The Violent Years (1956) Movie Script

Extra, extra!
Extra, extra.
Extra, extra, extra extra!
- Extra, extra!
- Extra.
Extra, extra, Marco.
Read all about it.
Extra, extra!
Marco dies tonight!
Sign there.
Your brother said these go to you.
Hey, Chet, did ya see him?
I saw him.
Say, what's it like inside?
Look, leave me alone.
Come on, lay off.
What is he, a celebrity?
All I did is ask him a question.
I asked you a question.
What's it like inside?
Get your hands off of me.
You Marcos are real tough.
Hey, you guys, you want
to see a real killer here?
A real killer.
My brother didn't kill anybody.
Your brother was a punk killer.
I'll kill you.
He's still a punk!
Hold this.
We have enough trouble without this.
You're bleeding, Chet,
I'm gonna call a doctor.
Listen, that's very bad.
Sis, would you please shut up?
You went, didn't you?
Aw, Chet, I thought we'd agreed not to go.
Duke asked us not to go
to court or to prison.
What did he say?
Oh, Chet, will you please talk to me?
He said,
he said that we should stay
together and love one another.
What else did he say?
Oh, Pat.
He was sorry for letting us down.
Can you imagine, let us down?
For everything he's done for us?
He said to kiss you goodbye.
Pat, what do you think he said?
What time is it?
Pat, do you realize in 45 minutes
my brother's gonna be dead?
- Aw, Chet,
I know it's hard to try
not to think about it.
Are you finished yet?
- I gotta get out of here.
- Listen to me.
Don't start running.
Duke's my brother, too, and I love him.
But he killed a man and now he must pay
what the law says he must pay.
He didn't do it.
He didn't do it, he
didn't do it, he told me!
- Duke said that?
- That's right.
That's crazy, Chet.
I don't know why he did this
to you but he was lying.
Maybe for some reason you
thought you'd feel better,
but he was wrong.
He killed that man.
- Don't say it!
I know he wouldn't lie to me.
He did.
He raised you just like he raised me.
And you know he wouldn't lie to me!
Chet, please don't go!
No, not tonight.
Oh, please.
- Patty, let me out.
- No, Chet, please.
- Please, Patty?
- Please, please.
Oh, please come back!
Oh Mike, you're still up studying?
Well you better turn in,
son, don't overdo it.
Dad, I wish he didn't have to die.
- That's not in our hands.
- But in was in yours.
Mike, you're wrong!
I've never known you to be
this unreasonable before.
Mike, I saw a man with
a gun kill another man.
It was my duty to tell what I saw.
I couldn't live with myself if I didn't.
Can you live with yourself
knowing you're sending a man to his death?
I'll just have to.
Mike, you're taking this awfully hard.
Is Duke Marcos's brother
such a close friend of yours?
No, I've just seen him
around school once in a while.
Then what is it?
Dad, I,
oh, nothing.
Except why could you have said
that you weren't sure, or you
couldn't see or something?
I'd be lying.
Dad, I don't want to live here anymore.
I don't want to see anybody
or know anybody around here.
Son it was a closed trial,
my testimony was confidential.
Nobody knows anything about it.
In an hour it'll be a closed issue.
Good night, Dad.
I'm very disappointed in
your attitude toward me.
- What?
- Come on, Bobby, cards.
I'm sorry, I'm not thinking.
Well, think or get out of the game.
What a morgue.
Where have you been?
What happened to you?
I had a hassle.
Do you want us to do something about it?
Drop it!
You wanna play cards?
Come on, Bobby, play cards.
Moe, I wanna drink, you got one?
I don't know, man.
I've run out, I'm flat broke this week.
I said I wanted a drink, Moe.
I know you've got one here somewhere.
Man, the cupboard's bare.
Break it out, Moe,
I'll give you a dollar.
All right.
It's not the dollar, I
thought he shouldn't.
Easy, man, it's not goin' out of style.
Not you.
Go ahead, Chet, drink.
Only wanted a drink.
We interrupt our program
to bring you a special news bulletin.
Time has run out for Duke Marco,
hold-up slayer of Harold Foreman.
As was expected, Governor
Creighton refused to grant
a stay of execution and
the condemned killer
will die as scheduled at state
prison at midnight tonight.
As the last seconds of Duke
Marcos's life draw to a close,
what are the thoughts in the
mind of the condemned man?
Does he feel remorse for his brutal crime
as he tries to make his peace with God?
As the state prefers to
exact the extreme penalty
for an act of murder, this
reporter has cause to reflect
on the crime and the criminal.
What are you doin'?
Hey man, I live here!
He told me he was innocent!
I'm gonna smash 'em, I'm
gonna small all of 'em,
I'm gonna smash the DA and the judge!
I'm gonna smash all the witnesses,
I'm gonna smash all of 'em!
We'll get 'em, Chet.
You sure that's the DA's son?
Of course I'm sure, that's his car.
- He's in there studying?
- Every day.
He comes out about six o'clock.
I know because I've been here before.
Okay, get where you belong.
- Let us help...
- Do as I say.
- Chet maybe we should...
- Do I told you.
All right, you watch the front.
I don't like it this side,
let's go play over there.
Hold it.
- What is this?
- Get out of the car.
- Do you want my money?
- Get out of the car.
What is this, a gag?
Who are you guys?
Well come on, say something.
You picked on the wrong guy.
Maybe you don't know who I am.
My father's a district attorney.
You could get in a lot of trouble.
Somebody's coming!
Let's get outta here!
Hello, Mickey.
Oh, hi Pat.
Why didn't you call or something?
I'm sorry, honey, I wanted to.
Then why didn't you?
Is it because of...
Mickey, are you ashamed of me?
Ashamed of you?
Honey, is that what you've been thinking?
I've been so worried.
Honey, it's my fault.
I thought that you didn't
want to see me anymore.
Well, that you were embarrassed.
Honey, nothing could
make me ever feel that way.
Then why didn't you call, Mickey?
Won't you tell me what's the matter?
Honey, it's something about
my father that you don't know.
He doesn't want us to see
each other anymore, hmm?
No, it's nothing like that.
Look, let's forget it.
We're back together again
and that's all that counts.
I think we have a few
things to talk about.
Patty, I got a lot of things on my mind.
Oh, I have too and I
wanna talk about them.
Let me eat in peace, huh?
Oh Chet, I never see you anymore,
except when you come home to eat.
Couldn't we at least talk now?
See you at the shack.
Oh, okay.
I'll see ya.
Thanks, Pat.
Listen, Chet.
I've been thinking.
I'd like to see you go back to school.
No, listen.
I'm a girl, I don't need to go.
I could get a job and
you could quit yours.
Things are just fine the way they are.
No, they're not, Chet.
There are some things
that you don't seem to
understand about Duke.
He wasn't like what you think.
He's dead!
Can't you leave him alone?
Oh Chet, you've turned him
into some sort of crusading hero.
He wasn't like that.
He kept us out of an
orphanage, he raised us.
He didn't have to do that.
Don't you think I know that?
But I also know how he did it.
What's the difference?
He's my brother and what
he did, he did for us.
Duke was a hoodlum.
He beat people, he robbed them.
And he finally even killed a man.
You eat his food, you live in this house
and you spend his money.
He's just like you,
what did you expect...
You're a hypocrite, a lousy hypocrite!
I gotta get outta here.
If anybody else had said the
things you said, I'd kill 'em!
Chet, Chet, please stop it!
Whatever you're gonna
do, please stop, for me.
All right then, not for me, for Duke.
From here on in,
everything I do is for Duke!
Try and understand.
If you can, just leave me alone!
I understand too well, Chet.
Grow up before it's too late.
- Hi honey, this is Mickey.
- Oh, Mickey.
- Pat, I wanna talk to you.
- Could you come over?
Let's take a ride or somethin'.
- Chet?
- Yeah, come on out.
Go away.
I said go away, it's too late.
What do you mean it's too late?
Sh, you'll wake my mother up.
If you don't get out here,
I'm gonna wake up the
whole neighborhood up.
Wait a minute.
What's this too late bit?
I can't see you anymore, Chet.
My mother, she says I shouldn't.
Never mind what your mother says, baby.
What do you say?
I feel the same way.
Besides, I have a new friend now.
A new friend?
Well, what do you expect?
I don't see you for weeks at a time
and when you do come around
it's always like this.
You never take me anyplace.
So I'm moving in new circles now.
With class.
Something you wouldn't
know anything about.
Class, huh?
Here's somethin' we both understand.
Hey Chet, you really clobbered that guy.
It made the papers!
Made it, it's monopolizing 'em.
Hey, like wow, front page.
DA's son is victim of hoodlum assault.
Walter Lee Baker, son of Morris Baker,
city district attorney,
was found last night
the victim of a brutal beating.
Hey, Chet, you brute, you.
Investigating officers have
ruled out of a robbery motive
since Baker's wallet and
watch were untouched.
Oh wow, we forgot the bread.
Come on, knock it off.
What's the matter, Chet?
Cool it, Moe.
- I'm looking for Chet Marco.
- So?
What do want from me?
Well he's a friend of mine.
I know all of Chet's friends, take off.
All right, let him in, Moe.
- You know this flower?
- Yeah I know him.
- Chet, can I talk to you?
- All right, talk.
Well, it's a little personal.
Well what about?
Well, would you step outside?
I think he wants to whisper
sweet nothings in your ear.
I don't think I like you.
Give me the word,
Chet, I'll throw him out.
What do you want, Mickey?
Look, Pat wanted me to ask
if you'd like to go to a party Saturday.
That's marvelous, what
time are you picking us up?
Are my friends invited?
It's not my party, I couldn't do that.
Well I don't go anywhere
without my friends, Mickey.
Hey, would you invite
us if it were your party?
No I don't think I would.
Look the party's at
Arthur Brennan's house.
Now you can go with Pat
and me or you go alone.
- Arthur Brennan's house?
- Look.
Chet says he don't go where
his friends aren't welcome.
- I like you less and less.
- And I'm heartbroken.
Look it, clown, I came to talk to Chet.
Well you came to my house.
- All righty.
- Chet!
- All righty.
- Hello.
Well you never know these days
when you're gonna get a laugh.
I thought I'd break you boys up.
You're a million
laughs, Lieutenant.
How are you?
Well, here's a new face.
I hope I wasn't interrupting something.
What is this, the Pentagon?
You know I live here.
Chet, as far as the party,
the invitation still goes.
And I hope I see you real soon.
Anytime, punk, but don't
come to my house again.
Unless you bring Pat.
Look, you mention Pat once more,
and I'll be here a lot sooner.
Hey, rough guys invadin'
the territory, Lieutenant.
I may need your protection.
A Marine veteran need
protection, I doubt that.
You come here to shoot
the breeze, Lieutenant?
Yeah sure, what else?
You look a little unhappy.
Well now that you mention it, Chet,
I am as a matter of fact.
A pretty terrible thing
happened yesterday.
Yes, a boy got roughed up quite a bit.
On my beat, no less.
And to make matters
worse he's the DA's son.
The powers that be are awful disturbed.
- That's real tough.
- Yes, it is.
I see you already know about it.
Yeah we read the headlines.
That all you know?
That's all.
Buy the papers every day,
keep up with the news, huh?
Look, Mac, circulation's 180,000.
A lot of people buy papers.
we were just looking to see
where we could go to the movies.
Yeah, well that's a nice idea.
Tell me, fellas, have any of
you ever seen this before?
Put it on again, Lieutenant,
it's an improvement.
Moe, you got a real wit about you.
It's an improvement,
that's a good one, huh?
- Lieutenant.
- Yeah?
We don't know anything about
the DA's son or the mask.
Uh huh.
Dickie, could I trouble you
for a glass of water please?
I suppose you fellas can
account for your whereabouts
yesterday, about six?
We were here, weren't we Danny?
Yeah, you went home about 6:30.
- You got witnesses?
- Sure.
Moe, Danny, Pete, Dick, and Bobby.
Well how are you Bobby,
I hardly noticed you there.
Oh okay.
Any other questions?
No, no I guess not.
But if you should happen
to hear of anything
that might help...
- Hey.
Try the Scorpions,
they're real tough studs.
I know they are, Moe, thanks.
Hey, Lieutenant, it behooves
me to ask one question.
Did you check the mask for fingerprints?
There aren't any.
Hey, Chet, what movie did you decide on?
Crime and Punishment.
That's a real good movie.
I don't like the heat
waltzin' into my pad.
Well don't sweat it.
He all the told us he
doesn't have anything on us.
He's on his way now to bug somebody else.
Moe, you know who Arthur Brennan is?
No, he didn't invite me to his party.
He's Judge Brennan's son.
I'm going to that party.
- Who's there?
- Oh it's me Dad.
What is it, son,
something happen to the car?
No, everything's all right.
Can you come out here a minute?
Okay, Mike.
I'm so nervous, I don't
know what to say to him.
Say hello Mr. Craig.
Something must be wrong,
I, well why didn't you tell?
I beg your pardon, miss.
Dad, this is Pat, the girl
I was telling you about.
I want you to meet her.
- Well sure, son,
as soon as I get halfway presentable.
Come on, let's go in the living room.
Honey sit down.
- No, I'm fine thanks.
Golly, this is beautiful.
Maybe Chet and I'll have
something like this instead of...
Honey, we'll fix it.
Oh Dad.
Dad, this is Pat.
How do you do, Mr. Craig?
How do you do?
Mickey and I have been
talking about meeting you.
Now I don't know what to say.
Pat, I like you already.
Sit down.
- You have a beautiful home.
- Thank you.
It's nothing fancy.
Where do you live?
Oh, it's nothing fancy.
Mike, you may have your faults,
but Pat certainly isn't one of them.
You come from a large family, Pat?
No, just me and my brother Chet.
Mike, when are you going to learn
to make a proper introduction?
I don't even know Pat's last name.
It's Marco, Mr. Craig.
Patricia Ann Marco.
You play piano, Pat?
Well, I used to, a little.
Mike's mother played beautifully.
Would you excuse me a moment?
Well honey how you like him?
Oh, he knows about me.
Oh, Mike, could I see you a minute?
Everything's gonna be fine.
Sure, Dad.
Dad please, I know what you're gonna say,
but I wanted you to get to know her
before I told you she was Duke's sister.
I don't like it.
Does she know I was the witness?
Dad I'll tell her
when the time is right.
Mike, I'm not a prudish man,
but this girl's brother was a killer.
How much do you know about her?
How serious is this relationship?
It's real serious.
And Dad, please, let me handle it my...
- Now, look Mike.
- Dad, please.
My way.
Son, this is going to cause us all
a great deal of heartaches.
All right.
Your way.
Okay honey, party time.
Let's go for a walk.
I want to show you the grounds.
I'll bet.
I'm thirsty, let's go get some punch.
- Hi.
- Hi, Chet.
You want some punch or some food?
No, I know some of the kids around here.
Why don't I just walk around?
Well at least he could have worn a tie.
Have fun.
Oh, Chet, old man.
Glad you could make it.
We thought you might turn
us down or something.
Yeah well thanks for
inviting me, Arthur.
I wouldn't have missed this
whole thing for the world.
Well thank Mickey, it was his idea.
Bring a date?
No, my girl's a little unpredictable.
You never know where she might show up.
You've gotta keep
your eyes open, old man.
Have you two met?
Yeah, I think so, I
think I've seen her around.
I wouldn't want to hold you up, Chet.
Why not circulate a little bit?
I'll see you around.
Pat, I want to talk to you.
Now listen and listen carefully.
My father was the one that
saw Duke kill that other man.
He was the prosecution's eyewitness.
Oh, Mickey.
This has been driving me
nuts, trying to tell you.
I don't know what to say.
I feel numb.
I don't feel angry or hurt.
It doesn't matter.
I know he did what he had to.
Listen, Pat will you marry me?
Yes, Mickey.
Lemme show you the grounds now, huh?
All right, wait, give
me a minute to freshen up.
You wait for me here.
Wait just a second, why
don't you use mother's room?
All right.
Get outta here, Chet.
Is that the way you talk to old friends?
Why are you doing this to me?
Doin' what?
You're gonna ruin everything for me.
Now you know I wouldn't do that.
You want a little drink?
No, I don't want any.
You know this is a
dull party and I'm bored.
And if you don't take a little drink,
I might be more bored.
And I might spoil something.
You can't stand the thought
that I could even look at somebody else.
Don't flatter yourself, baby.
I hate him, but not because of you.
He says you can't be trusted.
I'm crushed.
Chet, I don't want you anymore.
I want this, all of this.
Pebbles'll bounce off
these windows just as well,
now won't they?
Oh, Chet, not here.
Why not?
I'm sure Arthur won't mind.
He's a swell guy.
Arthur, let me explain, please.
What's troublin' you, Arthur boy?
- I'm gonna kill you.
- Yeah?
No, Arthur!
Arthur, don't, please,
please don't fight with him.
Chet, Chet, please no
more, Arthur, Arthur.
Arthur, please, please let me...
Arthur, Arthur darling, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean it, Arthur, please.
Darling, I'm sorry, I didn't mean it.
Arthur, Arthur please.
Arthur, please, please Arthur!
What are you doin' here?
It's a beautiful night, isn't it?
Too bad about that fire, though.
What fire?
Well, now you must have heard
the engines go by, didn't you?
I just got out of the movies.
You didn't hear anything about it, huh?
No, Lieutenant, honest.
It was Judge Brennan's house.
Was anybody hurt?
No, no one hurt.
Have a nice time at the party?
You get around, don't you Mac?
The judge is a very
important man, you know.
To a two-bit cop?
Um, Chet, I think I'll
see you back at the shack.
Easy, Bobby.
Listen Chet.
I don't know who set that fire,
right now it's an
impossible for me to tell.
But let me tell you this:
you better straighten out
before you can't anymore.
You got some kind of hate gnawing at you,
and if you're not careful it's
gonna tear you apart insides,
I've seen it happen before.
Look, Mac.
When you can put the old bracelets on me,
come and get me, huh?
Until then, stay off of my back.
Bowl of soup, Moe?
I want to get washed, get out of here.
Wanna come along?
No, I don't think so.
Hey Chet, you want some soup?
That thing loaded?
It will be.
They're gonna be sorry
they were ever born.
All of 'em.
Bobby, I don't want you
hanging around me anymore.
What are you mad at me for?
There's gonna be trouble.
Chet, why are you doing all this?
You know why.
They killed Duke.
See, I never knew my father or my mother.
All I had was Duke.
They took him away and they killed him.
What am I supposed to do?
Let 'em kick me too?
Yeah, they'd like that.
You know that party I was at
today at the judge's house?
They had things there that cost more
than Duke ever begged, borrow
or stole in his whole life.
Any one of those lousy
paintings or statues.
You know what you said about
needing someone to look up to?
Trusting somebody?
Well I guess you're the
one I look up to and trust.
You've gotta get out of here.
What do you want now, punk?
No trouble from you,
I want to talk to Chet.
Look I told you I didn't
want you around here.
Now get out of here.
Gently, Moe.
Chet let's take a ride or somethin'.
Leave me alone.
Chet, Pat and I are getting married.
Marry her, but don't
talk to me about it.
Chet, come on with me,
you'll feel a lot better.
Listen to me, Chet.
I've gotta tell you
something that's gonna hurt.
The eyewitness at your
brother's trial was my father.
He had to tell the truth.
Try to understand, Chet.
Duke, did you hear that?
And you're, you're gonna marry Pat?
Get out of my way, Moe.
I've been waiting for this.
Help me.
Help me, Chet.
Help me.
- Chet...
- we better get a doctor.
Everything's gonna be all right, Moe.
Help me, Chet.
Help me.
Get a doctor.
Everything's gonna be all right.
I'm bleeding Chet.
don't pull the knife out
or I'll bleed to death.
Get a doctor.
Where you goin', where you goin'?
Chet, you killed him, why?
Moe's your best friend!
I didn't do nothin',
nothin', you hear me?
Think, Bobby.
Everything's gonna be all right, you hear?
Just fine.
Have you seen Chet?
I tried to but he wouldn't let me.
He's moved to the shack.
I feel sorry for Chet.
After what he's done to you?
He's so mixed up,
they're bound to see it.
Have you seen my dad?
Almost every day.
Stick with him.
It's a very rough time for him.
Of course I will.
Mickey it'll all be over
in a couple of weeks
and seem like a bad dream.
I love you.
I wish you were holding
me in your arms right now.
Honey, I am.
Now the district court of
the 24th Judicial District
is now open and in session,
the Honorable Albert J. Riley presiding.
Are you ready Mr. Baker?
Yes, Your Honor.
The state calls Detective
Lieutenant William McGowan.
Lieutenant William McGowan,
will you come forward and be sworn?
You do solemnly swear,
by the ever-living God,
that the testimony you're about to give
in the case now in
hearing before the court
shall be the truth, the whole truth,
and nothing but the truth.
- I do.
- Be seated.
Do you recall an argument you witnessed
at the home of Moe Caruzzo
between the defendant Mickey
Craig and the deceased
on the afternoon of the deceased's death?
Yes sir, if it can
be called an argument.
Would you explain to the court
the circumstances leading
to that altercation?
Well when I got there,
the defendant was already
getting ready to leave.
He told Moe that he looked
forward to meeting him again.
Would you say that Mickey
Craig's tone was friendly
when he said this?
No, not exactly, it was
some kind of threat all right,
but not anything you'd take seriously.
Obviously you were wrong, Lieutenant.
- Objection.
- Sustained.
The reporter will strike
the prosecutor's last remark
from the record, and
the jury is instructed
to disregard the remark.
Did the defendant say anything else?
Yes, he said that if Moe
ever mentioned Pat's name again
that he, the deceased, would see him again
sooner than he might expect.
And then Moe told Mickey
never to come back to his
house again and Mickey left.
Did Moe say anything to you?
He said he might need my protection
but I thought he was joking.
You've made that
quite clear, Lieutenant.
Bobby, how long have
you known Chet Marco?
Nearly three years.
When was the first time
you went to Moe's shack?
About the same time as I met Chet.
Was Chet the person who
first brought you there?
Yes, sir.
Would you say that of
all the boys in the shack,
Chet was your best friend?
Would you say that Chet
Marco was your best friend,
including all the boys at school,
or anywhere else for that matter?
I guess so.
do you understand the
meaning of the word perjury?
Yes, sir.
It means lying under oath.
Do you further understand
that it's a felony
for which a person can go to jail
for several years or longer?
I know.
I ask you then to tell the
facts as they really happened
rather than attempting to
corroborate the testimony
of your friend Chet Marco.
I told the truth.
Everything Chet said
was the way it happened.
I know it's easy to say,
but try not to be discouraged, huh?
Okay, Mac.
And I'll see as soon as I can.
Carl, I'm frightened.
Every piece of testimony being's twisted
to make Michael guilty.
It's all right, Frank,
we've still got a chance.
Well what happened to Bobby?
I don't know.
I couldn't get to him.
He doesn't have enough motive for lying.
Chet's our only chance.
Yes, and I'll crack him yet.
Think you can do it?
I'll keep him on the
stand a week if I have to.
In your own words, Miss Marco,
would you tell the court what Mickey said?
Mickey said that he was going
up to the shack to see Chet.
That he wanted to tell him
that we were gonna get married.
And to tell him that his
father was a key witness
at Duke's trial.
And so when Chet testified earlier
that Mickey came to the
shack to fight with Moe
he was not telling the truth.
Your Honor, I object.
- In your opinion.
- No,
he was lying.
Oh, Chet, please,
please tell them the truth, please.
Counsel will instruct the witness...
No further questions, Your Honor.
Your witness.
Now Miss Marco,
I agree that someone
is lying in this trial.
You were not at the shack
at the time of Moe's death.
Consequently you, like the rest of us,
can determine only in your own mind
the events of that evening
through the testimony
presented in this trial.
I know Mickey wouldn't lie.
You know the witness Bobby Brown?
Have you ever known him to lie?
well Bobby's all mixed up.
He thinks he's helping Chet.
Why would he want to help Chet?
Well, because he likes Chet.
Because, well because Chet's been
sort of like an older brother to him.
Then you'll agree with me
that an honest person might lie,
even under oath to protect
someone whom they love?
Yes, that's why Bobby's lying.
And don't you have an even
greater motive for lying
than Bobby, Miss Marco?
Aren't you in love with the defendant?
Well yes.
Aren't you planning
to marry the defendant?
But I'm telling the truth!
You're twisting everything I'm saying.
Oh, Mickey, what
are they trying to do to us?
What are they trying to do to us, Mickey?
And you still insist that
Moe's death was an accident?
That's the way it happened.
I picked up the knife
so Moe wouldn't get it.
He jumped at me and fell on the knife.
Are you aware that the
deceased was an ex-Marine?
Yes sir.
And you are also aware
that he had undergone
intensive hand-to-hand combat training?
I guess so.
And yet you want this court to believe
that a man with his training,
in his struggle with you,
was so careless as to inflict
a fatal wound on himself?
That's the way it happened.
If it was an accident,
why did you run out?
Why didn't you call a doctor?
I was scared, I guess I panicked.
Yes, you were frightened.
And, I submit, with good reason.
Now Mr. Marco,
let's get a few facts straight, shall we?
Yes sir.
Let's take the night in question,
when Mickey Craig came to the shack.
Isn't it true that when Mickey told you
that it was his father
who' been the witness
at your brother's trial,
you started raving and
calling to your dead brother?
And that you then proceeded
to beat Mickey with you fists?
No sir.
Didn't you scream to your
brother in this manner?
Duke, I've got the witness,
I've got the witness.
My brother's dead.
And is it also true
that when Mickey tried to leave,
he was intercepted by Moe?
And in the ensuing struggle
Moe was accidentally killed?
I wish it were true.
You see Mickey's my friend,
and he's gonna marry my sister.
I wish we could all go home now.
That Moe was still alive
instead of being dead.
But Moe is dead.
And I can't lie.
So everything I've said on
this stand is the truth.
Didn't you swear to
get revenge on the men
you held responsible for
your brother's execution?
I was sore at first.
But then I realized
my brother got full justice of the court.
And I'm not sore at anybody anymore.
Order, order.
The defense rests, Your Honor.
You may step down, please.
Court will be in session.
Ladies and gentlemen of the jury,
have you selected your foreman?
Yes, I'm foreman of the jury.
Have you arrived at your verdict?
Yes, Your Honor.
You will please pass your
verdict to the bailiff.
You will listen to the
reading of your verdict.
We find the defendant, Michael Craig,
guilty of first-degree murder.
The case will be continued
and the defendant return
to the court for sentencing
on September 28th.
The court is now adjourned.
Well whether you talk
to the captain or not,
I'm gonna stay on this case
even if I have to do it on my own time.
Mac, you've got me over a barrel.
I convicted that boy.
Well you had me over a barrel
on that stand out there.
Oh it's your job all
right, I understand that.
But the fact is I helped
you convict that boy
and I don't think he's guilty.
Mac, the case is closed.
Well then good day,
Mr. District Attorney.
Place looks different.
I live here now.
A dead man in a dead house, huh?
What do you want?
This place used to be nice.
Had some good laughs in it.
You got a search warrant?
No you're right, I haven't.
I'm breakin' the law.
And when a cop starts to break the law
a person should be very careful.
I don't scare, Mac.
No I guess you don't.
You've got a lot of guts, haven't you?
You proved that on the stand.
Get out.
Out of my house!
Marco, Marco you lied on that stand.
I told the truth and it made
your lie look even better.
You want to punch me out, Mac, go ahead.
I'm gonna break you.
I don't care where you go or what you do,
I'm gonna be there.
You see, that kid may die,
but you're gonna wish he hadn't.
How's Mickey feelin'?
I don't know.
There really isn't much
hope is there, Mac?
Now Pat, don't talk like
that, we're still trying.
Where to now?
Home, I guess.
All right, except that I'd like
to talk to Chet for a few minutes.
You want to come along?
I'll go with you but
I don't want to talk to him,
I don't even want to see him.
Hmm, all right.
I'll just be a few minutes,
then I'll take you home, all right?
Dad, you look tired,
why don't you sit down?
You all right, Mike?
Sure, Dad, I'm all right.
Dad, have you seen Pat?
Yeah, I talk to her every day.
She's a fine girl, Mike.
Carl's working hard to get an appeal.
I'm sure you'll get it.
Sure I will, Dad.
You know something?
I keep thinking,
if I'd only kept my mouth
shut at Duke Marcos's trial,
none of this would have happened.
Dad, Duke was guilty, I'm innocent.
You do believe me, don't you, Dad?
Never doubt that, Mike.
Dad, tomorrow they're
gonna tell me whether I,
I spend the rest of my life in prison
or die in the gas chamber.
Dad, I'm scared.
Mr. Craig?
Stop lookin' at me.
Where you goin' Chet?
Never mind.
Look, go someplace, huh, to a movie?
All right Pat, I'll only be a minute.
Mac, is it all right if I go in there
and see Chet alone?
You sure that's what you want to do?
Okay Pat, go ahead.
Get out of here, Pat.
Not till you hear what
I have to say to you.
I'm not interested in
what you have to say to me.
Mickey forgives you, Chet.
He doesn't even blame you.
He asked me to get you to a
doctor before it's too late.
Isn't that a riot, Chet?
Before it's too late?
I'll tell you what's a riot.
You all think I'm cracked.
Look around.
You don't see no bars here.
Oh, yes I do, Chet.
Twisted and gnarled inside that brain.
I'm finally beginning to
understand what Mickey meant.
You know I'm not like him, Chet,
I can't forgive you so easily.
I'm glad you're gonna live
your life twisted up inside.
- You finished?
- Yes, I'm finished.
Whether Mickey dies in a gas chamber
or spends the rest of his
life in that prison cell,
my life is finished.
The only thing I can do is
hate you with all my heart
as long I live.
Get out.
I feel sorry for you, Bobby.
I hope some day you wake up and understand
what you've helped him to do.
- Patty...
- Get outta here!
- What do you want?
- You know what I want.
And I'll get it out of
you, if I have to kill you.
Mr. Craig!
Get out of here, both of you.
Stop it!
Stop it!
Quick, he's killing him!
Leave him alone, Mr.
Craig, it won't do any good.
Believe me, Mr. Craig, he's not worth it.
Leave me alone, just leave me alone.
Get out.
All of you, get out.
Chet, I won't tell 'em,
you know I won't tell 'em.
But you do it, do it for me.
Tell 'em, tell 'em the truth.
Do it for me, Chet please.
Tell 'em he didn't do it.
Tell 'em he didn't do it,
Chet, please tell 'em,
tell 'em he didn't do it.
Mac, he'll never break.
Mr. Craig I think I know
that boy better than you do.
Let's wait a few more minutes.
Chet doesn't know what he's doing anymore.
I know, Bobby.
Bobby, I want you to tell me the truth.
Chet killed Moe, didn't he?
Do it, he didn't do it!
He didn't do it!
- Mac!
please help him.
Bring him back.
I will.
I'm sorry Mr. Craig.
Let me help you!
Let me help you.
Chet, you can't keep running.
Don't you come after me.
Chet, come down here.
Get away from me, I didn't do nothin'.
You need help, Chet.
Get away, get away!
You've got to face the truth, Chet.
Come on down so we can help you.
You've got to face the truth, Chet.
Come on down.
Get away!
Chet don't force me to use this.
I don't want to, but I will if I have to.
You better not hurt me, Mac.
You better not hurt me
'cause I didn't do nothin'.
I don't want to,
but I'm a cop, and I will if I have to.
You better not hurt me.
I won't hurt you, Chet.
You better not.
I didn't do nothin'.
Come on, Chet, come on boy.
You can trust me, Chet.
I promise sure we'll help you, Chet.
Don't you hurt me.
You can trust me boy.
Not gonna hurt you, see?
- Don't hurt me.
- No, I won't.
Let's go.
- You better not.
- No, I won't hurt you,
Chet, you can trust me, you know that.
Mac, help me, Mac, Mac.
I'll help you, Chet.
You'll get help.