The Victorville Massacre (2011) Movie Script

Officer Maroney (OS): Sorry to
bother ya while you finish
your sandwich and all, boss.
I know how you get when you
don't finish your lunch and
but don't you think we oughta
go in and check it on out?
Didn't I tell ya
to stop calling me boss, boy?
Well, with all due respect
sir, shouldn't we at least go
knock on the door...see if
home. Or something?
We will.
Don't you think we oughta do it
now, boss?
Goddamn, son. What I tell ya
about calling me "boss?"
Not to.
Jesus Christ.
How old are you, boy?
I just turned 21 this past
November. Which means I can
drink now.
Fuckin' kids.
Gettin' younger every year.
You know who lives here, son?
No, sir.
I don't.
This is the old widow, Mrs.
Bates' place.
Do you know how long she's lived
5. 6 years maybe. Bakers dozen?
Let's just say: Longer than you
been on the goddamn
planet. You understand?
No, sir. I'm afraid I don't.
Old Mrs. Bates: She's 85 years
Now how much of a disturbance
you think she possibly be
Ain't that why we got called in,
You bringin' your gun?
Knocks on gate
Mrs. Bates!
Mrs. Bates, it's Officer
Doorbell rings
She's a little hard of hearing.
What did ya expect? She's 85.
Door creaks open
Mrs. Bates?!
Mrs. Bates?! Got a call of a
noise complaint...
Throat slashes
Cocks gun
Cocks gun
Slices off arm
Buzzing sound
So, first day, huh?
Eh. I figure it makes me look
Heart pulsating
Cocks gun
Rocks crunching
Police radio noises in
News reporters on the scene
Rocks crunching
Rocks crunching
Gurney rolling
Two dead cops...
a bunch of dead kids... And
nobody knows a goddamn, fucking
Kid: We're working on it, Chief.
Yeah, we're all working on it.
Kid: We're working on it, Chief.
Yeah, we're all working on it.
But what about the neighbors?!
They didn't see anything or hear
They're out of town for the
I gotta clear my head...
Clean this mess up. Make sure
you fill out the reports.
And get back to the office!
Yes, sir.
Try and keep this out of the
press, will ya?
Yes, sir.
Ria: Jesus, when was the last
time we were all together like
Seriously, it was in like
Now that was good times.
Hell yeah, who could forget?
That was the weekend Stephanie
finally caved in
to the Steve-myster!
to the Steve-myster!
No way you guys! Anyways...
I was totally wasted on tequila.
And that was the weekend Bobby
and I broke up.
You know you still want it.
In your dreams I do.
Besides, if I play my cards
right this'll be
Lane and I doin' the dirty
Slams head
Slams head
Opens blade
Think about it...
...and I'll cut you.
What the fuck?!
Seriously though...
Of all places to spend Labor Day
weekend, Victorville?
Wait, what's wrong with
Uh, everything? Why did Matt
get that place anyway?
I'm not really sure, but from
what he said, it barely cost him
That's because
No one wants to live there.
No, seriously guys... what's
wrong with Victorville?
Jesus. Fine.
No, but seriously,
What is the plan for this
To get fucked up!
How about a little truth or
No way! Not with these two
I'm done.
I'm done.
Yeah, but do you go...
down? Ay ooo!
Laughs Punches in groin
Oh, God...right in the crotch...
Come on, princess...
I'm not going into the lions den
Ok, fine! I'm just not going to
show them boobs.
Come on. We've all seen your
You guys are perverted.
Come on. We have to play truth
or dare.
It's like a cliche for a co-ed
Ok Ms. Too Cool for School,
what were you planning on doing?
A ghost story by the camp fire.
Nah uh, no way...
What's wrong princess?
Nothing. I'm not
scared I just don't think it's
appropriate. That's all.
Uh, it's totally appropriate.
What with, the dozen killings in
Victorville in the last
6 weeks.
Ok, the police say they're
completely unrelated.
That's stupid. How could they
not be related?
It's still disrespectful.
Lighten up princess. We're just
trying to have a good time.
Feel free to join in.
Who else is coming up this
Matt and LIsa should already be
at the house. And Andrew is
picking up Mary.
Isn't that gonna be a
Uh, having the three of them in
the same house for the whole
Look, if Matt hasn't made a
move by now
He never will. I mean, he's had
a crush on her since high
Yeah, there's that...
And Andrew would beat his ass!
It's not a problem. Lisa is
completely naive. She doesn't
even know that Matt is in love
with her.
Andrew must have her wrapped
around his little finger.
Andrew wouldn't be
getting any without Lisa.
Ok. Somehow I highly doubt
Wait! We should toast.
You wanna toast?
Ok. To what?
Um. To friendship.
To friendship.
This place is awesome. How long
have you lived here?
It's kinda funny...
I was working for the guy who
used to own this place just
doing odd jobs here and there.
And the bank was going to
foreclose on it.
So, he just sold it to me.
So you went from working on the
roof to owning the house.
Damn. Not too shabby.
So... how are things between
you and Andrew?
Since my birthday? It's ok. I
mean, he's been working a lot.
So I don't get to see him very
We haven't had sex in months.
...We're friends right?
...And my birthday?
Look. I think our friendship can
pretty much withstand...
any thing. At this point...
Good. Me too.
Anyway. Enough about all that.
What about you?!
Are you seeing someone or?
Uh, no.
No, not at the moment.
Why not?! I mean, Matt, you're
a great guy.
Any girl would be lucky to have
Yeah, you know, I'm just
for any girl to figure that out.
Laughs Shut up! Come on.
Matt, they will. Don't worry.
They will.
You'll meet a great girl.
Slams folder down
Officer Gates (OS): Is that
enough proof for you?
That's enough, Officer Gates.
I've been Chief of Police of
Victorville for 20 years.
We ain't never had a serial
killer in this town.
We're sure as hell not gonna
start now. The last thing
everybody needs if for everybody
to panic.
With all due respect, Chief...
The last thing we need to do is
take this lightly. Look at the
Look at 'em!
Officer Gates (OS): Is that
proof enough?
What we need to do is we need to
setup a mandatory curfew.
We need to setup a hotline so if
anyone has any information.
can call in, cause we sure as
shit don't.
That's enough, Gates!
What do you think, Bailey?
You know what I think, Chief.
Look. I understand the need
avenge your partners death,
Officer Bailey. But the last
thing we need right now
Is to be chasing obscure
I told you...
All of the victims were either
on the verge of having their
homes foreclosed
or are the new owners to homes
that recently foreclosed.
Practically every fucking house
in Victorville is on the verge
of foreclosure. Let alone the
That'll do Gates! Jesus Christ
give it a rest.
Alert the media.
Call the newstations and set
something up.
If anyone
is gonna break it to this town
it might as well be me.
Yes sir.
Besides, I'm sure the news
station is gonna chalk it up to
some outsider anyway.
Door closes
Besides, I'm sure the news
station are gonna
chalk it up
to some outsider anyway.
Bailey, hold it a minute.
Take a seat.
You know you should consider
taking some time off...
You look like shit.
I'm fine.
I know how important this case
is to you.
He killed...
Clears throat
He killed my partner, Chief.
No one's blaming you for
Maroney's death, Bailey.
Hell, no one could have
anticipated that sick son of a
Not even Gates.
Effective immediately, you're
going to take a leave absence.
But Chief!
No buts Bailey. Go home.
Have a cold beer.
Have a cream soda.
Do some fuckin' thing.
Gates is on it. You got nothing
to worry about.
I don't trust him.
He's your boy.
He's not my boy.
Bailey, gonna need your badge.
Places badge on desk
Seriously, I had no idea.
Come on, Matt. You can't be
that naive.
Come on, Matt. You can't be
that naive.
Two thuds on door
That must be the crew.
Door creaks open
Come on you guys...
Hey! So good to see you!
Ria: Hey, sexy bitch!
Lisa: How was the drive?
Horrible with those two.
Stephanie: Lane had the worst
gas ever.
Sorry, snowflake. Not all of
farts can smell like potpourri.
Matt: You guys are stacked.
Some more than others.
Matt: You guys are stacked.
Some more than others.
Shut up you guys!
Steven: Time for some good
stuff. We got
a tradition to uphold.
We did it once six years ago.
Yeah, that hardly makes it
a tradition.
Oh my God. I hate beer.
Let's just do this shit.
Steven: Ria, why don't you start
us off.
Ok. A toast to...
A great weekend.
To reunions.
And like, new beginnings.
To the unknown.
To who give a fuck?
Steven/Landen: To pussy!
Officer Bailey: This is all of
Sally: All the homes foreclosed
in the past
two years and their former
As requested.
Thanks, Sally. I can't tell ya
how much
I appreciate this.
Is it true?
That there's a serial killer on
the loose?
I heard about your partner.
It's sickening to think
what happened to that poor boy.
Thanks again, Sal.
How are you?
Traffic was miserable.
That Vegas traffic.
Definitely. Hey buddy. Oh,
nice shot.
Steven (OS): Speaking of shot?!
Lisa/Ria: I'll do one!
Hey Matt, where can I put my
Matt (OS): Guest bedroom is down
the hall on the left.
I'll show him.
Lane: Who's ready for the hot
Mary: We just go here. Let's
have a few
drinks first.
Matt (OS): Mary, it's alright.
We'll make a fire,
sit down, and relax.
Lane: Come on, baby doll.
Stephanie: Okay.
Hey Matt, where can I use the
Matt (OS): Down the hall.
I guess we're going to the hot
Yes sir.
Ohhh, dude. Stephanie AND Lane.
I know, man.
I'm already starting to chub.
Kissing sounds
Thank you so much
for joining me in the hot tub.
I so wouldn't want to go out
with those guys alone...
Yeah. It's no problem.
You know what?
Opens blade
Do you know what this is?
Yeah, I think I know what that
Have you used one of these
Nooo. I haven't used one.
If a guy ever tries
to do something you don't want
to do.
Get him all...
Nice and hot.
And take this blade...
And jam it right in his little
It'll soften him right up.
I always keep it in my right
pocket but uh...
I don't think I'm going to need
it anymore.
Gee, thanks.
Yeah, no problem princess.
Though I wouldn't put that blade
away just yet...
You know, those two outside?
Matt (OS): Wow.
Mary: Woooo
Sexy. Sexy.
Hot mamas.
Where's dumb and dumber?
They're already outside waiting
for you...
Ew. Nasty.
Thank God my neighbors are out
of town this weekend.
Yeah, well, if you hear me
call the police.
God, that was amazing!
You're amazing.
Uh huh.
You gays are pathetic.
It's hot.
It's a hot tub sweet cheeks.
I don't drink this shit.
Don't be a pussy.
Yeah, don't be a pussy.
Ok. This is dull. Truth or dare
Guys verse girls.
Wait, you can have teams?
Jesus, you're a moron.
Andrew (OS): Hey guys. What are
you up to?
Playing truth or dare. Want to
It seriously
smells like sex in here.
Andrew (OS): Yeah? It's probably
just your upper lip.
Andrew: Gees. Anyways...
Where the four musketeers?
Matt: Uh, I think you mean
three musketeers.
But more importantly. Lane and
in the same hot tub as Steven
and Landen?
Yeah, Lane said for us to call
the police if
we hear anybody scream.
Yeah, I believe that!
Ok. So, what are our teams?
You can have teams
in truth or dare?!
Yeah! Am I the only one that
knows that?
Probably because
the last time anybody played
truth or dare was in middle
Or in horror films...
Alright. I'll go first.
Ok. Andrew: Truth or dare?
When was the last time you had
amazing sex?
Not just the plain or ordinary
sex...but like...
first class, grade A, fantastic
I guess you'd have to ask Lisa
that one.
Ria (OS): Oh, God. Okay...
Alright...last one that finishes
their beer has to go first....
Now we're talkin'.
I'm already half way through
Exactly. You're half way right?
We just cracked open a new one.
So you gotta head start.
Stephanie: Dammit!
Alright baby doll, you're up.
Stephanie: Dammit!
Alright baby doll, you're up.
Or dare?
Have you ever experimented
with another chick?
What? No way!
Jesus Christ. I need another
Alright, Lane, you're up.
Or dare?
Alright, in order to break in
LIttle Miss Sunshine
over here...
I say the two of you...
A 5 second French-er
What? No way! Gross!
Look, dolly. Let's just do it.
That way when it's their turn
those two have to kiss.
Whoever's idea it was to do a
after each round: thank you.
Ok Matt, it's your turn. Truth
or dare.
Ok fine.
Or dare?
Fuck my life.
Uh huh...
Wait a minute! Why don't we have
the fireplace going?
Yeah, you said we could start a
Oh, oh yeah, um, we can.
We just need some firewood.
No problem. Where's it at? I'll
go get it.
It's in the garage.
Cool beans.
I'll go with you.
Don't take too long.
Let's get
Rock Band going.
Def Leopard!
Yep! Def Leopard! Let's do it!
Showing everyone your tits
again, Stephanie?
Where are you two going?
Andrew: We're getting some
for the fireplace
Mary: And then we're playing
Rock Band!
You guys want to join?!
Oh my God, definitely!
We so have to do Def Leopard.
Jesus Christ.
Alright. Cool. We'll be right
Well ladies. Looks like it's the
final round.
Door closes
You trying to get me in trouble
or what?
No. I just like to see
you squirm.
Andrew, this isn't funny.
You knew the answer to that
Give it to me.
We don't have enough time.
Then make it quick.
You know I never make it quick.
Besides, my dick is pretty raw
as it is.
Now where in the hell is this
firewood hanging around.
Rope drops
that was amazing...
You're amazing.
Where you off to?
Heading out to Matt's with the
for the weekend.
What?! Why wasn't I invited?! I
wanna go!
I don't think that's such a good
Why not? We all used to hang
in high school.
I just don't think it's a good
Come on! Pleeease?
I don't know.
Look, just call Matt and ask
If he says ok, then I'll go. And
if not,
it's not a big deal.
I guess that's fair.
Plus if you give me a ride, I
might give you
some road head.
If I didn't know any better...
Blade slices through stomach
Pushes blade harder
Removes blade
Well, that was fun.
Well, that was fun. We should do
it again some time...
What you say, bitch?
Wait a minute, listen.
Faint drumming in background
Oh, no they didn't!
Jesus Christ.
What's taking Andrew and Mary so
Maybe they're fucking!
Whatever. I'm going in.
Yeah, me too.
What the fuck?
Leave me all by myself?
Fucking cock suckers.
Oh, love birds!
You two done fucking yet or
Closes door
Ties rope
Knocks bowl
Oh, shit!
Punches face
Loud music playing
Drags on ground
Lane's Father (OS): I'm gonna
kill him!
Lane's Mother (OS): Please. You
to calm down.
Lane's Father: Calm down?!
You're fucking brother touched
my little girl!
Lane's Mother: Hun, you're gonna
wake the kids.
Lane's Father: I'm gonna fucking
kill him!
I swear on my fucking life!
Young Lane: Daddy?
Hey, Princess.
Hey snow flake. Come here.
Have a seat.
Did he hurt you, baby?
Slams lighter
Opens blade
You see this?
It's a pocket knife.
Do you know what that is?
Listen close.
If any man ever...
ever tries to do anything to you
you don't want to do.
You take this knife...
And you jam it into his stomach!
You jam into his stomach you got
I said you got it?
Yes, daddy.
Drags on ground
Fuckin' hate kids.
Loud music plays
Doorbell rings
Who's that?
Eh. It's probably Andrew.
Door bell rings
Fuckin' idiot.
What the fuck do you want?
Good evening, son.
Are your parents home tonight?
Matt, it's for you.
Uh, yes sir, can I help you with
Are your parents home tonight,
I actually own this house.
Can I help you with something?
You own this home?
Look. I'm sorry. Whatever you're
we're just not interested.
Wait a second! I didn't
introduce myself.
I'm Officer Bill Bailey from the
Victorville Police Department.
I'm sorry. But do you have some
sort of
identification or something?
Unfortunately, no. I'm kinda
off duty at this time..
Well then I think it's best you
get off
my property before I call an
on-duty police officer.
Slams door
Nice! Wow!
Damn Matt, that was dope.
I didn't think he had it in him.
Steven (OS): Looks like you got
some balls, finally.
God, Matt, that was hot!
Steven (OS): Looks like you got
some balls, finally.
God, Matt, that was hot!
Fuckin' kids.
Where are Andrew and Mary?
And where's Lane?
Lisa (OS): Maybe they're still
in the
garage. I don't know about Lane.
She went to check on 'em.
Something doesn't feel right.
I'm going to get them.
Then we're locking this back
Is something wrong?
Matt, I think you're over
Closes door
Chimes ring
Closes door
Knocks bowl
Closes door
Slides curtain
Ria: What's going on?
Lisa: What happened?
Landen: Shit, bro, you ok?
They're dead.
They're all dead.
Wait, what? What are you talking
They're all fucking dead!
That's not funny, Matt.
Dude, you're kidding, right?
I'm not fucking kidding.
Bro, you ever think they're just
fucking with you?
Noises on roof
What the hell is that?
It sounds like it's heading to
the back.
Slams against window
Matt: Everybody calm down.
We just saw, Lane's decapitated
smash up against the fucking
Ok. Ok. We need to call the
What? What's wrong?
It's dead.
Does anybody's cell phone work?
I'm not getting any reception.
Me neither. Fuck!
I fucking hate Victorville!
Ok. Um. I'm just gonna run next
door to the neighbor's house.
All that all the neighbors were
out of town?
Well, I'm sure not the whole
fucking neighborhood is out of
Uh, I'm not going out there with
that fucking psycho still
roaming about.
Well, Jesus, we gotta do
The fucking hell we're not!
Nah, I'm gonna stand my hairy
ass right here
and not do a goddamn thing.
I don't think we're safe
in this room. We're surrounded
by windows.
What if he's got a gun?
He's got a point.
No. Any time this sorta thing
it's the people who do something
that get fucking slaughtered!
When does this ever fucking
in horror films?
We're gonna go hide in the
master bedroom
and wait til one of us gets cell
and then we'll call the police.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
How do we know you didn't
fucking do it?
Why aren't you fucking dead?
Are you a fucking idiot?
I'm just stating the facts, man.
Yeah, this could be some sort of
"And Then There Were None" sort
of thing.
How do we know you're not the
fucking herring.
Ok. You know, that's fine. You
two dip shits
do whatever the fuck you want.
I don't care. I'm going into the
master bedroom.
I'm going with you.
Me too
Me too.
Look. Look. Look. Alright. All I
know is for
100% fact that Landen and
Stephanie didn't do it
because we were in the hot tub
And I didn't see either of them
decapitate anybody's FUCKING
You can not be serious?
I mean, he really does have a
good point.
I'm very serious. Ok. So you
guys go hide in the
master bedroom.
We're gonna go hide in the
garage, alright?
Fine. Fine. Come on girls. Let's
You know, if Matt did do it,
You know, if Matt did do it
it's probably not a good idea
to let him out of our sight.
Especially with the two girls.
Especially with the two girls.
Hell, that's how the judge got
away with it in the book.
What a minute...
The judge did it?!
Let's go.
Car pulls up
Bailey, what the hell you doing
out here?
Just getting some fresh air.
I don't think it's such a good
to be out here like this.
Do you?
Probably not.
Tell ya what...
Why don't you go on home,
and I'll forget this little
incident happened.
Have a good night, Bailey.
You too.
Starts car
Door creaks open
Landen: Maybe this wasn't such a
good idea.
Steven: Of course it is.
There's only 1 way in.
That means there's only 1 way
Again, maybe this wasn't such a
good idea.
Stephanie: Where are the lights?
Landen: Guess this'll have to
Steven: Nice.
Shovels fall
Steven: Jesus! Asshole!
Steven: Why does Matt have so
many shovels?
Landen: This whole thing is
Stephanie: I can't believe this
is happening.
Steven: Yeah, well, it is...
Just gotta find a place to hide.
You guys think the killer is
find us in here?
Knocks on door
What was that?
Sounds like someone's at the
front door.
Aw, man...
Should we answer it?
Should we answer it?
What?! It's not like he's just
gonna knock.
"Hey, I'm here."
You actually make a pretty good
Yeah, I know.
Loads gun
Should someone go check it out?
Yeah, I'll do it.
I should do it.
Yeah, you should go.
What was all that talk about,
"I'm not gonna do a thing."
Well, I figure I'm better off
out there
than just being a sitting duck
in here.
Ok, guys, I'll be right back.
Be careful.
Hey, check this out.
I'm a little rabbit.
Jesus Christ.
Think we should check on what
that noise was?
No way. Are you kidding?
Only an idiot would go out
Both: Steve.
What are you doing?
I gotta have something that's...
better than a pool cue in here.
I don't know...
This thing's pretty heavy.
Ria: You find anything?
Uh, no...
Matt: Nothing. I mean, not yet.
I guess if we need to shoot him
in the corner pocket, we'll be
How's she doing?
How do you think I'm doing?
What's taking him so long?
I don't know. I haven't heard a
single thing.
Have you?
No, nothing!
Maybe I should go check on him.
What?! Leave me all by myself?
No way!
Look. Landen's my best friend,
We look out for each other.
If something were to go happen
to him...
And I didn't even go check...
I couldn't even look at myself
in the mirror.
I think that is...
the bravest thing I have ever
in my entire life.
May be the bravest thing I've
ever said.
Scuffles under tarp
Steven: You're sitting on my
What the fuck?!
Get the fuck off me!
Punches face
Stephanie: Oh, my God!
Grabs shovel
Sharp blade
Hits face
Stephanie: What do we do?!
Run! RUN!
Mouse-y screams
Give me the flashlight.
Where did he go?
I don't know.
I can't see anything.
Shh. Shh.
To what?
You hear it?
I think he might be gone.
Are you sure?
Shovels crash
Fuckin' shovels!
How many shovels does this guy
Oh shit!
Blade slices stomach
Television show in background
Landen (OS): What are you doing?
What does it look like I'm
It looks like you're about to
start jerking off.
Crunches potato chip
You're not going to Matt's?
Why would I go to Matt's?
I hate Victorville.
It does a number on my pores.
That's a shame.
Why is that a shame.
I'm talking about Stephanie
She's going alone.
She broke up with Bobby, again.
Holy Shit!
Dude, you're clearly in love
with her
because of her rack.
That is not true.
That is not a true statement, at
She is more than a 1 time fuck,
She's a two, maybe three time
fuck at least.
Kicks, stabs
Let me in! Let me in! Let me in!
It's Stephanie.
No shit! Open it.
Oh my God, he's dead! He's dead!
Oh my God, he's dead! He's dead!
Ok, calm down, sweetie, tell us
what happened.
Landen went to go check on the
And then Steven went to go check
on Landen.
And then we start making out on
the boat.
And then, and then the killer
came along
and starting stabbing us with
the knife.
With the knife...
And then, and then, Steven took
a big
shovel and hit him. And then,
and then...
Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait, honey.
Shh. Shh. Shhhh
Out of breath
You and Steve made out?
Jesus, Mary,
Knocks on door
Landen (OS): Let me in! Let me
It's Landen?
Oh my God! Are you ok?!
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
What happened?
Where were you?
The killer...I went outside.
We got into a scuffle.
Ria (OS): Did you get a good
look at him?
Landen: No, I didn't see his
What's the matter?
It's him.
The bruise.
The killer must've given it to
me when
we got into a fight.
No, you got it because Steven
in you over the head with a
What the hell are you talking
Wait, you guys don't think it
was me?
Stephanie, I heard a noise. I
went to
go check on it. You know that!
How could I...
Pool cue cracks over head
What?! Better safe than sorry.
We're gonna die. All of us are
gonne die.
Lisa, we are not going to die
I promise. I will do everything
in my power
to protect you.
Ok. Listen you selfish bitch.
You need to get yourself and
stop feeling
so goddamn sorry for yourself.
Or else we're all gonna die!
Was that really necessary!
Yes! Yes it fucking was!
You go girl!
You're right. Ria's right. I'm
Now what?! Jesus...
Coughs up blood
It's ok, boy. Help is on the
He's coming back.
It's ok, son.
I'm gonna get you outta here.
So what's the plan?
I don't know. Do you think he
did it?
I seriously doubt it. He was
us when I found Mary and Andrew.
Can we not talk about that right
now, please?
Ok, Stephanie, did Landen leave
at all
when you guys were in the hot
tub together?
I don't know.
Goddamn it, Stephanie, think.
I am....
I am. I don't know. I don't
Ok, obviously this isn't
getting us anywhere.
Ok. I'm gonna go out there.
What? You can't go out there!
Why not?!
Because the killer might
still be out there.
Well, what are we supposed to
Just wait here like sitting
That's exactly what Landen said
before he....
Holy shit!
Matt, where did you get that
I've had it the whole time.
I didn't know if you were in on
How do we know you're not in on
Because I would have
already shot your ass! That's
Ok, we're not thinking clearly
You're goddamn right we're not
thinking clearly!
This whole situation is out of
First, I have to listen how you
and Andrew
haven't fucked
in God knows how long. And then
I have
to sit like a jackass in my
and listen to you two fuck in my
guest bedroom.
And then my friends start
getting fucking
murdered left and right.
and all I wanted to do was try
and impress
you this weekend, Lisa.
And now I got a gun. And I'm in
And I'm calling the shots.
All I wanted to do
was try and impress you.
Now this whole thing is my
It's not your fault, Matt.
Either way...
I'm gonna fix it.
What the hell are we supposed to
Wait here.
Lock the door.
And wait til I get back.
Door closes
Pulls curtain
I'll be right back.
Wait! Don't leave me.
I'll be right back, kid.
Drop it!
Cocks gun
I'm not the enemy here, kid.
I don't know who the enemy is.
Drop the gun.
You got the wrong idea.
I said fucking drop it!
So now what?
I can't believe it.
Yeah, no one can.
No, I mean about Matt.
he's been in love with you since
practically middle school.
You mean to tell me
this entire time you had no
I guess not.
I don't know.
I never really thought of him
that way.
Yeah, well, he's our only hope
now so.
Scratches at door
What's that?
Matt! Matt, is that you?!
What's going on?
Do you think that's Matt?
I don't know. I can't be sure.
He's not saying anything.
What if he's hurt?!
What if it's the killer?!
Shh. Listen.
Light taps on door
What is that?!
I don't know.
Scratches at door
Sounds like a knife.
Why don't I just take you?
Because Matt is picking me up?
But that makes no sense?
Why would he drive in all the
way from Victorville when we can
just take you?
Uh, because he's a good friend.
Just a friend
Yeah, Ria
just a friend.
Ok fine. Then I'm gonna make a
on him this weekend.
No I'm not jealous.
I just didn't think he was your
That's all.
And what is my type?
Just like you.
Touche, Ms. Langford. Touche.
Hey, asshole! Game's over.
Put the fucking knife down.
What are you doing?
I could ask you
the same thing.
It's ok, son. I got this from
Put your hands on the wall.
It's ok, son.
You can put the gun down now.
Goddamn, boy. I said put the
Gun shot
Cocks gun
It comes down to this.
You took it too far, Gary!
You're the one that wanted him
Just the boyfriend!
No one else!
Well, it's a little too late for
that now.
How's this going to end, Matt?
One of us is going to have to
Door opens
Pool cue stabs stomach
Nail gun in the distance
Something I need to tell ya,
Matt-y boy.
What's that?
Paying me in beer again?
That's half of it.
Cracks beers
What the other half?
I'm losing the house.
Mother fuckers are taking it
from me.
Jesus. I'm sorry, Gary.
Sometimes I just wish I could
I know what you mean.
What if I told you you could?
Matt, Matt, I did it!
I killed him!
Landen, look out!
Stabs stomach
Like hell you did.
Television noise in background
Crunches potato chip
What the fuck are you doing?!
You just said you weren't going
to go!
Well, I changed my mind!
You're not even packed.
I am packed.
Cause all I need is love.
What the fuck do you know about
A lot. Love is when a chick is
so hot
You can jerk off just to her
email address.
Pretty sure that's not it.
We can go. Or we can stay.
Those are our two options.
One of those options is going to
change our lives forever.
I'm gonna go.
What the fuck are you gonna do?
...that mother fucker...
Oh my God! My friend!
Landen! LANDEN!
Oh my God!
Shut the fuck up.
Shut the fuck up!
Matt! Don't! You're going to
kill her!
Opens blade
Ah! Fuck!
Oh my God...
Any last words?
I'm sorry...
You don't actually like him, do
Um, yeah I do. He's totally
But do you think
that Steven is going to be mad
at me
because I slept with Landen?
And they're like totally best
Do I look cute?
That's it.
Run to your love!
Oh my God...
Punches face
Ears ringing
You know the thing
I love most about these
There's always just enough rope.
That happens to be lying around.
That happens to be lying around.
Why are you doing this?
Well, Lisa, let me give you one
really lucky guess.
I don't know.
You don't know?!
You don't know?!
Of course! How could you know?!
How could you know possibly know
what it is
to stand by and forever and
always be the friend?
Let me tell you...
It sucks!
For years...years
I have loved you.
And then we finally make love.
Oh no, not some raw fuck fest
like you and Andrew!
But I don't know. Maybe that's
what you like.
But to finally make love to you.
And it means
It wasn't.
Hears voices in his head
Just shut up!
Try to imagine.
The pain that you suffered when
saw that Andrew was dead.
And imagine feeling that every
For the rest of your life.
It doesn't have to be like this!
You know the phrase
Good guys finish last?
Well not this time.
Cocks gun
Matt (OS): Happy Birthday to
Happy Birthday dear Lisa.
Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday, LIsa.
Thank you.
Have a seat.
I think you're the only one
that actually remembered.
Where's Andrew?
He had to work.
God, Matt
what would I do without you?
You're a good friend.
Just a friend
Forever and for always.
Hears voices in his head
Voices stop
Hey, buddy!
Nice shot!
Punches face
Spits blood
Fuck you.
Rock hits ground
Oh, shit.
You know what?
It's my turn.
For truth or dare.
I almost forgot!
You're fuckin' crazy.
Ok, fine.
I dare
To fuckin' shoot Andrew
in the fuckin' mouth!
Oh, gees.
I'm sorry.
Maybe Is should
go with truth.
No, no, no...
You chose
Ok fine. I guess
I've got no choice.
Cocks gun
Gun shot
Sometimes I just wish I could
kill somebody.
Yeah, I know what you mean.
What if I told you you could.
I have a friend.
He can get me a job on the
So, there are certain things
you can get away with when
you work on the force.
LIke murder?
That's really funny, Gary.
You really had me going there
for a minute.
Lights cigarette
How's that girlfriend of yours
What's her name?
She's just a friend.
Just a friend, huh?
Phone rings
Hey, Matt...
It's Andrew.
Uh, yeah, I know who it is.
Yeah, buddy. Cool.
Hey, so we're still on for today
I'm gonna pick up LIsa right
Oh, yeah, thank a lot for
doing that for me, man.
What do you want, Andrew?
Nothing. I just want to make
sure we're still on.
That's all.
You're not trying to bail out
like you did for LIsa's
Oh, come on, Matt. That's funny.
That's cold.
You know I got a lot going on
right now.
Yeah, well, I'll see you tonight
Oh, and hey...
I think I'm gonna pick up Mary
on the way.
That cool?
Looks like I might be taking you
on that road head offer.
Doorbell rings
Well fuck me in the ass
and call me Shaun.
Gary fucking Gates.
Come on in.
What can I do ya for?
They're taking my house.
Fuckers. Tough times
for everyone around here
I need a job, Bill.
Why didn't you say so?
I'll talk to my boss on Monday.
Plus they just paired me up with
young fuck, fresh from getting
drivers license.
Don't worry about it.
I can't thank you enough, Bill.
No sweat.
You're my boy.
The pieces seem to fit.
We're still missing one piece
though, Chief.
And what might that be?
At appeared the owner, a Mr.
Matthew Martin
had a small incision from a
blade in his left adbomen.
You sure it wasn't some small
knife from the kitchen?
We searched every inch of that
Front to back. Nothing.
What do you make of it?
We think there may have been
someone else involved.
You mean the killer
could still be on the loose?
Fuck me in the ass. And call me
There's one more thing, Chief.
After the autopsies, a young
Ms. Lisa Langford
Was nearly 2 and a half months
You know why I keep these
Skittles on my desk, son?
Because your wife keeps buying
them for you
even though you hate them.
That's right.
Raving bitch.
What do you want me to do,
Alert the press.
Setup a press conference.
If anybody is gonna have to
it to this town, it might as
well be.
Yes, sir, Chief.
Besides, they're probably gonna
chalk it up to some outsider
Never had a serial killer in
this town before.
Goddamn it. I love this town.
Goddamn, I love this town!