The Virginian (2014) Movie Script

You Owen walton?
Where's judge Henry?
Judge sends
his apologies.
Tied up
with ranch business.
Well, it's a pleasure
to meet you then, mister...?
Judge's puttin' you up
in one of his bunkhouses.
Well, at least
I'll finally
Get to sleep
in an actual bed.
I don't know
about no bed,
Got a pretty fair
cot in it.
No bed.
Better than my place.
Judge tells me
you're a writer?
I'm writing a novel
about cattle-ranching.
I figure that
the best experience to be had
Is to become a ranch hand.
Good luck with that.
I bought them cattle
fair and square!
Get up!
Get up there!
Would somebody
help me?
Shut up. Shut up.
Get up there.
He deserves
a fair trial!
Every American
deserves a fair trial, sir!
Even rustlers?
Yes, even rustlers!
Get that off 'im.
He was caught red-handed.
What's your game here, South?
New yorker's concerned about him
gettin' a fair trial.
Says it's
every American's right.
Well, you know
I decide what's fair,
And I say Driscoll
gets the necktie.
I'll wager your judge
Would agree with me
just fine.
Now, I'm stringin' him up.
No, you ain't.
You want to go to war
over this?
Do you?
We both know damn well
you ain't gonna shoot a lawman.
Good thing there ain't a real
lawmen here, then, ain't it?
Now, get that
off of 'im.
You heard him!
Get this goldarn rope
off my neck!
Judge is gonna
hear about this.
Damn straight
he will.
Now give Driscoll
your iron.
Do it.
I'm gonna let you draw first.
You heard me.
If you're quick enough,
You ride outta here
a free man.
I draw first, you say?
I'm gonna go to the saloon
and get a drink.
You can come with me,
Or you can just
stand there and shake.
Don't make me no difference.
I still don't see
why he had to die.
The two worst things
you can do in Wyoming
Is shoot a man
in the back
And steal his livestock.
Not necessarily
in that order.
But still, how can you
be sure that he was guilty?
An innocent man
wouldn't have drawn.
Didn't know the judge
gave you a day off.
How the hell are ya,
you old rebel?
What's wrong?
Got caught rustlin'.
Oh, that's tough.
They hung him?
Something like that.
You must be
that writer from New York.
My friends call me Steve.
What do your
enemies call you?
Steve ain't got
no enemies,
Because he's always
buying the first round.
Ain't that right,
Just stay away
from the Brandy.
That poison's expensive.
Another whiskey.
How come
you don't play?
I've got
nothing but bum's luck.
Not like him.
What's his real name?
If that damn virginian
wants you to know his name,
He'll tell ya.
He's from Virginia?
Born there.
But him and his pa
came to Wyoming
Before he could even crawl.
His mama died in childbirth.
Him and I known each other
a long time.
Rode together,
fought together.
He don't like it
when I call him virginian.
He's got a sore spot
about the war.
Ain't that right,
Shut up, Steve.
Gets him every time.
We're a long way
from Virginia.
Ah, he only went
Because he felt he had to
do right by his kin back home.
Ended up losing damn near
his whole family in the war.
When it was all over,
he found his way back here.
Here's trouble.
Who's that?
What're you doing here,
I was hopin' I could join you
in a game of chance.
Way I see it,
Poker's more a game of skill.
Didn't take six months to get
your ass run out of Arizona.
Only running I done
Was on account of them fearing
for what I'd do
To their womenfolk.
You sure you got
that kind of money?
I just found me a job.
I'm gonna be bathing
in silver notes from now on.
I'll take one.
You taking a bath
of any kind
Would be welcome news.
I'm gonna raise you.
Tough luck.
You bastard!
Smile when you say that.
I didn't mean nothing by it.
Yeah, I'm gonna start
my new job tomorrow, so...
I think
I'm gonna call it a day.
Let's go, boys.
Don't suppose
I could talk you into
Looking that over?
What's it for?
Well, I think
it's about time
Medicine bow had
a school teacher.
There's gettin'
to be a fair number
Of young'uns
around here.
Being learnt
to read and write
Is of some import.
Never had
a teacher myself.
So, you would like me
to read this
To see if it makes you
sound educated to this...
Young lady,
miss Molly west?
Any ulterior motives?
Just doin' my part
To help out
the little 'uns.
'Sides, she calls
herself a spinster.
Age is not
the only reason why
A woman might be
considered a spinster.
True enough.
Could be because
she's ugly.
What's he doing?
Now, you know we talked
about this last time, Avery.
She was comin' at me
like a wildcat.
I was just
protectin' myself!
Doc says
She may not regain sight
in her left eye.
That's your wife
we're talking about.
Tie him up, trampas.
Please, judge!
I didn't mean to hurt her!
For gosh sakes!
Shut up!
My rawhide, Danny.
I know you heard me, son.
Please, judge!
I swear to God,
I won't do it again!
It's just to remind you
how we treat our women
In this town.
Oh! Please!
Let him down.
Next time you think about
beating up on a woman,
You just remember how that felt.
Yes, sir.
- You hear me?
- Yes, sir.
It's a pleasure
to see you again, judge Henry.
Sorry you had to witness that.
But, uh...
Sometimes, that's the only way
to get through.
Glad you made it
out of the city
And found your way back into
God's country, huh?
That I did.
Long time no see, cowboy.
What's he doin' here?
He's gonna solve
the rustling problem.
That's my job.
Yep. It was.
You're gonna rehire him
after what he did?
Everybody makes mistakes.
He's made his amends.
Right, trampas?
He knew Porter
was riding that night.
Since when do rustlers
ride alone, anyway?
You calling me
a murderer?
Saying it's hard
to keep your eyes on your work
When you're having to watch
behind you all the time.
I ain't working with him!
I'm sure I don't
have to remind you,
Your allegiance
is to sunk creek.
We clear here?
Yes, sir.
I'm planning on bringing
you in as my heir.
I want you
to concentrate some more
On the business
side of things.
Your heir?
Now, if you're willing
to earn it,
I can give you a roof
over your head,
Food, a fair wage.
It's barely 7:00.
I can teach you
about honor and justice...
And how to live
by a code.
I don't know what to say.
Well, just say,
"I'm looking forward
as much as you are, judge."
Good to have you back, son.
Have yourself a good time.
You still stealin' biscuits
from the cookshack?
Only when the cook
ain't lookin'.
Steal some extra ones tonight,
'cause I'm riding with you.
Yes, sir, South.
You're gonna go up
to high lonesome.
Have any rustlers
been spotted along here?
Nah. Mostly over
on the valley side,
Over by sunk creek.
How come
I can't ride over there?
You still need to
keep your eyes open
And be mindful.
There been well over
3,000 head stolen
In natrona county
in the last year or so,
At 20 bucks a head.
Dang! That's more money
than I ever dreamed of.
Don't worry.
If they try me,
I'll give 'em hell.
You listen to me, Danny.
Rustlers are ruthless
as a general rule.
They'll cut you down
without a thought.
All in the name of thievin'
what don't belong to them,
our way of life.
I'll be ready,
I promise.
When I said
to be ready to go at sun-up,
I didn't mean
halfway through the mornin'.
It's barely 7:00.
Yeah, and the sun
came up at 5:45.
It's past time for us
to be gettin' a move on.
Well, good morning to you, too.
Try to keep up.
You don't like me
much, do you?
I don't know you yet.
If I tell you
You promise to keep
your mouth shut?
I'm game.
I think it's about time
for me to move on.
What, because of
that trampas gentleman?
Trampas is about
as far from a gentleman
As a man can be.
I don't know what
the judge was thinking
When he brought
that scum on.
Ed had his daddy's
old gun pointed at Clyde,
He made him strip,
Right in front of
all the girls.
He ran squawking
like a rooster.
all the girls do?
They ran, too.
Just in the opposite
God, I raised you
with some sense, boy.
Why don't you
hang back a bit?
Son, no matter what,
You promise me
You're not gonna go down
in that valley, you hear?
Matter of fact,
you get yourself home.
Why? What's going on?
You listen to your pa!
But I can help!
Get home! Hyah!
No! Pa!
What the hell happened?
Rustlers. Shot Danny.
Where was he at?
High lonesome.
High lonesome?
I thought
he was working sunk creek?
Already had a couple men
over at sunk creek.
I figured he'd be safe...
You figured?
You figured?
I thought I was doing right.
I promised his mom
I'd take care of him.
Gather up his things.
I gotta...
I gotta go tell her.
I never should've sent him
out there alone.
He knew this was a risky way
to make a living.
I just never caused
an innocent man to die before.
You want to quit?
No, sir.
I intend to serve justice
on those who done this to Danny.
But you're gonna have to
work with trampas.
He works for me.
Fair enough.
Oh, one more thing.
I'd like to move in
to Porter's old bunkhouse.
Give me a little more room
to think.
Well, you don't know when
to stop pushin', do you?
No, sir, I don't reckon I do.
Why'd trampas
have it out for you?
What the hell is that?
Alright, Owen.
You wanna
learn to cowboy,
You need to learn
to use this.
Now just pull
the hammer back,
Line the sights up
on the bottle...
And pull
the trigger easy.
Where'd you learn
to shoot like that?
It is legal to own a gun
east of the Mississippi.
The hell, you say.
You did not
like the ending?
Ah, it ain't a book.
It's some kind
of ledger.
Why's it finding you
so frustrated?
Well, you tell me.
It's just
a bunch of nonsense.
It's a cipher.
A what?
A word puzzle
Where you substitute
one letter for another
And then you try
to decipher it.
the last foreman,
Had it squirreled away
in his foot locker,
Like he didn't want
nobody to find it.
Do you mind if
I have a look at it?
I've always
enjoyed puzzles.
Maybe I can
come up with something.
Ah, let me take
another crack at it.
So would you say
You're the fastest with a gun
around here?
Guess that depends on
how you define fast.
Well, any fool can
draw a gun quick and shoot it.
Might even hit somethin'.
Likely won't be what he was
intending on hitting, though.
No, sir, I don't think
it's so much a matter of speed
As it is a matter of will.
It seems to me
there are plenty of men
In this part
of the world
That seem to possess
that will.
Well, no question
about that, but...
When it comes right down
to the nut crackin',
And it's either
you or him,
You got to be able
to look a man in his eyes
And have the will
to end his life...
And you got to know
that you're gonna do it
Without hesitating.
And you do not hesitate?
I guess I ain't yet.
Does it ever bother you?
The men
that you've killed?
Rustling is like
stealing our way of life.
around these parts
Revolves around cattle
Since the silver
ran out.
Rustlers, they're...
A poison.
A poison
to our way of life.
You didn't answer
my question.
Yeah, I did.
It's all about
"the code" out here.
It's all we have.
You sign on,
you ride for the brand.
What does that mean?
Well, it means that
a man's word is his bond
And you can choose to...
Live by that rule,
Or you can die.
Well, we're picking up
that schoolteacher tomorrow.
That we are.
Have you got a woman?
Ah, most women out here
Are either whores
or housewives.
That makes 'em
either too crazy
Or not crazy enough.
Unique perspective.
Miss west? Molly west?
Friends call me "South."
You're the gentleman
that wrote me that sweet letter.
Well, I'm just trying
to do my part.
It was very compelling.
It convinced me
Of the dire need
to accept the position.
This is Owen.
Nice to meet you.
Them your bags?
They are.
If you would be so kind
as to take my trunk,
I can get the rest of the bags.
Ma'am, a gentleman doesn't let a
lady carry her own bags.
I can manage. Shall we?
Just going down here.
Come on.
Here it is.
After you, ma'am.
I, um, know
it's not fancy,
But we tried to
clean it up for you.
It's perfectly fine.
Thank you.
I'm sure you've stayed
In some swanky places
back east.
One or two.
But you know what
I learned?
That you shouldn't
have left?
I learned that my head
only needs one pillow.
Well, uh, you should've
seen it before, though.
A raccoon
got in here, and...
If you need anything,
You just holler.
Good afternoon, then.
Good afternoon.
Evening, judge.
Have a seat.
Got the herd moved,
like you wanted.
Hmm? What'd you say?
Said we got
the herd moved
To the West Side of the creek,
without any trouble.
Fine. Fine.
Good work, South.
What you got there?
Found that
in Porter's bunkhouse.
I can't make heads or tails
out of this nonsense.
Mr. walton figures
it's some kind of cipher,
Like a puzzle.
Did you figure it out yet?
No, but I got a fool notion
It's got somethin' to do
with the rustling.
Well, you don't think Porter had
anything to do with this?
That man
was salt of the earth.
Besides, the rustlin'
didn't stop after he was killed.
Tell you one thing,
we don't resolve this soon,
I'm gonna have to start
Throwing off some of
the dead weight around here.
Well, I hope
trampas is included.
You know...
You can say what you want to
about trampas,
But he always manages
to get his job done.
That's more than I can say
for your drunken friend.
I went through four years
of hell with Steve
And I know
what kind of man he is.
You can count on him
just like you can count on me.
Well, even you left me
one time.
You know
I just did that
'Cause of my kin
back in Virginia.
I lost a lot more
in that damn war than you did.
Point I'm trying
to make is,
I'm running
a business here, South.
I'm not running a flophouse
for drunken cowboys.
I want you to pay
special attention
To them weasels
like balin.
Them small ranchers,
Think they're entitled
to what they don't own.
I'll go pay him a visit.
Thank you.
Now, if
you don't mind,
I got a bit
of work to do here.
Think I could have
the book back?
I spent
a good deal of time
Trying to figure it out,
I don't wanna quit now.
Help yourself.
Is that helping?
Always does.
I think I see
a pattern here.
Look at this.
Most of this rustling
is happening
Between balin's place...
And horse-thief pass.
That's a rather aptly-named
geographical feature.
How come no one's
caught him yet?
Well, that area
Represents about 50 Miles.
Don't have enough men
to cover that all the time.
There's balin right there.
You ain't gonna kill me
like you done in Driscoll!
If I wanted to kill you,
you'd be dead already.
That's some big talk for a man
with a rifle trained on him.
Put the rifle down.
Drop your holster first!
I don't unholster
for nobody.
It ain't barely sun-up.
What's so damned important?
You still sore
About that scrap we got in
last winter?
No reason I should be.
I won it.
Best I recollect,
You were the one
on your hands and knees,
Picking your teeth
out of the mud.
You old mud-sill.
Them bruises
I left on your face
Made you uglier
than a shaved grizzly.
Prettier than your wife.
At least
I got me a wife.
I'm sure
there're plenty of sheep
Tired of calling you
Enough with
the pleasantries.
Balin, what do you know
'Bout judge Henry's
missing cattle?
Not a damn thing.
I never even stole
a piece of hard candy
When I was a young'un.
Well, if it's all the same
to you,
I'm gonna want to take
a look at your herd today.
You ain't gonna
find no strays.
For your sake,
I hope you're right.
I did win
that damn fight.
I don't doubt it.
You see that notch
up there?
That's horse-thief pass.
That looks imposing.
They bank on folks
feeling that way.
That's not right.
What's that?
The tracks are on
only one side of the fence.
So what's
the problem?
Well, the problem is...
This job was done by someone
from sunk creek, not balin.
That's right.
Hey, Molly.
Nice to see you.
Can I help you
with that?
No, thank you.
It's not heavy.
Just some supplies
for the children.
Chalk, pencils and the like.
I would've
thought you'd have
Plenty of
supplies on hand.
Oh, it's just that
We've had so many more children
than we ever imagined.
So the school's
being well-received.
Are you enjoying
the school... teaching?
Yes. Well, I'm not sure
how much good I'm doing,
Teaching with of the books
they've given me.
They might as well have been
written in the time of Moses.
Well, it was lovely
seeing you again, Ms. west.
I don't know
how you do it.
Do what?
Manage to put
your entire foot
In your mouth.
That's big talk
For a feller that speaks
like an old English lady.
Speaking like an adult
and speaking like a woman
Is not the same thing.
Maybe once
you realize that,
You'll be able to exchange
more than a couple words
With miss west.
Yeah, I got
two words for you.
You see that?
Somethin' about this
don't look right.
Let's see what
these yanks are up to.
Who you buryin'?
It's like shooting bottles.
They just leak more.
It was either
them or me.
I had no choice.
You didn't hesitate.
That's for sure.
Come on, Jesse James.
Drink this.
That's not
going to help.
No, it won't.
You probably
think I'm soft.
I know you're soft,
But that's
besides the point.
I think about
people that I know
That have died.
Even bad men have
people who care about them.
You don't ever forget
taking another man's life.
It bothers me
all the time.
I hear their voices.
See their faces.
Ain't a damn thing
good about it,
But it's necessary.
They put themselves in a place
where they forced me to do it,
Just like those men did you.
If it happened again,
you'd do it again,
Or you'd be dead.
And you're not.
And neither am I,
thanks to you.
So let's live.
You're awfully
quiet tonight.
She's a classy
woman, Owen.
What would
somebody like that
Want with
somebody like me?
Believe it
or not, South,
You're not actually
quite that bad.
What would we
even talk about?
It doesn't matter.
I've seen you
turn your back
On a man
with a loaded gun.
You're gonna tell me
you're afraid of a...
'Course not!
Then prove it.
We're still alive.
You know, music will
Keep you warm at night
when you're alone on the range.
It's like magic.
If you got one of these,
you... you always got music.
I wonder
Who's gonna dip their wick
in that teacher next?
I hear she's done
Half the men
in medicine bow already.
You take that back.
You stand up
and tell these boys
That you ain't
nothing but a liar.
Aw, take it easy, cowboy.
We all know
you're sweet on her.
You know, some fellas
tried to kill me yesterday.
A bunch of old blue-bellies,
just like you.
I ain't been in that damn army
for years now,
So don't look at me.
Well, the way I look at it,
You're the only sumbitch
around here that has a grudge.
And you move your hand
one inch closer to that pistol,
You gonna be in a pine box
come morning.
Now stand up...
And swear
that you're a liar.
She ain't your woman.
You might
want her to be...
But she ain't.
I can say whatever I please.
No, you can't...
Because she's a lady!
Now say
what I told you to say!
I was talking out of my ass.
Aw, just get the hell
out of here!
Ain't done drinkin' yet.
I say
you are finished drinkin'.
How bad
you want it to be?
Bad enough
to die for it?
I figure that's about
as good a reason as any.
We both know
You draw about as fast
as a lame mule walks anyway.
And you're drunk.
Well, just try me.
It's cheap whiskey anyway!
Let's go, boys.
Steve. Get up.
Why'd you do that,
I told you
not to call me that no more.
Havin' a bit of a rough start
this morning, is all.
Did you put 30 head
in the feed lot
Like I told you to?
Did you fasten the gate?
Who pissed in your coffee
this morning?
Yeah, I tied it up good.
Get your ass in the saddle.
Drunk old bastard.
Over 30 head lost.
Yes, sir.
Get rid of him.
He made a mistake,
but he's a good man.
I don't care
if he's Jesus Christ!
I can't afford
to have him around.
Do you have any idea what
I pay for around here?
The preacher...
The church, the school,
That school marm's
I can't afford to take
any more losses!
You hear
what I'm saying?
I can't afford it!
I'll go help him
pack his personals.
Then, come morning,
I'll take Owen
and go find those cows.
I want you to take
trampas instead.
I don't want his help.
I didn't ask you
what you wanted!
Yes, sir.
If I were boss,
I would've hung your friend
for what he done.
Shut up, trampas.
Keep a sharp eye.
Shoot, you ain't no better
than me, cowboy.
Yeah, in the lord's
eyes, maybe.
You know, there can't
be heroes like you
Without sons of bitches
like me, right?
I ain't no hero,
Just doin' my job,
livin' by the code.
You and your
God-forsaken code.
It's only a code
When big-shots
like the judge say so.
Fools like you
believe that crap...
What the hell they doin'
off reservation?
You leave 'em be.
They don't have
any stock.
I'll teach 'em
to use our water.
Just like
the good old days.
Get back here, trampas!
You damn fool.
You had no business
firing on them.
Shoshone ain't
the fighting sort!
They had no claim
to this here water.
Trampas, you're an idiot.
You're walkin' back.
That's 10 Miles!
Yeah, well, that'll
give you plenty of time
To think about
what an evil bastard you are.
Behind you!
I'm gonna get you
back to medicine bow.
You hang in there,
you hear me?
It's not our fight, major.
We gotta fall back.
It was trampas.
What's he talking about?
I'm gonna kill him.
Calm down.
You're safe.
I gotta get up.
Let me go.
You're in no condition
to go anywhere.
This stuffy room
needs some fresh air.
You're a sight for sore eyes.
That's about the only
part of me that's not sore.
He needs a bath.
Owen, you don't
have to leave.
It's not like
I'm gonna get naked.
You alright?
I'm the nurse here.
Why don't you let me do my job?
So was there great fanfare
when they hung trampas?
Hung him?
Judge Henry made him foreman.
After what he did?
Trampas told us
about the ambush
And how he barely
escaped with his life.
Whitey and I,
we weren't more than a mile away
When we heard all the gunfire.
I rode as hard as I could,
And, luckily,
I found you still alive.
Trampas had run for it by then.
It took a few days
to find the other Indian,
But when he was caught,
justice was swift.
That other Indian was long gone
when I was shot.
Are you...
Sure, because you've been
through quite the trauma...
I got to go talk
to judge Henry.
You're too weak.
I've got a score to settle.
don't kill him.
I got business with
that son of a bitch.
He shot me in the back
and left me for dead.
Ah, it was the Indians
that done that.
Hell, I barely got outta there
with my own life.
I know it was you
Sent them yankee soldiers
to bushwhack me, too.
The hell're you talking about?
let's end this right now.
That's what I came over here
to do, trampas.
There ain't gonna be
no gunplay.
Stand down.
Stand down!
What the hell
is he talking about?
Two innocent injuns dead
'cause of him.
Ain't no such thing
as an innocent injun.
Trampas, I'm gonna ask you
one more time.
What's he talkin' about?
Sir, you know how a man's brain
gets after he's been shot.
Ahh, I remember it
clear as a bell, judge!
South, I've always known you
to be a man of your word.
What do you want me to do here?
Turn him over to the law.
I would
gladly do that,
But, at this point,
I don't think
we got enough proof.
One thing
I do know, though.
Ain't no way you two
Are ever gonna be able
to work together again.
Trampas, I'm gonna
have to let you go.
You're gonna believe this
washed-up old has-been over me?
He's just trying
to get his damn job back!
Sorry, trampas.
I'm letting you go.
Out of fairness,
We'll set up
some sort of severance.
Can you give us a minute here?
Did you see trampas?
Tell me
you didn't.
I didn't kill him.
I got the judge
to fire him.
I knew you'd do
the right thing.
What's wrong?
When you catch a fox
in your henhouse,
You don't just run him off
and forget about it.
It'll come back
for more of your chickens.
What do you mean?
I mean trampas.
You holding books?
You holding a gun?
Well, after what happened,
It seemed to be
a prudent course of action.
Nobody needs to kill you,
Owen, they were after me.
But if I'm going to be spending
more time with you,
Then i... hang on.
Why do you have books?
I got to go.
Since when
do you read?
These are schoolbooks.
You got new textbooks
for miss west, didn't you?
I'd surprise her.
You need to
have those wrapped.
Miss west?
I think we're well past that,
don't you?
Where did you find these?
Well, it took some diggin'
and about a month's pay,
But I hear tell
Those're about the best damn
schoolbooks you can find.
Thank you.
You know,
you didn't have to do that.
I know that.
So, seems like
you're recovering nicely.
Are you
taking it easy?
Nah, there's no time
for relaxing.
We're still trying
To chase down
those rustlers.
I'm told it's a sin
Worse than murder
in Wyoming.
Depends on who's getting killed,
I suppose.
Have you ever had to
deal with a rustler?
Personally, I mean.
And what?
Did I string him up?
It's my job.
So I suppose
I should properly thank you
For volunteering me
a place to stay.
I hear the tuckers' house
has holes in the roof.
I guess judge Henry
told you that.
He didn't have to.
Do you make it
a habit
Of rescuing
damsels in distress?
Not many damsels
around these parts,
And the ones
that are here
Pretty much take
care of themselves.
Are you insinuating
That I can't
take care of myself?
I'm sure in Vermont
you do just fine.
a whole other deal.
Is that a fact?
It is indeed a fact.
So much so that I'd like
to take you out tomorrow,
And show you
how to use a rifle.
I don't need you to teach me
how to shoot a rifle.
Every man,
woman, and child
In this part of the country
needs to know their way
Around a rifle.
Not being willin' to learn
would just...
Well, it's just foolish.
Mr. Fuller,
You don't have the right
to presume anything about me,
Especially presuming me
to be a fool.
If you'll excuse me.
It's miss west.
Did you know we have
shellfish in Wyoming?
Is that so?
Yeah, rocky
Mountain oysters.
People say they taste
like bull balls.
And here I thought
Everything tasted
like chicken.
Grab me that
branding iron.
Forgot to ask.
How'd things go with Molly?
"S" equals "c."
That's it, damnit!
"S" equals "c".
I seen that brand
a million times.
Well, each letter's
Gonna be offset
the same amount.
"T" equals "d",
and so forth.
Number of head,
how much they paid,
It's all there.
It was trampas
the whole damn time.
20 head to Jackson,
40 head
from Simpson,
And Porter knew
all about this.
Maybe he was in on it.
I'll bet Porter
was gonna turn him in.
I knew it was murder.
We need to tell judge Henry.
No, I'm bringing
him in myself.
I should've killed him
a long time ago.
I'm going
over horse-thief.
There's a couple of
ranches over there.
I want to see if
they dealt with trampas.
- What's wrong?
- I'm supposed to ride...
High lonesome tonight,
and I don't have anybody else
To do it.
I can cover the fence.
Couldn't ask you to do that
after what happened to Danny.
I can handle it.
Don't you do anything
stupid out there.
Hell, I still have
a novel to finish.
I have no desire to die
Before I get paid
for the damn thing.
And turn over
so I can see you, mister!
What the hell are you doing?
Right this minute, I'm fixin'
on passin' out from the pain.
That was
a hell of a shot, though.
Of all the idiotic things...
Judge Henry
Told everybody
I ain't trustworthy.
I can't get a job for nothin'.
Man's got to
earn a livin'.
You could've left town!
You could've gone to Montana
And Colorado!
Takes money to be mobile,
my friend.
Okay. Okay...
If you tell me
Who the other one was,
I will give you
enough money
To go to Colorado.
That's a tempting offer,
But I'm obliged to decline.
I can say that
You were trying
to stop the rustlers,
If you just tell me
who the other person is.
What's so funny?
You just don't get it,
do you?
Get what?
I ain't telling
you anything.
Any name that comes off my lips,
That man'll be
hangin' from a tree,
Just as sure as if
I killed him myself.
Don't go soft on me.
South's coming back
over horse-thief.
I'm gonna
meet up with him.
Just bring him over
To the old
abandoned stables.
What's your business, stranger?
It's me, Owen!
What the hell
are you doin' up here?
I shot a rustler.
We've got him over
in the abandoned stables.
South! South!
Get off of me, boy!
Why... did you do this to me?
I done this to myself!
I had to get enough money
to get back home.
Had no choice.
You could've asked me!
Now you're gonna
tell me right now
Who was with you.
If I was gonna tell ya,
I'd have told you by now.
Was trampas
one of 'em?
Man comes up to me,
Fella I known
in town for a while...
Wasn't trampas...
Tells me I can make
a lot of money,
All I got to do
Is ride with him
and lead some cattle
Off the judge's land
to some other spot.
I don't know nothing else,
God's honest truth.
Well, who was
that man, Steve?
Another hard-luck
case like myself,
And I will not be party
to his lynching!
Stop whinin'.
Try to die with some dignity.
Well, that's what
I aim on doin', South.
It's all I got left.
I know trampas is in on this,
And if you know
trampas is in on this,
You tell me now,
So's there can be
peace between me and you.
You are probably right.
And if I knew,
I would tell you.
Lord knows he deserves
everything that's comin' to him.
And you deserve everything
That's comin'
to you too, Steve,
'Cause you just turned out
to be a damned scallywag!
Tell me something
I don't know.
No, I'm gonna
Tell you something
else you do know.
You know what I'm gonna do
to you come sun-up, don't ya?
I do.
Where you going?
I'm goin' to get some shut-eye.
I don't suppose
I could have the use
Of some paper
and a pencil?
I'm sure he would've
loaned you the money.
I drank
Nearly every penny
I ever earned,
And then some.
I couldn't ask.
Are you
afraid to die?
The whiskey's
been killin' me,
Little by little
For years now.
I'm at the frazzled end
of my misspent life, Owen.
Trying to hang on
to a shred of dignity.
I want to ask you
If you would
give this letter
To that damn
stubborn virginian
When I'm finished
But promise me
You will not
show it to him
I promise.
Alright, old soldier.
It's time.
Get up.
Is he...?
We're waiting on you.
Whoa. Can you stop
for a minute?
I'd rather keep moving.
No, I think
you should hold up.
What's so damn important?
Steve gave me a letter
last night.
He told me to give it
to you when it was over.
I have to read it.
Here goes.
"We had a good run, Jeff..."
Who's Jeff?
That's my name,
it's short for Jefferson.
"I hate like hell that I spent
the last hours on earth
Kicking up a hornet's nest
with you."
"I know you hated it when
I called you "the virginian",
"Especially seeing as we grew up
here together in Wyoming.
"Maybe I did that
because I couldn't believe
"That we came
from the same place.
"Had to be some reason why
I turned out to be a...
"Useless drunk,
"And you became
the best man I know.
Only the lord knows why
that is."
"I figured that
if I showed one little bit
"Of how I wanted
your forgiveness
"Or begged for your mercy,
"You'd have gone
against your grain
"To let a rustler go,
So, I decided I wouldn't
give you the chance..."
I said stop, damnit!
Why didn't he tell me
how bad off he was?
You should've
said somethin'!
He made me promise...
In no uncertain terms.
I could've saved him.
What about the code?
The part about a man's word
being his bond?
Damn the code, Owen.
And damn you!
Yeah! That's right!
You should've
said something!
Stop it!
Stop! Stop...
You know what
the code is for?
To keep law and order?
It's to protect
The judge Henrys
of the world,
That's what it's for.
We've lost
the trail anyway.
I hate Wyoming.
Steve wanted you
to have that.
To Steve.
I don't think I want
to talk to her yet.
You're gonna
have to talk to her
Sooner or later.
The look on her face,
it might be sooner.
Excuse me.
Welcome home, boys.
I'm sorry about Steve,
But, uh...
He knew the work
he was getting into.
He was riding
with trampas.
How do you know that?
Did he confess?
No, sir. He didn't give us
any names before he died.
Just forget about trampas.
He's working
for balin now, anyway.
Trampas is doing this
on his own, judge.
Right now I'm more
worried about
What Molly
thinks about me.
I had a talk with Molly,
And I explained to her
That what you did
Is just like
what a judge does...
Doling out punishment.
You go talk to her.
And this is where
I think I should
Excuse myself
to take a warm bath
And change into
some clean clothes.
I got a job.
Get two men
And meet me
at the stables.
Molly, I gotta
talk to you,
And you got to
listen to me.
Do I?
I think I know what
you think of me.
And, uh, I thought
I was just
doing my job,
But I was wrong.
I hope we can...
Get past this.
Can you get past this?
He needed help.
He needed help
and I killed him.
I killed him.
You just shut up for once.
You did what
you thought was right.
And we all do.
That's why I've decided
I'm leaving tomorrow
for Vermont.
What about the school?
Who's gonna...
Who's gonna teach?
I've written
for a replacement.
The new teacher will
be here in two weeks.
I have to.
I'm taking Molly to Cheyenne
in the morning.
She's going home.
And I'm going with her.
If she'll have me.
It is a long train ride
to do by myself.
What's so funny?
I'm just havin' a hard time...
Picturing you in Vermont,
is all.
I got some business
in Cheyenne myself.
Oh, really?
Like what?
I'm gonna take this
to the U.S. marshals.
Maybe they can find
the guilty parties.
I can round up
a whole lot more gunmen
Than the U.S. government can.
You oughta just give it here.
If it's all the same to you,
I'll take it to Cheyenne.
I want trampas to pay.
You know, we sent some people
out to find balin.
He's at the root
of all this trouble.
Balin's too scared of the noose
to have anything to do with it.
He's the one
that hired trampas.
You hired him, too.
What are you insinuatin', son?
Not a thing.
I'm just sayin' again
That I don't think
balin's a thief.
They're not going to
hurt him, are they?
They will
serve justice, ma'am.
I understand all too well
What constitutes "justice"
in Wyoming.
We got a...
Way of life we're trying
to protect out here, ma'am.
Balin ain't done nothin'
to deserve your kind of justice.
Why don't you just come out
and say what you want to say?
I'm sick of
The way you push
those small ranchers around.
One of these days, one of 'em's
gonna push back.
Yeah. And that,
That's gonna be
somethin' worth seeing.
Lynching a man
for stealing?
Where theft
is worth a man's life.
you'll pay for what you've done.
I'm gonna pay?
What is it I'm gonna pay for?
Did you forget
who you're talking to?
I've got the taste of bile
on my tongue because of you.
Come on, Molly.
Oh, so all of a sudden,
you're so high and mighty,
'Cause you got yourself
a proper woman, huh?
You keep her
out of this.
And noble, too, huh?
Let's not forget,
You got blood
on your hands.
Lots of it,
And there never was
any cause for it.
Do you have any idea
How lawless this place
would be without me?
I am the order!
I am civilization!
I made peace
where there was only chaos.
I decide who dies around here!
And who lives, too.
Where are you
going, son?
Sorry, but I seem
to have lost my appetite.
I'll be leaving
tomorrow as well.
That book of yours
All except for
the ending.
A word.
Whoa. Whoa.
Wait for me
at the general store.
Be careful.
Walk on.
Trampas wanted me
To pass along a message
to you.
You and him,
in front of the gallows, 4:00.
Since when
are you his message boy?
I ain't nobody's message boy.
Maybe you ought
to ask me
To take my gun off again.
A lot easier to talk big
when you got a judge behind you.
Not so much
when you're by your lonesome.
I'm not alone.
Mm. I remember when
the judge took you in,
A few years after
they found your father.
You used to cry yourself
to sleep at night, like a baby.
Boys used to joke
about it all the time.
You been thinking
you're better than us
Far too long.
You're nothing more
than a dirty penny
Someone saw fit
to try and shine once.
You done?
I'll be seeing you
in hell, South.
Hey, you might be getting there
A lot quicker
than you think, Broyles.
I'm not going to
miss Wyoming.
Not one bit.
It's awfully pretty,
For what it's worth.
That's true.
It's an evil
place, though.
I've been called out
by trampas at 4:00.
You don't
have to do this.
This is something
that can't be left unfinished.
We can leave
all this behind.
I can't leave here a coward.
That's not
important to me.
It's important to me.
It's important
to every other person
That'd ever cross paths
with that snake.
I want you both
to stay here,
Out of harm's way.
I've been in harm's way
plenty lately.
Owen, I'm asking you
to look after Molly.
I don't need
to be looked after,
And you don't need
to get yourself killed.
I'm not plannin' on it.
If you do this...
I'm leaving.
Right now,
And I'm not coming back.
You mean that?
That it'd be the... end?
Of us?
Can you look me in the eye
and tell me that, Molly?
Well, that's how
it's gonna be?
Sure you want to do this?
I have no choice.
I understand.
Walk on.
Come out!
In the open!
South, look out!
You gut-shot me,
you bastard!
I meant to.
You deserve to die
slow and painful.
Everything I done,
I done on orders.
What do you mean?
You stole all them
cattle, didn't you?
Every one of them, you idiot.
I already knew that.
I saw your ledger.
It was the judge's ledger.
You lie like a dog
even when you die.
Why would he steal
his own stock?
God, you're stupid.
If he can pin it on balin
And them other
penny-ante ranchers,
Then he gets all the land,
And all the water!
You know what they call that?
A monopoly.
Yeah, he's wanted you dead
for some time now.
He paid me to kill you today!
what I started.
Guess he never got
his money's worth.
I guess he didn't.
Get your hands
where I can see 'em.
Lose the weapons, South.
All of 'em, South.
Want anything
done right around here,
You got to do it yourself.
Down on your knees.
You can't
shoot me, judge.
I can do
anything I want.
You were gonna
be my heir.
Till you had to go believing
that the "code"
Was for everybody,
even folks like me.
The code ain't about murder.
Found that ledger...
I knew it was just
a matter of time
Before you figured
that out, so...
Well, I couldn't
let that stand.
I seen that look
a time or two.
Those of us
who have seen it
May have plenty of reason
to be scared.
The way I figure,
This here's right
out of scripture.
You know?
How like
When God asked Abraham
to kill his son.
Except, this time,
There ain't gonna be no God
to save your ass.
Just like there was no God
to save your pa,
Down in that river valley.
He was just a...
Stupid two-bit rancher
who couldn't take a hint.
You son of a bitch.
I-it hurts...
Just hang in there,
My book...
Bury it with me.
I still don't understand
why we're doing this.
It's symbolic.
That part of
my life is over now.
Awful lot of land down here
For two shot-up ol' cowboys
to try to take care of.
Might have to make some changes
out here.
What do you think, Molly?
I think if we spend
Too much more
time together,
You're going to have to
Make an honest woman
out of me.
Well, I will,
if you'll let me.