The Visitor (1979) Movie Script

Once, far away, light years,
distances beyond thought,
a great, slender ship
with a tail of fire
slid through the black
reaches of space.
On that ship was Zatine...
a prisoner named Zatine.
Words cannot describe
his evil, his criminality.
He had been captured
by Commander Yaveth,
after decades of search and evasion
in a blood-drenched battle that
claimed hundreds of lives.
But shortly thereafter,
Zatine escaped in a tiny scout craft.
A fantastic escape
from that spaceship.
And soon, he found a hiding place
on the planet Earth.
Zatine was a mutant,
his genes transformed.
A mutant with a primal wish to kill,
but evolved to new psychic
and occult powers.
He used these powers to
spread destruction and death.
In order to find and destroy Zatine,
Commander Yaveth tried many methods.
One of these methods was
an immense army of birds,
trained to hunt and to kill.
But when these birds
did discover Zatine,
he transformed himself into an eagle,
and managed to destroy them all...
except for three,
which survived and wounded
him fatally in the brain.
But Zatine, now dead,
lived on in another way.
Before he was killed,
he mated with Earth women,
procreating numerous children
and thereby transmitting his
wicked spirit and evil powers
through new generations.
Yet the struggle continued
and still goes on.
For Yaveth's descendants
pursued the progeny of Zatine
lest their contamination
spread through the cosmos.
Has it happened again?
Her name is Katie Collins
and she will be eight years old.
San Francisco with
the ball, and 12-zero.
San Francisco with the
basketball and 92 to 86.
They're going to Abdul, and they
converge on Abdul, in the corner,
and Abdul is down!
We are in the closing moments
of the basketball game,
Abdul, our star, we don't know
if it's a knee or an ankle,
Abdul has been a thorn in the
neck of Atlanta all night long.
They have a two order, what that
means, they'll have new money.
They have possibly some
new ball players like Abdul.
Both teams are right now
coming back out onto the court.
We're going to have a centre
court jump. Here we go.
By the left...
And he scores!
Setting up that two-one-two offence.
They will try and work
the ball to the high post.
And they do. To Lane,
who's shot from 15...
Atlanta has scored again,
Abdul still not in the basketball game.
Atlanta has a chance to take
the lead. Prescott past the line...
And he scores!
We have a time out on the court.
We'll see if we can talk with Ray Armstead,
the owner of the Atlanta team.
- Ray, things are going well tonight.
- Yeah.
You're downplaying how
well the team is doing,
not only tonight,
but so far this year... why?
Oh, we've just got a good team.
Well, I'll tell you this. They have done
very well all year, and you have done well,
but we wanna find out what kind of
owner Ray Armstead is going to be.
Well, we're gonna change it from
Losersville to Atlanta again.
- How are you going to do that?
- With an open chequebook.
- How open is that going to be, Ray?
- Quite open.
Quite open. Where does
this money come from?
You do not have a sports
ownership bankroll.
Ray, answer me.
There's no answer I can
give you on that one.
You're going to give us an answer.
Where does the money come from?
You say you'll have an open chequebook,
and you say it'll be very open.
Where does the money come from?
Uh, God.
Now, so far, since
returning to the lineup,
Abdul has shown no ill
effects of that ankle injury
that sidelined him for a couple of
minutes earlier in the basketball game.
You know, that explosion,
I can't get it out of my mind.
Which explosion?
The first explosion, one ball,
or the second explosion, two ball?
How come you don't explode
when we're making love?
Where'd that come from?
Well, I'd like it better if you made
a little noise. A lot of noise.
- That's another one of your jokes.
- Can we talk seriously?
We're always talking
about talking about talking.
But we never talk.
Can you talk seriously?
Marry me, Barbara.
I can't.
- We've got to settle this.
- It's settled.
I can't marry you or anyone, Raymond.
It's been seven years. Seven
and a half years, to be exact,
since my divorce.
He was a fine man.
A very fine man, and I
loved him very much.
- And I swore then that I'd nev...
- What's the matter with you?
Let us say it.
I'm scared, Raymond.
You treat me like a normal person,
and I thank you for it.
But I'm not a normal person.
There's something...
I can't explain it, Raymond.
There's something wrong inside,
something terrible.
You shouldn't have
pushed me this far.
It could mean the end of you and me.
But I know I have to tell you.
Tell me what?
It's Katie.
No, she scares me, Raymond.
There's something
I don't know. She's...
Sh... You don't know,
you can't even imagine.
She's my baby, my little girl, and...
She came out of me.
It's not her fault.
Oh, I don't want any
more children, Raymond.
Crazy, Barbara.
I'll be eight in a few days, Squeaky.
There'll be a big party and they'll
give me a lot of presents.
It was right for now to
kill the set of babies.
Did I scare you?
You deserved it.
You always leave me alone.
And I've always got to play alone.
Here's my baby-sitter.
But one of these evenings...
I'm really gonna kill her.
She's always asleep.
And why aren't you asleep?
You don't love me, Mother.
I know it.
You leave me alone too much.
That's not fair.
I'm tired of it.
And this house is... too big.
And what do you want, honey?
I want a brother.
Have you been to the
United States before?
My first time.
What is the purpose of your trip?
I'm a visitor.
I'm a pretty bird.
Glad you love it. I'm taking it.
- Wise purchase, ma'am.
- I'm a pretty bird.
Ooh, hey, wait a minute.
Katie would love this.
- I saw it come on.
- I'm a pretty bird.
Gives me the scary creeps.
Very nice for Katie.
- I'll take it.
- Thank you.
It'll make a nice extra
birthday present for Katie.
- I'm a pretty bird.
- Thank you very much.
Come in.
Are you sure of what you're doing?
Yes. I am.
- Are you ready?
- Yes.
Come in, Raymond.
You're going to have a marvellous
team, Raymond. The best.
It's going to be very
easy for you to win now.
Are you pleased with what you have?
Is it what you wanted?
Yes, I am, of course.
We're in great danger, Raymond.
- The visitor?
- Katie has been designated for that.
Your problem is her mother.
Time is not on our side.
It's on your side.
We realise, Raymond,
that Barbara's resisting strongly.
That she doesn't want more children.
Up to this point, you have failed.
Barbara has refused to marry you.
And for us, this is a
very serious matter.
We've always believed that it was not
necessary for you to understand everything.
But now, we feel compelled to
reveal to you our real motive.
Raymond, I'm going to tell you
something of tremendous importance.
But I must warn you that any
mistake on your part now
would have appalling consequences,
both for you and for us.
Barbara is a miracle of nature.
She carries in her womb...
something which transcends
the world of everyday reality.
She is able to give birth to
children of immense powers,
both natural and supernatural.
She is the only woman
of this generation
who carries the genes...
of Zatine.
She was assigned to you...
so far, without success.
We wanna do everything in our
power to assist you, Raymond.
And we feel that events in the next
few days will help your mission,
and that you will achieve our intent.
But we've invested a great
deal of time and money in you.
And we cannot wait much longer.
We need another child like Katie.
Barbara must give birth
to a brother for Katie.
Power corrupts, Raymond.
And absolute power
corrupts absolutely.
But we must have that power.
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday, dear Katie
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday, Katie.
- Happy birthday!
- Oh, darling!
- How beautiful you are!
- Look at the braids!
- I love the braids.
- Oh, how pretty.
- What a pretty birthday girl you are.
- Aww!
I'll be right back.
Hello, Squeaky. Do you like my party?
Come and open presents, Katie.
- Baby!
- Hey, this looks fun!
From Mommy.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome, dear.
Oh, what to do!
From Grandma!
From Aunt Susan!
Happy birthday, my sweet.
Where's she going?
Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, look!
Here's the bullet,
it entered the left flank,
traversed posterior to the left
kidney and entered the spinal canal.
- Will there be paralysis?
- I'm afraid so.
- Permanent?
- In all probability.
Katie. You're doing
gymnastics beautifully.
That double twist of yours
was nearly perfect.
I'm getting better.
I'm getting perfect.
I will be perfect.
By the way, how's your mother, Katie?
Well, my mother didn't die, but she
just won't be able to walk any more.
Katie, oh, I've missed you so much.
- Oh, honey.
- I've missed you too.
Well, she's home, now, sweetheart.
You have to be a very
grown-up little lady now.
Your mommy needs all
the help she can get.
Oh, I'll help her.
Raymond and I will both help you.
Oh, well, I'm glad the two
of you get along so well.
Because it looks like the three of
us will be together for a while.
Oh, Mommy! I'm so glad!
Now we'll be a family!
- She had bought a musical bird.
- Uh-huh?
And that is a little,
tiny, uh.. metal bird.
You mean like a canary
or a parakeet or...
- A parrot.
- A parrot.
It's a winding.
And after you winding it,
- its music come out.
- Mm-hm.
And did you bring it home in,
what, a cage or a box?
It was wrapped.
- Wrapped? What do you mean, wrapped?
- Gift-wrapped, in a box.
How was the shooting done?
I... I really don't know.
But answer the question.
It happened so fast.
Tell me what happened, I mean exactly.
There was this present that was opened...
Oh, my God, what is that?
Excuse me. The door was open,
so I came in. No one answered.
I'm... I am the new housekeeper,
uh, from the agency.
Uh, Jane, Jane Phillips.
I'm Barbara, Barbara Collins.
- How do you do?
- How do you do?
Oh, you have such a beautiful house.
- Thank you.
- It's exquisite.
What... what lovely taste!
You know, I bet that you're a Libra.
- Yes.
- And your rising sign is, uh...
- Sagittarius...
- Sagittarius! That's right.
- And your moon is...
- Leo.
I knew it! Leo!
I'm a Leo too.
I knew it, I knew it.
You know, I hate to work
for women who are Virgos.
They're maniacal about neatness.
- Oh.
- And Capricorns.
Capricorns are the worst.
I'm a Capricorn.
- What are these?
- Oh, just a hobby of mine.
Artificial birds.
They make me feel less lonely.
And... I don't know,
I think they protect me.
Careful. Squeaky
might rip them apart.
And anyway, I don't like them.
- Mrs Collins?
- I do.
Well, Katie, then that's
settled, isn't it?
- I'm gonna miss the bus.
- Katie!
Don't you need this to
further your education?
Are you going to be
here all the time?
Well, for now, just days.
But it sort of depends
on you, doesn't it?
- Wait up!
- Wait up, Anthony!
- Come on!
- Hey, wait up!
Come on, Tommy!
Hey, wait up, Jimmy!
What are you bugging me for?
Ah. Ahem. Well, I...
I... I just, uh...
I wanted to talk to you, Katie.
I thought maybe, if you wouldn't mind,
I'd like to ask you a question.
Yeah. Isn't there something
that you'd like to say to me
that you haven't said before?
- Yeah.
- Eh? What's that?
Go fuck yourself.
Now, wait a minute here.
Now, that's... that's no way
for us to get started, is it?
Hey, look at me.
Now, listen, I could...
I could wait in the car, you know,
until you finish class, is that what you want?
I don't like you.
You're a child molester.
I'll bet you do dirty
things to children.
You know, I'm worried about you.
Jesus! Everybody's worried about me.
Susan, my Momma, Grandmomma...
They ought to go worry
about themselves.
Warthog, worrywart. Go and worry
about some perverts like you!
I'm smarter than all of you.
Maybe you are. Maybe you are.
But let me tell you what. Let me
ask you just one last question,
and then I promise I won't...
I won't ask you anything else.
What happened to the gift your
aunt gave you for your birthday?
You better write it down.
- Right up your ass.
- Katie! Katie! Katie!
Pat, hi.
I have a report on the gun.
A real doozy. No prints
other than the kid's.
No manufacturer's mark
and no serial number.
- Filed off, huh?
- Never on.
Tests showed negative.
Even the shell casings
are anonymous. Figure that out.
Listen to this.
"It is impossible to ascertain
"from examination of the wrapping
paper and accompanying gold seals
"whether the package was
opened and resealed
"before the child in
question received..."
That's shit.
You know, we need a
magician on this case.
I want to know how that gun got in that
box and I want to know who put it there.
Well, that rules out the kid.
Where would an eight-year-old
kid get a gun?
And the mother swears that
gun was never in the house.
OK. What about the bird the
aunt said she put in the box?
The shooting was an accident.
I mean, it's gotta be some
kind of wild damn accident.
Yeah. But the gun in the box,
that's a... that's another matter.
Look, Jake, I got a hunch
that we can dig all we want,
and sooner or later, we're going
to have to just close the case.
What about the kid?
She doesn't seem shook up at all.
You... you'd have thought
she would have been.
I swear, she seemed glad it happened.
Yeah, that bugs me, man.
That really bugs me.
I'm a pretty bird.
I'm a pretty bird.
Inspector one, central despatch.
Inspector one, do you read me?
I'm a pretty bird.
I'm a pretty bird.
I'm a pretty bird.
I'm a pretty bird.
I'm a pretty bird.
I'm a pretty bird.
I'm a pretty bird.
Inspector one...
Help us get him out of here!
Somebody must be hurt!
We can't reach him!
The tank's gonna blow!
We gotta get outta here!
Get the hell outta here!
- Come on, let's go!
- Let's go!
Oh, put on the skillet,
put on the lid
Mama's gonna make
a little short'nin' bread
That ain't all she's gonna do
Mammy's goin' to make
a little coffee too
Mammy's little baby likes
short'nin', short'nin'
Oh, Mrs Collins, I gotta warn you.
I don't do windows.
Oh. Jane, what do you
think of my daughter?
- Katie?
- Yes.
- You want the truth?
- Mm-hm.
She's bad.
What are you talking about?
Bad? She's just a little girl.
Mammy's little baby loves
short'nin', short'nin'
Mammy's little baby loves
short'nin' bread
Mrs Collins...
Wh... Maybe this just
isn't the right time
to bring children into
this bad, mixed-up world.
Some of them... are confused.
They think that the forces of evil are
stronger than the forces of good.
Is that another one of your
astrological theories?
Mrs Collins, a great philosopher said
that our characters are our fate.
And some scientists now believe that
planets somehow understand this.
You be careful. You ward off
the influences of Saturn.
You have suffered enough.
You understand?
- Yes.
- Good evening.
- Can I help you?
- Uh, I'm the baby-sitter.
- The baby-sitter.
- People are often surprised.
- From the agency?
- The home service.
- What happened to Nancy?
- I've no idea.
They... telephoned me and sent me.
Come in.
Excuse my surprise.
We usually get teenage girls.
Well, I'm definitely not that.
This is Katie.
Katie, stop playing with
the elevator. It's not a toy.
Mrs Collins is confined
to a wheelchair.
Barbara, this, believe it or not,
is the baby-sitter.
I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name.
Jerzy Colsowicz.
- Please call me Jerzy.
- I'm Mrs Collins. Nice to meet you.
- Well, I'm ready.
- You look beautiful tonight, Barbara.
Thank you.
And you, young lady,
be in bed by 9:30.
Hm? Good night.
A strange guy.
He's got to be the oldest
baby-sitter I've ever seen.
I forgot to tell you,
James said he was coming.
You don't think he's
a child molester?
Oh! Of course not.
The agency screens out
their sitters very well.
What about you?
Aren't you a cripple molester?
Well, I would be if
you gave me a chance.
You know, Barbara,
tonight is a very special night.
- I've got a wonderful surprise for you.
- You have? What is it?
Close your eyes.
Now, try to remember...
a very deep part of you.
Another world, another time,
another existence.
Other beings.
Why did you come here?
Before we get on with the dancing, there's
one final announcement I'd like to make
of a more personal nature.
I feel that we're all one big family.
And I want you to be the first to know that
as soon as we can make the arrangements,
I intend to marry the lovely
Miss Barbara Collins.
- You wanna kill me?
- I don't want to kill you, Katie.
I want to take you away with
me when the time comes.
Only, if you refuse to go...
Why don't you just see if
you can do that? Right now?
When the time comes.
When my friends arrive.
- Your friends?
- Oh, very special friends.
You'll come with me.
I'm beginning to get
the hang of this.
I won, I won!
- See?
- You used your powers to make it go faster.
No. No, I didn't. I used the switch.
You want my advice, old man?
- Yes.
- Go back to wherever you came from.
This world is not for you.
It's not for you either, Katie.
Barbara, where the hell
do you think you're going?
Let me go! How could you
dare say a thing like that?
I want my freedom!
Freedom? You know,
you can't even walk!
I don't need anybody.
Not you or anybody.
Listen, Barbara.
It's not going to get any easier,
as the years go by, to find someone.
Then I'll grow old alone.
No. No, you won't.
I'm going to be right there with you.
Come here.
How did everything go?
Quite all right.
Katie went to bed right on time.
Good. How much do I owe you?
Uh... $15.
$5 an hour, agency charges.
She's a remarkable little girl.
You must be, uh, very proud of her.
Yes, I certainly am.
Here you are.
Good night.
"Mommy, you have to marry Raymond.
"You have to marry him.
"I don't want you to be all
alone in this house any more.
"You're selfish, Mommy.
I love you very much.
My God! What are you doing here?
Call for you, Mommy.
Aren't you gonna answer it?
Come on.
- Hello?
- Barbara?
Oh, it's you, Raymond.
- Are you alone?
- No. Katie's here with me.
Oh, Momma, let me say hi to Raymond.
- Hello, Raymond.
- Hi, Katie.
Yeah. Wouldn't it be great if
we were all here together?
You and Momma could make love
and I would have a baby brother.
Oh! Katie! It's getting
so out of hand.
That's not true, Mother.
Raymond, you can talk
her into it, can't you?
You know I love the both of you, Katie.
But let me talk to your mother now.
Barbara, I have some very important
business in San Francisco
and I have to leave first thing.
Please. Please.
Come and say goodbye
to me at the airport.
Oh, Raymond.
I feel so confused right now.
I'll think about it.
Good night.
- Mommy?
- Hm?
- Did you read my note?
- Yes.
And I tore it up.
Oh, Momma. You're so beautiful.
Give me one more chance.
It will be useless, Raymond.
We were wrong to leave
Barbara in your hands.
She's too strong for you.
She's refused intervention.
a more efficient method
has been chosen.
If you came to see Raymond
off, you're too late.
Why, Dr Walker!
What are you doing here?
I came to see my daughter off.
She left on the same flight.
Where did Katie disappear to?
Here. Let me help
you try and find her.
I'm pleased that we met here
by chance today, Mrs Collins.
You haven't been to see me
these past few weeks.
Well, uh...
It hasn't been easy, Dr Walker,
adjusting to this whole
new way of life.
That's exactly why I
wanted to see you.
- May I call you Barbara?
- Yes, of course.
Katie! Why do you
do things like that?
Sometimes I think it gives you some sort
of strange pleasure to see me suffer.
Mommy, I'm sorry. I just got lost.
- Katie.
- Hi.
Why don't you try and convince your
mother to come over to my house?
Let's go, Mommy!
We're always stuck at home alone.
Dr Walker, I promise that
we'll come another time.
But I'm exhausted right now,
and I think it would be better
if Katie and I would go home.
All right.
We'll let you off this time.
But we'll take a rain check, agreed?
Oh, shit.
What the hell is wrong with this?
Mommy? Are you scared?
No! Why should I be?
They'll probably help us.
- Hello, can I help you?
- Yes.
My number is 7514197020.
Can you give me your name
and location, please?
I'm Mrs Barbara Collins. And, uh...
We're stalled on Interstate...
I mean, we're stalled on Route 28,
about 15 miles from Interstate 85.
I'll need a description
of your car, Mrs Collins.
Oh! Oh, yes, the car,
it's a blue 1978 Thunderbird.
Just a moment, please.
Our service truck will be
there within 30 minutes.
Thank you.
They'll be here in a half hour.
That truck scared you, didn't it?
Oh, my God.
What the hell is he doing?
Hey, man. This don't look so good.
Yeah, I know what you mean.
You know, they've got a lot of crazy
mothers running around out there.
I know where you're coming from.
Tell you what, we're going to check
this out real quick-like, first.
Cos I ain't about to be
gettin' my butt shot off.
Listen, Dizzy.
You take this one for yourself.
I've just remembered, I ain't
supposed to be working tonight.
I'm on unemployment.
Naw, man! You comin' with me.
Come on, get your
butt outta here, man.
You wanna walk or something?
Aw, shit.
It's some old crazy-ass
drunk woman and a kid.
Hey, Momma.
We're here to fix your car.
My Mommy isn't feeling very well.
Mrs Collins.
I'm sure you're
wondering why I'm here.
Uh, please hear me out.
I'm here to help you, Mrs Collins.
You've been feeling
strange lately, Barbara.
This confusion has been transmitted to
you from another time, another place,
beyond human knowledge
and understanding.
There are forces, inhuman ones,
out of this world.
And they are unspeakably evil.
You are the key to their
power on this planet.
They sought to use you
once in their evil game.
And they succeeded.
This will not happen again.
But you must do exactly as I say.
Last night, you were
taken by violence.
You are pregnant, Barbara.
Pregnant with a child conceived
out of their hatred for this world.
This child must never
see the light of day.
Uh... Mrs Coll...
Mrs Collins...
Mammy's little baby likes
short'nin'... short'nin'
Mammy's little baby likes...
short'nin' bread
Hello, Mrs Collins.
We haven't seen you
around here in ages.
- Hi, Lucille.
- How you been doing?
Fine, thanks. Is the doctor in?
Why, sure. I'll tell him you're here.
My, don't you look nice?
Doctor? Mrs Collins
is here to see you.
He'll be right out.
OK, Jimmy. You listen to me.
See what happens when you go playing out
there on that field without your shoes on.
Never again, huh?
And I'll tell you something.
As you were a real brave little guy,
I'll see if I can talk your mommy into
buying you an ice cream on the way home.
OK? How about four ice creams?
Excuse me, Mrs Moore. I have to
have a word with my ex-wife.
Hi, Barbara.
Hello, Sam.
How've you been doing?
I need to talk to you.
- Come up to my office.
- Fine.
Afraid we're a bit overcrowded here.
This is as near to an office as I get.
- What do you need to talk to me for?
- You're the only one I can trust.
The only one you can trust.
Ah, why do you trust me?
I'm just an overworked doctor,
sweating my guts out day and night
in this under-equipped dump.
Hell, you wouldn't even let
me into your fancy hospital
when I tried to visit you
after your operation.
You prefer to be surrounded by
beautiful people who take good care
- to keep their noses way up...
- Please!
- ...above any of the shit down here.
- Please, let me talk.
- The princess has come slumming.
- I'm here because I need help.
- I need help from you, Sam.
- Now, take it easy, OK?
All right? It's all gonna...
Hey, hey, hold it. I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry.
Now, what is it? Mm?
Let's hear what it's all about.
Come on. OK?
Tell me, and I promise
to do what I can.
- Well...
- Yes?
Evil people are staring at me.
People are watching me.
There are evil people
doing things to me.
Now, look, honey...
Hey, Mom! Mom? Are you home?
Why are you still here?
Why, yes, I am.
Where's my ol' whipping boy?
You will say, "Where is my mother?"
Are you crazy? Where is she?
For once, once in your life,
you will be polite.
Now say it.
Say it.
Where is my mother?
What have you done with her?
Why, nothing.
Nothing. I've done nothing to protect
her, dear, don't be alarmed.
God damn you, you tell
me where she is or...
Don't you talk to me like that!
How dare you talk to me
or anybody else like that?
I got your number the moment
I walked into this house.
The moment I got here,
I recognised you for what you were.
You little monster. You see,
unfortunately, I had one of my own.
I know how to treat them.
You be careful.
You watch out.
Or you'll be sorry.
Nowhere, if you really must
know where your mother is...
...she left a while ago.
With a very nice, elderly gentleman.
So, you're pregnant?
I seem to remember you told me many
times you didn't want any more children.
I don't. But something
unbelievable happened.
It all took place
without my knowledge.
I can't have this baby, Sam.
- You've got to help me get rid of it.
- So you want an abortion.
- Yes.
- And you want me to do it.
- When?
- Right away.
You quite sure?
- Yes.
- God.
Why does everything
have to happen to you?
Your accident, the wheelchair.
Now you want an abortion.
The problems with Katie.
Everything began with Katie.
I've tried to ignore
the whole situation.
I pretended it didn't exist.
But that's not possible any more.
- I know now I've got to do something.
- All right. I'll do what you want.
But I'm afraid the rest
will have to be up to you.
Hey, man, what are
you doing here, man?
Oh, my God!
Come out, you old bastard. Come out!
Where are you, old man?
Where are you?
Come out, you bastard! Come out!
Come out. Come out.
Come out!
Bastard. Bastard!
Come out!
What is that?
Ah! Help!
Mrs Collins.
I've been sent here to protect you.
No one... no one can
hurt you any more.
Play a game!
Well, Jane, it's... almost over.
I shall be leaving soon.
- With Katie?
- With Katie.
Jerzy... where do you go to?
My home, where I come from.
It's a lovely place,
beautiful and peaceful.
Beautiful and peaceful.
- Where would that be?
- Far away.
Beyond the imagination.
It sounds wonderful.
Jerzy, I'd like to go with you.
I'm afraid no one may enter
there except the children.
I remember.
But, you know, I've been
around children so long,
I think there's something
child-like about me.
I... I've never met a man like you.
You've been of great
help to me, Jane.
Thank you.
Let me go now! No! Let me go!
No, no, no!
No, stop! No!
Katie is a very lonely little girl.
She has a great need to recover
the affection she feels is lacking.
I don't think she fully realises
what happened, now or then.
I'm afraid she's going to
need extensive therapy.
There's no telling for how long.
Mommy? Mommy, I know you're there.
Please, don't leave me here.
I'll be good.
I'll be good, I promise!
Take me home, Mommy, please.
Katie? Katie, is that you?
Answer me.
Why are you so scared of me, Mommy?
Why did you leave me
in that terrible place?
I know I've been really bad lately.
But that's all over now.
I want to hug you, Mommy.
I'm sorry.
Please don't be angry any more.
Can I have a kiss?
Mommy? Can I have a kiss?
Aah! Stop it! Katie! Aaaah!
Help! Aaah! Stop it!
Aaah! Katie! Aaah! Katie!
You've ruined everything.
You refused intervention.
No! No!
No! No!
No! No!
Go away! No! Aaah!
No! No! No, no!
No, no, no!
Get away from me!
Ow! Get away!
Get away!
She's become just like the others.
She thought I wanted to kill her.
You can't kill children.
Only the evil part.
No, that's not war.