The Very Private Life of Mister Sim (2015) Movie Script

- There is a bar?
- Yes, indeed.
Here you are. Your seat is here.
- Thank you.
- Have a nice trip!
It's the first time I'm upgraded to Premium!
My lucky day!
You were at the Lookea club too?
Ah, Lookea! I guess you don't know...
Ah, it's, it's... It's perfect.
When you are a family, with toddlers...
They take care of everything, we are really at ease...
You feel really safe there.
- You have little children?
- No.
I have a 13 years old daughter.
Lucie. But this time, I was alone.
And, Lookea... It's not for lonely people.
That's why it feels so good to have a real conversation with someone!
Of course, you think "why is he going alone in Lookea"?
What happened is, my wife Caroline bought the trip on Internet...
... like 10 months ago,
and she left me one month later.
and I warned her, I said "take an cancellation insurance".
"you never know, just in case".
She didn't want.
And after that, I lost my job...
Depression, etc....
But I'm much better now.
And thanks to this stopover in Brindisi, I will visit my dad,
who is living down there, in the Apulia area.
I haven't seen him in 2 years.
Do you remember where you were when Jean Poperen died?
Jean Poperen?
I remember.
Because it's exactly the day I met Caroline.
You, I don't know, but I really liked Jean Poperen.
- He was number 3 in the organisation of the Socialist Party !
- Ah, yes...
With the colleagues, we were going to Leon de Bruxelles at noon...
Because we liked it, and by the way, Leon, it's not only the mussels!
People are like "Mussels, mussels", but no, there are other things.
their menu is extensive, they have salads, fries of course,
Whatever. Colleagues go at one table, I'm going to another one,
and they ask Caroline to join them.
But no! She comes to MY table.
One of the best moments of my life.
- Can I?
- Yes.
- Sim. Franois Sim. Like the card.
She was very pretty.
She had a voice... like a sour patch candy. Very pretty.
I work in HR, on the other side.
I'm very sensitive to voices.
She was HR director in an insurance company.
- But I want to become a writer.
- Ah... It's good.
But she did not.
These things happen slowly. One day, you realize...
Ah, can we have 2 glass of champaign?
Since it's free on Premium...
Your friend doesn't look good...
- What's happening to him?
- Well, I think he's dead.
- Not at all, we were chatting...
- Yes, He is.
Do you think it's linked with what I was saying?
- No.
- Because, to be "boring to death", it's not a legend...
It comes from somewhere...
Your trip was good?
Well, I will prepare your room. I'll be back.
Where does she live now, Caroline?
- Clermont.
- So, you often drive between Bourg-en-Bresse and Clermont.
Sometimes, yes.
And you take the A75, until Tournus?
I was sure. It's not the best way.
You have to leave Bourg-en-Bresse by the north.
Here you go. You take the D979 until Viriat.
This way, you drive around Macon.
- And, around the airport, you will take the N489...
- Ah...
- Then you go to Tarrar, and you are on the highway...
- Sure.
- You pass by Gresolles...
- Are we going to have lunch?
No... I'm a bit tired...
But you can go.
It's not too busy at this time, it's gonna be OK.
Say, can you pass by the apartment in Roanne, pick up a folder for me?
Sure. Why do you keep this place, empty and useless?
It's a brown folder. It's called "My Flower of Evil".
You may actually read it.
Then you'll understand why you were born.
Now, I'm 3 hours early. You don't want to have a coffee?
- No, thanks, I'm afraid of the traffic jams. We were lucky...
- Yes, sure.
Excuse me. Am I wrong, or you are stalking me?
- Ah, no, not particularly...
- No?
- So... What were you doing?
- What I was doing? Well...
I was working for a department store, and I left.
And now, I'm better. I feel like things will get better.
And you? I saw you record stuff... Advertisement?
So... I record sounds in airports so that businessmen
can pretend they are on a business trip to their wives.
I make cheating easy.
I provide alibis.
You don't have problems with that?
No. But Samuel thinks like you.
- Your husband?
- No, My uncle. I like him a lot.
It's for me. I have to go.
- I take the same one.
- Really?
- My name is Poppy.
- Franois Sim. Like the card.
- You know, I'm in a big depression since 6 months.
- Really?
People who are not depressed are a bit stupid anyway, right?
- Do you have someone to talk with?
- Not really.
Well... I have 70 friends on Facebook!
Can I help you? Are you looking for something?
- Could I borrow your mobile phone?
- Of course.
I have to make a call and my battery is empty.
- Can't catch it... Here you go.
- Thank you very much, very kind.
- You can call, I took the code away.
- This is the iPhone 4?
Ah no, no... This is the 5.
- I'm the man you stole the phone from.
- Yes.
I wanted to ask, if people call, can you give my home number?
- especially a young woman called Poppy.
- Yes, yes. Sure.
Well thank you. It's very k...
- Poppy?
- Franois, it's Gabriel. Still at home? Are you free tomorrow?
- Tomorrow, sure...
- I need to talk to you about toothbrushes.
4 salesmen go all around France :
Bretagne, Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur, Nord-Pas-De-Calais, Pays Basque.
And Audrey found our motto :
"IP009, sink your teeth in your future".
"sink your teeth", ha ha...
Gabriel told me you were a great salesman, serious, motivated...
We thought about you for the 4th salesman.
You would have a 3008 black crossover, with a panoramic roof...
- And a GoPro HD camera.
- In order to make a video diary.
It's 1000 euros by mission, with a percentage on commands of course.
- And I would go where? Nord-Pas-De-Calais?
- Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur!
And Alain had a stroke of genius when he created
the IP005, the eco-friendly toothbrush!
pine tree handle, 100% european, with a boar hairs brush.
- Aren't you afraid people will hate the pig's hairs?
- Not at all.
For conservatives, we also have the IP007,
plastic handle but removable head.
I leave you to guys it, I have to make a call.
And here is the jewel of the crown.
IP009. Removable head. Hazel wood handle.
Therefore more supple.
You wanna try?
Come on, go ahead, it's brand new!
You will see, it's something...
- Ah yes...
- See? How comfortable?...
Lise. It's the nickname I found to spy on Caroline,
She spends some time on this website, I managed to contact her.
I design fancy jewelry.
Aren't you working this afternoon, question mark?
Well there is not much people today at the shop, with this weather.
And you? Are you alone?
With my daughter. Locked in her room.
You know that, you and your teenagers, dot.
Exactly. How is your daughter? Lucie, right?
She's OK. She got her period for the first time 2 days ago.
We celebrated at the restaurant together, exclamation mark.
Does her father know?
Her father? He's so uptight,
I feel like he's stuck in last century.
- My husband just came back, I have to go.
- But I thought you were in your shop, quest...
- Hello, it's Poppy. I'm not disturbing?
- Not at all, not at all, I'm happy.
- Would you come over for dinner tomorrow evening?
Wait, I... I'm checking if... I'm available...
- Well, tomorrow, OK.
- Great!
I want your trip to be "clean". Our product is eco-friendly,
our advertisement shall be as well.
- Simple as ABC. Audrey?
- The one who will come back with the lowest gas consumption...
... will have a 1000 euros bonus.
It's the "cleanliness contract".
Absolutely. You are not racing, you are here to deliver the good news :
Thanks to BioBuccal, a revolution is taking place
in the world of oral health.
Let me say, "BioBuccal, sink your teeth in your future".
I got you a first appointment at a dentist in Villefranche,
and then it's up to you.
- Ah? And everyone gets a first appointment, like this?
- No.
in 100 meters, turn right.
Mister Sim, come in, we were expecting you.
I'm Poppy's mother.
I'm glad you came!
You OK? I'm going to introduce you to my uncle. You remember?
- Samuel, this is Franois.
- Hello.
- Franois Sim, you know, I met him at the airport.
- Yes, yes.
My friends, dinner is ready!
And you, in which field are you working?
I was working in leisure articles, for kids. Toys.
- You know, I was working in a library,
I know children quite well...
- You are quite good at this!
- Well, it's my job... Because with 3% interest in a capital venture, it's OK...
But, but... 3% in a capital venture... It's without the interests, right?
- You don't work in finance, right?
- No.
These days, I'm in the toothbrush.
- The toothbrush?
- Yes, I'm taking care of a brand new product,
it's an eco-friendly toothbrush, a revolution for the market,
a great technological progress.
And you have faith in the technological progress
of a toothbrush?
- Well... Yes.
- OK. You do what in the company?
- I'm in sales. I'm actually going on a business trip soon.
You're a peddler.
(in french: colporteur)
Cole Porter, you mean the musician?
Don't you know Cole Porter? Night and Day, I Get a Kick Out of You,
Near to me or far, I think of you...
I think of you, Night and Day... Right.
- It's me. The kid.
- Ah yes, of course.
- And him?
- Donald Crowhurst, the British navigator.
- Do you know?
- No... Well, I know Cole Porter.
This was taken on October 29th, 1968 in Portsmouth.
My parents were fond of sailing, and they took me to
the departure of the first round-the-world solo race.
- Donald Crowhurst was among the 10 competitors.
- Ah, OK.
This was the day before departure. He would never come back.
- He sank?
- He probably jumped out of the boat after 243 days on the sea.
For years, I collected everything about him.
I was obsessed with him.
Donald Crowhurst was an engineer, specialized in electronics.
He was sailing as an amateur.
Every other competitors were experimented sailors.
These are from a documentary
the BBC made about him at the time.
He wanted to prove his family he could cross the globe.
He found a sponsor, which was unusual for the time,
to help build a state-of-the-art boat, the Teignmouth Electron.
but from the very beginning, things looked bad.
but, under pressure from the sponsor, the spectators, the press...
He went for it.
Every competitors passed him by,
and he stayed there, in the middle of the ocean...
The BBC gave him a camera,
so that he could keep a diary...
... Here, he says he feels like a fool in the ocean...
He couldn't come back.
He took too much money from the sponsor,
and he had to finish the race.
He knew that if he continued until Cape Horn,
he would sink along with his boat.
So he stayed like this for weeks, drifting away,
Back home, his wife was very worried.
At the time, there was no satellites...
Then he had a simple idea to escape the trap.
Lying. Lying and sending false positions.
He started pretending he was leading the race,
while actually he was far behind.
- Oh... sorry.
- No, it's OK !
- Am I disturbing? Are you OK?
- Ah, it's great !
I just wanted to say, I will leave now.
We couldn't see each other a lot, so I wanted to make a kiss.
- Maybe you can take me home?
- Sure.
- But, excuse me, but what happened to him?
- After?
- He became mad.
- His idea didn't save him?
- I don't know when I can give it back.
- I'm not in a hurry.
And it will give us an opportunity to meet again.
... And I visit the country... And plus I make a video diary.
- Aren't you afraid you'll get bored?
To get bored? No, no...
I like Provence... And I can make pauses.
My ex-wife and my daughter live in Clermont : I can visit them.
- What do you think?
- Me? I don't know...
- I was wondering, how did you come to my house?
- With my car.
- My own car. Not a 3008, unfortunately.
Now that I think of it, I could have driven home with it. It's stupid.
- I'm stupid, I could think of it too...
- You are stupid indeed ! In a way.
- You didn't understand? - What?
- Why I invited you tonight?
She wanted me to bang her mum !
I really didn't get it ! She wanted me to do her mother, damn !
Lise! How come you are online at this time, question mark?
I was at a dinner tonight, I met someone (Poppy),
he's about 30...
I was a cougar on this one.
What about your evening?
I attended my writing class.
I'm writing these days. I just finished a short story.
Wanna read?
Ah? What is it about?
- It's called "the nettle pit".
- Ah, what a bitch.
You don't have the right to do this to me.
What a funny title !
Lino and Franois were childhood friends.
Lino was a charming man, caring and curious,
while my husband was... He was...
It was 2 years ago, in Provence.
The kind of holiday where everyone gets bored but hides it.
Dad ! You look at me?
- Dad? Can I jump as well?
- Come on, be serious...
Antoine, come see here.
You see the sedimentary layers, here?
It means we are in an ancient chalky tidal reservoir.
This is from the cretaceous period.
Scratch the soil, see if you can find some rocks.
- This is great. What do you understand from that?
- The sea was here at that time?
Was it because of boredom or cowardice?
Franois could never share anything with his daughter.
How could he notice that she was growing up?
- Dad, can I ask a question? - Of course honey.
- Why is grass green? - Aaah, yes, why is it green?...
- That's because... Eeeh... Little wizards get out, with green paint...
They go at night, when grass is grey, and they...
Franois, you look at me?
What I will remember from this day : my husband,
unable to help a child in need.
- If you knew...
- I understood right there that I didn't love this man anymore.
- But did I ever love him?
Look! We were not joking! They are great!
Come, come! Here we are.
OK, so, let's assign the cars to the drivers.
Leyla, you are here.
Jean-Do, this one is yours.
Franois, this is yours... And yours is here. OK?
- The Go-Pros, William, give... This one is yours...
- Let's take a photo all together!
OK, all together... Guys... Smile!
OK, let's applause!
Now, everybody in their cars, let's go!
It's so emotional!
Itinerary on screen. The navigation will start soon.
Take care! Have a nice trip!
I can't hear anything!
Continue for 15 km, then take the Villefranche South exit on the right
I am in the waiting room of Dr Cohen,
in Villefranche/Saone, the first dentist lucky enough
to discover the BioBuccal technology
...Yes, it's 9:50am... You should be here on time...
We are running late, so you have... Wait a minute...
Excuse me, but what are you doing?
I'm making a little video blog for my company
- Ah... If a customer gets in, will you turn it off?
- Yes, yes, of course.
Well, try to be there on time... Thank you.
- Hello, Sim, Franois. I represent the BioBuccal toothbrushes.
I forgot you. I can't today.
Ah, it's too bad, really. You would be impressed
by the quality of our products...
The BioBuccal range is totally eco-responsible...
- Listen, I have a ton of work and 30 minutes to eat...
- Well, I leave a few of them here, you try them and you call me back?
- Your Siam Fighters are magnificent.
- You... You know it?
Ah yes... I bought 2 for my daughter. 2 males, very beautiful.
But what I didn't know at the time,
it's that they systematically fight.
I had the aquarium wrapped, and when I opened it up,
they were killing each other! One was half eaten away...
- My daughter started crying, I was ashamed...
- And you know they organize fights in Thailand?
Yes, I know... As salesmen, they try hard to turn us into Siam Fighters.
But I'm not interested. That's not how I see the job.
- Well, you have everything, thank you for your time...
- You are welcome!
But try them, especially the IP009.
Its micro-cleaning brush with pig hairs, it's a revolution.
Well, yes, my friend... I respect the "cleanliness contract".
In 300 meters, stay on the right.
I exit... now.
Oh, the chicken! The big chicken. "My chicken is so big..."
"It's so big..."
The Madere ham, it's their flagship.
Autogrill is such a great brand.
You don't think so? Because, the problem in these restaurants...
You, usually, you take a starter and a main dish, right?
You eat your starter, and then the dish... Almost cold.
But if you start with the dish, OK, it's hot... Thank you.
But when you get to the starter...
Well, you are not so hungry anymore, you see?
They found the solution: the dish cover.
Because when it's cold, it's not nice.
This is the great thing here: they answer all your needs.
They even have bio food here.
Are you a bio guy yourself?
What I like here : you are sure to always eat the same thing.
You need coherence in life, otherwise it's a mess...
For weeks, Crowhurst pretended he was ahead of the race
while he was actually drifting away.
He became haunted with his lies.
What would he tell everybody when he gets home?
Him, the good father, the engineer, the reliable guy?
I think one's psychology has to be fairly stable,
and one has to be constantly aware of the risks one is running,
which need, not necessarily, be much greater.
During that time, the real racers were abandoning one after the other.
It was too hard. Only one arrived.
Behind, only 2 remained to try to beat the speed record,
Crowhurst and Tetley, another Brit who actually sailed around the world.
Crowhurst thinks that if he was to break the record,
everybody would ask questions, even the Queen,
Someone would eventually uncover the truth.
The 2nd place was just perfect.
He would not be the Hero, after a few days he would be left alone.
He therefore let Tetley go in front of him.
Everything worked out well.
But a few miles before the finish line,
suddenly, Tetley sank.
Crowhurst was the only one racing.
Panicked, he started drifting away again.
Poor guy.
You are lost in the middle of nowhere.
Please follow the itinerary on screen.
Follow the N7 for 15 km.
As you wish, Emmanuelle. May I call you Emmanuelle?
In 300 meters, stay on the left, and then, stay on the left.
- Calculating.
- She's nice.
Take the 2nd exit on your right.
Take the 3rd exit on your right.
So, is it the 1st or the 3rd exit? Make up your mind, Emmanuelle...
Come on, I'm kidding...
- Ah! You come early, it's good...
- This haircut fits you very well !
- Really?
- Ah yes, you... You found your style.
- Is it a compliment?
- No... Not really.
- Lucie, your father is here.
- It's good, that we can talk like this, without...
In life, you have to get going...
If you don't move, well, you go nowhere.
- And you? You OK? What are you doing these days?
- I'm writing.
- Something unlocked in me. I started.
Here, this is for you.
But, Franois, what is wrong with you?
Come on, don't be so uptight! This is the 21st century, right?
- It's a woman, now!
- OK but she's 13...
- So, where are you going for dinner?
- I have an idea! You'll see.
You know, your mother and me, we met in a Leon,
just like this one.
- Ah yes? Well no, I didn't know.
- That's why I like to go back there.
- It doesn't make you sad?
- No... I moved on.
- You mean you have a girl?
- It's complicated to talk about this with your daughter...
No but... I like your mother a lot,
but I don't love her anymore. You see what I mean?
- What's the matter? - It's a new app, you can mix faces.
I mixed the bottom of my face and the top of Eleonore's.
- Look.
- Ha ha, great.
- And you can do the same with our faces?
- Eee... if you want.
- It's not that funny.
- Ah, yes.
- Lucie... What about a night out on the coast?
- What do you mean?
- Well, I take you, now, and tomorrow we are in St Tropez.
- Mum would never be OK.
Who cares... I'm your father.
- You know, I changed... I'm different now.
- Are you abducting me?
- If it makes you happy.
- OK !
- True? YES !
- Dad, can we go to a discotheque?
I always wanted to go but mum never allowed it...
- She's right... Plus you're too small,
they would never let you in.
Come on, let's try... Please, please dad !
Turn, dad... I thought you were a rebel now,
come on, turn, turn, turn !
OK, it's OK.
- Go, go and dance!
- You first !
- Come on, you wanted to come here, go dance !
- No, you go.
- No, I will be ridiculous. You go.
- Well OK.
- What will you have?
- A Coke Zero please.
- I will have a Gin.
- Monsieur... I will have a Gin Tonic and a Coke Zero.
- You came with your daughter?
- Yes, it's my daughter.
- She's cute.
- Ah yes. And it's the first time she goes to the disco.
- And you bring her? You are a cool dad.
- I hope... I hope.
- Aren't you hot? This looks very hot.
- Not that much, no.
- It's the first time I see you here.
- I'm not from here.
- I sell environment-friendly toothbrushes, called BioBuccal.
- BioBuccal? I never heard of...
- Ah, no !
It's funny !
- I think the blond one likes me, over there...
- We are leaving.
- Dad, there is no network at all here.
- That's probably because of the mountains.
- But what are we going to do? We're lost, we won't find a hotel?
- Of course we will find one, don't worry.
Looking for satellites.
You think I'm making something stupid?
- Or I turn around and I bring her back?
- Looking for satellites.
Why are you looking for satellites? Are we lost or what?
- Unknown road.
- We are lost !
I'm going to stop here.
Dad, dad, wake up, what is this?
Turn on the engine, go back !
I can't leave, the seats won't come back up, I will tell him.
- Do something, move it !
- I can't, impossible.
- Dad, I want to go back.
- Ah no... We go to the coast, right?
- I called all the police stations, the hospitals. Thank you.
- I'm sorry, I don't know what I was thinking...
- I won't do it again, I swear.
- Do you hear yourself?
You sound like a kid who got caught.
I was happy to spend some time with her.
- Actually, you are not good. You realize?
- No no, you are wrong.
No no, I bounce back... You know I have a new job?
I'm getting better.
- You should see someone.
- Who?
Doctor Escoffier's office?
Eee... No, no... Nothing.
Continue straight.
The thing is, I know all the roads to Roanne. All of them.
I spent 23 years of my life here, so... You won't teach it to me.
- In 300 meters, take the 2nd turn right.
- This repair shop has always been here.
This was my school ! It was not red before...
I was going to school there.
This is where I met Lino.
We became friends right on the spot. He was my best friend.
After, he went in a high-class college...
And Luigia, his sister ! She was just one class under...
Luigia Matteoti... If you saw her at 18...
Shall we go?
Lino, are you going to swim?
We are going in with Franois.
You think it fits me?
Come, it's warm !
I don't have my swimsuit...
Leave me alone !
You see, this was the house of the Matteoti...
And this was mine.
- It's not made in China? - Ah no, no... You can keep it.
- Thank you very much.
- I give you two, everyone is happy.
- It's too bad you don't see Lino anymore. You were such good friends.
- What happened?
- Well, life... You know...
- You know, Luigia lives in St Etienne now, with her husband Philippe...
- Ah, yes...
But he's always travelling. Never here.
- It's a hybrid car, right?
- Yes, it's a 3008 Crossover.
- Modern... A good car.
- Luigia would be so happy to see you.
- I haven't seen her in 15 years.
- The battery is good?
- I think so, yes.
- I can call her if you want.
- Electric cars are not very nervous...
- Well, no, they are... The thing is, I have no time to...
- And Caroline, how is she?
We are separated since 6 months.
- Lino didn't tell me anything.
- But do they age well? This is the usual problem with electrics.
- Have you been to a marriage counsellor?
- Well, yes... But it didn't help.
- Here are the keys of your father's apartment.
- I called Luigia. She will be happy to see you. Here is the address.
I will try, but...
- You know, your father receives postcards regularly...
- From who?
What is your father shooting?
I don't know, details of nature... Stones, roots...
- He puts them in albums, it's his passion.
- Do you know about photography?
- Not really.
- He never taught you?
Not really.
- Franois? Here. I made you a sandwich with La Vache Qui Rit.
- Thanks mum.
Wait, wait... Ah, it's great.
Don't move, it's good like this.
- You want to drink?
- Wait, one minute... I'm almost there.
You know, there are other ways to warm up...
I will succeed, don't worry.
- I'm so happy, you have no idea.
- Me too...
Come in !
My kids are everywhere : one is in Spain,
the elder is studying in England...
My husband Philippe is in Malaysia.
Maybe he will be back tonight. You never know.
We haven't see each other in 15 years...
This calls for at least one glass of Champagne.
- You haven't changed... Still beautiful.
- Thank you. You too.
- No, not me...
- No no, you haven't changed that much...
- You think it fits me?
- Ah yes.
The fattened chicken from Bresse and its fig compote.
I think it's me.
- You don't like it?
- It's just that I don't like not to know what I'm eating.
- Do you know Autogrill?
I will show you something which will make you laugh.
I found that in my father's stuff.
- You remember those holidays?
- Sainte Victoire.
I was so stupid that day. I didn't go with you in the tent...
- And then it was too late, you had your idea about me, and...
- No, it's not exactly that.
You didn't understand why this photo was bend in two?
After those holidays, I was still thinking of you.
One day, I decided to come to your house to tell you.
You weren't there.
To see your father like this, I was disgusted.
I could not think of you the same way.
- Had it been you, I think I would have been touched...
- But I could never have done this.
- I shouldn't have told you that, I'm sorry...
- No, on the contrary...
- You are going through a depression...
- You studied psychology, right?
- Please follow the itinerary on screen.
- Please, not now.
- Sorry?
- Who were you speaking to?
- To you, to you.
- For a minute, I thought you were speaking to your GPS!
- No, not at all !
Make yourself comfortable.
- What about a whisky?
- Sure.
Honey it's me, I'm calling from the airport...
I can't come home tonight... I will call you later. Kisses.
So, he won't come back tonight?
Would you be happy if I was giving you a toothbrush?
Well, when it's not there, you can't force it...
Are you going to bed?
- Continue for 5 km, then...
- Ah, don't begin with your shit, OK?
Not today.
- Calculating.
- Calculating, calculating... Shut up, bitch.
Eat this !
Now what do you say, Manu?
You ain't so talkative suddenly, right?
I'm sorry, Emmanuelle. I should never have done that to you.
- I forgive you.
- I guess you arrived on the coast... Everything's fine?
You are not calling me much...
- So, where are you?
- I just passed St Etienne.
- But the other 3 arrived, you know? They are on their way back...
Well yes, but I respect the...
The "cleanliness rule".
- The "Cleanliness Contract"!
- Yes, that's it.
OK, well, Sim, shift up a gear now...
I hope at least your video diary will be good!
What I like when extracting potatoes :
You never know what you will get.
Which size, which amount...
It creates a little suspense.
What is this? What is this? It's the IP009 !
Here is a potato which will be eaten, some day.
By who?... Who knows.
Crowhurst was now the last competitor, and therefore the winner.
He was trapped.
Back home, his publicist was working hard
so that he would be welcomed as a hero by everybody.
On board, he was panicking. He couldn't stand the idea
of having to lie for the rest of his days.
So, after 8 months alone in the sea,
he decided to lose his mind.
He thought he was Einstein,
and he tried to discover the square root of -1, a mathematic enigma.
He was sure he discovered the great secret of life itself.
He eventually ended up jumping in the sea.
His body was never recovered.
But a few months afterwards, the Teignmouth Electron was found.
And his diary, where he tells his whole story which ends with this sentence :
"It is finished, it is finished, it is the mercy."
It's finished, it's finished... Have mercy.
- Samuel !
- Franois Sim ! I'm quite happy.
- You told me to call you when I'm done with the book.
- So?
Well, it's... It's unbelievable, it's... This poor Crowhurst...
- Yes, it's crazy to see how his loneliness drove him mad...
- I'm mad at his publicist, he is the bad guy here...
Rodney Hallworth, quite a weirdo.
He put the pressure on him, told everyone
he was a better sailor than he actually was, bragged in the press...
He killed him basically. I can't forgive him.
Don't you think he killed himself?
No, no, no... He couldn't do anything else.
Have you experienced loneliness? Real loneliness?
Eee... No, No... Not really.
- Well, I have an appointment... I have to... I...
- OK.
- I will have to hang up...
- Good bye.
- Thank you. Goodbye.
- I embrace you.
Why is he embracing me?
- Is everythink OK?
- 15 minutes more.
This is the IP009, a leading product. A revolution in oral health.
The handle is in hazelnut, the brush in pig hairs.
OK, but this is a gas station, not a pharmacy.
- And?
- And I don't sell toothbrushes in here.
But you are wrong, everybody has teeth.
Your customers, don't they have teeth?
- We are not interested.
- Well, I'm sorry, but you are not modern !
The future belongs to versatile shops !
It's not like "oil", "sponges", "chips" !
If you don't understand that, you will go down !
- Leave me alone now !
- This situation is because of people like you !
- This is the 21st century, damn !
- Etienne, can you come please !
And what is this? Alcohol? You sell alcohol in a gas station?
Oral health, nobody cares,
but getting drunk while driving, no problem !
Hey, what's going on here? What's the matter?
- I want 2 bottles of whisky.
- Well, give him the whisky.
- The car is ready.
- You take the credit card?
- Ah, Audrey ! What a pleasure !
- Where are you now?
- I am on the road between Cannes and Mandelieu.
- It's the Esterel, it's gorgeous...
- I don't care about Esterel, Sim ! You give up and you come back now !
- Why would I give up? I have plenty of meetings...
- Come back now, bring the car back ! Is it clear?
- I can't hear you, I'm getting in a... In the Frejus tunnel...
- In 500 meters, turn right.
- I know what you think.
You think "He lied about his position"...
Don't worry. I won't jump off the boat.
Don't worry about this.
- Calculating.
- Now this is what I like with you, you take me as I am !
You don't judge me !
You don't judge me.
I arrived in Paris in October 1957.
I arrived in Paris in October 1957.
I wanted to be a poet.
Until then, I was working as a waiter in a large brasserie,
rue du Faubourg Montmartre.
I'm coming right away.
Take care of your ass !
I was there since one week when I saw something
which would change my life.
Hey ! You !
What was that !
You jumped on my leg !
Is that a joke?
Wait, I'm thinking... Yes exactly. You're a joke.
How is stealing 2 old croissants going to be a problem?
You wanted to put them in your safe tonight?
Take your stuff and go.
Everybody agrees with this very decent decision?
It's unfair.
You want to go too?
You are the only one who said something earlier.
- I wanted to thank you.
- You're welcome.
- Even if afterwards you stayed quiet...
- I can't afford to lose my job.
Nobody can afford, and everyone shuts up.
During war time, we call that collaborating !
This is how Francis entered into my life. He stayed forever in my memory.
I wrote every event of these few weeks.
Baudelaire, of course. But Mallarm? Here is a genius.
And decades later, I can live each second once again.
- I wrote poems too.
- You? But what did you live?
You just fell from the nest.
You can't be a poet when you haven't lived.
I met with Francis every evening,
and I spent all my days waiting for the evening.
- You have to listen to Chostakovitch. He's so powerful.
Francis was enthusiastic, educated, stubborn.
- I want to leave Paris. People think too small here.
Frivolous. Impatient. Cruel.
- I will hitch-hike through America like Jack Kerouac.
We could take a boat in May.
- You want me to go with you?
- We leave everything, we go off on an adventure. You and me.
- With which money?
- I will ask my sister, she's rich.
She married a powerful chemist.
Can you picture this?
He was dominating me completely.
But I was OK with that.
Come closer... Smile. A real smile !
To have him as a friend gave me strength.
I felt like I was invincible.
- Why are you coming here?
- My bitch sister doesn't want to give me money.
Women are not reliable. Sit down.
She doesn't care about our trip.
- Well, too bad...
- You know what she said? She's very much against homosexuality,
and she wished a painful punishment to those who live by it.
What a sad news for people like us !
Farewell, creep.
Francis, I had another idea for the money.
I know where they hide the day's profits.
- Are you serious?
- Sure. We are on the road! I'm ready! I can do this!
We won't live your slave life! We're above this!
We are sorcerers.
46.000... Did you take it all?
We need 4 times that...
Our trip is gone, you messed up.
- What do you mean?
- We will spend our life here, like all these losers. What you did is useless.
You are the loser ! I lost my job, the cops will look for me !
And you say it's useless?
You are an impostor, Francis.
I don't know why I followed you everywhere for weeks.
Why do I have to do anything,
just for you to stop treating me like trash.
Really? You wonder why?
Wait ! Come back !
After that, my life became quiet.
I met Barbara. I courted her, she seemed to like it.
- I'm not really into classical music. More into Luis Mariano.
Do you know "La belle de Cadix"? I love it.
- Oh, chestnuts! You want some?
- No thanks, but please, go.
I'm coming.
- You can still save yourself. Tonight, 9pm. The Select.
Bring your stuff. We leave. You will come?
I arrived very early on, ready to assume my life.
But at 9:15, no Francis still.
After 15 minutes, I remembered
that there was another cafe called "The Select" in this neighborhood.
I lost Francis.
3 months after that one night stand,
I received a letter from Barbara's father.
She was pregnant, and I was expected to act as a man with honor.
Franois was born 4 months after our wedding.
Is Jacques here?
- What are you doing here?
- I'm going around the world. You?
I'm a pathetic mistake.
A cock lost in the wrong hole.
I can't see anything. I can't see anything!
In one km, turn right.
He left on the ocean, la la laaa...
You reached your destination.
Oh, this is good... The silence. Listen to this, Emmanuelle...
You already saw a man naked, I hope?
You are the woman of my life.
You are sweet, you... You understand me.
I love you.
Emmanuelle, do you want to marry me?
Yes, I wish.
- Is it true?
- Yes.
- You love me too?
- I think I never wanted a man that much.
- It's great... We will be happy. You will see, I won't disappoint.
- But Franois... I will have to leave you alone.
- Leave me alone?... But why?
- Because the battery is running low. I have to go.
- But it's not possible, we are going to get married?
- I'm sorry. Farewell Franois.
- No, don't leave me!
I beg you.
But I have one last thing to tell you.
In 300 meters, turn lefff...
Sit here, dad.
There is this as well.
This is the last postcard you received from Francis, from Marrakech.
I called him. He said he would be very happy to see you again.
I will write to him, OK?
I think of your mother often, of the shitty life I gave her.
I was a terrible husband.
- Hello Jacques.
- Liam, how are you? Please sit.
Please sit, take a coffee, you are no trouble at all...
- So you are french?
- Yes, in a way. And you are Franois, Jacques' son?
- Yes... How did you guess?
- I don't know, you look like each other.
- Seriously?
- For example, the way you sit, your arms...
- Small things...
- Mum? Why is the sea blue? When I take it in my hands, it's clear...
- It's because of how the sun rays are reverberated...
- Ah no, not at all.
Tiny wizards decided that the sea and the sky would be blue.
Because at the time of dinosaurs, they were red.
I can tell you it was very different back then.
And it's probably the reason why dinosaurs disappeared.
- Because they were too much depressed.
- Why are you talking nonsense?
Because the story is better like this.
Hey, what about an ice cream? You come?
- I'm really happy to have met you.
- So am I.
- If you agree, I will organize a dinner with my husband.
- Yes, with great pleasure.
- Are you reading this?
- Yes. This story helped me to keep faith in life.
Actually, it's Samuel, a friend... Samuel... He's the uncle of Poppy...
But anyway, you don't know Poppy, so...
Do you know the island of Capraia?
- Not rea... Yes, yes, I know a little.
- It's the one right there, by the side of St Nicolas, the small one, uninhabited.
- That's it, yes.
- You should go there.
- I really can't, my plane leaves tonight...
- Move the date then. Go there. You won't regret it.
- Allo?
- Samuel? It's Franois Sim.
- Franois, how are you?
- I don't know what time it is in Macon, I'm not waking you up?
- I'm stupid, there is no... You won't believe what is in front of me!
- You are going to tell me...
- The Teignmouth Electron!
- You are on the island of Capraia?
- Yes, exactly! Yes of course, you knew already...
- It's the only thing I know all about!
- But I'm surprised that YOU are there!
- Me too... Me too.
- I'm always happy to hear you, Franois.
- Me too.
- I'm especially receptive to the voices.
- When will you be back?
- Tomorrow, I think.
- We meet, then?
- A dinner together?
- Sure.
- Well it's great... I was a bit afraid to ask, so if you agree, I'm happy.
- How do we do? I call you? You call me?
- As soon as I'm back.
- When I'm back, I call you.
- See you tomorrow, then.
- I embrace you, Franois.
- Me too. Goodbye, Simon.