The Vourdalak (2023) Movie Script

Open me up,
for the love of God !
I was attacked by bandits.
Turks, Moldovans, Greeks,
what do you want it to do to me?
Please let me in!
These barbarians killed my escort.
They stole my luggage, my horses.
I got hurt.
I do not have anything.
Go your way, sir.
We don't open this door to anyone.
Find shelter for the night,
and tomorrow, at dawn,
take the path to the west.
Walk without stopping.
You will meet
the home of old Gorcha.
He will provide you with food
as well as a horse for your trip.
Gorcha, you say?
Whatever happens,
don't stop along the way.
This forest is full
many other dangers.
Farewell, sir.
Don't hurt me!
Madam, I am the...
Marquis Jacques-Antoine Saturnin d'Urf.
Diplomatic envoy
of the King of France.
Sorry sir, I...
I am a lost traveler.
I'm looking for old Gorcha's place.
I was told he could
help me.
What happened here?
Is this the work of the Turks?
What happened to the residents?
Sit down?
He wants to see the old man.
Thank you so much.
I'm starving.
Madam, let me introduce myself.
I am the...
Marquis Jacques-Antoine Saturnin d'Urf,
diplomatic envoy of...
Your father is home.
Praise God!
How I missed you!
What is it again
what this outfit?
Is the father awake?
Who is it ?
I am the marquis
Jacques-Antoine Saturnin d'Urf,
diplomatic envoy of the King of France.
An unfortunate incident
caused me to lose my escort and my luggage.
I was told that a certain Gorcha could
give me a horse to continue my journey.
Of course, once you arrive safely,
I will ensure that this gentleman is...
richly compensated.
You are at old Gorcha's house.
We are his children.
I am Jegor, his eldest son.
And this is my wife, Anja.
Our son, Vlad.
My brother, Piotr.
And my sister, Sdenka.
We are not used to
visitors, sir.
Even less,
those of your rank.
But welcome here.
We will do everything possible
to help you.
Finally, Jegor!
We no longer have horses.
They took everything from us.
I know where to find it.
I'll go get you one tomorrow.
I thank you sir.
That's very charitable of you.
You must have noticed it:
our village was pillaged by the Turks,
a little over a month ago.
I defended as best I could
my family
and my house.
As a result of this,
I joined the few survivors of the region
who had decided to take up arms.
We followed them.
We set a trap for them.
And we took revenge.
We slaughtered
about ten of them.
Alas, their leader,
the infamous Alibek, has escaped us.
It's interesting.
It appears that...
I too belong to a family
who distinguished himself for his feats of arms.
Not against Turks, of course,
but against the Lords of Beaujeu.
In the 13th century.
I'm going to go say hello
my father now,
and make sure
that he can receive you.
Father ?
His room is empty.
Where is he ?
Where is he ?
He left.
What do you mean, gone?
He went to fight.
To fight.
He picked up
his arquebus eve and he left.
He didn't want us to be able to
one day calling him a coward.
But that's insane.
How could you
let him do it?
At his age !
In his condition!
Where did he go ?
In which direction ?
What did he say ?
My children.
I leave.
Wait for me 6 days.
If at the end of these 6 days,
I didn't come back,
say a prayer in my memory,
because then,
I would be killed in battle.
But if ever,
what God protects you from,
I came back later
these 6 days gone,
I order you to forget
that I was your father,
and not let me in,
whatever I may say or do,
because then I would no longer be
than a cursed Vourdalak.
What is this story ?
You have everything
lost my mind ?
When did he leave?
This will do exactly
6 days tonight, at 6 a.m.
In this case,
let's be ready to welcome it.
Anja, prepare supper.
Don't skimp on anything.
Sdenka, go pick him some blackberries.
And you, go change.
Let's go.
Well, thanks for the broth.
That was delicious.
Shall I tighten you up?
No thanks.
Please excuse me.
Can I ask you a question ?
I heard a word earlier.
I don't know what it means.
What is a Vourdalak?
I don't know.
She's not very warm,
your sister-in-law Sdenka.
And yet,
that's what ruined her.
How so ?
The poor girl !
To fall in love like that
of the first wanderer to come!
Around here, everything is known.
This is why no one
never wanted to marry him.
He has to stay here.
With us.
Which really wouldn't bother us.
But she spends her time daydreaming.
To mumble prayers.
And doing strange things.
I think she's gone crazy.
thank you very much for the broth.
What a charming painting.
Do you want some help
for your picking?
Do you like blackberries?
Yes, I love it.
I hate them.
You must be
very worried about your father.
Tell me, what is a Vourdalak?
What's the point ?
You wouldn't believe it.
Always say.
I like to discover new things.
There are things of which
it is best not to speak.
If you say so.
Beautiful Sdenka.
Your eyes are like
2 torches that illuminate...
An Apple.
Keep yourself well
to judge us, stranger.
So we will keep ourselves
to do the same to you.
Why torture me like this,
little peasant girl?
Why so much cruelty?
Come on.
No one will see us.
I will go first
show you something.
This is the place where I like
to bathe in secret.
Follow me.
Hey, wait for me.
Where are you ?
Follow my voice.
if someone were to fall.
Imagine his skull
hit the rocks below.
Do you hear this
infamous bone crunching?
It's scary, isn't it?
I would have given you my arm,
but it seems to me that
you've had enough for today.
In any case, you have nothing to envy
to the wicked coquettes of the court.
- The court of France?
- Yes.
For what ?
Are you interested?
Always say.
What's the point, ma'am.
There are things of which
it is best not to speak.
I miss the yard.
But what I miss most,
its French cuisine.
and especially
the conversation of pretty women.
Because there aren't many around here.
I agree with your opinion.
In this regard, have you
tasted Anjas cooking?
I also miss the holidays.
The balls.
And dancing.
What are you doing ?
The sarabande or the minuet.
It's ridiculous !
Certainly not.
It's so nice.
You want to try ?
What is it ?
A map of Europe.
We see all the roads.
mountains, rivers, yes.
See, France is here.
And we are...
... over there.
I would have liked to leave here.
Even anywhere.
Only sadness and brutality
flourish on our lands.
Why do you stay?
Where would I go?
All my memories are here.
This cliff is my only friend.
And I will rush from its edges
the day when my misfortune will be perfect.
I love life,
but that's not what I prefer.
But anyway, what do you say?
His name was Jovan.
He wasn't from here
and had neither future nor money to offer me.
But I loved him.
We wanted to escape
far from all that.
Alas, someone found out.
We had given ourselves
meet at midnight on the cliff.
I waited a long time.
But I heard the gunshot.
I went back to bed.
This is where I buried him.
This is where my dreams now rest.
But my dreams still speak to me.
Everything speaks to those who know how to hear.
Even the dead.
Give me your hand.
My hand ?
How awful !
I don't believe in destiny.
You do not have any.
The bell.
It's 6 a.m.
He didn't come back.
Our father is no more.
There is no evidence that he is dead.
He said it himself.
Shut up, idiot.
I didn't give you the floor.
- Don't talk to him in that tone.
Shut up, everyone.
I'm the oldest.
You owe me obedience.
My God, father!
He breathes!
How long has he been there?
I am sure that
He's been here for days.
Our own father!
Don't do that, Jegor.
You should be ashamed !
Father, are you hurt?
Sit down.
He needs air.
Father, can you hear me?
This dog !
This dog !
Let him be silenced!
Pyotr, obey.
But finally...
You should eat something, father.
I'm going to bury him.
You are very unwell, father.
But what madness to have left,
alone, fight the Turks!
At your age...
Especially since I was already in combat.
You will hang it
above the door.
So everyone
will know that he is no more.
And it's hand
of Gorcha that he perished.
How is it possible ?
Is it me you're laughing at, little one?
Yes, grandfather, you are funny.
How I love this child!
Is there any purer treasure in this world
that innocent look?
Come on, it's late.
- No.
- Vlad, come to bed. If !
Father, I must tell you:
we have a guest at our table.
He's a stranger.
A rich lord
who got lost on our lands.
He no longer has a horse.
I will go tomorrow...
I hope that my lord
will forgive the modesty of my residence.
We are just humble people.
And if our ways
seem abrupt to him,
let it be said that we do not have
the habit of welcoming at our table
powdered courtiers.
- What?
- Oh, but I'm very tired.
What My lord forgives me.
We'll talk tomorrow.
Take me to my room
and let me sleep there.
Dogs don't think.
Their brain narrower than that
of man does not allow them to...
pass judgment or
to make conjectures.
However, when a dog loves you,
its about unconditional love.
And that, whoever you are.
Whatever you may seem
in the eyes of those who think,
make conjectures,
allow themselves
to make judgments.
You had lost it.
Thank you sir.
I'll show you your room.
I hope this will suit you.
Yes it is perfect.
Thank you so much.
- Good night sir.
- Good night, Pyotr.
What are you doing here ?
I dance, why?
Stand up.
Jegor wants to talk to you.
Good morning.
Ah sir, come.
Jegor, your son.
I don't know what's wrong with him.
Not now, Anja.
I don't understand.
I stayed by his bedside all night.
I guess I must have dozed off
an hour or two at most.
If you only knew how ashamed I am.
If something bad happens to him, I...
I have to go looking for him.
Let me accompany you.
No, I'll go alone.
Obviously, you will need
wait for your horse.
I understand.
Jegor, please.
Listen to me.
He is feverish.
He does not eat.
Anja, calm down.
Let me pass.
For your father, you are ready
to abandon your son?
- But what kind of man are you, anyway!
It's just a fever.
You just have to put him to bed.
I'll be back this evening.
Don't worry.
Thank you sir.
I'm afraid of going crazy.
What is it ?
I had a terrible dream last night.
I heard something.
Like a voice whispering
over there in Vlad's room.
I got up.
I waited for my eyes
get used to the darkness.
But nothing worked.
I wanted to call Vlad.
But I didn't dare, like
terrified that someone might hear me.
And suddenly, very far away,
a noise, an obscene and repulsive noise.
Like a wet chew.
My hands encountered something.
It was his little bed.
But Vlad was no longer in it.
I searched and couldn't find
than a damp and soiled sheet.
And the air was then filled with a stench
... unsustainable. Excuse me.
- What is wrong with this child?
- Nothing.
It's strange. Me too,
I had a disturbing dream last night.
Is he going to die?
If we don't do anything,
it is very likely.
What do you say ?
We need
branches s of hawthorn,
garlic flowers,
and aspen wood.
I know where it grows.
But where are we finally going?
This branch to your left,
it will do the trick.
Piotr, remove the branches and
Cut them into the sharpest point possible.
Will you tell me at the end
what are we doing?
A stake.
A stake ?
Things from the tomb
must stay there.
Our father is no longer our father.
It is an infamous carrion,
returned among us in
the sole purpose of sucking our blood.
A Vourdalak does not attack
to anyone, sir.
He particularly delights
blood of close relatives
and those who are dearest to him.
Beings who, once dead,
return in turn.
Families, villages
entire were decimated.
Love itself is
a curse here.
Some say that
to mop up their drool,
they chew the shroud
in which they were buried.
They chew like pigs,
spying on us.
You are serious ?
They are leeches
sneaky and mischievous, sir,
that nothing can kill.
To prevent them from harming,
their house must be burned down,
sprinkle them with holy water
by a man of God,
or immobilize them.
Since the dead
try to get up,
our only salvation
is to pin them to the ground.
Let's go back, it's time.
Wait for me.
You do not think
kill your father, tell me?
Take a breath, sir.
you walk at a brisk pace.
You would easily outrun
my friends from the court to the walk.
Because whatever you may think of me,
I also have female friends,
who I am very close to
and whom I respect very much.
Great good to you!
It's all fun.
They walk very little, they don't
only move from one chair to another.
Good for them !
For long distances, they do
same call for a sedan chair, imagine.
It's fascinating, really.
And it's absolutely time
to tell me about the court.
Do you all have this dreaded
spirit of relevance in France?
I don't understand.
I searched everywhere.
No trace of him.
We will leave
the lanterns lit,
and the front door open.
In case he comes home tonight.
- As for your horse, sir...
- It's not the priority.
Do not worry.
What is this ?
Step aside.
What have you done to my son?
Answer, you wretch!
Leave him alone.
You know very well what's going on.
The old man himself had warned us.
That those who refuse to open their eyes
respond to the misfortunes that await us.
And take off that coat.
He's not yours.
They are losing their minds
avec these nonsense of good women.
When I think that
my brother believes in it too.
Well, that doesn't surprise me.
Do you know with what
he played as a child?
With ribbons.
You must take us
for bullies, my father and me.
But know that if
this family is still alive,
it's thanks to us,
and certainly not thanks
to their gris-gris and their songs.
You who are an educated man,
don't tell me you give
any credit to the existence of these Vourdalaks?
I don't know.
No of course not.
Why not vampires,
while we're there?
Little !
Come back, where are you going?
Wake up.
You hear me ?
Where are you ?
Show yourself, sir.
Sir, if I were not
so indebted for your hospitality,
I would start to have serious doubts
as to your intentions towards this little one.
Ah good ?
I forbid you from approaching it.
I warn you: I am armed.
And what.
This legendary rapier accompanied
my grandfather in the Italian wars.
I won't hesitate to use it.
Here then !
So it's to protect my family
that my lord remains among us?
Monsignor is too good.
But aren't they
rather my daughter's petticoats
who are holding him back?
You wouldn't be the first,
You know.
You are wrong, sir.
My intentions are
we couldn't be more honest.
I actually feel for Sdenka
deep affection.
She is in no way guilty.
I know it well.
Monsignor is admirable.
His heart is pure.
His blood is noble.
And if he persisted, moreover,
to stay among us,
I would have no other choice than
to accept him as one of us,
I would probably end up liking it.
Jegor, your son, your father.
The viper is in its nest.
And the wolf sleeps tonight.
Everything is calm, my little one.
Above all, dont make any noise.
This is the fruit of our negligence.
Father, praise be to God,
you are back.
What have we done to this child?
four hundred ninety seven
What have we done
in the sun of our old days?
He was the best of us.
Alas, our tears
won't bring him back.
Be strong, my son.
Hmm, my lord.
You're in luck, sir.
Since you are
the head of this family,
it seems to me it's yours
that it is right to bless this tomb.
You hear ?
Bless this grave
immediately, I order it to you.
Are you ordering me?
Piotr, how dare you?
A son who orders his father?
Have we ever seen this?
- Say the prayer.
- What if I refuse?
- You are no longer our father.
- Stop, Piotr, stop!
I'm not your father anymore?
In this case, who am I?
Now, Piotr, do it!
Well yes, what are you waiting for?
Do it !
I knew it !
Little girl!
What a shame !
Attack me!
I who don't have
only love for you.
Even for you, my daughter.
You who have us so dirty
disgraced with this vagabond.
Fortunately my old
arquebus watches over this family.
But let's leave Jegor
to his duty as a father.
Let's go back.
Nothing is sweeter
for a father than the peace of the home.
Sit down there
and be discreet.
His home must cruelly
miss my lord.
How could we
alleviate his sentence?
I know: let's dance!
Make my daughter dance.
You're dying for it.
Dance, I tell you!
- Where is the stake?
- Piotr has it.
I'll go get it.
Monsignor's calves
must be a delight
for young women
of the French court.
How I understand them!
My son, here you are at last!
Don't get cold.
Come with me.
Look at.
See how great you look!
You are like me, Jegor.
You are a winner.
You are a man.
Run away, save yourself.
I was hard on you.
But I don't regret it, because...
Back, corpse!
Even dead,
you come to torture us again!
It's the end of you, monster.
Jegor, Sdenka, grab it.
If a father is not everything
for his children, he is nothing.
Bury him with his dog.
Listen to me, Sdenka.
I'm sorry.
We have to leave.
Take your hands off
from my sister on the spot.
Everything was fine here
before your arrival.
It's you, stranger,
who brought misfortune to our family.
I am a man of honor.
I only have one word.
Tomorrow morning,
you will have your horse.
You will leave
and will never come back.
If I were brought
see you again, sir,
I will not hesitate
one second to kill you.
Run away, Anja.
He's not your son.
Vlad, my son.
Listen to me, go home.
It's useless.
He can't hear you.
He's dead drunk.
He's not your son, Anja.
You buried him yourself,
poor fool!
Do you believe
that I forgot it?
In this case, run away.
Run away !
You know like me
what he became.
Do you believe that death
and all the demons of hell
can just for a second
warn a mother from going to kiss
the child taken from him.
Bully !
You are all bullies!
Mom, I'm cold.
My little.
A bird.
A bird.
Do you hear it?
He sings of my arrival.
What do you say ?
Piotr, my darling brother!
This bird,
it's you who sent it to me.
Only you held me back
still among the living.
But you arrived safely.
And I join you.
I braided the hawthorn.
The circle finally closes.
Oh, beautiful bird.
Go tell my cliff
to open its hospitable arms.
In vapors
sage and incense,
I will throw myself from its banks.
Go, little bird!
Stolen !
My journey is over.
My misfortune is perfect.
Sdenka, don't do this
for the love of God.
Sdenka, come back.
Free me, I beg you.
So that my brother would kill you?
What a good idea !
Wait here for your horse,
sir, and go.
- It will be better for everyone.
- No.
Don't do anything.
We will leave together.
I will take you to court.
I will show you the gardens, the balls.
You will be happy.
I swear to you.
The courtyard.
How I would have liked...
Farewell, Sdenka!
Goodbye, thank you for everything.
Thank God !
We have to leave.
What are you doing ?
Pull yourself together.
Sdenka, this is not
really not the time.
Hmm, my lord, exquisite taste!
For what ?
Where are you ?
Ah sir,
here you are !
I owe you an apology.
I got carried away
by my temperament.
And I regret it
bitterly, my friend.
Come back, my friend, come back.
Hold on.
Don't blame me,
handsome stranger.
Don't hate me
for not having known how to be free.
Cruel destiny.
If only
I had met you earlier,
how much my life
could have been different!
I love you.
Be damned !
Don't jump, Sdenka.
I don't have much time left.
But you are free.
If you have
the slightest friendship for me,
listen to what I have to say to you.
Hold the line
this world before having known it.
It is vast and astonishing.
He will please you.
Go for example to the French court.
Yes why not ?
Come show these people
what is beauty,
what nobility is.
Live as you please.
Excuse me.