The Untamed (2016) Movie Script

That's enough, Vernica.
It's time for you to leave.
Let me stay a little longer.
It hurt her.
Feels so good, Ale.
Mum, Jacobo found the chocolate bars!
And he's getting his allergy again!
How do you feel?
It hurts.
It's normal. It's a deep wound.
You think
the dog might have rabies?
Excuse me?
Could the dog
you told me about have rabies?
I don't know...
I don't think so.
It's important because
if you're not sure there are two options:
We either go look for the dog
or put you...
on a preventive treatment.
You'd have to come in weekly
and get injections in your stomach.
They are painful injections.
Do you know where to find the dog
that bit you?
Then we must go
and look for that dog.
You're okay with that?
Let's see if we can go tomorrow?
You're gonna hurt yourself.
Good morning!
Let me see that rash.
I told you not to bring
those chocolates here.
Your mum gave them to me.
She should have taken them
directly to the party.
Why did you leave them out?
I hid them!
Jacobo knows perfectly well
that he's allergic. Right?
Stop scratching and eat!
Can you take him to the hospital?
Just take him to your brother.
Okay, then take lvn to pre-school.
Be careful, lvn!
Can you take him to pre-school?
You can take him after the hospital.
I'm already running late.
I could actually get fired.
Don't play with that, eat it!
I can't breathe.
Don't be a clown!
When something like this happens,
don't go to the ER.
Come look for me in the other building,
it's quicker to get you through.
- One moment.
- I have big cheeks, uncle.
- Was the chocolate good at least?
- Yes.
That's good, because the doctor
is going to have to give you a shot.
I don't wanna!
Is everything all right, sis?
- Come in.
- Thanks, Rosi.
- Let me see your little worm!
- Ask your sister, dude!
Let me see that worm!
Watch out! The boss is coming!
Dude, cut it out!
It's payback, asshole!
- Did you see that?
- Yeah, they fight like school girls!
Let's see if you can clean up
like little ladies!
Let's make sure nothing is missing.
- What about the beers, boss?
- We'll go drink them tonight!
- You are the king of empty promises!
- Not this time.
You're buying anyway!
What's up, dude?
Life is worth nothing
It always begins with crying
And with crying it ends
And that is why in this world
Life is worth nothing
My father had told me
not to make a sound.
All of a sudden
I heard a really loud shot.
The kind of sound
that just rings in your ears.
Then we went to check it out...
And the deer was just lying there.
It had a hole in its head.
A bit of blood was coming out.
It tried to get up but it wasn't able to.
It just lay there and gave up.
I stood there looking at it.
How old were you?
Eleven or so, twelve.
My father took its intestines out and...
roasted them.
I threw up my dinner that night.
And that's why you can't eat meat?
Come here!
Again, Angel?
Keep pressing it for a minute.
Just take the medicine to make sure.
But the wound is not infected,
it looks good.
Yes, doctor.
Careful with those dogs!
- He's cute, don't you think?
- Yeah. I don't know.
Do you have a lot of friends here?
Some, not many.
Neither do I.
You're funny.
That's the nicest thing
anyone has said to me in days.
I'm coming out of a relationship.
A romantic relationship?
I'm sorry.
Do you have somebody?
Not really.
Do you like sex?
Don't we all?
With men or with women?
I'm a bit clumsy socially,
like I told you.
One of these days
we should go out dancing.
I'll invite my sister,
so you can meet her.
Yellow rictus.
Black talons.
White head with some brown stripes.
Black primaries with white tips,
one of them all white.
It's a case of partial albinism.
I once captured one of these
on a birdwatch.
Female adult.
Llano Largo, Santa Rosa.
And those are yesterday's notes.
Good work, darling.
She is so confident.
If she's not careful
she's going to get hurt.
I want her to stop coming.
How is it?
It's worse and worse.
I want to see it.
That's not a good idea.
It's dangerous.
We have to find someone else.
What about the male nurse you met?
Trial and error.
Don't get near it, Vernica!
Come on, "Piss man"!
I'm also in an unhealthy relationship.
I don't want him to call me
because I always fall for it.
I can't help it.
Then I feel so bad,
like if I had a hangover.
It's like an addiction
that won't let me be free.
And some people
could end up really hurt.
I'm in a similar situation.
And why aren't you together?
We started to hurt each other.
But he calls and you always go back?
He doesn't call me.
I just keep going back and can't stop.
It's complicated.
What is he like?
I'm not sure if it's a he or a she.
- You're teasing me!
- I'm not!
Show me a picture, I'll tell you.
I don't have any pictures!
You know you have beautiful eyes?
Thank you.
One, two, three!
Swing, swing, swing,
Don't miss the target.
Where are you going?
Are you sure you are going to the potty?
- Yes!
- Run!
Wasn't your brother going to come?
He said so.
But maybe he got busy at work.
He might come along with Vero.
His new friend Vernica.
A girlfriend?
But he's a super faggot!
Woman friend!
Not a girlfriend or anything like that.
It's for the best.
His gayness might rub off on the kids.
Don't talk about my brother like that!
Your son wouldn't get out of
the ball pit. He peed his pants.
- What happened?
- Mama, I wet myself...
Let's go.
You never peed yourself as a child.
And always told us when you had to go.
Let's get out of there, children!
Someone dirtied all the balls!
It's the most beautiful thing
you'll see in this life.
In the whole universe maybe.
Nothing will ever be the same.
I'm nervous, Vernica.
This is all very strange.
Trust me.
It's going to like you.
Follow the stream! You can't get lost!
What's up?
Your new girlfriend?
You're peeing all over the place.
- Let's go
- What's up'?
Leave her alone!
None of your business, buddy!
Hold on! Hold on!
Cool it!
What would you have done
if I hadn't been there?
Answer me!
What would you have done
after dancing with that fucker?
Calm down, dude!
- Tell me!
- Let go!
Let go!
Sometimes he acts like an idiot!
You'll just have to get used to it, Ale.
I just can't do it.
And where would you go?
There has to be more to life than this.
Let's go eat pizza!
Kids, your mum is working.
Ale, I'm going to take them to lunch.
She always gives them sweets
before they eat.
That's how all mothers-in-law are, Ale.
At least this one lets you work
at her candy factory.
You look kind of fucked up.
Alejandra asked
why you are so distant lately.
You came just to tell me that?
She told me to ask you.
Why didn't she call me?
Because you don't pick up the phone.
I've been calling you and texting you
for two fucking days.
What are you laughing at?
Someone could see us here.
If you want to tell me something
just say it!
I already did.
I do have something to say.
I don't need to live like this.
I don't deserve it.
"I don't deserve it".
You're illuminated now?
You met someone?
Or what?
You got yourself another faggot?
I just came to give you that message
that your nephews miss you.
It's over.
What's over?
Lower your voice.
Why are you going to stop
seeing your sister and nephews?
It's you I don't want to see anymore.
I have to get back to work.
Say hi to the kids for me.
Angel, don't be a pig!
I'm a piece of shit!
- Go to bed now.
- No!
Please don't yell.
I didn't want to do it!
I was provoked!
I'm an animal!
What are you saying?
Just go to sleep.
Be quiet. The kids.
It's okay.
Don't leave...
Don't leave.
I'm not going anywhere.
Go to sleep.
I was tending to my sheep
and my dogs started to bark...
and that's how I noticed he was there.
What did you do?
I tried getting him out, but I couldn't.
He's damn heavy.
Have you found other bodies?
It's the second one
I found.
- And about what time did you find him?
- Seven in the morning.
My dogs always alert me
of anything strange...
They start barking...
Move aside!
Get back, please!
Young man, are you okay?
Is he alive?
Buddy, are you okay?
- Get back!
- Let me do my job!
- Who found the body?
- Ask him.
Wait, I'm stuck.
Good afternoon, sir.
- Did you find this man?
- Yes.
What's your name?
Okay. The stretcher.
Let's drag it from here.
Say, Pedro,
what time was it when you left?
- One...
- Two!
He suffered a fracture to the skull
as a result of several blows to the head.
Apparently he also suffered
sexual aggression.
It's amazing he's still alive.
He's in a coma now, but stable.
When will he wake up?
We can't say.
It depends on how his body
reacts to the medication.
Excuse me.
- Doctor?
- Yes?
If I talk to him...
can he hear me?
How are you doing, sweetheart?
What have they gotten us into, son?
I don't eat meat.
You know that.
If you want to get rid of that allergy
you have to start getting used to it.
It's all in your head.
I don't feel like it today.
Come and eat!
Hey kids, be easy on your mother!
Hey, my love!
How is he doing?
Any news?
The same.
I have to go back to the hospital today.
Don't worry about getting back
to the factory.
We can discuss that later.
I need the toilet.
What did my uncle do
that made God punish him?
Nothing, lvn.
At five I have the medical update
from the doctor.
Did you go see my brother
at the hospital?
We went together, didn't we?
Before he was hurt.
It's just that one of his co-workers
says that he saw you...
arguing with him in the parking lot.
They say they saw you with him.
Why would I go see him there?
The only reason I ever spoke to him
was because he was your brother.
He's still alive.
Okay, well, you know that in general
I don't talk to people like him.
That's what I'm trying to say.
Hello, Alejandra.
How are you?
How is he doing?
The same.
Are you busy now?
You want to talk?
It could be good for you.
I need to go to my brother's house.
I'll clean this up while you look
for the birth certificate.
ls everything okay?
Zoo. You're missing an "o".
- Dad!
- Dad!
Stay here.
Hello, champ!
How was school?
- Fine.
- That's good.
I got into a fight with Gustavo.
- Did you win?
- Yes.
Any news about your brother?
How is he?
The same.
You know that I'm here for you, right?
Your face feels scratchy.
I'm going to take a shower.
Like this, Mum?
What's up?
Everything all right, Ale?
He has normal pressure,
heart rate, pulse.
But it's the machine
that is giving that to him.
If we took away those machines...
he would die.
We liked Fabin very much here.
But the fact is that it could take
a very long time before he wakes up.
If he ever wakes up.
Did you take the multimetre?
The isolation metre...
- Good morning, gentlemen.
- Good morning.
Mr. Jos Angel Vzquez Rocha?
Yes, that's me.
Secure him, please.
Hey! But why?
- Let go! No! Let go!
- What's going on, officer?!
We have an arrest warrant.
- Why are you arresting me?
- We have an arrest warrant.
You're hurting me! Let me go!
Why are you taking me?
Stay put, buddy!
I'll arrest you all!
I do not recall how he was dressed.
"I do not recall how he was dressed."
But I do recall this man, this person,
having an altercation
in the back area of the parking lot.
But I do recall this man, this person.
Having an altercation
in the back area of the parking lot."
And that he violently
pushed my colleague Fabin.
"And that he violently
pushed my colleague Fabin."
Do you remember
the time of the incident?
"Do you remember
the time of the incident?"
Late afternoon...
I believe, around 6pm.
I can't recall exactly.
"Late afternoon,
I believe, around 6pm.
I can't recall exactly."
Do you know
the person behind the bars?
Do you know
the person behind me?
You have to answer
loud and clear.
Yes, I know him.
Louder, please.
You are doing fine, Ale.
Yes, I know him.
"Yes, I know him."
Please read the messages
from the cell phone.
Don't be afraid, Mummy,
zombies don't really exist.
- Are you with my Dad?
- I told you your father is traveling.
- Hey.
- Hello.
What's up?
I'd like to not be here...
Or anywhere else really.
So you've got somebody
in Tijuana?
An aunt.
She sent me a message
when she found out about Fabin.
She said I could stay with her.
What about Fabin?
You'd leave him here?
Without hearing his side of the story?
What if he doesn't wake up?
You can't escape everything.
Like Fabin and me...
Escaping from Tijuana and look at us now.
Did you and Fabin
come here because of Angel'?
I feel I did everything wrong, Vero.
I'm gonna help you.
Everything's going to be fine.
Do you know you are beautiful?
Mum! Mum! Mum!
I'm here, lvn! Mummy's here!
- It's okay!
- Dad! Dad! Daddy!
Enough, lvn!
Forgive me! Sorry!
It's okay now.
Calm down.
Hurry UP!
Let's get the sheep!
I'll take care of them.
Catch it!
It went into the water!
How long have you known Vernica?
Since she was little.
She found this place by accident.
But drawn, like you.
Have you had intense,
lucid dreams recently?
That doesn't happen to everybody.
Do you like Vernica?
She's with my kids.
Don't worry.
She's a good person.
Let me see your eyes.
Forgive him.
He can be a brute sometimes.
But that's how all scientists are.
With the sensitivity of a rock.
At first you will think
you're hallucinating.
This will probably make your brain
and body disconnect for a moment.
You might lose your will and reason.
This probably sounds strange...
But it will help, so don't get scared.
It's normal.
It hit the earth and left a small crater.
The animals began arriving...
They are more in touch
with their immediate needs.
With their instincts.
What's there in the cabin...
is our primitive side.
In its most basic and purest state.
It's never going to disappear...
It's only going to perfect itself.
I feel strange.
- It's going to be okay.
- I think it was the tea.
Calm down.
Calm down.
She's ready.
How are you?
My brother was also with it?
Would you go back?
And that's what hurt him?
It can only give pleasure.
It has never hurt anybody.
Hey, Vero!
Are you okay?
Excuse me.
It's going to be okay.
It's been better
since Alejandra has been coming.
Now you need to get well.
It's not good for you, or for him.
It's the purest sensation I've felt.
Someday it might get tired of you.
And you'll have to find someone else.
Are you okay?
Now I know that's what hurt my brother.
I'm sorry.
Sometimes it doesn't work.
And it's too much for some.
You shouldn't lie.
But I understand.
It makes me feel so good
that it wipes out any resentment or hate.
I have to get out of here.
Where are you going to go?
A new place to live, that's all.
Or a new mountain.
Thank you.
Let's go.
Say goodbye to the teacher.
Goodbye. Have a nice day!
What's wrong?
Did you fall or something?
Hello, good afternoon.
Ivn and Jacobo?
They have already been picked up.
What do you mean?
Their grandmother. They said you knew.
I'm sorry, but I thought...
Graciela, I came to get my children!
I came to get my children.
They're fine, they had lunch.
They're doing their homework now.
Have them get their things.
I'm taking them with me.
You can't take care of them on your own.
But they are my...
- Mummy, are we leaving?
- Come out here, lvn!
Ivn! Tell your grandma
to open the door!
Move away, kids!
Mummy, is it true
that you put my dad in jail?
He went on a trip.
Grandma says you put him in the can.
Don't listen to anything
that lady tells you.
- Where did he go on his trip?
- I don't know.
- When is he coming back?
- I don't know, lvn!
When is my uncle gonna wake up?
So he can visit us.
- I don't know!
- When?
Mum! Is it true
God punished uncle Fabin?
Grandma said so.
Your grandma is a lying witch.
Let's play a game.
Whoever can keep quiet all the way
to the house will win a prize.
What prize?
It's a surprise.
And what if we both win?
Then you both get the prize. Ready?
One, two, three! Shh.
Puffy, where are you going?
You're going to be okay.
Forgive me.
I'm going to miss you.
You ruined the family.
The candy business.
We are an embarrassment
to this place now.
I'm out because I'm innocent, Mum.
You are here because we got you out.
Because we sold your house.
Because your father knows the judge.
Take a look.
You have none of God's forgiveness.
Go to Mexico City, or wherever you want.
We'll send you money so you can get by.
You have no home here anymore.
You have nothing.
What about my children?
Living in a hippie commune
in Pardo Street.
You can imagine
what that must be like for them.
Angel! Open UP!
- What's up?
- What do you mean, "What's up"?!
I'm sorry, Dad!
What do you mean
you don't know where you're going?
You don't have to tell me,
but I just don't believe it.
Just looking for a new place.
With new people.
And what is your favourite thing to hunt?
Wild boar.
I like it because I do it with my dogs.
Those dogs you have in that truck there?
That's them.
I spend all night
in the countryside with them.
It's fun.
I let them loose
and they find the boar.
I shoot and gut them.
But it's not at all easy
to find a wild boar.
That's what makes it fun.
Yeah, sounds fun.
Sometimes I come back empty-handed
but it's good to get out
once in a while.
I like the countryside.
And you?
Jonathan, I told you to behave!
You're grounded for the week!
Are you okay?
We're here
because we both want to be, right?
Can you spend the night?
I don't think that's a good idea.
I'm afraid I'll go back.
Hello, Ale.
I know you didn't do anything...
to Fabin.
Who is that blonde guy who just left?
He's a tenant.
He rents a room here.
Do you have one for me?
Because I'm homeless.
If you knew it wasn't me...
Why didn't you tell the police?
I'm sorry.
I tried but they didn't believe me.
They needed more evidence.
Since you were having
a relationship with my brother.
You're the sick one for imagining that.
What do you want?
I want to get my family back.
You asked for my forgiveness.
I forgive you.
Not anymore.
We're not going to be
together again, Angel.
We have children, for fuck's sake!
Who have you been fucking?
Who are you with?
With that blonde guy?
Tell me!
We can try to fix things, Ale.
I can forgive you if you forgive me.
We'll leave this place...
All this shit.
My parents, everything.
Maybe it's better if you leave now
and when you calm down we can talk.
- I am calm.
- You're not calm.
Let's not talk about it anymore.
Let's go get the kids and just leave.
- We'll talk later.
- I don't want to leave.
For the first time in a long time
I am good.
I feel good.
Who is he?
Do I know him?
Come here!
So, that's it?
You don't want to see me anymore?
Because that's what you want, right?
I'll grant you the wish!
Help me!
Why are we in the forest?
You will see.
And you'll understand.
It will be beautiful...
You will be fine.
Mr. Vega?
I had to take Marta to the hospital.
With some broken ribs
and a black eye.
The bodies are piling up.
- He's here, Ma'am!
- Jacobo, Mum is here.
Why's your blouse stained, Mummy?