The Vigil (2019) Movie Script

This is about
giving you the tools
to make new lives
for yourselves.
And like anything else, it takes
time. It's not always easy.
Hey, Adinah.
You wanted to tell the group...
...about something
you experienced recently?
Oh, this is gonna be good.
- Oh, wait.
- Um, yeah.
Uh, so, uh, I was
on the subway going to work
and this man approached me
in such a way.
You know, like making small
talk, commenting on my skirt.
It was obvious what he wanted.
And I don't know,
I was just like...
He was hitting on you.
Yeah, but this guy, he looked
like a person on TV looks like.
You know, the jaw, so perfect.
Like so... Whatever.
What I'm saying is
he wasn't even trying
to hide his intentions.
That's how it is -
they see a shaina maidel,
and they just can't help
themselves, right?
Hmm. That's just...
That's the culture.
Yeah. It's crude.
- It's different.
- Exactly.
I mean, life's different
out here. It's, uh... This is...
This is exactly what the rabbis
try to protect us from. Right?
- I mean...
- Not protect us from.
To keep us from.
I'm saying
maybe they're...
Some things they're right
to keep us from.
- No?
- Yeah, like what?
So, tell us. How was last week?
The job interview.
Oh. Um, I didn't...
I didn't get the job.
Oh, sorry to hear that, Yacov.
Can we talk about it?
I did the interview.
I thought it went pretty well.
Um... they were wanting me to
bring in a resume and I... I...
I was writing the resume
on a piece of loose paper.
That's what I've been saying.
We need more classes on this,
you know?
- And basic living.
- Yeah.
And your rent?
Uh... I mean, I'm struggling.
I don't... know what to say.
The money's never enough. Uh...
I'm having to choose
between medication and meals.
It's not so easy.
I guess it's a journey.
And being here struggling,
the way you are,
is only one stop
on that journey.
If we get bogged down
and see this as the destination,
we lose hope.
I... just want to be normal.
And a big part of that
is letting go.
Letting go of the pain.
The trauma that holds you back.
What matters is we left. Right?
No. What matters is
we're moving forward.
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
Oh, OK, be good.
- Are you OK?
- Yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I'm good. I'm good, I'm good.
- Want to go out for coffee?
- I don't drink coffee.
- Um...
- One hot chocolate?
- Right now?
- No.
Tomorrow or...
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- You sure?
- Yeah, absolutely.
Good. Wanna take my number?
Take my number.
It's 917...
Wait, I just got the phone.
It's OK. The green... Yeah.
And then Contacts.
No, no. Can I?
Oh, please.
It's so cool, though, 'cause
I was looking around on the net
and I found a flashlight.
And it's, like,
it's my favourite.
And, I mean, having anything
you find, it's unbelievable.
- You get text, right?
- Yes. Yes.
OK, cool. Text me tomorrow.
And then we'll just take it
from there, yeah?
- Cool. 'Bye.
- Cool. OK.
- Oh. Good.
- It's al... It's OK. Alright.
Sorry, I'm still
learning the rules.
It's OK. We all are. It's good.
- Good.
- Alright.
- 'Bye.
- 'Bye.
- See you next week.
- Yeah, it looks so natural.
One day...
He's here again?
Hey, excuse me!
Excuse me.
I thought we discussed this.
You coming here
and harassing our membership.
I don't wanna call
the police again.
It's OK, Lane. It's fine.
If Yacov wants to talk,
he knows where to find you.
It's OK, really.
It'll be OK.
Yacov, you come and get me
if this turns into
something uncomfortable.
Thank you, Lane.
Tonight was great. OK?
Yeah. I'll see you.
Call me, yeah?
I'm OK. I made my choice.
Really, OK? I have my reasons
for leaving, and that's it.
Ah, no.
No. I don't think I will.
I'll do it for 5.
People in the community
that don't have any family,
and no friends.
It's me, OK?
I'm watching the body.
- OK.
- Yeah?
- A deal?
- OK. Yeah, a deal. Deal.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I never saw him out.
And the other Shomer,
why was he leaving?
Mrs Litvak?
Hello, Mrs Litvak.
I'm extremely sorry
for your loss.
Who is this man? I thought
you were getting a Shomer.
He won't work.
He needs to leave now!
You have to leave now.
There's not going to be
any problem.
Rebie, I'm coming here because I
need a little bit of money, OK?
I'm agreeing to that and let's
just leave it at that. Please.
- Um... OK.
- OK.
- Oh, yeah?
- OK.
Mrs Litvak?
Is anyone there?
No, no, no. They're only tricks.
Hey! Hey, little man!
- A little Jew boy.
- Look at this asshole.
What the hell
you're ignoring me, man?
I'm just trying to ask you
a question. Slow down.
What the heck?
Mrs Litvak?
Mrs Litvak?
Are you down here?
It's deleted.
You've reached the voicemail
of Dr Marvin Kohlberg.
I can't take your call
at the moment,
but please leave a message,
including your name
and phone number,
and I'll call you back
as soon as possible.
If this is a medical emergency,
please hang up and dial 911.
Thank you.
Hi, Dr Kohlberg.
Um, this is Yacov Ronen
and, um...
...I'm sorry to call you
in the middle of the night.
I don't want to bother you,
but I...
I'm having a little bit
of trouble right now.
Um... I'm seeing things...
...and... and I'm hearing things.
Um, it's... it's worse
than it's ever been before.
And, um...
I, uh...
...I'm... I'm almost
out of the pills.
So, I... was really hoping
to talk to you.
I don't think that I need
to go back into the hospital.
But... I would like to talk
to you as soon as possible.
So if you please could
just get back to me,
I'd really appreciate it,
thank you.
They're not nightmares.
They're memories.
Not your memories, but...
Sorry about the mess,
Mrs Litvak.
I'm gonna clean this up
right now.
Why did you come here?
I'm Yacov, Mrs Litvak.
I'm the Shomer.
I'm here to protect
and comfort your husband's soul.
Protect it against what?
Do you know my children?
I drove them away
as far as they could go.
They think they left...
...on their own accord.
That it was their choice.
But I drove them away.
I drove them away.
You know why...
...I made them leave?
This is not a place
for children.
It was a... bunker.
In a wilderness.
A place that you go to,
but never return from.
Do you know my husband?
He was broken by memories.
Those kind of memories
that you saw.
They bite.
They bite
and the biting never stops.
He was so lost,
he didn't know what to do.
Mrs Litvak, I'm very sorry
for waking you up.
We should get you
back to sleep now.
- Mrs Litvak, your hand.
- Ah! Ah! Ah!
- You've got to let me help you.
- No!
You're bleeding. Please. Wait.
No, no. No.
Wait, Mrs Litvak,
let me help you.
...once told me...
...that these demons
who destroy us...
...who are born
between the days of creation...
...given life...
...but no soul and no form.
These are not beings
in the true sense of the word.
They do not have a... a will,
a connection
to the higher power,
but they are animalistic.
These demons...
...they are parasites.
In tractates Berakhot...
...the Mazzikim
are interchangeable
with the shedim.
But I've spent
the last five decades
studying the one who followed me
home from Buchenwald.
I do not know
where it came from originally,
but what it has shown me,
it is very, very old.
I suppose it was lying in wait,
hibernating in its way,
in the forest.
Dormant until my pain
awakened it.
The Mazzik appears as a figure
with its head turned
like so.
But all the way around.
It is damned to look backwards
to stare in the past.
This demon,
it showed me dreadful things.
10 years ago,
I found an inscription
in a text by Moses ben Shem-Tov.
It says the only way
to escape the Mazzik
is to burn its true face
the first night it appears.
But if you do not do this
by dawn... will never leave you.
For me...
...this time has long passed.
When I am gone...
...the Mazzik will
find another broken person.
Someone else chained
to some terrible pain
they cannot let go.
When it finds its next host... will slowly
consume their soul
just as it did to me.
Gnawing down
through the spiritual aspects.
The five essences of us all.
It worms its way through
Nefesh, Ruach, Neshamah
and Chayah.
And finally
to Yechidah.
The direct link to Hashem.
Behind you.
And so I make
these tapes,
I write it down,
put it on the walls,
explain it,
in the hopes that whoever
finds the Mazzik next
won't be doomed...
...consumed... as I was.
It's Dr Kohlberg.
Dr Kohlberg! Baruch Hashem.
I'm, uh...
I'm not doing so great.
Why? What's wrong?
I'm seeing things
and I'm hearing, um...
It's a lot. It's a lot.
And I, uh... I took a tablet,
one of the Ativan,
a little while ago, but I...
Seeing who, Yacov?
Who are you seeing?
I don't know.
Where are you right now?
I'm in Boro Park. I, uh...
I took a job as a Shomer
for the night.
Reb Shulem is paying me, so...
Are you safe?
I don't know. I think so.
These things you're seeing,
do you think that they're real?
No, they can't be.
Dr Kohlberg, the... the man
who was living here,
um, and his wife,
I think that they went crazy
together, living in the house.
She's got very bad dementia.
It's very sad.
And he... was obsessed with demons.
Something called a Mazzik.
And is this what you think
you've been seeing? A demon?
Shadows, shadows.
Yacov, we talked about what
happened to your little brother,
about post-traumatic stress
and your fears.
I know. I know.
Tell me, Yacov,
is your heart racing?
Like it's gonna break your ribs?
And you're sweating?
You are shaking?
I'm trying to calm down.
Yacov, tell me what it is
that you're seeing.
I... um...
You said that it's a person.
It's shadows. Like someone
in... in the shadows.
I've... I've... I don't...
The person that you're seeing,
this one
that's in the shadows... you think that he's
really there, watching you?
No, of course not.
I know he's not.
Excellent. Excellent.
That's good.
Now, Yacov, I want you to...
I want you to take your time
and think about this.
Can you describe this person?
Blurry. It's...
It's always...
I... I don't... I don't...
It's blurry.
I understand. That's fine.
Is his head turned backwards?
Can you tell me?
Is his head turned around,
Yacov, what do you see?
Yacov, what do you see?
What? What?
Dr Kohlberg, can you hold on
for one second, please?
Yacov, hi.
It's Dr Kohlberg.
Look, I just got your message
and I'm sorry it's taken me
a little bit to call you back.
I hope everything's alright.
Dr Kohlberg, can you hold on
for one second, please?
Who is this?
I need you to leave me alone.
Why did you let me die?
Mrs Litvak.
Mrs Litvak?
Mrs Litvak!
Do you want some tea?
It won't let you leave.
We have to go. Now.
I've left many times.
But where is there for me to go?
My obligation is to my home,
my Rubin.
I can suffer.
My pain was not his.
Mrs Litvak,
what won't let me leave?
The Mazzik.
It's playing with you.
The way a cat
plays with a mouse.
It wants your pain.
And it will make you see things.
Terrible things.
Me, I am not enough for it.
But your agony...
We're leaving.
We have to go now.
There is something
very, very wrong here.
If you run out,
the Mazzik will make you
crawl right back.
Come on! Let's go!
You've already been
in this house too long.
I'm gonna call Reb Shulem, OK?
We're going to come back
and get you.
Just five minutes.
I'll be back.
Hey, what the hell's
your problem?
Just trying to ask you
a question.
Yo, yo, yo,
stop messing around.
Got a tough guy here,
the way he comes off.
Tough guy, hey.
Look at the little
Jew girl. Huh?
Relax, you little brat.
We're just messing around.
- Alright, alright, alright...
- Burech!
You've reached Sarah Feldman.
I can't come to the phone.
Please leave...
Um... I'm so sorry
to wake you up.
- I'm so sorry.
- What time is it?
Where are you, Yacov?
Sarah, I'm, uh...
There's something evil
in this house.
It was...
It was following Mr Litvak and
then it was feeding off of him.
I think it wants me now.
Have you tried to leave?
Um... yeah, I... I...
The house,
have you tried to leave?
Yes. It won't let me.
It won't let me leave. I...
You need to go upstairs, Yacov.
Don't s...
You just watched him die!
Why did you let me die?
I wasn't...
I wasn't strong for you, Burech.
I was lost in my weakness.
I'm so sorry, Burech.
I've failed you. I...
Mrs Litvak.
Thank you for the bandage.
I didn't do it.
My Rubin did.
Mrs Litvak,
where is your husband now?
He's down the hall.
Wait a minute.
It may help.
In 1919,
my grandfather saw his parents
murdered in Kiev.
Neighbours smuggled him out.
I loved my grandfather.
I remember most
that he davened with tallis
and tefillin every day.
It is when he was truly... ease with the world
and himself.
If you find my Rubin...
Let him go.
Let him go.
Let him go.
Let him go!
Let him go!
Let him go.
My poor Rubin.
I often wonder
what he would have become.
The father he would have been...
...had life happened differently.
My dear.
I miss you so.
I'm gonna go out
into the sunlight now.
She went out for a morning walk.
Look, Shulem...
But not today.