The Wailing (2016) Movie Script

Where are you off to so early in the morning?
Somebody died...
The ginseng grower, Jo-ssi.
They found her dead.
It is really coming down.
Hey, where are you going?
Someone died.
You know Jo-ssi,
she sells ginseng.
I don't know all the details yet.
You mean that young woman..?
That's right.
Even still, you should eat some breakfast before you go.
I got to go.
Have a spoonful at least.
What difference does it make?
They're dead, its not like you can save them.
I have to get there now.
Eat something first and then go.
Come on.
So what happened?
I do not know.
Sounds like murder.
What kind of bastard could do such a thing?
What an animal...
Did someone die?
Eat something.
Who was it?
Jong Goo!
You got a raincoat?
Why are you so late?!
We got people dying!
Is the boss here yet?
He is in Seoul.
Ak ok.
Follow me.
Why did you leave me?!
I'm right here! Look at me!
Let me go you bastards!
All of you sons of bitches!
Get off me!
You bastard!
It wasn't me! Let me go!
You're finally here?
It looks like they were stabbed.
Around 20 stab wounds.
What is that over there?
I don't think she was killed here,
she was dragged for a while...
Very brutal...
Is that Jo-ssi?
Yes, looks that way.
What the...
What about the son?
With the grandparents now.
What's wrong with him?
He doesn't smell of alcohol and he's not talking.
I think he ate some wild mushrooms.
They say he just suddenly got like that...
Where have you been?!
Oh hey!
Sorry we're late.
You bastard! Let me go!
This guy... What a prick.
Could have just used navigation,
but nope...
Isn't that it right there?
Over here!
Come on.
Jong Goo, come this way.
Hurry up and open the gate.
Go in.
What is that smell?!
So this is where Jo-ssi died.
What the hell is all this?!
So he brought Jo-ssi here to kill her
and after he stabbed her repeatedly
he put her inside a burlap sack
and dragged her all the way home.
Real psycho killer,
Come get photos of this.
Over here, there and also inside.
Over here!
Sergeant, come over here.
Son of a bitch...
What exactly was this guy into..?
"The Wailing.."
Let's see here...
Some scary shit, right..?
Scary my ass...
That is the rumor.
Who told you that?
Hyeon Gi Hyeong.
Oh that guy...
I mean really...
I see he's even gabbing to you now...
Maybe it is just gossip
but he isn't the only one saying it.
Who else?
By the bridge, you know Chil Seong?
He runs the shop over there,
Eun Gook also said something.
All this stuff started to happen when that old Jap showed up...
I can't believe what I'm...
The ignorance... You talking like this...
What do you mean..?
Talking like what..?!
Listen you dumb ass, they did the autopsy,
ran all kinds of tests,
they were talking about how he probably
ate some bad mushrooms...
You know those mushrooms that make you go crazy...
They found large quantities of it in his blood sample,
it was at his house, dried up and untouched...
Sergeant, do you really believe that?
The tests results are in!
Sergeant, have you ever tried those kinds of mushrooms..?
Never tried it you dick...
Mushrooms don't do that to people,
you saw the condition he was in!
You think mushrooms did that?!?
Anyways, I still think I'm right...
There has to be a reason why that rumor spread so quickly...
A reason. Reason.
The electricity is out...
Nobody does any maintenance around here,
if only we had some money we could get an electrician...
Nobody ever listens...
What is what?!
What! What's wrong?!
What is that!
What is it dammit!
Go out there!
Go outside?!?
Do what?!
Get out there!
Take a look dammit!
Who was that?!
Get out there!
A lot in there...
So heavy...
I finally came.
Such big talk...
And I'm always hearing stories about
husbands going for hours...
Maybe if you got me a tonic or something...
I'm having nightmares every night.
What are you doing..?
What are you doing?! Get out of here!
Don't open it!
This girl dammit!
Abeoji! (Abeoji: Father.)
What do you think?
Too pretty.
So how long were you watching us?
How much did you see?
Don't worry about it,
I'm not going to tell people.
So you saw everything...
Don't worry!
That wasn't even the first time.
It's okay, drink.
Quick! Quick!
(Woman wailing in background.)
Where were you?
You didn't answer your phone!
My mother in law suddenly got sick...
You're using your mother in law as an excuse?
Come with me!
It's not like that...
What did you take?!
Jang Goo! What are you waiting for!
Make yourself useful!
Please come out of there.
You go!
Officer Lee!
Come get this woman out of here!
Move aside, make room!
Everyone move back!
Please step aside!
What is wrong with...
What the...
Settle down...
Look at this idiot...
Hyeongnim, you should clean yourself off.
That is embarrassing,
they're going to be talking about that one for a while...
Rolling around screaming and moaning...
Give me a break...
Hello everyone!
Hyo Jin is here!
Is everything good?
Did you bring your father some clothes?
Mom told me to bring this to you...
Some fresh underwear...
Go clean up.
I got it...
Didn't even eat your food...
Good job, good job....
I got it, okay?
You don't have to lecture me,
can't you see your dad is at work?!
I'm leaving, okay?
Bye everyone!
Be safe, bye!
She can be so careless...
Seong Bok?
I remember now...
That woman...
The one from the burned house we just came from,
I knew I saw her somewhere before!
That woman from last night,
standing here butt naked!
When the lights went out!
That's her!
You guys are crazy...
She didn't die by hanging,
she died from knife wounds...
All 3 of them?
I was also a bit surprised.
The woman who was strung up...
She is looking like the suspect.
What is happening around here..?
I wonder that myself...
Come over here!
Through there!
Lift it a little higher!
I found it!
And you're just going to pick it up with your hands..?
Are you retarded..?
This is evidence.
I think need to pick it up with a towel or something like that.
Any new information?
Come on!
Give us something!
So that woman killed them all?
I guess...
What could have...
So why did you call me here?
You know I'm busy.
I called you because of that thing I told you about.
Do you remember what I said?
About that Japanese guy,
what I told you about him and that woman.
You filthy bitch in heat...
That woman -- she is the one.
What are you talking about?!
That woman I told you about with the Japanese guy!
She is the one from the fire!
I'm telling you it's like she suddenly just lost her mind,
going out in the middle of the night completely naked!
Even my wife saw it several times!
Whole body all red and infected,
screaming at people and jumping at them like..!
Hyeongnim, you haven't lost your marbles have you..?
We better round up all the bums for the interrogation room...
You idiot, it's a bit too late for that now,
should've done that days ago!
I was just kidding around,
even if its true who the hell is going to believe this nonsense?
Doesn't matter,
you were right about it and I've given it a lot of thought.
It is definitely not some bad mushrooms.
You are getting really paranoid.
What are you looking at?
She's relentless.
Been here since morning.
Crazy ass...
Hey you should go check out all the clinics around the area.
See if there's any medical records on Park Byeong Wook.
Stop throwing rocks!
Hyeongnim, that is so pointless --
This is important you moron!
An infection, it has something to do with festering infections,
we can track that down, right?
Just go already!
Stop throwing those,
you can hurt somebody!
Ah goddammit!
You really have nothing else to do?!
Where is your house?
Do you live around here?
Don't come any closer!
Ajumma killed them all...
Inside that --
she killed them all in the room.
What are you talking about?
Halmeoni said if we don't do something soon...
Ajummi will die and...
Ajummi didn't want to...
And so she killed them....
Are you family..?
I'm not.
Then who are you?
Follow me.
You're not supposed to...
It's okay.
Come here.
Right here is where she killed them.
Halmeoni died the most painfully.
Tried to fight back but they all died...
And you saw this..?
I watched it...
Halmeoni says the weh-nom is actually a ghost.
He sucks on your blood and kills you...
(Weh-nom: Ethnic slur against people of Japanese descent.)
The Japanese man from the mountain.
Have you seen him..?
How many times?
Once or twice...
Halmeoni said if you keep seeing him
(Halmeoni: Grandma.)
it's probably because he's stalking you...
So he can suck your blood...
And kill you...
You wait here, don't move!
Get back here fast!
I said to get back here fast!
What are you talking about?
I just got here!
I have an eye-witness!
A witness!
Hurry back here!
It's like you visit hell every night by yourself.
Not just once or twice either...
Are you sick?
Why do I keep having nightmares?
Is someone sick?
Hyo Jin isn't well.
Couldn't even go to school.
She's burning up!
What the hell have you been doing this whole time?!
We need to get some help!
You see I brought her medicine!
Aiiish, why didn't you take her to the hospital?!
What the...
You idiot...
The other side..!
Finally arriving for work are we..?
Hyo Jin isn't feeling too good...
I see you're using your daughter as an excuse now...
You really found a witness..?!
I want you to search the entire
neighborhood thoroughly!
Working like this do you really expect a promotion..?
Seong Bok and I worked our asses off
searching all over the place...
So you're sticking together...
Just look at this!
First he gets the brush all dirty,
and then he cleans with it...
They're expecting results!
Whether you lost the witness or lied about it,
this is on you!
I have to report back.
Nothing to look at.
I can't believe the way he talks to us...
Here, take a look at this.
Family dies horribly in a wild mushroom tragedy.
What did the hospital say?
They're not sure.
They recommend us to a larger hospital.
You really think there's a chance
it could be fungus..?
There is a possibility...
Remember what you told you me about Byeong Jae?
Did I?
About the tumble he had on the mountain...
Hit his head on a rock...
Give it a rest!
Why do you listen to all these stories?
I don't want any doubt.
You know him right..?
This side...
It may be hard to believe but
I saw it with my own two eyes.
See that?
Yes, I see.
22 stitches from that.
You sure you weren't drinking..?
Is that what you think..?
I've had my days already,
I can't afford to live that carelessly.
Is there evidence..?
I guess, see for yourself...
You don't believe me...
You want proof...
Come here!
Don't act surpised now.
I'm opening it!
Take a look.
Empty right..?
Since that day I haven't been back to the mountain.
My shop is losing money because of it!
How is that evidence?
You don't believe me...
That's not important anyway.
When I woke up after hitting my head,
I saw him crawling around on all fours like an animal
wearing nothing but some sort of diaper.
An adult?
Adults can wear diapers.
They get old and can't take care of themselves.
Lot of them use it...
So are you saying you actually
want to look into this?!
You guys came here to question me
but instead you're questioning each other...
He had his face in it, his whole body,
he was caked in blood!
His eyes were bright red and he slowly fixed his gaze on me...
Then all of a sudden he..!
I can't get any sleep at night.
Pulling at it like a tiger...
You saw him eating raw meat, right..?
Look, look!
I got goosebumps!
This guy,
you think this is funny?!
Where exactly does he live?
You wanna' go?
I think I need to meet him.
Don't go, trust me on this...
It is my opinion
all these people dying in the village,
it has something to do with him.
He is not a human...
So what is his address..?
You're going to look for an adress in the woods?!
You can give us an approximate location...
You don't need directions for that,
it's in the in corner of that valley over there.
How much farther from here?
It's a bit far.
Aigoo, damn it!
What's wrong?
Over there!
What am I looking at..?
Look at that,
Is that a tiger?!
You were telling the truth?!
That's what I've been saying
over and over this entire time dammit!
It was all real...
We gotta' go!
We gotta' get out of here!
We can go down this way.
Where are you going..?
You have to show us...
It's right there,
just go up the hill.
I don't want to get any deeper.
I'm going now!
You're here anyway,
just see it through!
Let me go!
I have to leave!
How are you just going to leave now?
Byeong Jae!
Byeong Jae!
Byeong Jae!
Are you okay?
You bastard!
Die you bastards!
You guys go die if you want,
leave me the hell out of it!
I'm really sorry!
Go die!
You talk too goddamn much you asshole...
Where are you going..?
Did he just get...
Hunting and feeding himself his whole life,
rain or not.
Almost died by getting struck by lightning...
How do you end up getting struck by lightning!?
What are the odds...
Fortunately he's strong from
eating all that meat everyday,
it's why he's still breathing.
Over here! Over here! Over here!
Patient number 302 Park Byeong Gyoo!
Come to the room right now please!
We need help over here!
What is this!
All of this...
What am I supposed to make of it..?
Tomorrow we need to go that house...
There is definitely something up there...
Another glass!
Hyo Jin!
Hyo Jin!
Hyo Jin!
Dad is here!
Look! Daddy is here!
Dad is here!
Hyo Jin!
Open your eyes!
Hyo Jin.
Look at daddy!
Look at me!
Abeoji is here!
Please make it stop!
What is it?
What's wrong?!
Someone was knocking on our door trying to get in!
There was a man trying to come inside!
It's okay, it's okay.
Hyo Jin!
Hyo Jin!
All good..?
Good morning father.
Her whole life she barely eats anything,
she doesn't even like fish...
There is something different about her.
I heard everything last night...
Halmeoni next door says
we need to get in touch with a mudang. (Mudang: Shaman.)
I'm going to meet with him.
I'm just letting you know.
Yes, I understand...
We ready to go?
This is my nephew.
What is he a pastor?
No, he's a deacon. Assistant.
Below the pastor.
I was thinking about it and
we need someone to translate
if we're going to talk to him.
You speak Japanese?
A little bit, little bit.
He lived in Japan as a child...
What is this around you neck?
Trying all sorts of things are we?
What is your name?
Yi San.
In Bongpyeong?
Come on!
Anyone here?
You know this is against the law!
I know.
Then what are you doing?!
Don't do this!
If you're not going to help
then just wait outside...
I got it!
Just go outside!
What are you staring at?
Making me uncomfortable...
Go stare at something over there!
What the fuck...
Damn dog!
Get off of me!
Get it off!
Get it off!
What were you doing?!
How'd you get him so pissed off!?
Hey help us with this dog!
Block it!
Seong Bok! Help!
Block it!
Get up you idiot!
Where is it?!
Where did it go?
Seong Bok,
the owner is here...
Seong Bok.
Are you okay?
What's wrong with you?
You were acting weird back there...
You saw something?
Answer me dammit!
It's him...
Why are you acting like this..?
Get yourself together!
It's not just one or two people...
He takes pictures of them before they turn into...
And he takes pictures of them when they die...
He goes back to photograph them...
What the fuck are you babbling about?!?
You're not making any sense!
He is the one responsible...
That is enough!
We'll talk later!
In that room...
That man...
He had the belongings of living people...
What exactly did you see..?
What did you see!
Hyo Jin
Hyo Jin
Hyo Jin
Hyo Jin
Hyo Jin
Hyo Jin
Hyo Jin
You're getting soaked!
Where is Hyo Jin?
Her room.
Hyo Jin!
Home early..?
Did you lose a shoe..?
What do you mean..?
So what is this..?
It's not mine...
This isn't your handwriting..?
I said it's not mine...
You know there is a Japanese person
that lives around here, right?
Clothes are completely soaked...
Answer me!
You know him, right?
You met with him, right?
Answer me now!
What's going..?
Go outside.
I'm dealing with something right now,
go outside.
Your father is a cop.
I'll know if you're lying.
You met him, right?
Tell me!
Where did you meet him?
What did you guys do?
Why should I tell you..?
This is important!
Why is it important..?
You're going to be like this!
What is so important..?
Tell me,
what is it so important..?
What? WHAT!
You insignificant piece of...
Loser, a total loser...
What are you doing right now..?
I thought you were asleep...
What are you doing..?
Sitting there looking up your daughter's skirt,
what do you think you're doing..?
Can't speak..?
Speak you piece of shit.
I said speak you piece son of a bitch!
Don't look at me you piece of shit!
How can you speak to your father like that?!
Don't fucking look at me!
You're going to keep this up?
That is your father!
I'm going to kill him!
I spoke to the mudang.
He said we have a ghost in our house.
It looks it has taken over Hyo Jin.
We could all die if we don't do anything.
He's a well-known mudang.
Who is it!
Why you don't answer your phone?
Come outside,
we have somewhere to go.
Where'd all that stuff go that was inside?
The property you had in there,
where is it now..?
What property..?
He wants to know what I'm talking about.
Tell him we saw everything.
The property you had in your house earlier,
where is it?
He said photo.
Yes, photos and the other stuff.
I burned it.
I said I burned it.
He said burned it.
In the kitchen.
In the kitchen.
This fucking guy...
What is your purpose here?
What is your reason for being here?
Ask him again.
Why are you here?
This fucking...
Tell him to be specific!
Can you be more specific..?
You wouldn't believe me even if I told you...
He says whatever he has to say,
you won't believe him...
Translate this exactly:
You piece of shit!
You sick son of a bitch!
You're an old man!
And you're hanging up pictures
of dead women in your house?!
Why was this in your house?
Who are you?
What are you up to?
Who are you?
I know everything that you're doing.
I saw what was in your house
and I know what you did to my daughter you fuck!
I would really feel better if you just moved away,
leave this village in peace.
Just leave this place quietly.
This is Gokseong, my home.
Don't get yourself killed doing stupid shit,
just leave!
If you do not leave you will die.
When someone is talking to you shake your head
or nod you son of a bitch!
Please answer.
You think I'm all talk...
Shut up you fucking dog!
You think I'm all talk?
Then what choice do I have...
You think I wont do anyting?!
I tried to reason with you didn't I..?
Even if you told me I wouldn't believe you...
What is all this?
Dammit what is all this shit!
What is all this!
Put a fucking head in here...
Come to my village...
You son of a bitch!
Son of a bitch!
What now?
Believe me now?
I'll give you 3 days.
You got 3 days to pack up and get out of here
or you'll end up just like the dog.
Translate it to him!
Translate it!
How long has she been like this?
Couple days now.
Her symptoms are identical to the others.
There must be a reason for it...
Some sort of an explanation for the symptoms.
He said he doesn't know what it is...
Yeobo! Yeobo!
(Yeobo: Term of endearment for husband/wife.)
Who did this?!
Yeobo! Yeobo!
Are you okay?
Are you okay?
Do you drink a lot of alcohol?
Nothing serious.
About 20 minutes without moving.
Drink less.
Before you have a real stroke...
This is just the beginning.
Your mind has to be strong.
That guy I told you about,
he'll begin tomorrow.
Where is Hyo Jin now?
Pay attention to what I'm saying!
Have the money ready!
Where is Hyo Jin?
She's at home, where else would she be!
Halmeoni next door said she'll watch her.
And why are you both here
and not with our kid?
Do you even care?
Stop moving around!
Something is wrong...
What happened?
Hyo Jin! Hyo Jin!
What is this?!
Don't cry, look!
Don't cry! It's okay!
It's okay!
It's okay!
Are you okay?
This is because of her dad!
Where else would she learn...
That child learned from the father!
The father!
Look at this!
He is responsible for this,
I'm sure of it.
When we were at his house,
I felt my body react,
so hot and unsettling...
A man living on the mountain...
He doesn't seem like a living person...
Whatever it is,
we have to do something.
If we don't,
the same fate awaits us...
Close that door dammit!
What is inside that vat..?
Which one?
The one with the red top.
Just bean paste.
Bring it here.
What's the problem?
Are you deaf?
That's good, move! Move!
What is it?
We got a real nasty one.
Hyo Jin!
Hyo Jin!
She came into contact with something recently, right?
I'm not sure I understand what you...
Is there anyone that could have touched her?
This is the most powerful ghost I have ever encountered...
You disturbed it.
Then what are we supposed to do?
Who is it..?
Has she been in contact with anyone...
If you know say something!
A Japanese person...
I knew as much.
That man is not a person.
That stranger is a ghost.
Get a move on!
All those people in your village,
they've been taken over by the ghost.
If we don't do anything about it soon
your daughter won't be only one that suffers.
Everything on two legs will die in your village.
On my count!
One, two, three..!
This man is a farmer named Park Chon Bae.
He is the owner of this house.
He killed his own wife?
Is seems that way.
What did you say this bastard's name was?
Park Chon Bae. Park Chon Bae.
And then what?
What do you mean and then what?!
We have to get rid of it!
Throw him out of the village,
or kill him...
Tomorrow night I am going to do a ritual
to get rid of this ghost.
You have the money?
How much will it..?
Do you have at least 10 million won?
Yes, just tell me when you need it.
Listen carefully!
The ritual I am going to do tomorrow...
It is not your average ritual...
It is out-of-body.
The ritual is very dangerous
and people have gone crazy from it.
No matter what happens you cannot interrupt it.
Be extra careful tomorrow, no visitors,
no eating and no drinking.
If you fail to follow my instructions
the results are on you.
It's settled then.
Go home now.
I had something I wanted to ask you...
About the Japanese man.
You said he was a ghost...
How can a living man be a ghost..?
It doesn't make sense...
That's because he's not a living man...
He's been dead for a long time now.
I'm sure he was a person at some point
but he's not anymore...
Just takes over the body like a possession?
At first it was.
As long as you can breathe, speak and move
you're among the living
but precisely because of that
the village is overrun with dead bodies.
This ghost,
if it isn't stopped it will devour the entire village
and move on. A wild ghost.
A wild ghost?
It's a wild ghost,
(Heulg: Earth, soil, ground, filth. Gwisin: Ghost, apparition, evil spirit.)
it can move and roam freely,
they are the most malevolent.
Okay then why, why?
My daughter --
Your daughter possessed..?
What could she possibly have done...
When you go fishing,
do you always know what you're going drag out..?
This ghost is fishing,
it doesn't know what it'll pull out either.
Threw out the bait
and your daughter just happened to notice it.
That's all there is to it!
Park Chon Bae.
This one?
Not this one?
Twenty-one thousand won.
What are you?!
I would like this one.
I'm going to die!
Hyo Jin!
Yeobo! Yeobo!
Hyo Jin! Hyo Jin!
Hyo Jin! Hyo Jin!
Hyo Jin!
Stop it.. Make it stop...
Put an end to all of this..!
Hyo Jin! Hyo Jin!
Abeoji! Abeoji!
Abeoji! Abeoji!
Hyo Jin! Hyo Jin!
That's enough you bastards!
You bastard!
Stop it!
Enough of this!
Stop before I start arresting you bastards!
Get out!
She's been like this ever since..?
I think we should talk to the pastor.
(Sinbu: Pastor.)
Is everything you just told me the truth..?
From what that mudang told you,
the perspective for someone like him...
Ghosts are spirits of people who have died, right?
And yet the man is living...
I heard about him several times myself actually,
some say he is a well-known
university professor,
others say he is kind of scary...
I've also heard that he is a monk.
But all this...
It's just gossip!
How can you believe in --
Pastor, it's really not that simple...
Still insisting...
This spirit,
have you seen it..?
You didn't even see this spirit
so how do you believe in it..?
You need to go back to the hospital,
trust in the doctor,
don't listen to anyone else.
The church can not offer any assistance.
Come with me so we can go talk to him.
Whether he's a ghost or not,
I just really need to see it with my own eyes...
If he is a ghost...
Can he not die by my hands..?
Not everyone can do it.
What's up.
What did you call us in for
this early in the morning?
Hyeon Cheol is having a baby,
he couldn't come.
What happened to your face?!
You're not fucking around with me right?
You're serious..?
How far do we need to walk..?
Dumb ass...
At times like this...
Let's go!
Did you look..?
What are you doing just standing there?
Go look around!
What is that..?
Park Chon Bae,
this piece of shit..!
Jong Goo! Jong Goo!
Jong Goo!
You found him?
That way!
You guys follow me!
What is that??
What is it?
Stay back!
Stay back..!
Hey! Hey! That's enough!
What are you trying to kill him?
Sorry about that!
What are you doing?!
Stop! Stop!
Let go of the stick!
Yi San!
There's someone over there...
That's him!
Get him!
Where are you going!
Don't lose him!
Son of a bitch!
What is it?
Why'd we stop?
What the...
Look here!
Hey! Hey!
Hey, Jong Goo!
I gotta' catch him...
I have to save Hyo jin,
Hyo Jin...
He must be caught so
that Hyo Jin can be saved.
Stop it with that.
Hyeon Gi... Hyeon Gi...
I have to save Hyo Jin.
I have to save Hyo Jin!
I have to catch that bastard!
Don't cry you son of a bitch.
Answer the phone...
What is it?
Was it a person?
The fool has taken the bait...
Are you okay baby?
You're okay?
Come here!
Doesn't hurt anymore?
Drink this.
Just leave it as it is.
Because it's too messy.
Leave it be.
All of this because of that man.
Go and rest,
you must be tired.
Completely clueless...
She's the owner of the house.
It looks like he's on some drugs.
It's got everyone all worked up.
They're going to take him away.
He needs a lawyer,
get everything prepared.
I guess you could say...
Samchon is the victim...
What is this..?
What is your business here..?
(Missed calls. Il Gwang.)
Buddha! Protect me!
Protect me!
Give me protection, give me protection!
Protection, Buddha give me protection!
What is this?!
It's me, Il Gwang.
Where are you?
Where are you right now?
Don't ask me any questions,
just go straight home to your daughter.
Right now!
Just tell me now,
right now I'm
at your house.
I'm telling you to go straight home!
Enough already,
just tell me what you're going to tell me.
I made a mistake...
All of it...
It's the wrong person.
What are you talking about..?
I just came by your house a moment ago
and there was a woman there...
I made a big mistake!
It's not the Japanese guy,
the woman is the ghost!
She's causing all of this!
So you need to get home right now!
I'm also on my way there.
What about the Japanese guy..?
He was trying to catch her and kill her,
trying to save all the people that bitch was killing.
That Japanese man,
is like me, a shaman!
Tell me,
was that woman wearing white..?
So you've seen her...
She's a young girl right..?
That's right.
Where's my daughter?
Where is Hyo Jin!
Hyo Jin!
What the..?
Where are you going in the middle of the night..?
Where are you going right now..?
Where is my daughter?
Where is my daughter?
About this tall..?
Hyo Jin..?
It's because that ghost seduced her...
Halmeoni said that weh-nom is a ghost,
he abused her...
Stop with the bullshit!
Tell me you bitch!
Where is Hyo Jin?
That weh-nom is --
Your child is at your house.
Where else...
She's not home.
She's there.
I just saw her...
Don't go home...
If you go home everyone will die.
If you go home now
everyone in your family will die!
What are you saying..?
That weh-nom is waiting for you to come home.
Using your family as bait.
He died already...
He's not dead.
He's not something that dies.
Very soon now,
a ghost will enter your house...
You saw the ghost I'm talking about right?
Didn't you see it behind that woman's house..?
It was a dream...
Not a dream.
I set a trap for him...
Just wait until he's caught.
That's all you have to do...
What are you?
A person or a ghost..?
Why do you ask?
I have to know.
If I'm going to trust you...
Just believe it.
If you want to save your family.
A person who is trying to save your daughter...
Just some...
I called Mi Sook,
she didn't come by there.
Hyo Jin! Hyo Jin!
What the...
When is that ghost coming?
He's already there...
Hyo Jin...
He's already there..?
I want to ask you something...
Are you..?
What do you think..?
You are the devil.
(Akuma: Devil, fire demon.)
Aren't you going to say anything..?
I don't know what to say,
you just told me I'm the devil...
(Il Gwang.)
I'm getting close,
Where are you?
You're at home right..?
I'm with her...
Do not... DO NOT!
Listen to anything she tells you!
No matter what she says,
you have to go home to your daughter right now.
Do you understand me..?
Do you understand!
Is it that monk?
You can't trust him.
He's just a pawn.
Is that so..?
So you think I am the devil now...
And that is why you came here
carrying that...
It doesn't matter what I say,
I'm just a stranger here and people can't accept me.
Things will never change...
that's not what this is...
That's what you say but we both know it's true,
you've come here to kill me and
you're calling me the devil, isn't that --
If you're not devil then
just tell me who you are.
Tell me that
and I'll go without doing anything to you...
When the ghost is caught in the trap
the rooster will crow 3 times.
Just be patient until then.
So you won't do anything to me
and you'll just... Go?
That's right.
You have 2 left.
Don't waver.
You'll go without doing anything..?
That's right,
I'll go without doing anything...
Who says I'm going to let you go..?
I just want to know one thing...
All of this,
Why is all of this happening?!
The father of the daughter has sinned...
What sin did I commit..?
The father of the daughter has plotted against others,
he has even tried to kill.
And he has killed...
It's because...
My daughter...
My daughter! My Daughter!
It was because she got so sick!
What was I supposed to do?!
What am I supposed to..?
Now, 1 left.
What was I supposed to...
Don't go...
What do you mean..?
What you perceive to be that is flesh and bone,
go ahead, touch it!
A ghost cannot be flesh or bone,
but as you can clearly see...
This one is!
No. It's not...
It's you...
Is it really you doing all this?!
Don't go!
Hyo Jin...
Don't go...
Hyo Jin!
What are you doing..?
What are you..?
Why would you be afraid..?
Hyo Jin!
Look at me! Look at me!
Look at me!
Don't go! Don't go! Don't go!
Hyo Jin!
Hyo Jin!
Hyo Jin!
Hyo Jin!
Hyo Jin!
Why is there still doubt in your heart..?
As you see my hands, my feet...
Do you see..?
What I am!
Hyo Jin...
It's okay...
My Hyo jin...
You know appa is a cop, right?
Appa will figure it all out...
Appa will...