The Violin Teacher (2015) Movie Script

Good morning to all.
Welcome to Sala S510 Paulo.
Our examining board had plenty
of work to get to the final ten.
The candidates this year
were exceptionally good.
Thank you one more time
and good luck.
Mr. Ernesto Lubansky.
Mr. Laerte dos Santos.
Candidate 9 is onstage.
Hi, Dad.
Hi, kid. Are you OK?
What's the matter?
Everything is fine, Dad.
- What a fr/Qght. I thought...
- You thought I'd miss it?
You scared me to death.
They had a problem there,
they had to put it off.
- Have you got a date yet?
- Not yet.
Have you received the package
from your mum?
Yes, I got the DVDs.
Tell her I'll send some money
as soon as I can.
- Gilda is sending you her love.
- Likewise.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Give it up to him:
Amaralina's Mozart,
Near the opera house
where you'll play,
there's a very nice museum
of musical instruments.
- It's worth visiting.
- Wonderful.
And in Leipzig
there's the Thomaskirche,
the church where Bach
worked most of his life.
Sorry to interrupt your guided tour,
but I'd just like to remind you
we came here to rehearse.
Let's do it.
Please, Ludmila! That's the third time
you've missed your cue.
- We're rehearsing, aren't we, Laerte?
- Yes, but you're way too distracted.
Calm down, Laerte.
- We've practised all day.
- Yeah, OK.
- We're tired!
- You're the only ones, huh?
Everybody is tired,
but only you are stressed out.
Let's get it right at least once?
Laerte, frustration is something
to be dealt with in therapy.
The thing is you haven't
been able to play properly
ever since you got your implants.
It's difficult to rest the violin!
Hey, take it easy, Laerte!
I'm sorry, guys. I'm done.
Lud, wait.
Ludmila isn't coming back, man.
Very unlikely.
What can I do?
Calm down.
How will you get by?
Remember Marcinha Feitosa,
Felipe Guerra's girlfriend?
Yes, yes.
She told me of a project
in the slums.
Teaching music to kids.
It's related to an NGO.
I can't do it because of OSESP.
- The money isn't great, but...
- I'm fine, man.
I'll get by.
- Are you sure?
- Yes, I am.
Do you want to have a beer?
- No...
- Just one.
Another time, man. I'm off.
When something comes up,
let me know.
- What's up?
- How are you?
- I'm sorry to bother you, sir.
- That's OK.
The manager's been pressuring me
to give you the drafts
for your late condo fees.
I know, it's just that
I've been really busy.
Tell the manager
I'll solve that, OK?
I need to leave these...
I need to leave these with you.
Otherwise, he'll be angry at me.
- Thank you.
- Thanks. See you.
- Is the lesson going to be here?
- Yes.
I'll open it for you.
We've had two other teachers,
but they had to quit.
But the kids have made
a lot of progress.
Class! Class, please!
This is Laerte, your new teacher.
Haven't I told you not to leave
instruments on the floor?
Shall we play something
to welcome Laerte?
Shall we?
The Allegro!
Always The Allegro.
Only because of his solo...
One, two, three, four.
We have to start from scratch,
don't we?
A lot of posture issues,
they can't even sit properly.
I can only sit with my arse.
Is there another way?
And they don't know the basics.
Put your viola
on your left shoulder.
No, your other left shoulder.
You're fucking stupid, mate.
Watch your classmate.
Show him.
You're gonna mock me now,
Obama Junior?
Guys, come on!
Show some respect!
Let's take it from the top, OK?
Once more.
Play it like you mean it.
Three, four.
Is everything OK?
You won't answer
the phone anymore.
I'm doing great.
Can't you tell?
Messias told me you're teaching.
I couldn't believe it.
It's amazing that the kids
are learning from you.
Relax! It's nice to teach
in a community like that.
A slum, you mean.
So what?
I brought the number
of that Uruguayan Iuthier.
Take your violin to him.
Fuck you, you piece of shit.
Watch out, punk. I'm watching you.
Are you OK there?
I'm fine, don't get involved.
I just want to help, young man.
Do you have 1O grand
to lend me?
Then beat it, mate.
Good afternoon.
Only half of the class is present?
That's one way to get ahead in life.
Ezio is absent today
because he was flying a kite
and ended up losing a finger
because of the power lines.
Shit gets dangerous here.
Today, we're working
on a song you already know.
Just to practise positioning, OK?
Twinkle, twinkle little star
How I wonder what you are
Up above the world so high
Like a diamond in the sky
Wow, mate!
- Why are you positioned like that?
- Like what?
Nobody has ever told you
instruments should go together?
Cello with cello,
contrabass with contrabass.
- Why are you there?
- The girls don't like him.
- He doesn't shower.
- He farts. This boy's gross.
OK. Back to the lesson.
Get the instruments ready.
Three, four.
Wait, wait.
The least you have to do
to study music is focus. It's basic.
Get a grip, you posh git!
What the fuck?
Shut the fuck up.
If I was a posh git, I wouldn't be here.
- Fucking cunt, we wanna practise!
- Your mum's a cunt!
S' MY mum?
top that, guys
- Your mum's a whore!
- Don't talk about my mum!
Who gave birth to you?
It must've been a cow.
- Stop that, guys!
- Yay, bitch fight!
This is not a ring!
Stop that!
Stop, stop, stop!
I'll fucking get you outside,
fucking cunt.
- What's that?
- I'll kick your arse.
- Is that how you've been educated?
- Thank you, Samuel.
I didn't know I'd come here
to teach animals.
- Hey you, take your cap off.
- You're gonna stare at me now?
I need to see your face
while I'm teaching you.
Let's do it again.
- Sir, my viola's string is broken.
- Yeah, right. OK.
- It's true, sir.
- Yeah, OK.
Can you tune it for me?
Come here.
It's from my father's church.
It looks old. Does it still play?
- When did you start playing?
- I was really small.
Didn't it bother your parents?
Only wrong notes
bothered my father.
- There.
- Thank you, sir.
This is one dedicated young man.
- Can I try it?
- Sure.
- Get your bowing straight.
- Thanks.
- Hi, son.
- Hi, Dad.
- Howare things?
- Everything's great.
- You've disappeared
- I haven't called.
It's been a real rush here
in the past few months.
I can imagine.
- It's hard to organise my schedule.
- You must be really busy, huh?
The quartet is going on tour
across Latin America.
We're playing Villa Lobos.
Your mother really misses you.
Send her my love.
Tell her I'll talk to her soon.
- Take care.
- OK. Bye.
Twinkle, twinkle little arse
How! wanna see you shake
Shake it, shake it, shake it good
Shake it for me like you should
Twinkle, twinkle little arse
Let me take your panties off
Beautiful voice.
I didn't know we had a soprano
who could sing in tune.
The lyrics are shameful, though.
Hey, twinkly arse.
La, La, Mi, Mi, Fa-sharp, Mi.
Twinkle, twinkle little arse
VR is a glowing dragonfly!
Right, pussy?
Today we're working
on bow techniques.
It's an exercise called spider crawl.
One, two, three, wow!
Hold it by the screw
in the correct position
and work your way up,
as if it were a spider.
It's important to keep your finger...
Hey, young lad)'-
Young lady,
are we interrupting something?
Do you want us to be silent
so you can sleep?
She's pregnant, sir.
Well, let's start from the screw.
Keep your hand in the right position.
Work your way up.
No, the other way round.
Keep your hand straight.
Keep doing it.
It might hurt,
but your hand will get...
Who wants some snacks?
The class has barely started.
No, sir, don't sell it.
Hey, young man. Get down!
Come back to the class.
Sir, please. Don't sell it.
You shouldn't.
I'll ask the board to forbid you
to sell anything here.
Do you want me to call the police?
- Call Captain Nascimento as well!
- Young man, you're pushing it.
You're pushing it too far.
- You're pushing it too far.
- Just go away.
I can't take it anymore.
VR is on probation.
Without an extra credit,
he'll go back to Youth Detention Centre.
This is really between you and him.
Laerte, be a bit more patient.
It's good that you came.
The NGO cleared the funds.
Here's the advance you asked for.
Could you sign the receipt?
The room we talked about is free.
You can use it.
And if you convince them
to rehearse on Saturdays,
I can give you a modest raise.
- Thank you.
- Thank you, Laerte.
See you on Wednesday.
What's up?
Hey, mate, doing good?
I need to talk to you.
- I'm in a hurry.
- No, you're not, brother.
What were you thinking,
messing with Mr. Genival?
That police talk.
You don't call the police
in the slums, mate.
We represent Cleiton, the guy who
does everything for the community.
We're turning a blind eye this time.
- Can I see your cavaco, mate?
- It's a violin.
Let me see it then.
No, wait.
Wait, wait, wait.
You're going to wreck it.
Give it back, don't touch it.
Play a song for me, mate.
Play him a song.
80' Pra Contrariar.
- I don't know it.
- That one...
Oh, oh, oh, oh
You're gonna kill daddy like that
Play the song he's asking.
- Let me go.
- Stay there and play the song.
Make the motherfucker
play the fucking song.
Play the motherfucking song!
Ten gangbangers surrounded me...
- Well, there were five at least.
- Don't stretch it.
He pointed a gun
at my head and said,
"if you don't play now,
I'll blow your head."
- And you?
- I got out the violin and played.
I played really well.
You should've pointed a gun at me
during the audition.
- Maybe I would've passed.
- What are you talking about?
This is nonsense.
What are you running from?
- Let's have another one.
- I have morning rehearsal.
Please, just one more. Only one.
I can't. I have to go. Laerte!
Two more shots here, please.
Hey, sir.
Is it true some stuff
happened to you?
- What was it?
- They're saying, sir,
that you picked a fight
with Cleitds guys.
Weren't you scared, sir?
A well-played song will soothe
even the fiercest beast.
What did you play?
I played Paganini's Caprice No. 20.
If it had been Twinkle, Twinkle,
we wouldn't be having this class.
Yeah, no way.
Let's take advantage
of the little time we have.
Hand out these scores.
You wanted a different song, right?
It's a canon.
Leave the instruments aside.
We'll sing together, OK?
We start with the cellos
and the basses.
Re, La, Si, Fa.
But we're singing together, OK?
We can't read scores.
What do you mean,
you can't read it?
- No.
- That's it.
- None of you can read it?
- No. No one's taught us.
You're kidding me, right?
What is this paper
you keep passing around?
What is this?
What is this?
What is this, young man?
- Notes, sir.
- Do, Re, Do?
I've written them down.
Some people haven't.
I have to thank you for the opportunity
to learn from a student!
Wonderful! I'm so glad
you taught me the right way.
These aren't notes.
They're syllables!
What are you hoping
to achieve like that?
Let's do it.
Pay attention.
This is a staff.
This is a treble clef.
Where's your mum?
She wasn't feeling well.
She went to bed.
Here is her medicine.
Do you want me to unload the car?
Are you doing your homework?
Mrs. Maria.
- Is VR there?
- You can go upstairs, Samuel.
Five, four, three, two,
eight, eight, seven, five,
nine, three, forty-two,
six, two, nine, eight.
What's up, mate?
- All good?
- Yeah.
- Want some?
- No, thanks.
- Hey, can I study here?
- Yes.
My father's complaining again.
Go to the terrace.
I'll meet you out there, OK?
OK, thanks.
OK, it's valid until 09/2018.
- We'll use it for a long time.
- Fuck!
The password...
What's up?
Thanks for the space, man.
It's tough at home.
Relax, mate.
When I pay off my debt with Skeleton
and the credit card thing takes off,
we'll have an orchestra
of hot blondes.
- They have to be blond down there too!
- I can do the inspection.
Hey, check this out. It's Bach.
Fuck, man.
All right.
You start with the violin,
soon it'll be ballet.
spooning at night.
Only with your sister.
Wait a minute, mate.
Don't say shit about his sister.
- She gives the best blowjob.
- Are you fucking crazy?
It was better
when you were playing.
Excuse me,
you know nothing about music.
Hey, wait. Stop that.
- Hi, class, how are you?
- Hi.
You know how important
our performance is, right?
You need to play really well.
So Mr. Laerte asked me,
and since there's no other way,
I'll let you take
the instruments home.
To avoid embarrassing
ourselves in the concert,
you'll have to study a lot at home.
Sleep, wake up, brush your teeth
holding your instruments.
Let's do well, OK?
And in order to really improve,
we'll need more time for study.
So we're having classes
on Saturdays too.
I take care of my siblings on Saturday.
How will I manage?
Obama thinks we're playboys now.
Sir, I can't because
I work at my uncle's garage.
You're not fucking working,
tell the truth.
You have to take care
of your shit-faced father.
- Go fuck yourself.
- He wets himself on the street.
Mind your own business,
fucking white girl.
Hey! Stop! Stop!
I'm tired of this!
Everybody's got problems.
I'm coming on Saturday. You know why?
Because I've been through a lot.
I was thrown away.
My mum doesn't know
how many siblings I have.
She takes me for granted.
But when I'm here,
I don't give a damn about that.
When I play, I feel worthy.
So I'm coming on Saturday.
I'm having this lesson.
Sir, I'm sorry but I can't.
If I don't take care of my father,
nobody will.
Everybody's got a good father.
Mine is always drinking.
Speak for yourself, man.
When I get home,
I'm the one who gets hit.
Everybody's got a good father?
My arse!
I knew I'd find you
in your hiding place.
I met Lud, we were talking
about reuniting the quartet.
I got some scores for your kids.
Bach's Pa/fitas, remember?
How are things at school?
Six months and nothing's changed.
That place is a pressure cooker,
you have no idea.
I won't stay there for long.
I'm just giving the kids
some basic notions.
Basic notions, Laerte? You?
I know you, you must be giving
those kids a hard time.
There's this incredible boy there.
He's unbelievable!
When he starts to play,
you can't see anything else.
Like someone I know?
Anyone who can't sol-fa Pozzoli
next class, will carry all the instruments.
- Sol-faing is a pain.
- Because you're stupid.
- Sir.
- What is it, Gi?
When I'm good enough,
can I make some money playing?
How much more or less?
It's like any other job.
It's like football players.
Half a dozen earn a lot,
but most of them get by.
- Chicken feed. Bye, sir.
- Bye.
Edileusa, wait. I'm going with you.
Just say it.
What is it?
Sir, my father bought a car
to sell meals.
My mum's sick.
I think I'll have to stop.
How are we going to play
without you?
You are very talented, Samuel.
We'll find a way.
Thanks, sir.
Sometimes I get really screwed-up.
I feel like doing some crazy shit.
It's crazy, I don't know...
Chill, man.
You can stay with me.
How many times do I need
to correct your sitting posture?
Do you think it's right?
I'm talking to you.
Look at me, Rebeca.
Do you think it's right?
Is that the right posture?
- I think it is.
- Yeah, right.
I've already given up on Joab.
I don't know what to do
with you anymore.
I've been telling you this
for almost a year.
- One more time, take it from the top.
- My fingers are a little sore.
Just a little?
Then I'm going easy on you.
If you sit up, it won't hurt.
Shall we? From the start?
What is this?
- I haven't dismissed anyone.
- The bell's rung!
I didn't ask if the bell had rung.
I'm saying
I haven't dismissed anyone yet.
- Are you holding us here, Obama?
- Obama is holding you a little longer.
You're only leaving
after you play it well.
Why aren't you playing?
I'm too clumsy,
the boys won't let me.
Can you Play?
You know Xavi,
Barcelona's midfielder?
I play like him, but I'm faster.
When I get the ball on the left,
there's no holding me back.
For real?
What do you think?
I know nothing about football.
I just talked to the principal,
she'll talk to your parents.
It won't work.
My father's tough.
He said I can't play the violin
or attend classes anymore.
It'll be fine.
Go, VR!
Come on!
Hey, man,
I think Black Box
is dropping the ball.
He wants to take the PDQ terminal
out of the scheme.
If we don't clone the cards,
how will we pay Skeleton?
f you mess up with Skeleton,
he'll waste you all.
Waste, my arse! Skeleton is a fuck-up,
he won't mess with us.
You're the fuck-up,
you didn't pay him back.
You took his money, didn't you?
Now, pay him back.
If Skeleton messes with us,
we shoot him in the face.
Right in the forehead.
Shoot him? You don't even
have a gun. Chill, mate.
- You don't know that.
- I'll take a dip. Let's go!
- Come on, dude.
- I don't want to, I'm OK.
- Come on, Smile.
- I can't swim, mate.
You can't? You're learning now.
No, mate, come on!
- Cleanse this body, oh, Lord.
- I can't swim, mate. Stop that!
You'd better start praying!
Stop, Adalto, I'm serious.
For God's sake!
Come on, Jesus.
- Where were you, Samuel?
- At the dam with VR.
You brat! You see your mother
and me working our arses off. Why?
Because we like it, Samuel?
Because we want to see you
and your sister far from here!
- I want my son far from this!
- Take a shower, son.
My son won't hang out
with a bunch of criminals!
- Do you understand?
- Raimundo!
- Do you understand?
- Raimundo!
Do you understand?
- You'll work during the day.
- Son...
And study at night.
It'll be better for everyone.
It'll make me calmer.
Just for a while,
until things settle down.
Chill, brother. We'll have
our orchestra of blondes.
Thanks, mate.
What is that?
Are you sleeping, Samuel?
Open these notes
and spend more time on the trill.
The trill was good,
but after this part here,
you have to play more firmly.
Hey, guys. Obama is doing
private tutoring for Samuel now.
- He just gave me a tip.
- He has to give tips to us all.
- Always Samuel.
- It's because they look alike.
Sir, look how many students
you have here.
Guys, this is not true.
You're messing up, Obama.
Very nice,
kissing the teacher's arse.
- See you next class.
- If we have one.
Mr. Manoel said he'll give me a job.
- At the hangar as a watchman.
- Watchman, mate?
- How much?
- 600 bucks.
A watchman earning 600 bucks
doesn't get any.
Of course they do.
- You won't get laid.
- 600 is good money.
If you want real money,
I'll talk to Adalto to have you
in our credit card scheme.
Then you'll have real money.
What's up, Black Box?
- Who's that?
- He's my friend.
Here's the deal:
Mr. Leonel is wary.
The terminal stopped working
and he wanted to call a technician.
We'll have to lay low
for a while.
No, mate, we can't.
Skeleton will get us.
I'll try to put a skimming device
where my cousin works.
- Sort this out quickly.
- Will do.
See you.
- Want some?
- No, thanks.
Are you sure?
I met your dad
when I picked up the food.
I was really embarrassed,
he was all nervous.
And how's my mum?
She's better.
Go and see her
when your dad is working.
We'll have to squeeze
to make a circle.
Get the chairs out
and let's make a circle.
It's Saturday!
Cheer up, everybody.
This is how it works.
The work is on Mouro.
You make a mistake, you're out.
The winner gets this CD here.
- Is it rap?
- No, it isn't.
It's Beethoven's Symphony No..9
by the Berlin Philharmonic.
The best philharmonic in the world.
One day, I'll play for them.
What's wrong?
Let's do it. Go, Thais.
Let me see who's next...
What is that? Out, out!
Shame on you.
You said you understood!
Come on, guys, just three now.
Hey, mate!
You're a fucking good dancer.
Way to go, mate.
- Let's snort some!
- I'll take a piss.
Fuck, mate!
How nice.
Some pussy, some snort.
What's up?
What's up?
Where's my money?
Chill, Skeleton.
Snort some with us!
Our scheme is working,
we're celebrating!
So? Say something.
You'll have your money next week.
- Next week?
- I talked to Black Box.
You talked to him?
Are you kidding me, boy?
Beat it, skank.
- Tell me something I don't know.
- There was a problem with the terminals.
Black Box is dealing with it.
It'll be working tomorrow.
If that was the problem,
it's solved.
We'll have your money next week.
Wait, Skeleton.
- Open your mouth.
- No, man!
Open your fucking mouth.
You really are a fuck-up.
You're not worth a bullet.
I'm giving you one more week
to get the money, OK?
We'll pay you. We will.
OK, don't fuck it up!
Or I'll dig your grave.
- What's up, man?
- Hey.
All good?
- This early?
- I have amazing news for you.
There'll be another audition
It's for Head of Strings.
Here, I brought this.
You can start studying
the program, man.
What is it, Laerte?
Things are getting better.
Lud wants to re-join the quartet.
OK, guys.
Let's work again on that song.
You were going to start
a new one today.
It's always good to recap.
Next class, we'll start a new one.
What was the song again, Joo Vitor?
Who's there?
I'm armed.
I'm fucking armed!
Are you crazy, mate?
If I was a thief,
you'd be damned.
And what are you, cloning cards?
Adalto and Smile are waiting
for me on the street.
We're going to Juiz de For a
to get Skeleton's money.
He went to your house yesterday,
scared everybody.
Your grandma was desperate.
Give my grandma this money.
Tell her I'll call her
as soon as I get there, OK?
And you can stay there,
no problem.
- OK?
- All right?
- Take the violin with you.
- Are you crazy? I'll be working!
- Find some time.
- What about you?
I'll take yours. Here.
Bye, guys.
5Y9, Sir!
Hey, stop there.
Cleiton wants to talk to you.
I can't. I have to get the bus.
- We'll take care of the bus.
- Come with us.
Cleiton wants to run
something by you.
He wants to talk to you,
he has some CDs he wants to give you.
Come with us, it's quick.
We'll show you the way.
Hurry up, mate.
All good?
Wait a minute.
Come on in, teacher.
Make yourself comfortable.
I'll hold this for you. I got it.
Come on in.
You're home, teacher.
Hi, boss.
Here's the teacher.
Welcome, teacher.
- Are they treating you well?
- Of course, boss.
We really appreciate
your work in our community.
It's my daughter's birthday next month.
She'll be 15.
A very important age
for any woman.
My wife wants live music.
When Mrs. Grazi wants something...
She wants waltz, teacher.
- Which waltz?
- The gas company one.
What? That one...
I'd like you to play.
A month isn't enough time.
There's only one problem.
One of my students can't rehearse
because of a problem with the gangs
and without him the presentation
wouldn't be perfect.
- What's his name?
- VR.
Just a minute.
Make yourself comfortable, teacher.
Have a seat.
OK, then.
The boys borrowed 1O grand
to set up the cloning scheme.
Skeleton said he'll drop it to 7
if they play.
You'll have to play really well, mate!
Wait! What's going on, guys?
What's the matter?
Are you sleeping, Anisio?
- No.
- But look at you!
- I'm tired, sir.
- My foot!
Come on,
we have to touch the audience.
So, stop dragging your heels.
This is a waltz,
we have to play it more intensely.
Let's cheer up. Wake up!
Be strong, guys.
That's it. Much better!
Hi, girls.
I heard the news.
A drug dealer's party?
I'm responsible for this school.
What if they write
a newspaper article about it?
"Students play in drug dealer's party."
I know, but what could I do, Alzira?
- What am I going to do?
- Do what you have got to do.
Do what you have got to do.
I can't be responsible for this.
It's your responsibility.
If something happens
to the instruments or the kids,
it'll be your responsibility.
By the way, I know nothing about it.
We never had this talk.
The boy's here, Skeleton!
Lucky for you,
it's my goddaughter's birthday
and I really respect Cleito.
If not, I'd waste you
and the other two smartarses.
Guys, let's sing Happy B/Hhday.
Biro-Biro, get the cake.
Come on, Cleiton!
f you keep playing for time,
I'll handle this myself.
Hey, Cleito.
Hey, sir. Just chilling there?
I'm thinking about the audition.
What audition?
OSESP is hiring a Head of Strings
and I'm going to audition.
What if you pass?
Then there'll be
a lot of rehearsals and trips.
So, if you pass,
you'll be done with us?
Is that it?
No way.
Soon you'll have another teacher.
You're very talented.
You have to perfect
your technique somewhere else.
We'll keep in touch.
Keep in touch? My arse!
You don't care about anyone!
What about our concert?
I left my parents' house
because I believed you.
You're just another guy
who'll leave us hanging.
Samuel! Let's go!
Let's go!
What now?
Relax. Take it easy.
Pull over!
- What the fuck!
- It's a stolen motorcycle.
He'll get us.
Pull over, VR.
Stop, VR.
Hit the gas!
Go, go!
We're fucking home!
Go, Corinthians!
Are you fucking crazy?
Do you want to kill me?
- Chill out, shit's crazy.
- We almost fucking died.
I'm a fucking pilot.
Stop, I'm getting off. Stop!
I'll stop when we get home.
Chill out.
Speed up! Go, go, go!
Stop. man!
You could out the atmosphere
with a knife here in Heliopolis.
It's the fourth clash against
the police in two months.
Around 800 people closed
Estrada das Lgrimas this evening.
The situation is very tense.
The population's built barricades
and set fire to many buses.
The uproafs reason is the death
of minor Samuel Alves da Silva,
a high school student
shot during a police chase.
Sergeant Paiva claims the boys
exchanged gunfire with the police.
Get out of here!
The boys were innocent, damn it!
You shot them!
Shoot me, fuck!
I need to get in there.
You rats!
I need to get in there,
I know the boys who...
Go home. Leave!
I know that boy over there.
Go the fuck away!
Nobody needs you here!
Get out of here!
These are the slums, it's all ours!
You cowards, fucking murderers.
You killed the boy!
Nobody wants you here!
Nobody needs you here!
Beat it! Fuck you! Beat it!
You killed the boy!
Candidate 7 is onstage.
- Hi, Dad.
- H/', kid.
Tell mum to set up the party
because her son
is the new Head of Strings
of Brazil's most important orchestra.
I can't believe it, kid!
- You did it.
- Yes.
You can't stay with us
until the concert for the NGO?
I can't.
Are you sure that...
We can change the schedule.
Do you want me
to talk to the kids?
I have to do it myself.
Is everything OK?
I want to talk to you.
Sometimes I feel like
there's a beast in here,
a fucking heartache.
Then I pick up the violin...
and it gets a little better.
Calm down.
Calm down.
Have you seen the other guys?
We've been rehearsing
for the NGO's concert.
It'll be a tribute to Samuel.
- What are you playing?
- Vivaldi and Bach.
They were his favourites.
Bach is difficult.
You won't have the time
to rehearse that.
That's why I'm here,
to ask for your help.
I can't miss my rehearsals,
I'm on probation period.
I'm sorry.
Samuel was on my pillion.
He asked me to stop,
but I didn't.
Stop, stop!
This passage isn't steady enough,
Anisio. Try again.
It can get better, guys.
- Finally, sir!
- You can sit down.
Let's pick up where we left off.
Go, Samuel!
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
22 seats for us, please.
All on this credit card.
Quickly, please.