The Vegetarian (2009) Movie Script

My sister,
I heard a voice that called me,
so I just went there.
But when I got there,
the sound just disappeared.
So I was just standing there
and waiting for it.
My body was melting
into the ground
because of the rain.
I had no choice but
to sprout from the ground.
Can I talk into Yeong-hye
just one more time?
I'll give you until 2 o'clock.
If you convince her, then
please let our nurses know.
Restricted Area
How's she holding up now?
She tried to pull out her IV,
so we had to put her
into the recovery room.
We gave her a sedative
to replace the IV.
I wondered how she could be
so strong with that bony body.
So, is she staying in
the recovery room now?
No, she woke up
a little while ago,
and moved into
the general ward.
I've got some
canned peaches.
You always liked them.
You only ate this, even
during peach season
like a child.
Smell it.
Don't you want to try one?
What are you doing there?
Do you hear me?
What's wrong, honey?
I had a dream.
What are you talking about?
Do you even know
what time it is?
Yes, Miss. Lee,
This is Min-ho Cho.
Yes, Mr. Cho.
Well, I'd like to remove
my presentation
from the group exhibition.
What? What are
you talking about?
I'm sorry for such
a short notice.
I don't understand.
We have only two days left
I can't believe this.
Are you kidding me?
Damn it! Why didn't
you wake me up?
Hey, what are you doing?
Are you out of your mind?
Why are you throwing
all these away?
Yes, I'm really sorry.
I've got an urgent thing
to do at home.
Sure. I will get there
as soon as possible.
Yes, yes
I am terribly sorry.
are you telling me you
canceled the exhibition?
Are you insane?
My work is too
I'm sorry to say this, but
are you not going
to work anymore?
It's been two years since
you showed your last work.
Don't you need
money for a living?
I admire your wife
How lucky you are!
She doesn't nag you, right?
You haven't changed a bit.
Well, that's why I liked you.
Your nickname
was 'Priest Cho.'
Conscious and
religious man!
That's the way you were.
Since I was young,
I've always felt a sort of...
Respect for you.
What's the problem?
What is it?
With a faithful wife
and a lovely son,
you can do whatever you want.
You are the happiest
person in the world.
Don't you think so?
So, you threw all meat away
just because of your dream?
All of it?
Make me a fried egg, please.
Listen, I am really exhausted.
I haven't eaten anything today.
- I threw all the eggs away.
- What?
I stopped the milk
delivery as well.
Now are you going to tell me
that I can't have meat?
I can't keep that in
the fridge any more.
I can't stand it.
It's for you.
Yes, excuse me.
Can I help you?
Gil-soo? What's going on?
I was about to
call Yeong-hye.
We'll celebrate
my father's birthday
and have
a house-warming party.
All the family will
be gathered.
You are coming, right?
What happened?
Are you eating like
this every day?
I can't even stand
the smell of meat.
Then, you feed Gil-soo
like this every day?
He usually comes home
after having dinner outside.
Mother will be upset if she
finds out what you're doing.
Seriously, you're not
going to eat any meat?
Until when?
What's wrong with you?
People need a certain
amount of nutrition.
If you want to be a vegetarian,
then you should plan
a proper meal.
Look at your face.
I haven't slept lately.
Because of dreams.
What dreams?
Give me a minute...
What's the matter with
you these days?
I'm just tired.
See? That's why you
need some meat.
You weren't like this before.
Actually, what?
The smell...
What smell?
The smell of meat...
I can smell it...
from your body.
What the fuck are
you talking about?
I've just had a shower!
I can smell it from every
pore of your body.
- Why don't you join us?
- Sure, thanks.
Did you make all
this by yourself?
I've just prepared one
by one for days.
I made seasoned oyster
for Yeong-hye.
She always liked it,
but she doesn't
even touch it.
Yeong-hye, I've told you
hundreds of time, how come...
Look at you.
Are you really going
to hurt yourself
by eating only vegetables?
Stop that stupid
vegetable thing!
I could understand
if there was no food.
I don't get it.
Listen to your mother, will you?
Monks in temples can
live without meat
since they train
themselves in nature.
But people like us,
we need a balanced meal.
You know?
Alright, try this one, sweetheart.
Eat it, Yeong-hye.
I don't eat meat.
You don't like this?
You liked it since
you were little.
You told me that you wanted
to eat this every day.
Yeah, it reminds
me of Yeong-hye
every time I see oysters.
Go on. I am waiting.
No, I don't want to.
Enough is enough!
How many times do
I have to tell you?
Just eat it!
I don't eat meat.
Dear, eat it. Try it just once.
It's all for your sake.
I can't have it.
Come here!
Gil-soo and Yeong-ho,
you two come here!
- Hold her from both sides.
- What?
If she eats this one,
she can have it again.
Who can live without
meat in this world?
Please, just eat it.
Why don't you just say
yes and at least try it?
Eat it! Eat! Eat! Eat!
Father, please Stop it!
- Just eat it, will you?
- Open your mouth! Eat!
Get out of the way!
- Yeong-hye, please".
- Yeong-hye.
- Put it down!
- Honey, what's wrong?
- No, please".
- Are you crazy?
Drop your knife...
- Yeong-hye.
- Yeong-hye, please...
No, please...
What are you waiting for?
Bring a towel. Hurry up!
Yeong-hye, please...
- Gil-soo! Get the car!
- Yes, yes...
When you're drunk,
just go to bed!
Do you have to make
this kind of mess?
Yeong-hye. it's not a big deal.
Listen to music and
goto sleep, okay?
Be quiet! Damn you!
Stop talking! Okay?
What? Are you going to hit
me again? Go on. Kill me...
I don't want to live
this life anyway.
Shut up!
You make me sick!
Goto hell!
Shut the fuck up!
How dare you talk back to
your husband? You bitch!
For God's sake!
I am the victim here.
- I am the victim.
- You want to be dead?
What's wrong with you?
Is it that hard to have
just one normal day?
Where is it?
Damn you!
How dare you spit such
things out to me?
I'll beat you to death!
Go ahead! Let it out!
Let's see if you can
still speak after this...
Come on! Say something!
Yes, right! Kill me!
Go ahead!
Damn dog! You dare to
bite your master, huh?
It's almost done.
You'll be okay.
You should finish
all of your meal,
and your wound will
be better soon.
Why don't you go
home by yourself?
I want to see her doctor
after she wakes up.
I guess Yeong-ho can't leave
because of Ji-woo.
I see.
Wait a moment.
Buy a new shirt
at the store.
It's downstairs.
Honey, what are
you doing now?
It's so hot in here...
Why? Is it just me?
By the way, What did
Gil-soo say to you?
In fact, he told me first.
He doesn't know what to do
since he has a business
trip to Japan.
I think he is trying to keep
away from Yeong-hye...
Even if she stays
with us for a while,
I don't know what
to do with her.
Okay, take care.
Drive safe.
You too.
It's too big.
Okay then, use your fork.
Stop playing with your food.
Dry here and there
and your hair...
What a handsome boy!
Let's put on your pants.
The Mongolian spot
is still there.
When does it disappear?
Well, I have no idea.
Yeong-hye had it
until twenty years old.
Until twenty?
She might still have it now.
Well, It's done.
- I won.
- Yes, you won.
- Honey, lunch is ready.
-Alright, I'm coming.
Drive safe.
Oh, you're here.
I wasn't expecting
anyone on Sunday.
I got bored at home.
I'm going to make coffee.
Do you want some?
Hello, my son!
- Did you have a good day?
- You're late.
It's time to take
your medicine.
- No, I won't.
- You little...
Take it!
Have you had a dinner?
- I am asking you.
- Yeah, kind of...
What do you mean?
You should eat properly.
You want to have
dinner or not?
Well, I said I already have.
I'm concerned
about Yeong-hye,
and I can't reach you...
What happened to her?
After all, they decided
to get divorced.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Well, I can understand Gil-soo
but I'm disappointed.
I think marriage is
so meaningless!
Do you want me to see her?
She is living all alone and
that concerns me.
I asked her to live with us many
times, but she never listens.
Maybe she will listen to you.
Well, she doesn't care
who she is talking to.
How come all
this happened...
I'll call her tomorrow.
- Do you need her number?
- No, I already have it.
I am supposed to meet
Gil-soo tomorrow.
Can you come with me?
She seems to be fine but...
Her blank stare's
getting worse
from all
the anti-psychotic medication...
Nothing's changed yet.
But now she only sees
a doctor on a regular basis.
She's getting better.
I see". She hasn't shown
any strange behavior yet.
I've suffered through all this.
Seriously, don't you think
I am the victim here?
I think she's getting better.
We should wait and see.
That woman will depend
on a husband like that.
If you were me, Could you
Iive with her forever?
Well, I am sorry...
Sorry... The door was open
I thought you weren't here.
It's okay. I don't mind.
When I'm alone,
I'm more
comfortable this way.
- I've got nothing to serve you.
- Never mind.
Let's have those fruits.
You don't have to visit me.
I mean you don't need
to care about me.
I'm looking for a job again.
My doctor told me not to
stay alone all the time.
I'm considering getting a job
at the department store.
I had a job interview last week.
Did you? How about working
at your sister's shop?
She said...
She'd have to pay
an employee anyway..
You can trust each other.
Also, she'd feel better
if you were around.
It would be better than working
at the department store.
She's worried
about you so bad.
- Help yourself.
- Oh, yes. You too.
Well, let's go for a walk.
What for?
Let's just take
a walk and talk.
I will think about what
you suggested.
No, not that.
I have something
to ask of you.
Can you do the modeling?
You have seen my
exhibition before, right?
It's similar to that,
but video work.
It wouldn't take long.
You need to be naked.
And then I will paint
on your body.
Stay still, until
the filming is finished.
Are you going to
paint on my body?
I'll paint flowers.
It wouldn't be tough.
It just takes one
or two hours...
And we can do it
whenever you are free.
I'd rent my friend's studio.
And it's a secret
from your sister.
What did she say?
She said she would
think about it.
Alright, great. Thanks.
You don't sleep?
Goto bed. I've got
something to read.
I was surprised
when you asked me
to lend my studio.
Wow! Isn't this too
big for yourself?
I don't like small space and
the rent is cheaper
than I expected.
A photographer
used to work here.
By the way, can I ask
what you're going to do?
I'll tell you later.
I've just cleaned
and painted here.
It's in good shape now.
I have a class to teach.
I have to go.
Tell me whenever
you need a studio.
It's usually empty
during the day.
I owe you one. Thanks a lot.
- Yes.
- It's me.
Yeah, I'm listening.
I might be a little
bit late tonight.
The part-timer clerk
didn't show up again.
You-jin is also off today.
Well, we need to pick
Ji-woo up by seven.
I can't make it until 9 o'clock.
Then, I will ask the neighbor to
take care of him until 9 o'clock.
That would be fine.
Take off your clothes.
Take off...
Do you want me to sit down?
Yeah. Sit towards the wall.
Was it hard?
I was just lying on the floor.
Does this come
off with water?
Ah, that one?
It won't go away easily.
Unless you try
a few times.
I want to keep this.
By the way...
How come you
don't eat meat?
I have always
been wondering.
You don't have to answer
if you don't want to.
It's okay.
But you might
not understand.
It's because of dreams.
I don't eat meat
because of dreams.
What kind of dreams?
- Face.
- Face?
It's me.
Yes, he's sleeping.
I think he ate dinner.
He was sleeping
when I came back.
Well, now that
he's sleeping,
you know...
I will goto my studio.
I need to finish something.
He won't wake up.
He's sound asleep.
You know he never wakes
up during the night.
Do you hear me?
What brought you
here at this time?
I didn't think you
would come today.
Well, I've got something to do.
Does it take long?
Not long. This camera
drives me crazy.
I was about to wrap it up.
Did you sleep well?
Well... I'm wondering...
Have you washed off
the paint on your body?
No, I haven't.
Can you leave it
until tomorrow?
I haven't finished yet.
I think I need to shoot
one more time.
I haven't washed it off
because I want to keep it.
I don't dream any more with
this painting on my body.
I want you to paint it again
if it fades away later.
Sure. Then why don't you
come again tomorrow?
All right.
By the way, there will
be another man.
He will also be naked and have
flowers painted on his body.
Is that okay?
- Clean up before you leave.
- Okay, bye.
Hello? Yes, where are you?
How is your work going?
Ah, not yet?
I got it.
Take it easy.
- She's late.
I tried to keep the painting
while I was washing my hair.
What should we do now?
Let her sit on your lap.
Like this?
No, face to face.
Pull her up close to you.
Keep going.
Lay him down there.
Take it easy and
just be natural.
Try to touch her breasts.
Hold her back.
Move your body as if
you are having sex.
You know what...
Can you actually do it?
Are you talking about
making porn now?
You don't have to
if you don't want to.
But is it possible to...?
- I quit.
- Hey, Sang-min.
You can't leave like this.
I understand.
I totally understand.
I am an artist, too.
But this is not right.
What about her?
I don't think she is
a prostitute or something.
Even if so, you
shouldn't do this.
All right. I'm really sorry.
Why don't we try one more time
like we did before, huh?
Now, on top of her body.
Try to move your body.
Are you done?
Not yet. This is the last one.
Now lay her down back side.
This is the last time.
It's the most important scene
so please don't ruin it.
Stop it before it gets filthy.
I understand how porn
actors would feel.
I feel cheap.
It's not like I don't
understand you.
Don't get me wrong.
I realized that I'm more of
an ordinary person
than I thought.
I accepted this
out of curiosity,
but I can't stand
this anymore.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Why are you laughing?
I am all wet.
No, don't.
Why not? Because I am
your brother in law?
- It's not like that.
- You said you're all wet.
Did you like that guy?
No, I mean...
I really wanted to have sex.
I had never wanted to
do it so much before.
The flowers all
over his body...
That was all.
That was the only reason.
Then if I have flowers
on my body,
will you accept me?
Ji-woo, come here.
Play Rock-Paper-Scissors
with me.
Wow, You won.
This is your prize.
Wait for a while.
I'll be back soon.
What's up at this hour?
Let's go to your studio.
I need your help.
What about it?
So beautiful.
It's amazing how you
came up with this.
But, do you think you
can present this one?
Isn't it too much
change for you?
I like it.
Much better than mine.
I tried to keep your style
as possible as I could.
But I can still see my style.
I've never felt like
this before.
But looking at you with
the flowers all over your body,
I feel sorry for you.
Something smells good.
The scent of paint.
I'm really sorry.
May I turn the light on?
I want to see it clearly.
Don't cover it.
Looks nice.
Wait a second.
I wish this were
on my tongue.
This Mongolian spot.
How come you
still have it?
I don't know.
I thought everybody
had it too.
One day,
when I went to
a public bath,
I was the only
one who had it.
Am I not going to have
dreams anymore?
Oh, the dreams
of the face.
What kind of face?
Whose face?
It's always different.
it's a familiar face.
it's a strange face.
Sometimes, it's
a bloody face...
or a rotten corpse...
I couldn't reach Yeong-hye...
So I just dropped by
on my way to work.
Let me explain. I know
it's hard to understand...
I've called an ambulance.
Both you and Yeong-hye
need therapy.
You're telling me that
I need to be committed
to a mental hospital?
How dare you touch her...
my helpless, poor sister...
Yes. Yeong-hye.
Have you talked
to my doctor?
Yes, I have.
- He said you refused to eat...
- Did he say
my internal organs
are all deflated?
I'm not an animal anymore.
I don't need any food
as long as
there's sunshine.
What are you
talking about?
Do you really think you
became a tree or something?
How can a plant
possibly talk or think?
You're right.
I won't be able
to talk soon,
and my thoughts
will be gone.
In no time. I mean it.
Are you trying to kill yourself?
Tell me you're not.
If you really want
to be a tree,
you should eat
and go on, right?
Let me out of here.
I don't want to be here.
You are not
even able to walk.
You are staying alive,
relying on the IV.
Are you going to eat
if you go home?
Promise me, and I will
let you out of here.
I thought you'd be different.
What do you mean?
And you...
Everyone is the same.
You don't even try
to understand me.
You just give me
medicine and injections.
You are going to die!
Am I not allowed to die?
Are you crazy?
Are you really crazy?
Are you crazy?
Look at you.
You're dying...
Lying in this bed.
You're just dying.
Your sister has both
and anorexia,
which are rarely
seen together.
There is no particular reason
why she refuses to eat.
And the medicine
doesn't work at all.
We will try to put
some rice gruel
through the tube
to keep her alive.
We're expecting
her to get better,
but if she doesn't, you should
move her to intensive care unit.
did you know that?
I didn't know...
I always thought trees
stood up straight.
But now I realize that
all trees are holding onto
the ground with two arms.
Yes, they're standing
on their hands.
In my dream
I was standing
on my hands...
Leaves grew on my body,
and roots came
out from my hands
and penetrated
into the ground.
Flowers were just about to
bloom between my legs
So I spread my legs
and opened wide...
- Wait outside.
- No! Stop it!
Head nurse!
You don't want to see this.
Wait outside.
You'll be alright,
baby. It's okay.
Yes, it will be over soon.
Stay here.
She is getting more excited
because of you.
No, no.
Please, be patient.
Please, hold on.
Yes, relax, relax, yes.
Please, calm down. Relax.
Hold her chin right.
Gosh. It's blocked.
Her uvula's blocked
the esophagus.
One more time.
One more time.
Faster this time.
Hold her tight!
We are almost done.
Oh, yes, yes.
Yes, relax.
Okay. I got it. Tape it.
It can be done easily, why did
you make so much of it?
We did it.
We will make her to sleep
because she might throw up.
We are trying to help you.
Now it's done.
- Look, look!
- Pull it out, pull it out!
- You are not allowed be here.
- Let me go! Let me go!
Pull it out!
Stop it, please. Stop it.
It's okay. It's okay.
Everything is fine.
My sister...
This might be a dream.
While we are dreaming,
the dream seems to be everything.
But when we wake up,
we realize it's not everything.
When we wake up,