The Way Home (2022) Movie Script

Is she deaf?
She's not
Is she really a mute?
Stop asking me
Then I guess she won't nag like you
Is she scary?
How scary?
Damn it
Why'd you hit me?
Nice chicken!
It's so big!
Let's go
I don't like this place
I'm not going
I don't want to
- Come here!
- Why'd you hit me?
You pest!
Let's go!
He's Sang-woo, your grandson
I'm sorry that
I haven't visited for long
It's been hard to get by
His father?
We split up a long time ago
I was only 19 when we hitched
so what could I possibly do?
It's so hard to find a job lately
I'll find one as fast as I can
I ran a shop before, but I lost it
Only left with debt
It'll be two months at most
I'll be back to take him back
after I find a job
He's used to being alone,
so you won't have trouble
Sang-woo, say hello to your grandma
Who cares
Say hello!
She's dirty
Here's some underwear
And nutrients for elders
They're Sang-woo's
He'll just eat it on his own
I better get on the last bus
No, I can't!
I have to go today
Listen to grandma, and be a good boy
Got it?
That hurts!
Damn it
Deaf dummy!
Mute dummy!
Deaf retard!
What are you looking at?
Where are you going?
How are you?
My mom wanted you to have some
Is he your grandson from Seoul?
My house is down there
Come over and we'll play
Come on, let me see it!
Go away mutt!
Scavenger, find Sol ex!
Hanul, big trouble!
Scavenger is here
Dont worry Cubix is here
Cubix! Let's go!
Fly away!
It's a bug!
Bug spray!
Don't you have any?
Hurry and Kill it!
Don't you see it? There!
Kill it!
There it is!
Hurry, it's running away!
Not there! To the side!
Hurry and Kill it!
It's creepy!
Hurry and Kill it!
Come on, hurry up!
Kill it now!
Hurry and Kill it!
Hurry and Kill it!
Hurry and Kill it!
Kill it right away!
Hurry and close the door!
It'll come in again!
It's aggravating
What's wrong with this?
Why isn't it working?
It's strange...
I need batteries!
I need batteries!
Give me money!
I need batteries!
Give me money!
Damn it!
I'll tell mom to pay you back more
I can't play my game without batteries
What's that?
It's stupid
You're no help!
Dirty feet
This sucks
Rock, scissors, paper
Damn it
Where can I buy batteries?
I can't hear you
Come here
Batteries! Batteries!
- Batteries? - Yes!
Come here!
Go on this road, and there's a school
Keep going down
Then you'll find a gate
Go straight pass the gate,
and there's a small shop
What are you looking for?
Go this way, that way, and then that way
I don't get it
Go this way, that way,
and that way, then straight
Hardware Store
Where are you going?
What do I want to eat?
You don't even have money
Pizza, hamburger, Kentucky chicken!
You don't know
Wait a second!
This is a pizza
And Kentucky chicken
That's right!
A chicken!
That's right!
A chicken!
Come back soon!
This isn't Kentucky chicken
This sucks!
I said Kentucky chicken!
Why is it in the water?
You don't even get it
This sucks
Kentucky chicken
No, I won't eat it!
I'm hungry
Is it in here?
Damn, it isn't
Here's breakfast I mean lunch
Cheo-lee! Run harder!
The crazy cow is coming!
Watch out! Run harder!
Run harder! Run harder!
Run! Run faster!
Faster! Faster!
Great job!
That was really great!
Don't you know
how to apologize?
Step away!
You spoiled my meal
I know how to make it, too
I don't care
I'm not playing house game with you
A cheeky like you won't get married
There's gonna be less girls than guys when we
get older So it'll be hard for man to get married
Too bad for you
Can you cook Kentucky chicken?
Yeah I know how to eat it
What's between you and Cheo-lee?
Is the bus really coming?
On your way to sell pumpkins?
They look great!
You raised them really well
How did you do it?
We couldn't do the same
What are you carrying on your head?
Your cabbages look really fresh
Yeah, they sure are
I picked the right ones, huh?
They fit you perfectly
They're the best design and colors
The shoes make you look great
2,300 won
All types of batteries available
Why'd you get off?
It's not the right bus?
Not this one, neither?
Grandma, this is the right bus
so hop on
That grandma across the street asked about you
Since her knees are hurt, she can't go outside
Why don't you visit her?
I said no
That was funny
You're funnier
Plus I thought a lot of them were funny
It was fun today, huh?
Where are you going now?
Over there
- Bye - Bye
Hey, boy
Grandma's been asking what you want to eat
Have a seat
Sit down
I'm alone here today
My knees?
Always the same
Heard your grandson is here
You should've brought him
I'll give you some more
It's on me
Keep it
Please, keep it
I don't need any vegetable
Sell it for your grandson
Please, I don't need any
Thank you
Come by again
I can't visit you because of my knees
Come again
Before one of us die
This doll is really pretty
Yeah? You think so, too?
Yeah, but it'll get dirty easily
since it's white
I'll just be careful
Anyway, you know what it's called?
"Kookie Rabbit"
It's weird, isn't it?
What kind of name is that?
I heard it's trendy
I wanna be with Cheo-lee over there
Don't worry, ma'am
I'll get off with Sang-woo
Cheo-lee, do you know that girl?
That girl over there
Why? Do you know her?
Sang-woo's grandma isn't getting on?
She said she'll come later
since she has work to do
How do you know what she's saying?
Learn it?
You don't understand her?
I just know
Wow, you are good enough to
teach sign language Yeah?
What do you wanna be when you grow up?
I'm gonna be music teacher
Yeah, you are good at singing
Kids are going to like you
Do you really think so?
Rock, scissors, paper
Damn it
I'll save it for tomorrow
What took you so long?
The sky is clear
The wind is fresh
It's a happy day
My friend gave me a flower watch
for my birthday
It doesn't tick
nor show the time
Bye Cheo-lee
Run faster!
The crazy cow is coming!
It's coming down the hill!
I'm serious!
It's the crazy cow
I'm serious
Hurry up
I said hurry!
Are you coming?
Where are you?
I said where are you?
I can't see you
Where are you?
Come closer
Yeah, stay there
Don't fall asleep
The crazy cow is coming!
Run! Run faster!
Chicken shit
Faster! Faster!
It's right behind you!
Faster! Faster!
It's right behind you!
I looked everywhere to play with you
I asked Cheo-lee and even went to your house
Have any mousse?
What's this?
This sucks!
Yeah, I told you to cut a little
But not to here!
I can't meet Hae-yeon like this
It ran out of batteries
But Hae-yeon might come over
You didn't have to come
I saw him on the road before
I'm okay
I'm old enough to die,
but I'm making people around me suffer
What's that?
Nutrients for old people
I don't need that expensive stuff
You should take it
We have lots of other stuff,
but this cloth is the only one
It's ugly
Why'd she put the useless game in?
It's embarrassing,
Watch out!
The crazy cow is coming!
Run! It's dangerous!
Get out of there! Hurry!
The cow is coming!
It's dangerous! Run away!
Run! Run away!
The crazy cow is coming!
Run away! Hurry!
Run up to the hill!
I'm sorry about before
You don't have to apologize twice
Look again carefully
This means "I'm sick"
This means "I miss you"
Write it again
Come on
It's easy
You can't speak nor use the phone
so you have to write to me
Grandma, if you get sick
just send a blank letter
Then I'll know it's you
and I'll come for you fast
Mom, take the nutrients I gave you
Eat well, and take good care of yourself
I'll come down often, okay?
I'll come again
before the lunar new year
You should wear warmer clothes
Mom, I'll bring you some clothes next time
Have anything to say to grandma?
Mom, I guess he's shy
Thanks for looking after him
The bus is coming
Mom, I'm leaving so make sure you do
what I told you
Don't worry and eat well, okay?
-To Sangwoo From Grandma
-I'm sick
I miss you
I'm sick
I miss you
To Sang-woo, from Grandma
I miss you
Dedicated to all the grandmothers
written & directed by Jeong-hyang Lee