The Virginian (1929) Movie Script

Get along there, dogie!
...she wears a big white hat,
... and I bet your life when I'm in town,
the dudes all hit the flat!"
Come along!
Here we are in Nebraska, and I'm telling
you I'm packing a powerful thirst!
Me for a can of them plums!
I'm going over to Jim's Place and get
a quart of his best juice!
And get off in a corner and
slowly strangle it to death!
Well, I'll be gol-darned!
Steve, you ornery old, low-down
son of a bull-beaver!
You gol-danged buzzard!
- What are you doing here?
- Oh, nothing special!
Well, come inside! I can listen your lies
much better with a drink under my belt!
It's been a long time, boy!
I bet you still drink
that rot-gut bourbon!
I wouldn't insult my stomach with
that red-grain water you drink!
One rye and one bourbon, padre!
Say, I heard about you being a foreman.
Kept me laughing for most of a week!
- What have you been doing?
- Oh, you know...
You no-count weasel!
Just the same as always!
- You're no-count to nobody nowhere!
- That so? Well, I can have my fun!
I ain't been wasting my time working
like you.
Here's mud!
Well, I'll be a ...
Let's see, it's been about 4 years since
we burned up the border down in Texas.
- That's right!
- Ain't you ever going to settle down?
Me? Why should I?
I kinda expected you
at the last roundup.
How about working for me
at the Box H?
Maybe I will...for awhile.
- I bet you five.
- Well, Steve...
I reckon I've got to learn you
all over again!
That's a bet!
Pardon, ma'am. Could I welcome a
stranger with a shot of liquor?
Look out for this hombre! He don't mean
nothing he says and he's flat broke!
Senior, that's too bad!
- And you? - I can toast you with rye
and bourbon until the sun goes down!
- Should we start now?
- Why not?
- You buzzard!
- Stand back, this lady drinks with me!
Two rye and one bourbon, Joe!
- Hello, Trampas!
- Hello, boys!
Rotten whiskey!
Put you boys in line to make some real
money and you throw it away like...
...ordinary cowhands!
Go ahead! Squeeze each other out then
I'll sit down and take it away from you!
Them that don't, Lord soften
their hard hearts!
I don't know what the argument is
between these 2 cowhands ma'am,
but whatever it is, I can settle it
fair and square my favor!
- Howdy, Trampas! When did you blow in?
- Hello, Steve!
Just blowed in to beat your
time with this lady!
Ain't that so, ma'am?
But I promised to drink with these guys!
Well, you and me are leaving, see?
Just one minute please.
Don't look like you're beating anybody's
time, Trampas. Not even your own.
I ain't arguing with you, sweetheart.
I'm telling you!
Please, no argument Trampas.
We're getting along just fine.
Not that it's any of your business!
Who's talking to you?
I'm talking to you, Trampas.
When I want to know anything from you
I'll tell you.
Long-legged son-of-a...
If you want to call me that...!
With a gun against my belly, I ...
...I always smile.
Mucho lucky, Trampas!
That fellow is a good shot!
He keeps the Mexicans
jumping down the road!
Is that so, Pedro?
I know a fellow what can hit...
...3 whiskey glasses in the air
at the same time!
Boys, sit down and I'll skin the hide
off you in a game of stud!
Number 3 can't get to the station because
of the cattle blocking the right-of-way.
Alright, I'll tend to that!
Reckon I better get on down there.
Want to come along?
Sure, I'll help you clean them up.
Hey, listen you! You blow that whistle
again, and I'll blow you out of that cab!
You old sheepherder,
how'd you like that?
Don't call me a sheepherder,
you grizzled old walrus!
Slow down, these cows are just hanging
around your engine to keep warm.
Get them off! I've done my stretch and
I want to go home!
Better get your head back in that cab
before some cow bites it off!
Steve, go down there and bring
the rest of that bunch back.
Peanuts, popcorn, chewing wax!
All kinds of cigars, cigarettes!
We'll be in the station in a minute.
My goodness!
This is terrible!
I never saw so many
wild cows in my life!
- Not much like Vermont, is it?
- I should say not!
Howdy, ma'am!
- Getting off at Medicine Bow?
- Yes...if we ever get there!
Say, you aren't the new waitress for
the Lone Star Hotel, are you?
No, I'm a schoolteacher.
Oh! The new school-marm!
I wasn't expecting anybody
to meet me!
Well, we weren't expecting to meet
you, but here we are ma'am!
Yes ma'am, here we are! And we'll
roundup every maverick kid in Wyoming!
That's fine!
How many children are there?
About 19 counting the Indians
and half-breeds.
He's a lying pole-cat, Miss! There ain't
but 13 all told.
Ma'am, what you gonna learn them kids?
Reading, writing and figuring up figures?
Yes, and history and geography.
I wish those durn critters knew
something about geography!
They ain't got a lick of sense about
knowing where they're at!
Thank you so much.
Now, where do we find the stage?
Follow me, ma'am.
You'll never go astray.
Right this way!
Hey ma'am!
That critter won't hurt you!
I think it's safe now, ma'am.
- Thank you.
- Might lucky thing I happened along.
A wild steer is an awful ornery critter.
It did frighten me. Just for a moment.
If that steer had seen you face-to-face
like I'm doing, he wouldn't be so mean.
- Oh, thank you.
- I'm glad my man got your bags alright.
Take the lady's things right over to
the stagecoach, will you Steven?
Oh, boy!
Come on.
Here, Ellie. You better take your moo-cow
home or your mother will spank you.
Come on, you bad old thing!
Perhaps you'd like to rescue that little
girl from that wild steer!
I'm sure she'd be impressed, but if you
try to make a fool of her...
...she'd probably slap you face!
I'm really obliged to you, sir,
for helping me.
It was a great pleasure, ma'am.
That'll be all, my man!
Here you are!
Take good care of this lady, Ben.
She's a special friend of mine!
I'll take good care of her, Steve.
Who was that man who was so
rude to me?
Just a mangy foreman, ma'am. You don't
have to pay no attention to him!
- Goodbye!
- Goodbye!
Smart, ain't you Steve?
My pal.
In case you got any ideas
about my new lady friend...
...I just want to warn you that
school-marms ain't in your class!'re warning me!
Well, Steve...
...usually I just punch a guy
in the nose.
But this time I'm going to throw you
and hog-tie you!
You don't tell me!
Stop this thing now!
You stop this wagon now!
Put them boots on, Pa Hughey!
Oh, Ma!
They are too tight across the bunions!
- Mrs. Taylor won't mind...
- You will put them on!
Land sakes!
Look at all them folks there!
You'd think they were welcoming the
President instead of a school-marm!
- If I get them on, I'll have to cut
them off! - You put them on!
Take your fingers out of them sausages or
you'll get a bellyache...
- ...and your mother will blame me!
- Ma don't care!
Put them both on now!
- I'm coming right over!
- Alright!
Well, Uncle Hughey!
- How are you? Nice to see you!
- We brung the twins!
Rode 40 miles and
still as dry as a bone!
You're very lucky, Mrs. Hughey.
Very lucky!
Put your children in the bedroom. They
can get a nap before the christening.
The parson won't get here
until a little later.
- Mrs. Taylor! - What's the matter?
- You come see!
Excuse me, folks. I've got to see
what this is all about.
You run along!
- What's the trouble, Hong?
- Look at that chicken!
Trying to hatch then apples! Always
wanting to be a mother, ain't ya?
If you only knew, Emily!
Now, get!
Well now, Hong, what's the problem?
They no work! It's so much work,
I can't do everything!
Alright! I'll fix those lazy buggers!
Bug Ear!
Hurry up with them chickens and ducks!
Keep that slant-eyed muskrat away,
and we'll get through!
Mrs. Taylor, we got no milk!
- Why not?
- Cowboy no milk them!
Why you yellow-bellied...
Sam, it's awful cold in here!
Why Sam, your whole body
is changing color!
Hurry up, you ornery pole-cats!
Bow-leg, hurry up
and get out of that shower!
You're clean enough!
I need you out here!
Just keep your shirt on, Mrs. Taylor!
How'd she know I was in here?
That woman knows everything!
Now, folks. My it's just grand
having you here!
Folks, this is Miss Molly Wood,
the new school-marm.
All the way from Vermont!
What are them cow-herders up to now?
Look here, quit making that noise!
You'll wake up them babies!
Stop trying to shoot them cans open!
Here, use this cleaver!
Alright, Mrs. Taylor, but it will
take a heap longer!
Howdy, boys! Getting ready for
the celebration? - Yeah!
- Howdy, Trampas!
- Hi, boys!
You got here just too late to work,
didn't you?
In the cool of the evening when the
food, liquor and women are ready...
...that's when I appear!
Hello, Honey!
Where's the liquor bell?
That ain't gonna be hard
for you to locate!
- What do you say boys?
- Hey, Steve...
...what are you trailing around
with Trampas for?
Why you fellows all sore at Trampas?
He's alright.
Yes, he a pig's valise!
Looking for someone, Miss Wood?
No, I'm interested in seeing everybody.
It's all so new to me.
- Are all the cowboys here now?
- Sure hope so!
A whole lot of them here haven't
even been invited! A whole lot of them!
- What is it, Hong?
- Dinner is ready!
Should I ring the bell?
Dinner everybody!
Come and get it!
Come on, Miss Wood. I want you
to sit at the head of the table.
Now you fellows!
Get out of that chair!
The ranchers had a meeting today, and
their patience is plumb give out!
The country's gone to the devil that
pays a man better to steal than to work.
Then I reckon it's getting pretty
close to a showdown, Judge.
- That's her standing in the window now!
- Cattle rustling's got to stop!
She's pretty.
I wonder if she can dance good!
- Are you listening to me?
- Sure, Judge! I agree with you!
My throat's dusty.
Let's go in the house.
I think we can find something in the
house to cure that.
That's no way for a fellow like you to
make a living, Steve.
Don't I know it! A cowhand's dumber
than a loco steer!
Freeze all winter and bake all summer!
For what?
Just to get enough money to get drunk
12 times a year!
But money's easy when you're
smart, Steve!
But you'll never get it herding cows
for 30 dollars a month!
Why didn't you wait for me this
evening, Steve?
You were late and Trampas came by,
so I came along with him.
You ain't very choosy
about your company.
Explain what you mean by that.
Nothing, Trampas, nothing.
Maybe I could tell you a belly full,
and maybe I couldn't.
- What are you driving at?
- Maybe I want to compliment you.
You've got so many cows this year,
your cows must have litters!
Like a sow! Reckon it keeps you all wore
out branding them.
You're talking yourself into
a heap of trouble, my friend!
Since when was I your friend?
...that suits me!
How about circulating
around the dance, Steve?
That is if you're through
being sociable here.
Why'd you let him say that tot you?
Because I'm smart.
One job at a time!
Never lose your temper.
There she is! Looks pretty in her Vermont
sash and dress, don't she?
She'd look good in an
Indian squaw blanket!
Say, you buzzard! You know I've got the
inside track with her!
I want to give you an even break!
- Flip you to see who asks for the first
dance! - Heads!
You son-of-a gun!
How'd you know?
Is it true, Miss? France is going to
give us that Statue of Liberty?
Yes, it was in the paper
just before I left!
Excuse me please.
Miss Woods...
Good evening, ma'am.
Would you care to dance?
You're from Virginia?
Yes, that is I was born there.
I always that Southerns
had such good manners.
That's correct, ma'am.
At least, they should have!
In New England, where I'm from...
a man always asked to e introduced
to a lady before he asks her to dance!
I ask your pardon ma'am!
Pardon, ma'am...
I see you didn't dance with that big
galoot! Would you like to dance with me?
Why, yes!
I'd love too!
- I guess Eastern dancing's different.
- Sorry I'm so awkward!
That's alright, ma'am.
You'll pick it up in no time!
Say, Judge. I wonder if you'd oblige
me in a little social matter?
What is it?
I'd like you to introduce me to the new
school-marm. Formal-like.
All that talk you did about her, I
thought you were good friends!
- Didn't I see you talking to her?
- Who, me?
I don't know what you're up to,
but I'll do it!
Thank you, ma'am!
Excuse me, Miss Wood but this young
man says he never met you.
It ought to! He's been
talking about you for a month!
- Allow me to introduce Miss Wood.
- Pleased to meet you.
Oh, you're the gallant young man who
rescued me from a tame cow!
I'm sorry, ma'am.
I'm sorry, but you must admit
this is a genuine rescue!
You must excuse my friend Steve for
being so clumsy and bow-legged!
Care to sit down?
Thank you. I am a little tired.
I'd rather talk than dance.
We can't talk and dance at the same time
any how.
Let's sit down by the window.
We sure are glad to have you out here,
Miss Wood.
Thank you!
Now that we've been formally
I'd like very much to go riding with
you someday.
Oh, yes?
- You aren't afraid of me, are you?
- Why should I be?
No reason at all.
I'm as gentle as a plow horse.
And I'm powerful interested
in education!
Then I hope you come
to some of my classes!
I have several little boys
just your age!
Book learning do a cowhand any good?
Oh, it won't be all reading, writing
and arithmetic...
I hope to teach my children
good manners too.
I'm sorry, ma'am...
if you though I aim to
treat you that way!
See out here... folks...
we don't see you're
from the East...
...and we been out here so long.
Out where it's kind of wild, and...
I tell you, when I first...
Miss Molly, the parson's here.
Won't you come and meet him?
Dr. McBride, this is Miss Molly Wood,
our new school teacher.
Well, well, I...
Really, I'm glad to meet you Miss Wood.
Hey, Steve, where'd you rustle the cake?
Me for them there sweets!
In case it's any interest to you...
..the most elegant lady of this outfit
promised me the pleasure of seeing
her home to her cabin.
You don't tell me!
Now ain't that just fine!
You know, Steve. There ain't nobody
I'd rather see beat my time than you.
You know more than a
half-breed bandit!
Or a speckled-trout!
You better leave that door open,
it's kind of stuffy in there!
Now boys be careful. Don't make no noise
or you'll wake them up!
What do they got corralled
in there anyhow?
Babies, aren't they?
Never saw so many mavericks in my life!
Them's the kids.
Some of them are waiting
to be christened.
One, two, three...
...four, five...
...six, seven, eight, nine, ten...
...eleven beautiful sleeping angels!
It'd be funny if they got mixed up, and
some of them were christened wrong!
You ornery, low-down horse thief!
I only said it would be funny!
Let's get busy before
the parson goes to work!
This must be that Jasper brat.
Looks like he has the itch!
Wonder what these little varmints
think about all day long?
Not a gol-darned thing!
Getting mighty swampy around this bed!
Come on, young fellow!
This is apt to change your whole life!
Now sleep peaceful, you little maverick!
Stop playing now boys!
Listen, folks!
It's getting late. Some of you women
have to drive all night to get home.
So let's christen the babies now!
This country sure is getting fancy!
Christening babies!
Importing shool-marms!
Pretty soon they'll be putting
soda pop in the liquor!
- That's when I'll be getting out!
- Me too!
Step in here folks if you want to see
the ceremony!
Here's the christening water, Parson.
It's perfectly clean!
- Been boiled a strained through
a new sock! - Fine!
Towel, please.
- Name the child.
- Charles Augustus Jafrey.
- Charles Augustus, I christen thee...
- Wait a minute!
That ain't Charles Augustus!
That's one of Uncle Hughey's brats!
What? Here!
Come to your Pa, Leonidas!
- He's Charles Augutus!
- Charles Augutus nothing!
- But I've just christened him!
- Then un-christen him!
Un-christen this child or you'll not
get another nickel out of me!
Folks! Someone has mixed these kids
and we can't tell which is what!
That's my son in a blanket
I've never seen before!
That's my baby!
Parson, something's got to be
done about this.
A most distressing and reprehensible
Reprehensible? I call it plain mangy!
It'll be bad if they find out it was us!
- Some ornery pole-cat done this!
- Well, who was it?
- I'll brand the critter that did this!
- He ought to be strung up!
Don't worry, Steve.
They ain't gonna find out we done it.
No, sir. We ain't left no clue.
The fun's all over. I'm gonna be leaving
before something does happen!
What's that on Steve's pants?
Land Sakes! That's my baby's cap!
He's the pole-cat that did it!
Go get him!
I'm sorry ma'am about
what happened to Steve.
Now that Steve's gone,
can I see you home?
I saw you plant that cap on Steve!
Aren't you ashamed of yourself?
- Treating those poor babies that way!
- Well, you see I heard...
...some of them were female, so I had
them introduced all around!
I think your conduct is disgraceful!
I suppose you're proud of yourself,
playing a trick on those poor mothers!
I suppose you call yourself a
grown-up, responsible man!
You act like a child!
Is that all you have to say for yourself?
I don't think you're a bit funny!
Now that's the right pitch.
You were way off-key last time.
Now, all together...
You're the one that's wrong.
Now, let's hear you by yourself.
Alright, and you...
That's better. All together now,
and don't forget where you come in.
I told you I'd go riding with you
after school!
I was just helping so you'd
get finished quicker!
I'm afraid that herd of yours
is about to stampede!
Sounds like it!
I'll go see what I can do!
That's enough!
That's enough!
Because you learned that song splendidly,
I'm letting go 10 minutes early!
School's dismissed!
- I've got a surprise for you today.
- What is it?
A new horse!
- Is he gentle?
- Yes, I broke him myself.
And he gave me more
trouble than you did!
- I'll change into my riding clothes.
- Don't go... me a favor, and go
just as you are.
I'm sure the host won't mind,
and I sure like that dress!
What is her name?
What are you laughing about now?
Her name is Sir Henry,
but I call him "Hank" for short.
You haven't told me about the book I
lent you, did you finish it?
That "Romeo and Juliette"?
Yes, ma'am, I finished it!
Don't tell me you didn't like it!
I ain't read any poetry before.
Soon it'll be as easy as reading
the patent medicine catalog.
Didn't you like the story?
They raised a strange breed of men
in those days.
Romeo was a pretty good hombre.
Indeed! Just a pretty good hombre.
He had his enemies and he killed them.
He wasn't a coward,
and he was quick on the draw.
- You approve of killing your enemies?
- An eye for an eye?
- Not if there's another way out.
But them enemies were ornery.
They had it coming to them!
What else?
What didn't you like about Romeo?
- I didn't like him in that balcony scene!
- The balcony scene?
That's the most famous scene
in the play!
Maybe so, but not for me. What's the
idea traipsing up that rope and ladder?
He wanted to talk to her!
Why didn't he go in through
the front door?
Don't you understand?
Their families were enemies!
Exactly so!
Traipsing up a ladder, that ain't
my idea of a real man!
What would you do? Go in and
kill her father? That would be nice.
No, I wouldn't have killed him.
But I would have a showdown with him!
If he was too stubborn
to call off that feud,
I would have grabbed Juliet off that
balcony and married her!
That's just what he was planning to do!
Well, what was he fooling around about?
He loved Juliet.
She fell in love right back at him.
Why didn't he get to going?
Men in those days realized how much
women loved the gallantry of courtship.
Yes, I know. He couldn't resist
playing actor on that balcony.
Wasted so much valuable time, it got
them both killed. If I loved a gal...
...and wanted her,
and knew I could take care of her...
Not in the words of Romeo,
but in the feeling inside...
Do you think I'd let that
gulf stand between us?
Messing around with rope ladders,
making up poetry?
No, you're hardly a Romeo.
What would you do?
I'll show you what I'd do.
You're just as sure of yourself
as ever, aren't you?
Molly, don't play act with me.
We don't fool each other.
We ain't on no balcony!
Don't you think the Spring is the
prettiest time to get married?
But I don't want to get married yet!
I've got my school,
and I'm just getting started!
That ain't no real woman's job in life.
Listen, Molly...
I don't aim to stay here!
Not if you'd be my wife and partner.
What I aim to do, I'm pushing farther
West to Utah or Nevada.
To do out there just what Judge Henry
done here in Wyoming.
Make more United States
out of raw prairie land!
I like you, and I admire you
more than any man I've ever known.
But I'm not sure of myself yet.
This country's so new and strange.
I feel like an alien.
An outsider.
I don't know how to explain it,
but I feel that I'm different!
Women are funny, Molly.
I don't understand them.
Oh, yes you do!
But I'm glad you think you don't!
What is it?
Sounds like calf bawling.
I'll find out what the trouble is!
Come on, horse!
I'll be right back, Molly!
Hello, Steve!
I didn't know you were coming up
this end of the range.
Oh, just kinda drifting around.
I've just been putting a monogram
on a couple of strays.
Yes, so I noticed.
Steve, there's no use talking
around things.
You've been putting Trampas' brand
on somebody else's calves.
Aw, what's a few calves to a man
who's got thousands?
I'm sick of nurse-maiding someone
else's cows around for...
no more than enough to keep you in
smoking tobacco.
Don't talk that way, Steve.
You and I done a lot of loco things
But some things are not only loco,
they are plumb wrong!
You take life too seriously!
This whole country's taking things
more seriously!
I ain't trying to lecture you or play
Sunday on what's right or wrong...
The ranchers are sick of having
their herds trimmed out!
There will soon be posses out with
ropes on theirs addles.
Times are changing. They can't get away
with this sort of thing much longer.
Well, I'm carrying a nice limber rope
to make it easy for them.
If they catch me!
You hard-headed fool!
What are you going to do?
Turn me in?
Nobody's talking about that.
I couldn't be sore at you no matter
what you did.
But listen,
you and I have been friends too long to
find ourselves on opposite sides.
Don't put me in any hole like that.
Aw, shucks!
How do I know what I'm going to do?
This country's getting too civilized,
too solemn.
I've got a notion, I'll be moseying out.
Gold fields or somewhere.
There's no need for you to leave.
You can stay on here as long
as you want.
I know.
You mangy old buzzard!
There they go, Steve!
Right on time!
The only thing I don't like about this
stealing business is the hard work!
Hard work, but easy pickings!
You lazy son-of-a-gun!
You got it all straight, haven't you?
Leave at least 100 head of the sorry
critters on the bank.
In case anybody's trailing us, they'll
think we got scared and left them.
We'll swim the rest down the river.
Don't let a hoof touch the shore until
they hit the rocks at Boulder Creek.
- They won't leave any tracks. Savvy?
- Alright!
I think you're crazy for leaving
any of them!
You got to pay a little for safety!
Throw away one, grab two!
Always play percentages.
Never try to be a hog!
Percentages, Steve.
I learned that dealing faro.
Remember that!
Alright, Trampas.
Come on. boy!
That a huckleberry!
We got a pretty good bunch!
I don't think we'll find
hide or hair of them!
Well, you find any more, Nebrasky?
About 100 head so far.
This country's just full of stolen
cattle, and ain't a cow thief in sight!
Looks like they got leery and dumped
the whole herd.
Yeah, and they'll get them out of the
country! We never will know who they are!
No one can find then in them blind
Reckon we're licked boys!
Lucky to get any cattle back.
Yeah, you found all of your cattle
except 200 head of your best beef!
We will never find the rest of them?
You know you ain't found nothing
but scrubs!
They must have gone someplace!
Them cows can't fly!
And a durn good thing they can't!
Boys, we're plain out-smarted!
They swum them cows downstream.
And I bet you...
...that we will pick up those tracks on
the other side of Lava Gap.
- Boulder Creek?
- Through the rocks, sure.
They picked a tough route to Jackson
Hole. We may find then before nightfall.
I'll pick up the rest of the bunch,
and we'll get started.
By gosh, I believe he's right!
You can bet he's right!
And what's more...
The guy that's bossing this spread ain't
no common cow thief.
He's cuter than a mountain goat
in Springtime!
He ain't no smarter than that
Virginia boy!
That boy's so smart,
he'd dry snow and sell it for sugar!
Come on, boys!
I'll leave a couple boys down here
with the cattle.
Okay, Fred. Let's go!
Not bad for 3 days' work!
200 head worth more than $75 apiece.
Better than herding cows for a living!
Where do you think we are now?
In some swell New York hotel?
We soon will be about 2 months from now!
Let that fire be! Do you want to
let someone know we're here?
When I want a fire, I'm going to have it!
If anyone's following us,
they are 40 miles back!
Yeah, hunting cow tracks
under the water!
Well, I'm going to go see how Greasy's
doing night-herding them critters.
What's the matter, Jim?
It's alright for Trampas to talk, I'll
be glad when we get rid of them cows!
What if they do catch you?
You can only die one time!
What do you want?
Live to be 100?
What's life anyway?
A few Winters waiting for Spring.
A few Summers wishing they'd last.
Two bottles of whiskey and a half-dozen
girls you can remember.
Then you're 6 by 3 feet under the ground
and that's all!
Might as well be now as later!
Greasy, they will settle down. I'll
send one of the other boys to help you!
Looks like a posse!
- We better warn them!
- No, you go your way and I'll go mine!
Now that he's found them,
what's biting him anyway?
I don't know, but he's sure
bothered about something!
Boys, we're going to split into
3 parties and close in on them.
Foster, take your boys
down by the creek.
You boys come with me.
The moon's too bright.
I don't like that either.
If they couldn't set us by sunlight,
they ain't gonna get us by moonlight!
I wish I was in Jackson Hole right now!
For God's sake!
Can't you get that frown off your face?
Think of something cheerful!
Your girl or a cold bottle of beer!
Play on that harmonica I loaned you!
Get them up, boys!
Get their guns, Honey!
- Boys, where's your calling card?
- We left them in the deck!
Thanks for the ditty, Pedro!
It was real entertaining!
I knew something like this
was going to happen.
Where's Trampas and the rest?
You got us all wrong. Only us 3 on a
little hunting trip.
Well, then you must have been drinking
your coffee with a cup in each hand!
Tie them up, boys.
I'm going to take a look around.
Found another one, boys!
Howdy, boys!
Never expected to find you here!
Found the cattle down in the ravine.
Whoever was night-herding them ducked.
Tie him up?
Real nice of you boys
to build this fire for us!
Smelled it right across Wyoming!
- I told you!
- Told who?
You also was a rotten liar, Steve!
You got 4 of us.
Ain't that enough for one gathering?
Not by a long sight!
What do we do with them?
Hang them now?
No, we'll take them down to the
cabin by the oak.
- Maybe we'll catch the rest of them.
- Come on, boys.
I'm plumb out of tobacco. Any of you
fellows got the makings?
Well, she's breaking.
Be daylight before you know it.
Boys ought to be showing up
anytime now.
Wouldn't look for them until morning.
When are you going to do this thing?
Sunup, I reckon.
Keep quiet!
We fooled you fellows good a couple
of times! Thought you'd lost our trail.
You can't beat that doubling back
in the water!
I learned that trick off an Indian.
Funny how you pick up a thing, ain't it?
You never know when
it's going to come in handy!
Dollar and a half you owe me, Pedro!
Alright. I'll pay you tomorrow!
I'll be glad when this is all over with.
It ain't over for me!
I'm heading for the Tetons.
- Hunting?
- Yeah, hunting.
There's only one hombre responsible
for this and that's Trampas.
And I'm hunting Trampas until I find him!
Here's some of the boys now!
We ain't caught hide nor hair of any
of them, boss!
I told you there wasn't any more of us!
Come on, let's get this thing over with!
It's a pity to waste that loyalty
on a skunk like Trampas!
Come on, boys!
Let's get going!
Come on! Let's go!
Little low, Joe.
Take it up a bit.
Please, I don't want to die!
Aw, shut up Jim!
Take your medicine with grace!
Ask him for a drink.
Maybe that will help you.
You can have this.
Don't worry, I didn't steal it.
Don't forget to wind it, keep the stem
side up and it'll always run.
It's good for $4 in any regular saloon.
Thank you, Steve.
You can have my saddle, Honey.
Thanks, Steve.
Honey! That's a heck of a name!
Got a pencil?
I guess we can get the horses now, boys.
You got my gun, ain't you Honey?
I want you to keep it with this.
And give it to...him.
After it's all over.
I wish it was Trampas
instead of you, Steve.
I don't want to die!
Alright, bring them on, boys.
You boys got anything to say?
You don't want to say anything?
Steve wanted to you to have this.
There's a note inside the holster.
Sure is a lot of quail this season.
Be quiet, you son-of-a-gun!
You'll get me shot someday!
How is he?
He's still unconscious, but the doctor
says he's out of danger.
He belongs in a hospital! School-marm's
house ain't no place for him!
- What'd they bring him here for anyway?
- His horse brung him here!
- Funny, ain't it?
- No, it ain't funny!
He's been hanging around here so much,
the horse thought he was home!
Here you are at last!
Where'd you have to get that medicine?
A saloon?
No, had to wait while Doc mixed it up.
About time you showed up, Honey!
If we had to depend on you, he'd
be dead already!
Don't scold him, Mrs. Taylor.
It's a long way to town.
You boys have been just wonderful!
If it hadn't been for you Miss Molly,
I reckon we'd have lost him.
You wait outside with the other boys!
I'll be wanting to use you later!
You quit your worrying, dearie.
He's coming along fine!
Why don't you close your school this
afternoon so you can get some rest?
You've been here every minute
that you ain't teaching!
And you ain't had the right kind of
sleep since he's been sick.
- I'm alright! I'm not a bit tired!
- I know better!
No one can do 2 jobs at once
without getting tired out!
Except me!
Recess is over now.
I have to be going back.
- Thank you, boys.
- Alright, Miss Molly.
- Honey, have you seen Steve around?
- Steve?
Oh, Steve ain't with the Box H no more!
I thought it was funny he hadn't
been around!
If you see him,
tell him his gun is here.
He must have borrowed it from Steve
before he got shot.
I'll sure tell him if I run across him!
Gosh, Honey!
I meant to warn you about that!
I wish I had a woman that thought
as much of me as she does of him!
Come on!
Let's see if some of that liquor's left!
- What are you children doing?
- We're playing rustler!
That guy's a cattle thief,
and we're lynching him!
You can't play like this!
You might hurt each other!
- He said he would!
- He said he'd be Steve!
Sure! Steve wasn't afraid when they
strung him up!
He didn't whimper at all!
Steve strung up?
What are you talking about?
Judge Henry's foreman had to string him
up because he was stealing cattle!
- You mean hanged him?
- Sure!
Is it true?
Is what true?
That Steve...has been hanged?
- Who told you that?
- The children.
How do them kids know?
Then it is true!
You might as well know. Don't know why
you weren't told in the first place.
Steve was strung up with the rest
of them cattle thieves.
Did he do it?
Somebody had to do it! He was in
charge and it had to be done!
That's our kind of law!
Don't you realize that's murder!
No use talking about it. Crimes are
ranked different in different countries.
Out here, stealing's the meanest,
lowest thing a man can do!
That doesn't justify killing!
And Steve was his friend...
It ain't a question of friends or enemies,
it's a question of right and wrong!
If we didn't hold a rope and a gun over
them outlaws, you couldn't teach at all!
Our lives wouldn't be worth nothing!
Do you think I'll teach
my children that?
Teach a new generation
to approve of murder?
Where you come from they have policemen
and courts and jails to enforce the law.
Here, we got nothing. So when we have to
we do things our own way!
Do you think it was easy for him
to have to hang a friend?
It was harder for him to do it
than for us to bear it!
And there he is! Because of lawlessness,
someone took a shot at him!
And you can't tell me it was Indians!
I suppose this country's destroyed
every human feeling in you...
...and in him.
I suppose in time, I'd feel that way too.
But I won't!
Then why don't you go back
where you come from?
I will, as soon as he's well!
I won't stay here any longer!
Alright, go on back home!
You don't belong here!
We don't want your kind! Go back East
where the living is soft and easy!
Sit on silk cushions and get hired girls
to wait on you and drink your pink tea!
When I married Taylor I drove an ox team
1000 miles to this very spot!
I fought Indians with my father's rifle
and him lying dead across my knee!
I killed a Sioux squaw with her own axe!
And you were talking...
This is a new country we're building,
and there ain't no room for weaklings!
Men or women!
Go on back East!
And I will say, "Good Riddance!"
Now you listen to me!
My people built a country in
New England too.
And they fought and died just as bravely
as you Westerners!
Do you think you're the only people
who ever fought Indians?
Did you ever hear of the
Cherry Valley Massacre?
My Grandfather Stark was killed
at Cherry Valley!
And my Grandmother walked 90 miles on
foot to get help to save the survivors!
Don't tell me I can't do anything
when it's got to be done!
I can stand anything you can and more!
I'm not going away!
I'm going to stay here
and look after him!
And now you get out of here!
Get out!
Get out!
You get out of here!
I warned you, Steve.
I warned you!
How could you do this to me?
It's alright, darling.
It's alright.
I'm trying to understand.
Let's never talk about it.
Never let it come between us.
Forget it ever happened.
I can't help it, ma'am.
I think Romeo was a mangy hombre!
Shut up that rotten noise!
Set up another round, Joe!
You know what I want!
Town's full of mangy cowboys!
What's up?
A wedding. Judge Henry's foreman's
getting married to the school-marm.
Him, huh?
I think he would marry her;
she saved his life!
I remember something about him being
shot a while ago.
Indians, wasn't it?
No, somebody plugged him in the back!
Hello, sweetheart!
Come here!
Boys, the only woman in Wyoming
that's always on time!
You said 5 o'clock, and here I am!
Senorita and I are going to go get
some flapjacks.
After that, we'll be back at the bar
for some more punishment!
- Did you see who I saw?
- Yeah, the mangy cow thief!
Looks like bad news to me!
- When's it going to be?
- Tomorrow!
The bishop's making a special trip
just to marry them!
Ain't never seen a bishop!
What's a bishop look like?
Like an ordinary shoe-drummer. Except
he wears half his clothes backwards!
- Howdy, Miss Wood!
- How do you do?
Won't be Miss Wood this time tomorrow!
You look pretty as a picture!
Much prettier than that girl on the
"Pride of Iowa" can of corn!
Where's Ma & Dad Taylor?
They will be along soon.
I'll get everything ready.
- Howdy, Miss Molly!
- Hello boys!
- Welcome to the bride!
- We've been waiting all morning!
I didn't expect you so soon!
They got something planned!
I can see it in their faces.
- Howdy, boys!
- Howdy, boss!
He's plumb right, Miss Molly!
Could we borrow him for a spell?
- Can I trust you?
- We'll be good...pretty good!
Not too good!
- Which is the honest man?
- Not one of them!
I'll trust all of you. I'm going upstairs
now and you can drink all you please!
Sure thing!
See you later!
We'll be waiting!
- You don't mind me going with them?
- Of course not!
The boys have their right to you just
as much as I have.
It won't be long.
Anyhow, the Taylors will be along soon.
We will have plenty of time alone
where we're going.
Traveling West.
Find just the place we want
to make our home.
I hope you'll never be sorry!
Hope I'll always be able to
make you happy.
And keep you happy.
That's going to be my main aim in life.
Now run along.
The boys are waiting for you.
The boys brought you things
and they're all upstairs.
Hello, boys!
Set up about 4 of them
and let's get to it!
Much obliged to you boys!
I didn't know Trampas was in town.
He's heading for more trouble.
Talking plenty and drinking more!
Well boys, my last drink with you...
Well, fire and fall back boys!
Someday maybe I'll step off too!
Here's luck!
I'm glad you know there's a friend
of yours in town.
Did he mention he was a friend of mine?
He said plenty about you!
What I hear goes in one ear
and out the other.
Hot weather, ain't it?
That friend of yours said he'd drop in
again, in case you're interested.
Well, it ain't!
Let's have another drink!
Hey, did you get what you were hunting
in the Tetons last Fall?
Yeah, sheep was thick
in the Tetons all year.
Trampas claims different.
We'll take this thing off your hands.
Save you the trouble!
Just say the word!
Thanks, boys.
This is a matter between us two.
I'm hoping he don't drift around.
But a fellow don't get married
every day!
You've got to think of her!
Who else am I thinking of?
I'm acting mayor of this town
and I'll put him in jail!
Until you get married anyway.
Joe's Place is getting pretty crummy
all of a sudden!
Set up a round!
Cow hands drinking their mangy wages.
Somebody left the door open,
and the wind blew in!
Aw, come here Trampas!
Let's drink to the bride and groom!
Get good and liquored for the wedding!
I heard the only way a man can get shot
in the back is by running away!
Say you, I'm a friend of Trampas.
You know what Trampas claims about your
affair down in the Tetons...
...that you run from a rustler
with your tail between your legs!
Feller, if you wasn't drinking you might
wake up and find yourself seriously dead!
Come on, Joe. Drink hardy, boys!
Turn your tail, you ornery hound!
And shove your nose into the ground!
For I'm an hombre Texas bound,
early in the morning!
Hey you! You've been spreading talk
about my cattle deals!
I'm having a showdown with you
here and now!
- I don't want ruckus here!
- Shut up and keep out of this!
It's you I'm talking to!
Trampas, I'm trying not to have
any trouble with you just now!
You've been dodging it for 5 years!
You tried to stay out of my way!
I've got you corralled now,
and I'm calling your hand!
You lying, white-livered skunk! This
country ain't big enough for both of us!
I'm giving you until sundown
to get out of town!
Too bad you had to say that, Trampas!
Get out! Get out by sundown
or I'll shoot you on sight!
...if you'll oblige me in this.
Sure, we understand. It's something
nobody else can do for you.
- I knew you'd see it that way.
- We'll see that nobody interferes.
Never thought Trampas had the guts!
I don't want her to know
until it's all over.
We ain't saying nothing.
She wouldn't understand.
She was raised different.
- So long, Joe.
- Goodbye, Honey.
Won't be long to wait.
Sun will be down in half an hour.
Well, he forced it on you so hurry
and get it over with.
Yeah, we want to get some fun
out of this wedding too!
- You ain't worried, are you?
- Of course not!
It's been so frightful waiting for you!
Who had to tell you about it?
The woman downstairs. I wanted to
run out and find you.
But I didn't.
I waited quietly in my room.
- I'm sorry you had to be worried.
- It doesn't matter.
Nothing matters now that you're back
again and it's all over.
Let's don't think about it.
What will we do now?
What now?
Nothing now.
I know it's a heap worse for you...
I wish you didn't have to wait alone...
...but it won't be for long.
What do you mean?
I did my best...
I let him say things to me no man
ever said before.
If I hadn't been thinking hard of you...
I reckon I'd have killed him then!
I gave him a chance to quit.
But he had gone too far
before the others.
It'll have to go on now.
What are you going to do?
I'm not going to let him shoot me.
We can go away! It's not too late!
You can go away and leave him here!
I've got to stay!
There's something else!
There must be!
Think what it means,
killing in cold blood!
Do you think I want to do this?
I've tried to forgive the other killings.
Those cattle thieves and Steve...
I forced myself to think of it
as you did.
A public duty, law and order!
But this...this isn't the same!
Just to satisfy a personal grudge!
If folks came to think of me
as a coward...
I could never look them
in the eye again.
Or you either.
But that's just pride!
I don't know what you call it...
...but it's something in the feelings
of a man.
Down deep inside.
Something a man can't go back on.
If somebody said I was a thief,
I couldn't let them go on saying it!
It wouldn't matter what other people
...but I'd have to know inside of me...
...that I thought enough of my own
honesty to fight for it!
Then it will be like this always!
When will it ever end?
There will always be killing to do until
this country ain't a meeting place...
...for men like Trampas.
Then think of us!
You and me...our life together!
That's what I am thinking of!
Your life has always been your own...
...but now it isn't!
You've given it to me!
Don't take it away!
When I think of tomorrow...
...of you and me...
...and of...
If you do this...
...there will be no tomorrow
for you and me.
Don't go!
Don't go!
For my sake, please!
It's you, your life!
I can't let you!
Give me room!
Here he comes now!
Let's go!
Hello, boss.
Hello, boys.
Well, guess I'll go to the Post Office.
You ain't finished your last drink yet,
He's got him!
He's dead as a cold mackerel!
- The key, Nebrasky.
- Here it is.
It's all over!
You can come out now, gents!
Thank heavens, it wasn't you!
I love you so!