The Virgin Psychics (2015) Movie Script

He'd think about it.
When would it happen?
It obsessed him.
Hands, legs. hands, legs...
Hands and legs.
I'm getting ahead of myself.
I'll start at the beginning.
In a little corner of the universe is Earth.
In a little corner of Earth is Japan.
In a tiny corner of Japan is Higashi Mikawa.
In a tiny corner of this town
our hero's adventure begins
at his house.
OK, let's eat.
Thank you.
You're so handsome.
You're lovely.
You make me hot!
- This is our hero.
- Really?
Yoshiro Kamogawa.
Is the cucumber hard?
He looks like a loser
but tonight he'll become a hero.
I'll jerk off.
She waves and runs over.
We hold hands and run.
We run and run.
She puts her hand on mine.
And we kiss.
OK, my right-hand man.
And tissues.
Ready. Partner?
Who will it be tonight?
What about...
Sae Asami. Sae Asami...
I got a peek!
Sae Asami. Sae Asami...
What a cute smile!
No, I can't!
How about Keiko from the bookstore?
That sexy pose!
Wait! On the school route there's an arcade.
The owner...
No, Saya, the granddaughter.
How about...
Yoshiro, pay attention!
Yes. Ma'am!
Did you hear me?
Yes. Ma'am!
- Yoshiro?
- Yes!
The teacher!
Oh, look at her body!
I can't concentrate in class!
She's too sexy!
I can't take any more!
Or Taeko, the local newspaper reporter.
Her smile! Her tits! Oh, God!
And her lovely friend!
I bet she acts sexy at work.
So sexy!
No, wait...
It has to be the special one!
The girl of my destiny. Who is she?
He is obsessed with finding that special girl.
Who is she?
Is it Sae, his classmate?
Is it her?
He once met that special girl.
17 years ago. 3 months before he was born.
If you're having contractions, go left!
Next up is Number 3.
Next up is Number 3.
Wake up.
Who's trying to wake me up?
We're about to be born. Isn't it exciting?
Why not?
It's depressing. I'll just be
another greedy loser.
Life's messed up.
No way. Life is hope!
The world is beautiful.
Why can I hear your voice?
- You can hear my thoughts.
- What?
Our minds are connected.
How strange! Can we meet someday?
Maybe, if you listen out for me.
How will I know it's you?
- What's that?
- Our secret code.
If I find you I'll wave
and run to you, singing.
I'll remember it.
Look around if you hear it.
Sure. I'll find you one day.
Next up is Number 19.
It's our destiny to meet.
You're the girl of my destiny.
Yoshiro remembers that day
like it was yesterday.
And the song,
When he went home on the tram
he felt content in his mother's womb.
Where is she?
Where's the girl of my destiny?
Images of her come into his mind
in fragments.
She's waving at their meeting place.
He sees her running over.
He sees them running, hand in hand.
They keep running together.
They sit and hold hands.
And kiss on tiptoe.
As he thought about her and was about to climax
a cosmic phenomenon took place.
A shaft of light shone on him.
I'm coming!
What the hell?
That's how it all began.
Little does Yoshiro, our hero,
know what lay ahead.
What's going on?
I feel weird...
Miyuki Hirano is Yoshiro's classmate.
She's yet to realize it
but her indecent act gave her a special power.
"Beware of Gropers"
Here's one more.
My head!
I feel weird.
Our hero realizes that something's occurred.
It's 100 rotations per second.
All for you!
Do it tonight!
I can't wait.
Don't speak!
We didn't.
You did.
There's no stopping the unfolding events.
"Higashi Mikawa High"
Shota Sometani
Elaiza Ikeda
Erina Mano
Makita Sports / Motoki Fukami / Reiya Masaki
Tokio Emoto / Mariko Tsutsui / Ijiri Okada
Maryjun Takahashi / Ami Tomite
Sahel Rosa / Anna Konno / Mizuki Hoshina
Megumi Kagurazaka / Ken Yasuda
Directed by Sono Sion
Look at her, she's gorgeous!
- Did I speak out loud?
- No, why?
- I want sex.
- I want to smoke.
I want to get laid.
Am I reading people's thoughts?
Too short!
A slip for Madoka.
- Too short!
- A slip for Kazumi.
Both of you!
I have to be the sexiest!
She said that!
Clothes mirror your soul!
Your skirt's too short! No push up bras!
Nobody's as erotic as me.
I can hear them!
Come to my place later.
I got an "Erotic Teacher" DVD.
She's too sexy.
She'd be sexier in underwear!
Yasu, you hunk!
Don't think about it!
It's the new girl!
She's so pretty!
He's right, Sae's cute. Is she the one?
They're watching us again.
- Creeps!
- Creeps!
Fuck off!
Sae Asami is so cute.
Yoshiro, is that a hard-on?
I know Yoshiro jerks off to Sae, too!
I don't!
I have to hide my boner!
Come on! Don't act like a sissy!
A hard-on.
- He's got a hard-on!
- I don't!
He's got a hard-on.
Come on.
Of course I don't have a hard-on!
You're low.
Any girl's OK.
It's an accident!
Oh sure! Horny 4 eyes.
Take it back!
How did we talk just now?
Can Miyuki read thoughts too?
She's cool. I want her.
The First Moroccan Clitoris,
I mean, Crisis occurred in 1905.
Germany's Kaiser William II...
went down on Tangier, causing friction
and tried to take it.
We have a new student, Sae Asami.
Come in.
Sae came to his school a month ago
and our hero Yoshiro was...
She's so cute!
- Pervert!
- Yoshiro!
She triggered something in him.
Maybe she's the one...
This led him to think that
she was the girl of his destiny.
I can read people's minds.
I can read her thoughts too.
I'm sure he jerks off to me.
No hard-ons, Yoshiro!
Class, be quiet.
Sae, I'm not that kind of man...
Oh, I want to have sex.
Yoshiro, check this out. Teru gave it to me.
Put that away, pervert!
You jerk!
It'll get dirty!
Ms. Akiyama.
Are you listening?
Our research has proven right.
There's psychic activity here.
In the past 3 days locals visited hospitals
with baffling ailments.
Some might be awakened psychics.
After a decade of research
and derision by Tokyo scholars,
I'll prove my theory.
It's a peaceful town.
It all starts here!
I'm Taeko, a local journalist.
This is a detective.
Mitsuko Mitsui.
I love Toyohashi city.
Toyo River supplies the city's water.
Toyohashi citizens love Toyocky!
Toyohashi is nice!
There's Yoshida Castle
and the City Hall.
Toyohashi is the best!
Have fun at Non Hoi Park.
Are you listening to me?
I love Toyohashi!
I just love it!
It's a wonderful city!
This is the Ushi River Ferry.
I'm Kamiya, a rookie!
Someone's calling! Coming!
The ferry is still used to transport citizens.
No crime today.
Yes, Detective.
They don't know that Toyohashi's in danger.
"Nakaya Bookstore"
"The Secret of ESP"
"Precognition, telepathy,
telekinesis teleportation, clairvoyance"
So many types...
"A psychic never thinks about sex."
"He brings peace to Earth."
"Psychics are the world's heroes
and fight evil."
"They save the world!"
"Psychics fight evil and save the world!"
I'm a hero!
"Do not abuse your powers."
"Don't use it to pick up girls."
It's not the time to jerk off!
I wonder what kind of girls Yoshiro likes.
This, please.
Nice weather.
Just that? Want some tea?
Imagine her underwear!
Uh... No, thank you.
"Special Boob Issue"
Don't snatch that!
How about pinball?
Wait a minute!
Come on!
What's that book?
"Psychics fight evil and save the world!"
"They're heroes..."
I want to read it now!
"Seahorse Cafe"
What a loser...
I'm a hero.
I have ESP, Teru!
I saw your mom at the supermarket.
She's beautiful.
It can't be! What a coincidence.
My all-time favorite to jerk off to.
OK, the book.
"Love me Tenga"
"Tenga it..."
Yoshiro. Have you heard of Tenga?
If you have Tenga you won't need women.
This Tenga is for women.
For Miyuki.
Take it.
Normally this is all you do with it...
But from today I have a new skill.
Like what?
See what I can do now?
It means I can jack off with no hands.
You shoplifted that magazine!
I saw you in there so I pranked you.
Now for real.
Up, down. Up, down...
Ritsuko... Stop.
You're married.
Not in front of your son!
Not my Mom!
I can move Tenga and dirty mags...
Only erotic stuff.
It'll be a life of jerking off.
Here, Tenga!
- No!
- Go on, jack-off boy!
I'm not a jack-off boy!
Jack-off boy.
I'm a psychic hero so give me a break!
Lay off!
I'll save the world!
Now Yoshiro is aware of his responsibilities.
Being a hero isn't easy.
I might just try it...
Yoshiro, use it!
It's magic!
I'll fantasize about her.
I have to act like a psychic hero now!
I could read people's thoughts...
What's going on?
Men look at me and have dirty thoughts.
I want to do her!
The slut!
You want men!
Hey, babe!
I can still hear those voices in my head.
What is this?
Is this, like... ESP?
Sae, I'll save the world for you.
I'll show Sae my naked body!
I'll get naked in front of her.
We have to get changed! Come on!
Coming! I'll get naked in front of you.
OK, Sae.
To the locker room. Go!
What the... Oh, no!
Oh, I feel like making out...
Maybe I'm sick...
When is he going to fuck me?
- I'll cheat on the test.
- Someone, kiss me!
Maybe I'll be OK soon...
I'll wait...
- Am I gay?
- I want to masturbate.
You're not Sae.
Punch it!
What! Did you see him?
- No one's here.
- There was!
Right, Sae?
He was cool.
A naked man was here!
Are you OK, Sae?
Who are you?
It's ESP!
It wasn't Sae!
I wanted her to be the first to see my penis.
But it's OK...
What a rush!
Teleportation. It's ESP!
Hi there!
What if you showed him your bra?
He'll fall and spill the water.
We'll see.
A dirty mag.
What the hell?
It's ESP!
"ESP Research Lab"
It's ESP!
You have 39 yen.
39 yen!
Add 120 yen.
Add 130 yen.
Never mind the kids.
Yabe is clairvoyant. Be nice to him.
Sexy undies!
Don't look!
I'm Professor Asami,
an ESP researcher from Tokyo.
Ms. Akiyama is my assistant. She has ESP.
She does?
She sees the future of anyone
who stares at her breasts.
That's why you flashed your boob!
Why do we suddenly have ESP?
It's because you all fit the criteria.
200 years ago in Duluth, Minnesota
there was another psychic awakening.
Cosmic rays hit Duluth
when the planets were aligned
in a particular way.
This time
cosmic rays hit this region.
Cosmic rays!
You got ESP because you fit certain criteria.
So we're special. We were chosen!
You're my hero.
First, you've never had sexual intercourse.
I see a hymen.
We had to be virgins?
I know how this mix-up happened.
Sometimes experienced people seem pure.
I'm no virgin!
- Shut up, cherry boy!
- I'm not!
Look at me! I've put it to good use.
I doubt it.
You're like a brand new car. Nice!
I'm a used Ferrari in comparison
with all my mileage.
Secondly, when the rays hit the town
you were sexually aroused.
I jacked off...
You, too!
You masturbated?
So girls do it, too?
What if we do?
- I guess it's OK.
- You bet!
Thirdly, you noticed your power.
You fulfilled these 3 criteria to be psychics.
It sounds unlikely but
we've been trying to harness
this energy from space.
She offered to become a psychic
to test our theory.
You masturbated!
- A babe with tits!
- And a hymen.
What happened to the psychics
in the American town?
They're discussed in a document called
"The Planet Waves."
In that particular case in 19th Century Duluth
they were killed.
By other psychics.
Other psychics are in this town.
And some might abuse their power.
A psychic fights evil!
Psychics seek out each other.
Inform me of anything unusual.
Psychics bring peace to Earth!
We'll protect our town from Duluth's fate!
You're heroes!
Go, psychics!
You're a hero!
Where are my panties?
Hanging on the verandah.
I guess you know my daughter.
It's him!
With your help, I hope Sae can live here
in peace.
Go, heroes!
Peacekeepers, let's put the banner up!
Up a bit.
"Welcome Psychics!"
- Yoshiro.
- Saya!
The professor was right.
Shady plots were under way.
I'll cause some serious trouble.
On the night the cosmic rays hit,
many virgins masturbated.
Including Akiko Kamiya, a budding lesbian...
Take us across!
Skipper, hello!
They're cute...
I'll take them across.
Come on!
Join us, Miyuki!
It's stupid! The ESP Force...
Well, you masturbated!
Let's do this. We're the Force!
We're a unit. And masturbation is OK.
Hey! Come back!
I feel so psyched now!
I have my X-ray vision.
I'll protect this town!
I'm not just a wanker.
You only move sex-toys!
No, I can do this too.
Stop it!
You're erotic enough for me.
I like it!
A white bra!
I'll teleport myself and hug you!
Go, Enomoto!
We'll fight together.
Right. Go, ESP Force!
Me, too!
And me.
Do I have to work with these people?
What's going to happen to me?
I don't want to be with them.
"Beware of gropers"
Where are some real girls?
Come on!
Here's one.
"We skip hand in hand! La-la-la."
"La-la-la, duckies"
"La-la-la, and goats too!"
The ferry skipper.
You want to come with me?
We'll have tea.
You're so pretty!
Oh, this is so nice...
- Yoshiro's always watching me.
- He's creepy.
I bet he jerks off to you, Sae.
Your dad's cool!
- You think?
- Sure!
Look at her...
She's divine.
"ESP Party"
A party?
We should be fighting crime!
I'm from a local bar. You have ESP?
I brought you food.
We're psychics!
Open up, Baby.
I'll keep this town safe!
I love you!
What's ESP anyway? A superpower?
Are you psychics?
You're the talk of town!
- You have ESP powers?
- We sure do.
Yummy noodles!
Your mouth is so erotic!
See, one hand!
Look at me!
I'm here!
And here.
Over here!
And here.
What's good about it?
It's a miracle I found you, Sae...
A miracle!
Gimme a break.
I want to have sex!
I want sex, too!
I want sex! I want sex!
Stop, virgins!
She's right!
I want sex!
Dumb psychics...
Sae, no!
Don't worry, Yoshiro...
Never mind.
My destiny girl...
I'm sure it's Sae.
I'll try harder as a psychic to protect her.
I dream about the girl of my destiny.
In fragmented images.
Of the place we'd meet.
Her waving hand.
Her legs running to me.
Holding hands as we run together.
Her hand on mine.
And we kiss.
It's the same details every time.
Stop talking about erections.
Get serious!
We're psychics!
You're a hero.
Mr. Asami. I'm Detective Mitsui.
I'm Taeko, a reporter.
- My assistant, Ms. Akiyama.
- Hello.
This way.
- You're here!
- What is it?
I can't describe it so please
come and look.
What the...
Are they real?
Security found them. They're dolls.
This is a challenge to my psychics.
It appears to be some kind of aphrodisiac.
- Take a sample.
- Yes.
Don't touch it like that...
Something's going on in Yoshiro's classroom.
Don't tell Yoshiro about this.
It might be the enemy psychic.
It's so late to be running, Yoshiro.
Just in case I have to save the world.
- I see.
- And to protect Sae.
Thank you.
Thank you!
"The Sex Pistols did not sing love songs"
"To my ears they were
screaming Love and Peace"
"The papers don't write about those places"
"But they can't ignore those smiles and tears"
"50 nuke power plants
5000 earthquakes a year"
"Our lives are blowin' in the wind"
"So take it easy, kid"
"They think you're a pushover"
"Yell so your voice's heard"
"Power to the people. Show me
how to break the silence"
So you were born in Toyohashi, Sae!
We soon moved to Tokyo.
You were born at Toyohashi hospital!
I knew it! Sae and I met in the womb.
Sae is the girl of my destiny.
She must be!
Yoshiro's babbling again.
- He's creepy.
- He's mental.
- Watch out when you walk home.
- For perverts!
Don't scare me!
Good morning.
We have a new teacher starting today.
Be quiet.
Class, pay attention.
Come in.
Meet your new English teacher.
Aiko Polnareff from USA.
Nice to meet you, I'm Ms. Polnareff.
A babe teacher like in the DVD!
Shut up!
I teach English but more importantly...
Earth is in a crisis.
People have lost hope.
We need Eros in our hearts.
To fill this town with love.
Embrace love and be erotic.
Come to school in your swimsuits!
Pardon me...
This is important.
Wear bondage gear or a swimsuit tomorrow.
Do you feel love in the air?
You like her?
Don't call me that.
Excuse me?
You think Sae's the girl of your destiny?
Kiss me.
You're my destiny, you understand?
Your destiny.
Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate.
Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May.
And summer's lease hath all too short a date.
What is it?
The Tokyo lab's looking at it.
It's something beyond us.
The components aren't from this Earth.
- Meaning?
- I don't know.
Maybe something psychic?
No, it's dangerous!
It might be part of the evil psychics' plan.
Something is going on.
What about my boobs?
And mine.
I only have eyes for hers.
I love pretty high school girls!
Off we go! See you later!
Off we go! See you later!
Bon Voyage, my pretty ones.
She's next.
It's Toyocky!
Toyocky, I can't resist you!
I love Toyocky, the city's mascot!
Toyohashi's mascot!
See you later!
She's insanely pretty.
Game over.
Not in the mood?
What's wrong?
Low libido today?
I'm not driven by libido...
You are!
OK, I am.
But to be a psychic hero...
I have to control my horny fantasies!
That's nonsense.
Here, 2 free balls.
I want to jerk off...
That's my boy!
Hi. I'm totally drenched.
Got a shirt?
Here, before you catch a cold.
Yoshiro, I know you like her.
What? No, I don't!
I'm going.
And you like Yoshiro, too.
Of course not.
Don't be shy!
Shut up!
Why are you coming?
I have to check out your sexy teacher.
What's up?
Uh... nothing!
You made me hard, okay?
I made you hard?
They look so sexy!
This is the epicenter for erections!
You're too uptight.
Put more Eros into it.
Hi, Yoshiro.
Ms. Polnareff!
You're Teru.
You're Miyuki.
How do you know?
Are you a psychic too?
I have an ability to see people's memories.
I'm delighted to meet you.
Hello, class!
We'll start with
erotic sex education today.
Way to go, teacher!
Get a hard-on.
Get a hard-on.
I want to jerk off...
Hard-on, hard-on.
Oh my God! Please!
I'm hot!
Come to Daddy, girls!
What's going on?
Eros. Love is spurting everywhere.
- You're in panties!
- Too sexy.
Please, you have to come. It's too erotic!
Love and Eros in Toyohashi!
Make love hotels free!
Nudist beaches at Toyohashi!
Say "Yes" to the sex industry!
Love and Eros in Toyohashi!
You're surrounded!
Resistance is futile!
We want nudist beaches!
Listen to me!
- Detective Mitsui.
- Professor.
How are things?
Cosplayers and girls
in swimsuits took hostages.
- Another erotic crime!
- Their demands?
They want to talk to the mayor. Look at this.
- "Love and Eros"?
- And Toyohashi's independence.
Say "Yes" to the sex industry!
- They want a sex empire?
- It's outrageous.
Who are they?
We know they're sexy cosplayers.
We don't know their numbers
or if they're armed.
We can't use force on such pretty girls.
They're armed with Tenga.
I'll negotiate with them.
Are you sure?
They'd be more willing to talk to a civilian.
I am Professor Asami!
I'm here to talk.
Hold it!
Agree to our terms!
What do you want?
We want to live the way humans should!
First we need to be sexually liberated!
So that we'll survive Armageddon!
Who's behind this? What is Armageddon?
They won't answer.
Because they're my servants.
We'll start a war to protect our world!
So you're behind this. Are you a psychic?
Yes. Guess what I did that night.
Professor, why did you get psychics
to protect the town?
To stop people like you.
- Why protect greedy humans?
- Stop this!
Don't you remember being mistreated
by those bastards
who mocked your ESP research?
You can't trick me.
Don't you wish they died?
- Don't abuse your power.
- Shut up.
Release the hostages. I'll get the police
to go easy on you.
She's right.
This conversation is going nowhere.
I'll have to kill you!
Strip them all naked!
Look out!
Clean up!
Where is she?
Is she here?
She's gone.
I'll find her.
What's going on?
This is awesome!
It's getting sombre!
I must hurry!
Things are strange all over town.
Such as?
The bank was robbed yesterday
by women wearing sexy swimsuits.
Before they left, they danced.
- Danced?
- Yes. Like go-go dancers.
That's kind of old...
What did they steal?
Actually they took nothing.
- And...
- On the roof of Pachinko USA
there was a striptease.
A psychic is behind this.
Someone powerful enough to destroy
this town and the world.
- You heard about the groper?
- Yoshiro?
- Let's look inside.
- Yeah!
Guys, stop!
- OK, I'm spooked!
- Oh, my God!
- Your dad's a professor?
- May I help you?
Now you're mine!
Evil psychics... How dumb.
We can't save the world on our own.
Help us find the evil psychic tomorrow.
Sae's not back.
She's never this late.
Maybe something happened to her?
She might be making out with someone.
I can't reach Miyuki either.
Hi, psychics!
What's wrong?
Sae is missing.
Sae? I saw her coming home.
What's wrong?
"The immoral incident at the high school
is a prelude"
"to something even worse."
This is Taeko.
Keep this out of the papers, OK?
We want to keep the bad guys guessing.
I'm not feeling myself today...
What's wrong, Hon?
You feel the itch?
Where does it itch, Hon?
- Everywhere.
- Oh my!
I feel restless...
The town is changing.
I am too...
I have erotic thoughts
circling in my head.
Hot, Hon?
- Burning!
- That hot?
- Taking that off too?
- I'm aroused!
You are?
Relieve me, dinosaur!
Miyuki didn't come.
Not Saya too!
Hi, Yoshiro.
Where will we find the evil psychics?
It's kind of a drag.
But I like the skimpy new town.
But it's tiring having a nonstop hard-on.
I guess I'm a little impotent...
I'm always rock hard!
Cut the hard-on talk. This is an investigation.
I can't work.
- The town's gone weird.
- Who can work?
- Look at us.
- We're working.
Oh no!
What's wrong?
A man's value isn't just in his penis.
If Sae's in danger I have to save her!
What's this number?
Yoshiro, it's me, Sae.
Nothing. I'll look over there!
What's going on?
You going to jack off?
I know this place from...
My dream!
My destiny!
This is the place!
I know she'll appear from over there!
That hand!
Those legs!
She's singing!
It's me!
- Sae.
- Sorry to drag you away.
No problem. What's up?
Are you helping Dad with his research?
Just a little.
Thank you!
Researching ESP is dumb!
We get mocked about it.
Life's been hard for her...
I'm happy you're on Dad's side.
I'd do anything for your dad.
If you want more we can go to a hotel.
A hotel?
You can do what you want.
Make love to me.
Wow, she's pushy!
I thought she'd be shy.
Let's have sex.
Until we drop.
Sorry! I'm not ready...
Clean up!
Are you okay?
But Sae...
She seduced me like a stranger.
What's going on?
Explain! You, explain, OK?
All people Eros! So amorous!
And... doll!
That's not your daughter.
- It's a copy.
- What?
You speak Japanese!
- A copy?
- Yes. That means she's alive.
This is crazy!
It's OK.
You see... I purified her soul.
I can get rid of evil thoughts.
She became a sex doll
because copies don't have souls.
Did you put those sex dolls at the school?
Who are you?
My name is Julie Babcock.
I'm a psychic from Duluth.
I thought they all died.
In the Duluth Massacre.
A few survived and went into hiding.
So you're a descendant.
Is ESP hereditary?
Maybe it's in your DNA.
Why did you come to Japan?
To prevent another tragedy like Duluth.
The enemy can duplicate people.
Their numbers will get out of control.
Lots of girls are being kidnapped.
- Where?
- At the ferry hut.
The famous groper spot.
That place! Is something going on?
You'd pass as a girl in a uniform and a wig.
A disguise? I could do it.
No. You're too old.
Leave it to me. I'll be sexy.
Don't you want to protect Sae?
Would the evil psychic fall for this...
- Who was that?
- The enemy.
I'd be cuter!
What will she do?
She's going to the city hall.
Let's go!
"City Hall"
That was close!
What's this?
Only girls!
Kamiya abducted them all.
She made copies of them to eroticize Toyohashi.
That's what happened to Sae!
She must be here.
It's Sae!
There are 3 of her!
Check her organs with X-ray vision.
Wow. Sure?
They're hollow!
Damn! They're copies!
I made them.
Nobody gets in our way.
Japan's the worst!
All greed and malice.
Who are you?
Clean up!
It was you!
I'll stop you!
Let's get along.
Let's get along.
Let's get along.
Let's get along.
Let's get along.
Let's get along.
Let's get along.
They're hollow! All hollow!
This way!
OK, girls!
On the stage.
Yoshiro, we're finally alone.
Not now, Ma'am!
Not here!
Please don't!
Hey, what the...
What's this?
What's going on?
What the hell? Somebody, help!
Are you OK?
I'm OK. Did you come to rescue me?
I'm locked up in here.
What do they want with us?
I don't know.
Will they...
kill us?
What have I done?
It's my fault...
I mean...
I never wanted ESP powers...
Don't act like a sissy!
Why are you being a wimp?
Miyuki was also captured.
We can read people's thoughts.
Nothing good came of that!
Are you crying, Miyuki?
Of course not.
I'm scared...
Someone will rescue us.
I'm sure somebody will find us.
Sae? It's the song...
What did you say?
Is it...
You called me?
What's that song, Miyuki?
It popped in my head.
I wanted to sing it.
It's a song I used to know...
I know that song.
You do?
Because you taught it to me.
Before we were born, back in the womb.
Can you hear me?
Yes, I can!
We said, "When we are born
we'll find each other."
It was our secret code!
It's our song!
I found you.
for finding me.
I waited for you.
Me too.
For a long time.
So long...
I'm happy.
Me too.
I'm so happy!
I don't know how to describe it.
Come on!
How come you never noticed me?
Why didn't you notice me?
You were always on my mind!
Every minute of my life.
Sorry I didn't notice.
I've always loved you.
Me too.
I forgive you.
Thank you.
Stand up.
I love you.
I love you too.
I taught that song to Miyuki.
It's my memory.
You lost, Kamiya!
I couldn't have...
This is what you get for abusing your power.
Is it so wrong?
People looked down on me and ignored me.
The copies listen to me now
because God gave me powers.
We all have our problems!
Are we going to get her?
This isn't over. The Master's coming!
The Master will bring a New World Order!
You rotten psychics will perish!
The Master?
I taught her the song. Got it?
I'm the girl of your destiny.
Not them.
I am your destiny.
Help me, Yoshiro!
Yoshiro, help!
Sae! Miyuki!
Are you two okay?
Sae! Miyuki!
Ms. Polnareff is the ringleader?
Clean up!
What was I doing?
"Under the blue sky
Toyohashi is so beautiful"
She was Polnareff's puppet...
Reading people's memories is not
Polnareff's only ability.
She controls people's memories.
She deletes, rewrites and transplants memories.
She manipulates memories to suit her needs.
Ms. Polnareff, it's you...
I'm the girl of your destiny.
Where are Miyuki and Sae?
Forget about them.
You defeated Kamiya already?
Why are you doing this?
To wipe out humanity from Earth.
You want humans to perish?
All humans' evil deeds...
They violate nature and the environment
and kill off wildlife.
Before Earth is ruined
I'll ruin humans.
We only stock nudie magazines now.
That's all you can buy.
Behave, girls!
It's okay!
OK, then.
Mitsui, you make me hot!
Where are you hot?
Tell me where you're hot!
Me too! Naughty!
Everyone, get aroused!
More and more aroused!
More and more!
I'm hot!
Out of the way! He's mine!
Mona, I'm melting.
I love you, Yuko.
There's no room on Earth for greedy fools.
Only God's chosen one will stay.
And he's here.
Yoshiro, it's you.
Not me?
Because I love Yoshiro.
I can't control the memory
of someone I truly love.
There's only been one person.
You're the only one, Yoshiro.
This is true love.
We'll create a new world together!
We'll be Adam and Eve, and start again.
It's worse than the Duluth Massacre!
Grandpa told me not to let
the Duluth Massacre be repeated.
It's my duty as a surviving Duluth psychic!
Purify that female teacher!
What's this?
You have no evil intentions?
Of course not. I am pure love.
Let me take your life from you.
You too!
We'll fight back with our powers!
Here goes!
I erased their memories.
They don't remember who they are.
That's cruel...
Yoshiro, please understand.
You're the only man I truly love.
It's our destiny.
Come here.
If you make love to me you will live.
Or you die.
Earth's fate depends on you.
Let's reorganize.
- Get more psychics...
- And them?
We have to stop the crisis.
- And buy time.
- And sacrifice them?
You need to live to save the world.
The world...
The world... I dunno...
I'm sorry.
But I...
I live for the girl of my destiny.
That's why
I have to rescue her.
You're our only hope.
Our future.
He's here.
Here he is!
He came!
Rock the boat, rock the boat...
She waves. We hold hands...
Run. Her hand on mine.
And kiss!
Where's the girl of my destiny?
Love over impurity.
We'll be pure children again.
Like when we met at the hospital.
When we made a vow.
No, thank you!
You've seen my power.
I can rewrite the memories of all humans.
Go, fishy!
Choo, choo...
Forget the other girls. Come with me.
To our very own world!
I just want to jack off to fantasy girls!
Ms. Polnareff, I can jack off to you now!
No! I'm your girl not a plaything!
How about you?
Or you!
Can't you make love to me?
I'll jerk off to fantasy girls
until I meet the one!
Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate.
Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May.
And summer's lease hath all too short a date.
What's this?
What's going on?
What's this!
What's this? How embarrassing!
It's cold.
- Get away!
- You too!
Yoshiro, wait! What do you want?
I protected you.
Polnareff is a liar!
I know you're my destiny!
Yoshiro, you have a hard-on...
You pervert!
You think I'm your destiny girl? No way!
You're mean...
- Yoshiro.
- Yoshiro.
You did well!
- Where's Sae?
- Dad!
Thank you!
Yeah, well...
Good job.
No crimes today.
Toyohashi's peaceful.
Good morning!
What I want in a man...
Someone who'll spoil me.
Peace was restored in Toyohashi
by Yoshiro, our hero.
That night he had a peaceful dream.
About when he was in his mom's tummy.
Seeing her gently rub her big stomach
Yoshiro thought she could be
the woman of his destiny.
Next morning he woke up and wiped back tears.
- Then he ran to his mother.
- Mom!
I love you!
What's this?
It's love.
I got a new DVD.
They're amateurs so it's all real!
They moan like they mean it!
Come over and check it out.
Found the girl of your destiny?
The women around Yoshiro sang
the song to get his attention.
He was puzzled.
He'd promised the girl of
his destiny to meet up.
There must be only one girl...
Why were they all singing?
In fact on that day on the tram
something happened at the next stop.
- How many months?
- Eight.
- Same here.
- You too!
Can you hear me?
I'm from the bookstore.
You're 8 months?
- I'm from the pinball arcade.
- Oh, you too!
Do you hear me?
How about me?
I'm here too!
Me too!
You're all my girls.
Just wait.
Me too!
In a little corner of the universe...
In a little corner of Earth...
In a tiny corner of Japan...
In a small town in Higashi Mikawa...
In one tiny corner of town...
Yoshiro, our hero, jacks off as usual.
Our hero is back at square one.
Ready, Partner?
No! How about...
After fantasizing about many girls
a thought returns to him.
Who are you?
This is how the world is saved.
Directed by Sono Sion