The Utah Cabin Murders (2019) Movie Script

Sleep my child and
peace attend thee
All through the night
Guardian angels
God will tend thee
All through the night
Tonight, the
first convicts to ever break out
of this maximum security
prison are on the run
two days and counting.
It could be--
Do we have to watch the news?
I mean seriously.
There's something better on.
But no, what, don't
you wanna watch the news?
Come on.
Let's put on a Christmas
movie or something.
Come on.
Put on a Christmas movie.
Well there's
not going to be one on
until after the news anyway,
so we have to wait
until it's finished.
This is cute, this is
cute, did you see his face?
Soft the drowsy
hours are creeping
Hill and vale in
slumber sleeping
No, that's my one, now.
It's last year.
- Oh.
- You broke that.
No you did.
You tell him, Mom, you tell him.
I've voted for the
same person every year
for the last 30 years.
What is at stake is more
than one small country.
It is a big idea, a new
world order, where--
Oh, god, I can't
believe this guy.
Look at this deluxe ass clown.
I mean, who's gonna lead
this new world order, him?
You can't lead a bunch
of drunks to a bar.
Come on, you sung his praises
at the Mathesons last night.
Well that
was just because
I was being agreeable,
'cause they're your friends.
But you know all these
card-carryin' NRA types
can get like if you
disagree with 'em.
Come on, Russ and Gail are okay.
I know, well this turkey isn't.
He's dangerous.
You know, you really
should turn that thing off.
You know how it gets
you all worked up.
I like to keep in touch
with what's going
on in the world.
Besides, Linnea, you should
pay attention to this, too,
you know.
It could affect your future.
I don't know Dad,
seems like bunch of
fear mongering to me.
I mean, I watch the news
and it's all war and death,
and I look outside and all
I can hear are crickets.
I think if you unplug from the
media, life is a lot simpler.
You should listen to this girl,
she's got her head screwed on
right, don't you think Mom?
Sure, she talks a lot
more sense than Richard.
You never miss an
opportunity to shoot me
with a good zinger
do ya, Delyth?
You know, I really can't
resist an easy target.
Look who decided to grace
us with her presence.
You were up late last night.
We're on vacation.
Well, maybe you should
lay off that stuff,
it's affecting your sleep.
Relax Mom, it's not
like I'm shooting crack.
Now, don't be crass.
Uh sweetheart, you wanna
go into town with me later?
I need to pick up
a few presents.
Oh, last minute as
Just us?
Yeah, I could use your
advice on what I should get.
Um, what are the
rest of you doing?
Your Mom is taking Linnea
and I over to the lake.
And I'm not invited?
Hey! Hey, come on.
What am I, chopped
liver over here?
Come on, don't you wanna hang
out with your dear old dad?
Yeah, sure.
You're listening to
the 808 show on KSOC Radio.
Hey, you okay?
Mom's favoritism strikes again.
What do you mean?
She wants you to go to the
lake with Grams, not me.
Oh come on.
Aren't you being a
little over-sensitive?
No, she always does
stuff like this.
You know, when we move out,
I bet they preserve
your room like a shrine.
They'll turn mine into a gym.
It's not funny.
I'm not laughing at you,
I'm picturing Dad in a gym.
So, I didn't want this
to be the one gift
that you get to open
on Christmas Eve.
But I want you to have it now.
- What is it?
- Open it and find out.
You have a beautiful
gift for writing.
I thought this might
help you to use it more.
I only got you socks.
Look, I don't know what's
going on with you and Mom,
but I'm sure things will
work themselves out.
I love you, okay?
I love you, too.
Do you like it?
I love it.
Any calls?
The one from the station
down at Fort Creek,
there was a pretty nasty
beatin' on the side of the road.
Happened right on the border,
so they're just
keepin' us in the loop.
Well, who's the victim?
A girl in her 20s.
She's at the hospital in a coma.
Doctors don't know
if she'll make it.
Jesus Christ.
Someone cracked her in the
head and took off with her car.
Sheriff's office.
Yeah, okay Marvin,
okay, calm down.
Yeah, yeah okay, we'll
be right over, yeah.
Marvin Elrod.
Someone broke into
his store last night.
You're kiddin'.
We better go take a look.
- Hello.
- Hey, big brother.
Oh, hey Mike, how's it goin'?
Can't complain.
Cool, are you still
comin' over later?
It's gonna be a little
later than planned.
Susie's got a doctor's
and her car broke down.
I gotta take her.
Oh, okay, that's no problem.
Is she comin' over with you?
Nah, she's workin' the
2 'til 10 shift tonight.
All right, oh, we're goin'
out for a couple hours later,
just in case we're not
back when you get here,
I'm gonna leave a key under
the mat by the front door.
Thanks, Rich.
I'll see ya later.
All right, see ya later.
You still gonna go out
with me later or what?
You didn't seem to
happy about it earlier.
Oh, come on, I'd
barely gotten up.
You know before my first
coffee, I'm a mess.
Yeah, you're not much
of a morning person.
I wasn't either, until
I met your mother.
It's funny how gettin'
woken up at 7 a.m.
for 30 years'll get
you into a routine.
Hey, you know she just
gives us a hard time
'cause she loves us.
Yeah, I know.
But she's
still your biggest fan.
I mean, she still gushes
about all those stories
you wrote in school.
What's with the big sell, Dad?
Well, I've been noticing
a little bit of tension
between you two lately.
Yeah, it's just
mother-daughter stuff, I guess.
Nothing for you to worry about.
Well, I do worry about it.
A lot, it's my prerogative
as father, I'm allowed to.
And you know why, I
mean, I lost my mother
when I was your
age, and, you know,
I never really got
a chance to tell her
how much she meant to me.
Sometimes you don't know
what you got 'til it's gone.
That's unusually
profound for you, Dad.
Yeah, I guess
I'm just kind of a sucker
for this time of year.
Yep, once the
Christmas trees go up,
I get all warm and gooey inside
and sentimental about family.
The rest of the year, y'all
are just a pain in my ass.
Hey, but you
know I wouldn't have it
any other way.
So, are we going to midnight
mass on Christmas Eve?
Ma, you're a stickler for
tradition, so I guess so.
You know, I wish you went
to church every Sunday.
We're not gonna have this
conversation again, are we?
I just don't know
where I lost you.
You never lost me, Mom,
the church did, hm?
But you never explained
why, not in detail.
You still go to church.
I wouldn't want
to denigrate that.
I'm a big girl,
Pat, I can take it.
Do you remember
that year I went touring
with a local church
before the kids were born,
and I went to Ghana
for a couple of weeks?
Yeah, I remember.
Well, this may come
as a surprise to you,
but there are a lot of corrupt
churches here in the US.
I know because I spent
most of that year at them.
There was this one church,
it was Easter Sunday,
and right before the service,
the pastors are screaming at
each other, arguing over money.
I saw so many things that
year that made me realize
that the church is just
blinded by capitalism
and desperate to keep
a grip on authority.
You know Mom, sometimes I wonder
if they actually read the
same New Testament we did.
There was this one church,
they were holding a
fundraiser for $40,000
for a parking lot.
Oh, they already had a perfectly
functioning parking lot,
no, but they needed
anther one, a nicer one,
and the were prepared to
fleece their flock to get it.
You know, when you see enough
of the dirty underbelly of
the church, you're just,
you're left with a really
nasty taste in your mouth.
It's all just politics,
hypocrisy, and gossip,
and it completely obscures the
true message of Christianity.
Wow, tell me what you
really think, Pat.
Well, you asked, Mom.
How must you feel then, about
me going to a place every week
that you think is so corrupt?
Oh, Mom.
I know you have
a genuine belief.
Just because the
institution is corrupt
doesn't mean that your faith is.
Do you have faith?
I do.
I do, but I don't
need the church
to tell me what to believe.
I have my own perception
of a higher power.
Well, I'm glad you have
something, some faith.
Why does it matter to you?
You know, as you get older,
you begin to recognize
your own mortality.
It's difficult not to
think of the inevitable.
I'm just comforted by the fact
that I'm part of God's plan,
and that, well, there's
more to everything
than just this physical world.
I love you, Mom.
I love you too, honey.
- Let's get soup.
- Yes.
Damn kids these days
don't respect nothin'.
I ran this business 20
years, never had a problem.
Now, they break in
and ransack the joint.
So you got a look at them?
They broke in after I
closed up for the night.
Then how do you
know it was kids?
Stole a couple masks from
the novelty department.
What kind of an adult
wants that shit?
They take anything else?
Cleared out the register.
I'd already cashed up,
so they didn't get much.
A few dollars, some change.
Clothes rail got turned over.
I think they took some coats.
Probably needed 'em,
scruffy little bastards.
What else?
They also took my firearms.
One pistol from
under the counter,
another one from
the office upstairs.
You got permits
for those, right?
Who you investigatin'
here, sonny?
Me or the thieves?
Just routine questions,
Marv, nothin' personal.
Do you got a camera
set up in the store?
Never thought I
needed one until now.
Deputy Wilkes and I'll
take a look around.
In the meantime,
just try to relax.
How can anyone relax with
this kinda thing goin' on?
You wanna know who I blame?
All that heavy metal pollutin'
the minds of our children,
encouragin' devil worship and
all that satanic nonsense.
Those headbangers,
they're a danger to
god-fearin' folk everywhere.
What do you think?
I think he needs to
chill the fuck out.
Heavy metal is awesome.
About the robbery.
Masks, guns, I guess
it could be kids.
Or, somethin' very different.
Like what?
Someone could be gearin'
up for another robbery.
Somethin' bigger.
Makes sense, but what are
potential targets around here,
the liquor store, the bank?
Tell you what, I'll get
Richards and Daniels
to take the patrol downtown.
And if it's about to happen,
maybe a police
presence will deter it.
Good thinking.
Let's take a look around.
- This should be nice.
- Ooh.
Come on, honey.
Oh hey, we'll catch you
back here around two.
- Sure, bye!
- Okay, bye-bye!
See ya later!
Oh shit.
What is it?
John Bo Boubede died.
Well who's that?
I used to run with a candy
bandits gang back in Chicago.
What's your
interest in a mafioso?
Before I came to Oakley, I
used to work in Plumas County.
Yeah, I remember.
I ever tell you why I left?
Somethin' about corruption
in the department, wasn't it?
Yeah, that's right.
Back in '81 we were called
to a quadruple homicide
at a cabin in a
resort town in Keddie.
Wasn't that the murder
of a whole family, yeah?
The worst crime
scene I've ever seen.
Four people savagely
butchered, mother Sue,
son Johnny, daughter Tina,
and a family friend Dana.
Tina's skull was found
a few years later,
a couple years after
I left the department.
Her body had been removed from
the cabin for some reason.
I was the initial
responder to the 911 call.
I saw those bodies, and that
sight will never leave me.
The killers had stabbed and
pummeled everything in sight.
The walls, the people,
the furniture, everything.
There was blood everywhere.
I knew right away it was the
work of a total psychopath.
There was a couple living a
few cabins down, same resort,
Marty and Marilyn.
When they interviewed Marty,
he was so concerned
about deflecting blame
and throwing
suspicion on others.
He slipped up so many
times in the interview,
I knew he had something
to do with it.
Marty was friends with Bo,
who happened to be
staying with him
at the time of the murders.
Wait a minute, if memory serves,
that case is still
unsolved, yeah?
Came out years later
that drug trafficking
may have had something
to do with it,
I mean, god knows what they
were all involved in down there.
All I knew is I couldn't
do my job, so I got out.
But there's not a day goes by
I don't think about
the ones that got away.
You know we all
got those regrets.
The ones that got away.
I've been lucky in the
most of the murder cases
I've worked have been solved.
The Reggie Fallon case,
that still plays on my mind.
Yeah, what happened
with that one?
Back in the 60s, Fallon taught
at Red Bridge High School,
where he sexually
abused some boys.
We began investigating, but
before we could make an arrest,
Fallon quits his
job, disappears.
Then a few years later,
we found out that he'd
been back teaching
in several counties across Utah
using different names
and forged documents.
Decades went by.
Then one of the abused
boys, now an adult,
bumps into Fallon
here in Oakley.
This guy Frank takes advantage
of the chance encounter,
gets a hold of Fallon's
address and phone number,
which he passes on to us.
I interview Frank, then
went looking for the files
from the 1960s.
A few of the old timers
on staff remember a box
with "Reggie Fallon"
written on the side.
No one knew where it had gone.
So I have to start
all over again,
tracking down abused boys
using old school photos
and other records,
all with Frank's help.
I found 18 victims in total.
A few were keen to
prosecute, yeah?
Others were dead, some just
wanted to put it behind them
and get on with their lives,
but we had nine of them on board
and a very strong
case against Fallon.
Then I found that he
fled to Australia.
So after a lot of
bureaucratic red tape,
an extradition order is issued.
But before the time came
for the extradition hearing,
Fallon hobbles in,
presents himself as having
several serious health issues.
The judge rules he's
too sick to travel,
yet the cops over there
tell me that Fallon,
whose lawyer had argued
could barely walk
and was about to die,
was spotted near his home
walking freely and unaided.
He played the judge for a fool.
It's a tough thing
to have to take.
After re-opening old
wounds for all the victims,
I had to tell them sorry,
he abused you and
ruined your life,
but he's not gonna
do one day in jail,
and he's not gonna
be brought back.
It's the most horrific thing
to have to tell someone
after you got their hopes up.
Injustice like that can really,
really chip away at you.
It's a tough thing to take.
Yeah, but you shouldn't
let it get you down.
It should spur you
on to make it right.
And unfortunately,
that's something that will
always happen in this job,
'cause there's never a
shortage of evil behavior.
So there'll always be a
chance to make it right...
...and find redemption.
- Wow, it's cold out there.
- I'm glad we did that,
though, it's beautiful.
- You goin' upstairs, honey?
- Yeah.
- Hot chocolate?
- Yes, please.
get some lights on.
What the hell?
Don't look, don't
move, don't even breathe,
or it'll be the last
breath you ever take.
What, did Richard
and Tina come back?
No, they wouldn't do
this, look what's--
Did Tina and
Richard come back early?
But why
would they do this?
I don't know.
Mom, what, Mom, Mom, Mom.
Oh my god, Mom.
Oh my god.
I told
you to keep quiet!
What, what do you
want, what do you want?
All the
cash in your purse.
Give it to me.
Okay, okay.
Okay, here, here.
Please, just take it and
leave us alone, please.
- That's all you got?
- Yes, yes, just take it,
don't hurt us, please, please.
Give me your purse.
I won't.
I'm sorry,
I didn't hear you.
Yes, you did.
I said I'm not
giving you my purse.
Mom, just give it to him.
Shut the fuck up!
Now let's try this again.
Give me your fuckin' purse.
I've worked hard all
my life for my money.
I'm not giving it to
a monster like you.
Looks like
we got a hero.
You wanna be a hero, grandma?
Mom, please, just
give it to him.
If you don't give
me your fucking purse
by the time I count to three,
I will be prying it from
your cold, dead fingers.
Okay, you win, you win.
You live in a big place like
this, you can't be fuckin' poor.
We're just a normal
family, please.
We're not rich.
Guess we'll just wait
for Pops to come back, huh?
Maybe we should take
his car and find us a place
where they've got
some real money.
I feel sorry for your mothers.
You got some
spunk for an old broad.
I like that.
You feel sorry for who?
Come on, say it again,
who do you feel sorry for?
- Just get outta here.
- First, answer the question.
Who do you feel sorry for?
- Just get the hell out!
- You stay the fuck down!
You animal!
Oh, you had the
courage to say it once,
just say it again.
Your life may just depend on it.
I said I feel sorry
for your mother.
Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the Lord my soul to keep.
You like to pray, huh?
Answer me this.
If there's a god and
you believe in him,
why isn't he striking me
down right now to save you?
I mean why
doesn't he send
a fucking lightning bolt
to crush in my skull
and save one of his faithful?
He may not strike you down now,
but believe me, he will.
- Oh, he will.
- One day.
a fuckin' answer.
Always an answer to why
the big man don't show up.
Have you ever
thought about this,
maybe he just ain't
fuckin' there, hm?
Or maybe he just
doesn't give a shit
about you, about me,
about any of this.
Finish your fucking prayer.
I'm not praying for you.
You better
fucking start.
If you don't start
praying to your god,
then you're gonna be
meeting him a lot earlier
than you planned.
Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Lord my soul to keep.
If I should die before I wake,
I pray the Lord my soul to take.
Oh my god, oh my god.
Grandma's fucking dead.
It's the natural
order of things.
Shut the fuck up!
Next bullet's for your daughter.
What the
fuck is your problem?
I thought we
were just gonna take
their money and car
and get outta here.
Yeah, well plans
fucking change, deal with it.
It's just that--
Are you
goin' soft on me?
Look, I ain't here
to fuck around, okay, yeah?
If someone's givin' me shit,
someone's gettin' in my way,
one way or another, they're
getting out of my way.
If you don't understand that,
then go get yourself
a "born to lose" tattoo
and get your chicken
ass back to the slammer.
You understand me?
I understand,
ease the fuck up,
I ain't your enemy.
When's Pops
comin' back, huh?
Please, please, we
haven't seen your faces,
so we can't identify you, okay?
Please, just let us go, please?
- Look at me.
- No.
- Look at me!
- No!
Look at me, or you're gonna
be reunited with Grandma.
Now you've seen my face.
Why are you doing this?
Because I can.
The thing is, now
you can identify us.
You know what that
means, don't you?
We can't leave any witnesses.
Please, you don't
have to do this.
Witnesses ain't
gonna do us any good.
What about hostage?
That could help if you
get caught by the police.
- You volunteering?
- Yes!
- Yes, yes, yes,
- No.
Take me, you let my
daughter go, please, please.
What do you think?
I don't know, if we...
We run into trouble on the road.
It could give us
somethin' to bargain with.
- Right?
- It's a good point.
Okay, we'll take a hostage.
The thing is, we're only
gonna need one of you.
Okay, take me, just let
my daughter go, please.
We can't let anyone go,
you've seen our faces.
- Well.
- What?
One of you's gonna
be our hostage,
and the other one, it's
the end of the road.
- No, no, please!
- Just take my mom--
- please take my mom.
- No, no stop.
- Let me stay.
- Please.
Shut the fuck up!
Both of you.
If you can't make a decision,
I'm gonna have to
make it for you.
- No.
- It's okay, it's okay.
- No.
- Shh, shh.
No, no.
No, no!
Miney, mo.
Catch a bitch by her toe.
If she don't holler, let her go.
Eeny, meenie, miney.
The fuck you waiting for,
get the fuck after her!
Go on!
Put the fucking knife down!
I should kill you
right fuckin' here.
Then why don't you?
Because I'm a
fucking professional!
Look, we're gonna
be takin' off soon,
and we need leverage.
You really think the cops
are gonna take a shot at us
with your pretty
little ass in the car?
Now get the fuck
back to the cabin!
Now won't you listen,
deary, while I say
How can you tell me
That you're goin' away
Get inside, come on.
Take a seat.
You know I've loved you
through these many years
I loved you night and day
Had trouble?
I took care of it.
Now that you're gone
You wanna drink?
Get her a drink.
I said I didn't want one.
Look, I'm tryin' to
keep things civil.
You call killing people civil?
Those two gave me shit,
and they paid the price.
You keep your mouth shut,
do exactly as I say,
you got nothin' to
fear from me, okay?
Drink your fuckin' drink.
You wanna fuck with me, huh?
- Is that what you want?
- No, no!
You wanna fuck with me?
I'll show you who
you're fuckin' with!
- You wanna fuck with me?
- Taylor, wait, wait!
It sounds like
Daddy's home, huh?
Ed, be a dear and run
outside and welcome him, huh?
Leave him alone, ah!
Listen to me, listen to me.
You make a fuckin' sound,
and Daddy goes down for the
dirt nap, you understand, huh?
Oh ,
hello, who are you?
Your worst
fuckin' nightmare.
Now get the fuck inside.
Oh all right, all right, just
take it easy, take it easy.
Okay, okay.
Come on, princess.
Move it!
- Dad.
- Oh my god, are you okay?
Does it look like
she's fuckin' okay, Pops?
As much as she's
been through already,
it's gonna get a
hell of a lot worse
if you don't do exactly
as I say, you got that?
- Okay, okay--
- Mom!
Where the
fuck you goin' Pops?
All right, that's
enough, Pops, come on.
Time for you to start worryin'
about the family members
who are still alive, yeah, hm?
What do you want?
First thing, all the
money in your wallet,
and your credit cards.
Then I want you to write
down those PIN numbers, okay?
What are you doing, Sheriff?
That beating at the roadside,
the one on the
border at Fort Creek.
Yeah, what about it?
That happened over here
at Devil's Point, right?
Yeah, Fort Creek PD
said the stolen car
was seen heading east.
Marvin's store is
over here on Madison.
The only road comin' into
Oakley from Devil's Point
runs right past there.
So what are you sayin', Sheriff?
I think the guys
who stole the car
are the same people who
robbed Marvin's store.
What makes you say that?
Fax just came through.
Two escaped convicts
from Salt Lake County.
Von Taylor and Edward Deli.
Von Taylor was convicted
of aggravated burglary,
Deli for arson.
I'm guessin' they're only
serving short sentences
for those convictions.
Why the hell would
somebody break out?
Who knows.
Some men just can't
stand to be caged.
You think they're in town?
Or they could've
passed through already.
But if these two did
rob Marvin's store,
then they're armed,
and we need to be vigilant.
These better be
the right numbers, Pops,
'cause if I get to the bank,
and I found out
that you stiffed me,
I'm gonna kill
these girls, yeah?
They are the right numbers.
I wouldn't mess around
with my daughters' lives.
Good, okay.
I'm gonna need the
keys to your car.
Are you leaving now?
We're taking these two
little bombshells with us.
You don't need them.
Two little white chicks
up here in Mormon country
could come in handy if we need
to negotiate with the cops.
Okay, look, fine, then just
take me and let them go.
Look, they've been
through enough.
I'm sorry, Pops.
Two's company,
three's a crowd, okay?
I'm gonna need you to
stay here with your wife.
Shoot this motherfucker.
- No.
- Please, let him go.
Shut the fuck up!
Shoot him.
I wanna see you
fuckin' shoot him.
That's it.
- You don't have to do this.
- Shut up!
Please don't, please!
You really gonna
come at me, huh?
After what happened to Mama
and that old bitch, huh?
What the fuck are
you waiting for?
Shoot him!
Come on, you piece
of shit, come on.
Fucking shit house.
Fuck you!
Can you come here and look after
these little girls for me?
Did you think you
can handle that, huh?
All right, look.
The fuck.
Please, you have
all of our money,
you've already destroyed
our lives, please just go
and leave us alone!
Look who decided to
grow some fuckin' balls, huh?
We won't say anything,
just go, please.
Shut up!
Shut the fuck up!
Shhh, it's okay.
I guess we have something
in common now, huh?
We're all orphans, huh?
Convicts are here.
You want me to set
up road blocks?
We don't have the man power
to handle the checkpoints.
Liaise with the PDs at
Marion, Kamas, and Peoa.
Call Daniels, Richards,
Benson, and Oldfield.
Tell 'em I want a hard target
search of every house,
convenience store,
bank, farmhouse,
outhouse and shit house
in the area.
Any cars reported
stolen in the last 24?
Not that I know of.
They might still be on foot.
They could be close.
Oh, Ed.
What have we said
about manners, eh?
It's always good manners
to take someone's coat
when they arrive as a guest.
You're a mighty fine twosome.
I've been in prison a
couple years and you,
you're a good damn
sight for sore eyes.
Leave her alone
you fucking animal.
You might get a load
in the face.
You're disgusting.
Take this one, take her.
- Ow, you fucking asshole.
- Yeah, yeah.
Oh yeah, you got a big
mouth, just like your sister.
Let's see how
fuckin' big it can go, huh?
Open it.
Open your mouth...
- Stop it you sick fuck!
- Shut it!
Come on, you little slut,
open your fucking mouth.
That's it, nice and wide, wider.
Ah, yeah.
The fuck is that?
Another car's coming.
You expecting any visitors, no?
- No.
- No?
- You expecting anyone?
- No.
Stay there.
- Okay.
- Fuck.
Look, let's take the car and
get the fuck outta here, Von.
No, no, no, no.
Not yet.
I got some unfinished business.
Like what?
Like these two joining us
upstairs in the bedroom.
We're not going anywhere.
You sick bastard.
Look, that guy
could call the cops.
We need to get the
fuck outta here now.
Call the cops and say what?
No one was home up here, and,
no one knows we're up here.
It's just us and
these two girls.
Let's go upstairs, give you
something else to swallow.
You put anything in my mouth
and you'll fuckin' lose it.
No, it's okay, we'll go.
Let's get it over with.
Just trust me on this.
It's gonna be okay.
Lead the way, ladies.
You fuckin' shit house.
I may be getting worried
over nothing here,
but it's about my brother
Richard and his family.
They have a holiday
cabin just off Oak Grove.
I arranged to meet them
there this afternoon,
they said they'd leave a key
out in case they were late.
I got there, and
the car was outside,
but no one answered the
door, no key left out.
Then, just as I was leaving,
I'm sure I saw something
move in the window,
like someone was ducking
down or something.
So how many are
there in the family?
My brother Richard,
his wife Pat,
and their two daughters,
Linnea and Tina.
I think Pat's mother Delyth
is staying there, too.
She usually does
over the holidays.
I have to ask this
question, Mr. Anderson,
but um, do you have a positive
relationship with the family?
I know what you're thinking,
that they're hiding from me?
But that's not their style.
They're not really ones for
practical jokes, either.
- Okay.
- I'm hoping it's nothing,
but when I was
there, I don't know.
It just felt like
something was wrong.
Okay, well, Deputy Wilkes
and I'll take a drive
up there soon, and we'll
take it from there, okay?
Yeah, I appreciate that.
It's just us here,
it's just you and me,
no one else, okay?
Shut the fuck up.
Come on, come on, come on.
what's your emergency?
Which one of you keeps a diary?
I do.
This chapter's juicy.
I sat in Todd's car
with him tonight.
I look forward to it all day,
but when it actually
happened, I was so nervous.
As we kissed I began
to feel excited,
and then he slipped
his hand in my skirt,
and I felt anxious initially
but then eased into it.
He is very good with his hands.
I got so wet with his touch.
I told you, she's a little slut.
Leave her alone!
You, you've been testing my
patience all fucking day.
There's something
you should know.
I ain't keeping you alive
'cause I need a hostage.
I could kill you right now,
and it wouldn't
mean a thing to me.
Truth is this.
I want a sample of
what you're sellin'.
I've been in prison a while,
and I'll be damned if I'm gonna
pass on that piece of ass.
I'd rather die than
let you near me.
You're fucking repulsive.
And believe it or not,
it gets my dick hard.
The more you resist,
the better it gets.
Come in
Sheriff, come in.
Yeah, come in dispatch,
this is Redwood.
We've had
an emergency call
from a Richard Anderson.
Yeah, what was the
nature of the call?
He said intruders
broke into his cabin,
him, his wife,
and mother in law.
He's severely injured.
Said the two intruders are
male, still inside the cabin,
holding his daughters hostage.
All right, dispatch.
Put a call out to all units.
Tell 'em to go to the Anderson
residence at Oak Grove.
Tell 'em Wilkes and I will be
there when they arrive, over.
Received Sheriff, over.
It's gotta be
those two convicts.
Looks to be that way, yeah.
Should we wait for backup?
We can't afford to wait.
Just a few minutes
could be the difference
between life and death.
Remember those
ones that got away?
I'm not adding these
guys to the list.
Get up, get up!
Okay, it's okay, it's okay.
Now, we can have a
little fun, okay?
First, I think we need to
up the stakes a bit, yeah?
Ed, around the side of the
cabin is a can of gasoline,
go get it.
What the fuck
do you want that for?
Just fuckin' go get it.
As a guy who went
to prison for arson,
I guarantee you're gonna
love what I got planned.
Fuckin' still here?
Go fucking get it!
Don't fuck with me.
Sorry about him.
Should we get comfortable?
You wanna
fuck with me, huh?
Shut the fuck up, both of you!
Sheriff's department!
Put your hands on your head
and turn around slowly!
I said put your hands on
your fuckin' head now.
Don't do it.
Don't do it, don't do it!
Mr. Anderson.
Don't worry about me.
My girls, Linnea and Tina,
they're upstairs, go help them.
Now you fuckin' did it!
What the fuck is that?
Ah, shit.
We'll assign you the shittiest
ambulance-chasing motherfucker
you've ever seen to escort
you to the gas chamber, bitch.
Jesus fuck!
How does it feel, huh?
Having a gun pointed at you?
You son of a bitch.
So this is what makes
you feel powerful.
This is what makes
you feel like a man.
Just fucking kill me,
'cause I ain't goin' back
to the joint all right?
Kill you?
Maybe I will.
But first, I want you
to understand one thing.
I refuse to be a victim.
You've done all you can
today to beat me down
and make me feel like
I'm nothing.
You've robbed me of
the people I love.
Now you have a choice to make.
Instant death, or live
without your balls.
You haven't got
the fucking guts.
If you don't make a decision,
I'm gonna have to
make it for you.
Eeny, meeny, miney, mo.
Catch a bastard by the toe.
If he don't holler, let him go.
Eeny, meeny, miney, mo.
Put the gun down.
This piece of shit
isn't getting off that easy.
I said
put the gun down.
He has to pay for what he did.
He will.
He'll spend the rest
of his life in prison.
Is that justice?
His life will be
one of confinement,
worrying every day if
he's gonna get attacked
by society's worst people.
If you kill him now, his
suffering will be over,
and he won't have to
live with what he's done.
So put the gun down.
It's okay, Linn.
It's okay.
It's okay, it's over.
You have the
right to remain silent.
Yeah, yeah.
- Anything you say can and--
- Fuck!
You gotta see this.
What is this?
It's a tape we got
out of a home movie camera
in the cabin with the family.
I was expecting to see
normal family stuff on it,
but you gotta check this out.
- Recording, yeah?
- Yeah, pretty sure.
Yeah, yeah, go, go.
All right.
What do we got there?
Oh man.
This is like.
What the fuck is that?
- Fucking--
- Are you kidding me?
What the fuck.
Stupid gloves or somethin'.
Like, pretty knock
out socks.
- Piece of shit.
- We're terrible.
Still on me, yeah?
Yeah yeah, it's on you.
The fuck is this?
They got a foot fetish?
It's all fucking feet.
Fuckin' book.
Who wants a fuckin'
book for Christmas?
To Dad, love me.
How's he supposed to
know who me is, huh?
Oh, Daddy gets a mug, huh?
Yeah, real original.
You look uglier on this
than you do in real life.
You fucking kidding me?
No, man.
Fuck you, you piece of shit.
You're fuckin' ugly,
just lookin' at you.
God, it doesn't
feel like 10 years.
No, it feels like
only yesterday.
We gonna go in, or?
Yeah, that's why we're here.
Come on.
It's still too painful.
I know it is.
It's about feeling pain and
being able to deal with it
in a healthy way.
I feel like they took
my sense of security.
I can't even walk a
block to my car at night
without being on edge.
But it's made me protective
over those I love,
even the people I don't know.
You know, I'm the first
to walk up to a girl
and ask if that
guy's bothering her.
I guess it's, it's
given me strength
to stand up for myself.
Same for me, I guess.
Just being able to be back here
shows us how far we've come.
You know I was so angry for
years after what happened.
I just couldn't acknowledge
my real feelings
because they were too painful.
One thing I learned
through all of this
is that none of
is was our fault.
We can never blame ourselves.
I know, yeah, it took me
a really long time
to accept that.
Even now, I have to
remind myself sometimes.
I still regret not having the
best relationship with Mom.
You know she adored
you though, right?
Of course, yeah I loved
her, too, I still do.
But since she's--
It's weird.
I almost feel closer to her now.
I find myself saying
things to the kids
that Mom would've
said to me, it's like.
It's like she's still with me.
God, we've been through a lot.
But we're still here.