The Wager (2007) Movie Script

[Police sirenswailing]
Cover me.
[Suspenseful instrumental
music playing]
It s all right,
just go.
[Gun firing]
[Suspenseful instrumental
music playing]
[Joyful instrumental
music playing]
Did they
hurt you?
No, no, ljust didnt
think that youd find me.
I wish Id
gotten here earlier.
Okay, okay, can we
just stop for a second?
Okay, cut.
Cut, cut, cut.
Can I get my
slippers, please?
These shoes are
killing me.
And is anyone
even watching my hair
because it s a million
degrees in there?
Ljust dont think that
I would kiss him right then.
I m I m I m
Honey, sweetheart,
you knowwhat?
It doesnt matter.
Ljustwantyou to say
the lines and kiss the guy.
This is not 'The View,'
nobodywants your opinion.
Between the two ofyou I m
never gonna finish this thing.
Ljustwant to
shoot this once!
Colin, just
talk to her
and show her
a little respect.
You talk to her.
Hey, we re gonna go
one more time, everybody.
Here we go.
(male onvoice mail)
Michael, buddy.
It s your
favorite manager.
The Oscar predictions
came out today.
Guess who s
the frontrunner?
How about an action film
starwho took a huge risk
with an indy film.
That s right.
You are officially
favored to win.
And sleepwell tonight,
my friend, you deserve it.
(female on
voice mail)
It s Tanya,
I got your message.
I cant believe you
still dont understand
whywe need
to separate.
This has been going on
for 10 years, Michael.
You know, you promised that it
wouldnt always be like this
butyour career still
takes all of your time.
Ljust cant
wait anylonger.
What is this?
Have you seen
my running shoes?
I cant find them.
Come on, Tanya.
Ill do whatever it
takes to fix this.
[Cell phone ringing]
You know,
you just don t have time.
Cause Ive beenwondering
what you re thinking
and ifyou liked
my dress tonight.
Try to get some sleep
tonight, okay, buddy?
Yeah, Ill try.
Butyou still say
you loved me under
this ordinary
Ill be at our
place in the city.
(male radio announcer)
On tonight s radio show,
I see that God and Satan
have made a wager
for someone s life.
And the wager is, can you live
the Sermon on the Mount
in today s world?
I want you to ask yourself,
if theworld turned againstyou
and you lost your family,
your career or even your
own reputation, could you stay
true to Jesus and his sermon?
Open your bibles
with me to Matthew 5
and well discover
the very essence,
the very heart
of the Sermon on the Mount
which is this:
To live the truth no matter
the consequences, against
all odds will you stand?
(male preacher on radio)
Blessed are the merciful
for they shall receive mercy.
Blessed are the pure in
heart for they shall
There is no
wayl can do this.
(preacher on radio)
Blessed are
the peacemakers,
for theywill be
called sons of G
(female on voice mail)
This is your
sister, Annie.
Don t forget
our lunch today.
I knowyou re busy
butyou promised
to be part of our
adoptive brother program.
Now, Charlie is very shy.
He wont speak at all, but
trust me, it will be great.
See you soon.
[Eerie instrumental
music playing]
Where is it?
You shouldnt
have come back here.
Cut, cut,
cut, cut.
Monty, just
pull it in.
Uh, Michael, that
was really good.
stop that.
I like what s going on inside,
keep it right in there.
Um, let s just do
another one for safety.
Okay, first
positions everyone.
Hey, Colin, we
only have about
5, 4 minutes to get
this next shot.
No, we have as much
time as I saywe have.
But he
Mr. Steele.
Uh huh, now that he s
got an Oscar nomination,
now he cant
do another take?
I have a lunch
that I
Ill do as many as
you need, Colin.
Okay, everyone, Brando s
gonna let us have another take.
Here we go,
Tell me
I m not crazy.
You want me
to lie to you?
Well, how are you so sure
ofwhat Godwants from you?
I had this dream the last
couple of nightswhere
God and Satan have made a
wager to see ifl can live
the Sermon on the Mount.
And Ive been reading this
but I dont understand it.
I mean like, 'Blessed
are the meek, the poor,
blessed are
the persecuted.'
Oh, 'And anyone who breaks
any of the least of these shall
be called least
in the kingdom of heaven.'
I m not poor, does that
mean I m less a Christian?
Lfl m not persecuted,
am I doing somethingwrong?
Hi, sis.
You forgot the one about
those who hunger and thirst.
You want
some lunch?
God ever talk to you
inyour dreams, Annie?
No, hasnt recently.
You remember how dad took
us to church every Sunday?
He heard the
same sermons we did.
And then the
rest of the week,
he turned into a
completely different man.
Yeah, exactly.
But I wonder if he thought
he was living this.
Was he that unaware
of the hypocrisy?
Mikey, are you gonna tell
me what s going onwith you?
Tanya moved out.
Oh, Mikey.
You okay?
You gotta
see this.
Is this what
I think it is?
Tessa, I toldyou to
stay away from thatjunkie.
You gotta cut
that out before
George, thanks.
I got it.
I dontwantyou to
suffer the rest of your life.
Yeah, Tess.
[Sentimental instrumental
music playing]
He only gets mad because
he really cares about me.
He said that I should
move inwith him
and that it
would be different.
You think he can
take care ofyou?
You think that guy can give
youwhatyou really need?
Well hey,
This is Michael.
Charlie prays
for you.
Don tyou, Charlie?
Why dont you give him a
visit to the big movie set?
Normallyld love to,
Annie, but I cant today.
I m sorry, Charlie.
We tried.
It s okay,
you re a busy man.
Okay, ifl said he could
go, isnt it against the rules?
Don t sweat it.
Charlie will be fine.
Yeah, I m sure he s
already forgotten about it.
[Playful instrumental
music playing]
All right, fine.
He can go.
So you can keep
him overnight.
Illjust pick him
up in the morning.
I m probably not
gonna be able to stay
withyou all day, okay?
ButJoseph can
take care ofyou.
Okay, this is what s
on the agenda today, okay?
This morning a top
agent from CAAcalled.
Your scheduled for your massage
this afternoon andyou do have
an interviewwith
Peter Barrett.
I mean regardless,
he is here.
Tomorrowyou have
lunch at Sushi Cafe.
Trainer called,
wants to know
ifyoull be
available for kickboxing.
We changedyour golf membership
to Bel Air Country Club.
CAA called
you again.
Peter Barrett from
AintltPeter. Com.
Your PR people said I
could do a story on
your Oscar rags
to riches
Everyone back off.
Let the man
have a second.
This isnt a zoo.
I knowyour interview
is very, veryimportant.
Cancel the massage.
We want Sushi Rocoo,
not Sushi Cafe.
And kickboxing is fine but
change the session to 7:30.
Is that all?
All right,
all right.
Shoo, shoo,
shoo, shoo.
Go on, disappear.
Come on, I want
to talk to you.
You know, I
dont golf, right?
You know
how hard it was
to get all that
inyour contract?
You re notTom Hanks.
We only got $300,000
budgeted for your entourage.
But once youwin that
little golden statue,
the world s gonna be ours.
Well, I m not
sure I need all this.
LfTom needs it,
you need it.
It s notwho you are,
It swho you look like.
Ill cancel the interview
ifyou want.
His blog has an
insane readership.
I knowwe
need this.
Nah, nah, nah,
well do it.
All right,
this is the deal.
Word is Colin s gonna go
over the studio s head
for his scene, planning
to sneak it in onyou tonight.
It could get U G L Y.
You are the man.
I sayit s
studio business.
Give him
what he wants.
Well deal with it
after the awards.
Don t let anything
get in the way.
Bad publicity right now could
kill us, you knowwhat I mean?
I m just here to give
you the heads up.
Besides Colin, weve
got one more problem.
What s that?
I understand.
Get out of
the way, Toby!
I should go.
What happened?
Colin said
something and then
Becca in wardrobe
said that they saw
storm out ofhere.
Well, let s give
her some privacy.
All right, guys, nothing
to see here, okay?
Blessed are
the peacemakers.
Uh, peacemakers
get shot, bro.
Remember Bosnia?
Get out
ofhere, Colin!
It s me.
Okay, what s the
problem this time?
So what happened?
I have no idea.
You have no idea?
You are never
gonna believe it.
I asked her ifher
pants were the right size.
Colin told me
that I m fat.
He s such a pig.
I hate Hollywood.
Colin has a way
Uh, yeah.
Butyou know
that s not true.
Don t let him get
you down, okay?
You ready
to do this?
All right.
Are we
ready to shoot?
You mean the princess
got it together?
Did you
pray for her?
What do you mean?
Well, isnt that
what you Christians do?
I saw that I saw
that on 'LarryKing.'
I must have
missed that episode.
Guys, okay.
Whichversion of the scene
do youwant to shoot?
Thatwas decided before I
signed the contract,
right, Colin?
You know, I, for a second,
thought that this was my movie.
Think I m just gonna
be the servant now.
Can I getyou like a Huggies
or a little babywipe?
Look, ljust want to know
which one, pink or yellow?
The version where Chad
and Maggie dont make love.
Wait a minute,
so I have to like
I have to
like read these?
music playing]
I couldnt
stay away.
You know, It s not
safe here for you.
You promised.
I promised to
keep you alive.
I am dying without
you, Mr. Slater.
No, Maggie,
not like this.
Cut, cut,
cut, cut, cut.
Hey, Michael?
Cassandra, we re just
gonna hold for a second.
Thanks for just helping
me through all this.
I didnt do
anything, really.
Where are all
the good men like you, Michael?
I wouldnt know.
Your little
friend really
looks up
to you, huh?
Yeah, I guess so.
He seems
like a good kid.
Did we get it?
Uh, no.
Okay, I thought Michael
nailed that last take.
Can I get ice chips?
Guys, sit down.
Let s be
quiet, okay?
Let s focus.
Sit down.
Uh, it s
not the acting per se
and you look great.
But, okay.
Toby, give me
a second.
Give me a second.
All right,
you knowwhat, Michael?
What do you
think, Michael?
Colin, well do
whatever you need.
It s your baby.
Okay, great,
you knowwhat?
I dont buyit.
What is is the, 'Not now,
Maggie, not like this'?
What is that?
These are
two passionate human beings
and I want
them to express
their passion
for each other in this moment.
That s not up
for discussion.
Oh, you re right.
I m sorry.
I dont knowwhat
got into my head.
Why did I think that
I could competewith
an Oscar nominated actor?
That s irrelevant
and you knowit.
People in the real world
make love as a means
of expressing their feelings
to each other.
Nobody relates
to your archaic,
moral ideology anymore.
I m sorry!
All right, fine.
Why dont we shoot your
scene thenwell shoot
what happens next.
This one night results
in an unwanted child
raised with
no father.
Relate to that.
I m simply not gonna allow
your narrow minded
religious agenda
to ruin my film!
Let me tell you what s
gonna ruinyour film,
the fact that you re
a second rate hack.
Get off my set.
You stay here!
Sorry, Cass.
that all about?
Just a difference
of opinion.
You might want to
stay out ofit.
Michael Steele?
What s this?
This is divorce
papers from my client.
[Sentimental instrumental
music playing]
For so long
I was dying.
I was dying
for a change.
And forever and forever
and forever I will love,
perfect love.
I will love.
I will love.
Tired, huh?
Been a long day.
Ill get a bed
ready for you.
Wait right there
for a minute, okay?
[Sentimental instrumental
music continues]
Oh, all mylife
I was dying,
I was dying
for your touch.
Thenyou made it.
Yeah, you made it andyou
held me in your arms.
Oh, in your arms.
(male TVevangelist)
You have heard that it was
said, do not commit adultery.
Anyonewho looks at has
already committed adultery
with her in his heart.
And if your right
eye offends you,
pluck it out and
cast it from thee
for it is profitable
for thee that one of my
[knocking on door]
Cass, it s late.
You okay?
Yeah, I came
to see ifyou are.
It s not the best
day of mylife.
Yeah, I thought that
you might want to talk.
[Seductive instrumental
music playing]
Nice house.
We like it
I like it.
Maybe shed rather live
in my dump than The Palisades.
Just kidding.
[Seductive instrumental
music playing]
Yeah, I know
howyou feel.
Michael, I m here cause
I dont have any friends.
Ive never
felt so alone.
Yeah, I know
howyou feel.
How do you keep
it all together?
I dont know, Cass,
sometimes I feel
like a disaster.
Well, if you re a disaster,
thenwhat does that make me?
Hey, I m sorry
about everything
that happened today.
I was out ofline.
No, youwerent.
Colin deserved it.
He is a hack.
Even so, it made me
realize how much
I still have
to figure out.
Come on.
[Camera shutters]
[Camera lens shutters]
You need this
as much as I do.
This is not
a movie, Cass.
I m married.
Not anymore.
[Camera shuttering]
Okay, I m not
gonna beg.
It s a little late for that,
dontyou think?
Are you trying
to humiliate me?
Why are you
acting so strange?
Oh, Michael.
wait a minute.
go back to bed.
[Camera shuttering]
Get over here.
Cassandra Brevin just came
out of Michael Steele s house.
Let go of my door.
Don t be
Let go of my door
or I II scream.
I told you hewas
one of my
Oh, yeah,
just get outside.
You want anotherwoman,
that s your business.
But this?
Ah, got him.
over here.
Hey, Michael,
who s that kid?
He s a little young,
dontyou think?
(male radio announcer)
Continuing nowwith
'The Mike Gallagher Show,'
this is Mike Gallagher
covering our top story,
a shocking accusation against
none other than Michael Steele.
That s right,
the Michael Steele.
With us now
is Peter Barrett.
Peter, tell us
exactlywhat you saw.
(Peter on radio)
Oh, I saw Michael holding
hands with a little boy
who couldnt have
been older than 9.
(Mike Gallagher on radio)
Hang on, hold on.
Let s slow down here and
look at the facts, Peter.
(Peter on radio)
Yeah, the facts are
his wife is leaving him,
he was thrown off the set
ofhis own movie and now this.
There is no way he s
gonna win best actor.
I m headed back to get
a statement from Mr. Steele
right now.
[Cell phone ringing]
Open up your door.
Cause I m standing
outside ofit.
I didnt know
an Oscar nomination
came with
breakfast delivery.
When didyou
startyour service?
The minute
I got these.
Who printed these?
Who didnt
print these?
Exactlywhy you shouldnt
have fired your publicist
and lawyer.
Having an entourage isntjust
a Hollywood affectation, buddy.
I didnt fire you.
Yeah, maybe
you should have.
I m too old
for this.
Is it that bad?
No, it s worse.
Everybodyin this town
has some sort of scandal.
Nobody cares anymore.
It s not like you just
clocked some hotel clerk
with a phone.
Your image is all
about familyvalues.
Child abuse doesnt exactly
fit inwith that picture.
Kenny, Kenny you
didnt ask me ifl did it.
Because it
doesnt matter.
What matters is
what it looks like.
Did you?
I mean whatever the truth is,
we re gonna be okay.
I know a great place where
you can get some help.
No, Kenny,
no man.
I cant believe you
had to ask me that.
Where s the
little guy?
The cops picked him
up but Charlie s okay.
I m notworried
about Charlie.
slice this loaf,
it sure looks like
you re guilty of something.
You re going to church
tomorrow, right?
Yeah, I
usually do.
you should.
Tanya should
go withyou.
Yourwife still
stands by your side.
This is good,
at least we have that.
Well, one problem
with that.
what s that?
She filed for
divorce yesterday.
I thought
Wait, is there a conspiracy
against us orwhat?
I dont hear CAA calling
for you right now.
Okay, okay,
shell still come.
Ill call her and you
dont talk to anyone
until tomorrow, no one.
Let s have the next time people
see you be at a church, okay?
While you re there,
maybe you should get down
on your knees and ask
your God to lend a hand.
You re gonna need it.
[Strumming guitar]
[Strumming guitar]
Precious Lord,
take my hands.
Lead me home.
Help me stand.
You dont talk to anyone
until tomorrow, no one.
[Strumming guitar]
I m weak
and I m worn.
Hear my cry,
hear my call
and hold my hand
so I wont fall.
Take my hand,
precious Lord,
and lead me home.
When the darkness appears
and the night
is drawing near
and the day
is almost gone.
At the river I II stand
so guide my feet
and hold my hand.
Take my hand,
precious Lord,
and lead me home.
Just tell them
the truth.
[Camera shutters]
Mr. Steele,
Mr. Steele.
Right here,
Mr. Steele.
Mr. Steele.
Settle down.
I have nothing to
hide so fire away.
According to
Cassandra Brevin,
you had a little friend
spend the night last night,
is this true?
Not exactly.
So what is your
side of the story?
Maybe Cassandra
wasnt here at all.
Maybe she didnt storm out
ofyour house jealous
ofyour affections
for the little boy.
You just make it up
as you go, dont you?
Mr. Steele, do you still
think you re gonna win?
And if youwin the award,
do you think theyll
letyou keep it?
Cassandra there?
Aren tyou married?
We re working
on a film together.
Oh, at 2 oclock
in the morning.
She she came over.
All right, we
were whatever time
Michael, isnt
adultery still a sin?
This is ridiculous.
Have you rejected
your faith, Mr. Steele,
or just everything
it stands for?
Mr. Steele.
Mr. Steele,
right here.
[Camera shuttering]
(Tanya onvoice mail)
Hi, youve
reached Tanya.
Ill get back to you
as soon as I can.
(Tanya onvoice mail)
Have you seen
my running shoes?
I cant find them.
Kenny asked me
to be here.
You saw
the pictures?
What is happening
to you, Michael?
I dont know.
Butyou knowl
didnt do anything.
Yeah, I know.
I brought you
Where were they?
Under the stairs.
You know, I thoughtyou
brought the divorce
Have you
signed them?
We dont need to
make this ugly.
Divorce is uglywhether
we make it that way or not.
The fact is I m
still wanting to fight
for this marriage.
That s all
weve been doing.
Hey, guys,
there he is.
Tanya swith him.
[Cameras shuttering]
Tanya, are you divorcing
Michael because of the affair
with Cassandra or is it
because of the little boy?
Leave her
out of this.
Hi, Michael.
Just admit
what you did.
You know he s lying,
Michael, what about
the little boy?
Take this shot,
he just hit him.
[Cameras shuttering]
He sacrificed,
He gave life,
so thatwewill
risewith you
to declare
in Zion
the name
of the Lord,
in Zion
the name
of the Lord.
Andwhenyou pray,
do not be like the hypocrites
for theylove to stand on
the corner and pray
in the synagogues
to be seen by men.
I tell you the truth they have
received their reward in full.
Canwe just
get through this?
We dont want
another scene, okay?
(male preacher)
Whenyou pray,
go home.
Go into your closet and pray
to your Fatherwho is unseen.
Many theologians consider
the Sermon on the Mount
to be the best known part
ofJesus teaching,
but the least understood
and certainly the least obeyed.
No matterwhatyouve done,
no matterwhere youve been,
no matterwhere
you re going,
God is a God
that restores any person.
The Bible says,
'He that come unto me,
I will in
no wise cast out.'
God loves you.
What is wrong
(male preacher)
And he lives to see the
broken come back to him.
He lives to see the
fallen be restored.
[Cameras shuttering]
There he is.
Get him.
Get him now.
[Cameras shuttering]
Get out ofhere, Joseph.
Mr. Steele,
I m detective Johnson.
Weve already spoken to
your sister about Charlie.
We just have
a few questions
wed like
to ask you.
Under the circumstances
and with your public persona,
we re attempting to be
as discreet as possible.
Mr. Steele, I m gonna need
you to step out of the car.
Well, maybe not as
discreet as I d hoped.
[Cameras shuttering]
Well, it s safe to say
you are the last person
I expected to get
this call from.
You all right?
I dont know
what s going on, Annie.
Oh, come here.
[Harmonica music playing]
The press is out front
so I asked a detective
ifwe could leave
out the back.
So is
Charlie okay?
Yeah, he s doing fine
and you re gonna be fine too.
I made sure the
detective got the truth
about what happened
last night.
I got something
to showyou.
And I wish
they'd go away.
And I met a man,
he had the lonesome
So you think she s
made up her mind?
Hard to say,
Id like to think
there s still a chance,
butwho knows?
So hows that
Sermon on the Mount
thing coming?
Well, I punched a
reporter outside church,
and then went in and sang,
'Just a Closer Walk with Thee.'
It s coming along
Oh, Mike, you
are a piece ofwork.
I dont know,
it may seem strange
but coming up
here helps me.
It reminds me
how small I am.
I cant do it all
myself, you know?
Ljust love coming here
and just looking up
at all these branches.
What do they do?
Annie, I don t think that s
gonna help me right now.
I kind of need a total
overhaul at this point.
Yeah, well,
that maywell be true.
Want me just to wait
for you in the car?
You knowwhat?
Go ahead.
Illjust stay
here a while.
gonna get home?
Ill call
And I want to kiss
[sentimental music continues]
[Doorbell ringing]
Who is it?
It s me.
Um, what are
you doing here?
I had nowhere
else to go.
You okay?
Can I not
come in?
You shouldnt
be here, Michael.
Ljustwant to get
the keys to the bike.
[Cameras shuttering]
Maybe, maybe
you should go.
Ill leave.
Michael, wait.
There s nothing
left to say.
I know.
We re falling apart.
Ive been trying to
figure this thing out.
Ive been begging
God for help.
I dont knowwhat else
I am supposed to do.
Neither do I.
Whyis it
like this?
Mywhole world
is falling apart.
I know this
has been hard but...
I dont think
we re gonna make it.
I shouldnt have
come here.
It saddens me really
to be forced to post
these shots ofTanya
and her new man.
Of course, things
could be different
ifl had
that exclusive.
Stop following me!
Oh, Michael.
You know,
you just don t have time.
There is no
wayl can do this.
Is there a conspiracy
against us orwhat?
[Intercom beeping]
(female over intercom)
Paging Dr. Statement,
Dr. Statement please?
I guess ifhe s injured,
it doesnt really matter.
He s not going back to
work right now anyway.
In fact, ifColin
cant get him fired,
he s aiming for the
studio to sue him.
Onwhat grounds?
Breach of contract,
refusing to work
with the director,
you name it.
Oh, one of mylungs
is giving out on me.
You should get
that looked at.
Oh, I got
another one.
And besides right now
we re here for Michael.
So you
were saying?
Cassie s back in Colin s
version of the story.
It might have been easier
just to sleepwith her.
How can they make
a Chad Slater movie
without Chad Slater?
Their research
shows that he isnt
going to attract families
into the theater anymore.
There is no
more Chad Slater.
This is what Hollywood
does well: Turns onyou.
I told him not to
talk to the press.
Now they got
our boy too.
What exactly
did Cassandra say?
And even ifyou re not
guilty of child abuse,
you re at least
a pathological liar
and impossible
to work with.
How does
your head feel?
It s better.
I guess there s one
good thing about doing
action movies, you know
how to take a fall.
I wish this movie
had a happy ending.
So basically
ifwe dont play
the next few
days right,
I lose an Oscar.
Oh, you re gonna
lose more than that.
I dont knowwhat youve
done to deserve this.
And I dont even
believe in God
and I find myself
praying for you.
I better get
back to work.
I dont feel
like going home.
I think Ill go to
The Dream Centerwithyou, okay?
Uh, isnt that
where the kid is?
You knowwhat that s
gonna look like?
Don tworry,
Charlie s not there.
Sara took
him home.
She finally got that
boyfriend out ofher life.
You sure?
I m starting to feel like
I m supposed to sell everything
and become a monk.
Oh, I don t think you
could stand the haircut.
This is
funny to you, huh?
No, it seems like
you re trying to pitch
a tent in
a hurricane.
Soon as you get one
corner staked down,
the other two just
come flying up.
(male preacher on radio)
No one can
serve two masters.
Either hewill hate the
one and love the other
or he will be devoted to
the one and despise the other.
How do you
turn this off?
I dont know.
George told me
itwas broken.
(preacher on radio)
You cannot serve
both God and money.
take it easy.
(preacher on radio)
I tell you,
do not worry.
(preacher on radio)
Don tworry about your life
and what you will eat
or drink and
Michael Raven Steele,
what is wrong with you?
You in trouble?
heck yes.
Don tworry
about it, man.
I used to get in
trouble all the time.
She justwants
the best for you.
Yeah, I know.
I was up on assault
charges too, man.
It s no
big deal.
Hey, G, want to help?
I would but, um,
I got some stuff.
You should have seen George
the day hewalked in here.
So how do
you do it, Annie?
Do what?
Nail down those
tent pegs and live
the Sermon on the Mount?
Well, first thing
you gotta knowis
Is that
you cant.
that s great.
Hell, that s
your big secret?
You missed the
inside of this one.
Doesnt matter if
it looks clean.
The biggest story of
the night, of course,
is not Michael Steele s bid
for the best actor award
but the scandal that is
his personal life.
Will he be able to rise up
against alleged controversy
with a young
boynamed Charlie
and win the top
prize for acting?
I need
some air.
The skyis gray
and the light is far.
The sea is a rage
within my heart.
I turn my side to
the crashing waves.
I cryin the night
just to be saved.
Cause I need eyes
to be my guide.
I need a voice that s
louder than mine.
I need hope
and I need you cause
I cant do
this alone.
I call your name.
Oh, wontyour
smile fall over me?
I m cracked and drained
on hands and knees.
Oh, sweet Christ
rain down on me.
I needyou.
Lord, I have never
felt so far from you
as I feel
right now.
And I ask
your forgiveness,
please forgive me for
these things that I have done
that have
been so wrong.
Please show me how to pull
this all back together again.
[Cell phone ringing]
Annie, I gotta
get out of here.
Ill have George
drive you home.
I m beat.
Don tyou ever
take a day off?
Yeah, about as
often as you do.
You know,
ifyou everwant
to go see Charlie
and his mom,
itd mean
a lot to him.
You knowwhat
Kenny said about that.
Justwait till
the timing s right.
[Sentimental instrumental
music playing]
Nice pad.
you okay?
Ljust heard about
the accident.
So who was he?
he was a guy from the firm.
He heard thatwe were
separated; itwas stupid.
I put an end to it
before it even started.
I m sorry.
Well, it looks
like you
havent destroyed
the house yet.
No, not yet but
it sure feels empty.
Only thing left to eat
is a box of cereal.
So why
are you here?
I dont know,
I m sorry,
I I shouldnt have come.
[Sentimental instrumental
music playing]
Oh, no.
[Cell phone ringing]
Todaywe are gathered
to celebrate Annie Steele,
a woman who never failed to
practice what she believed.
Her life was not only an
inspiration but a standard
for us all to look up to.
Is he okay?
One of Annie s
life verses come from
the Sermon on the Mount
I dont know.
Where Jesus says,
'Do not store up treasures
'on earth where moth
and rust destroy...
'Where thieves break
in and steal.
'Store up for yourselves
treasures in heaven.
'But seek first His kingdom
and His righteousness
and all these things
shall be added to you.'
[Solemn instrumental
music playing]
Give me
a minute.
Leave me
alone, Tanya.
I m here for you.
Don t tell
Don t tell me that.
You re not
here for me.
Hey, buddy.
I need to talk
to you, alone.
I need to get
back to work.
Why dont you
take a few days?
Well talk about it after
youve had some time.
No, listen to me.
I need to go back
to work now.
Don tyou think
it might be good
to have a little
time to grieve?
No, I dont.
Thereve been three things
that matter to me in life.
Without those three
things, I m nothing.
She was
one of em.
That lady down
there, she s another.
You knowwhat the
third thing is,
so dont tell me
I dont have that either.
Ill put a call
into the studio,
seewhere things
stand with Colin.
One more thing,
I want you
and everything else
I need for this Oscar show
at my house
at 7 in the morning, okay?
Well win this.
Lord, ifl m not supposed to
sign this, tell me now please.
Are you okay?
Canwe help?
No, she didnt
have that much stuff.
I got it.
Why you all in
the dark?
Hey, guys,
you really need
We know, we re going
to bed in a second.
It s so messed up
around herewithout Annie.
I m sure theyll
hire someone
as soon as
they can,
not that theyll
replaceAnnie but
Why dont
they hire you?
Cause I dont know
the first thing
about this
kind ofwork.
He s an
actor, Tessa.
I know
it s just
You know that thing that
made Annie so special?
I dont
have that.
You re not
even gonna try?
Believe me,
I have tried.
I dont have
what it takes.
I think you do.
Annie says we re
all branches
and thatwe
cant produce fruit
unless we re
attached to the vine.
He doesnt
care, Tessa.
So didyou
talk to Sara?
Charlie s mom,
she came here
looking for Annie
and we didnt know
what to do so we
told her to call you.
I didnt
get a call.
Can I
have this?
Do you think
you re gonna win?
I... I have to.
depends on it.
(male radio announcer)
All right, the
Academy Awards are tonight.
We re talking
about it.
Everybody s waiting to see
will scandal ridden
Michael Steele dare
show his face?
And if he does, is it
possible for him to win?
Keep the press out,
hold the divorce proceedings,
hold the grieving,
hold the controversy,
hold the phone.
There s a time for
everything, right, buddy?
And this is the time to get
you ready for the red carpet
and the big Oscar show.
[Cell phone ringing]
I m not even
gonna answer that.
What are
you nervous?
What do
you think?
I win today or I spend
the rest of mylife on
some VH1
'WhereAre TheyNow? ' special.
At leastyoull
still be on TV.
[Cell phone ringing]
Uh, I gotta
take this one.
Let s get
to it, people.
No time
for mistakes.
Just get here
as soon as you can.
No, no, no, no,
I told you.
You cant ask about
the sister, the boy,
the lawsuit
or the divorce.
I wont give
you the interview
ifwe dont get
a guarantee, capiche?
I gotta go.
you okay?
I dont think
I can do this, Kenny.
Oh, no, you re
Michael Steele.
I got this whole red carpet
thing set up for you.
It s all gonna turn
around after today.
All right.
That s what
you re telling me,
butwhat arent
you telling me?
All right.
'Chasing Evidence' is all
but dead at this point.
Colin wont budge.
I cant get anyone to look
atyou for other stuff
till some of this
personal drama clears up.
It s not
looking good.
What ifwe win?
Lfwewin, we might be
able to salvage some things.
Problem is, the studio
sides with Colin,
they can sue you for
breach of contract.
You could
lose everything.
in this town,
you are guilty
until proven innocent.
It s gonna be okay.
I dont know.
Here we are at the corner
ofHollywood and Highland
1 hour away from
the Academy Awards.
And right behind me,
the stars are about to arrive.
Don t look
at me like that.
Like what?
Like you dont
want me here,
like we havent been with
each other from the beginning.
Kenny asked
me to come.
Cause he s
worried aboutyou.
I m fine.
Well, you
He would like the
old Michael better.
We all did.
Rememberwhen he used to
obsess aboutyour career,
and you, you kept
a level head?
Well, you being here
certainlyisnt gonna help.
Lfl m not there, who are
you gonna forget to thank?
Ive failed in every
otherway, why stop now?
Add our divorce to the list
ofHollywood failed marriages.
So much for being
salt of the earth.
Guys, sorry to interrupt
butwe gotta go.
Joseph will get
us there on time.
Yeah, and he would have
ifhe hadnt called
some emergency
an hour ago.
We got another
Let s go.
All right.
Keep the focus
on the film.
On the award,
be gracious and brief
and Tanya s there
to deflect anything
that might come up.
You have your
acceptance speech?
Don t lose that
and dontworry,
you re gonna
be great.
Everything s gonna
turn around.
Hard to believe
I waited mywhole life...
for this.
Here we are with a group
ofMichael Steele s fans
who have come out
to support him.
Despite all the controversy
surrounding Michael Steele,
are you here
to support
Yo, keep it down.
We re trying to
watch the Oscars.
[Cell phone ringing]
No, no, no, no,
no phone calls.
The time from now till
red carpet is sacred.
number anyway.
Excuse me, excuse
how much longer beforewe
music playing]
You okay?
[Suspenseful instrumental
music playing]
[Cell phone ringing]
Hey, hey, hey, hey,
hey, buddy, buddy?
You need
some water?
No, no, no.
Just let me
look at my speech.
What is this?
The street s closed.
I cant believe this;
Where are we?
Hey, get us back
on that road.
I dont care if
the Taliban s out there.
Here we are.
What is
going on?
I dont
exactly know.
All right,
let s go.
I think I need to
get out here, Kenny.
what is this?
What is
going on?
Get back in the limo,
this isnt funny.
Fifty million people
arewaiting for you.
Are you gonna tell us
what is going on here?
This is
Charlie s address.
The boy.
This has all
happened for a reason.
What has happened?
This driver, you know,
the detour, everything.
Yall go get back
in the car
No, no, no.
You re not gonna miss the
biggest night ofyour life
because of some random
address on a piece of paper!
Now get back
in that limo!
I cant.
ifyou dont do this,
you are throwing away
your entire career.
Lfl do get in that
car and go withyou,
I may be throwing
mylife away.
You simply cannot reopen
this whole controversy.
Not today!
Kenny, have you ever
had to do something
even though you
didnt knowwhy?
All right,
What ifyou win?
we better go.
I m gonna have
a panic attack.
[Sentimental instrumental
music playing]
[Police sirens wailing]
[Suspenseful instrumental
music playing]
I said answer me!
Get away
from him!
Who do you
think you are?
Look, ljust want to
take the kid out of here.
[Suspenseful instrumental
music playing]
Back offhim!
Get off!
Get offhim!
Come on!
You got him?
Canyou hear me?
You gotta wake up now.
Come on, Charlie.
I prayed
for you.
Here comes the hero.
One picture,
Michael, Michael?
One picture over here,
One question for you.
Hows the boy?
Is the boy okay?
Hows it feel to
be a hero, Mr. Steele?
Tell us your thoughts on
yourwife s acceptance speech.
Well, you created
quite a stir
not showing up
to win your award.
[Sentimental instrumental
music playing]
I guess The Academy
frowns on that.
[Cameras shuttering]
(male radio announcer)
We re all over
the top story again
here on
'The Mike Gallagher Show.'
It s Michael Steelewho, in
a stirring change of events,
was cleared this morning
of all allegations.
He was a no show at
the Academy Awards,
not because he was hiding
but because he was saving
this young boys life.
Mike, I admit,
I was wrong.
Mike, I admit,
I was wrong.
He s not a Hollywood
phony, after all.
What can I say about
Michael Steele?
The question reallyis,
what s he gonna do next?
Buddy, you are the first
Oscarwinner in history
who couldnt get a single
offer for his nextjob
and then a stirring
change of events.
The studio did its own
investigation and fired
Mr. Colin Buchanan and you
are going back to work Monday.
Kenny, I m not sure
I want to continue acting.
No, now dont
freak out on me, man.
I want to finish this film
but then take some time off
you know, and take a
fresh look down the line.
What is this?
Is this one ofyour,
'I cant explain why
but I have to do it anyway'
kind of things?
I had this dream
a fewweeks ago,
it turned myworld
upside down.
Don t remind me.
Itwas an ugly time
for all of us.
I m trying to
keep it thatway.
You re a
piece ofwork.
That s what
Annie used to say.
Guess who they
want to direct
the rest
of'Chasing Evidence? '
What s up?
Hey, guys.
Do we look
well adjusted orwhat?
We finished our
year at the center.
So you
came here?
Well, we dontwant
to go home, you know?
You got a pool
back here?
Yes, you do.
I told him that
we shouldnt bother you.
Hey... read this.
I think it s called,
the Sermon on the Mountain.
I know Annie had it all
marked up so I figured
I should read it.
Want to take
a swim too?
[Water splashing]
Don twet me!
Don twet me!
[Instrumental rock
music playing]
It s not over yet,
I knowyou have regrets,
and you know
so do I.
I knowyou feel alone,
feel like you have no home,
butyou will
find it inside.
You must know
your light s not gone.
You just need Him
to turn it on.
I knowHe can be the One
to lightyour fire,
I knowHe can be the One
to lightyour fire,
light your fire.
I knowHe can be the One
to lightyour flame,
light your flame.
I see you sitting there
contemplating death...
I finally have
you all to myself.
Ive always
Okay, cut.
Cut, please,
thank you.
Reset everybody,
back to one.
Did we get it?
I dont know.
It looked pretty
good to me.
I dont care so much
about what it looked like,
did we get it?
You tell me,
you re the director.
I knowHe can be the One
to lightyour fire,
light your fire.
I knowHe can be the One
to lightyour flame,
light your flame.
I see you
sitting there
contemplating death
saying you got
nothing to lose.
Butyou arewrong
my friend,
battle s already been,
I won and itwas for you.
There s a light
inyou I see.
It started burning
when I setyou free.
I knowl can be the One
to lightyour fire,
light your fire.
I knowl can be the One
to lightyour flame,
light your flame.
Let it shine.
Let it shine.
Let it shine.