRYING]CLAY: I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry, Bree.
Don't you understand?
I have never loved somebody
so much in my whole life.
You forgive me, don't you?
Why are you doing this?
[BRIANNE CRYING]I love you so much,
and you're killing me.
Why don't you just do it?
Why don't you just get it
over with?
Kill me.
Come on!
No, stop it, Clay,
just stop it.
Come on!Aah!
Did Lily ever see him hit you?
Weren't you scared
he'd hit Lily?
Clay has his faults.
But he's a good father.
He loves her.
Just like he loves you? No!
He'd never hurt her.
Don't look at daddy, okay?
Come back here, Brianne!
I ain't through
talking with you yet.
Just going to the store,
we're outta milk.
We'll be right back.
I don't want you to go.
Fifteen minutes, Clay.
I promise.
It's getting late.
Come back to bed.
Again, Ernie?
LILY: Grandma?
Hi, honey!
Uh, you're supposed
to knock, Lily.
Sorry, Grandpa.
It's okay.
What have you got there?
It's one of the little people
Grand Da gave me.
He protects me.
Your own personal Leprechaun!
It's really a piggy-bank.
It's for mommy's lawyer.
Oh, sweety.Thank you, Lily.
Come here, pumpkin.
And I wanna talk
to the judge.
You do?
Everybody else gets
to talk to the judge.
Are you sure?
If you talk to her,
she's gonna ask you
lots of questions
about mommy and daddy.
Things that might be
scary to talk about.
You sure you wanna do that?
Will daddy be mad at me?
Well, if you tell the truth,
I think you're daddy will be
really proud of you.
Come on, we have
to be honest too.
No one knows
how your daddy will
feel about it, sweetie.
LILY: If I talk to the judge,
will it help mommy
get a new trial?
It might.
I want mommy to come home.
JUDGE: Are you sure you
saw your dad hit your mom?
He didn't think I saw.
But I did.
Where did he hit her?
Mostly on her
head and neck.
She used to cover-up
her boo-boos with make-up.
Did your dad hit you also?
He had this belt
that he made.
Did you tell your mom
when he hit you?
You have to say
the words Lily,
otherwise the lady
can't write 'em down.
No, I never told my mom.
Why not?
Sorry, daddy.
Because... daddy said...
that if I told...
he would know.
I was scared.
Did you ever tell anyone else?
A friend, a teacher at school,
someone else in your family?
Nobody.Why not?
Because I thought it was normal.
Do you know your mother
said at her trial
that she shot the gun
that killed Dale Modell?
She couldn't!
She hates guns.
My daddy has a lot of them.
But she wont even go near them.
Why would your mom
say it if it isn't the truth?
Maybe because
she was afraid and
did whatever he
told her to.
She was just like me.
GREG: That oughta be enough
to get a new trial.
Uh, finished.
Not yet, Hawkins.
Come here!
You gotta be kidding.
Do as I tell you.
I'll be in to
get you real soon.
get your butt out here. There's
more work to be done!
Listen, Danforth!
You can put me in solitary
for the rest of my life,
but I am really...
For she's a jolly good fellow
For she's a jolly good fellow
For she' wants
A jolly good pardon
Which nobody can deny
I forgot.
Hopefully not all in here.
I know this is gonna
sound really stupid,
but I mean it.
This is a really
happy birthday for me.
Make a wish.
GREG: And who were
your husband's fits of rage
normally directed at?
BRIANNE: Usually me.
Almost always me.
But on the night
of the murder,
they weren't directed
at you, were they,
Mrs. Hawkins?
And who were they directed at?
Dale Modell.
And were you afraid
of what your husband
might do?
If that's true, Mrs. Hawkins,
and remembering
that we're talking about a man
with two loaded guns
in the car,
why didn't you at least
try to phone the police,
or try to get help?
Why did you go back
to the Broken Spoke?
I had to.
I thought it was
the only way
I could stop him...
Like I had in the past.
Or at least direct
his rage at you.
Or direct his rage at me.
Come on, honey,
let's go home.
They could be
playing cards all night.
Be quiet. They're
breaking up now.
Hey, Modell.
Over here.
Clay, it was all my fault.
I should've...
I should've told him
to leave me alone.
Treated me like dirt!
You come back
to see me, sugar?
No, just go away.
Are you sure?
You don't know
what you're missing.
I think you owe me
an apology.
And if I don't?
If you don't?
How tough are you?
Little boys shouldn't
play with guns, Hawkins.
You're damn right,
they shouldn't.
BRIANNE: No, Clay,
can you stop it. Don't!
No, Clay, stop!
Stop it!
No! Clay!
So all your testimony
to the grand jury was a lie?
Is that what you're
telling us now, Mrs. Hawkins?
And I'm...[DOOR OPENS]
GREG: Your honor, might we
approach the bench?
How could they
do this to her?
She'll handle it.
Your honor, I don't think
he should be here.
BOGART: Your honor,
defense counsel is stalling.
Your honor we've
objected to this before.
BOGART: We've argued
about it before.
Go ahead.
Thank you.
JUDGE: You may proceed,
Miss Bogart.
And the reason you lied
to the grand jury
was not because you were
afraid of going to jail
for the murder of Dale Modell,
it was because your...
brainwashed you
into saying the shooting
was an accident,
is that right?
So, what you're
telling us now is that...
everything was
your husband's fault.
He wanted to kill Dale Modell,
he pulled the trigger,
he thought up the lies,
he masterminded
the whole enchilada.
And you...
you were the innocent victim.
It was my fault too.
I was too scared
to stand up to him.
But you're not
so scared anymore,
are you, Mrs. Hawkins?
BOGART: The fact is...
You're brave enough
to do whatever it takes
to get out of prison,
aren't you?
Do anything, say anything...
make up a whole
new set of lies.
Isn't that right, Mrs. Hawkins?
Objection! Counsel is
doing nothing but
badgering the witness.
You don't have to answer that.
Yes, I do.
If I had to make
myself believe
one more lie,
or do one more thing
I didn't know was right...
even to keep
from spending the rest
of my life in jail,
you could leave
the gates wide open.
Leave that prison empty,
and I would never
take one step...
LILY: And grandma and
I ride our bikes everyday.
Almost every day.
And grandpa helps me
with my homework.
He hardly ever yells.
And grandma says
I can get this cat, Elliott.
But the problem is,
I think that
grandpa Ernie is
scared of cats.
Isn't that silly?
That's very silly.
Honey, why don't go show
Dan your new bracelet?
Go on.Okay, be right back.
Penny for your thoughts.
I was thinking about Da.
Hmm.You think he'd be proud of me?
Da was always proud of you.
You were his little girl.
And then I was Clay's.
I always had someone
to take care of me.
At least that's what
I thought they were doing.
I keep thinking that if
I'd told you sooner,
that if you had
a mother to come to,
that you wouldn't be here.
I think being here
saved my life.
Without prison,
sooner or later...
Clay would've killed me,
or Lily.
I came into
this big scary place
and I survived.
Now I know
I can survive anything.
All on your own.
You're late.
No, you don't.
That's my daughter in there.
JUDGE: The issue
of married woman syndrome
is raised as a defense
in a criminal trial.
We hold that the burden
of proof is not on the State
to disprove it,
but rather on the defendant,
to prove the existence
of the condition
by preponderance
of the evidence.
In this case,
the evidence clearly shows
that Clay Hawkins' domination,
enforced by vicious pattern
of physical and mental abuse,
prevented Brianne Hawkins
from assisting her attorney
in presenting an adequate
and truthful defense.
The petitioner, in this case,
has sustained her
burden of proof.
Case reversed,
and remanded for further
proceedings consistent
with this opinion.
What happened?
I think we can
cancel prison break.
LILY: Mommy, mommy!
Hey, mom.
Hi, Peanut!