The Valley (2017) Movie Script

(upbeat electronic music)
You have been an extremely
successful entrepreneur.
Two IPOs.
What can you tell us about
your company, Virtually You,
and your latest technology, Augur?
Augur will revolutionize many industries,
Advertising and security to start with.
You'll hear the details
when we unveil it next week.
Now, many in the high tech
community are wondering
if Augur actually works.
We're confident about Augur.
In fact, we have statistics
to back up our results.
Are you ready to go?
Ready as I'll ever be.
By the way, how much prep time will I get
before the conference?
About an hour.
So plenty of time, okay?
Let's go.
Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.
My name is Neal Kumar.
I'm the CEO of Virtually You.
The technology we're about to unveil today
is something that personally excites me.
It's called Augur.
To show or suggest
something that might happen
in the future.
From prophets to soothsayers,
palmists to astrologists,
mankind has always been fascinated
with predicting the future.
So what if we could make
this process scientific?
Now, consider most people
in the developed world.
I'm sure you'd all agree
with me that all aspects
of their lives can pretty
much be found on the Internet.
Their social life,
their professional life,
digital communication,
shopping, travel, blogs,
their hobbies, et cetera, et cetera.
In short, we have a virtual
incarnation of most people.
So what if we combined this
data along with psychological
profiles to predict what
people will do in the future?
It's all about strong connections.
(somber orchestral music)
Can you bring it inside?
Didi, please bring it inside.
That's not the right place for that.
Where do you want me to put it?
Put it in the prayer room at the back.
Leave it there.
I want to be able to see it.
I'm gonna go up and change.
Me too.
(somber orchestral music)
I was dreaming about when she was little.
That's strange.
She hasn't been in my dreams.
Do you remember when she was born?
She was so serene.
Just the opposite of Monica,
who screamed all the time.
I can't listen to this.
I keep thinking we'll wake up and
and everything will be exactly as it was.
Both girls back at college.
Please, don't.
Did you notice anything
when she was here at Christmas?
She was quiet.
Look how far came the man
Who led me down a crooked path
Why are you so quiet, Maya?
How do you like college?
It's fine.
Have you made friends?
Oh, and your roommate, how is she?
all right.
Why the one-word answers?
You haven't been returning my calls, Maya.
What's wrong with you?
I have a lot of lovely things
planned for the holidays.
Oh, the party?
This time we have over
a hundred guests coming.
I hope you're not in this sullen
mood the whole time though.
I missed you so much.
I missed you too.
Go freshen up.
I made everything that you like.
What have you made for dinner?
Chole bhatura, aloo ki
tikki, and gulab jamun.
Fried food.
Make some dhal, rajma, kebabs, hm?
But I want what Didi made.
It's unhealthy and fattening.
She's so thin.
Let her eat, please.
Didi, I didn't ask you if she was thin.
Mom, I like chole bhatura.
Fine, we'll eat the rest.
No, I'll make whatever you say.
Anything else?
No, that'll be all.
(doorbell ringing)
Hey, Rich, Karen, good to see you.
Come on in.
Glad you guys could make it.
We wouldn't miss it for the world.
Thanks, come on in.
Yeah, right through there.
That's it.
Geeta absolutely loves Berkeley.
She's thriving there.
I'm so glad she got in.
She and Vinod got the best
results out of everyone.
Acha, that's great.
Did you hear that Maya only got into
Longview State College?
And that was her first choice.
Can you imagine that?
When I was CTO at,
I told Greenberg the CEO at the
time that expanding to Europe
was not great strategy.
It's a good thing I bailed.
That was a really smart move.
Thanks, Didi.
Say, Neal, were you invited
to the Franklins' fundraiser
at their house?
You know, the president was there.
Yeah, I believe so.
Unfortunately, I was away
on business that week.
Well, Mike told me that
the Secret Service came out
ahead of time and questioned
all of their neighbors.
Choppers were flying over
their house for hours.
Between you and me,
sounds like a nightmare.
Let me introduce you to
my lovely wife, Roopa.
You're even more beautiful
than your photos.
Thank you.
Rich was one of the early guys at eBay.
And after finishing her
PhD at Stanford, I believe,
Karen went on to become CTO at Broadband.
And what do you do, Roopa?
I'm staying at home with the kids.
Well, how old are your kids?
They're in college.
Excuse me, I'll be right back.
I need to check something
in the dining room.
Everything okay?
Have you seen Maya?
No, but I could find her for you.
Hey, sweetie.
How'd you know I was out here?
Don't you always come here
when you want to be alone?
I hate these parties.
Well, your mom wants you to meet someone,
so you need to come in.
Why do I have to come in?
What's the matter with you?
I'll just sit out here until it's done.
Yeah, well unfortunately you can't, right?
People will talk.
I mean, we are the hosts.
Let them talk.
What are they gonna say anyway?
The good daughter's inside.
What's gotten into you?
Look, Maya, I've explained
it to you before, sweetie.
You just have to deal with
people you don't like.
You think I like everyone in there?
I suck it up.
Well, I can't.
Yes, you can.
So come on.
You know, you've been
acting a bit strange lately.
Come on.
I want you to meet my daughters actually.
Ah, there she is.
There you go.
If you'll just excuse me for a second.
Monica, that's Dr. And Mrs. Sinha.
Hi, uncle and auntie.
They've just moved into the area.
He's a very prominent cardiologist.
Oh, you're the cardiologist.
Monica's at UCSD.
It's a seven-year program.
They take only 12 students per year.
12 students per year?
Wow, that's impressive.
And, Maya, what are you doing?
Call her auntie.
She's not my aunt.
And where are you studying?
Longview State College.
Oh, Longview State College.
Well, you know what, Monica?
I have a son who's 27 years old,
and he is a very handsome young man
and extremely well-mannered.
I would love it if the two
of you would get together
and meet sometime.
I'd really love that.
I'm just really busy right now.
Oh, you know, he's here on holiday.
Maybe you could meet sometime this week.
Oh, I'm actually leaving
tomorrow, so I'm still packing.
But next time I come in,
I can definitely plan for something.
Next time for sure.
Monica, Didi is looking
for you in the kitchen.
Excuse me.
I totally owe you.
You do.
Fun party, huh?
You seem to be really impressed
with Rich and Karen.
Yeah, they got to meet the president.
Maybe we'll get invited the next time.
Karen's rather accomplished, isn't she?
You know what we used to say in college?
Beauty plus brains equals a constant.
And I chose you.
I'm tired.
Good night.
But surely Maya must have said something.
She didn't tell me anything.
Maybe she was depressed.
About what?
Maybe she was having a
hard time at college.
Who were her friends in college?
She mentioned a few names,
but I can't remember.
What did she have to be depressed about?
Do you need a reason?
I'm gonna try and find out.
What difference will it make, Neal?
Will it take away the pain?
Will it bring her back?
She's my child, Roopa.
I need to know.
She was my child too.
Leave it alone, Neal.
It'll only bring you heartache.
(somber orchestral music)
Have you met any cute boys?
Well, there is one.
I don't know that he's interested.
How do you know he's not interested?
How can you tell?
Does he make excuses to hang out with you?
Not really.
He's just this guy in my English class.
What's his name?
Do you know him well?
I never actually talked to him.
You've never actually talked to him?
Then how do you know you like him?
There's just something about him.
Okay, well, take it slow.
Get to know him.
You know, Vijay and I,
it's like we've known each other forever.
You've been with him for a year.
Okay, we come from similar backgrounds.
We speak the same language.
If you know what I mean.
I never figured you for a racist.
Fine, don't take my advice.
Why did you even ask?
I didn't ask you.
If you're not gonna listen to me,
I'm just gonna go to my room.
I'm leaving in a few days anyways.
No, Monica, please stay
until the end of break.
Oh, now you want me to
stay all of a sudden.
If you leave, Mom and
Dad only have me here.
That's why you want me to stay?
I didn't say that.
I can't.
I made plans.
What plans?
I'm going skiing in Vail with Vijay.
How did you get Mom to agree?
They don't even know about Vijay.
My new best friend is Vijay's sister.
Look, can't you go another time?
I just want you here next week.
What's wrong?
Are you eating properly?
Nothing's wrong, and I'm eating fine.
Look, we'll spend time
during spring break.
I can't bail.
I've lied too much to make this happen.
Everything reminds me of her.
What haven't I done for this family?
Private schools.
A beautiful house.
I did everything for her.
I just don't understand how
she could do this to us.
I'm trying to wrack my brain,
think of something she might have said.
I should've called her more often.
Can't think of anything.
We should've called her more often.
We should've reached out.
I used to call her almost every week.
Every week?
I need to find out where she was.
It's too little, too late.
Dad says I should go back.
How do you feel about that?
I don't know if I'm ready.
Maybe he's right.
Here we'd all just end
up brooding together.
Yeah, at least at college
I don't have time to think.
Was I a good Mom?
Were you a good Mom?
I did the right things, didn't I?
I took you to school, to your classes.
Mom, you were fine.
You took care of us.
Is there anything I
should've done differently?
I don't know, you could've
talked to us a little more.
Advise us a little.
About what, Monica?
Most of the time I felt
you guys knew more than me.
I was just a housewife.
You weren't just a housewife, Mom.
You were a homemaker.
That's a big difference.
Oh, Mom.
I love you.
Love you too.
Hes the best.
Well, thank you for that.
So is he planning on coming in today?
I'm just working through his schedule.
You don't know, do you?
Of course I know.
Hey, David.
Neal, you're back.
Didn't know if you were here yet.
Yes, I'm back.
What news on the Facenote account?
Any progress?
Listen, I heard about what happened.
I'm really sorry.
The account?
Yes, the Facenote account.
Well, Jim met with Larry on Tuesday,
and they're interested
in finding out more.
Sounds great.
We'll obviously have to
have higher-level meetings
and present our ideas.
All right, when do you want to do that?
Two weeks, does that work?
We need at least four
weeks or we won't be ready.
Well, be ready.
That's your job.
All right, well, the team will
have to work day and night.
Then you better get cracking.
Okay, I'll start to formulate a plan then.
So will I be at this meeting?
No, you don't need to be there.
Do I need to speak to Jim about this?
No, no I've got it.
Good, then you better get on it.
I mean, we have all
the good people, right?
I'm sure you can handle it.
Can you set up a coffee
with Gary as soon as possible?
All right.
Thank you, David.
Yeah, you're welcome.
(somber orchestral music)
I started my tennis lessons again.
So soon?
I need to get out of the house.
Did you try to remember the names
of her friends in college?
Allen says my serve's really improved.
Who she was spending time with there?
He even says I should maybe
play in the ladies tournament.
Why she was so depressed?
Why do you think that I play tennis?
Can you stop talking about tennis?
I told you what I know, Neal.
I have to go into town for groceries.
Is there anything particular
you want Didi to cook?
She could make chole bhatura.
That was Maya's favorite.
That's funny, I can't remember
what your favorite is.
(somber orchestral music)
There you go.
Thank you for staying my friend.
Buddhist monks use these
gardens to practice meditation
and spiritual enlightenment.
The word "zen" comes from
the Hindu Sanskrit word
"dhyana", meaning meditation.
Now we'll go to the
Cultural Exchange Center.
Is she always like that?
She was really harassing me
about being on the phone.
We're not supposed to
be on our cell phones.
Look, this is a device
for communication, right?
You can pick it up and call me any time.
But I can never get you, Dad.
That's not true, Maya.
All right, why don't
you tell me the details
of the zen garden.
Why is it significant?
It's so peaceful.
But how is it related to Hinduism?
Especially with the moon
bridge and tea garden
in the background.
What language does the
word zen come from, Maya?
Uh, Hindi?
Yes, of course.
And what is that Sanskrit word?
I don't remember.
You really need to pay more attention.
But I was paying attention, Dad.
Then why can't you tell me the details?
I'll try harder.
I'm so sorry about what happened.
What can you do?
And how are things with you?
Oh, good.
My portfolio companies are doing well so far.
Lauren, two please.
Thank you.
You don't talk much
about your family, Gary.
Well, they're all fine.
Grandkids are growing like weeds.
Are you sure you're okay
to come back to work?
We have to meet with Facenote.
That's the number one priority.
I'm not sure that's the right approach.
What you've got is fledgling technology.
They could copy it.
But we've applied for all the patents.
But they haven't been granted yet.
Gary, look, you know as well as I do
that we have to be fast
coming out of the door.
Yes, but we can't get in a hurry.
It takes nine months to make a baby.
That may have been the
case when you started out,
but this is the new economy.
Nowadays, babies are born in five months,
and then you need to
put 'em in an incubator.
Well, you're bettin' an awful lot on this.
If it fails, Andrew's gonna want you out.
The investors and the board
can be convinced if necessary.
Well, I hope it doesn't come to that.
Andrew wants David at all the meetings.
David, why David?
Well, Andrew thinks David
has made a big impression
on some of the key players at Facenote.
I personally don't think Andrew has
that much more experience
than David, but then hey,
who am I to argue with the board, right?
This whole valley's being taken over
by 20 and 30-somethings.
You and I are dinosaurs, my friend.
Speak for yourself, old man.
You miss her a lot, don't you?
I missed her when she
went to college and now...
Did you notice anything different?
Maya was very sad when she came back
from college for Christmas.
She said she didn't have any friends,
and she didn't understand
her roommate, Laura.
You know how girls are.
Then why didn't she talk
to me or to her mom?
Children are like this, Neal-ji.
And why didn't you come to me and tell me
she was having problems?
I'm just the housekeeper.
(dramatic orchestral music)
(horn honking)
Come on.
Who are you?
I'm Maya's dad, Neal.
Oh, sorry, we've never met.
Can we chat for a minute, please?
Can you just give me a second.
I have to clean up.
Do you mind if I just get a sec?
I'm sorry about the mess.
I've had the place to myself since...
Would you like to sit down?
No, that's fine, thanks.
The reason I came here is
because we've never met.
You spent the most
amount of time with Maya
in the last couple of months.
Well, yes.
Did you know what was
going on in her life?
Maya mostly kept to herself.
We ran in different crowds.
I didn't really get to know her that well.
Was she bothered by something?
Not that I know of.
Did she stay in the room a lot?
No, she'd usually go
to the library to study
and then come here to sleep.
I liked the TV and music
on, and she liked it quiet.
She was always reading books.
Did you notice anything unusual?
She seemed to have trouble sleeping.
I mean, sometimes I'd wake up
in the middle of the night,
and she'd just be like reading
or writing at her desk.
Did she say why?
When it happened, I wished
that I'd talked to her more.
Can you tell me a little
about the day it happened?
I saw her in the afternoon
and then went to class.
And when I got back, I
noticed the police cars.
The hallway was jammed.
And when I got to the room, I found out.
And what about the day before?
Maya went out the night before.
I remember because Maya was not a partier.
Who did she go out with?
I don't know.
I didn't wanna ask.
I didn't want to seem like
her mother or something.
Is there anyone else who might know?
Look, surely you know
the name of at least one
of Maya's friends.
Alicia might know more.
They hung out a lot.
And where can I find this Alicia?
Oh, she works at the bookstore
cafe in the afternoons.
I'm sorry that this happened, Mr. Kumar.
We're just having a really
hard time understanding.
Mr. Kumar?
Maya was reading this the night before,
and she left it by her bed.
Well, why did you keep it?
It isn't the sort of thing
that would interest you.
I don't know.
Bye, Alicia.
I'm Maya's dad.
I know.
Laura told me about you.
She said you knew Maya well.
Yeah, we were friends.
Is it possible to have a quick chat?
I'm on my way to class.
But I can walk with you.
So did Maya mention her parents much?
Yeah, once or twice.
She said you were super smart.
You started a couple of
companies and sold them.
And what about her mom?
She didn't talk about her much.
That's strange.
I thought she was confiding to her.
She had a hard time opening up to her.
I just thought
mother-daughter relationships
were always complicated.
So she didn't mention her at all?
We didn't talk much about
our parents, Mr. Kumar.
She did say she could never
be as beautiful as her mom.
Maya was the most beautiful
girl in the world.
I told her that all the time.
She didn't believe me.
If only she had mentioned
she was having problems.
She was really good at
certain things.
She may not have been as good a student
as our other daughter, but
we tried to help.
I don't know how to tell
you this, Mr. Kumar,
but Maya was sad almost all the time.
Sad about what? I don't understand.
I didn't get it either.
It's almost like there
didn't need to be a reason.
No, but there's gotta be something.
She'd be listening to a song,
and she'd just get weepy.
Or she'd be reading a book,
and you could tell she'd been crying.
We all go through our low periods.
No, there's gotta be something else.
She was having a hard
time in freshman physics.
She was getting a C.
She was never the best student,
but she was never that bad.
She took everything so
seriously, Mr. Kumar.
Was she involved with any boys?
There was one guy she liked.
So what do you think of English?
It's the easiest class
I have and my favorite.
I thought you were an engineering major.
But English is your favorite class?
Getting back to the project though,
what is the central theme of The Pearl?
I haven't read it.
Then how can you work on the project?
You teach me.
All right.
Well, the dad, Kino, is
an Indian pearl diver
living in colonial Mexico.
And he loves his family.
Isn't there a baby?
Yes, the baby gets
stung by a scorpion.
And the doctor won't treat
the baby because they're poor.
So then Kino goes and finds
this enormous, perfect pearl,
and tries to sell it.
But bandits go after them, and
they kill the baby.
And that's it?
Well, the poor couple thought
the pearl was gonna solve
all their problems, and it doesn't.
In the end, they just
throw it into the ocean.
You really love that story, don't you?
Why aren't you studying
literature or something?
My dad is an engineer in Silicon Valley.
Where are you from?
It's where John Steinbeck
is from, you know.
I know, he's my favorite author.
What are you studying?
Art, but I want to go
into industrial design.
That's unusual.
I like the aesthetics of how
things look and are shaped.
We should try to finish
this project this weekend.
That'll be tough.
There's a party at my
frat house on Saturday.
At your frat house.
(upbeat electronic music)
Whoa, this is strong.
Here, drink that, thatll loosen you up.
Can't we just get out of here
and go for a movie or something?
Come on, Maya.
You've been at college six months,
and you hardly know anyone.
All right, I'll try.
Let's just look around
and see if we can find
some people we know, okay?
Were you with her for the entire party?
Almost all of it.
I wanted to stay with her.
Alicia, let's get out of here.
I kinda like that guy.
You don't even know him.
This is how you meet people.
But we can't even hear
ourselves talk in here.
I'm gonna go with him to the deck.
Please don't leave me here by myself.
I'm not your babysitter, Maya.
Will you please go find
someone else to talk to?
Some good stuff, bro.
Hey, look at that chick over there.
Which one?
I know her. That's Maya.
She's hot.
I love the color of her skin.
You guys, that's my roommate.
You're wasting your time.
She doesn't know how to have any fun.
Well, I bet you know how to have fun.
She's a rich prude.
Well, Chris isn't exactly
a ladies man either.
You think I can't get that girl?
Bet you 50 bucks that you
can't get her upstairs.
You guys are so fucked up.
I bet you I can.
Watch and learn, man.
Watch and learn.
I don't believe my eyes.
Did she seem upset, or did
anything unusual happen?
Not really.
She didn't say anything, at least.
And then what?
Then we left.
Do you know where I can
find this Chris guy?
Not really.
What was his last name?
I couldn't read her mind, Mr. Kumar.
What do you do when someone won't open up?
I miss her.
So do I.
I just remembered something.
Maya mentioned that she keeps a journal.
Maybe you'll find something in there.
So where is the journal?
I don't know.
What happened to her stuff from college?
I'm Neal Kumar.
Maya Kumar's dad.
I'm sorry, let me check.
We shipped the contents
of her room to the address
we had on file in Atherton.
Yeah, that's my home.
Well, it was shipped
quite a few weeks ago.
Are you sure?
'cause we haven't received anything.
Would you mind checking again, please?
Let me double check.
Yeah, sure.
Nope, no mistake.
We have the tracking information on file.
This is ridiculous.
I'm telling you, we
haven't received that box.
I can give you the tracking number,
but I can't help you beyond that.
I don't want the tracking number.
I can't believe you
guys are so incompetent.
I mean you call yourself educators?
This is a joke.
You couldn't make out that
my daughter was depressed
and help her?
Mr. Kumar, I am sorry, but
that is not our department.
Yeah, that's convenient, isn't it?
All right, look, can you tell
me about another student?
His name is Chris Williams.
He's withdrawn.
Take a look at this.
It's gorgeous, huh?
Let me buy it for you.
No, no, it's, it's so expensive.
You know what's so special
about a pearl, Maya?
That it's never cut or polished.
So it's naturally this beautiful?
Uh huh, a single grain of
sand accidentally caught up
in a live oyster.
Layers upon layers of perfectly
aligned calcium deposits.
'Cause the oyster's
trying to protect itself.
So it's just luck to
have something so pure?
Mhm,, here, try it on.
Thank you.
Oops, there you go.
Let's have a look.
Yeah, that's beautiful.
Chris Williams?
I'm Neal Kumar.
Maya's dad.
What can I do for you?
Can I come in?
I've gotta get to work.
This won't take long.
Alicia mentioned you were with Maya
the night before it happened.
I saw her at a party.
And what were you guys doing?
Nothing, just hanging out.
What'd you guys talk about?
College, her classes, dorm life.
Nothing in particular.
And that's all you did, talk?
What'd Alicia tell you?
I'm not asking Alicia, I'm asking you.
All we did was talk.
I like your dress.
Thank you.
Do you know anyone else here?
I don't know anyone,
except for Alicia and you.
Do you like your drink?
It is too strong.
Give it to me, I'll get you another one.
Okay, there's a trick to taking these.
You put the salt in your
palm, suck it, take the shot,
and then suck the lime.
I don't think so.
Come on, don't be a nerd.
I'm not a nerd.
What are you afraid of?
There you go.
That's it.
Great, I'll get you another one.
Can I ask you a question?
You can ask me anything youd like.
When you asked me to do our project,
were you interested in me?
I assumed you were out of my league.
What'd you feel about me?
I thought you were interesting.
I liked that you studied art.
Drink the shot, you can't
just hold it all night.
There you go.
I don't feel so good.
I haven't eaten anything all day.
Let's go upstairs, it's quieter.
You all right?
Follow me.
I respected Maya, Mr. Kumar.
She was sweet, innocent.
I went to her vigil on campus.
Then why did you suddenly
withdraw from college?
I have a lot of personal
shit going on right now.
Money's tight, my mom's a single parent,
but I wouldn't expect you
to understand any of that.
Why would you assume that?
Because you're from Atherton.
Yeah, well, none of it matters now.
I'm really sorry.
I wish I could shed some
light on the situation.
Ever since she was young,
Maya was different.
Always so sensitive.
I have to go.
I've gotta get to work, Mr. Kumar.
Yeah, sure.
Look, is there anything else
you might be able to tell me?
Yeah, she mentioned that
she was going to see
her physics professor.
She seemed really worried about it.
So you got a 54% on the test.
That's a D.
But I studied really hard, Dr. Wang.
I really did.
But you didn't understand the material.
Look at the test.
I see, I made a lot of mistakes.
Did you go to the recitations?
You don't understand
the concept of momentum.
Yes, I did, I went to all of them.
I'm looking at your test scores.
If you get 100% on the midterm,
your grade might go up to a C.
Yes, 100%.
I have to go to class now.
Can you come to my office hours tomorrow?
So what exactly did you guys talk about?
I don't remember exactly.
I had to leave for a class.
She must've come to you for help.
I'm sorry for your loss, Mr. Kumar,
but you can't possibly blame me.
You should've helped her.
Good morning.
When did you get back?
Oh, about two in the morning.
You were sleeping.
Did you find the answers
you were looking for?
I had to come back because I have
a really important meeting this morning.
The university mentioned that
they sent some of Maya's stuff
in a box.
Did we receive it?
What box?
I didn't see any box.
Let's sue them.
First they don't take care of
her, then they lose her stuff.
Are you serious?
Yeah, I'm gonna meet with my lawyers.
Let's sue the bastards.
Calm down, Neal.
Maybe Didi got the box.
You know, you've been acting crazy lately.
Shouldn't you be
concentrating on the company?
Everything's fine at the company.
That box has gotta be here somewhere.
Ill ask Didi.
Shit, I'm late.
Why is he so late?
He got stuck in traffic.
Sorry I'm late.
Gentlemen, ma'am, Neal will
now present our proposal.
Thank you, Gary.
As you're about to see,
what we're proposing
is a completely groundbreaking approach.
(phone ringing)
Thanks, Gary.
Consider a normal human
being in the developed world.
All aspects of their lives
are somehow connected
to the Internet.
Their professional life on JobbedIn.
Well, it's encouraging that Facenote's
top management was there.
On the whole, I'd say it
was a positive meeting.
We'll see what their response is.
Yeah, you managed to pull
it together in there,
in spite of being away so much.
When did they say they
want a follow-up meeting?
Next week.
Great, let's try and do a
post-mortem before then.
Gentlemen, if you'll excuse us.
You know you really fucked up in there.
The meeting wasn't a disaster.
At least they liked the ideas.
It's like I've been telling
you, Andrew, he's a mess.
He turns up late to the meeting.
He wasn't prepared.
He was definitely not
at the top of his game.
You must be concerned as a major investor.
You can't afford to have a part-time CEO.
Neal has a reputation
for being a workhorse.
What are you suggesting?
I just think we should
keep our options open.
Have you thought about stepping down?
You're still in the game.
Besides, these are my ideas.
You could concentrate on other things.
You wanted to see me?
Yeah, we're having a board
meeting to discuss our results,
and I was wondering if you
wouldn't mind presenting for me.
Well, if you need me, definitely.
Thank you.
I've been so busy lately,
I haven't even seen Didi.
Did you get a chance to
ask her about that box?
Didi doesn't know anything.
Where did you get this?
She left it here.
But Maya never took it off.
She must've forgotten it at Christmas.
I wear it sometimes to keep her with me.
She promised she'd always wear it.
Why don't we go away for a while?
Travel somewhere.
The change would do us good.
I can't leave work right now, Roopa.
Of course not.
Maybe once things are
better at the company.
(somber orchestral music)
This meeting was called
to discuss the strategic
and tactical plans of Virtually You.
Thanks, Gary.
David will be presenting.
Now, as we're all aware,
Virtually You is more than
just social media networking.
The very platform upon
which it was built allows it
to be incorporated into a wide...
...and so in light of those developments,
I'm confident we can all agree
Virtually You has a very strong future.
David, you haven't presented Augur.
Augur, it's my understanding
that the roadmap to
Virtually You has been redrawn
based on the advent of Augur.
Of course, Augur.
I'll be talking about
our modified roadmap.
David actually presented original plans,
which I drew up almost a year ago.
Thank you, David.
Yes, that's right.
Right, so Augur.
As you can see the definition,
to show or to suggest something...
Why do I get the feeling
that you're hiding something?
Please, Didi, tell me where that box is.
I, I...
Have you taken something from the box?
Is that the problem?
I've been working with
you for the last 20 years.
Then tell me where that damn box is.
It's in the basement.
Roopa asked me to put it there.
What the fuck is it doing in the basement?
And Roopa asked you that?
(dramatic orchestral music)
I used to believe my mom was the most
selfless person on Earth.
I don't think we'll find
two people who were interned
in the Japanese camps.
Let's ask at the museum?
That's a good idea.
We can check this board over here.
I saw Mom.
I didn't know who to talk to.
Did you tell this to anyone else?
No, I didnt know what to say.
Look, Maya, do not tell anyone.
It can destroy your entire family.
We went upstairs.
I felt nauseous.
Do you want to?
I don't know.
I just feel really sick.
Just lay down.
You'll feel better.
(thudding bass music)
Chris was half-naked over me.
I don't remember what happened.
This one has a light recoil,
but not a lot of power.
Now, this one is perfect for concealment.
I need one that's just
simple and easy to use.
Well, this is one of our
most reliable models.
Perfect for a beginner.
Great, I'll take it.
There's a 10-day waiting period.
And is there any way I can get around it?
Sorry, it's the law in California.
Well just fuck the law, all right?
Fuck the law.
Hey, you.
Come here.
Come over here.
You lookin' for a gun?
(dramatic orchestral music)
(horn honking)
(tires screeching)
What the fuck?
What do you want?
I read Maya's journal.
What are you talking about?
She wrote it all down, Chris.
What really happened that night?
I told you what happened.
Don't lie to me, Chris.
Are you fucking crazy?
She said you went upstairs.
What did you do to her?
We went upstairs, but nothing happened.
Did you rape my child, Chris?
We didn't even have sex.
I swear I didn't do anything.
Why should I believe you?
Why should I believe you?
You're the reason she died.
I'm not the reason.
She was perfectly fine when she left.
Why would she do it?
If you want answers,
then look at yourself!
I was a good father.
You know you don't believe that.
(gun clicking)
I should blow your fucking head off.
Please don't, I didn't do anything.
How would it feel?
Would it be a great loss to mankind?
Would I live to regret it?
Probably not.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry about what happened to Maya,
but it's not my fault!
It's not my fault.
(dramatic orchestral music)
Chris, what do you want for dinner, honey?
Did you just get home?
Where have you been?
Visiting a friend.
Which friend?
How does it matter?
Are you managing me now?
As a matter of fact, maybe I
should've been managing you.
Excuse me?
I found the journal, Roopa.
You read it?
I know.
Know what?
Don't insult my intelligence, Roopa.
You can stop pretending now.
Who is he?
How long?
Not long.
In a strange way, I feel relieved.
And I feel sick.
She knew, you know?
That's why she was so distant.
God help me.
She hated you after that.
It was an accident.
She should never have found out.
All these months.
It's your fault.
No, it wasn't my fault.
It can't be.
You were supposed to have
been taking care of my child.
I did.
I did take care of her.
I took her to her classes, to
her riding, to her activities.
You destroyed her.
I was the one who nursed
her when she was sick.
Where were you?
She knew you for the
fucking cheat that you are.
She was always daddy's girl.
She could never understand
my point of view.
So why don't you tell me?
Please, tell me your point of view.
I'm a person, Neal.
I was good to you.
You intimidated me.
Yeah, maybe, maybe it
started out that way,
but you came to me a naive girl.
Naive maybe, but I was educated.
Maybe I wasn't cut out to be a shark.
I gave you this fabulous life, Roopa.
And you never once asked me what I wanted.
Do you have any idea how
much hard work it took?
I started out life in a two-room flat.
I competed with thousands of
people for my engineering seat.
You got what you wanted, didn't you?
Where did I fit into this picture?
It was all for you and the children.
It was all for you.
I took care of you.
I figured out how to survive on my own.
We had a life, Roopa.
We had friends.
Do you know what it feels like?
To stand there in the
middle of all those geniuses
and feel like the village idiot?
So why didn't you fucking
do something about it?
When did I have the chance, huh?
First, I came here and had to
get used to this lonely life,
and then the kids came.
The kids?
The kids filled your life.
The kids grew up.
You should've told me
what you needed, Roopa.
What I needed?
A friend.
Someone to tell me I'm special.
Look, look I'm sorry, okay?
I'm sorry.
Maybe I didn't buy you
flowers like that asshole.
I didn't go looking for this.
He just made me feel like I
was the most important thing
in his life.
Have you lost your mind, Neal?
You've ruined our life.
And you had nothing to do with it?
What are you gonna do now, Neal?
Shoot me?
Shoot yourself?
You can't do anything to me,
because I died when Maya died.
I'm going to leave this house.
I should have done it a long time ago.
Where will you go?
How does it even matter?
Don't leave.
Don't leave.
I have to.
I married a nice Indian girl.
But you changed more than I did, Neal.
What are you doing here?
I just wanted to talk to you.
To see you.
You look awful, are you all right?
It wasn't meant to be like this.
What do you want to talk about?
My father was a tailor.
People looked down their nose at him,
but he never complained.
You never told us that.
He never even got to leave
the village where he was born.
He died before I could show him the world,
but I've shown you the world, haven't I?
Yes, you did.
I wanted to make my mark, Monica.
To give you all the
opportunities I never had.
It's okay, you did the best you could.
The truth is
I would trade everything
for more time with her.
I believe you.
If only she had come to me.
I would've told her that I
loved her exactly as she was.
We should've all told her that.
I would've told her that, my darling,
for every bad day, there
will be a good day.
Nothing lasts forever.
We should've figured it out.
She always thought I was the favorite,
but she was your favorite, wasn't she?
Parents don't have favorites.
Parents are all liars.
Dad, I really have to go.
I'm supposed to be with the resident.
Sure, Maya.
Bye, Dad.
When are you coming back to visit?
You really want me to come back?
It's been a long time.
You look fantastic.
How is it even possible that
you look as beautiful as ever?
Good evening.
Good evening.
Thank you.
May I start you off
with something to drink?
Yeah, that would be nice.
Let's have a look.
Is, is the red all right, Roopa?
Great, a bottle of your
famous Testarossa, please.
Excellent choice.
I'll let you look at the menus,
and I'll be right out with that.
Thank you.
I'm surprised you asked.
Asked what?
Whether red is okay.
Usually you just order.
So. Why did you ask me here?
After you left, I thought I'd be alone,
obsessing about the last year.
That's what I've been doing.
But strangely enough,
you know what I've been thinking about?
You remember the first
time I came to see you
with my parents?
You were wearing that pink and white sari?
I was so nervous.
You had a pimple on your right cheek
that you were trying to hide.
You're remembering that.
Weird, isn't it?
That particular image keeps
coming back to my mind.
A room full of people, and you
trying to hide that pimple.
We didn't come here to reminisce.
I called you here to
to tell you I'm sorry.
You're sorry?
I made a lot of mistakes.
And here I thought you'd
only remember mine.
We both just didn't realize.
Maybe if she hadn't seen me that day.
I didn't call her.
The day before,
I said I would call her,
and I didn't.
How could you have possibly known, Neal?
I wanted so much to, to blame someone.
So blame me.
Its hard enough without that.
What if--
No, please don't go there. We...
We can't ask that question.
We just
have to go on.
Whether we like it or not.
I resigned as CEO.
I resigned.
Were you pushed out?
Depends on who you ask.
What about you?
So what are you up to these days?
Taking each day as it comes.
You know, for the first time in my life,
I realized that I was actually alone.
Not at my father's or husband's house.
What happened to the asshole?
He left.
And who's idea was that?
That depends on who you ask.
I'm so sorry, Neal.
It would be easy to blame you, Roopa, but
it wouldn't be true.
He used me, you know.
But then again maybe I
don't deserve to be loved.
That isn't true.
You're a good person, Roopa.
Being alone made me
realize what I really want.
What do you want?
To forget.
Then maybe we can help each other.
(somber orchestral music)
I may be loose, I'm not a cannon
But I can be quiet saying my name
There are other ways
Where is the balance
Maybe everyone's to blame
My heart and my mind
have been with me always
But not long enough to keep them in line
I know that my mind has
both good and bad days
But my heart wins every time
I feel the fire
I see a flame set me alight
Bring me desire bottled up tight
Like caging an ocean
Dousing the sun download the sky
Bring me emotion bottled up tight
I count when I can
the people who walk by
Imagine their paths crossing with mine
Maybe it's true we're
part of a blood line
But we walk like we're pretty much blind
I feel the fire
Bring me desire
I feel the fire bottled up tight
Like caging the ocean
You flame my emotion
Bring me devotion bottled up tight
Oh, oh
I may be loose, I'm not a cannon
I can be quiet saying my name
There are other ways
Where is the balance
Maybe everyone's to blame
Maybe everyone's to blame