The Vampire and the Ballerina (1960) Movie Script

Easy. Easy.
- We need some water.
- All right, I'll go.
Be quiet.
I heard screams coming from the woods.
Take the truck and go for help. Let's go.
- Did you see anything?
- Nothing.
Another victim.
It's Brigida.
Let the others know we found her.
Call the doctor.
What happened?
We found Brigida unconscious.
Come in.
We must try to help her.
I sent for the doctor.
They're carrying a girl.
- What happened?
- She seems to be hurt.
I heard screams before.
Put her on that couch.
She is the third victim this year.
Always on the full moon.
Damned monster.
One of these nights we'll arrive in time
to drive a stake through his heart.
See if you can make her drink this.
It will revive her.
Can we be of help, Professor?
This doesn't concern you.
You shouldn't have gotten up.
I might be out of line,
but these girls are your guests
-and I think you should warn them.
- About what?
Nothing. A lot of rumours...
They must know
to be able to defend themselves.
No. I don't want to frighten them
with superstitions.
Then I'll tell them.
There is a vampire in this region.
Wear garlic around your necks,
carry crosses.
This girl...
What an ungodly hour.
Don't say this is
our ignorant belief in superstition.
Don't start that again.
The girl simply got lost in the forest.
She scratched herself on some thorns.
You can send the girls to bed.
Please, go to bed. It's nothing.
Just a little mishap.
- Is she better?
- She can only get worse.
She's suffering from a form of anaemia,
but I don't think it's anything serious.
With the right treatment,
she'll be fine in two weeks.
She works on my estate.
Send me all of your bills, Doctor.
You can take her home
and reassure her mother.
I will see you out.
I'll go see her again tomorrow.
Your family has grown.
The girls?
They are guests of my nephew Luca.
They're preparing a ballet.
Very sweet girls.
They have all gone.
I have a feeling the Professor
was hiding something from us.
I hope it's about a romantic entanglement.
It must be the man with
the gun and the beard.
Stop gossiping and get back to bed.
- Do you think it's true?
- What?
That it was a vampire.
What's happening?
Give me a kiss and I'll tell you.
Always cudling, you two.
Night and day.
Any excuse is good. At this rate,
the ballet will take a year to prepare.
You sound like my grandma.
You're nervous because Luca sent us here
and has not arrived yet.
Come on, Luisa. Stop teasing her.
I think Luca is really in love with Francesca.
And I haven't even said yes yet.
Do you really love him,
or are you just stringing him along?
She's in love all right.
I think she's afraid
that Luca might be stringing her along.
You remember how hard to get you were?
At first, I mean.
Not now, though.
How times have changed.
See you tomorrow.
Oh, dear, you're the only spectator
and you're sleeping.
Why don't you tell us the story
about vampires?
All your men seemed so frightened.
No, girls.
- We'll be quiet.
- It's just nonsense.
- While we wait for Giorgio.
- Not today. I'm not in the mood.
A real grandfather would tell us stories.
Exactly. It's just a story.
I could tell you this story,
but you must promise
that you'll take it as just that, a story,
and won't take any of it to heart.
We promise.
Many years ago, 100 or 200
or 1,000 years ago,
there lived a race of unholy and evil men.
The angel of the Lord
doomed them to eat each other's flesh
and to drink each other's blood.
Forever. Even after death.
But their death is only an illusion.
To kill them forever, you must find
a sharp pointed stake and drive it
through their heart.
There was one defence. They couldn't bear
to be confronted by a cross.
For some reason,
many people forget to carry one
and when there's a full moon
the vampires wake
and go out to seek their prey.
They bite the throat.
They come out at nightfall and must return
to their tombs before dawn,
because, according to the legend,
they turn to dust in daylight.
Any person who is bitten
will also turn into a vampire.
This is giving me shivers.
They will attack anyone,
especially young women,
and once the woman is bitten,
it's as if she were the victim of a drug
that draws her back to the monster forever.
Indeed, they seek him out
because from that moment on
all their love belongs to him alone.
He's like a prince charming, then.
No, it's like an obsession.
Remember, it's just a story.
Hey, vamps!
Well, get up. Come on, back to work.
Look who's talking.
We were waiting for you.
May I watch you?
- Yes, of course. Let's go, girls.
We'll go over the whole number
and fix any flaws.
Take your positions.
Are you ready?
Who is that?
It's you, Luca.
- Hello, everyone.
Your house is wonderful.
I'm sure I've met you before.
I believe so.
Your grandfather is here.
- Hello, Grandpa. You're looking great.
- I'm feeling even better.
Now tell me about your exams.
- They went very well.
- You must be tired.
You can spend time with your friends later.
Tomorrow, we're going on a picnic
in the forest.
He said tomorrow.
Today is still a work day.
And now, tell me about the exams.
- Grandpa.
- What?
There is something I wanted to tell you.
I heard a rumour
-about one of our workers.
Nothing serious.
The peasants insist on believing
in fairy tales, but they're nonsense.
Here he is, Brigida.
- How are you feeling today, Brigida?
- Better, Doctor.
- I'm just so tired.
- Yes, you need some rest.
- I'll stop by again tomorrow.
Come on, girls. Splash away.
Luca and Francesca have disappeared.
I can't find them anywhere.
Please, say you'll marry me
and this darkness will be lit
by a million stars.
You run after all the girls.
No, I love only you. I arranged all this today
to be with you, because I want
to marry you. I'll never let you go.
Sometimes I do believe you,
and at other times I'm not sure.
I love you.
Oh, no, Luca. Please.
This is the third time in two days
they've disappeared.
You might try minding your business.
Why should I? Other people's business
is more interesting.
I'll bet those two are talking about me.
A kiss is your punishment.
I bet that you two will get married.
What's wrong with that?
Mind your own business.
Swear that Luca didn't kiss you.
- And if he did?
- I was just asking.
Luisa, come with me. Hurry up.
- The others, too?
- No. Just you.
Where are we going?
What is this? Where are we going?
Luisa, I've got some wonderful news.
Luca proposed to me today.
- I'm so happy. We're going to get married.
- So soon?
Well, he's going to tell the Professor
this evening.
Then we'll announce it to everybody.
Tell me the truth.
Do you think his grandpa likes me?
Of course he does.
I think we'd better go. It's clouding over.
I think we'd better hurry, too.
It looks like it's going to pour.
- Come on, Giorgio. It's getting dark.
- All right.
Let's go, girls. Quick.
Are you going to wait for the rain?
We can't leave without
Luisa and Francesca.
They went into the woods.
I'm going to get them.
We'll head home before it starts to rain.
Yes, you'd better. We'll join you later.
If you find Francesca,
you'll get lost with her.
You gossip.
A funeral. It's good omen.
Well, that may be.
But it's upsetting. Let's go.
My poor baby.
She's gone forever.
Be strong, dear.
Poor little girl.
My baby.
Brigida is gone.
She was all I had.
Giorgio and I will give you
a beautiful wedding present.
Perhaps we should think about going back.
It might rain.
They'll all be waiting for us.
It'll be dark soon.
The professor said
it is the time vampires come out.
We are far from the house.
Perhaps we should run.
We'll get cut to ribbons by thorns.
There, look. I saw something moving.
Perhaps it was the wind.
We'd better run. A storm is approaching.
Not so fast.
My legs are getting all scratched.
Come on. Jump over. It's a new dance.
Where are we?
I really got it wrong.
We went the wrong way.
- Is the house far?
- At least half an hour.
And it's getting dark. I thought it was
just the shadows in the woods.
I just felt a drop on my nose.
That's all we need.
Let's take shelter over there.
The forest is no place to be in a storm.
- Where?
- Over there.
How strange.
It's right in the middle of the forest.
It's the castle of the damned.
It's been abandoned for ages.
Why don't we try to go back home instead?
No. We wouldn't make it in time. Come on.
It's not raining yet. We can still go.
- Are you afraid?
- No, I'm not.
But I'd rather not stay here.
It's abandoned. Come on.
It's only an owl.
It's started to rain.
Let's sit down here.
We have to wait here until it clears up
or an umbrella appears.
Well, sit down. Come on.
I bid you welcome.
- But I thought...
- I don't understand.
Everyone around here says
that this castle was abandoned.
This is exactly what I'd like them to think.
I prefer to have
no ties with the outside world.
But the clothes you're wearing?
You look like a figure from an old painting.
They are the ones I like. I don't care
for the world you live in. It's not my world.
I don't mean to judge,
but I don't approve of it.
Nor do I approve of guests
who ask too many questions.
- I'm sorry, ma'am.
- Countess. I like formalities.
I don't know why you have come here.
Still, my hospitality is yours.
Will you come this way, please?
Please be seated.
Thank you. We are greatly honoured.
Herman, tea for our guests.
Is that you in the painting?
That portrait was painted 400 years ago.
Four hundred?
You really don't look 400 years old to me.
She is one of my ancestors.
I am her direct descendant.
There is a certain resemblance.
- With permission, Countess.
- Of course.
Excuse me, please.
I shall return in a moment.
It's like being in a fairytale castle.
The tea is good. But I'd rather be at home.
I have a bad feeling.
You are unkind to our hostess.
I'm sure they're just two misanthropes.
I'm not sure, but...
Do you know how I feel? I am fascinated.
- I don't know.
- Luca, get us out of here.
Don't be silly.
What a fantastic woman.
Don't be babies.
Look, the tea wasn't poisoned.
See? I'm still alive.
Come and look at all these old costumes.
No, I'd rather just finish my tea.
Francesca, too.
The scream seemed to come from in here.
Luisa, please, come out of there. I'm afraid.
Stay here with me.
Now you're afraid, too, aren't you?
What happened?
Luisa. She's gone.
She screamed and then...
But she was with you. It's impossible.
The castle is a labyrinth of corridors.
Do not worry. She has simply lost her way.
We had better look for her.
I'll call Herman.
I heard you calling me.
I was lost in the corridors.
Right. Your friends were worried.
I'm sorry.
Forgive me.
Come on. I think we should go.
- I hope to see you again.
We'll come again.
You will be very welcome.
Return to the castle tonight.
I will be waiting for you. I need you.
I will be waiting for you.
What a strange carriage.
The coachman was wearing a cloak.
You have risen into my world.
And you are mine for all time.
You will come with me.
I need...
You will come with me. There is a castle
inhabited by a woman and her servant.
Tonight you'll be my bride.
Get back into your coffin.
It is your coach to my kingdom,
where you will live forever.
And this time you die, never to rise again.
Because I am now
and forever will be the master of my world.
What we need is a drink.
And let's have a bite to eat.
I am not hungry.
Neither am I.
But a sandwich wouldn't be bad.
I'm tired. I'm going to bed.
Did you two have a fight?
I'll go with Luisa. I don't think she's well.
So you're deserting me, too?
Mr. Giorgio is expecting you in the library.
I think he fell asleep.
- All right. You may go to bed now.
- Listen...
- What do you want?
You usually like to chat
before going to bed.
- Something wrong?
- I just have a bad headache.
You're acting strange.
Whatever you say.
But, please, leave me alone.
I get it. You're waiting for Giorgio.
Do I need to draw you a picture?
I just want to be alone. I have to get out of
the light. My eyes and head ache terribly.
- I don't understand.
- Please, just go.
Sun up?
Have you seen anyone in the garden?
Just my shadow.
If you feel like enjoying the night air,
come down, we'll have a stroll.
I'm tired.
I have been waiting for you.
It's a long way to come, and I was held up.
Excuse me.
I can wait eternities
when I want something.
My entire life has been a wait,
sometimes a painful one.
You struck me as a picture of happiness.
A bit strange, but you do seem content.
With a servant who is my master?
I don't understand.
I am the prisoner of a monster,
who is passionate about his madness.
He only pretends to be my servant.
I have waited long for someone
who had the courage
to take me away from this place.
When I saw you, I knew you were the one
who would save me.
Look me in the eyes and tell me it's true.
Take me away.
Don't leave me in this prison.
I will help you get out of here.
- I am afraid of him.
- I will confront him.
Help me, please, help me.
You're just in time.
You must not challenge Herman.
Not now. I'll tell you when to return.
Not now. Please, go.
Can you please leave, sir?
Go, please.
I beg you, go.
I am your only love.
I am yours forever. I belong to you.
There. You are a monster again.
Just a hideous monster.
And I still need you.
You are hideous.
Stay with me.
Come here.
I can't bear to look at you like this.
Go away.
If I have to meet my end, you will, too.
Because only I...
Only I can preserve your youth.
Keep that in mind. Or I'll let the daylight in
just to see your body's flesh turn to ashes.
- To ashes.
I will be yours alone, only yours.
It's almost dawn.
Go, before the sun rises.
Return to your coffin now.
I am the one who keeps you alive.
There is our sleepy head now.
Luca. Did you tell the Professor
and the others...
It's nothing, Grandpa.
Last night there was a man in the garden.
In the garden? That was me.
I already told you that.
No. You arrived the moment after he left.
Luisa, what do you say?
I was sound asleep.
So what? What's wrong?
Nothing. Yesterday I told the girls
some vampire stories.
And Francesca seems to imagine
they are true.
That's a wonderful idea
for a new ballet number.
Sensuality. Suspense.
Terror. Eyes of fire burning
with dark desire.
The vigour of sadism fired by
the instincts unchained.
And I have the right piece of music.
You'll improvise.
Dance and do what comes naturally.
- Something is wrong with Luisa.
- What happened?
Poor little girl.
- Has she sprained her ankle?
- She fainted.
- Go get some ammonia.
- No, just some cologne.
Luisa, my dear.
Drink this, you'll feel better.
What happened?
You're all right. You just fainted.
You were too tired.
You just need a little nap.
No, Luisa is not well.
We went to the castle yesterday.
Someone lives there.
What are you saying? The castle
has been abandoned for two centuries.
Luca, tell him what happened. Tell him!
Who knows who those people are?
what do they have to do with this?
You're terrifying everyone unnecessarily.
But there was a man here, I'm sure.
He was in Luisa's room.
And now Luisa is ill.
Perhaps it's a crazy idea,
but Luisa is not well.
No, Francesca. I am feeling fine.
No, nobody is fine here.
I am frightened. I'm afraid!
Something evil is going on. I can feel it.
You're too tense, Francesca.
Go get some air.
You had a nightmare
and now you're scaring the others.
But I... It was not a dream.
- It was not a dream.
- A bit of sun will be good for you.
I'm swing, too.
You seemed
to be afraid of the truth in there.
And you think you know the truth?
Yes. And so do you.
I don't like secrets between us.
What secrets?
You want me to make some up,
so you can have
the pleasure of discovering them?
Keep lying, but I'll do whatever it takes
to make you tell the truth.
You will soon learn the truth, too.
Open the door.
Shall I leave some food for the girls?
You'd think they'd at least come for dinner!
Francesca is a strange girl.
Not as strange as Luisa.
There she is.
- How do you feel?
I went for a walk in the woods.
I think I saw Francesca
lying under a tree.
Well, I'll go look for her.
Where are you?
Where were you?
She was looking for you
and the ghosts in the castle.
Me? I just went for a walk in the forest.
I was back for dinner.
What happened?
He didn't believe me. Why would you?
Go away, monster. Go!
I can't bear to see you this way. Go away.
An enemy is menacing us.
He must be eliminated.
Come on. I need your help.
Speak. Tell me again what happened.
So you can laugh about it?
You do have an active imagination.
You have vampires on the brain.
You go into abandoned cemeteries, and...
What do you want?
Sorry if I was rude to you.
You both didn't take
what we saw seriously.
It's not my fault if I don't believe in ghosts.
You tell me
you were attacked by a monster
and instead I find you alone and unharmed.
All right. Then you can forget it.
But I'm sure that something or someone
will make a move.
Maybe he's already threatening us.
Will you do one thing at least? Help me
convince our friends they are in danger.
You are imagining things.
What shall we do?
Try to talk to her. I'll be in the library
with Giorgio. If you need anything, call me.
Aren't you going to bed?
Aren't you going to bed?
Aren't you going to bed?
You must bring the girl with you.
She's suspicious.
She'll never come with me.
She's jealous. Her fianc might have
a rendezvous in the forest
with the Countess of the castle.
Tell her!
I want to be alone now.
Do you still believe in our friendship?
In mine, yes. But I'm not sure about yours.
I'm sorry to tell you this.
Luca is the lover
of that woman from the castle.
That was what I was keeping from you.
I don't believe it. Luca is in love with
You just made that up.
Do you think so?
If you promise you won't get upset,
I'll show you something
that will convince you.
I promise.
Luca has a rendezvous with the Countess.
You don't need to know
how I learned about it.
- And do you also know where?
- I do.
Then show me.
This way. Don't let the others see us.
Francesca is upset
and Luisa is trying to calm her down.
Were you looking for someone?
Where is Luca?
I am not sure why you are asking me this.
He's in the carriage.
- This time you are mine forever.
- No. Get off me.
That's Francesca.
It's coming from the forest. Let's go.
- What happened?
- Stay with her.
Don't leave the house.
If we need you, we'll call you. Let's go.
Luisa must stay here.
Yes, I want to stay.
Come, I'll show you your room.
Not here, no. Not here.
This will be your home for all eternity.
For no one but me
will ever be the master of my world.
No one but me.
Let me go. Not like this.
No one but me.
- Where is Luisa?
- Why do you ask me?
I am surprised.
Where is Luisa?
I know of no one by that name.
Anyway there is no one else in the castle.
I'm not sure if I can believe you.
Luca, Luisa is here. I know she is.
I can only offer you tea.
I have asked you where Luisa is.
Lady, demon, countess,
or whatever you are,
I'll stay here all night if I have to,
but I want Luisa back.
All evidence points to the fact
that she's here
and I won't be distracted by your tea.
I'm not here to play games tonight.
- We'll wait here until you decide to tell us...
- Luca, watch out.
It's nothing to worry about.
I suppose you knew nothing about that.
It was an accident.
Where is Luisa?
Talk, before it's too late.
Let's end this little game
before we forget that you are a lady. Talk.
I have nothing to say.
I don't know what you are talking about.
I don't believe you. You know where she is.
You know.
There is a young woman outside.
She is unconscious.
- Where is she?
- She's lying beside the gate, sir.
Come on.
She's dead, Luca. She's dead.
Francesca was right, then.
There is only one way we can still save her.
The peasants say the only thing
to ward off a vampire is a cross.
Come on, quick.
They are coming back. Let's go.
- I want to see what...
- Hurry.
They have disappeared.
Here. We'll stop them with this cross.
Come on out! Come on out,
or we'll burn the castle down.
Giorgio, look out.
They went that way.
The sun is rising. We can't go back.
I am afraid.
I am beginning see so much light.
You go that way. I'm going up.
Here they come.
You, too.
You killed her. Bring her back to life.
- Help me, Luca.
You're finished, monster. Now I can
break free from you and the spell.
Help me, Luca. He has been holding
me prisoner for 400 years.
It's not true.
Don't listen to her.
Her words made me the slave, not her.
Save yourself.
Stop lying, monster.
Help me, Luca.
Help me to be free.
Let's get away from here.
Take me with you.
I will love you
the way no woman has ever loved you.
Her touch is like poison. Save yourself.
Her end has come. The sun is rising.
- I'll be yours, yours forever.
I have lived only for you.
I'll continue to live for you.
Luca. Help me.
We die together, just as we lived.
The sun. No!
What is it? It's hideous.
It's finished. Perhaps Luisa will live again.