The Vessel (2016) Movie Script

Mama always used to tell me
I was gonna be something great.
Don't worry.
They'll see, she would say.
It's kinda funny
to think about that now.
Say my name, mama.
The tide does seem
lower than usual.
The mothers in town
like to tell me
that she was always
a little crazy.
Even before all the kids died.
Which is a lie.
Truth is all the women
secretly resent my mother.
And why wouldn't they?
All of them dressed in black.
Refusing to have
any more children.
Like they all agreed
that the first woman
to wear color again
was the worst mother in town.
My mother wears pink.
I was eleven years old
when I decided to marry Soraya.
And every day for six years
I prayed for the courage
to talk to her.
But I never did.
So she married someone else.
Soraya's husband
was the school teacher...
And he died in the wave
along with my brother Tigo
and the rest of the class.
My brother's favorite thing
was using the pencil sharpener.
So if he was good all week
Mr. Diaz would give him
a new pencil to sharpen.
Sometimes I think about
the moment the wave hit.
I hope it was quick.
That they never saw it coming.
I hope Tigo was sharpening
his new pencil.
And the fish
that is in the river shall die.
And the river shall stink.
Father Douglas moved here
a few years before the wave...
And everybody loved him.
When he finally realized people
had stopped having children...
He made it his mission
to help them move on.
Not today, father.
It wasn't working.
Maybe if you give him
some communion bread.
Oh no, Bigo. That's impossible.
Hang on a second.
In the name of the father,
the son, and the holy spirit.
Thank you. Thank you, father.
Can I get you anything, father?
Some water, please.
Good morning.
Father Douglas.
Yes. How are you today?
You look good.
I brought you something.
You remembered.
Lord I am not worthy
that you should enter
under my roof.
Only say that word
and I shall be healed.
The body of Christ.
Do you think
I'll see the children?
Yes I know that you will.
Not yet.
You get some rest now.
When my friends
started moving to the city...
I knew it was only
a matter of time
until my bestfriend
Gabriel went too.
For months we didn't talk
about it.
Until one day I finally said
he should go with them.
It was the first time
I ever saw him cry.
What the hell is that?
This is my survival pack.
Everything I'll ever need
is in here. Help me with it.
You're gonna walk all the way to
the city with that?
Let me show you something.
You pushed this thing
all the way over here?
You fixed it?
You fixed it? I thought you said
this thing was dead.
I've been working on it
for a few weeks now.
This is great, man.
I thought you might need it.
I'm giving it to you.
For your trip.
Come on.
This is your dad's bike.
Now it's yours.
No one here uses it.
I want you to have it.
Hi, Gabriel.
- Hey, father.
- What time you leaving tomorrow?
I don't know.
When I wake up.
Just make sure you don't leave
without saying goodbye.
- Yes, father.
- Good deal.
How are you this evening?
Don't open your eyes
for too long or it burns.
May I?
The body of Christ.
Hey, father.
She seems better today.
Does she?
I think so.
That's good.
You want some coffee?
No, thanks.
Big day for Gabriel tomorrow.
What about you, Leo?
What are your plans?
Plans for what?
Life. Your future.
Everybody else your age
has already left town.
I don't know.
I'm not really sure.
I think you should go
with Gabriel tomorrow.
I can talk to Soraya
about your mother.
She's got
a couple of rooms available
and I'm she'd be willing to let
your mother stay there.
Why don't you go by there
in the morning and check it out?
I really think
your mother would like it there.
Then maybe you should ask her.
Think about it will you?
Good night, father.
That's because while you
were listening to father Douglas
ramble on about Saint Francis
or whatever
I was under the pews
looking up the girls' skirts.
I miss girls.
They smell so good.
And ice cream.
When was the last time
you had ice cream?
- A long time ago.
- A long time, right?
The first thing I'm gonna do
when I get to the city...
Is have ice cream with a girl
that smells good.
I hate this place, man.
You're pissing on me.
Son of a...
Leo, look at this.
Look at this.
- Water.
- Get some water!
Let me help you.
I never told you this,
but sometimes I like to
go out to the beach
and visit your mother.
Sometimes I spend all day
listening to peoples problems
and I just need someone
to listen to me.
Leo you can talk to me
if you like.
About what?
You and your best friend
were dead for three hours
and then you came back to life.
You don't think
that's worth talking about?
What do you remember
from last night?
What about the three hours?
The kids all disappeared
into the ocean...
So there was never really
a funeral after the wave.
Father Douglas told me
it wasn't my fault.
That I shouldn't feel guilty
to be alive.
That god had a special purpose
for me.
I wasn't really convinced.
Doa Soraya.
What are you doing?
The water's out in the house.
I'm glad you're ok.
What is that thing
in the yard, Leo?
I don't know.
You don't know?
Are you saying
you didn't build it?
I know you've been going
through a hard time lately.
Everyone knows that.
But I can't help you
if I don't know what's going on.
No more! That's enough!
A year after the kids died
father Douglas suggested
we rebuild the school.
That night someone threw a rock
through his window.
And the church was empty
for a month.
He never suggested it again.
Is the water still out
in your house?
Hey, Bigo.
Is that my mother's lamp?
Ok, Lela.
You're gonna be all right.
You'll see, Lela.
What is it?
When we left Leo's house...
Some of us started talking.
About what?
Somebody said that...
That this is a sign from god.
That Leo is the messenger.
Who said that?
Now listen...
It can be very dangerous
to jump to conclusions.
You know in these times we have
to stay focused on god...
Otherwise we can lose our way.
Yes, father.
I'm sure you're right.
The real message
we're all looking for...
Is right there in the church and
it's waiting for us every day.
Father, you know Oscar
would never set foot
in the church again.
He always says...
If a man murders a child,
we sentence him to death.
But when god kills
forty-six children...
We are told to praise him.
How do you feel about that?
I don't know.
Sometimes it does feel like
god has abandoned this place.
If we only had a sign.
Just the tiniest glimpse
that he still cares.
And you think...
That Leo might be that sign?
I don't know.
You spoke with Leo.
Could this be a sign from god?
It's possible. Yes.
Do you come here often?
My mom used to
bring us a lot as kids.
And by the way,
thank you for the books.
Oh, yeah.
I actually read through
a few of them but...
I couldn't understand much.
They were my husband's.
He used to study in bed
with a stack of books
between us.
It used to drive me insane.
You know?
That old paper smell.
And now I can't even sleep
without them.
Can I tell you something?
I used to go to your house
and watch you.
I mean...
It wasn't
in a disrespectful way.
I just wanted to see you.
I knew.
I always knew.
Mama, stop it.
Fidelia do you want more rice?
- Fidelia.
- She doesn't hear you.
Put it outside the fence
where it belongs.
You're right.
I made it too mushy.
The yucca's better.
- She's beautiful.
- Who?
Your mother.
There's something very romantic
about her.
I suppose men don't see
their mothers that way.
She's not a mother.
I didn't mean that.
I understand. It must be
difficult seeing her like this.
I just don't know
if she would be like this
if I would have died
instead of Tigo.
I don't think that
would have made any difference.
One time...
I was swimming
with my brother...
And we saw this buoy
far out from shore.
It had a bell on it.
And we didn't realize
how impossible it was so...
We decided to swim to it.
We got too far out
from shoreand...
We both started panicking
and yelling for my mother.
And finally she saw us
and jumped in the water
and started to swim towards us.
I remember
trying to reach her...
But when she got to me...
She just passed me by
and saved Tigo instead.
She probably knew
you could swim better than him.
I know.
But she still had a choice.
And she chose him.
"And now with her eyes she would
look full upon his face.
And now again
she would fail to know him.
Cruel mother,
thou hast an unyielding heart...
Why dost thou hold
aloof from my father?
Why do you not sit by his side
and ask questions?
No other woman would harden
her heart as thou dost...
And stand aloof
from her husband".
I know it sounds crazy but...
That's the truth.
What is going on?
Father, it's a miracle.
What miracle?
What are you talking about?
Come and see!
You have to believe me.
You see?
You see? You see, father?
Remember how she was?
See? She's happy now.
Huh, Lela?
Seora Guzman.
Someone had to be
the first to forget.
Has Soraya been sleeping here?
Who said that?
People talk.
I don't care what people think.
You hungry?
Father Douglas and Leo
are here for lunch.
Hello, Concha.
Excuse me.
Oh no, please, father, don't.
I'm so sorry for the delay.
Something's happening
around here.
People are acting different
and father Douglas says
it's because of me.
Because people think
I'm special.
But you know that's not true
don't you, mama?
I want you to know
that I forgive you.
For pushing dad away.
For pulling my ear
when the cat broke your vase.
For loving Tigo more than me.
Mama, stop it.
You're right.
I didn't give you enough corn.
Please, mama.
I know you can hear me!
Where's Leo?
Is this some sort of game?
You're playing to prove
how clever you are, Leo?
All right so now it's a boat.
that's wonderful.
What are you gonna do with it?
And please don't tell me
you don't know.
Will you say something
for Christ's sake?
I want to sail it.
You can't be serious.
- Why not?
- Why not?
What do you think will happen
if you put it on the water?
- I don't know.
- I do know.
It will sink, Leo. Immediately.
It might not.
Oh it would I promise you.
And have you given any thought
to the effect that would have
on the people?
Have you thought about that,
It would be a disaster.
And even if by some miracle
it did not sink,
what would that prove?
What the hell
would that prove, Leo?
We'll disassemble it
and we'll put everything back
the way you found it.
And maybe everything
can return to normal.
Whatever the hell that is.
After Tigo died...
my dad started
sleeping on the couch.
When he finally left,
he gave me
his lucky pocket knife.
She's pretending, he said.
I threw that knife in the sea.
Sorry about that.
It's okay.
All right...
So, what can I do for you?
I had a dream last night,
It's ok.
Tell him.
I was giving birth,
but instead of a child...
A river of water
poured out of me.
It was so much water
it ran through the streets
and flooded the whole town.
So everyone
piled into Leo's boat.
It was bigger in my dream.
And then we all sailed
to an island...
Where the children
were laughing and playing.
Primo woke me up.
She was laughing in her sleep.
So what do you think this means,
I don't really know.
I think that's
for you to decide.
What is it?
We did decide, actually.
Decide what?
We weren't sure
if the timing is right...
But we want to try
and have another baby.
Good for you. Congratulations.
Congratulations. Good for you.
Good for you.
Father, son, holy spirit.
Here, Carmen. Here's
the matching color for that.
Yes that's great.
Put the green edge with
the white one.
Yes, pull those together.
They're gonna
have to be doubled.
Are you using
a strong enough thread on that?
No wait,
I think you should use this.
Remember these
are gonna be double edged.
Hi, Leo.
I was thinking...
Maybe I should leave Lela here
with the cart.
If you have
to move anything else.
Just remember me...
when the time comes.
Hey, Leo.
Looking good.
Pretty solid.
What's that?
It's a sail. For you.
- A sail?
- Yeah.
The mothers from the community
got together
and made it for you.
May I sit down a while?
Listen, I uh...
I feel badly about the way
I spoke to you the other day.
I hope there's no hard feelings.
And you know...
I've been thinking a lot about
this boat of yours lately...
What it means...
How it can serve the people...
And it occured to me...
That maybe this boat
is not meant to sail at all.
That maybe it is meant
as a symbol
of some kind.
A symbol?
Yeah. Would that be
such a bad thing?
And you know what?
We can move it closer
to the church
so that it has a more
central location.
Everybody could see it
all the time day and night.
And it could be
a great source of inspiration.
Leo, give it some thought.
Because I think god
has given you
a great opportunity here.
And we don't want to waste it.
I would offer you coffee,
but the water's still out.
Is everything ok?
How did people act when I died?
- Why do you ask?
- I don't know.
I'm just curious.
Did anyone care?
I guess it happened so fast.
Well I should get home.
Will I see you tomorrow?
I can finish everything
on my own.
You have to help me.
Leo is here.
It's okay now.
It's okay now, Rosita.
Come on!
Do something!
Help her!
Rosita, stay with me.
Stay with me, Rosita.
Rosita, Rosita.
Don't let go, Rosita.
No, no, Rosita. No.
Breathe, Rosita.
No, no.
Get out.
Get out.
Get out of here!
But I don't understand.
You were both
so excited about it.
But I don't see the point
in bringing a child
into so much sadness.
It's natural to mourn death.
Didn't Jesus himself
mourn poor Lazarus?
We mustn't give up hope.
- How is he?
- Not good.
He's been sitting there
all night.
Why do you have that machete?
I thought about
killing his mother.
Make him feel what I feel.
He's only a boy, Pedro.
And when did you decide that?
What are you doing?
Soraya and I are leaving town.
- When?
- Today.
- Now.
- No, son. You can't do that.
Not now.
The people need you.
I can't do anything for them.
Now you listen to me son.
The people are confused.
They need something
to believe in now.
Yeah well...
That's your job.
You listen to me!
I cannot do this alone.
Now you help me
get that boat to the church.
And show them
you have not given up.
I'll do the rest.
You owe them that much.
Father Douglas?
Careful! That's it. That's it.
A little more!
A little more we got it!
That's it!
Woah! That'll do it!
He's there with Leo.
I told you!
We're doing the right thing.
There she is!
She's helping them!
Get away from me!
Get away from me!
Stop it!
What the hell are you doing?
Get out of there!
Help me!
Help me, please!
Don't let it burn!
Help me!
What's the matter
with you people?
Help me, please!
We can't let it burn!
Help me!
Help me, please!
Please, help me for god's sake!
What are you doing?
Come on help us!
Sometimes I think about
how different things could be...
If that wave had just struck
in the middle of the night.
All the children safe in bed.
The next day
everyone so grateful...
As they realize
they had avoided a tragedy.
Can you imagine it?
People would talk about it
for years.
What a miracle, they'd say.
What a miracle.
Same wave struck
the same building...
Just at a different time.
All my life
I've believed in miracles.
Now I think a miracle is...
Just a tragedy...
Narrowly avoided by chance.
I'm sorry.
One time father Douglas told me
we're all like raindrops
falling from the sky.
You feel alone right now,
he explained.
But someday you'll melt
into the ocean and realize
you're connected
to every raindrop in the world.
Maybe he's right.
Maybe we're all just trying
to melt back into each other.
I don't really know.
But if I ever do reach
that ocean...
I don't think I'll be afraid.
And I don't feel alone anymore.