The Wave (2015) Movie Script

The avalanche on the
night of January 15, 1905-
- surprised people
while they were sleeping soundly.
It happened in Lodalen in Nordfjord
where a big piece of the mountain fell out.
Resulting in a major tidal wave,
which killed 63 people.
The tidal wave surged through Lake Loenvatnet
and was 40 meters tall when it reached land.
58 years have passed since the
Tafjord Disaster in Sunnmre.
40 people lost their lives when a huge
piece of the mountain fell into the sea.
There are numbers today that show over
300 unstable mountains in Norway.
Everyone knows that it's only a matter
of time until the next big avalanche.
Geiranger is threatened with what people
believe will become a new Tafjord Disaster.
By the fjord hangs kerneset-
- a giant, unstable part of the mountain
that one day will fall out.
Then, 7 million cubic meters of rocks
will slide straight into the fjord-
-and create an enormous tidal wave.
No place else can you find
as active as in kerneset.
The question is: Can the people be warned
before the mountain slides into the fjord?
What is this?
I'm 40! Come on!
- Hello?
- Hey, daddy.
- What's going on?
- Mommy is fixing the sink.
Could you get me some pliers?
Can't we call a plumber? Here.
I don't need any plumber,
but could I get some plumbing pliers?
- It's in there.
- Here you go, mom.
How did you know what
those pliers looked like?
Everybody knows that.
There we go.
No need for this when we move.
This house has soul.
What's a "soul"?
A soul is just some nonsense
your mother believes in.
- What did you say?
- Nothing.
The apartment is brand new.
And then you have the view.
The entire city is right
outside our doorstep.
And everything is controlled by remote.
- Lights, music, blinds...
- Can you send the broccoli?
And the thing
I liked the most was-
- that you can open and close the door
with your cell phone.
You have this key app.
- And you trust that?
- No, I had to double check.
I've never seen a key app
before in my life. Come on!
Idun, what do you think?
Throw it away? Or...?
You're going to throw your shirts away?
Aren't they nice, though?
New place, new line of work...
Okay, you know what?
I think you need a suit.
From now on you'll need a suit and tie.
And you need to get a nice, new haircut.
This is going to be great.
- Why don't we just screw this and stay here?
- No, we've decided.
It's going to be great.
Maybe even I'll get
more of your attention than that mountain.
You want attention?
- You want me to give you my attention?
- No tickling!
No! Not on the kitchen table!
We're preparing food there tomorrow!
The six on the seven.
Everything as normal?
0,3 mm the last 24 hours.
That's way within the limits.
How's everything in the old Oil City?
As usual. A lot of suits.
- Classic capitalist attire.
- How long has this been on?
Two days in the big city
and he's a gourmet.
Yeah, that's how it goes.
"Thanks for everything"...
Sounds like it's your funeral, Kristian.
Then you can make the cake next time.
- I hope that won't be for a long time.
- It looks fantastic, Margot.
Dear Kristian, who could imagine...
this would be your last day with us.
That doesn't sound like a funeral at all...!
Here, Jacob.
The thing is,
it's not only up here that we have mountains.
There are mountains in the North Sea as well.
I understand the guys in the oil business
that would want a guy like you.
You're skilled and dedicated.
I know I speak for everyone when I say
that you'll be sorely missed.
- It'll be sad.
- Thanks.
Though it'll be fucking great not having to
triple check everything all the time.
- Cheers to that.
- Cheers.
- Number 5 too?
- Looks like it.
- What's going on?
- The groundwater suddenly sank.
In number 4 and 5.
Then we lost the connection.
Can you show me?
- Get a camera feed.
- Two seconds.
Are you zooming in?
- No other movements?
- No, dead quiet.
- Maybe a bad connection?
- It looks stable.
We'll have a look
next time we're up there.
Can someone please
turn off that fucking alarm?!
Kristian? Kristian!
The mountain is quiet. It's okay.
Go pack your stuff. We're in control.
- Look, mom, I managed to fit everything.
- That's great, honey.
- Want me to take these too?
- Yeah, you can take the boxes with books.
- Isn't he going to help?
- Yes, actually, he is.
- Hey, how goes the packing?
- Pretty well.
That wrinkle, Kristian...
I thought that was supposed to disappear now.
Something weird happened
to the groundwater today.
That's not your responsibility any more.
That mountain has been
there for a thousand years
and it'll probably be there
for a thousand more.
Now finish packing
so the moving van can go tomorrow.
Pack down that wrinkle too.
Now, get moving.
- Do you see how mommy is messing with daddy?
- Everyone has to contribute, daddy.
How are you doing, buddy?
I like it here.
I know that Geiranger isn't
the center of the world, but...
It's safe. It's home.
I know this is hard.
It's not that.
But your mom and I made a decision
that we believe is best for our family.
It's not always easy to be the one
that has to make tough decisions.
Then what's next?
After we've lived in Stavanger for two years.
Then it's up and out
to move again?
This whole fucking country is all rocks.
What's going on here? Are you guys moving?
Come here.
- You too.
- Me as well.
Hey, Sondre.
We'll see how long you'll handle it,
only concrete and...
And Kristian with a tie around his neck.
That'll be new.
- It'll be a transition.
- Yeah, a bit tight around the neck.
- Are you ready?
- Yeah, mostly.
These guys will take the ferry today and
I'll stay here and work for a few more days.
- So you're not leaving now?
- No, you won't get rid of me just yet.
- Daddy, it's our turn.
- Are we going or what?
Wait here. I won't be long.
- I've bought an apartment and everything.
- Hey, I need to show you something.
- Hey, Vibeke.
- Oh, you're here?
I thought I'd help out a bit.
Welcome to Geiranger.
Sorry about the wait.
- That's no problem at all.
- What are your names?
- Maria and Phillip Poulsen.
- Let's see if we have a room for you.
- Did the others leave already?
- I think they'll be on the ferry soon.
Imagine that there are no problems with
the sensors, but with the wires down there.
All mountains consist of layers.
Ours is no different.
Our drilling holes go through
all these layers.
You said that the groundwater disappeared
right before we lost contact.
won't just disappear like that.
It finds new ways, makes new layers.
That creates friction.
Which then again make the other layers move.
And if they moved enough,
they might've cut off our wires.
Then we'll drill some new holes and switch
a few sensors. That's no big deal.
But if the pressure from the mountain
above these displacements was great enough...
There won't be any expansion
before the slide.
And there won't be any warnings.
Hey, be careful!
That's Geiranger's
greatest tourist attraction!
When you're at such a beautiful place
then you should be able to see the fjord.
I understand that so well. Let me know if
you need something. See you later.
Hi, Sondre. What?
Where are you now?
Do we have contact?
- Do you have picture?
- Yeah, we can see you.
That's good to know.
You'll check number 4
and I'll check number 5.
Yessiree, Bob!
- This is not natural wear.
- No, something's obviously happening.
There's a lot of movement
in that mountain now, you know that?
We'll investigate this further, Kristian.
We'll take care of it.
What do you mean?
More samples, drill more holes.
More holes? Are you crazy?
Do I really have to remind you
guys what might happen here?
We're talking about an
80 meter tall wave here!
After ten minutes,
Geiranger is no more!
We know what might happen
just as well as you do.
It sure doesn't seem like it!
What the fuck do you want me to do?
You want me to press this,
and create total panic?
Cancel the tourist season before it starts?
Since when did you start
caring about tourism?
That's not what
this is about!
What do you think will happen-
- if we start crying wolf every time
something happens up there?
What the fuck do we do
when the slide actually happens?!
Then tell me what we should do.
Code Yellow. I want the mountain,
fully staffed at all hours.
What do you thing?
Are you just gonna stand there and watch?!
Kristian, listen.
I understand that you're upset.
I know you only want what's best,
but now you'll have to calm down a little.
We've found some torn wires.
There's nothing indicating that
something is going to happen.
The mountain is quiet, Kristian.
Okay. I'm sorry.
I don't know what came over me.
I'm not going to...
Didn't bother waiting
call MOM
Oh, fuck me...
Oh man... You're so fucked...
There's a visitor for you.
Are you totally mad?
You can't just leave the kids in the car
and work for several hours.
- I know, I'm sorry.
- You don't even work there anymore.
- I fucked up.
- Yes, you did.
I had a bad feeling, and...
Yeah... There won't be any Stavanger today.
- Nei...
- Okay...
I think you guys
will sleep at the hotel tonight.
- Great.
- You wanna do that? Okay?
- Then you'll try again tomorrow?
- Yeah.
But I want to sleep at home.
That place is empty,
honey, and not nice at all.
I want to say goodbye to the house.
If you want to do that,
then we'll make sure of that.
Is that all right?
The house it is, then.
- You want to come along?
- Nah.
- I'll get you a room in the hotel.
- Yes, please.
Say goodbye from me as well.
There we go. Good night, my dear.
Bye, boss.
I'll see you tomorrow.
- Okay, let's go get your stuff.
- What was your name?
My name is Sondre Eikjord.
- Daddy, can I sit in the front?
- Of course!
Okay, seat belt on.
And tighten.
Okay, we're ready.
- Daddy?
- Yeah?
Are you and mommy going
to get a divorce now?
No. No, we're not
getting a divorce.
We had a little fight
and later we'll be friends again.
And then everything will be alright again.
I hope...
- That's life.
- That's life!
Here's your room.
I hope the room
is as you hoped it would be.
- Enjoy.
- I will.
Can I go work for a little? You know which
bottles you can't touch in the minibar?
I do.
And which TV-channels you can't watch?
Watch out.
Where are you sleeping, daddy?
In this one.
I'll sleep tight in this.
There. Are you good?
We don't need any hotels.
- No, this has more soul.
- Yeah...
Yeah, it actually does.
Dear Kristian. Thank you for the good years.
Best of luck in Stavanger. From the gang.
I was an idiot today.
- Man, these beds suck!
- Yeah.
Sad that it had to end this way.
With Kristian, I mean.
You think he'll stay in the
oil business for long?
We'll see.
I guess he'll be back after a year.
These mountains. When they first
grab you, they never let go.
- What the fuck, Arvid?
- I read it in a book.
I guess you did.
Hurtigruten means something
for the people along the coast.
It's an incredibly beautiful journey.
Some call it the world's most
beautiful journey on the sea...
- Hi
- Hi
- Margot
- Yes?
- Arvid?
- Jacob?
Hello? Can you hear me?
- Arvid?
- Answering.
We're getting some weird readings here.
It looks like
the mountain has contracted.
- That's not possible.
- Multiple sensors are showing contraction.
Re-calibrate the entire line
and read them again.
- Ready for an evening walk?
- Of course.
- We're going down to take a look.
- Now?
Yeah, so we can check it out.
Almost down.
Hello? Yeah, hey there.
- Yeah, wait a little.
- It's Kristian.
- Hey, are you longing back here already?
- No, no, we're leaving tomorrow.
- Everything all right up there?
- Yeah, everything's fine.
Just a few sensors
that are acting weird.
They're showing contractions in the mountain.
Yeah, but there's probably
some mistake somewhere.
Arvid and Jacob are down there now
checking it out, so we'll know pretty soon.
- Okay.
- Hey, I'll keep you posted.
- Thanks. I'll talk to you later. Bye.
- Bye.
What the fuck was that?!
The geophones are reading quakes over there.
Yeah, we felt it here too.
Minus 0.8 more at C6.
Can I get data for C6?
Minus 2.6 the last hour.
Fucking hell!
Same here.
Confirming contraction.
Want us to check number 7 as well?
- Yeah, I'll do it.
- Fuck this.
Are Arvid and Jacob still down there?
Yeah, they just
confirmed the data.
Listen to me. Get them
out of there, right now!
- What do you mean?
- Let me talk to Arvid.
- Arvid?
- Answering.
- Wait a little. - There, Kristian.
- Arvid? Arvid, can you hear me?
- Kristian?
- Get the hell out of there.
- Drop all you have and get out.
- We're just gonna finish up here.
I've checked the data
from Vajont and Randa.
There were registered contractions
right before the avalanches.
Same thing at both places.
Arvid, they weren't expanding.
They were contracting.
We're coming up.
- What was that? What's going on?
- Jacob is stuck!
- Take it easy, I'll get you out.
- What's going on? Arvid?
Jacob's foot is stuck.
I'll get you out, it'll be fine.
- What are the sensors saying?
- Wait a little.
Groundwater is sinking.
At several spots.
I'm losing contact with them.
Jacob, everything will be okay.
- Margot? Sound the alarm.
- But...
Code Red! Code Red!
Margot, sound the alarm!
- What the fuck are you doing?
- It won't hold both of us.
- Hello? Margot?
- Daddy, what's going on?
Hey, what's going on?
Ten... Ten minutes.
We have ten minutes.
We need to get the guests out of here!
- Get the bus driver!
- Got it!
Come on!
In, get in. Seat belt on.
For God's sake, please answer!
Welcome to voice-mail...
Wake up! Everybody wake up!
Come on! Get out!
Everybody out of the hotel!
Everyone has to get out!
Everyone has to get out!
Everyone get out of the hotel!
- Excuse me, is this a drill?
- No, there's been an avalanche.
Wake up, please wake up. You have to get out!
Everybody wake up!
- Thank God! Where are you?
- At the hotel.
- I'm getting people out. Is Julia there?
- Yeah, we're in the car.
- Good.
- Screw all your stuff, get out of here!
You won't make it!
Get to high ground now!
Wake up!
Get in the back seat!
- We're on our way. We'll pick you up.
- No, you won't make it. Get to safety.
We're leaving now!
- Idun, we'll make it.
- No! Just get Julia to safety.
- Do you promise me?
- What about you and Sondre?
We have a bus here, we'll be fine.
Are you on your way?
- Okay.
- Are you leaving now?
- Yes, I am.
- Good.
- Get to higher ground, we'll see you soon.
- Okay.
- We're leaving soon too.
- Out, get out!
Move, I said everybody get out now!
- Please, listen to me!
- What about our luggage?
Screw your luggage!
He won't get the bus!
There's a tsunami on its way.
We have a few minutes
to get 80 meters higher up.
Please get the bus, now.
- Vibeke, we need to get everyone out now.
Come on! Everyone out to the bus!
Where's Sondre? Sondre?
- Sondre!
- Hurry up!
No, no, no, no...
- Julia, come on.
- What are we doing?
We have to go for a little run.
What are you doing?
There's no time for this!
Get to higher ground!
The person you are calling
can not be reached at the moment.
Come on!
Come on! Get out of the car!
Up! Get to higher ground!
Get to higher ground! Run!
- What's going on?
- Get to higher ground!
- Come, come, hurry.
- Get inside the bus!
- I need to get my cell phone.
- There's no time for that!
Over here! Come on now!
Vibeke. Have you seen Sondre?
No. Actually, yeah,
I saw him earlier in the corridor.
We're missing one.
We have to go now
if we're going to make it!
- I can't leave without Sondre.
- Idun!
I can't leave without my son!
It's her son.
I have to help her.
- What the hell are you doing?
- We have to help her find her son!
- We're getting on the bus.
- Come here!
For fuck's sake...
We won't make it!
Thomas, get out of the car and run!
Out! Run!
Come on! Run, run, run!
- Anna!
- Mommy!
- Thomas, get the kids out of here!
- Run, Thomas!
- Daddy!
- Run as fast as you can!
- Daddy!
- Runl
We're not gonna make it!
Kristian, run!
Seat belt!
- Sondre!
- Maria! Let's get to the bus.
Listen to me, God dammit!
Let's go back to the bus, now!
Quiet, I can hear something.
- There's someone down there.
- Sondre? Sondre!
- Sondre!
- What's going on?
- Come!
- What's going on?
There's a shelter in the basement.
Come on!
Maria! Maria!
Hang on!
- Close the door. Close it!
- Maria!
- Close the door!
- She's still out there!
Close the door or we're all dead!
She's gone.
She's gone.
Phillip, she's gone.
We have to close the door.
- Jacob?
- Margot
Are you okay?
Is Arvid okay?
Jacob, is Arvid there?
- Julia!
- Daddy!
- Juha?
- Daddy!
Let me look at you.
Are you all right?
Come here. Are you okay?
What do I do?
The person you are calling
can not be reached.
Really? Yeah, there's a lot of
people who don't have service up here.
Excuse me, can I just...
- Where are those you are talking to?
- In the mountainside above Geiranger.
There's a lot by the cabins up there.
- Could I please borrow it for a second?
- Yeah.
Hello? Hi.
I'm wondering... There was a tourist bus
supposed to leave the hotel...
There's no bus up there with you now?
You're certain?
- Hey.
- Where are mommy and Sondre?
- Daddy is going to find them now.
- But I don't want you to leave.
I understand.
But mommy is really worried
about us right now.
I have to find her and
tell her that we are fine.
- Am I going to be here by myself?
- No, you won't be alone.
You'll be with Teresa and Thomas.
You know what I think?
Thomas would be very happy
if you could help him look after Teresa.
Think you can do that?
You're a brave little girl.
And so beautiful.
Okay, then you'll stay here.
- And I'll go get mommy.
- And Sondre.
And Sondre, of course.
Okay. There we go.
I need to get out of here.
The door, Sondre.
There. And push!
Come on!
Give me the light.
Help me up.
Take off your jacket.
Take off your jacket!
- No, fuck this!
- Come on!
- This is pointless!
- Would you rather be out there?
Easy. We'll wait until the water
has risen above the door.
The pressure will be lower
and we can try again.
If we wait down here any longer
then we're as good as dead! Fuck!
We can't wait down here.
If we do, we're dead!
Idun? Sondre?
Let's try now.
Get to the hatch.
Phillip, are you alright?
Grab the ceiling.
Look, you can grab on here.
- Take it easy.
- Don't touch me!
Hey, hey! What are you doing?!
- Calm down! Let him go!
- I'm not going to die here!
- Phillip, easy.
- Let me go, damn it!
Phillip, don't panic!
- I'm not going to die here!
- It's okay. Calm down!
Let him go!
Let him go!
Don't look.
Idun! Sondre!
Sondre, I'm so sorry.
Hold on.
Hold on.
- We're here!
- Hello!
We're here!
Wait here.
We're here!
Sondre. Wait here.
I'm here now.
Everything will be fine, Sondre.
Are you hurt?
Can you move?
Everything will be all right.
Mom is waiting for us out there.
Just one last swim.
- No.
- Yes, yes.
Listen to me. The water down here is rising.
Soon there won't be any air left.
Then we're both dead.
And I can't allow that!
Me and mom need you.
and Julia needs you.
Look at me.
We all need you.
I'll swim first
and you'll come right behind me.
I'll look after you the entire time.
Are you ready?
Okay, let's do this.
- Where's dad?
- He was right behind me.
No. No, no way in hell.
Dad, please!
Come on!
Translation by ev3n