The Vigilante (2023) Movie Script

I'm from Illinois and I was trafficked at age 10.
I'm from Atlanta, I was trafficked when I was 9.
From Arizona
New York
I'm from Albuquerque New Mexico.
I'm from Arizona and I was trafficked at age 13.
We're on the South West corner.
I didn't copy, go again!
Damn it.
Ramos we're splitting up!
?? Call To Prayer ??
That's weird.
Weird, what's weird?
Let's go.
Estaad sho!
What do you think?
He's just a kid.
Go home.
Khaana buru!
Come on kid.
She's no older than Aimee.
You okay?
Yeah...tough day.
Can't wait to see you.
You too.
You doing okay?
I'm good...but I think grandma is having a hard time.
Hey don't forget my flight arrives at 10pm tomorrow night.
grandma and grandpa are at their fund raiser.
I saw that video of your new dance routine.
You totally rocked it.
Can't wait to see it in person.
I am a Marine, you little brat.
Yeah, yeah.
Okay, I gotta go. Love ya.
Love you too.
Found this on social media.
She's perfect.
Thanks for taking me to get Jess.
Was baby sitting anyhow.
Hey, I did cancel my date for you.
This is Blue Star. Our system shows your vehicle has
been in an auto accident. We are sending emergency services.
Are you able to respond?
You've been in an accident.
You'll be okay.
Try not to move.
Yes sir.
But... nobody seems to be
able to give us any answers.
I'm sorry.
have a seat.
Do you know where Katie
and Aimee were going?
Katie was driving Aimee to the airport.
Would Katie have dropped Aimee off
for some reason?
Katie was the only one in the car
when emergency services arrived.
And they found this stuck under the seat.
Oh my God.
You get the call?
Just take me home.
Home? Don't you want to see Aimee?
She's not there.
Oh...thank God she's okay.
She's missing.
We believe a man took your sister from the car.
Can you be more specific?
Thank you.
I'm still not tracking.
You said Katie picked Aimee up
from dance class, is that correct?
Yes... class was over at 8.
And did Aimee ever mention any strange
vehicles or unknown people hanging around?
She would have told us if she had.
What did the detective say?
They're doing everything they can.
Times against Aimee you know.
It's okay...
I know how slow the wheels of the legal system are.
Ahh you hungry, I could whip you something up?
Cause I have...
so much.
Twelve year old girl was taken outside a dance studio.
Two nights ago...
she escaped.
The night before-
I think we may be dealing
with a sex trafficker here.
simply wants a specific look...
and a dancer.
She's... she's 13 years old...
Where would... where would they take her?
Could be a...
local holding house or...
maybe across a few state lines by now.
What can I do?
Don't get involved.
I am involved, it's my sister.
You need to let us do our job.
I hate saying this...
but this stuff takes time.
If I don't operate within the law...
these guys are out in hours.
So why don't you go home...
try to get some rest...
I'll keep you posted.
You said you developed data mining
software in Afghanistan?
what's up?
Could you develop a new program and
how long would it take?
on what kind of intel.
I want to find sex traffickers.
Even if I could develop a new
we get solid intel... I can give it to the detective.
Just how you going to explain
coming up with this Intel?
We both know what's going to
happen to Aimee.
Where do you want to start?
Where am I?
Traced these back to the ISP and
So a pimp or trafficker posted these?
How long before something concrete?
May have an address by morning.
Where you going?
Get some air.
Somebody hi-jack your car honey?
Can I ask you a question?
especially scrawny white girls.
I'm, I'm not a cop.
I don't really give a shit!
Girl, you clearly in the wrong
hood. I suggest you pick up yo-
30 seconds please.
Have you seen her?
No, but-
She's my little sister.
Young girl was taken a few days ago.
My sister was taken last night. She
looks like the girl who escaped.
You hearing impaired.
Gimme some time, see
what I can find out.
Cause if word gets out...
she'll disappear.
What do you think?
Thought you were going to hand this
info over to the detective?
Surveillance only.
Surveillance only.
~Flash back sounds from Afghanistan~
Ahhhh.......What the shit!?
You good?
You good?
It takes time.
It took me awhile to stop the...echos...
the images.
Maybe we should take a little break.
I'm good...
I said I'm good.
This neighborhood's to nice.
Does it look like these girls
are being held captive to you?
All friendly with the neighbors.
Those pics you that came from the
house, are these the same girls?
Can't tell from here.
They look like regular teenagers to me.
This is a dead end.
figure out where I went wrong.
Can anyone hear me?
Can anyone hear me?
I want to go home.
Not right now. You've been involved in an accident.
Shouldn't I be in the hospital?
It's okay.
You just need to get some rest.
No I know, but...
Where's Katie?
Let's just say you
won't be seeing your friend again.
Is this making any sense?
I'm tracking viewers of child porn.
I can't do this right now.
What do you mean you changed your
mind? I stuck my neck out to get you another dancer.
Let me out!
What the hell do you think you're doing!?
HUH!? I've had enough of you!
Now you shut your mouth or I'm going to shut it for you.
Charging me to talk to you now?
My daddy...
he watches.
Pay or move on honey.
All I know is, a buyer wanted a twelve
to fourteen year old white girl, blonde hair-
--petite, clean cut dancer thang.
Where is she now?
Don't know.
I need more info.
I'll pay you what ever you want.
Gimme another day...come by in your
car and pick me up.
What are you standing there for?
I'm....I'm just hang'n.
Leave white society to come slum
it with the nigga's huh?
Around here ain't no club...
see this here...
time is money...
and Iris is on my time.
Which means she got work to do.
Ain't that right bitch?
Get to it.
Another time.
Come in.
Whoa, Carmen.
I got something on me?
Gained some weight.
Actually I've lost some-
Well maybe I have.
Lose it.
Looks to refine for this place.
Could pass for a soccer mom.
Hey it works. Gives the right
look for the neighbors.
Would you rather be her?
Who just live in an open field all her life
and can't live in a house?
And Buck gets married.
her, where she's trapped
forever and can never get married?
Get up.
This is your new home.
Tell the new girl who's in charge.
Where's she supposed to sleep?
What did you say?
I asked, where's she supposed to sleep?
There's 6 girls now and only 3 mattresses.
What do you think?
Who should I blame for
breaking my number one rule?
This is what happens...
if someone crosses me.
Oh, and Gina...
about the mattress...
if you're so worried about it, give her yours.
~Flash back sounds from Afghanistan~
Hey Mommy.
Not now.
You okay?
You need something?
I can help.
Get your hands off me.
That's my gat.
Correction. That was your gat.
She needs to be taught a lesson.
And after that...
I'm going to go after your mama and your sister too.
What did you just say?
Mommy I'm scared.
Hey lady?
Hey lady!?
You okay?
Rock, paper, sissors, shoot.
Okay, come on ladies. You know the drill.
Where are we going?
Nope, not you.
Don't worry. You'll get your turn soon enough.
What were you doing?
Or attempting too.
Everyone shut up and go to sleep.
Why were you dancing?
Everyone shut up.
Hey, Dan...
about your car.
Wait, wait, wait, sec.
5 under age girls were rescued from
this home in a residential neighborhood.
It seems this incident might be related
to a series of sex trafficking events....
hand on one second.
Turn around and get this.
I am so sorry.
I knew there was something
wrong here, I just...
I just ignored it.
Five years I prayed someone would notice.
You looked the other way.
As police to continue to investigate this incident
they encourage anyone with information to please
call the number at the bottom of the screen.
I'm Diane Lucareli, more tonight at 11pm.
Detective Mason...
Yeah, I'm watching right now.
She wasn't there.
It's been 3 days.
I've spoken with your grandparents.
Please know we're doing all we can.
Don't give up hope.
How do I not kill them?
want to be here for her.
I can't bare...
I can't bare the thought of some man...
I can't bare the thought of some...
I'm so messed up right now.
We'll find her.
She's going to get through this.
You have any new addresses?
I'm close.
Been refining the system.
I say we go in.
Full force.
You mean?
Hang on a second.
You sure you're even up to...I mean...
you're clearly having some-
I'm going in Dan. With or without you.
We don't even know if the intel is correct.
My 13 year old sister is out there.
I'm done sitting around.
You plan on raiding every holding house
where they're keeping these girls?
Until I find her
I'm behind bars
or I'm dead.
little over four years.
I turn sixteen in three months.
10 group homes before this place I
had to be bossy.
Halee got here three months ago.
They treat Melanie the worst.
It's like a...predator going after his-
They sense her weakness.
You better harden up.
She thinks they take care of her?
Actually better than her old life.
Sometimes I dream of my dad.
I miss him so much.
What happened to your dad?
He was killed in Iraq when I was 7.
And your mom?
I had the best times with my mom until he died.
Then she sold me for drugs to Brad when I was 8.
Okay girls you better start cleaning up.
They'll be coming soon okay.
Come on in darling.
Thank you ma'am.
Good to see you Sir.
Would you care for a sandwich?
Yes ma'am that would be very nice. Thank you.
I have an address.
Thank you ma'am.
May I?
Oh please son, sit down and eat.
Where is it?
Sorry grandpa.
Is this solid?
a few computers at that particular address.
This address is smack in the middle
of a residential area.
Well, we'll let you get to it.
Thank you son.
Do you mind if I finish this?
Jess will tear Carmen apart.
Wow, Melanie talked.
Guess someone's still in there.
you just accept it.
The more you fight the worse it is.
When Jessica finds me.
What's this?
An IED, improvised explosive devise.
Works off radio frequency.
This little gem works remote.
Turn on here
it detonates.
Three generations of Marines and
I have never gotten used to guns.
Wait grandma no.
Hey come on, walk it off.
She'll make ya another sandwich okay.
So sorry.
What are ya planning to do, clean your keyboards?
Come on momma.
Let's get some rest, huh?
I'm sorry.
Hun, I know that you think I am a naive
old woman sometimes.
Grandma, you are the wisest
and strongest woman I know.
I know what will happen to these girls.
And what will happen to Aimee.
And I want you to do what ever it takes
to bring home as many of these girls as possible.
And to bring our Aimee,
No alarm system.
I'm not going to hurt you.
I want you to answer a few questions, okay?
How many?
Yes, very young.
Stay here.
Be quiet.
What's up baby?
Awe you got a little outfit on for me.
Uhg, dude.
We talked about this.
Trying to sleep man.
So much for 2 hombres.
Get him out of here.
Sure thing.
Watch when I get out of here white boy.
Watch what I'm about to do to you.
Yeah, I'm going to be dragging your
body next, boy.
Watch me.
Yeah, take that vest off.
you guys okay?
Please don't leave me here.
Police will be here soon.
Don't leave this room until they find you.
No matter what.
Oh what happened white girl?
You came back for some more?
Your white boyfriend over there
ain't doing it for you?
What do you think he's saying?
Probably that he's going to hurt
you or something like that.
Or something like that.
What was that?
Just one kiss.
Make the call.
911 What's your emergency?
241 Saturn Ave. A woman
and five young girls need help.
Is anyone in immediate danger?
You're going to have to hit
me harder than that girl.
Oh, there we are.
Put the gun where they want to feel it.
See something you like?
Going to stand there all day?
Frag out.
I never thought I was going to be
fighting this kind of war.
You see how they were living?
Give me a list for the store.
Now? You're going to the store now?
Gotta clear my head.
Yeah I'm pretty wired too I guess.
I'll check the computers for me info.
I guess.
All right, let's clean up.
But we don't have music.
That's okay, we'll use our imagination.
What are you doing?
Are you stupid?
I just thought.
You thought what?
I just thought...
That it would be a great idea
to teach us how to dance so
we can dance for them?
That's not what I was...
I dance because...
When I dance, I can imagine I'm somewhere else.
We can use our bodies to take us away from here.
Our bodies?
I hate my body.
Wouldn't be here if it wasn't for this body.
I just thought we could escape.
Escape what? This room? This place?
Look, I'm really sorry.
You better start grasping reality bitch.
You'll see.
I told you to have a unit sitting on
that block. How did this happen?
Oh come on.
I gotta go, I'll call ya back.
What do you got?
Think we both know why I called you here.
It seems we got a little bit of a situation here.
Holding house was raided last night.
Guy was messed up pretty bad.
Really how's that?
The guy was shot in the groin.
That must have hurt.
I imagine it did.
I read your files.
I know what you can do.
And if you had any part in this...
I will arrest you.
And who ever helped you.
Are you charging me with something?
I want to get my-
My diploma.
Even through all this.
I wanna fall in love and get married.
Have kids. At least three.
let anyone else hurt them.
I'll be a great mom.
Words getting around these
places are being hit.
There a point to this?
meeting today with Detective Mason.
You want out, say the word.
Going after these guys without backup
could get us both killed without saving Aimee.
Where you going?
Something I gotta do.
Hey, we need to talk!
Jess will sooo take her down!
Did Melanie just laugh?
Uh oh.
You got something to say?
Asked you a question bitch.
It's okay.
It's not okay.
Leave her alone.
Oh hell no.
You need to know your place.
If the buyer doesn't want you.
You're mine.
How much to hop in my car?
Half hour?
Half hour cost you $60.
You again.
Different strokes I suppose, huh?
Get in the car bitch.
beat of one drum.
Try not to have to much fun.
I have no idea what that means.
can I take your order?
You want something?
I'm good.
Come on, I know you don't get enough to eat.
Bitch, I look like I don't get enough to eat?
You want a coke?
Double cheese burger?
Ahh yeah, hi. Can I get a double
order of large fries, large coke and double cheeseburgers?
Number 16.
Would you like to just make that two number 16's ma'am?
Yeah, two number 16's thanks.
Okay, first window please.
You have intel on Aimee?
Or where she might be?
What, you some kind of robot?
I just got back from Afghanistan.
What will happen to her?
Want the truth?
She'll be raped,
put to work servicing 20 to 40 men a day.
7 days a week.
How old were you when-
Come on, I'm not that naive?
I was 3 when it started.
Eight when I ran.
before a trafficker offered a smile and kind words.
Never had that.
I was scared, tired and hungry.
Are you sure?
One of them girl handlers would take her there to recruit other young girls.
She mention the street the house was on?
Wish I knew more.
If you want out call me.
Come on seriously?
the news flashes the story of this missing girl.
Nobody cares. They look the other
way. The laws are weak.
But listen I, I-
Goodbye Mr. Chambers.
because you are all working tonight.
Put this on.
Oh you will princess.
Tonight is the big game,
and your indoctrination.
But the game should be over by now.
Actually, the real fun is just about to begin.
After parties will be running all night long. her with her make-up.
Half an hour...
be ready.
I really thought Jess would-
The first time is the worst then
you simply go numb.
Good check.
~Flash back sounds from Afghanistan~
Shake it off.
One down.
girls must be in here?
~Flash back sounds from Afghanistan~
It's just a kid.
Hey Jess...
Jess...hey, you okay?
? Call To Prayer ?
Hey, you in there?
Get'em down stairs.
She's not here.
Don't know why you're so angry? Girls want to be here.
Whoa, whoa, whoa...
You can't save anyone from prison.
Leave him for the cops.
Where you going?
Check on the girls, make the call.
911 What is your emergency?
Send police...210 Woodman Avenue.
it's okay
we're gonna have some fun.
Are you going to kill us now?
No....I'm going to get you out of here.
Are you going to hurt me?
Hey sweetheart.
How old are you?
Who would do this?
No, I'm going to love you.
No, I'm not ready. I'm not ready.
It's all right, it's okay.
No, I'm not ready.
I can't do this.
No no, don't worry.
Get out, cops are moving in.
Cops are coming...we gotta go.
They don't all beat you.
I know you mean well but I don't think that makes her feel any better.
We need to regroup.
Don't need to regroup.
Look, I want to get her just as bad
as you do but we need to evaluate the risk here
not to mention your episodes.
I'm fine.
You're not fine.
It's going to get us both killed.
How many of those places you think are out there?
Losing mom 8 years ago. Dad last year.
I thought I was tough, but this is-
I feel so helpless.
This is getting too dangerous, we
need to go to Mason.
You backing out?
We need to at least pull Mason in.
Dan, no.
No, we do this and we're done.
Better than being dead.
I'm not giving up on her.
You have no idea what-
You think it's not ripping my guts out everyday?
Going on the computer
and seeing what's happening and know that Aimee's-
Dan....where in the hell are you going?
Not helping you get killed.
Think we need to give the newbie
a few nights off.
You're not going soft on me are you?
She's got a busted lip, her face is all swollen.
I'm only looking out for your interest.
Two days. No more.
She got to earn her keep even
if I have to break her in.
Jess, Detective Mason is asking questions.
Please be safe.
Where you at Dan?
I need you.
Who's this?
Don't call.
Won't be able to pick up.
Just come by in your car when
you get his message.
It's Aimee isn't it?
She dead?
She's alive
Are you sure?
A girl who worked near the big game yesterday.
Saw Aimee being taken to a motel a block away.
Which means-
Are you sure?
Showed her the pic you gave me.
She's alive
If she's alive she can be rescued.
I gotta get you back.
I can be late.
And get you beat?
I'd have to kill your daddy then.
Look I'm-
I'm sorry I took off.
What if I never find her?
And you?
Where are you...ah..nevermind.
I need that address.
Not in a dancing mood anymore huh?
They always do.
Take a swing.
Word of advice.
This dancin thing.
Give it up.
Hangin onto your dreams
will only cause you more pain.
Iris told me something today.
That address we did surveillance on,
wasn't that close to there?
the address is only a few blocks away.
What if you were right?
That news report
The woman who stopped the girl.
She said she knew something odd was
going on, but she ignored it.
You think that place may be a
holding house after all?
They do everything they can to
look normal so no one pays attention.
Neighbors are absorbed in their own world.
Give it up Carmen.
Hangin onto your dreams will only cause more pain.
When did you first dance?
Danced with my mom.
Is your mom a dancer?
Died of an aneurysm.
What about your mom?
My mom beat me and my brother.
Was six last I saw her.
What happened?
First day of school
came home to show a picture I drew
My three year old brother was
in the middle of the floor screaming-
It's time.
Where you going with her?
My room. Time she earns her place.
She wont be worth as much.
Got a problem with that?
That's what I thought.
You keep challenging me and
that sweet little niece of yours.
You can't do this.
Starts and ends here.
going on through multiple computers at this place.
Is that a residence?
You set the IED?
Get up.
Come on let's go.
Get on the bed.
Brad they're after Aimee!
What's going on?
I'm not sure.
Let's go!
Don't you move!
Oh no...
I don't want to die.
I don't want to die.
I don't want to die!
You'll be fine...just breathe.
I don't want to die.
It's Aimee.
Right behind you.
Drop it.
They're just kids you sick son of a bitch!
I know you want the girl.
Let's negotiate.
Not happening.
Oh you're willing to watch her die?
Maybe I should take what I want from her first.
You can watch then I'll take my turn on you.
~Flash back sounds from Afghanistan~
I think negotiations have come to an end.
Oh that's not the way I see it.
Put it down or I put her down.
We both know what happens if I lower this.
"Times against Aimee you know"
"She's my little sister"
"Bring home as many of these girls as possible"
"Want the truth"
"She'll be rape, beaten, put to work
servicing 20to 40 men a day"
I knew you'd come.
How's that feel?
I'm sorry I'm late.
I'm so glad your here.
He's getting away.
No he's not.
I'll never get used to these things.
She okay?
Thank you.
She going to be okay?
Let's hope so.
If only I'd seen the signs sooner.
You know I have to take you in, right?
How long?
Neighbors think you're heroes.
What do you think?
11 young girls that no longer have to live in hell.
14 predators who can't harm our kids any longer.
What do you think?
Bring our girls home.
You too.
You good?
Like someone else I know.
So what now?
We go to work?
We meet with the task
force in San Francisco in two days.
Oh and Detective Mason
gave me a copies of the
hard drives he found
Gave me Intel to upgrade
my computer model too.
Go on I'll wait here.
Go on.
I'm so-
I'm good.
I love you so much.
Let's get inside.
Look who I found.
Jess...welcome home.
Need to check something. Be right back.
How is she?
She's a strong young woman.
Runs in the family.
Not all the girls have done so well.
Gina...went back to the streets.
She was killed by her
trafficker a month ago.
and a new passion.
Her main concern has been for you.
All this...
Wouldn't be possible without you guys.
Come on!
I'll give you the tour.
I want to show you something.
You did good Jess.
Real good.