The Viking War (2019) Movie Script

(ominous music)
(man howls)
[Narrator] Wild, savage,
and unstoppable.
The north's Berserker warriors
are almost more beast than man.
(men growling)
They feel no pain or
fear like animals.
(somber music)
They can enter a rageful trance.
While in this trance,
they believe themselves
to be unstoppable.
(woman screaming)
They're described to
be almost possessed
while in this state.
(tense music)
In the land of the Vikings
on the Shetland Isles,
two battles have been
fought for many years
between the Berserkers
and Vikings.
The Berserkers are led
by their leader Snorre
whose throne is succeeded
by his sons Steiner
who has fought many
battles and youngest Rolf
who has yet to fight.
(Gunner pants)
I will use your bones
to pick at my teeth.
[Narrator] A game has be
granted by the Berserkers.
(women grunting)
That, if the Vikings are
able to fight to the death,
but survive their match,
they are to walk free
and be free.
No Viking has lived to
prove this promise correct
- until now.
- Father.
(tense somber music)
(men grunting) (swords clanging)
Ah, Olav, put down your
sword and come to thy death.
I have no fear in my bones,
no fury for you, Snorre.
I want peace and I
wish for you to leave.
I wish for no battle.
(chuckles) No fury?
Well, that is something you
must find in your bones,
if you wish to survive, brother.
(Snorre pants)
My men will take your children
and what's left of your family.
I shall be the one
to command them,
to fight my people.
All will have a fair
chance and no game.
Get off our land, vulture.
Oh, what a beauty you have.
I should take this beauty
and consider it
(sniffs) for myself.
Do not touch my wife.
(tense emotional music)
Easy, Olav.
You wish to at least make
it to the battlegrounds.
Now tell me, where
are your daughters?
(laughs) Put that sword down.
Or what is it that
you will do with this?
You have a sword,
I have my bare hands.
Ah, I shall still win.
Don't worry, boy,
we shall have our
fun with this one,
and when we find the daughters
we will have even more fun.
[Woman] Oh fattah.
Won't we men?
(men laughing)
Now, tell me, where
are your daughters?
I will never answer you.
I think there are ways
to make you answer me.
Men, women,
we are to have our fun.
(tense music)
(Berserkers chattering)
(Berserkers howling)
Let the battle begin!
(Berserkers shouting)
(dramatic tense music)
(men grunting)
(men growling)
(men shouting) (swords clanging)
(people grunting)
(man shouting) (swords clanging)
Stop! (Men and women grunting)
(swords clanging)
(people grunting)
(woman screams)
(dynamic music)
(woman grunting)
(swords clanging)
(men grunting) (swords clanging)
(man grunting)
(Magnus growling)
(men grunting)
(Berserker shouting)
(women panting)
[Leif] Go on.
(swords clanging)
[Man] Gunner!
(men shouting)
(men grunting)
(Steiner shouts)
(moving to tense music)
(men grunting)
(woman wails)
(Steiner gagging)
Stop! (Woman screams)
(Snorre panting)
Steiner, my son,
you have failed me.
(pants) But you will be avenged.
(Rolf whimpering)
Save him for me.
I shall take his life.
I shall make your
family die first,
build the range inside you,
then I will kill you
with my bare hands!
(somber music)
[Astrid] Brother,
we must find food.
We should keep marching forward.
Sister, come.
Brother, sister, I'm scared.
Scared for our lives.
I do not have the strength
inside my heart to go on.
They has taken
everything from us,
our homes, our
families, our parents.
It's all gone.
We have each other
and we have family.
We'll find hope and that will
bring us a positive future.
All is but lost.
We do have the strength to
live in happiness again.
I don't see how, brother.
Sister, I don't see how.
We will stop for a
while, find food, rest up,
then we'll find the
energy to continue, come.
(somber music)
Listen, everything has changed.
Steiner is slain, now
they have escaped.
If they got to the
west, we have them.
We have control, we
will have our vengeance.
(horse hooves clomping)
(tense music)
Berserkers, Snorre has an
announcement, stand forth.
A man has fallen
today, only one.
You have taken their family,
and spilt the blood of many.
Steiner was our brother,
and shall be missed.
Brothers do not lose any battle.
He was a false brother, Ivar.
Steiner was no brother to you.
The brother was weak, frail
to lose a battle such as this.
I am not to give
praise to your bother?
He was close to you,
but he was weak.
Knut, Ivar, Olav's son
and daughters have escaped us.
Shall I search for them?
Find them, bring
them to the fields.
(ominous music)
I wish to see them fight.
Olav's boy will fight my son.
To the death fields we shall go.
(moving to dark tense music)
(moving to somber music)
We found it.
We're here (panting).
Sigrunn, Sigrunn.
My children.
Can it be you're here?
You're alive!
Surely not.
This is what you see,
we stand before you.
Your faces bring me so much joy.
Nothing to fear.
We traveled alone.
We had no choice but
to leave our homes.
My sisters?
The Berserk, they
had ruled our land now.
We were the only but
the last to survive.
Our mother and father,
they forced us to flee.
They thought it maybe
a way we would survive.
(somber music)
They advised us to hide
here with you in the castle.
The castle, it's not safe.
It's not safe here, I
can't offer you safety.
The Berserkers they came
and in their sick
and twisted minds,
they treated us like animals
and they forced us to fight.
But you must go.
Sigrunn, you must follow us!
I can't.
There is nothing here
left for me to fight for.
Sigrunn, you must come please.
There is no fight
left in me, Ingrid.
I have no fire in
my fight at all.
They've taken everything,
they've taken my family.
Now you must go.
You must go now.
(panting) Go.
[Loki] Get down!
[Woman] Go away.
[Man] Yes, mum.
Do you think our
children have fled safely?
I have confidence in them.
They must have found
themselves with Sigrunn.
She will protect them.
You can hold out
safely at the castle.
Hold out at the castle safely?
Do you speak of Turmrig Castle?
We do.
Why do you laugh at this?
No safety at Turmrig
Castle, nay safety at all.
Your bitter tongue
may say these things,
but our sister she has men
that can demolish your family.
Everyone at Turmrig
Castle is slain.
Not one of thou survived
their battle in the field.
I watched on and no one
survived their battle.
You lie.
I do not.
Our sister and a man
with spoke with yesterday,
they were prepared for battle.
Indeed, they thought they were,
but where dost thou think this
blood on me has come from?
Why do you support this?
You're not one of them.
Your family must have been
slain, brutally murdered,
just as ours.
Why does thee support this?
My family fought,
my family were weak.
I have a new family now,
that is that of the Berserker.
He will kill you eventually.
You're not blood,
he owes you nothing.
He will not be faithful to you.
Have a good day.
Good luck on the battlefield.
(birds chirping)
I have no fear that
they will be caught.
(chuckles) And when they are,
we will have our fun (laughs).
Rolf, time.
Men, leave us.
[Rolf] How are you, father?
Rolf, wash the blood from me.
Is there love in
your heart, Rolf?
Of course.
Is there love in
your heart for family?
The love runs
deep for my family.
So why do you not kill for me?
Rolf, my son, you are yet to
take a life with your hands.
That couldn't be further
from the truth, Father.
I have killed men with
my bare hands many times.
Don't lie to me, Rolf.
For when you lie to family,
your tongue shall
be taken from you.
Yes, Father.
I believe, you have my blood
running through your veins
but I do not see myself in you.
No leader, no beast within you.
Oh, your strength is nothing
if you choose not to use it.
[Rolf] I will use my strength,
when the time is right.
And is the time right now?
What do you mean?
To battle in the fields?
I'm not a beast.
I may lose a battle
in the fields.
A son of mine would
have no fear of this,
no thought of losing.
(somber music)
Bring through the anger.
Show me the beast.
(Rolf screams)
Show me!
Show me.
(Rolf grunts)
Yes, show me.
(Rolf panting)
Shall I make it?
Will you battle
in the next fight?
Join me, come.
(tense dramatic music)
(Ivar and Knut howling)
Do you think they
would have survived,
escaped the Berserkers?
Father wouldn't let a
thing happen to our mother.
He would not let
anything happen.
But he is not always in control.
What if they are dead?
Ingrid (panting),
we have no way of knowing.
All we can do is as they asked.
They gave their lives for us.
They wanted us to survive this.
They made us flee to
survive, to have a life.
They have given
everything for our lives.
I want to go back for them.
No, we mustn't.
No turning back, only forward.
Brother, all we
know of has changed.
Everything we know of is gone.
It is no more.
This world is
anything but happy.
I shan't think we will
find happiness anymore.
Not in this world.
Even if we seek it.
All we have is rage.
(sighs) Rage for revenge.
(ominous music)
This one.
(Torrun and Siv panting)
[Torrun] No!
[Siv] No, no, no (panting).
(Siv screams)
No, Mother!
Leave her, leave her be.
(Siv cries)
Let me go!
Stop this, stop.
(man laughing)
(man laughs)
(Siv cries)
[Siv] No, please
don't (screams).
Shall I release
her matter, Snorre?
Let Gunner out.
Gunner (laughs).
She's no match for Gunner.
Let me fight her.
You shall fight
your battle soon.
(man laughing) (Siv crying)
(Siv panting)
(Gunner grunts)
(man laughs)
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
(man howling)
Go on! (Man laughs evilly)
(Gunner growls)
(Gunner laughs)
(Gunner growls)
I'm sorry, my
sweet, but not today.
She has no sword.
She has no way to survive.
This fight is not fair (cries).
Throw her a sword.
(Gunner growling)
(Siv panting)
(Siv and Gunner grunting)
Oh, yeah, yeah!
Go on.
(Siv grunts)
There is my sweet.
(Siv grunts)
(Gunner grunts)
(Siv cries)
(men whooping)
Go on, take it, take it.
[Man] Yes!
[Gunner] Oh, now.
(men shouting)
(Gunner laughs)
(Gunner growls)
(Gunner panting)
Say bye bye.
Siv (cries)!
(men shouting and growling)
I'll make you fight
the next battle.
I shall keep it easy.
You'll fight the lady.
(men grunting and shouting)
(Gunner grunts)
No (cries).
Yes, yeah!
No (cries).
(Gunner grunts)
(men growling)
Move, move.
(Berserkers laughing
and shouting)
(pigeons cooing)
(men shouting)
Who goes there?
(panting and crying)
(tense music)
Soon I shall be by thy side.
(leaves crunching)
Who goes there?
Answer me!
Who goes there?
Thou cannot get away so easy.
Where are your family?
Which direction did they part?
Thou shall not
answer such a question.
I'm hungry, brother.
Shall we feast?
Shall we feast?
Help us.
Our family.
She smells good.
(Sigrunn cries)
- No.
- My dear.
No, no, no, no (screams).
(Sigrunn screams)
[Sigrunn] Help!
Help me!
Help me!
I'm not like them.
I have Berserk blood but
my mind is different.
Leave us be.
My father wants
me to fight thee,
but I will not do it.
I don't want any
part in this battle.
You lie.
I would do no such thing.
You is the son of a monster.
Demon blood resides inside him,
fury like no other.
You has that blood.
I has that bad blood,
but my thoughts are different.
They're not the same.
I will not fight.
What do you propose?
I propose that
you flee this area
as quick as humanly possible
before the battle begins.
I do not wish to reside
in this area any longer.
(Snorre and Turid moaning)
(Snorre grunting)
(both panting)
When will you let me fight?
Soon, soon you will fight.
With whom?
I have a plan for this.
Do tell.
I grow tired of Vigdis.
I wish to have a new wife.
And what if I don't
want to be your wife?
You will.
(chuckles) You have
a confident soul.
You should protect that soul.
You can't always
get what you want.
I always get what I desire.
You wish to make
your wife and mistress
fight to the death?
Yeah, she has a
fiery soul (panting).
I have fire in my soul.
You filled my soul full of fire
when you burned down my town.
I spared you.
You have better energies
than anyone I have ever known.
Sir, may I enter?
What is it Siguard?
(Siguard panting)
Your son.
What of him?
He's escaped, sir.
He's escaped and taken the lady.
And you saw this?
He sent me away.
And you let him go?
And you?
It was not my doing.
It was Siguard.
Find him.
Find him and bring him here
or else you shall
lose your head.
I will find him.
He shall be gone too
far into the woods.
You shall do no such thing.
Then we shall have
to play with you, Olav,
until they return.
(Loki laughing)
(Ragnor chuckles)
(panting) I cannot
keep up with that energy.
My bones run weak.
I have no energy,
no food within me, no water.
There is no time for stopping.
We need to keep going.
We need to find your
children and tell them
that the Berserkers
are after them.
(panting) Why does
you do this for us?
What's in it for thee?
Answer, be truthful.
I do this, I do this
because I am the wrong son
born to Snorre.
I despise him and
his every action.
Why else?
My daughter, Ingrid?
I have passion for her, yes.
A passion, a lust?
I see your family,
your daughter, and I want that.
I want that happiness,
not the darkness and
despair that I've known.
My daughter could
never be with a person
of Berserkers' blood.
Come on, we need to keep moving.
(tense music)
(stones clattering)
How far must we walk for safety?
As far as we can, days, weeks.
We must go and not stop.
As soon as we reach
the next village,
we will seek safety.
For how long, until
the Berserkers come?
Time will tell.
Preparing for a fight?
Why do you say that?
You paint white.
Only those who enter into
battle do such a thing.
No, this is uniform.
Uniform does not exist here.
You are preparing for a fight.
I'm sure of it.
Who are you going against?
Well, we'll see,
we'll see.
(tense music)
(Torrun cries)
Your family did this.
Both thy sisters gone.
Your family, monsters,
they did this!
I am sorry.
I am sorry.
My hideous family's actions
do not represent mine, lady.
(Torrun panting)
I'm sorry for the actions
of my family to yours.
You are just like them.
You might stand, talk confident
as though thee means well,
as thou wants my family peace.
You stand there and you watch
while your family
is murdering mine.
You watch!
I will watch no longer.
(stone thuds)
What was that sound?
Nothing but an animal.
(tense music)
You used the correct
word, animal.
I am.
(sword clangs) No fear.
My brother has gone to
fetch your daughter.
Now, what are you
doing here, Rolf?
(Rolf and Ivar grunting)
(dramatic tense music)
(swords clanging)
You fight a good one for someone
to have never stepped
into the death fields.
I watch, I learn.
Now you die.
(Ivar grunts)
What would my
father say if he knew
you were gonna kill me?
With me, his son,
replaceable, human.
He would take your life.
(dramatic music)
A traitor!
I better say this otherwise.
Look who's in here is a traitor,
protecting a woman
with different blood.
I protect what I believe.
(both grunting)
(swords clanging)
(Torrun shouts)
Your blood means nothing.
We are the same.
We're not the same.
(Ivar grunts)
(Torrun shouts)
(emotional music)
Goodbye, Ivar.
I don't know who I am.
Am I one of them?
Nothing like them.
Thee was right, you
are more than blood.
You are a good man.
Blood, we need to protect you.
What's done is done.
You must continue with your
fight, with your energy.
Go, save my children, warn them.
(dramatic music)
I shan't leave you.
They have no knowledge
what come for them,
they have no weapons.
Go, please!
I'm sorry you won't
see me protect them.
I'm sorry, I could not
see you for a different man.
You are no Berserker.
I wish your last memory of
me shall not be of this.
I prefer to die alone.
Please go!
I will save them!
I trust you.
Now, go and do good work by me.
Vigdis, oh you have
been silent with me.
Why, why? (Somber music)
I have been with my thoughts,
lost in them.
What thoughts are these?
Thoughts of what is to come.
Thoughts for me.
What do you worry of?
You promised me love.
[Snorre] Yes.
But the love that was before,
does not seem to remain.
Why do you say such things?
Questioning my love?
It is not for me to question,
but for me to observe,
what is happening
to your thoughts.
Your thoughts of
me have changed.
How do you see this?
I can see it in front of me.
[Snorre] How do you see this?
You look at her with passion,
like you did with thee.
Yes, Turid.
She is who you admire now.
It is apparent that
your love does not last.
However, she will at one time,
have the same conversation
that I am having with thee.
I do not like to be questioned.
I do not like to be
questioned on my thoughts
while we are sitting on my land.
This was never your land.
Nothing is truly ours.
We take things.
We make things ours but
they are everything but.
(emotional music)
I took you.
You did.
And now you are mine.
Am I?
What do you mean by this?
Women have feelings.
They have wants and
needs just like men.
You compare me to man?
Your actions are
everything but of a man's.
(dark tense music)
(somber music)
(leaves rustling)
Now hide.
Hide, we need to hide.
A Berserker.
They must have sent for us.
(all panting)
Go, go, go.
We must go one by one.
We have to separate and meet
at the bottom of the coast.
[Astrid] We can't.
We have to, to escape.
He shall see us the
longer we hold tight here.
Take this.
Take this, it will protect you.
What do I do with this?
- You'll be fine.
- I don't know.
Don't leave me. You'll be okay.
(Astrid crying)
(Ingrid panting)
Sister, go, go.
Go, go!
(Rolf grunts)
Wait, wait!
Wait, come back.
(grunts) Enough!
Get away or I will
cut of your head off
and feed it to the wolves.
I mean no harm.
(both grunting)
(panting) You are
the son of Snorre.
(emotional music)
You've come to take me back.
I have come to protect thee.
Nothing like that.
I have come with
love in my heart.
I was just with your mother.
She's dead.
(Ingrid grunts)
(Rolf shouts)
And my father?
(panting) He is alive.
I helped him escape from the
clutches of the Berserker.
He got caught on our escape.
My father wanted,
he wanted me to fight with
your mother in the fields.
How did she die?
She was a strong, noble woman.
She was killed by Ivar.
A brother of yours?
No, no brother of mine.
He runs through your blood.
Yes, but I am nothing like him.
And why should I trust you?
You just have to take my word.
There is nothing else I can say.
You just have to trust me.
(tense music)
(Astrid grunts)
There you are.
(both grunt)
I don't want to fight you.
(Knut grunts)
Using a lady's color before
even winning the battle.
I suppose these will
soon be my quarters.
Brave of you.
I am a lot stronger
than you may think.
My heart burns with rage,
burns with resentment
and a passion to win.
I have survived hell
and here I stand
and I will not lose
the battle easily.
You and I are both the same,
both plucked from our families,
except you are older
and I am younger,
and I am newer and I am healthy,
and I am able to have a child.
You may be these
things, but with age
comes a knowledge of how to win.
Always win.
(chuckles) You are a
very confident woman.
No need for confidence.
I was made a Berserker
and I feel no worry, no fear.
I am numb to all emotions.
I am an animal
inside that will do
everything it can to survive.
And you (tense
music) are in my way.
Am I now?
You are.
(moving to dramatic music)
[Knut] Boo.
Looks like this is the end.
Time to go back,
meet your maker.
I shall never go back there.
You have no other choice.
I do have other ways.
Indeed, you may survive a
battle in the death fields.
(panting) That is not my idea.
(dramatic music)
(somber music)
Turid, time has come
for you to battle.
I no longer trust that woman.
Whose blood is
that on your body?
(dramatic music)
Someone whose heart
was the same as mine.
Someone who wanted
the same as me.
Someone who is not strong.
Thee gave me a fire inside,
so deep,
so strong
and that fire can
never be put out.
Where is she?
I cut out her heart
and you
will never have it.
(Snorre panting and sniffling)
What is wrong?
Our sister.
(somber music)
Our sister!
No (cries).
I'm sorry I was
unable to protect thee.
No, sister, please.
She's dead.
I will take thy life,
(tense music)
tear apart your world - No, no!
As you have done to ours.
(Rolf grunts)
- Stop, stop.
- Let's talk
this out with reasoning.
- Please stop, please stop.
- How many soldiers
stand up for you?
[Ingrid] Stop, stop please.
This is a man of the Berserker!
It does not matter.
Yes, he may be that but
he promises us help.
You believe these words?
What has happened to your mind?
What have you been fed for
these words to fall out.
Leif, we have no choice.
Our family, isn't,
isn't just us now.
Our father he
remains there, alive.
Please, the last man
standing it is him and us
and we are running out of time.
Otherwise our parents they've
given their lives for nothing.
You trust these words,
you trust this man?
- Sister.
- I do, I do not,
I do not know what I believe!
But I know that we
must take action
before it is the dark of night!
(Leif panting)
I will tear you apart,
if you betray us.
And I would do the same to you,
but you have nothing
to fear from me.
(Vigdis screaming)
Stay there!
Take her off, take her.
Take her!
Go, take her off!
(crowd shouting)
(Vigdis screams)-
- Put your hands there!
[Vigdis] No!
(crowd shouting)
She took a life.
Please no (cries).
(tense music)
You want a battle?
You shall have a battle.
(Vigdis panting)
Magnus, come.
(Magnus growling)
Thou gives me no fair
chance against such a beast!
You speak of the
beast within you.
Use that beast.
If you win, (Magnus growls)
you'll go free.
But he's animal.
(dramatic music)
You have a chance.
And Gunner.
You give me no fair chance.
I do now.
May you have a sword.
(Vigdis panting)
(Magnus growling)
(Vigdis gasps)
(Gunner growls)
(moving to dramatic music)
(Vigdis screams)
(Gunner grunts)
(Gunner growls)
(Vigdis screams)
No one betrays me.
(somber music)
The towns in the east
have all been invaded.
The direction you thought was
right is now completely wrong.
They came to your village
in the direction
you're heading in.
For safety and to warn people,
we need to head west.
They haven't gone
in that direction.
Then we will go west.
We'll warn them so
they are prepared.
And how are we to know if
they would ever really be able
to defend their land, hmm?
Look what happened to ours.
West, that's Turmrig Castle.
There are many people there.
So we go west, we warn them.
No, I'm not sure anyone
is enough, not against them.
They are monsters.
The Berserkers, what are they?
(emotional music)
Some people, think
that they are inhuman.
They themselves believe
that they are creatures,
that their blood is
something different,
something more powerful
that what we know.
They are true beasts.
This fury which they
called Berserker gang,
it occurs in the heat of battle
and it's provoked by oneself.
You can see the change,
the transformation within them.
(somber music)
The shivering, the
chattering of the teeth,
the coldness of their bodies.
They would howl
as wild as beasts.
They would take down anyone
and everyone in their sights.
Those Berserkers lost
all human capacity
for reason and self-recognition
and would rip their
enemy to shreds
with their bare hands.
No weapon needed.
And how about you?
Why aren't you a
beast like them, hmm?
I don't know how to answer that.
I haven't experienced that side
that I see in them.
I resist every temptation
to become one of them.
Have you ever felt
this need before?
When I become angry or heated,
I feel this surge
of energy inside me
and I can't control it.
I feel if I were to relax
it would come out of me.
And how do we trust you tonight,
not to become this thing, hmm?
If you want to keep me
calm, there'll be no need.
I will not give in to the beast.
The death fields, has
anyone ever survived?
They promise that if you
survive the death fields
and you kill
the Berserker,
that you will live,
that you will have your life.
But no, no one has survived.
The Berserkers
you go up against,
they are the worst of them all,
the strongest, the most crazed.
My aunt?
She fought a strong
battle, a noble woman.
She put up a good fight.
And my father?
What do they plan
to do with him?
My father has a
grudge against yours,
for what reason I do not know.
But he plans to
create a fury in him,
a fury so big
that he turns into a monster.
Our father is a
peaceful, caring man.
He could never become
what your father is.
My father is twisted.
He plays with people's
minds, including mine.
Toys with people,
manipulates them.
Why did you never leave before?
Why now?
I'm no longer scared of him,
no longer scared of death.
If I die in my
attempt, then I die.
I used to be scared of death
and what would happen after it.
But, but but now
if I were to survive
in this world,
I would want a world
worth surviving for.
All right, we need to rest up.
We have to reserve our
energy for morning.
Are we gonna be safe here?
A few hours will
be fine to stay here.
(Olav grunting)
Olav, sit.
Do you wish me to stay?
Magnus, you are free to leave.
Of course.
Why am I here?
I have a heavy heart
(somber music)
alike to yours,
a heart that is full of sadness.
A heart that no one understands
outside these walls.
I have lost my son,
I have lost my wives,
I am all alone
alike you.
I'm not alone.
My children are free,
my wife is free.
My family have love in
their hearts for me.
And they will
grow, become wiser,
live the life they should live.
Such foolishness you have
inside you, Olav.
I have nothing inside
me but the truth.
You have hope.
Hope is not the truth.
Hope is a wish.
Hope is a need.
Hope is not a fact.
I have never
had this feeling within me.
It is raw.
It is deep.
I cannot control it,
this emptiness.
In just a word,
a figment of one's imagination
which you would believe
to give you confidence
and strength.
It's just a word.
We are alike ultimately.
We are one and the same.
We are human, Snorre.
I am not human.
By tomorrow, these thoughts
will be gone
as we watch your family
bleed out in front of you,
as we watch your family
battle to the death
on the fields.
Go rest, Olav.
You will need it
for your battle.
War is not necessary
I will not fight you, never.
(somber music)
Then you will make
it an easy battle.
(gentle music)
I cannot rest.
I am uneasy about
what the future holds,
what tomorrow holds,
whether tomorrow
will be my last day.
(moving to emotional music)
I am not sleeping.
My mind it is full
of terrible thoughts.
I have those same thoughts.
I am Ingrid.
You were not given my name.
I am Rolf.
My brother, sleeping,
he is Leif.
Ingrid, a name of
strength and beauty.
(both chuckle)
I am not so sure about that.
It was my grandmother's.
Was she as beautiful as you?
Why are you doing this,
other than for yourself?
Why else would I do it
other than for myself?
Thank you, Rolf.
You know, if you were not
here I think we would be dead.
I believe that to be true.
You have no need to thank me.
My family have done some awful,
unspeakable things to you.
But never you.
Why do you talk of them?
Why do you speak of them as if
though you were one of them?
They may be in your
bones and in your blood
but your mind, that is you.
That is not them.
(ominous music)
(Ingrid gasps)
Come on, Princess.
(grunts) Come on.
(Ingrid moans)
[Loki] Come on, sit!
[Odin] Get in you.
(Ingrid and Leif grunting)
Children, your faces.
I thought we would
never meet again.
(panting) Rolf!
Don't fear.
Everything to fear.
(Rolf grunts)
Mother, where is she?
(somber music)
Where is she?
She's gone, Leif.
She's gone (cries).
Rolf, for you.
Leave him with me.
You don't wish me to stay,
just in case?
Leave us.
[Ragnor] As you wish.
Do not dare use
that word for me.
Your tongue should
not know the word
and your mind should
forget the meaning
for you have no father
on this Earth, boy.
I said do not ever
use that word for me!
You are no son to me.
I should save my energies today.
You are to fight
today, not watch?
Who are you to fight?
I am to battle you, boy.
I shall see you on the fields.
Until then...
(Berserkers shouting)
Come on.
I will enjoy watching you
get torn apart on that field.
Who's to go first?
(somber music)
I'll put the boy in first.
(Leif grunts)
(tense music)
(Leif coughs)
And who is he against?
(Gunner laughing)
(panting) I will use your bones
to pick on my teeth.
Let the battle begin.
(dramatic music)
(crowd shouting)
(men grunting)
Ah, kill him!
(Leif grunts) (swords clanging)
(Gunner grunting)
(Gunner laughing)
(Leif grunting)
(men grunting)
So I'll avenge my mother.
(men grunting)
(Gunner growls)
(men grunting) (swords clanging)
(Leif shouts)
(Leif shouting)
(Gunner grunts)
(Leif crying)
(Leif screaming)
(Gunner laughing)
(Gunner grunting)
(Leif screaming)
Don't (cries).
(tense music) (Gunner panting)
[Snorre] Stop.
You wish to fight
the mighty Gunner?
Get me in there.
Ingrid, no!
Get me in there!
The floor is yours.
(Rolf panting)
(somber music)
[Leif] Oh God (coughs).
It's not fair match!
She will not stand a chance!
(ax clattering)
[Snorre] Right, your fancy girl.
(tense music)
Have it, it's you
and I to the death.
(women grunting)
(Loki shouts)
Now the ultimate thrill.
(women grunting)
(moving to dramatic music)
(Gunner growls)
(Ingrid grunts)
(Gunner laughs)
(Gunner pants)
(Gunner laughs)
(Ingrid grunts)
(Gunner growls)
(Ingrid grunts)
(Gunner groans) (dramatic music)
(Gunner shouts) (Ingrid shouts)
(Gunner growling)
(Gunner shouts) (Ingrid screams)
(Gunner growls)
(Gunner laughs)
And hands they go (laughs).
(Ingrid panting)
(Ingrid screams) (Gunner laughs)
(Ingrid panting)
(Ingrid screams)
(Gunner laughs)
(tense music)
- Join!
- No!
(blades clanging)
(Gunner shouts)
[Man] Give in!
(Gunner grunting)
If the girl is
all you really have,
I will take her from you.
See if you find your beast then.
(Rolf shouting)
(men grunting)
(Gunner laughing)
(swords clanging)
(men grunting)
Come here.
Come on (grunts).
(Ingrid grunting)
You wish to take my son?
Not before I take you.
[Rolf] Father!
(tense music)
(blades clanging)
(men grunting)
You've bad habits in
you, boy (laughs).
(blades clanging)
(Odin shouts)
(men grunting)
You'll cut now?
(men grunting)
Let us fight!
(women grunting)
(Snorre shouting)
You're my father, I
should have forgotten you,
your face, your voice,
and every living memory.
You are
a murdering savage!
That's it, that's my boy.
Goodbye, Father.
[Man] No!
(somber music)
Everybody stop I command you!
The war between the Saxons
and Berserkers ends here!
(Rolf cries)
Rolf, Rolf!
Rolf, it's me.
It is me.
(dramatic music)
It's over,
the war is over.
It's over!
The war is over!
It's ended!
(moving to emotional music)
[Rolf] Ingrid.
Have your wounds healed?
I'm recovering, yours?
Much better.
The townspeople who
fled to the west,
they have returned.
They are so grateful
for what you did.
We did.
You are the main reason
why everything has gone back
to how it should be.
You did this.
My father said I
was exactly like him.
When I felt that surge of fury
and anger through my body,
I understood it.
You are nothing
like your father.
No but I am, I am.
I'm exactly like him.
The difference is I
care more about people
than the Berserker pride.
He never understood that.
Welcome to the new world.
(gentle music)
The road it cares
And a journey there
The dark will pass
And hope will last
Hope inside you cannot see
A purple with thee
If the sun should
sink to rise
We will see the
brand new sky
And we'll leave behind
The sins of your past
If the sun should
sink to rise
We will see the
brand new sky
And we'll leave behind
The sins of the past