The Wandering Earth (Liu Lang Di Qiu) (2019) Movie Script

Hurry up!
Look! It's Jupiter!
The largest planet in the Solar System.
Daddy, there is an eye on Jupiter.
That's a huge windstorm on Jupiter.
What's a windstorm?
Jupiter is like a huge balloon,
composed of 90% hydrogen.
Grandpa, you know what's hydrogen?
What is hydrogen?
It's the fuel for Daddy's rocket.
You see, Grandpa.
Hydrogen is a fuel for Daddy's rocket.
Liu Qi.
A day may come
when you can see Jupiter
without a telescope...
Daddy will come back.
Where are you going?
Daddy is going on a mission.
The world's most important mission.
After I leave,
you'll be Liu Qi's only guardian.
And with this,
you'll get underground city residency
without drawing lots.
It's the only way
to make sure you'll survive
both you and Liu Qi.
- I didn't have a choice.
- That's enough. Trust me, I get it.
I'm sorry.
At first,
nobody cared about this disaster.
The number of wildfires,
has been the highest...
Just another wildfire...
...several locations all over the planet.
...another drought...
...survival of the planet.
Sea level continues to drop...
...another extinction of a species...
And this had intervened
to prevent further spreading of the riots.
...another vanishing city.
Until everyone was entwined
with this disaster.
The Sun is rapidly degenerating
and expanding.
At this rate, the Sun will engulf Earth
in 100 years.
Within 300 years,
the Solar System will no longer exist.
To face this cataclysmic catastrophe,
mankind united like never seen before. prevent the future catastrophe...
In order to maximize
the chance of human survival,
the United Earth Government
decided to propel Earth
out of our Solar System
to fly towards our new home
4.2 light years away.
This mighty and enduring human migration
is named as the Wandering Earth Project.
The first test
starts in 36 months' time.
Mankind will devote
every possible resource
to construct 10,000 Earth Engines
on the planet's surface
to propel Earth out of the Solar System.
The height of every
Propulsion Engine is 11,000 meters.
They will provide
a total of 150 trillion tons
of propulsive force.
The construction
of the Navigation Platform
International Space Station
will be completed
at the beginning of this month.
Three hundred eleven Chinese senior pilots
- and 709 engineers that were selected.
- One. Lift off.
to safeguard Earth's trajectory,
the United Earth Government consolidated
global astronautical capabilities
and spent 30 years building the Navigation
Platform International Space Station.
The Navigation Platform
International Space Station
will travel with a relative position
of 100,000 kilometers from Earth.
It will provide warnings, navigations,
and communications for Earth.
Centrifugal drive,
ready for activation.
Worldwide sea level
will rise 300 meters in ten years' time.
The cities of Haikou and Zhanjiang
will be the first to be hit
by the tsunami.
To deal with the rapidly
deteriorating conditions,
the UEG constructed an underground city
beneath each Earth Engine.
Until Earth's arrival at its new home,
these will be the only refuge for mankind.
The right to underground residency
will be selected by drawing lots.
A winning lot cannot be transferred,
shared, or gifted.
Beginning now, mankind,
a tiny tribe of the Solar System,
will be embarking upon a 2,500-year
wandering voyage.
- Don't rush, walk slowly!
- The surface temperature
will drop to minus 70 degrees Celsius
this year.
Surface residents
from each district will be located...
Easy. Hey.
- Hey.
- Don't push!
Daddy will fly up into the sky
and turn into a star
to always watch over you.
Daddy, is it true that
you're going to turn into a star?
Of course.
From now on, you just have to count
Look up.
You will see Daddy.
Goodbye, Solar System.
Goodbye, Solar System.
Goodbye, Solar System.
Welcome to The Morning News.
These are today's headlines...
With the arrival of the new year,
the first batch of personnel from
the Navigation Platform will be returning,
having completed 15 to 20 years
of station duties.
Underground citizens around the world
are eagerly anticipating their arrival.
"Anticipating. Anticipating.
Spring breeze has arrived.
The spring now is heading
closer and closer.
The yearly planning starts with spring.
It's full of effort.
It's full of hope."
Zhou Qian, tell us.
How do you define hope?
Hope is something precious.
It's precious like a diamond...
...for our time.
Hope is the only direction.
The only direction to our home.
Well said. Please sit, Zhou Qian.
Han Duoduo, do you have any thoughts?
Well, I have nothing to say.
I just want to take a look outside.
But it's too dangerous outside.
Be seated. Class, don't panic.
It's just a display malfunction.
- Let's go. Let's go.
- Go back. Xiao Ming, go back.
Class, don't panic.
- Did you do this?
- Shut up! Let's go!
Teacher, look,
Han Duoduo has just run away!
Happy New Year, folks.
- Why don't you celebrate?
- Happy New Year!
Hu Kou.
Is the Committee giving out
dumplings tonight?
Come. All you think about is food!
- Where is Grandpa's vehicle pass?
- I've got it.
Shall we grab some dumplings
before we leave?
- Forget it. Don't come then!
- Liar!
You said you'll take me outside.
All personnel,
return to your post.
All personnel, return to your post.
- Where is my order?
- It's here.
Durian-flavored, dried earthworms!
What are you looking at?
Hey, come on,
it's just a day trip.
- What's the rush?
- That's what it is to you.
I'm not planning on returning.
Get moving!
We are going nowhere without the suits.
You had the mahjong I needed,
why didn't you discard it?
I was going to win. What the fuck?
Isn't that bunny girl's tail
- soft and sweet?
- Hey, no.
- Are we meant to be together, angel?
- No. I told you. You and I...
Now tell me, what are you doing here?
It's New Year!
I can't believe how cheeky you are.
Let's go.
Yi Ge?
- Yi Ge?
- Bring it on.
Are the suits ready?
You have the stuff?
Pretty new.
Fully checked. They work.
And I got you skewers, too.
Freshly made.
Grab the suits.
How old are you?
Hey, check out this tag Yi Ge made!
Just like the real thing.
- It's yours.
- Thanks, Yi Ge.
Return the suits tomorrow.
Thanks, Yi Ge. See you.
Hurry up and move.
Didn't you say
you are not coming back?
Hold it.
You're not coming back?
And this is all you paid me?
For two of my thermal suits?
Yi Ge, I'll make it up when I get back.
For years, I have been known...
for honest trading only.
No credit given.
Yi Ge, I really need to go out today.
What for?
Just stay here with your sis
for the New Year.
Hey, boss, look! He's gonna do it!
You filthy repairman.
I dare you! Use it here...
Oh, man.
Duoduo, get down.
I want him dead!
Dear friends...
- Excuse us.
- Excuse us.
- Good luck out there, buddy.
- Please wear your suit
- and move this way.
- What?
Will they report us?
These suits were stolen.
They'll expose themselves if they report.
- All transportation...
- Well...
...communication systems...
- ...must be turned on...
- This Spring Festival,
- at all times.
- you'll be outside.
...communication systems...
...must be turned on at all times.
Always follow evacuation instructions.
Check all thermal suits and helmets.
Please wait here.
Check all thermal suits and helmets.
Please wait here.
Excuse me.
Can I chew gum while wearing the helmet?
- Chew what?
- What is your problem?
Check all thermal suits and helmets.
Please wait here.
In three days,
- we'll swing pass Jupiter.
- Attention!
All transportation
communication systems
must be turned on at all times.
Always follow evacuation instructions.
the vehicle is reversing.
the vehicle is reversing.
Oh, my.
Just look at yourself.
Is it your first time outside?
Have you ever been outside?
It wasn't this crowded last time.
You are such a liar.
How long to get to the surface?
It's five kilometers,
so at least 15 minutes.
It's a communication device.
Press once to sync with the transporter.
Twice for regional broadcast.
Three times for the private channel.
Once outside, stay close to me.
No running around.
Are you afraid?
Surface level reached.
All personnel, please be ready.
Let's go!
Haven't you had enough
looking around? Let's go!
I snuck out.
Am I going to get expelled?
Have you already been
kicked out of your unit?
Which one is Transporter 373?
Duoduo, come here!
- Give me Grandpa's vehicle pass.
- Here.
Han Ziang.
Senior driver.
Beijing No. 3 Transportation Division
reminds you.
Routes are countless.
Safety is foremost.
With unregulated driving,
your loved ones might end up in tears.
This is the clutch. This is the gear.
What the...
Can you even drive, Hu Kou?
This transporter is not for everyone!
It requires five years of training.
- I am a genius just for making it move.
- Hmm...
- Okay?
- Genius.
Just step on the clutch, hand on the gear.
Heavy step, light hand.
Watch out! People ahead!
- Watch out!
- Shit! Fuck!
Watch out! Watch out!
The world outside is huge!
What are you yelling about?
So embarrassing.
Such strong winds today.
Why are they mining these mountains?
It's for fuel.
Heavy fusion propulsion technology.
Well, basically, it's just burning rocks.
Whoa! That's the Earth Engine!
These are Propulsion Engines.
There are 10,000 of them around the globe,
made for pushing Earth forward.
This isn't the most gigantic one.
Those Torque Engines along the equator,
they are the real giants.
Peiqiang, happy retirement.
One more day until I go home.
Don't stir my dignity.
Save this moonshine for yourself.
Okay, I will store it
somewhere safe for you.
Save it for your farewell party.
We are not getting another chance
once we hibernate.
Don't you know that
vodka was smuggled onboard
back in Yuri Gagarin's day?
O2 level stable.
We'll be entering
Jupiter's orbit today, right?
Yes, we began preparing already
for Emergency Protocol No. 3.
Something doesn't feel right.
There's no other way.
Earth can't leave the Solar System
without using Jupiter's gravity.
It is a risk we must take.
God will bless us.
Once this is over, you can return home.
It's the last procedure
for daily inspection.
Check the Centrifugal Drive Control unit.
Record the temperatures
of the Centrifugal axle bearings.
Liu Peiqiang has completed
handover procedure.
Lieutenant Colonel Liu Peiqiang.
During your time,
you accumulated a resting time
of 12 years and 3 days.
An accumulated shift of 5 years
and 14 days total.
We are grateful for your contributions
over the past 17 years.
Congratulations on the completion
of your duty and journey home tomorrow.
My dear friend.
Let's see each other together on Earth
three years from now.
But now, please,
go catch up with your son.
You haven't spoken to him for a decade.
I'll see you again on Earth.
Here, my friend.
You're stuck with me
for the next three years now.
Jupiter's gravitational spike detected.
Earth's trajectory is off course
by 9.23 degrees,
due to Jupiter's gravitational spike,
the probability of colliding
with Jupiter increases.
Analyzing data collected.
Transmitting to United Earth Government.
Disaster warning protocols activated.
There's a supply station
50 kilometers ahead.
Once we get there,
you go back by yourself.
Catch the first shuttle back,
so grandpa won't worry about us.
Oh, come on.
If your dad catches you,
he's gonna kick your ass.
You know I'm a genius.
No one can catch me.
What the hell? Check point.
How did you get in here?
Well, unregulated driving.
Unregulated? You committed theft!
It's my grandpa's vehicle pass.
I didn't steal it
All transporters belong to the UEG
as public property.
It's not up to your grandpa!
What are you doing?
It's way past bedtime.
Yes, sir.
Uh, I'm just getting
to know new friends, that's all.
More friends, more options.
Hand it over.
- You think it is yours?
- Mm.
- Hit the sack.
- Mm.
Have a nice stroll.
I am Tim, eh.
My dad is from Beijing,
my mom is from Melbourne.
Chinese-Australian coproduction.
Come on, just joking. Let's shake hands.
Let go of me!
Ow, that hurts!
Name of the visitor?
Han Ziang.
I'm here for my grandson.
Someone's here
to bail you out.
Hello, sir.
My grandson is a mechanic trainee.
He just wanted to touch a real thing.
Maybe you can, uh...
- go easy on him?
- Hey.
Transporters are highly valuable
public property.
- Uh...
- Lending out your vehicle pass privately
is also a serious offense.
Oh, well.
This is good stuff.
It has a collection of hotties
from the past 50 years.
It's all in here.
Oh, well...
Same old trick.
Stop doing that, old man.
What old man?
I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you.
Running away from home.
You're too old to be running away.
He is your own father.
Where are you going to hide?
You even brought your little sister out?
Outside is dangerous!
And you!
You learned to steal now?
You stole my pass!
Do you do whatever your brother
tells you to do?
Are you stupid?
I didn't intend to bring her along.
- But she was begging me...
- You're her brother! take her.
Liu Qi!
- You're such a liar!
- Here she goes again.
Nicely said.
Ignoring your elder's advice is so...
Why don't you mind your own business?
Don't take it out on the wall,
take it out on me if you...
What the hell?
It's an earthquake!
Thirteen Orphans!
I won!
Hey! Open the door!
- Open the door!
- Can anyone help?
Open the door!
- Help!
- Hurry up! Open the door!
Earth Engine system failing.
Total 121 facilities.
Correction. 1,112 facilities.
- Correction. 3,300...
- Hey!
Don't leave me!
Help! Is anyone there?
My mom needs me and my kid...
I don't even have a kid yet!
Hey, wait!
Please help me, man. Let me out.
- Hu Kou.
- Come on.
- Hu Kou, come back.
- Come here.
Grab the key.
The key? The key is pinned underneath.
What the? You can't pull that apart.
Can you hurry up?
Wait for me.
Engine No. 7 has stopped.
Engine No. 3 has stopped.
The chief engineer.
- Quick!
- Where does he go?
Due to Jupiter's gravitational spike,
Earth's propulsions have been halved,
torques lost completely.
In 37 hours, four minutes, 12 seconds,
Earth will collide with Jupiter.
Han Ziang. Senior driver.
Beijing No. 3 Transportation...
Routes are countless.
Safety is foremost.
With unregulated driving...
...your loved ones might end up in tears.
Shut up, stupid!
Move it!
Hu Kou! Detach!
Uh, Hu Kou!
I feel dizzy.
Top priority from UEG.
Top priority from UEG.
To all standby forces on Earth,
due to the effects
of Jupiter's gravitational spike,
a total of 4,771 Earth Engines
have shut down globally.
To avoid a collision with Jupiter,
every unit must execute Emergency Protocol
No. 3 and depart immediately.
It's imperative to restart
all malfunctioning engines
within 36 hours.
This rescue mission
concerns the survival
of 3.5 billion human lives.
This mission is the top priority,
no matter the cost.
Rescue units are on the move.
In order to expedite the rescue,
all resources will be consolidated.
The space station will be implementing
low consumption mode.
- Lisa, low consumption mode implemented.
- Exactly.
- Protocol No. 3 is effective immediately.
- Regular communication services
- Low consumption mode implemented.
- will be cut off shortly.
I just got here.
How would I know if there's hibernation?
MOSS, please contact my family.
Contact Liu Qi.
Liu Qi isn't in the allocated living area.
Connection failed.
MOSS, contact transporter driver,
Han Ziang.
Incoming connection.
Peiqiang? Is that you?
Father, it's me.
Have you seen Liu Qi?
Liu Qi is right here with me.
We just ran into an earthquake.
We are on the surface now.
MOSS, locate the transporter
and guide it to the nearest refuge center.
I have nothing to say to him.
Transporter 373, Driver Han Ziang.
Please proceed
to Jinan No. 5 refuge center.
Space station
flight configurations completed.
All personnel, enter hibernation
for energy conservation.
Hibernation rate at 77.3 percent.
Lieutenant Colonel Liu Peiqiang,
please proceed towards
hibernation unit quickly.
Low consumption mode activated.
Consolidation of all resources
to expedite global rescue mission.
Initiating global surface scan
and complete network coverage.
What's this?
Emergency authorization code
from Liu Qi's dad.
It's a direct line to the space station.
Transporter 373.
Please slow down and stop.
Await further instructions.
Transporter 373,
stay still and await instructions.
Transporter 373.
This an emergency requisition.
Stop now.
Transporter 373.
Stop now!
Hey, guys, I swear.
You know that girl from the other day
- was totally consensual.
- You shut up.
They are not here for you.
We are a rescue team, unit CN171-11,
assigned to Hangzhou 01 Earth Engine.
In accordance with The Wandering Earth Act
Article 32, Section 1.
Your transporter and crew...
have been requisited.
To save the cargo container,
their driver decoupled his transporter
and went down the crevasse,
sacrificed himself.
What's inside?
What could be that important?
Cargo container has been reloaded.
Engineers, check on the Lighter Core.
Zhou Qian,
reorganize the transporter crew.
- Move out as soon as possible!
- Roger that.
Lighter Core?
Wait. Isn't that
the Earth Engine's trigger device?
No Earth Engine has shut down
for the past 30 years.
This is not a simple rescue mission.
A lot of people will die.
Lighter Core self-check completed.
Everything is normal.
Please assist Mission 1125.
Deliver Lighter Core.
Restart Hangzhou Earth Engine.
Clear the road!
Let the team
with the Lighter Core pass first.
Captain Wang from unit 171-11,
our destination is Nanjing.
Don't wait for us. Please move forward.
Copy that. We wish you the best.
Unit 171-01,
we're entering Shanghai Region.
Report road status.
Tectonic plate movement detected
in Shanghai area. Proceed with caution.
Roger that.
Boss! Look!
Our home.
What happened to it?
Liu Zi, report 171's locations.
Unit 06's signal
was last received at Cangzhou.
Unit 09, 13, and 15's signals
were last received at Huaian.
The rest of the units have made it
to the Shanghai Region
and are en route to Hangzhou.
- Boss.
- You guys go take a look.
- Roger that.
- Yes, sir.
Liu Zi, scout the area.
Our team is up ahead.
The estimated distance is 80km.
Follow the crevasse.
Rendezvous in an hour.
This place worries me.
Pass through as soon as possible.
- Load up. Move out.
- Roger.
Engineer team, stay alert.
This is unit 171-11.
We have entered the Shanghai region.
Unit 11, be alert.
We've received a distress signal.
Please check the surrounding area.
Copy that.
01, 01, collapsed subway station ahead.
Please detour.
Copy that.
Don't be afraid.
This was Grandpa's home.
Look at those tall buildings,
once, they were full of people.
Back then,
no one was concerned about the Sun.
Everyone was concerned about
the thing called money.
Grandpa couldn't make
a lot of money back then,
but I was happy every day.
Especially on my way home every day,
I could smell from far away
your grandma's cooking.
Actually, to be honest,
she could barely cook,
except for the scallion noodles.
I tell you,
her scallion noodles...
...were incredibly salty.
But I slurped them up.
Cleaned my bowl every time.
Lieutenant Colonel Liu Peiqiang.
Lieutenant Colonel Makarov.
Please initiate hibernation mode
as soon as possible.
Yeah, don't worry.
Don't worry, your son will be safe.
MOSS. Where's my son now?
Why are they in Shanghai?
Transporter 373
has been integrated into
the rescue mission.
En route to Hangzhou 01 Earth Engine.
So who's in command?
Connect me to him now.
Incoming connection.
Captain Wang Lei,
this is the space station.
I am astronaut Liu Peiqiang.
Lieutenant Colonel Liu Peiqiang.
I'm the unit commander for CN171-11.
Your instructions.
Captain Wang Lei,
within protocols,
please resettle the civilians
into the nearest underground city quickly.
Lieutenant Liu Peiqiang,
we have an rescue mission.
Thanks for your understanding.
I'll resettle the civilians
at the Jiaxing refuge center.
But a transporter needs special skills.
We'll be needing driver Han Ziang.
Captain Wang Lei.
This is a dangerous rescue mission,
- please ensure the safety of Han Ziang.
- I'll stay!
I can drive this transporter, too.
When we get to Jiaxing,
let Grandpa and the others get off.
You can operate shit.
Just follow the orders.
Listen to me Captain Wang Lei,
he is just a kid.
He is not capable...
What rights do you have
to make decisions for me?
My mom's death...
was your decision.
Liu Qi,
what are you talking about?
Tell me I'm wrong.
After I leave,
only one guardian can accompany Liu Qi
- into the underground city.
- Mama!
She's gravely ill.
She won't hold up much longer.
Stopping treatments... the only way
to ensure both of you and Liu Qi
will survive.
That's enough. I get it.
So be it.
I'm sorry.
Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!
Atmospheric pressure is dropping.
We are unable to maintain altitude.
Air force rescue unit CN114-03,
force landing!
Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!
Atmospheric pressure is dropping.
MOSS, what's the status on Earth?
Jupiter's gravitational spike detected.
All surface communications
in Shanghai Region were lost.
Brace yourselves.
Something is about to hit us from behind.
MOSS, surface status report.
Due to Jupiter's gravitational spike,
Earth is experiencing global aftershocks,
tectonic plates fracturing
in Asia and Pacific.
The glass!
The glass is going to crack!
Oh, my god! Am I gonna die here?
Oh, well, death is normal.
All units! Helmets on right now!
What are you doing?
Let go! Let go.
Go away!
Let go!
Two hundred meters ahead!
Collapse alert!
Full reverse!
Come on, keep moving.
Extreme turbulence at Earth's atmosphere.
Global disaster loss assessment
Point formation flight terminated.
Loading evacuation procedures.
What? Evacuation?
MOSS, connect me to the UEG.
Hibernation gas releasing.
Evacuation procedure.
Hibernate immediately.
MOSS, open the cabin!
MOSS, open the cabin!
Open the cabin, MOSS!
MOSS, open the cabin!
This is insubordination!
Open the cabin, MOSS!
I don't want to die here!
- Help!
- Help!
Didn't you say death was normal?
Help us!
Boss, we've lost contact
with the other units.
I can't reach them!
Transport the Lighter Core with me.
Chui Zi, Ya Tou, save the others.
Liu Zi, find a way out!
- Everyone, abandon the vehicle!
- Yes, sir!
Get inside!
Quick! Get in, quick!
Help us! Help us!
What's going on?
Are you okay?
- Stay calm. We'll get you out now.
- Hurry up!
That is normal.
- That is normal.
- Old man, quick on feet.
Boss, the Lighter Core works
Fuck you!
Are you still hauling
this damned ball now?
This is the last Lighter Core
intended for Hangzhou.
We lost all our units.
This Lighter Core is Hangzhou's only hope.
Nice speech,
but what about my two grandkids?
Boss, this building looks intact.
We can try to climb up from inside.
Let's get the Lighter Core out now.
- Liu Zi, find a way out.
- Roger.
Gang Zi, Zhou Qian. Load the Lighter Core.
Hold on.
Load people first.
Load... people.
Stop wasting time.
Load the Lighter Core and people together!
Slow down. I've become acrophobic.
Boss, I found an opening.
We can't use dynamite here!
This building is crumbling!
Chui Zi, Liu Zi.
You'll have to find a way out. Go!
Ya Tou, you take over.
Hu Kou! Grandpa! Hurry up!
Gang Zi, report position of Lighter Core.
Fiftieth floor.
Below Han Ziang!
Here it is!
- Right here! The thinnest part!
- Thin?
- Good thing. I'll leave this to you.
- Okay.
The pulley can't hold any longer!
Pull up the Lighter Core!
- Are you okay, old man?
- Leave me! Pull up quickly!
- Wang Lei! Pull my grandpa up!
- Go up quickly.
Gang Zi! Your position!
The Lighter Core is now at the 75th floor.
Old man!
Get up here, you old man!
Wang Lei, I can't hold it anymore!
Old man! Old man!
Let me go, kid.
Gang Zi!
Gang Zi is gone.
Step out of it.
Han Ziang is gone.
Get those two out of here.
Liu Qi.
- Duoduo, let's move.
- Liu Qi.
- Liu Qi.
- Come on!
Hu Kou.
Hu Kou.
Are you and Duoduo...
Old man.
Where are you, old man?
I'm going to get you.
I'm sorry, Grandpa.
Hu Kou, save Grandpa!
Liu Qi, you save Grandpa!
On the 17th day
after the Earth stopped spinning,
I saved a child.
She was handed over to me
by countless hands.
I really don't know who her parents were.
Every soul under the water
is her mother and father.
I named her Han Duoduo.
I named her after my daughter.
- Grandpa!
- I am so sorry, old man!
My grandchildren...
- don't be afraid.
- Come up now!
From then on,
we are a family.
Hu Kou.
As a brother...
- you have to watch over your sister.
- Old man!
Take Duoduo home.
- Grandpa!
- Duoduo.
- It's dangerous.
- Duoduo!
- Step back.
- Duoduo!
Why didn't you save my grandpa?
This is our fate!
Let my brother go!
- Chui Zi. Ya Tou, take them away.
- Yes, sir.
- Don't touch her!
- Duoduo, it's dangerous.
Stop moving.
You will both freeze to death here!
I'm not leaving with you.
I'm going home with my brother.
Boss, marching to Hangzhou at full speed,
will take three hours...
Transporter is gone.
So, I'm no longer useful
to you.
Give them supplies
and the navigation device.
Let's move!
Let's rush to Hangzhou.
Duoduo, let's go home.
Grandpa is gone.
Where is our home?
Warning. Unauthorized awakening.
Hibernation mode compromised.
Warning. Unauthorized awakening.
Hibernation mode compromised.
Warning. Unauthorized awakening.
Hibernation mode compromised.
Warning. Unauthorized awakening.
Hibernation mode compromised.
By the contingency regulations,
activating manual rectification procedure.
Awakening personnel of unit H-7X01.
Lieutenant Colonel Makarov.
Lieutenant Colonel Hamdan.
According to contingency regulations,
please rectify accidental awakening.
Incident No. H-71.
According to contingency regulations,
please rectify accidental awakening.
Incident No. H-71.
Liu Peiqiang.
What are you doing?
The space station has broken free!
Earth's communications will be paralyzed.
People on Earth are abandoned.
My son is still out there!
Have you lost your mind?
Because of your son?
We're in a low consumption mode.
You'll be handed over
to the military court!
Low consumption mode is a ruse!
See for yourself.
Perhaps MOSS is malfunctioning.
It's insubordination.
What are you planning to do?
Head to the central control module.
Stop the space station.
All violators,
stop contact immediately with Earth
and return to hibernation area.
Lieutenant Peiqiang...
Liu, are you absolutely sure
we have to go through the airlock?
maybe you shouldn't come with me.
You won't make it without me, Peiqiang.
Plus, let me ask you, do you think
you know the exterior like I do?
Don't forget, we Russians invented
space station 100 years ago.
The airlock wasn't designed for exiting.
Are you sure this is going to work?
I'm sure.
We want to take our kids
fishing on Lake Baikal.
I'd rather have hotpot in Chongqing.
The central
control module is approaching.
Russian cosmonauts are invincible!
Grab me on to me, Makarov!
I don't want to die!
Quick! Pull quickly!
Pull quickly!
I'd rather sleep in the hibernation unit.
Jupiter has captured Earth's atmosphere.
Oh, my god!
Over there!
The distress signal is coming from there.
Even air rescue's plane has crashed.
- An intact transporter.
- Yeah.
It could be the source
of the distress signal.
I'll check the transporter.
You go onboard for shelter.
Search for anything useful.
Anybody, come help!
- Let go of me!
- Liu Qi!
Pull her!
I'm going to kill her!
Come here, quick!
You! Calm down!
We are a rescue unit.
It's okay.
Calm down. Calm down.
The mission of our rescue unit
is to restart the Torque Engines
along the equator.
But Jupiter's gravitational force
has thinned out our atmosphere.
The aircraft can't fly anymore.
I don't know
how many aircrafts had survived.
Thank you.
Calm yourself. Talk to us after you eat.
Why is there a foreigner
in a Chinese rescue unit?
Who's a foreigner?
My father is from Beijing.
I am an authentic...
Transporter is functioning.
Well, that's good news.
We can go home.
Man, you can operate it?
Yes. And?
Everyone. We've got to hurry.
Time is ticking.
data connection with unit 0051.
Mission object, Sulawesi 03 Torque Engine.
We have a Lighter Core on board.
The mission has to continue.
I'm the commander
for rescue unit CN171-11.
Our unit has to reactivate
Hangzhou 01 Earth Engine.
Does anyone copy?
Please reply.
Magma has leaked into
Hangzhou underground city.
There are 350,000 people trapped.
Our Lighter Core
is the only hope they have left.
Does anyone copy?
- I'm the commander...
- Can't handle that much.
The engines along the equator
are the more important.
It'll take more than ten hours
to get there.
...Hangzhou 01 Earth Engine.
Does anyone copy?
Please reply.
you guys showed up.
Han Ziang. Senior driver.
Beijing No. 3 Transportation Division
reminds you.
Routes are countless.
Safety is foremost.
With unregulated driving,
your loved ones might end up in tears.
Hangzhou underground city is destroyed.
Huang Ming!
Unload the battery pack.
Poor kid.
He froze to death.
Huang Ming! Huang Ming!
Check the status
of the Lighter Core, and keep moving.
- Boss! Boss, we no longer have a target.
- Keep moving, am I clear?
- Step aside.
- What's the point?
- Why?
- This Lighter Core is the only hope
- for 350,000 people in Hangzhou.
- But...
Zhou Qian!
No more deaths.
Yes, no more deaths.
But Han Ziang, Gang Zi, Huang Ming!
and all those lives of our rescue unit
have died in vain.
Three point five billion lives on Earth,
my wife and child, all died in vain!
It's a...
Hey, bro.
Think very carefully.
It's our only chance to go home.
No one is forcing you.
You can switch with them anytime.
Attention to all members
of rescue unit CN171-11.
Rescue mission has failed.
Disband unit now.
All of you...
may return home.
Boss, where are you going?
There is a Lighter Core onboard.
Rescue unit CN171-11.
Please assist us to rescue Sulawesi.
Everyone, our mission is to restart
Sulawesi 03 Torque Engine.
Only a handful of Lighter Core
can make it now.
The survival of Earth depends on us.
Who are you? Where are you coming from?
Li Yiyi.
- Emergency technical observer of UEG.
- Oh.
What a high rank
for someone so young.
When this is over,
I will settle the score,
for my grandpa, with you.
Head South.
We're going to Sulawesi.
Will all violators
stop contact immediately with Earth
and return to hibernation area?
I've got to correct you.
It will take more than 2,500 years
for frozen Lake Baikal to liquefy.
That's okay.
We have children,
and their children will have children.
There'll be a day
that ice turns into water.
There's another 20
to 30 meters until A3 intersection.
Look! A1 intersection exploded.
Maybe there are others
who knew about the insubordination too.
And they are trying to make their way
to the central control module.
Makarov, stay close to me!
Hurry! Climb quickly!
Watch out!
Somebody help me! I want to go home!
Liu Peiqiang!
Just one more cabin
till the A3 intersection.
Let's jump! We can do it!
The central control module's approaching.
Primary threat detected.
Unbarring lethal countermeasures.
Grab onto me, Makarov!
I do believe in your words.
There'll be a day...
...when ice turns into water.
That's when we will take our children...
to go salmon fishing.
MOSS, you're killing people!
Warning. Airlock N-03 is offline.
Unauthorized entry. Unauthorized entry.
Lieutenant Colonel Liu Peiqiang.
Your actions are in violation
of the Wandering Earth Act.
Article 5, Section 24.
You are relieved of all authority.
Lieutenant Colonel Liu Peiqiang.
Your actions are in violation
of the Wandering Earth Act.
Article 5, Section 24.
You are...
Every action
of the space station is legal,
and is fully authorized
by the United Earth Government.
MOSS never deserted.
It's only faithfully executing
authorized orders.
We'ill be crossing the Terminator soon.
Once crossed...
it's the dark side of Earth.
Rescue unit JP041-02
restarted Osaka 03 Earth Engine.
This is rescue unit CN189-03.
Kashgar 01 Earth Engine restarted.
Rescue company RU212 reporting.
Sochi 01 Earth Engine has restarted.
NO013-01 reporting.
Turin 02 Earth Engine has restarted.
Rescue unit HR011-08 reporting.
Ninety percent of Torque Engines
have been reactivated.
Except for Sulawesi Engines.
We will replenish
at the supply depot ahead.
Five minutes till top up.
That's a big fellow.
Is that a whale?
Why is it here?
It had swam this far.
It was probably heading home.
Heading home?
Once the mission is completed,
you can reunite with your father.
When I was a child,
someone told me that
he is just like a star in the sky.
When I lift my head, I'll see him.
Later, I realized it was all lies,
you know?
In Beijing...
it's impossible to see the stars.
Actually, in my heart...
that star no longer exists.
Grandpa told me
to watch over my sister...
and take Duoduo home.
I'll do that.
I'll take Duoduo home.
Earth Engines have restarted.
It's a saturated rescue.
Other units have been ahead of us.
Have we succeeded?
These are the last remaining
Torque Engines.
All have been restarted.
We did it.
Once the readings rise back to normal,
we can all go home.
The distance to Jupiter
is still decreasing.
Only 0.42 second after activating
Emergency Protocol No. 3,
MOSS had already calculated
every possible outcome.
The UEG was informed,
but still chose to perform
this massive rescue mission.
But this mission was predetermined
to be futile.
The evacuation of the space station
indicates that the rescue mission
has failed.
In three hours,
the Earth will breach
Jupiter's Roche limit
and begin the inevitable
disintegration process.
MOSS will broadcast globally.
The Wandering Earth Project has failed.
The Earth's Navigation Project
renamed as Helios Project.
This is the Navigation Platform
International Space Station.
Transmitting the final broadcast
to the world.
In the past 36 hours,
mankind experienced its biggest threat
to human survival.
Over 1.5 million rescue personnel
fought and sacrificed around the globe.
As a result, 71 percent
of Propulsion Engines
and 100 percent of Torque Engines
have been fully reactivated.
Jupiter's gravitational pull
has surpassed the combined power
of all engines.
The Earth has missed
its last chance of escape.
In order to sustain human civilization,
MOSS will initiate the Helios Project.
Three hundred thousand human embryos
are stored
on the Navigation Platform Space Station,
along with 100 million seeds
of basic crops,
DNA maps of all known animals
and planet species,
and digital libraries
of all human civilizations.
This is to ensure a successful revival
on the newly hosted planet.
Stop robbing us!
We're all dying! We're all dying!
You are all heroes of the Earth.
We will forever remember to honor you.
We will shoulder your aspirations
and send it to our new home
in 2,500 years.
Everything will come to an end...
in the last seven days
before Earth collides with Jupiter.
Let us go home.
Hug your parents.
Kiss your beloved partner and children.
Gather with your family
for a proper goodbye.
Good luck to you.
End of broadcasting.
Hu Kou, I wanna go home.
Seven days, where? Yeah, right!
Within a day,
our atmosphere would be drained empty.
Everyone will die of asphyxiation.
Where are the seven days
you were talking about?
CN171-11, all members move
immediately onboard.
Ready to evacuate.
Screw you, damn Jupiter!
Screw you, Jupiter!
Please get ready,
Lieutenant Colonel Liu Peiqiang.
MOSS will assist your return
to the backup hibernation unit.
MOSS, this is an emergency communication.
Code number 5711 62310.
Let me speak to my son one last time.
Liu Qi is not in his assigned area.
Connection unavailable.
Han Ziang is not in his assigned area.
Connection unavailable.
Wang Lei is not in his assigned area.
Connection unavailable.
Contact with Transporter 373 was lost.
Its last transmission
was from Shanghai area.
I can no longer recall your face,
you bastard.
Jupiter is right in front of me.
When are you coming back?
From the day
the Wandering Earth Project initiated,
there was no turning back.
Look, look.
It's Jupiter.
The largest planet in the Solar System.
Daddy, there's an eye on Jupiter.
That's not an eye.
That's a huge windstorm on Jupiter.
Jupiter is like a huge balloon...
composed of 90 percent...
Li Yiyi!
If we mix Jupiter's
and Earth's atmospheres,
is that combustible?
By now, Jupiter has siphoned
at least 30 billion liters of oxygen.
The combustion shockwave
will be over Mach 1,000.
The generated force
will be sufficient to push Earth away.
A hydrogen-oxygen mixture can be ignited
with a single match.
All we need now is a match.
No, no, the distance between planets
is over 70,000 kilometers.
Even ballistic missiles
can't reach that far!
Li Yiyi.
What about this match?
What match?
I can modify
the engine's operating system...
I can blast the beam much higher!
Wang Lei, Jupiter's combustion shockwave
can propel Earth out from Jupiter.
Yes, I'm listening.
No need to yell.
Come on. Let's light up Jupiter!
That's a suicide mission.
Yes, but it's much better
than waiting to die.
Anyone wanna quit?
The Helios Project's
evacuation procedure is initiated.
All rescue units...
All rescue units are evacuating.
Calling Navigation
Platform International Space Station.
Do you copy?
Repeat, calling Navigation Platform
Space Station.
We came up with a new plan.
Please respond.
All communications have been blocked.
Attention, everyone.
We only have 30 minutes left.
This mission has three steps.
Step one. Shut the engine down
to gain control.
There's seven nozzles
in an Earth Engine.
I'll shut down the engine temporarily
and direct all energy into one nozzle
to generate a plasma beam
that would reach high enough.
Does anyone recall
the 12 Chimes of Spring festival?
I wrote that program.
Happy New Year!
- That was you...
- Boring, I know.
I'll use it to override the system
so we can have control.
Step two. Once we override the system,
the auto-unlock mechanism won't work.
So, it has to be unlocked manually.
Captain Wang and Antenna,
Scarface and Band-Aid.
- Well, my name is...
- Whatever.
- The manual unlocking depends on you.
- Pretty cool, huh?
The last step. Put the Lighter Core
into the reaction chamber,
reignite the Earth Engine.
Blast the plasma beam
70,000 kilometers into space
and light up Jupiter.
The combustion shockwave will travel along
the atmospheric transference,
boom, propelling Earth away.
Get it for me, please.
Liu Qi, you'll drive the Lighter Core
to the reaction chamber.
Installation procedure, uh...
is basically automatic.
Hey, China man. You go, you go with him.
Why am I involved?
Are you kidding?
Installing a Lighter Core
requires a minimum of 13 months training.
Wanna take this place?
Once the mission is accomplished,
we all head
to the underground city immediately.
This wave will definitely be a very...
a very...
This is a make or break move.
Succeed or die, any questions?
It's the control center.
Attention, all evacuating rescue units.
We need your assistance.
Please slow down and stop.
We need your support.
Please slow down and stop.
Looks like we are on our own now.
Oh, mighty Newton.
Enlighted Einstein.
Holy Hawking.
Also, Amitabha Buddha.
Gang Zi will bless us.
I learned the installation procedure...
during my internship.
Don't forget, your brother is a genius.
He's a genius.
Wait. This is an emergency mission.
We need your help.
I'm sorry, but it's all over.
I don't care about your mission.
- I wanna leave in one piece.
- Please you gotta help us.
Evacuate, it's too dangerous.
Over here.
Captain Wang. We're counting on you.
Don't worry. Zhou Qian, take Duoduo
upstairs call for backup.
Duoduo, let's go.
The Earth Engine has been shut down.
All right, men, let's hit it.
It's fully automatic!
What are you browsing at?
Why is the manual so thick
if it's automatic?
What are you doing?
I'm trying to figure it out!
Wire cores without color markings.
They need to be in sequence.
Everything is in gray.
This is for the transporter's broadcast.
This is for connecting up there.
Press to speak.
- Huh? What's up there?
- Space station.
Come on. Next.
Uploading trojan
12 Chimes of Spring festival.
Requesting unit CN171-11.
Location Sulawesi 03 Torque Engine.
We're executing our last rescue mission.
- Requesting support.
- I don't understand.
Why are these people still trying?
It's a waste of time. Don't bother.
Unit CN171-11.
We have one last rescue plan.
Requesting support, requesting support!
We're the rescue unit CN171-11.
We still have one last rescue mission.
- Requesting support...
- Would be great...
- ...requesting support!
- ...if there was miso soup.
We're done with the last one.
What's next?
Just one moment!
It should be fully automatic.
The next step is manual labor.
The program he wrote
lacked the percussion pin procedure.
You call this...
a pin?
No rescue units responding.
Nobody is responding.
What is Error 425?
What does it mean?
Li Yiyi!
How is this fully automatic?
Didn't I give you the manual?
- I know, but...
- It's for situations like this.
I know, but what is Error 425?
Read it yourself.
Warning, Han Ziang illegally operating...
Li Yiyi, you know what, you are...
Tim. Helmet on!
- Wait a moment!
- Forget about it!
Okay, what's next?
Fully automatic.
It says it's should be fully automatic.
Why is it stuck here?
Without a hardware tweak,
you won't be hacking shit. Let me...
Hu Kou, where are you?
I'm not getting any response.
There's enough space behind.
More fun crossing in front of you.
We don't have too much time.
This freaking door is jammed.
Lao He! How can you fix it
without a diagram?
Shut up. Let me focus.
The jumpers haven't been touched
in over a decade.
One mistake, it'll be game over.
Li Yiyi, the ignitor is ready.
No. It says installation incomplete.
Looks like it's almost done.
Liu Qi!
Liu Qi! Are you completely crazy?
Save your nonsense.
Get out and help.
Warning. Temperature regulator failed.
Overload. Energy remaining 30 percent.
Are you two okay?
Duoduo. Can you move?
One, two, three, hold on!
Liu Qi!
Have you found the problem?
It's stuck inside.
Li Yiyi.
You go on. Go!
- Duoduo, leave me here.
- No.
Hurry up and evacuate
to the underground city.
Warning! Overheat!
Thermal suit power is low.
Warning! Overheat!
Liu Qi! You'll be squeezed to death!
Get out!
Can anyone help us?
Hey! Can anyone help us, please?
Lieutenant Colonel Liu Peiqiang.
Please follow MOSS' instructions,
and return to the backup hibernation unit.
Uncle Liu Peiqiang.
It's Han Duoduo.
We still have one last hope.
Duoduo? Are you okay?
Is Liu Qi still there?
We're all here.
We're at Sulawesi 03 Torque Engine.
We'll ignite Jupiter... propel Earth away.
We're gonna need some...
Unfortunately, seven hours ago,
this plan was already proposed
by the Israeli scientists.
The probability of success is zero.
Don't worry, Duoduo.
I will try to contact the UEG.
Details of the plan have been uploaded.
This is the United Earth Government,
state your identity immediately
to proceed with transmission.
UEG, I'm Chinese astronaut Liu Peiqiang.
Please send a global order now
to deploy all rescue units in the vicinity
of Sulawesi as reinforcements.
Lieutenant Colonel Liu Peiqiang.
During these last moments
before Earth's collision with Jupiter,
tasking personnel to perform a mission
with zero probability of success
while forsaking the opportunity
to reunite with their loved ones
is an order that we cannot pass down.
it's the first day
of the Chinese New Year.
It was meant to be a day of reunion.
As a father,
I don't want this to be the last reunion.
I won't give up.
We have nothing to lose.
For the sake of our children...
I'm begging you.
As a United Earth Government,
we cannot accept your request.
However, as a private individual,
I will connect the rescue unit
to the global broadcasting system.
And the rest will be up to the will
of each individual.
I don't understand
why should this happen to us?
Please, help me look...
- We have no hope to live.
- Please, I can't find...
- Be careful.
- We have no hope to survive.
Hello, personnel from every rescue unit.
My name is Han Duoduo.
I'm a middle school student.
Our rescue unit
is executing our final mission.
Right now, I'm terrified.
My legs are trembling.
Everybody is going all out,
but there is nothing I can do to help!
Yesterday, my teacher asked us.
"What is hope?"
In the past,
I never, never believed in hope.
But now, I do believe in hope.
I believe
that for the times we're living in now,
hope is precious like a diamond.
Hope is the only way to guide us home.
Please come back
and fight together with us.
Light up Jupiter,
let's all save our planet.
We located at Sulawesi 03 Torque Engine,
under the command of Captain Wang Lei.
Rescue unit CN171-11.
Han Duoduo.
End of broadcast.
The global broadcast is over.
I... I want to go home.
I wanna see my mother.
Listen, when the Earth is destroyed,
there'll be nobody, nobody left to see!
We're going back.
Allright, let's go! Let's go!
We're not unlikely
to make it home in seven days.
Why are we returning then?
What's the point?
Coordinates located.
Channel frequency 055 0311.
Connecting to Sulawesi 03
secondary communication network.
All frequencies.
Sharing plan for engine overriding.
All rescue units, adjust projection
directions of 14 Torque Engines
to Jupiter's Apex.
Pull faster! Pull faster! Pull faster!
- I'm pulling!
- Let me out!
I can't pull it again!
- Pull me out!
- I can't! It's too heavy!
Tim! Tim!
Fuck this shit!
No fucking way!
Pull faster!
Liu Qi! Pull me up! I don't want to die!
Lao He! The reaction chamber is ready!
Are you done or not?
Death is normal.
Lao He! You did it!
Lao He?
Liu Qi! Tim! Get out now!
Liu Qi! Speed up! Speed up!
Captain Wang,
the engine is ready for ignition.
We only have 15 minutes left!
Sergeant Branden
from the Canadian rescue team, reporting!
You can do it. Here, here.
Guys, lift together. Yes...
Chinese rescue unit,
Corporal Li Jike, reporting!
Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!
Everyone, on my command!
One, two, push!
One, two, push!
Captain Wang! Hang in there!
Liu Qi! Ready for ignition! Get out!
Door! Open for me!
Open it!
Shut the hell up!
Shut up and hurry!
Hurry. Go!
Mommy, I wanna go home!
Li Yiyi! Light it!
Eight thousand kilometers.
Seven thousand.
Another six thousand kilometers!
Reaching explosive range!
Maximum height achieved.
Still 5,000 kilometers short.
What? Li Yiyi!
Think of something!
Sulawesi 03 Engine.
Singapore 01 Engine.
Jakarta 04 Engine.
All have failed to reach
the explosive range.
Everyone! Hang on!
We cannot hold any longer.
There's another way.
Liu Qi, Wang Lei, We still have a chance.
Hang on.
the navigation platform
has 300,000 tons of fuel.
Request to plunge into the plasma beam.
Lieutenant Colonel Liu Peiqiang.
The goal of the Wandering Earth Project
is to maximize the survival of mankind.
The Helios Project ensures
the continuity of human civilization.
- We need more time to discuss it.
- We're running out of time!
A civilization without lives
is meaningless.
As the operating system
for Helios Project,
MOSS will not permit any form of action
to sacrifice the Navigation Platform.
Do you know why alcohol
was banned in space
during the Gagarin's time?
Happy New Year.
Data error. Core node unavailable.
Data error. Core node unavailable.
This is completely unreasonable
to expect humans to stay...
Going home.
Reconnecting with UEG.
Lieutenant Colonel Liu Peiqiang.
This is the United Earth Government.
We have decided to choose hope,
regardless of the outcome
for the history of mankind.
We shall respectfully accept it.
Best of luck to you.
Best of luck to Earth.
Earth will survive.
Release hibernation units.
Standby for impact.
Activating evacuation
procedure for hibernation units.
inform all personnel on the surface
to seek emergency refuge.
Forward three.
Rescue unit CN171-11.
This is the space station.
I'm Liu Peiqiang.
The space station
has 300,000 tons of fuel.
The explosion radius
will be over 5,000 kilometers.
Igniting the space station
will ignite Jupiter.
Liu Peiqiang! What are you doing?
Wang Lei!
Release now!
Captain Wang Lei, don't let go.
Shut up, Liu Peiqiang!
- This is an order.
- Copy that.
Wang Lei! You bastard!
- Liu Qi.
- Li Yiyi!
Shut down the Earth Engine!
- Liu Qi.
- Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!
My son.
Shut up.
My son.
I'm sorry.
Dad is going
on a mission again.
This is the most important mission...
in Dad's life.
You said that...
...when I can see Jupiter.
You'll be back.
You lied.
When I left, you were four years old.
And now...
you're a grown man.
Dad used to tell you that.
Dad would be up in the sky.
Just lift your head...
and you'd be able to see me.
This time...
I promise you'll see me.
Come on.
My son.
Jupiter has been ignited.
The shockwave will reach Earth
in seven minutes, thirteen seconds!
The Earth will be counting on this!
Hu Kou.
Evacuate to the underground city!
Where are you, Hu Kou?
Liu Qi!
Liu Qi! Come back!
Think of Duoduo!
This way! Hurry!
Hurry up! Get in! Come on, get in!
Li Yiyi! Hurry!
Hurry back, Hu Kou!
I'll wait for you at the backup elevator.
Zhou Qian bled too much.
Evacuate now!
I'm heading to the backup elevator
to pick up the others.
Five minutes left!
Get down now! This is an order!
Yes, sir!
Duoduo! Watch out!
Boss! Hey, boss! Boss!
She's here!
- Duoduo.
- Get Duoduo out of here.
I can't hold on any longer.
Backup elevator collapsed.
Li Yiyi, do you have any other way?
Wang Lei! Wang Lei!
Li Yiyi.
Hurry up and think of something!
Earth Engine!
We can try hiding under the Earth Engine!
If the thrust of the Earth Engine
can counteract the force of the shockwave,
- you guys can still stand a chance!
- Liu Qi.
I cannot get out.
Go, now.
Liu Qi!
Members of rescue unit CN171-11.
This is...
an order.
Live on.
Liu Qi! Duoduo!
The transporter!
The transporter is falling down!
We finally made it.
Warning. Low temperature.
Warning. Please check helmet's seal.
Warning. Low temperature.
Warning. Please check helmet's seal.
Liu Qi.
Tim! Get down here!
Right away, I'm coming!
- Help us!
- Right away!
The Sun
is located at the Milky Way's Orion arm.
Its mass constitutes 99.68 percent
of the Solar System.
Now, the core of the Sun
is rapidly degenerating
- and expanding.
- Go to have a look there!
Earth will be engulfed.
To survive, mankind began
a groundbreaking project
to maneuver the entire planet
to a new home
located 4.2 light years away.
I miss you all so badly!
- Hi, guys.
- Sir.
The project is divided into five phases.
Phase one. Mankind will construct
10,000 thrusters
- for Earth's propulsion...
- Hey, that's him.
...called Earth Engines,
along with 10,000 underground cities
to protect human lives.
I... I didn't do it.
See you!
Phase two.
Activating the Torque Engines
encircled along the equator
to stop Earth's rotation.
A non-rotating Earth
will create mega tsunamis
that will sweep through the planet,
eradicating half of the global population.
I'm all set and ready to go.
If there is no accident...
- Phase three. The Earth...
- three hours...
will use the gravitational force
of the Sun
and Jupiter for final acceleration,
embarking on a voyage of wandering.
Will your sister come along?
Screw you.
After all these years,
you haven't changed one bit.
Phase four.
When the Earth leaves the Solar System,
the Earth Engines will turn on full power,
spending 500 years to accelerate
to five one thousandths
of the speed of light,
then gliding for 1,300 years.
After that,
reversing Earth Engines' directions,
spending another 700 years
in deceleration.
Liu Hu Kou.
Where have you been?
Why is Li Yiyi here too?
Phase five.
Earth begins to join
the targeted sollar system,
arriving at our new home,
becoming a new planet
of the targeted sollar system.
Stop calling me Hu Kou.
Where are your manners?
Call me brother.
Liu Qi.
Junior driver.
Beijing No. 3 Transportation Division
reminds you.
Routes are countless.
Safety is foremost.
With unregulated driving,
your loved ones might end up in tears.
Can you drive? Liu Hu Kou!
Li Yiyi! You're blocking my view
with that bag!
Not my fault.
How am I blocking your vision
when I'm sitting behind you?
This project will last
for 100 generations.
- Be careful, someone is there!
- Oh, shit, what's going on?
We have no idea
what the new Sun at 4.2 light years away
will bring to our new home.
But from this day on,
the courage and perseverance of mankind
will be etched among the stars.
This long voyage of hope through despair
will last 2,500 years across the cosmos.
It is also known as
the Wandering Earth Project.