The War Within (2014) Movie Script

[suspenseful music]
What are you talking about?
Mom l love him.
Why can't you see
what we have?
Of course l know
what love is.
So, where's Amy?
l'm traveling alone.
What's going on?
Did you ever wonder how
different your life would be?
lf you could go back
and change one mistake.
But l guess, some mistakes
you never stop paying for.
[drop noise]
(College Professor)
l know you're all here to learn
something technical, but for me,
it's all about that moment.
Hey! Hey!
You dropped this.
Oh, thank you.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
Thanks for my bag.
Do you want me
to walk with you?
So you don't drop
your bag again?
( Amy) Was this from
the first day we met?
Can you please
take a picture?
Yes, thank you.
This is going
in the book?
( Amy) Babe, look at this.
Remember our first date?
Don't ever forget
this moment.
l'm falling in love
with you.
l love you!
l won't forget.
l love you too!
Michael. Michael.
l'm not.
l'm serious.
Yes, you... Michael,
you're drawing me...
You can't see
this yet.
Let me see it.
Will you marry me?
( Amy) This caricature
turned out great.
Ready for
the big day?
l'm going to go
show your mom.
[crowd screams]
Oh. Honey feel this.
Feel how big that was.
Do you want to
draw with Daddy?
Oh, cute l have
to take a picture.
Look how small
she was.
Hey, you.
Don't forget.
l love you too,
Hi, Daddy.
Look at the baby lamb,
look at the momma lamb
aren't they so cute.
Yeah, just like
me and you.
Aren't they?
(Michael) Do you know how
important this is to me.
How important
this is to Ellie.
( Amy) Of course...
Ok, why is this so important?
l care about you, she...
l gotta go.
- ( Amy) Oh, come on Michael.
- (Michael) Ok, l'm sorry
Ready to go honey?
Bye, Mommy.
Let's go honey.
(Pastor) l must ask you.
Do you know the savior?
The word for knowledge
in our text means...
What's the
matter Daddy?
Nothing, honey.
Daddy, is it because mommy
won't go to church with us?
She said she believes.
She believes up here.
We just need to pray
that she believes in here.
You see, faith
is never alone.
True faith always
leaves a sign.
lt's why it's
accompanied by works.
Jesus, please do whatever
you have to do to save Mommy.
ny) You always treat me like-
a child--Michael stop it--
Why are you doing this--
[phone rings]
Hello, Michael?
lt's Wendell.
Hey Wendell.
Hey, l'm sorry l missed
my deadline yesterday.
l'm almost finished
and l can have my stuff
to you in about an hour.
(Wendell) Michael,
that's kind of why l'm calling.
We lost five more papers
this week.
Look, it's a tough market
right now.
l know, but l promise
l'll work harder
and l'll work ahead.
That won't be necessary.
l know l've been
a little out of it lately.
But l'm back now.
l took your advice and l think
l found somebody
to write the strip.
l really appreciate you guys
at the Syndicate being patient
with me through all this,
but l promise you l'm back
to full speed now.
(Wendell) That's what makes
this so difficult, Michael.
l know you've
had a tough year.
lf the strip would
have been established
and you had
an extensive archive,
we could have run reruns while
you took that sabbatical.
As it is though...
What are you saying?
(Wendell) You know it's nearly
possible to start a new str
and in this market
it's just been too...
we tried everything we knew
to sell Ginger Snaps,
but it's just not working.
You're kidding me right?
Tell me this is a joke.
l wish it was.
Wendell, l know
l can make it better.
Wendell, would you just
listen to me, please!
Michael, look.
You are a very
talented cartoonist
but the decision
is out of my hands.
lt's already been decided by
the board that Ginger Snaps
has not fulfilled
the contractual obligations.
lt's not personal,
it's business.
doesn't the board know?
(Wendell) Yes, l pleaded
your case and got out voted.
l tried to hold off this
decision as long as possible,
but... l wish there
were something more l can do.
We'd be interested
in seeing anything else
you come up with
in the future.
Keep in touch.
[phone click]
[suspenseful music]
[phone slam]
[suspenseful music]
[destructive noises]
[suspenseful music]
[suspenseful music]
[suspenseful music]
Will, do something!
Will, make it stop!
[suspenseful music]
what is happening?
ls everyone
all right?
How could they kill it?
They said
they loved the strip.
Wendell said
it didn't sell.
lt stopped being funny
after the accident.
Don't say it.
This is Will's fault!
Excuse me?
Mind's had writer's block
ever since--
l said don't say it!
Face it.
You've lost your sense of humor
and l can't help you with that.
We are all to blame.
are you nuts!
They are all out
to get us you see.
We're just pawns
in their little hands.
They lift us up then
throw us down to the ground
and stomp on us.
That's how they
get their jollies.
You're paranoid.
l'm speaking truth
here brothers.
Look at yourselves.
You're all in denial.
Emotion, you're out
of line!
Out of line.
Out of line?
You're all
out of line!
Men, l warned you
this would happen
if we failed to
meet deadlines.
Conscience is right.
Conscience is right.
Memory, you're
killing me man.
Stop living
in the past.
lt's time you got on
the right team
and stop siding
with this guy.
Emotion, you need
to calm down!
Stay out of this Mind!
What are we going
to do now?, we're
getting somewhere.
What are we
going to do?
l'm not sure.
how do you feel?
l will tell you
how he feels.
Will, am l right?
Am l right? Am l right?
l've got an idea.
Call Wendell back.
Mind you have to talk
some sense into him.
l tried, but--
But what!
Will, do it!
Do it! Do it!
He wouldn't listen.
He said the decision
was already made.
So that's it.
this isn't fair.
Will, you got
to do something!
l can't.
When we get hit,
we hit back.
We have to at least make
Wendell feel our pain.
Heart, don't
listen to him.
Don't let Will burn
any bridges here.
Was l talking to you?
This is between
me and him.
Stay out of this.
l'm sick of this!
No one ever
listens to me!
We're pathetic losers.
You've got to fight
to win!
You know l'm rightl
You know...
l'm sorry.
l'm sorry.
Thank you, Will.
Look, gentlemen, we've had
a traumatic experience.
We've actually had a lot
of traumatic experiences.
Ok, Memory,
a lot of them.
Let's calm down and
reason with ourselves.
Mind, l'm interested
in your assessment.
Well, l used to know what to do
when faced with a dilemma
but l've got to admit,
l'm confused.
Let me help
you out, Mind.
We're cursed.
We've been cursed by God.
How else are you
going to explain it.
We were living the dream
until a year ago,
then it turned
into a nightmare.
All of this clamor isn't
accomplishing anything
except upsetting Emotion.
Remember when you had the guts
to face problems head on?
So that's it?
You're just going
to walk away?
What happened
to you Heart?
What made you
so weak?
You're weak!
[suspenseful music]
l've heard enough.
There is something
missing in all of this.
Like what?
l've heard
from everyone.
Mind will make
his assessment
and we'll plan
a course of action.
Now let's give
him some space.
You haven't heard
from everyone.
[suspenseful music]
[party noises]
The last one.
Here's the present
Daddy got for you.
lt's a surprise.
Let's see...
Thank you, Daddy!
Can you read it to me?
Why don't we have
Mommy read it?
ls Daddy too tired
to read?
No, l just love
watching you read.
Don't forget.
l love you, too.
[Swish noise]
[brick movement]
What were you
doing in there?
l was just looking.
What do you want?
After considering
our options,
Mind thinks we need
to start over.
What do you mean start over,
like go back to church?
The job in Connecticut.
And work for Jeff at his
advertisement firm?
He said we had a job
waiting for us
anytime we wanted.
He's our old
college roommate.
We said a lot of things to
each other we didn't mean.
What about
our security?
Heart, think of it
this way.
The only way we'll ever be
happy again is to move.
Look, it was so hard
to get the strip syndicated
and look how
it's turned out.
l don't want
to hear this.
are you blind!
Amy is miserable.
l mean, it's obvious her
feelings have changed toward us.
Because she blames us.
Stress and the guilt
have nearly crippled us.
Just look at you,
l can't.
l won't.
Heart, l hate to say it,
but l believe we can trace
all of our problems back to when
we began this journey of faith.
ln the beginning we
studied the Bible
and l was convinced
that it was true.
We prayed consistently,
and l thought if we got
involved in ministry
we could please God.
But circumstances
have proven
that no matter how much we did,
just the opposite happened.
Mind is right.
We need to start over.
You know like escape.
l mean there's no
creativity here.
We're being stifled.
Mind can't think.
Will can't draw.
And you've lost
your passion.
You've been listening to that
sorry excuse for a judge.
Don't get me started on
Mr. Past-Time.
We've got to get
out of here.
You're making decisions based
solely on circumstances.
We need some
spiritual direction.
And here comes
the judge.
l heard you down the hall
and it's obvious
that you are not thinking about
the spiritual implications.
How do you know that
this job opportunity
is not some kind of
divine intervention?
Are you
kidding me?
Emotion! l've had
enough of this!
Oh yeah!
l've had enough of you
Conscience! l had enough.
Read it to me again,
Which book honey?
The Good Shepherd.
( Amy) There once
was a good shepherd
who cared
for his sheep.
He watched over them when
ithey were awake or asleep./i
You are going in
the wrong direction!
My desire is to get things back
to the way they were.
When Amy and l
were in love.
What you want
is impossible.
lt can never be
like it was.
The sooner you
except that fact
the better we're
all going to be.
Every time Amy looks at us,
she remembers what happened.
There's no way
of overcoming it.
There's no way
of undoing it.
Leaving her is the only
solution that makes sense.
lf you won't do it for you,
do it for Amy.
l sense the idea
intrigues you.
(Heart) What do you
want with me?
l want you to see
what's happening to us.
Why this light is not
as it once was.
You know this reveals
our true condition.
Who we really are
or what we've become.
And it never lies.
That's the problem.
What do you see?
All l see is me.
Like l said.
That's the problem.
The light of life used to shine
through this glass.
But now it's clouded over
by your grief and guilt.
What does that have to do
with winning my wife back.
Heart, examine
You're spiritually weak
and this proves it.
l'm trying
to make you see
you're in no condition
to win her back.
l did it once.
And l can do
it again.
l'm taking off.
You ok?
(Mind) She sure
is beautiful.
(Emotion) Do l have to remind
you that she hates us?
We've grown apart,
but l have no memory of us
ever thinking she hated us.
Where is Heart?
We need him in here.
l'll handle this.
Take it easy Emotion.
This room looks like
a tornado ran through it.
What happened in here?
l thought l heard some
arguing earlier.
lt was nothing!
What are you
keeping from me?
What am l
keeping from you?
What are you
keeping from me?
Emotion, please.
Don't get carried away here!
[Emotion chatters angrily
in the distance]
[door opens]
[suspenseful music]
(Emotion) That l'm a failure,
is that what you want me to say?
Mind, Will,
go get Heart.
Here, l'll take care
of this.
Shut up, Mind!
Michael, did you
hear what l said?
You never
listen to me.
Just drop it.
All right? l'm fine.
Obviously not!
They cancelled my strip.
lt's over.
l'm finished.
l'm sorry.
So, what are you
going to do now?
l don't know,
maybe l'll go draw a sign
and panhandle
by the interstate.
How about that?
Look, l know
you're upset,
but you don't have to get
sarcastic with me.
l guess your parents
were right about me.
You know what l came
in here to talk to you,
but obviously this
is the wrong time.
Let's be honest, you never
respected what l do.
We are not going
to do this right now.
l get emails from
complete strangers
who are more supportive
than my own wife.
Well excuse me if l don't
meet your expectations.
What's going on?
( Amy)
What is it Michael?
Oh, please.
l have sacrificed for you so
you could live your dream.
And when l needed you,
all you did this past year
was lock me out!
[Amy continues to talk]
(Heart) Move!
Conscience! Move!
(Michael) l sacrifice
for you every day!
What's the thanks l get?
You ignore me
when l talk to you.
And then you jump down
my throat for no reason?
Absolutely nothing!
( Amy) l don't understand this
has been going on for years.
[slam against door]
l'm not going
to take it anymore.
(Emotion) Not gonna
take it anymore?
(Emotion) Maybe if
you acted your age,
l wouldn't have to treat
you like a five year old.
l mean give me a breakl
(Emotion) Get out!
Get out of my life!
What have you done?
Just get out!
Snap out of it!
Amy, wait.
l'm sorry.
l don't know why
l said that.
l just got angry and l said
some things l didn't mean.
l'm sorry l took it
out on you.
Can we please
just talk about this?
There's nothing
more to talk about.
l've got something
l want to say.
l don't want
to hear it.
l know l need
some help.
l'm willing to go
to counseling.
lt's too late
for that.
Amy, please.
look at me please.
l just got upset about
the syndicate that's all, ok?
l'm sorry
l took it out on you.
l love you.
Do you still love me?
l don't know what
l feel anymore.
Look what
you've done.
l want her back.
l want my wife back.
[suspenseful music]
(TV) Foreign Auto Mart.
Where no deal will be refused.
(Weather Lady) What it's
going to do is move slowly,
[cellphone vibration]
but it's also gonna dissipate as
it comes into our viewing area.
We're not forecasting any
widespread shower for everyone,
but just to be cautious because
you might get a little drizzle
or wet if you're taking a walk
in the afternoon.
Temperatures we expect
to see in the mid 60s,
drop down into the lower
50s overnight.
Stay tuned for your 7 day
forecast when we come back.
l'm chief meteorologist Roxanne
Standeford, don't go away.
Where is God, right now?
My friend, l've asked
myself that question.
Do you feel as though God
has abandoned you?
That there's more
to this life?
There is.
You see God has deposited
in my account
an anointing for you today.
See God wants you to stop
praying prayers of passivity
and start praying prayers
of possibilities.
He wants you to start praying
cash into your pockets.
Vacations abroad.
He wants to give it
all to you.
Are we there yet?
(Michael) Ellie, honey,
be patient.
You know Grandma
lives far away.
( Amy)
Why don't you believe me?
Not right now.
You brought it up...
l tried Lord.
See... that's what
l'm talking about.
What's that
supposed to mean?
lt means l tried,
but every time l mention my
faith in Christ we end up
having the same conversation
that never goes anywhere.
And that's my fault?
l didn't say that.
Mommy and l are talking
right now. Ok?
[low chatter]
l've detected a force
that's infiltrated our members
and it's changing us.
All of us.
What force?
Fear of what?
Fear of loneliness.
Fear of what
people will think.
Fear of the future.
That's ridiculous.
Why do you think
Emotion's been
acting so
erratically lately?
l don't know
let's see.
Maybe because
in the last year
we've lost everything
we cared about.
You think that might have
something to do with it?
And it's produced
fear among us,
and it's changing us.
beware of fear.
And beware of Will.
( Amy) Good job Ellie.
lt looks great.
Remember smooth brush
strokes, ok?
lt looks good.
Uh, Mommy?
Rolland asked me
to marry him today.
Who's Rolland?
A boy in my class.
He smells funny.
So what did you say?
l think that was
a good decision.
So you don't like Rolland,
but do you have a boyfriend?
No, boys are creepy.
Ok, so what about
your Daddy?
He's a boy.
ls he creepy?
Why'd you marry him?
Well, he's good looking.
He's funny.
We just did
everything together.
He always put me first.
Ok, so why don't you come
to church with me and Daddy?
Oh, Ellie, remember,
we've talked about this?
All right.
Everyone raise your hands if you
have the problems written down.
Very good, hands down.
Now we are going to answer
the problems.
Six times what
equals 54?
Mrs. Sinclair, we have
a new student today.
This is Madison, and she's all
the way from Ohio, aren't you?
Hi, Madison.
l'm Mrs. Sinclair.
Nice to meet you.
[school bell]
Oh, kids,
time for recess.
Please line up.
Arianna, can you please show
Madison to the playground?
l'll take this Madison.
l'll see you when
you get back.
Have fun.
Let's go.
[children chatter]
l'm afraid to ask
what that face means.
l found him.
Found who?
My soul mate.
How old is he
this time?
Well his profile says
he's twenty-five.
You haven't met
this guy?
No. Not yet but we've
been chatting online
and we're hooking up
tomorrow night
and it's going
to be amazing.
l really think
he's the one.
Lauren, you haven't
met this guy yet.
Amy, l have an idea.
Let's celebrate
l can't.
Come on. lt's not everyday
you meet your soul mate.
Thanks for the invitation,
but it's not a good day.
What is going on?
Oh, Amy.
l'm so sorry.
Has it been
a year already?
Are you sure you don't
want to come over tonight
just to get your
mind off things.
Oh, l'd rather
be alone.
How's Michael?
l don't know.
We can't talk without snapping
at each other anymore.
l thought things
were better.
lt just takes
a long time to get over
what you guys
went through.
We've been messed up
long before the accident.
He changed.
He got involved with
that church, you know?
We just drifted apart.
Why am l telling
you all this?
You cannot keep this
all inside bottled up.
You have got
to let it out.
Sometimes l wonder if l
should have just gone to Paris.
Unfilled dreams.
That's the story
of my life.
But l never had your
artistic ability.
Lauren, l don't...
l don't think this is helping.
l just have all
these feelings.
l always thought that
your biggest problem
was that Michael
was driving...
Lauren! l can't.
l'm sorry.
No, l'm sorry.
l always go to far.
l should have just kept
my big mouth shut.
No, l really appreciate
your friendship.
You have been a shoulder
for me to cry on.
l just need to be
at home tonight.
Ok, honey.
l'm always here for you.
l know.
[changing radio stations]
Please don't tell my Daddy,
that l cried.
l couldn't fight the tears
back though l tried.
The sympathetic crowd gathered
'round him when he died.
Please don't
tell my Daddy...
[door opening]
Hi Ellie, honey.
l'm sorry, Daddy.
Sorry for what?
l'm sorry
for what l did.
But you didn't do
anything wrong.
Do you still love me?
l'll always love you...
You know that.
Will you come
to see me?
Will you bring
mommy too?
l'll try.
Why couldn't you
just believe me?
l wanted to be sure.
l told you
l believed!
But l didn't see
a change.
You always treat me
like a child.
l'm sorry.
l sacrificed for you so that
you can live your dream
and now it's too late.
This is your fault.
Because of you
our baby is gone.
Honey, Mommy and l
are talking right now. Ok?
(Ellie) But l just
want to give...
Why do you get so upset at me
every time that l mention...
Because you treat me
like a child.
All l said was...
That you don't think
l'm a Christian.
l didn't say that.
Ellie not now.
Don't interrupt.
We're back on air!
l'm Ellie Sinclair and l'm
interviewing Daddy.
Daddy, what was your favorite
thing at work today?
(Michael) Well, l drew another
Ginger Snaps cartoon.
(Ellie) About what?
(Michael) Well, do you
remember last week
when you licked the ice cream
and it fell on the floor?
(Ellie) Yes.
ln the ice cream shop?
l drew that.
That was based
on you little girl.
Daddy and Ellie fell asleep.
This is the cutest thing.
[clearing throat]
[television turns off]
l got on the laptop today
and your email account
was still open.
l saw that you had
an email from Ray.
Why won't you
talk to him?
lt's complicated.
l thought he was
your friend.
Chicken's good.
What's Media 1 1?
Why are you reading
my emails?
l wasn't reading
your emails.
You shouldn't be
in my email to begin with.
l'm sorry.
l just saw those two emails
and clicked off, ok?
ls it a job opportunity?
When were you going to tell
me about us moving?
We're not moving.
l am.
What are you saying?
l haven't made
a decision yet.
They haven't even officially
offered me the job yet.
But you want it?
You want to leave?
l don't know
what l want?
Why haven't you talked
to me about this?
l'm your wife?
Let's not kid
What's that supposed
to mean?
lt means we are more like
roommates than spouses!
And whose fault
is that?
Why did you do that?
She was asking
for it, Heart.
lt's true.
We are more
like roommates.
We haven't slept in
the same room...
There's no use
fighting it anymore.
Fighting what?
The inevitable.
lt's over.
Don't listen
to him Heart.
Shut up Conscience.
This is what
l warned you about.
Every one of us is being
motivated by fear.
That's ridiculous.
l'm not afraid
of anything.
You're the one who
fears the most.
Oh, yeah?
l'm not afraid of you,
you old bag of wind.
You want to see
some rage?
Just keep it up
Lady Justice.
l don't know what this
has to do with anything.
Conscience is right.
it's obvious to me
that fear has changed
your way of thinking.
So how do
we fight it?
With perfect love.
Perfect love.
Love that drives a wedge
between you and your wife.
Love that steals
your dream job.
Love that buries
your child.
Do you hear what
you're saying?
You are the one that
taught us the truth.
And now you're
believing lies.
l've had enough!
l can't stand
this anymore.
one more word.
That's the word.
[suspenseful music]
[fighting sounds]
What's gotten us
to the point
that we are destroying
each other.
We chose to follow Him.
And the consequences haven't
been very good, now have they?
Mind, remember why
we followed Him.
You were convinced
by the --
lt was reasonable to
believe the Word of God
because the evidence could
not be explained away.
ln the same way
it was reasonable
to focus our career
on cartooning.
That's our skill
and interest.
lt was reasonable
to marry Amy.
She is beautiful.
We have a lot in common, and
from the first time we say her
we desired to spend
our life with her.
All of our choices have
been based on reason.
And so l'm
asking you Heart.
What is the reasonable
thing for us to do?
Should we continue in
an unhappy marriage?
Following a God who took away
everything that matters to us?
Or isn't it reasonable
to give Amy her freedom
and start over
in a new place?
When was the last time
you were in there?
These vines -- our old nature,
they've corrupted Mind
and poisoned
he rest of us.
You can't fight
those three alone.
You know that
don't you?
You've become weak
and they've become strong.
Their arguments
may seem persuasive
but there's
no truth in them.
Why couldn't you find
the memory of our first love?
lt's not where it's
supposed to be, all right?
How can that be?
Someone must
have taken it.
But why?
Those three have lost
faith in God and in you.
They are afraid of the future
so they've taken over.
Heart, finding that memory
is everything.
He has a memory orb.
l saw it.
Will must have
put him up to it.
l caught him coming out
of your chamber.
He's orchestrated
all of this.
You have to
get it back.
Go to Will's Domain.
Make sure he hasn't
taken the memory.
Try to talk some
sense into him.
l'll take care
of Emotion.
You come
with me.
Remember no matter what
happens to me, don't give up.
When you find it, you must
repent and return to Him.
His power will
overcome them.
[suspenseful music]
What are you
doing here?
Uh, we've come
for the memory?
Are you lost,
You know
why l'm here.
You've come to join
forces with me.
Very funny.
Now give me
what l want.
You can't have it.
Why not?
Because l have
to hold on to this.
lt's all l have left.
You and Heart
have already lost.
That's not true.
The decision has
been made.
Not by all of us!
The majority rules.
l know right
from wrong.
And what you're
doing is wrong.
But it's not as black
and white as you think.
Don't make me
take it from you.
No, Heart.
You're too weak.
[suspenseful music]
[fighting noise]
Memory, focus.
[suspenseful music]
[fighting noise]
Stop it!
You leave him
alone right now.
[suspenseful music]
[fighting noise]
Stop it.
Listen to me!
Don't do this!
Will, stop!
l'm helping you see
things our way.
You know this
is wrong.
l want what's
best for Heart.
You must
believe that.
Don't do this.
Listen to me!
[suspenseful music]
[suspenseful music]
lt's not
the right one.
lt has to be.
lt's not.
Show me.
Show me!
l want to go alone.
(Doctor) Amy, come on.
You can do this.
We are getting
to the end.
You're doing great.
Ready and push!
Two, Three,
Four, Five!
Great job!
You can do
this, ok?
Come on Amy!
Four, Five, Six.
[baby crying]
(Doctor) There you go.
Go, Go, Go! That's it!
Oh, it's a beautiful girll
You did it!
Oh, Ellie!
She's here!
You talking to me?
[Michael and Amy talking]
l'm sorry.
[door opens]
Release him.
l said release him!
What should l do?
Choose reason.
Should we continue in
an unhappy marriage.
Following a God --
Who took away everything
that matters to us.
Yes... Or is it reasonable
to give Amy her freedom.
And start over.
[suspenseful music]
No! No! No!
[suspenseful music]
All l said was...
( Amy) That you don't
think l'm a Christian.
l didn't say that.
Ellie not now.
Don't interrupt.
Look, honey l'm sorry
l upset you.
l love you.
l'm just concerned
about your faith.
Why don't you
believe me? Ok?
l told you l believe
in Jesus.
l know.
But the Jesus you believe
in doesn't exist.
(Ellie) Mommy, l want
you to read this!
Ellie, sit down!
Michael, stop!
[car horn]
There's a cab
in front of the house.
Where are
you going?
l thought you'd left.
You got the job.
Were you just going to
leave without telling me?
Michael, look at me.
Don't you think we should
have discussed this first?
This affects me too --
l don't have time
to talk right now.
l've got to catch
a plane.
l'll call you
from Connecticut.
What are you saying,
what about me?
What about us?
We'll talk
about it later.
No, you are going
to tell me right now!
l'm setting
you free.
What does
that mean?
You could have
studied in Paris.
You could have
had a career
but you sacrificed all
that to be my wife.
That's ridiculous!
l don't have to go
to Paris to paint!
l became a teacher.
That was my choice!
How dare you decide
what is best for my life!
Would you just
look at us Amy!
Look at us!
We can't talk without it
turning into a battle.
So it's my fault.
No, it's my fault.
l just thought our lives would
be different, you know?
l prayed and prayed
and l thought that things
would get better but it's been
a year and nothing has changed.
l want us to be
happy again...
You mean l don't
make you happy.
l didn't say that.
l'm sorry if l don't
please you anymore.
So you are
giving up.
That's it?
You don't
understand do you?
What, because l don't go
to church with you
or because we don't
talk anymore--
That's not
the main reason --
What is
the main reason?
Tell me Michael!
lt's guilt!
Guilt, Amy.
l can't do
this anymore.
When l look at you,
l see Ellie.
And l'm reminded
of what l did,
and l know that you
blame me for what happened --
l never said
l blame you --
l blame myself!
What do you mean?
lf l would have just
stopped arguing with you.
lf l hadn't been following
that truck so closely.
lf l would just have been paying
more attention to the road.
lf l would have just let Ellie
give you that book!
She wouldn't have
unbuckled her seatbelt.
That stupid book.
l play it over and over again
in my head a thousand times
and every time l come
to the same conclusion.
l caused the death
of our daughter.
l'm so sorry.
l'm sorry.
don't do this.
Don't give up
on me.
Don't give up
on us.
We used to be happy.
Do you remember that?
All that changed when l started
pushing my faith on you.
l made a mistake.
And some mistakes you
never stop paying for.
l got to go.
No! No!
[suspenseful music]
(Ray) Where is Ellie
right now?
Do you believe that?
When is God
most glorified?
When things are easy
or when things become hard?
And through the deepest
grief and agony
we find the supernatural
strength to say,
''God is all l need.''
God is my life.
He's who l live for.
And He's good.
Man, once you get that life
seems to make sense.
Because this world,
this is not our home.
We are passing through a broken
world that is not our home.
But Ellie -- she's at home
right now with Him.
Now, do you
believe that?
Yes, l believe that.
But you don't have any idea
what it's like.
A parent should never
have to bury their child.
Ellie has never been more
alive than she is right now,
in the presence
of Jesus Christ.
l mean you got
to ask yourself,
if you could bring her
back right now.
Take her away from Him.
Take her away from her perfect
home and bring her back
to this sin-infested world,
would you?
Now, look.
We're all
going to die.
And the only difference between
you and me is that l know when.
What are you
talking about?
l have cancer
and the doctors say
there is nothing
they can do.
How long?
They're not sure.
But it's not as long
as l hoped for.
l'm so sorry.
Well, don't be.
Like l said before,
this is not my home.
How can you
think like that?
Everybody wants to go to heaven,
but nobody wants to die.
Look man.
When l first found out,
l was angry.
l couldn't help
but to think, ''why me?''
''Why now?''
But then l remembered
why Jesus died for me.
When l got that, it's like
the peace of God fell on me
like a summer rain.
You know, all this stuff l was
hanging onto in this world,
suddenly it has no meaning.
lt's amazing how the value
of stuff changes
when you are dying.
So you want to know peace,
know where you are going.
[intercom announcement]
That's my flight.
Where you headed?
[intercom announcement]
Thanks man.
l appreciate it.
You're welcome.
Come on guys.
[engine noise]
(Girl) Give me one good
son why you are doing th
l just don't understand
what the big deal is.
But this is so unfair.
No, don't put Dad on.
Ok, here she is.
lt's Dad.
Hi, Daddy!
(Ellie) Daddy, why
are you leaving me?
lt's for
the best honey.
Did l do
something wrong?
No, sweetheart.
Then stay!
Stay with me!
l can't.
l have to
let you go.
l can't take you with me
because it's too painful.
l have to
start over.
But l'll see you
again, right?
l don't know.
What do you mean?
l lost something.
And l don't know
where it is.
What did you lose?
l guess l lost
my faith.
But Daddy, you told me
you can't lose your faith
because it always
leaves a sign.
She said she believes.
She believes up here.
We just need to pray
that she believes in here.
You see, true faith
always leaves a sign.
You said faith is never
alone, it's always --
accompanied by works.
lt leaves signs.
That's it.
Oh, where did it go?
l know it was here.
Why can't l find it?
The moment we
exercised faith.
lt's gone.
lt's not gone.
lt leaves traces
and that will lead us
to where our faith
is hidden.
l just don't
lt should be
right here.
What is it?
Where are you
What happened?
What are you
looking for?
Where did you
hide it?
Hide what?
l don't know what
you are talking about.
l think you do.
You have the advantage now,
but not for long.
l wouldn't do that
if l were you.
You can't change
the will of the majority.
Now, stop
second guessing.
The choice
has been made.
[suspenseful music]
Go find where Will's
hidden the memory.
Follow the trail!
[suspenseful music]
[fighting noise]
Glad you ladies
could be with us today.
[suspenseful music]
[fighting noise]
[suspenseful music]
(Michael) lf l just been paying
more attention to the road
lf l just let Ellie give
you that book.
That stupid book.
l caused the death
of our daughter.
( Amy)
[grunts] [deep breathing]
[suspenseful music]
You're making
a big mistake.
l can't let you do what
you are about to do.
Choices have
You don't have the authority
to make these decisions.
l'm not making
the decisions.
He is.
This has gone
far enough.
What is he
talking about?
lt was reasonable
for you to think that
Will had taken over.
But you and l both know, he only
does what the majority wants.
lt's time for you
to accept the truth.
l decide what
the majority wants now.
You have it,
don't you?
The memory you're
looking for?
Mind, you're not
thinking clearly.
lf you'll only go back,
it will change everything.
l've decided to move on,
but we have a problem.
You keep holding on
to the past,
and we can't live in
the past any longer.
Now, all l ask of you is
to submit to the majority.
l want you to bow
the knee.
Do it!
Will, it looks like Heart
needs some help.
There's no need
for that.
What happened
to you Mind?
What are you
afraid of?
l'm not afraid
of anything.
You are afraid
of loneliness.
Afraid of what
people will think.
You're afraid
of the future.
Where is your faith?
Faith in God?
Yes. The one
who created us.
You've forgotten
Him Mind.
You need
to remember.
l know what you're
trying to do Heart.
lt's not
going to work.
You can't
hide it forever.
lt's mine now.
You'll never
get it from me.
lt never belonged
to you.
l was the one who
researched the gospel.
l was the one who
was convinced.
l was the one who
made the decision.
Don't tell me that
it doesn't belong to me.
Simply knowing Jesus died
on a cross is not enough.
There's one thing you lack and
this is why you have doubts now.
This is what concerned
us about Amy.
The memory you're
holding is not yours
because He became
our first love
not believing a list
of historical facts.
All of us
were involved.
But this decision was
not yours to make.
Because this decision
was a matter --
Of the heart.
lt appears you are
no longer in the majority.
[suspenseful music]
take them!
[suspenseful music]
(Ray) Yeah, you're a good
person by the world's standards,
but not by God's.
Look, read it
for yourself.
''For the wages
of sin is death,
''but the gift of God
is eternal life
through Jesus
Christ our Lord.''
Look Michael.
l don't know what you've
done in your past.
Come on! Come on!
Come on! Let's go!
(Young Michael)
Go, go, go!
[car speeding off]
''But God demonstrates
his own love for us in this:
while we were still sinners,
Christ died for us.''
Sacrificial love.
You have a Heavenly Father
who loves you,
and He proved it by sending His
son to die for you.
(Emotion) lt's all
coming back.
All the feelings
of guilt and grief.
He made the ultimate
sacrifice to save us.
Think of it this way.
lmagine yourself
in a court of law.
The judge just found you guilty
and fined you a billion dollars.
Now look, before you
go off to prison,
he steps down off the bench
and pays your fine.
And all you got to do
is accept the payment...
charges are dismissed.
But if you don't
accept this gift,
you will suffer
the judgment.
How do you
receive this gift?
By faith, you must repent
and ask Jesus to save you.
So that's it?
lt's just a prayer?
No, salvation
is not a prayer.
lt's a person.
''For Christ died for sins,
once for all,
''the righteous for
the unrighteous
to bring you to God.''
Ray, what am l
supposed to do?
We are in a spiritual war and
you'll never experience peace
unless you
surrender to God.
ln this book is
the power of God
for the salvation
of everyone who believes.
[suspenseful music]
Oh, God...
l'm so sorry.
l know that l've sinned
against you.
Please forgive me...
l need you.
Save me...
Lord, change me.
We fought
long enough.
We need peace.
We need the Spirit of God
to change us,
and that's only
found in one place.
[closing door]
And he learned to practice
and practice and practice.
l like this book because l want
to be a basketball player
when l grow up.
Thank you, Bobby.
Ok, who's next?
it's your turn.
The Good Shepherd.
''Once there was a good Shepherd
who cared for his sheep.
''He watched over them when
they were awake or asleep.
''He led them to green pastures
and to cool waters
''when they thirst.
''He led them to shade when
the heat was the worst.
''He led His sheep through
the desert and the winter snow.
''He even led them where
they didn't want to go.
''The good Shepherd said,
'' 'Just follow me.
l'm your best friend.
'' 'l will lead you to a place
where life will never end.' ''
''But one sheep loved the world
and just wanted to play.
''So she stopped following
the good Shepherd
''and just wandered away.
''She went on a trip to see
what she could find.
''And her little baby lamb
followed her close behind.
''They climbed to the top
of a great big hill
''The scene was so pretty
it gave them a thrill.
''Then suddenly in the thicket
the sheep heard a sound
''Where the eyes of a snake
looked up from the ground.
''Without the good Shepherd
they both were scared stiff.
''Then the little lamb stumbled
and fell off the cliff.
''The mother sheep ran
to the bottom of the hill.
''She cried and cried
as her baby laid still.
''Then the snake slithered
to the lamb that was dead
''But the good Shepherd appeared
and crushed the snake's head.
''And then he picked up
and held the lamb that had died
''And hurried off with her mother
close by his side.
''He carried the lamb's body
to a fast moving stream
''And crossed over the water
as if in a dream.
''When he stepped onto the shore,
he gave a command
''Then the lamb sprang to life
and danced in the new land.
''The lamb's mother bowed her
head and cried.
''She was sorry for not
staying close
''to the good Shepherd's side.
'' 'Please forgive me, '
she said.
'' 'l shouldn't have strayed
Then the good Shepherd replied,
''Your debt has been paid. '
''As sure as the sun rises
and crosses the sky
''All things that have life
sooner or later will die.
''But only the good Shepherd
can take us to the place
Where life never ends
and we see him face to face.''
l like this book because
l know the Good Shepherd,
and l will see my Daddy
again someday.
All right, kids.
Close your books and follow
Miss Fisher to the library.
[classroom movement]
Madison, sweetheart.
Where did you
get that book?
My dog found it.
l was playing fetch
in the house,
but my mom told me
l better go outside.
Come here, Dusty!
Good boy.
All l said was --
That you don't think
l'm a Christian.
l didn't say that!
Dusty! Dusty!
Come back here!
[tire screech]
Ellie, sit down!
Michael, stop!
Mommy! Mommy!
Dusty! Dusty!
where are you?
[dog pant]
Dusty! Dusty!
l love you so much!
What do you have?
(Lauren) We have
a new student today,
and she's all the way
from Ohio aren't you?
ls there something
wrong, Mrs. Sinclair?
No, nothing.
You can go to library
with Miss Fisher.
Can l borrow that?
''She went on a trip to see
what she could find
and her little baby lamb
followed her close behind.''
That's like you
and me, Mommy.
You're the mommy sheep
and l'm the baby lamb.
''But one sheep loved the
world and just wanted to play.
'' So she stopped following
the good Shepherd
and just wandered away. ''
He always put me first.
Why don't you come to
church with me and Daddy?
Oh... Remember Ellie,
we've talked about this.
Sundays are my day
to get my work done
so that when you come home
we can play together.
''The lamb's mother
bowed her head and cried.
''She was sorry for
not staying close
to the good
Shepherd's side.''
Ellie, when you do
something wrong,
you should always say
that ''you're sorry.''
Daddy said
that's called sin,
so l told Jesus that l was
sorry for my sins.
Have you done
that Mommy?
l got you.
l love you so much.
l thought you'd left.
l'm right here.
l'm right here.
l love you.
l love you too.
ln the past
year and a half,
l've experienced the
darkest hours of my life.
l searched for answers
but found only questions.
l concluded that the Creator
of this universe
was at war with me.
That is, until recently.
l realize now that l was
only at war with myself.
And as a result, l ended up
hurting the one's
l loved the most.
At the moment that l was
throwing in the towel,
this same Creator that
l'd been at odds with
sent me my friend, Ray.
Ray did what he's always done,;
speak truth into my life.
That truth... that this
is not our home.
That this Creator, my Savior
and Lord is everything.
Ray taught me so many things
about living and dying,
and l know that right now my
little girl and my Savior
are making Ray feel welcome
because he is finally home.
The artist is
deep in thought.
Just tweaking my speech
for the funeral.
Are you ok?
l'm just going
to miss him.
Me too.
Are you ready?
Don't forget.
l love you too,