The Walls of Malapaga (1949) Movie Script

Look, Here's food for
two days. I see you later.
Ah, I don't want to
eat. I got a tooth ache.
Listen, I don't have time
to waste. I'll come back later.
Look out, the police
here is always aware.
It's no good to get
offshore empty handed.
- Want one?
- No, no...
Hey, leave the lamp!
I'm here for three
days. I'm getting nuts.
Ok, here you are.
So, what are you gonna do?
You know... I'll disembark.
Are you crazy?
Do you want them to chase you too?
I can't take it anymore, this
tooth ache is making me nuts.
It won't kill you.
I don't want to end in this cellar.
I want to go on shore and
take care of this tooth.
And if you get caught? It's not
the tooth they will take from you...
...But your head.
Don't worry.
It's my head, not yours.
I'm going to Naples.
If you going to the
shore, pay me now.
Don't you trust me?
No, because it's easy to get off...
But you can't come back
without the documents.
First you give me the money,
them I give you the the suitcase.
Keep it for me.
Come here... You're a mess.
You won't get off
looking like this.
Go on, clean it up.
There's some soap there.
Do you know where I
can find a dentist?
Oh, never mind.
I will find one.
Be aware!
Don't talk much.
Excuse me, do you know
where I can find a dentist?
A dentist!
The best there is. I
give you a piece of it.
Cool down. Thats a Palmolive soap.
- Pardon, I'm not from here.
- Do you want to eat?
Enter, there's fresh fish.
No, no eating. A dentist,
I have a tooth ache.
Oh... A Dentist! He's
looking for a dentist.
He's French.
There's a good one on that
street, on Corbetta Square.
On Corbetta they
really get it done.
It's better to go to Doctor
Benetti, on So Bernado Street.
It will be cheaper, I know him.
You shut up, understand? I
know what I'm talking about.
Trust me. You go straight
forward, then turn left...
...Then turn right.
You'll find a big sign.
You can't go wrong.
- Poor thing. He's got a tooth ache.
- Yeah, I know.
Take the Mister to Dr.
Benetti, on So Bernardo.
- She will lead you.
- Merci.
- I speak French, too.
- Hmm...
I'm from Nice.
- Is it far away?
- No, It's right there.
We'll soon get there.
The tooth ache is just like
being in love, isn't it?
Yeah, just look at my face.
Sir, you speak French, don't
you? I got you a good offer.
Look here... Leather.
I brought it from Rhodes.
Look, It's strong... Strong.
It's good to make shoes.
I need to sell it tonight.
I can't take aboard. I don't
know what my captain will do.
Leave me alone, go away.
I beg of you, make a good offer.
How long will you take...
Go away, can't you see
he's got a tooth ache?
Here it is. It's
on the third floor.
- Hey, mister...
- Shit! Leave me alone!
Do you want to
exchange some francs?
I can exchange some francs.
- 1100 per 2000 Liras.
- How much?
Take care. Hey... Go there.
- Say, How much?
- 1100 for 2000 Liras, official exchange.
- Official or not, I ain't got any choice.
- Here you are.
Well, farewell, monsieur. Bye.
I wait for you here.
Take a seat, please.
I beg you to be quick,
it's very painful.
- You're not from Genoa, are you?
- The only thing I care is the tooth ache.
- Excuse me.
- Oh...
Open your mouth, please.
Will have to take it off.
But I got to sterilize
the instruments first.
Yeah... First...
Without the anesthesia, It will be
450 liras... Otherwise, 800 liras.
Look, get this
fucking chloroform...
...That I'm in a
hurry. I got the money.
There! Get it!
- It's not the right moment.
- Get it!
I'm sorry but this is false.
- Oh, shit!
- It's common. Got another?
Yes, but I think it's her sister.
Yes, it is. I'm sorry.
You won't let me
in this condition...
- I've got francs, are there any good?
- Yes, but at the official exchange!
Lost it?
Do you want to here a
good news? I've got robbed.
But you're gonna get it
off anyway... And now.
But, sir...
I'm gonna spend the night in a place
where I can't have a tooth ache.
- It's not good anywhere.
- Especially in jail.
- What?
- Yeah, in Jail. Go ahead, you can't say no.
So, without anesthesia.
It would have been
better with anesthesia...
Ah, what a relief!
And now, Are you
really going to jail?
It's better when you
have someone like that!
Here. For tonight. When you
feel the pain you'll be in jail.
Thank you doctor.
Now I can really eat.
- I'm sorry but the lunch...
- I don't meant this way.
In prison, they'll give you food.
Oh... You're very good, sir.
And remember, don't chew
too much on the left side.
So... Farewell and good luck.
- Still here?
- I've been waiting for you.
Waiting for me... Hmmm...
That man that exchanged the
money for me, do you know him?
He stole my wallet and
gave me two false bills.
- You don't have any money?
- No. And one tooth less.
So, go to the police.
It's a good idea...
- Do you know where is the police station?
- Yes, it's near here.
I'm hungry.
But without any money,
what are you gonna do?
I got to eat for free.
Here we are.
This is the police Station?
Yes, on the first floor.
I'm going up, You stay here.
Aren't you gonna need me anymore?
No, I won't.
Goodbye, girl. Tell
me, what's your name?
And you?
Nice name... Pierre.
- Original, hmm?
- But you'll be coming down soon?
Yeah, but I won't be alone.
Well, go now. Goodbye.
Good morning.
What do you want?
Well, I'm in a hurry. Does anyone
speaks french?
- What?
- Can I talk to someone?
Are you french?
The commissioner speaks french.
I can talk to any police officer.
The commissioner will
soon be here. Just wait.
He hasn't arrive yet. Seat there.
You may come in.
Come in!
Thank you. Where can I put it?
He is being questioned.
No wine. No knife.
In France they don't
like knifes, either.
- French?
- Hmm.
These things interfere
with my appetite.
Mine is going to be
hard to take it off.
Do you like Italian food?
I answer you later... Or never.
You will never know
if I like Italian food.
Are you a good cook?
Experienced. It's near by.
No, not for me. For me it's
like the end of the world.
No, is the restaurant
here at your right.
This conversation
is making me hungry.
And if I went to the restaurant?
I ain't got any
money, but who cares?
Cecchina! What are you doing here?
Go home, quickly.
- See? Made me hungry.
- It's a pleasure.
Don't say this too soon.
Good morning, Marta.
I thought we were finished.
You know how hard it is.
- Oh, look who is here...
- Cecchina, look out! Run!
Thanks. Without you, she
would have been caught.
- Who is that?
- My husband.
- You don't get along well, it seems.
- No.
It's a pity.
- The fruit, Madam, please.
- Ok, I'll bring it.
- A Glass.
- Yes, I'll bring it too.
It's my daughter. He wants to take
her away, but he will not succeed.
- Ah, Are you the mother of that child?
- Yes.
Now it's over.
Everything went fine.
So, what do you want?
...Do you have a nice steak?
If everybody minded their own business,
it would be better for everyone.
Take it easy. I don't want
a fuss in my establishment.
- Do what you want.
- I'll call the police.
So called them. I'm
square with the police.
And you know it.
I told you I don't want to see you.
By the law, you're still my wife.
Either you come back or I'll
find a way to get Cecchina back.
You'll never see her anymore.
I work day and night so my
daughter don't need you anymore.
I'm happy to play the
maid. Even the slave.
But I don't want her
to know how we lived.
Weve live in poverty, in that bar.
Go, go. Go away.
Let me work. It's better for you.
You're right. There's
too many people around.
- But we'll meet again...
- Coward!
Go away.
Go before I loose my temper.
Remember this. Do you got it?
Say... This won't stop
my eating, will it?
- Jerk!
- Marta, Marta... Someone is calling you.
I'll be there.
This doesn't finish here.
Sooner or later I'll hit you.
Some ugly words!
For those who've got
nothing to eat. For the poor.
- And dissert, when will you bring it?
- I'll bring it, lady.
- Ah, finally we're talking about eating
- Sorry.
For those who've got
nothing to eat. For the poor.
Here you are. So?
- I asked for a nice steak.
- Steak?
- Yes. I lost a tooth for that.
- And you don't come to Italy just for that.
And why do you come?
Oh, for the pretty things,
like music, for example.
Hmm... The music, the woman...
For those who've got
nothing to eat. For the poor.
- I ain't got the spirit anymore.
- Your intention is enough.
I neither have the intention.
- So, a steak.
- We don't have meat today, sir.
- Spaghetti?
- Oh... Right.
A Spaghetti.
- And lots of butter.
- Ok.
Half a gallon of wine.
For those who've got
nothing to eat. For the poor.
- That liquor over there... Is it...
- Brandy?
No.. The...
- Yeah, "The sea".
- Yes, yes... "The sea".
I want...
Bring two of them.
- Oh, no... Thanks.
- Why? Can't I, maybe...?
I got confused.
- Well, bring me the bill.
- Yes.
So... A Spaghetti, a fish...
- Yes.
- Two drinks, the fruit... And a gallon...
- Three gallons.
- No, two and a half.
- Well, it's 1.250 liras.
- 250?
- Hmm, no... 1.250.
- It's all the same. Bring me your boss.
- You can pay me.
- I ain't got any money.
Yes, yes. That's it.
But if you haven't any money,
you can't eat in a restaurant.
- It's fair, That's why I called the boss.
- And if he calls the police?
Until he gets here,
I won't know it.
- You took advantage of me.
- Do I look like someone who does this?
So why did you came?
Because I was hungry.
Because someone stole my
wallet and gave me false money.
- And the police...
- False money, let me see it.
- Oh, they are false, no doubt about it.
- Let's see...
If it amuses you.
They are real.
- I don't like this games.
- Oh...
Hey! Hey!
- 1.250... A big eater.
- Yes.
- How much?
- What are you doing here?
- Did Pierre eat?
- Who is Pierre?
- The French, I was his guide.
- What are you talking about?
- He got robbed.
- And had to extract a tooth.
- Go to bed now... go.
Bye, mother.
- Keep it.
- Service is included.
I don't know what to do with it.
- It's your money.
- I don't need it, I told you.
A flower?
- Here.
- Thanks.
- Oh, no it's too much.
- Too much?
So flowers for
everybody... First, here.
One for the cook... One
for the lady, here you are.
- Can I get it, mother?
- Yes.
- Take it.
- Thank you, you're very kind.
- For the boss.
- Man don't receive flowers.
- And one for the granny.
- Thanks.
- No thanks. I want everybody beautiful.
- But is too much...
This is my funeral.
- Wait, have another drink.
- Goodnight and don't worry.
When the owner offers you a
drink, you have to take it.
There is no reason to be angry.
- No there isn't.
- Then stay a while.
Thank you... Good night.
Good luck. Good luck to you all.
- A branch of flowers?
- No.
A branch of flowers for the
woman you're waiting for.
I'm not expecting any woman.
Another glass.
- No.
- Don't you like it?
No, no thanks. It's enough.
- You're weak for liquor, aren't you?
- He has already drunk some liquor.
For a woman with a lot of
problems, you don't look so sad.
Oh, problems, I think
about them tomorrow.
Great idea.
And you sir, tomorrow?
Who knows?
Will you return to the ship?
Yes, to the ship.
To where?
- Depends.
- Depends on the Captain?
- No, on this trip, I'm in command.
- I think I want to know more.
- He's right, You better drink.
- No, it makes me dizzy.
- I'm old.
- Old, you said?
- That's why you don't want to drink.
- C'mon... Old...
I never had any problems with aging.
Anyway, I never liked younger women.
- Can I go?
- Yes.
- Thank you for the wine.
- Good night.
My daughter is alone.
I'll be going too. Thanks for the wine.
- You're welcome.
Marta! Joana! What is this? You've
got too false bills. Are you crazy?
- I will fire both of you!
- So fire us! It's all your fault...
...You're always looking at the women.
- Me?
- Hmm... But He think he's young.
- Shut up, don't start it...
Yes I will. If it weren't
for me, we would be doomed.
Ho.. Ho... I would like to see
you alone with all those clients.
Ah, let's see.
- Don't be angry with me.
- Why should I?
Don't think about it.
- I've got go.
- Go.
- Goodbye Pierre.
- How did you know my name?
- Cecchina told me.
- Oh! Goodbye, Marta.
- Do you know my name?
- Well, all the clients know.
Leave me alone. You jerk!
- Bitch! Bitch!
- Mamma!
Hey.. Are you crazy?
You're gonna hurt her...
You'll get in trouble, one
of these days, believe me.
- Now go.
- I'll not accept this, you'll see.
C'mon! Go away.
- Do you wanna fight?
- What? Go!
Did he hurt you?
Come, I walk with you.
When you marry someone, things aren't
quite the same when it's over.
With him, it got very
bad. Those things happen...
Yeah, they do.
We suffer a lot in this life, but
we never get used to some of them.
I hate him.
But why I'm telling you all
this? I never told anyone.
Some times It's good to get
the things out of your chest.
It has been a few hours since I've
met you, but it doesn't feel that way.
- Are you unhappy too?
- I've never been happy.
And all the same,
you don't give up.
But I don't care anymore... I work.
Yes. Hard work makes you forget.
Do like the others: The harder
the life, the harder we get.
And life is specially hard today...
The place I live, it's all ruin.
- The war?
- Yes.
Some people can't do anything. Others
manage to stand up and begin again.
And life goes this
way. Little by little.
But always beginning from scratch.
It's the story of our lives.
And if by any chance you manage to
live, you're already dead, inside.
Yes... That's it.
Everybody have problems.
Remember when you saw me at the police
station? I was thinking about killing myself.
- Don't even ask.
- I don't want to know.
I assure you I don't
look beyond my nose.
- And what do you see?
- Time for eating, time for bed...
...The days go by, one after
another. My daughter is growing up.
And you wonder if you're gonna
find a good man. And you will.
There's one for each woman.
- Is your place far away?
- No, it's near by.
Did you leave a girl in France?
My daughter is not sleeping yet.
- Is that your place?
- Yes.
- Don't call her attention.
- No, not this night.
- Why, Cecchina?
- Do you know what time is it?
- Were have you been?
- I went for a walk.
- Alone?
- With some friends.
- Why did you leave the lights on?
- I was afraid.
- It's not the first time you're alone.
- It's late...
If it's late, go to bed...
What have you done
with the French man?
Hmm... Everything is
alright. Now go to sleep.
He didn't even scream when
his tooth was extracted.
Hey, what are you doing there?
Get down or you'll be arrested.
C'mon! Go away.
Tell me girl, do you
know where Marta lives?
What are you doing?
Are you afraid of me?
I just want to eat.
I asked if you know
where Marta lives.
Don't you know?
And Cecchina, a girl your
size, do you know her?
Why don't you answer me?
- What is it?
- Pardon, Madam.
Do you know where Marta lives?
And Cecchina?
- Yes, Marta, the second door to your left.
- Thanks.
- What were you doing there? Close the door.
You! You came back!
- I couldn't get to the ship.
- Why?
Well... Because I'm not
a man like the others.
They're looking for me.
- And maybe they are right.
- Tell me what you've done.
Do you really wanna know?
- I killed a woman in France.
- No...
- Yes, I killed my lover.
- Quiet.
- What is this?
- My daughter is raising a chicken.
Aren't you afraid of me?
I'm not.
It's pity, them.
Poor Pierre.
Why "poor"? I killed her.
She was 22 years old. I
was really old for her.
She wanted to chance to a
younger boy and I killed her.
You're tired, You need to rest.
This night, You can sleep here.
No, I've got to go.
I'll need your help.
Yes, tomorrow.
- Don't you want to help me?
- I don't want you to go without a rest.
They would arrest you easily.
You need to sleep first.
- There must be a way to enter the Harbor.
- Yes, I'll find out, I promise.
C'mon, lay down.
This way.
You're not old Pierre...
I'm not 20 anymore.
- What is it?
- It's nothing, It's the chicken.
Go away.
It's Cecchina's chicken.
Excuse me.
Here... Get you chicken.
Look after her, If you don't
want her in somebody's pan.
Poor chicken. But how did
she manage to get down?
Let her stay. You're late, come.
But it's better to
go upstairs and look.
Yesterday, I locked the access to
the tower. Maybe someone invaded it.
And what are you going to do
if someone is there? Sit down.
Maybe, they've opened
the Kitchen's door.
I always said you're a great chicken.
- What are you staring at?
- Nothing.
Go, dear. Be nice and be aware.
I got to go shopping.
Run, it's late. Run.
Cecchina, how are you? Come
with me, I've got to talk to you.
Leave me alone!
- Let go me!
- Just a moment!
- What do you want with this girl?
- She is my daughter.
It's a lie!
Somebody call the police!
I don't have to give
explanations. She is my daughter.
Let go me! Let go me!
- Call an officer, please!
- Yes, call an officer...
There's nothing to hide. She's
my daughter. I have the right.
Open up! Open up!
- She is my daughter!
- It's a lie. He wants to kidnap me.
Well, come with me, both of you.
No! This way.
I thank you. I needed a shave.
Now, I can go.
What a hurry!
- If that ship goes without me...
- You'll be there in time.
And after?
I'll be relaxed.
And you can't be relaxed here?
If you want, you can stay here.
You could work, you could live.
But you're not alone.
If you want to change your life,
you've got to start from the beginning.
It would be the same here. It
is useless to have hopes, Marta.
You would be hidden in Genoa.
- Who is there?
- Police.
- Mrs. Marta Manfredini?
- Yes.
- They're waiting for you at the station.
- Me? Why?
Your husband tried to kidnap your
child. The commissioner will talk to you.
- What did he want?
- It's about Cecchina.
- What?
- Her father tried to kidnap her.
I'll go along, I may
teach him a lesson.
Wait for me here.
Sit down.
Are you Mrs. Marta Manfredini, from
Genoa, Who lives in the Convent?
- Are you?
- Yes.
- Is this man your husband?
- Yes.
- Is this your daughter?
- Yes.
Your husband alleges that you
abandoned him, taking the girl.
- Is it true?
- It's true.
- Why?
- Because we had a wonderful bar.
- She was a lady.
- The girl was growing up...
...I could not permit her
to live in that environment.
One day he was arrested and I came
back to Italy, with my daughter.
And now I want her to go back to Nice
with me. I want to get back my job.
Mr. Commissioner, I'm making the
arrangements so I can get the divorce.
The girl was put under my care.
It's me who must look
out for her future.
I demand the girl get back
to me. It's within my right.
Why? Do you have any proof of
immoral behavior by this woman?
Ask her, Mr. Commissioner, what she
was doing last night with a tramp.
While the girl was all
alone. Nobody knows where.
Old rag! You almost
killed me tonight!
- My wife has a lover.
- It's not true!
I don't want my daughter living
with her. I don't want that!
Don't get excited.
Let's hear from the girl.
Bring the girl.
Come here, close to me.
- What's your name?
- Cecchina.
Cecchina, what time did your
mother return last night?
After work. At midnight, as always.
Child, tell me the truth.
Does your mother live alone?
- With me.
- Yes, we know that.
But are there any friends?
Someone that comes to meet her?
No. My mother didn't make
friendship with anyone.
But I did. I know everybody.
Is that what you call interrogation?
Is this the "New Italian Justice"?
- You liked the old one better, don't you?
- No.
No. I must say I even got the
passport for me and my daughter.
To go back to Nice?
And you're not happy, hmm? Give
it to her, before it's too late.
You have the right to remain with your
daughter until the judge says otherwise.
Let the Lady and the girl go. You're
staying here. Will be leaving in 15 minutes.
Thank you Commissioner.
Come here, Cecchina.
- I'll be going away.
- Good, It will be better for you.
When you leave school, look all
around you. He might try again.
- Did you understand?
- Yes, mother.
- Will you eat at home, with Pierre?
- Pierre, who is Pierre?
- I know who is there at home.
- And how do you know?
- I heard him talking last night.
- But you were sleeping.
So, you faked it.
- If she listened, it's awful.
- I know her, she won't say a word.
She would have talked
to the Commissioner.
Cool down, Pierre.
- I'm not worried with me alone.
- I talked to her about this.
She didn't seen to be
keeping any secrets.
So, you better cool down.
See how far it was. And
she was kind of sleeping.
If she weren't faking it.
I think we can make a test.
Come. Stay in her place.
She was facing the
wall. Don't look.
- You talked very low.
- Yes, I know.
- Ready?
- Yes.
I killed a woman in
France. Did you hear it?
- No, I didn't.
- Are you sure?
Yes, I'm sure.
Well, that's better. Let
me stay in your place.
I killed a woman...
You're right, you can not hear it.
- Tell me, Pierre...
- What?
Did you love that woman?
I beg you to never mention
her again. It would never end.
And me? Could you kill me?
Why? You didn't harm anyone.
It's you that want to
hurt me. I could kill you.
Not you. You wouldn't know how.
Laura! Laura!
What is it?
Take something for me, too.
The money is in the basket.
- So, I want more.
- Hey... Wait your turn.
- Cecchina!
- What?
It's for the French
man and your mother.
- Liar!
- Mother!
Cecchina, stop!
Go home now! I need
to talk to your mother.
And you Laura, go upstairs, now.
- She started it.
- I'll beat you... Go home now!
And you, go upstairs,
take care of your mother.
Yea, your mother was with
the French man last night.
Enjoying the life... The "Lady".
Where two eats, so does three.
Go inside, before I
loose my temper, go!
Cecchina. What's new? How are you?
I'm fine. And you?
Not bad.
Tell me, did you forget my name?
- Why didn't you stayed at school?
- Nobody went.
- Cecchina. Cecchina.
- Hmm.
- The dress is here.
- The white one?
Yes, for Cristina. It's on the bed.
Just arrived. You can put it.
- Don't look at me.
- Why?
Are you that ugly?
Go out!
- How stupid!
- Leave it!
You'll be beautiful.
I don't want you to
stay. This is my house.
Your house?
To begin with, be nice to him.
No, I won't talk to him again.
What are you doing here? I
can't even take my clothes off...
Besides, We don't even know who
he is and where does he comes from.
Shut up. Those things
are not for you to know.
Or don't you know what the
neighbors all say about you?
Let hear it! What are they saying?
I'm talking to my
mother, not with you.
- I forbid you to talk like that.
- I say what I want. He doesn't run things.
Quiet down, brat! Would
you prefer your father?
You're worst than him.
Ok... All this because of me.
What have I done? I hit her.
- Like your father.
- C'mon, don't cry.
- Don't Cry.
- No. I have to go to the restaurant.
It's late.
- Can you fix the meal?
- Yes, don't you worry.
Open up. Don't play dumb, it's me.
- Brat, here you are.
- What do you want?
Nothing. I want to talk.
So? Do you hate me, hmm?
What do I have to tell
you? It's my problem.
Yes, yes... But I understand you.
I don't want to see her near you.
- Look, your chicken.
- Don't you touch her.
You better not hold
her, with that dress.
Look at that... How clean...
- I was stupid worrying about you.
- But what have I done?
Nothing. You did nothing, I guess.
You old enough to understand.
Yesterday, You wanted
to go to prison.
Go to prison?
And today, why did
you change your mind?
Do you know why I
wanted to go to prison?
Go, say it.
Yesterday, You wouldn't enjoy it.
And today?
Today, it's the opposite, because
my mother changed your mind.
I'm not that bad for you.
You know better than
me. But I want you to go.
I've tried, but I don't
know how to pass the harbor.
If you could, would you go?
Maybe, I don't know.
But It's no good discussing
that, they won't let me pass.
I can make you pass.
Through the door?
Oh, what are you saying...
You were not so sure, hmm?
- Where is your ship?
- Who knows?
Let's look over there.
- Is that the one?
- Yes.
- So, goodbye.
- Goodbye.
You're late today,
Cecchina. How are you?
I'll finish here
and we can go home.
- There is no hurry.
- Why?
Pierre went away.
What did you say?
I said Pierre went away.
Who told you that?
I saw him. I followed him.
So It'll be just the two of us.
What is it, mother?
You can't understand.
Liar. It's not true.
It's true. I never lie.
- How did he manage to pass the guards?
- Just going through.
- Where?
- Going through...
- Was he alone?
- Yes...
Excuse, Mr. Carlo.
I need to go, can I?
Ok... Giovanna
should stay. Go, go...
- I'll be back in 15 minutes.
- Alright.
Thank you. Come.
Where have you been? I've been
waiting for you all night. Hurry up.
We leave tonight. Come it's time.
- No, I'm not leaving.
- What?
I won't go.
You could live well here.
- Maybe.
- You have found a lady, haven't you?
One and a half...
- And what about your suitcase?
- Give it to me.
I'll get it.
What's happening? Let him go.
Hey... They arrested someone.
But what did he do?
- What did he do?
- He just killed a woman.
So, If you catch him, I
should receive a reward.
The French police was looking
for him. That's his ID card.
It was his left tooth.
A very serious problem.
- Did he tell you something?
- Now I remember.
He told me about
a murder. I forgot.
He told me: "Tonight
I'll sleep in prison".
- And that didn't catch your attention?
- No, he didn't tell me why...
Besides, It was not my
business. Maybe he's in jail.
- And did he make another confession?
- No... Oh, yes, he said he was hungry.
But that was odd, because...
- Which time was it?
- Just around seven.
If he was hungry, he must have eaten.
We'll look in the restaurants below.
Oh, no, they wouldn't
accept those false bills.
Hmm... He didn't
looked very stupid.
- Where is the owner?
- In the kitchen.
Mr. Fausto! Someone
is here for you.
- Goodnight. Do you know this man?
- No, why?
- Did he had supper here last night?
- I don't think so. Let's see. Anna!
I served 60 meals yesterday.
Did this man had supper last night?
- Looks like Mr. Parondi.
- He's a French man.
- I don't remember.
- He should have used false bills.
- I should know, after yesterday's coup.
- What coup?
- Someone gave me a false bill.
- Let me see it
- Well...
- What did you do with this bill?
- I wasted it.
- C'mon, don't give me that.
Good night.
- What is it?
- I thought you were at the harbor.
You went in and came back...
I know you would stay,
but I couldn't believe it.
Cecchina told me you were
gone. She followed you.
Followed me? Oh, well, now this...
- Is it true? Say it.
- You know very well.
Do I? I just went for my
suitcase and came back.
How you were wrong.
Never mind.
- Where are you going?
- To Maria's.
- Where?
- Maria's house.
Go ahead.
What are you staring at?
- You have many pretty things, Pierre.
- Hmm... Pretty...
I always suspected that
you had better clothes.
It's been a while since I
touched pretty things like that.
I was just like that, you know?
But I never complained.
What a nice razor. When I think
about that one I gave you...
That one is also good.
Look, this thing was
in the suitcase too.
- How much is there?
- Let's count while we spend it.
- You shouldn't spend it.
- Why?
You'll be able to sustain yourself, while
you look for a job. It might take a while.
- Besides, you own me 2.000 liras.
- Here, it's all yours.
No, no... The 2.000 lira from the boss.
Those false bills, remember?
Oh, the 2.000 liras. He'll get it.
- Well.. Should we go?
- Where?
- Let's take a walk.
- A walk?
- Hmm... I prefer the other one.
- Do you really think so?
- I wouldn't know.
- But if you like this, you can take it.
- Have you seen the price? It's madness.
- Never mind the price.
- The lady prefer this.
- No I don't want it.
- The other one?
- To go to work?
- You shouldn't go to work today.
- I have too, Pierre.
Can you call them?
- Yes I could.
- You I fix something, madam?
It's kind of tight, but
let's leave it this way.
- Will you fold this, please?
- No, no... No bundles.
- I'll come back tomorrow and pick it up.
- As you wish.
There you go. Now
we'll buy you a purse.
- That girl couldn't stop staring at you.
- Oh, yes... But she wouldn't fit me.
- Besides, nobody looks at me.
- I look at you.
So just look at me.
C'mon, help me with those bills.
- Goodnight Madam.
- Goodnight.
Don't you forget to call them.
- Madam?
- I'll be right over.
- We weren't served yet.
- I'll be there in a minute.
- We've been waiting for 2 hours. Hurry.
- Yes, I will.
And you're still here. Can't
you see there's a lot to do?
- Can you hear the telephone?
- I'll be back. Excuse me.
Hello. Oh, is that
you? Look... Hmm?
Ah, ok, good night.
It was her, isn't it?
Who? Marta? She'll
be here in no time.
Enough! I don't believe
you. What did she say?
But it wasn't her.
Yesterday she went out
with the French man.
today she didn't come.
And about the telephone? He's not
speaking the truth. Where does she live?
It's not my business.
If you leave, I'll find
her, she's coming right here.
Ok, if she comes,
she'll find me here.
- That's it. Give me her address.
- This wine...
One moment.
Come here.
- Never mind, we grab a cab.
- No, this one takes us there.
So does the cab...
- See, it has enough room.
- Kind of crowdie.
Straight ahead.
There's a place there.
Give me your tickets. One moment!
One moment, one moment.
We're are not in a
whorehouse, gentlemen!
No, don't do this, darling.
Tell me when it's time.
- What do you have?
- Nothing.
- It's nasty to stand like this.
- We should have grabbed a cab.
I don't like to see you spending
all your money so quickly.
Always like that... The money...
You don't think about the future.
It's odd. It's like you had quit.
The future... Everybody
has one. Mine is marked.
Excuse me, gentlemen.
Let me see your tickets.
See? Even this line of
work can have a future.
Toc, toc.
I can see you never
think about life.
Not often.
If you're not capable of loving
yourself, how would you care for a woman?
Clever! You thought
a lot to say this.
You look kind of bothered
because I love you.
No. Stop. I was joking.
- I'm hurt.
- Tell me, Pierre...
Do you mind seeing me happy?
You think you're happy.
- Papers! Documents.
- I live right there.
- I'm coming from work.
- Alright.
- My ID card, but the picture is missing.
- Ok, go.
- What's going on?
- You'll know about it later.
If she receives someone, that's
her business. I didn't see anyone.
The girl doesn't know
it either, naturally?
No, neither the girl.
No, I didn't see anything.
Ok, play dumb. But have in mind
that this is a dangerous man...
...And the French
police is after him.
What are you doing? Go to sleep.
- Who are they looking for? The French?
- It's not your business, Goodnight.
Go on, give me the cat.
And you, sleep. Go on.
Why don't you go to sleep?
- There are two entrances, and some streets.
- We could do something about entrances.
But how should we do it?
There are cops everywhere.
- Look, there they are.
- If I could...
- But you don't know where they are.
- I had an idea, he may escape.
Laura! Go to bed.
- Cecchina, you cand sleep here.
- No, I rather wait at home.
- As you wish.
- It's not true!
She want to go
through the ruins to...
Listen Cecchina, go straight
home, It's better this way.
When I think another
man could made me happy.
I'm happy it didn't
happen that way.
I didn't lost a thing. I rich
now, rich because I have you.
Say, Will you be indifferent?
It's sad to throw away your
happiness with some looser like me.
- Looser?
- Not a real looser, a man with no future.
Because I have no future, You know?
Yes, I know. Do you know
what the boss told me?
- What? He wants his 2.000 liras.
- No.
- That we would make a good couple.
- Oh, yes. And the boss is always right.
I'm not good looking, but you
are, and that makes it even.
Sure! The woman should
always be pretty, in a couple.
But the woman must do
other things well, too.
She will make everything you want.
You'll have to explain her many
things, because she doesn't know enough.
She didn't love anyone,
so she doesn't know.
- Do you know what you'll discover?
- No.
- That you will not be able to leave me.
- Oh yeah?
Yes, yes. Too bad for you. It's
your fault, You shouldn't have come.
Even If you wanted to
go, I couldn't let you.
I would grab your feet,
chase you everywhere.
The train!
So? I don't want to go anymore.
- I know you're willing to go.
- No, no.
Try it, to see if you can.
- Dancing, at this hour?
- You'll have fun.
Do you want to come in?
- Look at that. They still have fun.
- But it is fun.
- Even that one, who dances like a bear.
- He's not a bear, he's just fat.
Well, I'm not use to it. I can't.
- Try it, Pierre.
- No, thanks.
- Do you want to have a drink?
- No, thanks.
Sometimes I wonder
if you're judging me.
How can I? I can't. I like you.
- Could you forget me?
- Yes, there are a lot of ways to forget.
To make yourself excused.
I'd like to make you
forget all your worries.
- You still believe in miracles.
- All is possible when you're in love.
- Would you have courage enough?
- Yes.
- You'll need it. It's going to be though.
- I know.
I wish I could close my
eyes and see a nice future.
Even with your eyes opened,
you could see a Nice future.
I know.
Well, that's it.
We gotta go back.
We have to, because it's morning.
Are you ok?
- I'm just tired.
- Really?
Oh, yes...
I'm better now.
What is she doing there?
She's watching us.
- See, you're afraid of her.
- Me? Afraid?
- You should consider this too.
- Yes, this too.
Come. I don't want her too see you.
And here they are.
- What? What does he want?
- Papers!
- Mine were stolen.
- We found them.
Is this yours?
Is it you?
- No, no.
- Leave it Marta. It's better for you.
- We wouldn't succeed
- Pierre!
Pierre! Pierre!
The end.
Translation to English: Fredalme.