The Waiter (2018) Movie Script

Vodka with two ice cubes
for the lady.
Vodka orange, heavy on the juice,
for the gentleman.
Got a safe bet for you, Renos.
Thunderbolt ?
Thunderbolt got pulled out.
- Why ?
- He was injured.
Thunderbolt was one of a kind.
There'll never be another
thoroughbred like him.
Gamblers display increased activity
in the brain's ventral striatum.
In the ventrolateral prefrontal
cortex too.
What do you mean by that ?
These cerebral areas control
human impulses.
That's why they call me Thunderbolt.
Thunderbolt always wins, Renos.
If you want a winner, just ask me.
When you iron your trousers,
do you make a crease ?
What's that now ?
Do you crease your trousers
when you iron them ?
- Yes. Why ?
- It doesn't last.
If you want it to last
rub the inside of the crease with
some paraffin before ironing.
Do it. You'll see.
- Hello, Milan.
- Hi.
Everything's shit.
Why ? What's wrong ?
Here's what's wrong...
I can't find her anywhere.
She won't answer my calls.
She disappeared on me.
Be patient.
Fuck that, she's gone.
It's over ! That's it.
Just like that.
- Just like that ?
- Yes, just like that.
Everything in life happens
just like that...
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
- Have you seen Paola ?
- Paola ?
Haven't seen her in ages.
What can I get you ?
The usual.
Whisky in a lowball
with one ice cube.
She's an oasis.
No one gets me, Renos.
She's the woman every man
would want.
Have you ever truly loved someone ?
- I have.
- What happened ?
I never became the man she thought
she wanted me to be.
Sorry for your loss.
I have something for you.
Fuck my goddamn luck today...
- What happened ?
- I stepped in chewing gum.
Neat trick.
Do you like being a waiter ?
That's my job.
I'm a waiter.
Have been all my life.
You mean there's nothing else
you could do ?
That's not what I'm saying.
But this is where I am now.
Professional waiter.
Pothos !
Houseplants filter and clean the air.
Their leaves absorb noise.
Golden Pothos.
Also known as Devil's Ivy.
Originally from southeast Asia
and the Solomon Islands.
One of the easiest plants
to grow at home.
Pothos plants also absorb
all harmful substances...
found indoors and purify
the atmosphere.
Vodka with two ice cubes.
And a vodka orange,
heavy on the juice.
Wanna bet they break up ?
I bet you twenty euros.
What do you mean, no ?
No, I won't bet.
Good evening.
Good evening.
Did Milan move out ?
You know him ?
Not well, I just see him
around sometimes.
He's away on a trip.
I came by to feed his cat.
Is this a bad time ?
Do you have any painkillers ?
Whenever my hip hurts,
I can barely move.
Just a minute. I'll go check.
A little water ?
Thank you.
You're a painter ?
It's a hobby.
Me, I like to cook.
Do you like meat ?
I do, yes.
I'll be cooking a French specialty.
Come over for dinner.
You'll try something
you've never had before.
I'm a good cook.
Don't give it a second thought.
I'll be expecting you.
Thanks for the painkiller.
So, are you coming ?
- I'm afraid I can't...
- Come on. Not a second thought.
- What meat is this ?
- Beef.
How do you like it ?
Any good ?
It's quite peculiar.
Time for the main course ?
Beef bourguignon !
It cooks for six hours.
It's a time consuming procedure but
when you try it you're gonna like it.
And the finishing touch...
Bon appetit.
Where do you work ?
I'm a waiter.
Always on your feet.
I'm used to it. Been doing
it for years now.
What do you do ?
Various things.
Imports, exports. I used
to work with Milan.
Used to ?
Still do. He's just away
on a trip right now.
Do you like it ?
It's really very nice.
You're a good chef.
Mind if I smoke ?
Mind if I have one too ?
They're quite strong.
Why don't we go out ?
No I can't, I have to
iron my clothes.
Leave the ironing for tomorrow.
Come on, let's go.
You won't regret it.
Good evening, Gina.
This is Renos.
Renos, this is Gina.
Good evening.
Good evening.
- Have you been here before ?
- No.
You're going to have a great time.
Follow me.
It's been torture for years now.
In bed at night the pain
is unbearable.
Here's the only place
I find relief.
What's the matter ?
You look worried.
Who's that guy with you ?
Some guy.
Milan's neighbour.
Why bring him here ?
I want to get to know
him better.
Does he knows ?
Don't be scared.
Got a cigarette ?
What's up ?
Got a problem ?
Got a problem, yes.
Something's troubling you.
Something's troubling me, yes.
Want to tell me ?
- What can I say...
- We can talk it through.
I'm leaving. Had enough.
Getting out of here.
Why are you leaving ?
I have nothing here.
No wife, no kids,
no dogs, no cats.
Not even this place.
Hey Renos, don't you ever
feel like leaving ?
Feel like you're drowning ?
But that's not enough.
All it takes is a decision.
It's all in the mind.
Wherever you go, it's the same.
Why's that ?
Because you take yourself along.
We're celebrating tonight.
Come join us.
Get comfortable, have a seat.
I'll bring out my special dish.
You know Milan ?
I'd see him sometimes
at the laundromat.
Haven't seen him in a while.
Today's dish is ready.
How does it look ?
Cheers everyone !
Sorry, I have to go.
Already ? The party's
just getting started.
I'm sorry.
Have a good evening.
That's too bad.
- Good night, Renos.
- Good night.
Don't mention that we met.
Don't you worry about that.
You've got the hiccups.
Hiccups are a complicated process.
It all starts with a sudden involuntary
contraction of the respiratory muscles.
It's a reflex triggered
by certain stimuli.
Maybe even emotional stress.
Would you like a mint ?
Are you always this calm ?
I'm not sure if I am calm
or if I just look calm.
Don't you ever get scared ?
I get scared.
But fear disrupts the will.
One profiterole.
Renos, there's a guy
asking for you.
Him in the beige.
Said he wants to see you.
Good evening.
You work in a nice place.
One of the oldest
patisseries in Athens.
Classy place.
And this profiterole ?
It's our specialty.
Made right here from scratch.
The secret's in the choux pastry.
And the thick chocolate ganache,
served lukewarm.
We're going on a day trip tomorrow.
Want to come ?
It's a very special place.
Our lady friend is coming too.
You're quite fond of her, aren't you...
I'm sorry but I must
get back to work.
No problem.
What's up ?
Is something wrong ?
You like drawing.
I do, yes. It relaxes me.
Nature makes you forget yourself.
Nature has its own rhythms.
"Nature does not hurry,
yet everything is accomplished."
It must be hard work,
chopping a person into pieces.
Takes a lot of effort.
The tool needs to be sharp.
Really well honed.
Did you strangle him
or stab him first ?
Did you take off his clothes ?
Or did you start by cutting
through the fabric ?
The best thing is to drain
all the blood from the body
making horizontal cuts
along the major arteries.
The smell is intense.
Did you use a saw ?
When underwater, a corpse
fills with air.
Rises to the surface
and floats.
To keep it under takes
three times its weight.
Will it be just you ?
Yes, Renos. Just me.
A vodka orange.
Heavy on the vodka this time.
Right away.
What's up ?
Changed your uniform ? A turtleneck,
not a shirt ? How come ?
We wore turtlenecks at school.
To hide love bites left by girls.
I wanted to check you're alright.
I'm alright.
You ?
Come in.
Can I take your jacket ?
Would you like something to drink ?
- Yes.
- Beer ?
Renos, I think I'll be leaving soon.
I can't stay here anymore
after all that's happened.
But I want to see you again.
Me too.
I want to see you again.
But I never expect anything
from anyone, Gina.
You said my name.
For the first time.
Oranges are better when
they're bitter.
So fragrant...
In the morning we cross
the border.
Excuse me, where's the toilet ?
Outside, on the right.
My name is Irineos Kaldis.
I live at number 7
Eastern Rumelia Street.
An upward force exerted
by a fluid
against the weight
of an immersed body.
When underwater, a corpse
fills with air.
Rises to the surface
and floats.
To keep it under takes
three times its weight.