The Village Barbershop (2008) Movie Script

In an effort to find ways
other than gambling
to attrackt visitors, Rino city council
approved funding for bawling stadium.
Bawling? That oughta put
this town back on the map.
What a bunch of geniuses!
Retailing giant Big Mart
plans two new stores
for the Real Sparks area
for the coming year.
Good morning, Arther.
- Hey, Gladis, how're doing?
Looks like another
whoper last night.
Yeah, lotta whopers.
- No.
I said, looks like
another whoper.
Those little mother fuckers!
Come on, wake up!
Don't piss on on
the cups, come on.
Oh, shit.
What the fuck?
Oh, shit.
Lesbian Stewardesses.
Hey, Art.
- No, "Lesbian Flight Attendants".
Oh, sorry there chief.
So where's your
little mug?
Forgot it.
You're out of
whipped cream.
So maybe put
crany whipped cream.
Would you go back and check for me?
- No.
Take 'er easy.
So the chinese restaurant is also...
- Yes, a brothel.
Both daughters?
- I don't know, I didn't eat there.
What about the discount?
- It's in there.
Along with a free 1st class
casket upgrade.
That's a partial
silk liner.
That's all I got, 2900.
Maybe you should consider cremation?
- Didn't want to be cremated.
Perhaps you can talk to his family?
- I am his family.
Look, the guy cut your
hair, for Christ's sake.
Even cut your father's hair
in the hispital after the stroke.
You'll get your money.
Didn't you see me out there?
- We open at 8.
Enzo used let me
in early.
You're out of creamer.
- Coffee's for the customers.
I'm a customer.
- You're not a customer.
You're a cabro who steals my coffee.
If you're a customer,
you'd be getting
a hair cut.
Now, you want me
to cut your hair?
- Maybe?
I liked Enzo.
- Most people liked Enzo.
So... you're gonna go somewhere
else to get your haircut?
Don't tell you're gonna
go to Elmer's.
Heck no! Everybody knows
Elmer's got them cateract dye
things. Don't know how he stays open.
So who's gonna cut
your hair?
Maybe you'll hire
Eight from ten, two.
- Thank you sir.
Be sure to
come back, OK?
I don't think
I'm next.
- Sorry babe, pit stop.
Need clean shirt.
Gotta get down to Bakersfield.
Rickert, I need to
talk to you.
If you got a problem, I can't
hear call your mom.
She's better at that
shit than I am.
Is this all the cash
we got?
Rickert, seriously.
- I'll see you in couple of days.
Where is he?
- Who?
The guy who works
in this office.
Ah, mister...
- Leroldi.
Mister Leroldi is here.
Use the intercom!
Mister Leroldi is here.
- Very well, send him back.
Mister Leroldi, what can
I do for you?
You know why I'm here
- I do?
Right, I do.
I forgot.
Sorta like you forgot to pay your rent.
- I didn't forget.
My partner died,
Well, the wheel of commerce
keep on turning, don't they?
I need time to get the money straight.
Enzo, he did all the books.
That's not my problem.
Unlock my fucking shop!
I'll tell you what.
I got a better idea
You walk away from the rediculous
lease my father-in-law gave you.
And we call it even.
Consider it a
retirement gift.
That barbershop, that
is my retirement.
And the lease is good,
until I decide to quit.
July and August, 2500, in full
by the end of the month.
Or the padlock
is permanent.
- Who's this?
You called me.
- Could you put my mom on the phone?
Val, it's your
kid again.
Oh, hey baby-girl.
- Are you drunk?
How are you?
- You know what, never mind.
I'm here about the add.
- Yeah.
I've always wanted
to try this.
I see... hair...
as canvas.
I prefer to cut hair naked,
if that's cool with you..
I also do make-up.
Can I keep the
hair I cut?
I'm all about orientation
and exploration.
Cuase I got things I can do
with it in my apartament.
Oh, are these
Boss samplers?
So, how much does the
position pays there, pops?
Don't you call me "pops"!
How goes the search?
Sorry I missed it.
So, what now?
I'll probably have
couple of beers.
No, I mean after that?
I think I'm probably...
have couple more beers
Can I have one?
You gonna let me cut
your hair?
It's 700 sq. feet.
That'll be 4000 a month.
What the hell are
you doing in my shop?
Good morning. I thought you
didn't come in until 8, so.
Get out!
- Come on.
Get outta here, go, get!
Chop, chop.
It's not for rent.
- Fred, Sheila?
If only your wife's old man knew
how you treat his tenants.
There're not "his" tenants
any more, are they?
I did not put with his shit, my wife's
shit just to make a squat on this shack.
I'm not gonna wait for another old man
to croak before I make some money on this place.
Ah, relax, you'll
get paid.
We don't do ladies hair
ma'am, sorry.
I hired a new barber.
- Job's been filled?
Where is?
- The new barber.
I'm a licensed cosmetologist.
You're full of crap, Leroldi.
- I'm good with books, too.
You're an accountant?
- Did it for my grandfather's shop.
You wanna meet my new barber?
Here's my new barber.
- Gloria.
Now, get the hell
outta my shop.
Sorry, you want one?
- It's 8:05 in the morning.
Yeah, well, I have
a headache.
So... I have
the job?
You said something about books.
- Also said something about cutting hair.
The ad was for a barber...
- Yeah, barber, male barber.
Doesn't say "male barber".
It just says "barber".
Well it's implied.
How do you spell your last name?
- Excuse me?
Your last name, so my attorney
can file a lawsuit.
Haven't you hear of
gender discrimation?
You said I'm qualified, then you
told this douchebag I had the job
now I don't because I am a woman.
- What?
You can't discriminate against
me based on my sex.
This'll do.
Well, I'm gonna head to the court
now, to file that lawsuit.
Good luck with your
books, Art Leroldi.
Hey baby.
Why can't you park in the lot?
- I gotta to talk to you.
Yeah, I gotta talk
to you too.
You wanna go first?
- You wanna shut this thing off?
I guess...
I'm not sure how to say this,
but I met someone.
We're gettin' married.
- I know, shit's crazy, right?
What's your news?
- Are you fucking kidding me?
Anything else I need to know?
- Yeah, uh...
I'm gonna need
the trailer back.
Alright... Whatever.
I'll be back, get your shit
outta my trailer!
Good morning.
- Oh, yeah...
I'm gonna have
you start here.
I can't hire anybody until
I get this junk cleaned up.
- He's on time.
Who's on time?
Look, I'm gonna try couple
people first first.
I want 200 for the
books, cash, today.
Alright, Stanley, you paying attention?
- Yes, sir.
Think you can do that?
- Yeah, yeah.
Spread your feet apart,
you need some balance.
No, no you go against the green,
otherwise you're not cutting.
Who the hell is this kid?
- It's OK Johnny, relax.
Give me that!
It's about confidence.
There you go.
Love the feeling of a close shave.
- You gotta nice touch there honey.
Art, I'm gonna want her
to shave me from now on.
I think I got it, now.
No Stan, you don't got it.
- I don't got it?
Do you need this
smock back?
I gotta... step out
for a few minutes.
You want us to write you a check?
- I said cash.
Well, business hasn't picked up.
- You better hope it does.
You're 1700$ in the whole.
I'll figure out a way to
get you the cash.
You don't gotta figure
out a thing, alright?
Come again?
For now, I'm your
new partner.
Oh, it's my lucky day.
921 dollars? That's
nuts. There's no way.
Johnny, I need some pantyhoes
and hurry up, we're gonna be late.
One second.
Hey, Art.
- Give me couple of the nasty ones.
Keep the change.
He was before
me, Jim.
- Yeah.
There you go.
Jimmy, you're still out
of whipped cream.
For crying out loud...
Good morning.
- Of course.
This is where you're gonna work.
This station here.
There you go,
that's for you.
It's kinda frumpy, but
It'll do, for now. Thanks.
Excuse me.
Haircuts are 8 dollars.
I'll go the lunch from 1 to 2,
you'll go to lunch from 12 to 1.
Any questions?
- Do I have to go from 12 to 1?
I'm just kidding.
We don't open for a few minutes
yet, so if you wanna take a walk...
I, uh... gonna...
- Yes, sorry, leave you to it.
- Hi.
Can I get espresso, please?
- Sure.
Oh, would you make that decaf?
- Sure.
What's with the...
giant smock?
I'm a barber. That little
shop down the street.
Really? What happened
to the old guys?
Well, it's old guy now, singular.
Apperantly. And me.
How much?
- Two.
It's a coffee club card.
Bye one, get one free.
Priest and a nun, bent over the
pew. He is giving it her, right...
Who's next?
I'll wait for Art
- Yeah.
Hold on a second, Tony.
- Alright.
- Gonna help me out here, or what?
What do you want
me to do?
You still owe me 200 bucks.
- They prefer a male barber.
Jesus, it's not like I'm gonna
give them all a prostate exam.
Hey, you, college kid.
In the chair!
Yeah, you, come on.
- Jesus.
Is Art here?
No, he went to the post office.
How long ago?
- Uhm... couple of minutes.
Uhm... Can I
get a... quickie?
Yeah, sure.
Just a trim.
I'm Gloria.
- I know, Art says your name a lot.
- No!
It's a joke. Kind of.
He's a barker,
not a biter.
- Art.
He is not a biter.
- Yeah, I know.
- No, it's not about Enzo.
It's about Emma
- Who's Emma?
His wife.
- He is married?
He was married.
Oh, he's divorced
- No.
I don't think he'll
ever get a divorce.
Hey, Art.
See you tomorrow.
- Hello.
Mecca... mecca... tiar
- Mcintire.
I... I'm... wiat.
I don't know what kind of deal
you have with Leroldi, but
I'll be happy to give you some
money to cut hair elsewhere.
How much money?
- How's 500 sound?
Pretty cheap for a bribe.
- Bribe? I think you misunderstood.
I'm trying to look out for you. It's
like severance pay. Like a favor.
Nope, still a bribe.
- It's not a bribe.
I can check with a friend, a cop?
- Cop? No.
Look, I misspoke.
Lets just forget it.
Are you sure, because
I wouln't mind checking.
Anyways, I was wondering
if you might be able to
move this trailer off my lot?
Or not...
- Yes, hi.
This is mr. Roy over
at the flower shop.
Mr Jacobi has ordered
flowers for his wife.
We just wanna check on the
proper address, if you don't mind?
That's sweet.
Sure, do you need his home address?
Yes, the delivery address, yes.
Mr. John Jacobi
- Yes?
Oh, that's great, fabulous.
Alright, bye bye dear.
This is for you.
- Thank you.
So long.
- See ya, Fritz.
Catch that? Five
dollar tip.
That's more than
fifty per cent.
Take the tip jar and stick it in
some drawer, would you?
How've managed to stay in
business all these years?
No tip jar, people don't tip.
- People tip.
Really? How much have made today?
- I don't know. I don't keep a tally.
Well, take tally. 5 bucks says
I got more than you do.
Yeah? Your 5$ plus the 200 I owe you.
How do you like those apples?
I don't like apples
What happened to your smock?
- Lunch time...
Thanks for the coffee cards.
- You're welcome.
I do it for all the cute
barbers in town.
Ahh, and here I thought
I was special.
You're the only cute barber
I'd consider asking out.
Date? I don't think I'm ready
for the whole dating thing.
I'm a patient man.
What time is it?
- It's after 1.
I gotta go.
- Hey, smock!
Post time for the race in
San Junatito in 1.22.
8 min. to ge to the neeva, 5 to
park, 3 to walk to the window.
Just enough time to get a dog
and a draft, before he places his bet.
He's off schedule
by 7 minutes.
He can shift the dog
and draft,
but if he wants to make
post time
He's gonna have to shave
4 minutes somewhere.
How do you know all this?
He's done the exact same
thing for lunch everyday.
It's where he
met Emma?
They used to have lunch
there together.
He still goes.
Except... he bets more,
drinks more now.
Hey, from the
You're the naked barber, eh?
- You guys still hiring?
Hey, Rita, do yourslef a favour
and go sit over there.
Rickert? That's a unique
name for a girl.
Yeah, never really
been a big fan.
He'll be out in a few minutes.
- Thanks.
I'm really sorry for coming
back late from lunch.
I lose track of time sometimes.
- Buy a watch.
If it wasn't for me, you'd
still be in jail, right now.
I've got a simple schedule. It's
up on the wall, for Christ's Sake.
What schedule, to gamble and drink?
- You wouldn't understand.
Oh, I understand.
You need to get...
I need to get?
- You need to get laid.
You're fired!
Can't fire me, you owe me
500 bucks for bail.
Pick you up at 7.
- I'll take a cab.
You can't...
...afford one.
Five bucks, pops.
In or out?
Don't call me "pops".
I'm sorry.
Art Leroldi?
My god, It's been so long.
- Yes! Yes!
So, how've you been?
- I'm OK.
What are you doing here?
- I'm working, hopefully.
I know, Emma probably
wouldn't approve.
But you know, the top
goes off, the tips go up.
And I got a mortgage now.
So, you're a dancer?
- Oh, no, god no.
Just drinks,
no dancing.
Can you imagine
me up there?
I don't think so.
Put your groceries down,
stay a while.
I've gotta go, thanks.
- No, my shift's almost over.
I'm gonna buy you
a beer.
Are you gonna put something on?
- Funny.
Go at the bar, I'll meet
you there. Go on.
God, we used to have
great barbecues here.
Yeah, we sure did, Josey.
You don't meet many nice
gays waitressing drinks.
Thanis. for the lift
- Oh, sure..
We had fun. We should
do it again, sometime.
Good night.
Yeah, any time.
Drive safe.
Mom, I don't wanna see him..
- Gloria, he deserves to know.
He is the father, isn't he?
- What!?
Just trying to help.
- God, I miss grandpa.
Miss him all you want, I'm the
only parent you got left.
Yeah. I'm painfully
aware of that.
I'll call you later, OK?
- Fine.
- Gloria?
I said I'd take a cab.
- I said I'd pick you up.
- Hey.
Nice place you got here.
It's rental. Should've bought
it when I had the chance.
Wanna tell me
about the ring?
You gonna tell me
about yours?
See you at the shop.
OK. See you at the shop.
I thought we're open till 5?
- No, we close at 2 on Saturdays.
If you wanna stick around and take
care if someone might happen in,
fine by me.
- Well, maybe I will.
Nice haircut.
Hey, I thought we
were here for fun.
Yeah, I've got a hot tip.
- Okay.
Oh, shit.
- Some hot tip.
You want another hot-dog?
- What?
No, no. I'm gonna go make some
money back on baseball.
Hey, do you have time
for a haircut?
Yeah, come on in.
- Thanks.
What happened to
the smock?
Watch your step, I just
washed the floor.
This is my chair.
So how do you I iike it?
- Just, neatn' it up a bit.
Got a date tonight.
Who's the lucky girl?
Dude, what the fuck?
- Oh, shit.
- Dude, shut the fuck up!
Dude, what the fuck?
Check the wire, man.
- Why do I always have to go?
Dude, what do you see?
I see...
No one...
Back there...
Oh, fuck!
Dude, what the fuck happened?
- Dude fucking shot me.
Oh, man! Does that hurt?
Thanks for the haircut
- Thanks for dinner.
It's a wedding ring, but
it's not my wedding ring.
Just so you know.
It was my grandmother's. My
grandpa gave to me when she died.
Never leaves my finger.
It's beautiful.
Of course it's still early, but
everything looks good.
That's good news.
I don't know if this is any
consolation to you.
But I got pregnant when I was
halfway trough med school.
Anatomy practical and morning sickness.
Trust me, it does not mix.
It's difficult, but
you've got options.
And we're here to support
any decision you make.
OK, thanks.
- Sure.
See you again in 30 days?
- Alright.
Oh, and don't forget to take up your needles.
- Okay.
Hair gain with rynoxinol. Oh, boy.
- Morning.
What's with all the
sissy hair crap stuff?
In case you've forgotten,
this is a business.
And this will help you make the
rent and help me keep my job.
How's that?
- Who's hair do we cut?
"We don't cut ladies hair. "
No, you're not birnging any woman to the shop.
- Did I say we were?
No, we cut men's hair.
- What happens to virtually every male?
They go bald.
So we buy this stuff half the price
turn it around and sell
it twice as much.
Well, how much does
that stuff cost you?
20 for the regular, 35 for
the extra-strength.
Lady. Lady. Half guys already
complain about price of a cut.
I hope you saved your receipt.
Wow, you have
really thick hair.
Thanks. I inherited it from my mom.
She's got really thick hairs.
I mean really thick.
Only one little spot.
- Yeah, right here.
How bad is it?
- It's not that bad.
Yet. Of course, these
things spread like wild fire.
Wild fire?
- I'm sure you're fine.
And don't forget.
Six squirts, twice a day.
On the spot.
- On the spot.
Wild fire...
Thank you.
- Thanks.
What the hell is this?
What the hell is what?
- You're cashing checks all week.
So what? You got your 200.
- What about my 500? What about your shop?
I'm gonna lose the shop.
- Really, Djicobi is serious.
He offered me 500 bucks to take a walk.
Maybe I should've taken it.
Well, maybe you should.
Why don't you?
You don't get it. I don't
need money. I need stability.
I need this job.
Oh, you gotta be
fucking kidding me.
So, what's the deal with you
using my credit card at county jail?
You don't get to ask me questions, anymore.
- I want my trailer back, G.
That's his trailer?
You want your fucking trailer back?
No fucking way!
Why you gotta be all crazy?
Well, I guess my mom
left that part out.
I'm pregnant.
Hey, kid. Sit down.
How long have you
been wearing that shirt?
Are you OK?
- Yeah, I'm super awesome.
I am sorry.
Why are you sorry?
Well, that helps...
Do you wanna...
- Sure.
What happened to Rickert?
- I told him to get lost.
Thank you.
Look, I'm really sorry.
I had no idea.
- I barfed in your sink.
Well, I guess I...
- I know. We don't cut ladies hair.
Yeah, I sure don't.
But you used to.
Yeah. She...
She was my life.
She... had breast cancer.
This really valiant breast cancer.
She wouldn't want you to
be this lonely, you know.
It's been 11 years. I don't
even know where to start.
You wanna start with a beer?
- No beer!
You're pregnant
- I meant, for you.
Alright. Two things, non-negotiable.
Number 1. You gotta
let me cut ladies hair.
I can charge 10 times as much. It will
only take me twice as much time.
It's the only way the
shop is gonna stay open.
Number 2.
You really gotta get laid.
- I'll start cutting ladies hair.
My own, good time. Thank you very much.
- Okay.
You got a lead?
- Wow, alright then.
She's a waitress, it's
not what you think.
I think that you...
look handsome.
- Oh, yeah.
- Good luck.
Hey, Wilson.
How's that mushu? Tasty, eh?
- Shit.
Art, hey.
- Hey.
Good food.
- Great place to take the kids.
I bet your wife would
really enjoy this place.
Art, about the rest of the
money for Enzo's funeral.
- Forget it, lets just call it even.
Enzo was a good man.
He deserved the best.
He cut my dad's hair in the hospital.
- No kidding? He did?
My pleasure, really.
I bet it was.
Good morning, Art.
Where's Gloria?
- I'm right here.
Don't worry, it's gonna be OK.
Is that vanilla?
- Yeah.
What the hell is this?
We call that a penis, Reggie.
You have the freshest breath
of any man I've ever met.
It's peppermint.
- Whatever it is. I like it.
It's a great day
to start the day.
Me too.
Morning Gladis.
- Good morning, Jousey.
Glads, you look
great young lady.
Thank you, Arthur.
Morning, Art.
- Hey, good morning, Gloria.
Morning, Art.
- Aham.
500 for you, young lady.
- Thank you.
Nice shirt, by the way.
- Oh, thank you.
And the rent is paid.
It's gonna be a good day.
OK, here's the rent.
2500 dollars, in full.
What, you don't have
anything smart-ass to say?
Rachel, would you get Mr
Liroldi here his receipt.
Rachel will get you the receipt.
- Why don't you call the bank?
Call the bank.
Nice tie.
- Thanks. It's...
For making the rent.
- For making the rent
I've something I
wanna show you.
It's small, but it's got two bedrooms.
- If you're asking me to move in...
It's for me and the baby.
You won't see my trailer anymore.
- Now, there's a good idea.
It's mine if you sign
letter of employment.
I'm sorry, I have to
talk to my accountant.
I'm your accountat.
- Well, I guess we're good to go.
Thank you.
What happened?
Big Mart?
Djicobi sold out.
The whole place is
getting torn down.
Can't we fight it?
- The lease is good only,
as long as he owns the place.
Look, you did really good here.
I just wanted to say thanks.
Put all your things in
the box over there.
Gotta go.
Hang in there.
You did good.
You weasley little prick.
- What the hell are you doing?
Hey, stop, or I will
call the police!
You're gonna have to make it to
a phone first, you piece of shit.
If you were gonna sell the place,
why'd you put him trough all that?
I don't know.
- Fuck you, yes you do, tell me!
Alright, fine! I enjoyed it, OK?
Go ahead. I'll just get
another one.
You should've taken the money
when I offered it.
Get that fucking trailer
off my lot!
Oh, what do you know? You left
your sunroof open.
Court charges Mr Cane with
80 hours community service.
Oh, and Mr Cane, might
I also suggest
that you find another outlet for
relaxation other than "booze".
City of Rino vs
Arthur C. Liroldi.
Mr Liroldi.
You're charged with assulting
an officer.
And resisting arrest.
How do you plead?
The cop called me "pops" your honour.
- I don't think this qualifies as a plead.
While I understand your
displeasure of being called "pops",
what I cannot condone, is a good
citizen, such as yourself
throwing citations at police officers,
telling members of the police dep.
to and here, I'm quoting:
"To shove it, up their
ever-loving ass".
While hitting them in the groin
with your car door.
That part was a mistake, see the...
- Enough.
Yes, sir.
- The court sentences Mr Liroldi
to 100 hours community service.
Great. 100 hours of
picking up garbage.
Oh, crap.
Alright, I hate this car.
- He says the trailer belongs to him.
- Get your shit outta that trailer.
I ain't got all day.
I want my credit card back.
- Lost it.
Jenny says if you can't
take care of the baby,
you could come live
wiht us in Bakersfield.
- Yeah. Here's our number.
That's so sweet.
Mom, it's me.
I need you to send some money.
- What for?
No questions, alright?
I got nervous when I
didn't see your trailer.
What's going on.
I can't go home,
I can't stay here.
You can stay here.
We can...
No. I can't.
I think I really just
need to start over.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry sir, but we can't
cash any more of these.
What's the matter
with my chip?
You guys are all fuckers.
Fuckers! Fuckers!
Take it easy, pops.
- Fuck you.
We've got an angry fish. Code 11.
I'm gonna need buck up.
What the hell are you
doing in my house?
What's your name?
- Sprow.
What the hell are you
doing in my house?
Eh? Get the fuck
out of here, Sprow.
Why don't you take it easy, man?
- Take it easy?
I don't take it easy.
You fucking take it easy.
I'm done taking it easy.
I'm calling the cops.
OK, man. Let's just be cool here.
No cops.
Hey dumb ass, lets go.
We're not leaving, are we?
- You know how much weed we have?
Who wants a bear?
Sit down.
Oh, relax.
Make yourselves at home.
- Hi!
There's key under the rock.
- What?
He keeps a key underneath
the little rock in the dirt.
- No trouble, sweetie.
Hey, come on, lets go.
We're late.
Get up.
What for?
- We're gonna take a shower.
We're gonna take a shower.
- Together?
Yeah. No.
Hold on, wait a minute.
- What's that?
It's blindfold. It keeps you from seeing.
- I know what a blindfold does.
Nah, nah, I feel stupid.
- Put your hands down and you won't.
Alright, where are we going?
- You'll find out.
It's not an animal.
OK, stop, hold on.
Keep going, there you go.
Keep going.
Is there a well
- Yes, a big deep well.
Come on. OK, you're
gonna sit down here.
OK, put your hand out.
Your right hand.
There you go.
Left hand.
Alright, what's going on?
Come on, what's up?
Unlike you, Elmer was
ready to retire.
Yeah, but how did you...
Oh, no. Your ring.
I don't know what to say.
- How about "thank you"?
Thank you! Thank you!
Thank you too.
So? You're gonna
cut my hair or not?
I'm not sure sir.
Do you have an appointmnet?
That's alright. I'll make an
exception in your case.
Get my smock.
Thank you.
- Any time.
You stood me up.
Josey, that'll never happen again.
- Yeah, right.
I promise.
I promise?
Come on. I don't want a girlfriend
of mine walking in place like this.
Hey honey?
What's with the bags?
I sent Little John to
get the mail today.
And look what he
came back with.
Ass-Masters? Load-shooters?
Jizz Kiss?
What are you talking about?
Those are not mine?
- Not yours? - No.
Your name is on the
fucking subscription label.
Yeah, but...
I closed the
Big Mart deal today.
And since the business is
still in daddy's name,
good luck getting your
filthy hands on it.
Fucking Liroldi!
Hey, Art.
- Yeah?
For the power.
And for all the shit on your lawn.
You're welcome, dude.
K, the potatos are ready.
How are the burgers?
Good. Real good.
- Everything OK?
You know, Josey?
I think, it may be the
best it's ever been.
Oh, thank you!