The Vengeance of She (1968) Movie Script

(horns trumpeting triumphantly)
(tense music)
oh, who is she
A misty memory
A haunting face
Is she a lost embrace
Am I in love with just a theme
Or is Ayesha just a dream
A mystery
Oh, who is she
I call her name
Across an endless plane
She'll answer me
Wherever she may be
Somewhere across the sea of time
A love immortal such as mine
Will come to me
Immortal she
Return to me
(truck engine rumbling)
(man sputtering)
(lively sultry jazz music)
(Carol panting)
(Carol gasping)
(lively sultry jazz music)
(dramatic tense music)
(lively sultry jazz music)
(man screaming)
(sultry jazz music)
(seagulls squawking)
(waves lapping on shore)
(tense music)
(Carol moaning softly)
(boat engine rumbling)
(ominous tense music)
(Carol screaming)
(boat engine rumbling)
(people chattering and laughing)
(boat engine rumbling)
(romantic piano music)
(glass shattering)
Come on.
Get them up, Harry, come on.
Oh, wait, hello, Philip,
give us a hand, will you?
Out you go.
(romantic piano music)
[Philip] Don't worry,
half his mind's busy
making his next million.
What's the other half working on?
How to spend it.
You know, I thought
this drink-in was over.
It is, I'm just breaking it to them.
Allow me.
- Off you go.
- Come on, sweetheart.
Let's get some air, shall we?
[Philip] Here we go.
Floating bloody (mumbling),
that's what this is.
Haven't you found yourself something yet?
I'm on watch, ain't I?
Yeah, cheers.
(soft bright piano music)
(people chattering)
(tense music)
(soft romantic piano music)
Have we met?
At the altar 10 years ago, remember?
I was the girl in white.
Oh, I remember.
Enjoy the honeymoon?
I thought we were still at the reception.
I don't know.
Come on, dear.
Put him down, get your coat.
Off you go.
(soft romantic piano music)
You're late, you missed a great party.
On the contrary, I could
both hear and smell it
from the casino.
Your mail.
(soft romantic piano music)
Cocoa, sir?
Thank you.
All away?
- Anything I can do?
- No.
Fine, see you at lunch.
(soft romantic piano music)
(tense music)
(soft romantic piano music)
(metallic clattering)
Tell Captain (mumbling)
gotta get on their way.
- Yes, sir.
- Now!
Nothing I can't run away from.
That's why I'm rich, I know when to run.
Right, get the hook-up
and start engines.
Start the engines?
Thought we were here for a fortnight.
Well, I'm sorry to inconvenience you,
but the owner would like to sail,
with your permission, of course.
(tense music)
(boat engine rumbling)
(anchor clicking)
(tense sultry music)
[George] Did somebody forget you?
Forget me?
The last bus has gone.
How do you plan on getting back?
I'm not going back, I can't.
That's all right, 'cause neither can I.
I won't be any trouble.
You're not one of the guests, are you?
[George] What are you doing here?
Please, don't ask me.
All right, I've got a
couple of secrets myself.
What's this, a little souvenir
from the French Riviera?
Just show the young lady to her cabin.
Come along before you turn blue.
I'll ask my husband the
appropriate questions later.
(seagulls squawking)
Tell me something, Phil,
as a professional head shrinker...
Anyone who calls a
psychiatrist a head shrinker
needs a psychiatrist.
I need a psychiatrist.
Look, I'm on holiday,
at least that's what you invited me for.
Ah, but that is the problem,
we have another guest, uninvited.
Well, I could swear that
I have just been talking,
on the upper deck, to a young lady
of considerable endowments.
That's good.
Practically no clothes on.
That's good too, so what's your problem?
What's my problem?
You'll feel better after
you've had some sleep.
I mustn't sleep.
Why not?
I don't throw George's
girls to the sharks.
Not anymore, not enough sharks.
I don't want to sleep.
Suit yourself.
I do see what you mean.
(tense music)
(warm music)
Kallikrates, come closer, come.
Look now, across the ages.
Can you see her?
(warm music)
(tense music)
A telegram.
I take it you've been caught
in another double deal.
Well, that's original anyway.
My dear one, I am telling
you the truth about the girl.
Cub's honor.
Well, then she's a bit
of a mystery, isn't she?
She is!
She is, to me, as well as you,
I'm sorry to say.
(tense music)
(warm music)
(tense music)
Who are you?
[Philip] Friend of George's.
Yes, the man who owns this boat.
Oh, yes, I remember.
What was it, a nightmare?
What was what?
Well, you were shouting
a name or something.
Yes, it must have been a nightmare.
Do you want to tell me about it?
Is there anything I can get you, a drink?
Now, you try and get back to sleep.
(Carol moans in agreement)
Thank you.
Funny, but we're all sat round here,
we don't even know your name.
It's Carol.
Where are you from, Carol?
From Scandinavia.
Any particular part of it?
Yes, of course.
I know that part of
the world pretty well,
and your accent isn't Scandinavian.
I've been to so many places.
Look, you owe me something too,
perhaps a little trust and a
few answers that make sense!
If you'll excuse me, please.
Next time, try hitting her over the head
with a cricket bat.
I'm getting a bit fed
up with this mystery!
Well, you and me both,
but there are ways and ways, excuse me.
Thank you.
You know, there was a time
when women weren't allowed on board ships.
A strange girl she is.
(sultry jazz music)
George asked me to apologize.
He didn't mean to upset you.
I should apologize to him.
He doesn't know much about you,
and it's not fair to
expect him to take you
completely on trust.
Yes, I know.
Who are you, Carol, and
where do you come from?
I don't know who I am.
I wish I could explain to
you, but I am so confused.
Sometimes, I feel I have
been traveling all my life,
and sometimes, for a moment,
I seem to know who I am.
Then, just as I begin to
recognize people and things,
the memory goes, and my
mind is in torment again.
I don't want to force my
help on you, none of us do.
But if you want help, you've
only got to ask for it.
Thank you, you are very kind.
(seagulls squawking)
What's your heading?
We're locked on Montreal.
We can run for a few days here.
Keep her running.
You fancy her?
You mark my words,
she's bad luck, that one.
Thank you, that's all I need.
If it was up to me, I'd
throw her right back in the sea
where she came from.
Excuse me, sir, this just
came over the RT for you.
(seagulls squawking)
(George panting)
Are you all right?
(George groaning)
Now, what brought this on?
(George groaning)
Large size trouble in North Africa.
Oh, to hell with
trouble in North Africa.
You've made your money, George.
Now, I'm warning you, slow down.
How much do you think
your heart will take?
Ah, there's nothing wrong with my heart.
Is that what you want as an epitaph?
Look, it's my heart.
Tell Harry to alter course, just anywhere.
All right, but I don't want
you to move out of that chair.
(George groaning)
George, George, come on, relax.
Harry was right, it sounds crazy,
but everything was going great
until that bloody girl came on board.
It is crazy, that has
got nothing to do with her.
Now just you take it easy.
(sultry jazz music)
(tense music)
(Carol gasping)
(Carol panting)
We are going the wrong way!
[Harry] What?
Please, turn back!
Watch your heading.
Oh, please, you must!
Better discuss it with the others, miss.
We are turning, we
are going the wrong way.
You must turn back.
Now listen to me, this is my boat,
it goes where I want it to go,
do you understand?
You must turn back!
(tense music)
(Carol groaning and shrieking)
(lively sultry jazz music)
(George splashing in water)
(Harry mumbling)
(lively sultry jazz music)
What happened?
Girl went over the side,
George went in after her.
(lively sultry jazz music)
(tense music)
He's in trouble.
(Philip splashing)
(lively sultry jazz music)
(George sputtering)
Hold on, George, hold on!
(lively sultry jazz music)
(George gasping and coughing)
[Harry] Get a blanket around her.
[Sheila] Right.
(lively sultry jazz music)
(Carol coughing)
Brandy, quickly.
(Carol coughing)
(tense music)
(pensive music)
If there's anything I can do, madam.
All right, Harry.
Oh, Harry,
we better head for the nearest port.
There's bound to be an inquest.
North Africa, I should think.
Yeah, it's as good as anywhere.
Please don't make a fuss, Philip.
I'm all right.
I can't tell you how sorry I am.
I know.
(boat roaring through water)
(tense music)
[Men-Hari] Ayesha,
Ayesha, Ayesha, Ayesha.
Ayesha, Ayesha,
Ayesha, Ayesha,
Ayesha, Ayesha!
(Carol gasping)
Who is Ayesha?
I'm Ayesha.
How do you know this?
The voices.
I see their faces, strange faces.
It's all mixed up.
Are these people trying to harm you?
I am not there yet, where they are,
but he keeps calling me.
He's always calling me.
What does he say?
Ayesha, and when he says that,
I know, somehow, he means me.
Why is he calling you?
There is another man,
a man who never dies.
He calls me for him.
It all happened long ago,
long before I was born,
like a dream of the past that's
somehow part of the future.
How do you know which way to go?
I get noises in my head.
It hurts so!
I've tried to fight it, taking
things to stop the pain,
but nothing works.
On and on and on, until
my mind is on fire,
and it only stops...
When I go the way I have to go.
Do you have the pain now?
I didn't want George to
die, but it was my fault.
They were calling me, and
I couldn't go to them,
so they killed him.
It was the same with the man in the truck.
Carol, Carol, listen to me.
I'm gonna give you another
injection to make you sleep.
We'll talk again when you wake up.
I'll do all I can to help, just trust me.
(boat engine rumbling)
I'll turn the yacht over to
the agents and fix the hotel.
Your gear's here with mine.
[Philip] Fine, do you want a hand?
Mrs. Carter get off all right?
Yeah, where's Carol?
She's gone.
What do you mean gone?
Well, just after you
left with Mrs. Carter.
She flogged a bit of jewelry
to number one and off she went.
Didn't she say anything?
Aw, come on, Phil, what do you expect?
No more yacht, what does she need us for?
Look, Harry, the girl's
sick and she needs help.
Check us into the hotel, will you?
I'll see you later.
(boat engine rumbling)
(tense music)
(warm music)
Men-Hari, the wheel of life
has turned as you foretold,
and Ayesha has been reborn.
She is mine, and I have need of her.
With her by my side, Kuma will once again
become as great as it was in the days
when Ayesha was its queen.
She must come to me as
you promised she would,
or I will never give you the
immortality you so much desire.
Is this the sort of
immortality you want?
Do not hear, young Kallikrates,
or better still, ask him one question.
Through the mind of the
seer, I have used my power
to draw Ayesha here.
We know that Za-Tor has
advised against our cause,
but ask him now if he has not
looked through the seer's eyes
and without your knowledge,
striven to turn Ayesha aside.
[Kallikrates] Is this true, Za-Tor?
(tense music)
(people chattering)
(children chattering in foreign language)
(goats bleating)
(children chattering in foreign language)
(man yelling in foreign language)
Thank you.
(speaking in foreign language)
I am Kassim at your service.
You are in trouble?
Perhaps I can help you.
Come with me.
She went south, took
a bus to (mumbling).
What time's the next bus?
You guessed I'd know
the answer to that one.
In an hour.
Look, Phil, I said it
before and I'll say it again,
that girl is a nut.
She's nothing but trouble.
Why don't you just quietly
and simply forget her?
All right, I know, you can't forget her.
That takes care of my immediate future.
I'll just slip into
something more comfortable,
I'll see you down here in 15 minutes.
What, do you mean you're coming with me?
Look, I know the desert and you don't,
and you're gonna need somebody
to navigate for you, right?
Thanks, Harry.
You have eaten enough?
Thank you, it was very good.
(bell ringing)
(soft mysterious music)
How did you know about everything,
even before I told you?
I did not know
everything, only something.
Did you read my thoughts?
I do not have that
power, although it exists,
but I have a certain psychic ability.
This man,
the one who sends for
you, who calls you Ayesha,
he is protected by a black shield,
not on a physical plane,
but on the astral.
He is immortal, he will never die.
And he is drawing you to him.
But why, why me?
No, others are drawing you to him.
Their power is very great.
I had thought such power was
lost to mankind long ages ago,
but they are masters of it.
Can they make me see
things, make things happen,
even from far away?
Their skill lies in the understanding
and the use of the human
mind's deepest powers,
magnified by ritual and by
symbols into a real living force
for good or for evil.
Who are they?
Who is this man who will never die?
Much is veiled from my eyes.
I know only that this man
and the adepts who serve him
would bring upon you great evil,
but I will help you break their grip.
I have not studied the occult all my life
without gaining some small skill.
What do you want me to do?
But first, I must remove
your mind from the conflict.
It will be safer.
Lie back.
And sleep.
Deal with him.
It is not so simple, my lord.
The man's a scholar and a mystic.
He is aware of our influence
and he has a rudimentary power of his own.
So the old man knows a few tricks.
But you are the Magi.
Can he stand against the
race that founded the art
in which he is a novice?
The man is not an adept as we are,
but in conflicts of this nature,
it is always easier to
defend than to attack.
Men-Hari, your forebearers
turned aside from mankind,
and in solitude, the Magi sought and found
the powers that lie only in the mind.
For 50 centuries, your
people made progress,
but age and death always set the barrier.
But only I, Kallikrates,
can destroy that barrier.
I can give you time, I
can give you immortality.
For 50 centuries, we
have held ourselves apart
from the world to seek the
growth of mind and spirit.
We have traveled far along that path.
Soon, we shall be ready
to go out into the world
bearing all the gifts of our
wisdom, solving all problems,
teaching the world to live
in peace and happiness.
What are a few centuries
to us, my brethren?
They are death for us,
for our children's children,
and perhaps for all humanity.
Mankind is poised to destroy itself.
Can we save a world that
is burnt to a cinder?
But given immortality, we can
fulfill our golden purpose
within a single generation.
Our minds and bodies will
remain strong forever,
and we can unfold the golden
mysteries of the universe
for the salvation of all mankind.
It is a dark, unlawful
deed you will do, Men-Hari,
evil in essence, malignant in effect.
Shun its whispering temptation.
We have chosen.
Za-Tor no longer leads the Magi.
We follow Men-Hari.
We must destroy this man.
I hear the beat of dark wings,
and I know that our
great and storied order
has fallen at last.
(pensive music)
Come, my brethren.
We have much to do.
(crickets chirping)
(singing in foreign language)
(moaning softly)
our key, we timeless ones,
the elementals of the earth, of the air,
and of fire, and of water,
take heed of my commands.
I, (mumbling) and to whom is
given the power and authority
to heed down through eons
of time, my voice calls.
Take heed.
Come, Atzil, elemental of the air,
was when time was not.
Oh, Atzil, defy me not for
I am dominion over thee.
Come, come, I command,
in the most aghast, dread, and secret name
of the supreme prince of darkness,
his archangels and angels of darkness,
and his legions draw
near and do my bidding.
I command,
I command.
(wind whistling)
(singing in foreign language)
Atzil, I who have the
ancient wisdom and power
to command thee, go
forth and do my bidding.
Go forth and destroy this
man with little knowledge,
who dares to interfere,
go forth and destroy him.
(singing in foreign language)
In the name of all the
forces that are in the air,
and upon the earth and under the sea,
in the name of my companions
of fire, earth, and water,
(speaking in foreign
language) I command thee
go forth and destroy him.
I command.
(loud popping)
I command.
I command!
(fire crackling)
(wind whistling)
(singing in foreign language)
(mysterious pensive music)
(wind whistling)
Thus, Atzil, it pleases me
to offer thee this sacrifice.
(loud popping)
(Carol screaming)
(dramatic pensive music)
(wind blowing)
(wind whistling)
(speaking drowned out by wind blowing)
(Kassim screaming)
(thunder cracking)
[Men-Hari] Ayesha, Ayesha, Ayesha.
I'm coming.
- Ayesha, Ayesha.
- Yes, I'm coming.
- Ayesha, Ayesha.
- I'm coming, I'm coming.
[Men-Hari] Ayesha.
[Carol] I'm coming.
Hey, Harry, try him.
(speaking in foreign language)
(children chattering in foreign language)
(speaking in foreign language)
(children chattering in foreign language)
They've seen her?
(children chattering in foreign language)
(sultry jazz music)
How 'bout this?
Looks fine.
(sultry jazz music)
(car engine rumbling)
(tense droning)
(car rattling)
(speaking in foreign language)
(man laughing)
(Carol groaning)
Which way?
[Harry] You tell me.
Horsemen, maybe he's seen her.
(car engine rumbling)
(speaking in foreign language)
Never mind the chatter,
has he seen the girl?
(speaking in foreign language)
Ooh, what's Jaffa for long blonde hair?
Harry, is he wearing her scarf?
(speaking in foreign language)
After him.
(car engine rumbling)
(horse galloping)
(man screaming)
(horse whinnying)
Got him.
Watch out!
(car engine rumbling)
(car rattling and clanging)
You all right, Phil?
The Land Rover's finished.
Come on, let's go get him.
(speaking in foreign language)
(mysterious pensive music)
(rocks sliding) (tense music)
(pensive music)
(mysterious pensive music)
Don't drink that, Harry,
what do you think you're doing?
Come on.
(mysterious pensive music)
(Harry groaning and sputtering)
(tense music)
Tell you what, Harry,
let's stop at the next pub.
I'll buy you three
gallons of beer, no more.
Can't have you getting drunk.
How does that sound, Harry?
(man yelling)
(men grunting)
What have you done with the girl?
Where is she?
(man groaning)
(Philip yelling)
(man groaning)
(sultry jazz music)
(sultry jazz music)
Well, Harry,
that's about all we can do.
Better get moving.
(sultry jazz music)
Philip, don't try to take me back.
They'll kill you if you try
to stop me getting there.
I wasn't trying to stop you, Carol.
If you gotta find out what lies
at the end of your journey,
it's the only way, for both of us.
You believe it now?
I don't know what I believe,
but I know I don't want to leave you.
Phil, I'm not Ayesha, I am me.
I don't belong to him.
No, you're not Ayesha,
and the only man you belong to
is the one you choose yourself.
Come on.
Ayesha draws near, my lord.
She will soon reach Kuma.
But will it be soon enough?
The turning of the stars bring a time
when my secret can give you immortality.
But when that time is passed,
those fleeting minutes gone,
the secret is worthless
until once again, the
stars unlock its power.
But that will not happen again
in your lifetime, Men-Hari.
If Ayesha is not here before the hour
when she can be made immortal,
you also will lose that prize.
If that prize were for myself alone,
I would gladly spurn it.
Eternal life is not a fate I desire.
It is the burden I will humbly accept
as my duty towards mankind.
You do not know the true
weight of that burden, my friend.
For you, that burden
will become as wings
with Ayesha by your side.
She will be here in time, I promise you.
There are many dangers
for a woman alone.
If only I could go to meet her.
This you may not do, my lord.
No one in the outside
world must know of Kuma
until we are ready to reveal it.
Thus, we can only guide her footsteps
through the powers of
the mind as best we can.
But do not concern yourself.
She is not alone.
Who, then, is with her?
A man, a doctor of the modern
world, a doctor of the mind.
Of the mind?
There is nothing to fear,
I have her in my care.
You will turn him back.
It is not so simple, she
has become dependent upon him.
Remember, her mind is
yet that of a mortal.
It has been of necessity,
strained and tortured
to the point of collapse.
You're saying she needs
this man, this doctor?
It would not be wise
to dispense with him yet.
I cannot control a mind that is ruined.
But you will rid me of him?
As I would brush a scorpion
from your path, my lord.
(tense pensive music)
That's the way we have to go.
(tense pensive music)
Let me help.
Thank you.
(tense pensive music)
(sharp tense music)
(Carol panting)
(pensive music)
(dramatic tense music)
It's me.
(dramatic tense music)
(warm pensive music)
No, I, I...
Welcome to Kuma, Ayesha,
she for whom Kallikrates
has waited so long.
Who are you?
My name is Men-Hari, your servant.
(dramatic tense music)
(warm pensive music)
(tense music)
(pensive music)
(Philip groaning)
(tense pensive music)
(tense music)
I have brought her to
you in time, as I promised.
You've done well, Men-Hari,
but why do you not bring
her to me immediately?
Patience, my lord.
Her journey taxed her strength severely,
but even now, she's
preparing for your meeting.
Good, see she has everything she needs.
Of course, my lord.
(soft pensive music)
(water splashing)
We must hurry.
Kallikrates awaits her in the throne room.
She will soon be
robed and ready for him.
Is it possible she's
even more beautiful?
Her beauty blinds you.
Remember my words, she will
turn Kallikrates against you,
and when the hour comes,
she will not let another
gain immortality with her.
Still your jealous tongue.
She will not chance a
rival for power in you.
Go, get her ready.
You should sleep, master.
Not yet.
What is it you write of such importance?
All of my thoughts.
They are troubled thoughts.
It is because she comes
and because she brings evil to Kuma.
We dream to rid the world of evil.
Should we then fear it in our midst?
(dramatic tense music)
(melancholic pensive music)
She has returned to Kuma.
Kallikrates is no longer alone,
for Ayesha rules with him again.
(melancholic pensive music)
(tense music)
We have met before in my dreams.
But not in mine.
No dream of mine would
dare attempt such beauty.
Do not bow your head to me.
You are Ayesha, the queen,
the goddess of Kuma.
Alas, this night is only
for our eyes to meet,
for much is yet to be done.
Tomorrow, we will meet again,
and I will show you the lost city of Kuma,
which you once knew better than I,
which you once ruled before I came.
Which I once ruled?
(tense music)
You must be patient with me.
A patience to tax the
strength of 1,000 men.
But this night will pass.
The coming day and...
And then?
It is better you part now.
Her mind is tired.
Till tomorrow then.
It is right, what you said,
my burden will become as wings.
My lord.
Come, Ayesha.
(warm music)
You are afraid of what lies before,
you feel alone and friendless?
There is nothing to fear.
You have the love of a man for whom
I would gladly give my life,
and the friendship of your
humble servant (mumbling).
I will need a friend.
If only I knew what was to come,
even more of what has passed.
I feel I am Ayesha.
If that is true, I do not know myself.
Shall I tell you of yourself?
Please, tell me.
I will tell you so that
your dreams this night
may dwell on visions of Ayesha,
that you may awake knowing
who she is, who you are.
Above all, she was beautiful, as you are.
(tense music)
The people of her kingdom called
her She Who Must Be Obeyed.
She alone knew the secret
of the sacred flame,
and she was immortal.
(tense music)
She gave no quarter to
those who disobeyed.
(tense music)
(spear thudding)
(women screaming)
(people crying)
(women screaming)
No man could destroy her,
and she feared no man.
But one man ruled her heart.
She offered him her kingdom
and let him through the sacred flame.
In so doing, she was destroyed,
leaving him immortal, but alone,
waiting only for the time
when Ayesha would come to him again.
(tense pensive music)
(mysterious exotic music)
Get 'em out of here.
But they are for your pleasure.
You are an honored guest.
I am an honored prisoner,
and I'm not an idiot.
Now go on, get 'em out.
As you wish.
Wait a minute.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be rude.
Look, I'd like to know
something about this place.
Won't you tell me about it?
Tell me from whence you
come, and how you bring Ayesha.
She is not Ayesha, her name is Carol.
The woman you arrived with is Ayesha.
Who are you?
I am Kallikrates.
Leave us, Sharna.
Why do you say she is not Ayesha?
She's an ordinary mortal, nothing more.
She is Ayesha.
She has returned to me, to
Kuma, and to our people.
Why do you believe
this, because you want to?
I believe it because it is true.
My eyes tell me she is Ayesha,
all my senses tell me,
and Men-Hari tells me.
Yes, well, our senses can be deceived,
and a man can lie for
his own hidden purpose.
You cling to your illusion
because you love her.
And you cling to yours
because you love someone else.
Well, go on then, bring her to me.
Let her speak for herself.
It would amuse me to do so.
(pensive music)
Does it please you, Ayesha?
I find it hard to believe.
It belongs to Ayesha, to her alone,
this valley, this richest of kingdoms,
this paradise which
lives only for its queen,
for you, when you become immortal.
(tense music)
I'm beginning to feel
I have been here before.
Come, I will show you
more of your kingdom.
Come, Men-Hari.
I am Za-Tor of the Magi.
The Magi, the wisemen of Chaldea?
We of the Magi are their descendants.
Where is Carol, the
girl who was with me?
She walks through Kuma with Kallikrates.
So you realize she's not Ayesha?
You must talk quietly.
A flame, sacred flame,
the mortal who enters it becomes immortal,
but there are two conditions.
The person must enter the flame willingly,
and then only with the consent,
the blessing of Kallikrates.
But she'll never enter it willingly.
She's frightened, she was
forced to come to Kuma.
She belongs to another world.
It does not matter, she
will enter the flame gladly.
Men-Hari has her mind in bondage.
It makes her as Kallikrates
wishes her to be,
as Ayesha would be.
And when it is done, she
will become the real Ayesha.
But Za-Tor, you cannot
let this thing happen.
She doesn't belong here.
Perhaps it may be
better she become Ayesha.
Kallikrates has also promised
the gift of immortality to Men-Hari.
Kallikrates is weak,
Ayesha will be strong,
perhaps strong enough to oppose Men-Hari.
But if you feel like
this, why did you come here?
Because I am full of doubt.
I fear that what Men-Hari is doing
will be the end of the
Magi, even of Kuma itself.
Perhaps I should oppose him,
but first, I must be sure
that I am right to interfere.
Well, how can I help?
You must tell me of the
world outside, your world,
(pickaxes clanging against rock)
[Slaves] Ayesha, Ayesha, Ayesha.
[Slave] Ayesha!
these are yours to do with as
you please, as you made it,
as is all of Kuma.
(tense music)
This man is a stranger to Kuma.
Do you know him, Ayesha?
(tense pensive music)
I do not know this man.
Carol, it's me, Philip!
(tense pensive music)
Carol, for God's sake, do
you remember the yacht?
Do you remember George?
(loud thudding)
Come, we have given him
the proof he demanded.
(tense pensive music)
Leave us!
You also, Men-Hari.
I have no further need
of you for the moment.
Come, quickly.
(warm music)
We have not long to wait.
Do you remember the flame, Ayesha?
You see that star, the bright one?
That's the Star of Seth.
Tonight, when it shines
through the twin peaks of Kuma,
the flame will appear.
And when the flame grows cold,
you will pass through
it and be made immortal.
Oh, I've waited so long for you,
my love, my only love.
(warm music)
Come, I will show you the
source of the sacred flame,
unknown even to the Magi.
(warm music)
(tense pensive music)
There is the flame held in bond, Ayesha,
but soon, it will be released.
Tonight, the Star of Seth will shine
between the twin peaks and then...
Come and sit down.
Listen, there is very little time.
Tonight, the flame will be released.
If there is anything to be
done, it must be done quickly.
Locked up in here, what can I do?
We want the same thing, you and I,
to get your woman away
from here, away from Kuma.
My life is nothing without Kallikrates,
and since she came, he
has eyes only for her.
Help me to get out of this room.
If I can just see her and speak to her,
I promise you we'll leave Kuma,
and you'll have no rival for Kallikrates.
But what can we do?
They're playing some trick on her mind.
In the world where I
come from, I'm a doctor,
a doctor of the mind, and
I can make her understand
she is not Ayesha.
If I can just get to talk to her,
she'll want me to take her away.
But I think Men-Hari's grip
is too strong for you to break.
No, no, because there's
one thing stronger
than Men-Hari's grip on her.
I love her, Sharna, do you understand?
- I will help you.
- Good.
Follow me, but do not hesitate
once we are out of this door.
I will show you where she
is, then I shall leave you.
Come, quickly, before I'm missed.
(knocking on door)
I will take this man to Kallikrates alone.
He has commanded it.
(pensive music)
I must leave you now.
Follow these tunnels until you
reach Kallikrates's chamber.
Take care, the guards are everywhere.
Thank you.
Today, I spoke with one
from the world outside.
His words were few, but to enter his mind
was like treading a new planet.
you have heard the tales
of Ayesha's cruelty.
They are still whispered among you.
You must save yourselves.
There is a world outside Kuma
where you and your kind can be free,
free from Ayesha, free from
Kallikrates, free from us.
If she who will become
Ayesha enters the flame,
you are all lost.
If Men-Hari does, the world will be.
I cannot make you find your freedom.
This, you must do for yourselves.
Go now, quickly, assemble the others.
I will come to you.
Now, don't ask me how I
got here, there's isn't time.
Listen, I am setting
great mischief afoot in Kuma
this night by putting
the thought of freedom
into the minds of the slaves.
Yes, now where's the girl?
She is with Kallikrates.
How do I find her?
This man will guide you
there, but go quickly.
Men-Hari will be here at any moment.
This way, master.
(tense pensive music)
(tense music)
[Kallikrates] Soon, soon, Ayesha,
when the light from the
star touches the flame.
(tense music)
(tense pensive music)
(scuffling echoing in tunnel)
The low ones, they have never
left their tunnels before.
(tense music)
(fire roaring)
In a short while, the
flame will burn cold.
That is the moment, Ayesha.
That is when its embrace
will give you immortality.
(fire blazing)
(slave yelling)
(people yelling)
(weapons clanging)
(punches thudding)
(fire blazing)
Not yet, my love, not
till the flame burns cold.
I cannot lead you through, Ayesha.
When the flame embraces for
a second time, it destroys.
But there's nothing to fear.
Get out!
Leave this chamber!
Carol, quickly, while
there's still time.
(men groaning)
(fire blazing)
Quickly, the moment is upon us.
The flame will soon be
ready for you, Ayesha.
(tense pensive music)
Do not let her go into the flame.
This place is forbidden to you.
Men-Hari, she will never
let you have immortality.
I hold her mind captive.
She will do as I wish,
and so will Kallikrates.
don't be afraid.
(tense pensive music)
Remember the nightmares?
You hated the nightmares.
He used them to bring you here.
And there was Kassim, but they
killed Kassim, didn't they?
They killed anyone who wanted to help you.
You were afraid they'd kill the other man.
Remember the other man,
the doctor on the boat
who took you through the
desert and brought you here?
Do you remember him?
What was his name now?
What was his name?
Don't go through the flame, Carol.
Don't go through the flame.
Go through the flame, Ayesha, quickly,
before it changes!
(tense music)
Take her, Men-Hari, walk
with her through the flame.
She will be my queen,
you, my trusted friend.
At your command, my lord.
[Philip] You're a fool, Kallikrates.
Come, quickly!
Ayesha has not been
reborn, can't you see?
Men-Hari found her in the world outside
and brought her to you,
but only so you'd give him immortality.
He lies!
I would not deceive you, my lord.
It is true, Kallikrates.
She is not Ayesha.
Don't listen to him!
Is this true?
Kallikrates, you know that
which I speak is always true.
He desires immortality so that
he might conquer the world.
This is why he would sacrifice his soul.
(tense pensive music)
Let him go, let him go!
Let him go.
Let them both go.
The woman is his.
I can make her Ayesha!
She will go through the
flame and emerge as Ayesha,
I swear it!
There is only one Ayesha,
and she has yet to be reborn.
You have betrayed me, Men-Hari.
There shall be no immortality for you.
I withdraw from you my
blessing to enter the flame.
I had the world and
eternity here in my hands,
and you took them away!
(dramatic tense music)
(Za-Tor groaning)
[Sharna] (gasping) Za-Tor!
Meddling fool!
[Kallikrates] Guards!
(dramatic tense music)
There was a time when immortality
seemed the way to
enchantment and happiness.
Now I yearn for death.
The flame will give me what I desire.
(tense pensive music)
[Sharna] No!
Oh, no!
[Philip] Sharna!
(tense pensive music)
(Sharna sobbing)
(tense music)
(people yelling)
(dress ripping)
(Philip groaning)
(fire blazing)
my son.
(mumbling) Oh, wondrous spirit,
oh, the prince of light,
I beseech thee, destroy
this city of inequity,
which, in its pride and folly,
has taken the dark path,
and cleanse thy people
who have given themselves
unto wickedness.
I beseech thee,
I beseech thee.
(dramatic tense music)
(fire roaring)
(man screaming)
(rocks rumbling and clattering)
(people screaming)