The Way Out (2022) Movie Script

And he is a better friend.
I love you, GJ
or is it Jean?
Yeah, that's me.
- Sorry, I was late, my GPS.
- Don't sweat it, it's okay.
Ah, 12.99.
I'm sorry, I-I can't break this.
It's all right, it's all you.
Of course.
Ah, enjoy the Hawaiian
pizza, it's-it's my favorite.
I know, I'm sorry.
Do you wanna maybe come in, have some?
I can't.
Yeah, I'm supposed to see my dad.
Yeah, bye.
See you.
Alex, it's Jack, you
forgot another pizza again.
I had to have one of the
other guys deliver it
and it was 20 minutes late.
Guess who's paying for
that motherfucking pizza?
You, I'm docking your pay,
I told you a dozen times
to check the tickets before you leave.
Are you there yet?
I'm outside.
You can do this, Alex.
This isn't gonna work.
Maybe he's changed.
Gracie, not my dad.
Well, you changed.
Because I got sober.
He's just an angry,
drunk, old man.
Would you eat that
fucking candy bar already?
- I'm stressed, okay.
- Would you stop?
You're an amazing artist
and your first show's gonna be great.
I hope you're right.
I've got two weeks and I don't feel ready.
Oh, my boss's husband is
coming, he's a music manager
and I told him all about you.
You're always looking out for me.
I got you, boo.
I really don't wanna do this.
You know, you once told me
everyone deserves a second
chance and I gave you one, right?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Talk to your sponsor.
You told her to call me?
Love you.
You hate video calls.
Oh, I know.
I'm just checking on you, honey, you okay?
Alex, I want you to
think back a year ago.
If it helps you stay sober, it's worth it.
You've been mad at your
father your whole life.
You need to talk to him,
tell him what he did wrong.
He may not change, but you will.
Ronnie, you ever been this angry?
Oh, yeah,
so angry
at myself,
but I had to let it go if
I wanted to stay sober.
Okay, so I stay sober, then what?
And then you're free.
Alex, your father made your life hell,
but if you can think of him
as sick, instead of bad,
the shift in your perception
might be the miracle you need.
I'll call you after.
- I love you.
- Love you too.
You home?
Detective Braden
Cole, Slowsburgh County.
Mind if I ask you a few questions?
Yeah, sure.
You live here with your dad?
No, um, actually I
haven't seen him in a while.
We weren't that close?
I see.
What were you doing here today?
I don't have to tell you that.
Alex, just tell her.
He was coming up to talk to
his dad to work things out.
Alex is sober,
Detective, almost one year.
The time apart from his
dad, he needed it to heal.
I see.
I didn't kill my father.
I never said you did,
can you think of a reason
why someone would do this
to your dad, anger anyone?
No, he was, he was kind of a loner.
If you think of
anything, here's my number.
Thank you.
I might have a few more
questions later on too.
I'm sorry for your loss.
How you doing?
who would do this?
There are a lot of really
sick people in this world.
Nothing was stolen, it
just, it doesn't make sense.
Did he have any enemies?
No, didn't have any friends either.
Why do I miss him?
He was your dad, Alex.
It's okay that you loved him.
I don't know what to do.
I can't believe this house is mine.
Yeah, along with the
mortgage and the unpaid bills,
seems your dad was falling
a little behind, honey.
How much?
Almost $5,000 and I'm not even done
going through everything yet.
Well, sell his car.
You'd be lucky if you got
$500 for that old wreck,
but you could sell the house though.
It's probably worth a lot.
You could pay off the
mortgage and keep the rest.
I don't wanna sell the house.
Well, where are you
gonna get five grand?
- I don't know.
- And how are you gonna
pay the mortgage, delivering pizzas?
I'll figure it out.
Well, don't forget
property taxes and insurance.
When something goes
wrong, you gotta fix it.
I'm not selling the house, Ronnie.
Why not?
Because when else am I
gonna be given a house?
Well, to be fair, a house
is a solid investment.
You can't go wrong with real estate.
Yeah and with both of us living here,
it'd be half the mortgage, half the bills.
I do not wanna live here.
Why not, because my dad was killed here?
That and it's in Slowsburgh,
I don't wanna drive 45
minutes back and forth
to work every day.
GJ, it's a huge house
and we live in a dinky, little shithole.
I love our dinky, little
shithole and it's a night.
So now what?
Don't worry about me, the
house is a big deal, I get it.
Do what you need to do.
Hey, come here.
You're gonna have to get a roommate, baby.
No pressure.
Oh, an artiste.
- Well, I'm just starting.
- Don't be modest.
I am, but if you can come,
it would be a great chance for
us to get to know each other.
You are hands down our favorite applicant.
- Stop it.
- Hey.
Ah, can we help you?
I'm here about the room for rent?
I knocked, but nobody heard me.
Ah, I don't have anyone else listed.
I was driving by and I
saw the sign out front.
Shane Collins.
I-I'm Alex.
Well, I will let you all do your thing.
Come on, Peachy, come on, baby.
Ah, we could always share the room.
Just mull it over.
Bye, y'all.
Not shy, is he?
You must be used to it, you know,
what are you, like a,
like a model or something?
No, I'm a trainer.
- Nice.
- Yeah.
Do you work out?
Oh, struggling a little
bit, if I'm being honest,
but I just need like a little motivation.
I could help with that.
Yeah, maybe I could train you sometime.
Wow, that's like a
scary, generous offer.
Thanks. Yeah.
Can I see the room?
Sure, sure, it's just this way.
You don't want this room?
I like my room, besides
this was my parents' room
and they, they don't...
They what?
They passed away.
And you don't wanna sleep in their room?
- Yeah.
- That makes sense.
Did they pass away together?
No, ah, my mom died when I was a kid,
cancer and my dad, um,
he had a heart attack.
He died in his sleep though.
At home?
No, no, Bear Mountain,
he loved it out there.
That must have been quite a shock.
This is beautiful.
Must be a nice having the
woods as your backyard.
Yeah, yeah, totally.
Ah, it is nice.
Is this the bathroom?
Yeah, feel free to check it out.
Do you believe in cosmic energy?
I, I don't know, what is that?
I don't know.
Well, when you walk into a room
and someone's sad or
angry, you can tell, right?
Can you tell?
I can tell.
Well, that's cosmic energy.
This room has a, a dark history.
Maybe if I move in,
we can figure it out together.
Or you could just tell him, Alex.
I was just about to, Gracie.
Tell me what?
My, my dad,
he was a raging alcoholic,
like a mean, a mean drunk
and I, I used to drink too
mostly to get back at him,
but I don't anymore.
You guys must've had some fights?
Well, that doesn't bother me,
but I appreciate your honesty.
So I would pay rent
in cash if that's okay?
My clients pay in cash and I
don't really trust banks, so.
Cash works for me.
Well, it was really
nice meeting you, Shane.
We will let you know
by the end of the week.
- Yeah.
- Listen, Alex,
I like you and I, I like the place.
When it's right, I don't really hesitate,
so I kind of wanna know
now if that's okay.
Alex, can I please talk with you
for one moment in the kitchen?
Yeah, just, just one second.
I understand.
Well, have a nice day both of you.
- No.
- Thanks.
- GJ.
- What?
What is your problem?
It's yours.
Cool, oh, last thing,
I'll need a place to
set up my workout area.
Not for clients or anything,
just for you and me.
Will the garage work?
That's perfect.
Mind if I ask if you
do any drugs or drink?
I don't drink or do drugs, so.
We good?
- Yeah.
- We are also asking
for first month's, last and security.
Of course.
This would be first month,
last month and security.
Ah, I'll see you this weekend?
Oh, one sec.
These will work in all the doors.
I'll see you around, Gracie.
Freddy was nice.
So was Shane, I don't
know why you don't like him.
Doesn't trust banks
and who carries around that much cash?
You're overreacting.
Really, hm, because
I searched the internet
for Mr. Pays in Cash
and guess what I found?
- What?
- Nothing!
No social media, not even
a stupid, shirtless pic
and every trainer has that.
I'm a singer songwriter and
I don't have social media,
every singer's got that.
Yeah and a career, but you don't.
- Hey-o!
- Oh, keep?
Absolutely not.
Just take my word for it,
okay, he's hiding something.
Hiding what?
Okay, fine, whatever, just
do not hook up with him.
Okay, like I have a chance.
You beat yourself up too much.
Maybe if I start training with Shane,
I'll feel more confident.
Just remember, Alex,
you don't need this guy.
He creeped me out.
I'll feel safer with
a guy like Shane around.
You know, you could
probably get more than 500
for this thing.
Is that?
I haven't seen this in years.
I remember you making
this for him at camp.
Yeah, he used to say, "You're
a chip off the old block."
Stupid that he kept it, right?
It's really sweet.
Relax, it'll come.
I didn't hear you come in, sorry.
I didn't wanna interrupt.
No problem, ah, can I help you
with the rest of your things?
Ah, this is pretty much it.
I got some workout stuff in the truck.
Oh, you must've got
rid of a lot of stuff,
that didn't spark joy.
Spark joy?
The lady on the TV, Marie something.
I'd like to get the
gym set up in the garage,
so I can work out later.
For sure, sure, can I help?
Do you have a mirror?
How's this?
- Yeah, that's good.
- Yeah.
Put it up against
the wall over there.
Was that one of your
songs you were writing?
Trying to, I got stuck.
Do you sell any of your songs?
No, not yet, at least, um,
I've really gotta get myself
out there more a little bit and
What's stopping you?
I want them to be good enough.
I see.
Is this all the stuff you use?
I run once in a while.
Sometimes I go to the gym,
but I don't like the gym,
too many people sitting on their phones,
wasting time at machines.
I have a gym membership, but
I don't, I don't really go.
That's a waste of money.
I suppose.
No, you don't suppose, if
you know something, say it,
say yes or no.
Yes, I guess.
Yes, having a gym membership
is a waste of money,
if you, if you don't go.
- There you go.
- Okay.
Is that so hard?
Not owning up to it is
worse than not going.
Wow, intense.
You wanna try?
No, no, I don't, I
don't, I don't think so.
Come on.
Put these on.
This one.
I, I don't think they fit actually.
I think they do, other hand.
All right, first we're gonna
get you in your fighter stance.
All right, what are you,
right-handed, left-handed?
Okay, so put your right
leg back, put your hands up.
Guard your chin, tuck your elbows.
There you go.
That's your fighter stance.
- I feel that.
- All right.
- Give it a shot.
- Okay.
Try again.
Common mistake.
You don't push the bag, you hit the bag.
All right, use your weight and
extend your arm all the way.
- Okay.
- Go again.
Go again.
My bad.
Did your fantasy man arrive?
- Hello, Gracie.
- Sorry.
Hi, Shane.
Gracie, we're in the
middle of something,
Alex will call you back.
Alex, I need one
more painting for my show
and I can't decide if- Ah, GJ,
I'm gonna call you back.
Fine, whatever.
When we're here,
don't answer your phone.
Be present.
Okay, all right, I
didn't know the rules.
Now you do.
- I'll go again.
- Good.
There you go, Alex.
Okay, okay.
Don't worry, it takes practice.
We'll make a fighter out of you yet.
All right, rotate more.
Not bad.
Not bad, but remember, the
other guy's not stopping.
What are you gonna do?
Ask for time out.
All right, smart ass, 45 more seconds,
then we'll take a break 'til tonight.
Go on.
There you go.
Hope that was your last 10?
Sadly, no.
Get up.
What are you doing?
Give me your hand.
Where were you?
Don't worry about it.
One thing I notice about you,
Alex, you have pent up anger,
you learn to control
that or it controls you.
What makes you think I'm angry?
Why, do you think you hide it?
I'm supposed to be meditating,
Veronica says-
That's not gonna help.
Well, what about Paul
McCartney, Madonna, Oprah?
I mean, a lot of-
If you wanna sit there
and listen to yourself breathe, go for it.
But that comes after you
fight for what you want.
Punch hard, don't stop.
Why do you let your little
girlfriend Gracie run your life?
Don't stop.
She's just looking out for me.
No, she's trying to control you,
'cause you're her little fixer upper.
She's a good friend, okay.
She's just sorry for you, Alex,
but you don't mind, you
like the companionship
and you don't wanna be alone.
I don't wanna do this with you, okay.
I'm trying to help you.
Help what?
No, I'm fine.
- You're fine?
- Yeah.
You dream about guys, you
dream about songwriting,
but all you do is dream,
you never do anything.
You know what, it's your
life, spend it how you want.
you're not wrong.
Do you wanna know why I train?
You're in the mirror, you're
forced to face yourself.
No lies, no excuses.
Look hard at yourself, Alex,
you wanna know what I see?
Something happened to you.
What if it did?
The past is the past, Alex,
do something about it and you move on.
It's not that easy and you
don't know everything, okay.
I know you're afraid of sex.
I-I've never been comfortable with it.
Do you want me to show you?
I've seen the way you look at me.
Oh, if you're going
off what Gracie said.
Don't lie to me, Alex.
I'm-I'm embarrassed, okay.
Don't ever be embarrassed
of wanting somebody,
being honest about it.
I freeze up or I don't,
I don't know what to do
around guys, I-I.
Do you want my help?
I don't know.
This has got to come from you, Alex.
You mean with sex stuff?
With anything you want.
If you want my help, Alex,
say it.
I, I want your help.
You're trembling.
I'm sorry, I'm-I'm a little nervous.
You don't need to be.
That keeps you present,
you don't think about anything else.
Try to get up.
Like, like wrestle you?
Try to take control.
Try harder.
I can't, you're too strong.
Stop making excuses.
Come on.
Ready for more?
Someone's getting excited.
Fight, come on.
Come on, fight.
Come on.
Fight me, Alex.
What the fuck, man,
you trying to kill me?
I showed up drunk to my son,
Ethan's high school talent show,
not even sure how I got there.
After the show, Ethan
wouldn't speak to me.
He grabbed the car keys out of my hand
and he drove us home.
He was 16.
On our way home, we were
hit by a drunk driver
on his side of the car.
That shouldn't have happened,
he had his whole life in front of him,
but because of me, it was cut short.
After that, my life fell apart.
Soon after, I went to a meeting,
after the meeting, a woman walked up to me
and she asked what was wrong
and I told her and she said,
I'm not responsible for
my disease of alcoholism,
but I am responsible for my recovery.
I think about my Ethan
every single day,
my living amends to my son
is my sobriety
and I would like to think
that Ethan
would be proud of the
woman that I am today.
Thank you for letting me share.
Thank you for sharing
so honestly, Veronica.
We like to celebrate
milestones at this meeting
for every 365 days of continuous sobriety.
Tonight, we have one birthday,
Alex for one year
and for that, Gracie and
Veronica will give you your cake.
Come on.
Hi, I'm Alex, I'm an alcoholic.
Hi, Alex.
I'm serious.
I'm serious.
Yeah, I think I got a shot.
So if someone like
Brent or Shane likes you,
that's enough for validation?
Is wanting to be liked a bad thing?
God loves you, honey,
that's why we have God,
because people won't always be around.
Come on, Ronnie, don't
you ever get lonely?
Do I get lonely?
But with God, I'm not alone,
that's the difference.
Hey, you two.
Listen, thanks for sticking
around for my one year.
You know I wouldn't miss
it, but we do have to go,
so I just wanna say congratulations
and sorry about your dad.
Hey, listen, if you, ah, if
you wanna take in a meeting
or like, like dinner or something?
Yeah, I'll text you
tomorrow, that was good.
- Yeah.
- Good seeing you, Brent.
Bye, Brent.
Did you just ask him out?
Sort of.
Not really.
Mm-hm, yeah, it sounds about right.
- GJ.
- Yeah.
You think I like, I'm
gonna like hold you back
from like meeting people or something?
- What?
- I don't know.
Where did that come from?
I just don't wanna hold you back.
Can I talk to Alex for a sec?
Ah, Gracie, why don't
you help me clean up?
sure and we will finish this later.
Isn't that the
guy you told me about?
Brent, yeah.
You just stood here and watched.
What am I supposed to do?
Tell him not to leave.
- Then what?
- Anything.
Tell him you wanna wrestle
for top, I don't care.
Come on, if I said that,
he would laugh in my face.
Why do you think that?
Because I'm not you.
I don't look like you, I
don't talk like you, come on.
Why do you care?
Alex, you take your shot.
You don't let anyone steal
that shot away from you.
That's the main difference
between you and me,
I'm not afraid.
I don't wanna be afraid anymore.
You act strong, you feel strong.
You act weak, you feel weak.
Shane, this looks heavy.
This isn't about lifting weights.
This is about whether or
not you have the strength
to step out of your comfort zone.
You've been comfortable
for too long, Alex.
How do you know me so well?
I used to be you.
Now let's do this.
- Here?
- Yep, there.
Fuck! Push.
I am!
- I'm not helping you.
- I know.
Get angry.
Push it.
Come on, Alex.
Alex, think of a time you were so angry,
you wanted to put your
fist through a wall,
tap into that right now.
- Ah, mother fuck, argh!
- Push!
Good job, you did good.
Sorry, it's my boss,
probably gonna tell me off for some shit.
People like your boss get away with it,
because people like you put up with it.
Hey, Jack.
Hey, Alex, glad I got you.
You're working Sunday, starting next week
and it's a busy day, so no fuck ups.
Jack, you can't talk
to me like that, man.
Stop fucking up and I won't.
Yo, I quit, how about that?
You're making
a big mistake, Alex.
Yeah, go fuck yourself, jag off.
Feels good, doesn't it?
Do you have that guy's number?
Who, Brent?
I don't know, the guy
that you were talking to
at your party. Brent, yeah.
I want you to invite him
to one of your meetings,
then when you see him, you
tell him you're taking him out.
You don't ask him over
the phone, you got it?
Tell me, Alex, how did
you choose your sponsor?
She was a, a speaker at
one of my first meetings.
I don't know, I just, I liked
her, she was kind to me.
Because she's not like you.
You were abused and you
couldn't deal with your anger
because of that, so you drank.
Yeah, I guess.
And sex sucks, because you're
afraid of men thanks to Dad,
am I right?
What does this have to do with Ronnie?
She enables your fear of men.
She's a good sponsor, okay.
Look, Gracie's gonna be here
soon, so I gotta get dressed.
Thanks for the shake.
I'll get it.
Can I help you?
Detective Cole, Slowsburgh County,
looking for Alex Romero.
Alex isn't here right now.
Anything that I can help you with?
You live here?
Yeah, I'm his new roommate,
I just moved in recently.
Just had some questions to ask
about the murder of his father.
I, I had no idea.
Do you know when Alex will be back?
Sorry, I, I don't,
he left with a friend.
Okay, well, just tell
him that I was here.
He has my number.
Of course, yeah.
I hope I didn't give
you any cause for concern.
I'm not worried, but I'll
keep my eyes open for you.
Sure, right.
Appreciate it.
Who was it?
I was reading that recovery
book you all subscribe to.
Ah, big book.
Who was at the door?
It says a lot about being honest,
rigorously honest, I think it says.
Yeah, so?
So get honest with me, Alex,
right now.
Or should I ask Detective Cole?
I'm, I'm sorry, I should've told you.
And Veronica knew about this?
- And Gracie?
- Yeah.
Look, they wanted me
to tell you the truth,
but I, I didn't wanna lose you.
Come on, don't do this,
Shane, say something.
Do something.
Hit me.
Come on, hit me, I deserve
it, hit me, go ahead.
I'm the only honest person in your life.
I hate to say I told you so,
but you should have told him.
I get it, now what's the
deal with tomorrow night again?
The gallery closes at eight,
we reopen for the show at
nine and it's over at 10,
so you don't have to worry
about it being all night.
Who said I was worried?
My boss's husband is coming
and I want you to make a good impression.
Should I get a tux?
No, I know
you've got something in here.
Yeah, yeah, a button down and jeans,
that look like you didn't
run over them is enough.
You really need a music manager, Alex.
You're too good to me.
But I know, but I
want this for you, okay.
So this,
these and this,
only, nothing else, okay, I gotta go.
Give me a kiss.
- Love you.
- Love you too.
Hi, Shane.
Bye, Shane.
She's picking out your clothes now?
What, is she gonna dress you too?
Do we have to do this right now, Shane?
Look, Shane, I'm sorry that I lied to you.
Do something about it, Alex.
Come on, Alex.
Fight me.
I don't feel like
What if I do?
What if I was the guy who broke in here?
What if I was gonna hurt you?
Would you whine like a little bitch?
Think that would help?
Why you doing this?
Because the world isn't nice, Alex.
You wanted honesty, right?
Courage to change.
The courage to
change the things we can
and the wisdom to know the difference.
Thank you all, have a good night.
- Goodnight.
- Thank you.
Thank you, drive safe please.
Have a good night.
- Hey.
- Oh, hi, what's up?
What's going on?
Feel like grabbing dinner?
- Ah, right now?
- Sure, why not?
Yeah, sure, let's do it.
I'll drive.
Hi, Peter?
Yeah, Dale?
Um, you look great.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
Um, I-I, I was a little afraid, you know,
faceless pic and all.
The internet and faces
these days, you get it.
Oh, do you want a drink?
No, thanks.
You mind if I have one?
Yeah, go ahead.
First time jitters?
Yeah, is it that obvious?
Don't worry about it.
I just um, wasn't too
sure how this all works.
Do we, um?
We can just talk, while
you have your drink,
give you a chance to relax.
Sounds good to me.
Nice fire you have going here.
So what do we talk about?
Tell me about yourself.
Ah, like what?
Well, you like Shakespeare?
Um, yeah,
"The Tempest" is a favorite.
What made you find me?
Well, um,
I haven't been with anyone in a while.
Must be difficult to meet people,
when you're on the Sex Offender List.
You know about that?
I check every address I go to.
I should, shouldn't I?
Oh, absolutely.
I did some digging online, I
couldn't believe what I found.
That was a long time ago.
Johnny Owens was a minor.
I, I, I swear, I thought he was 18.
How'd you do it?
How'd you lure him in?
Did you build a little
fire, offer him a drink?
Listen, that's not who I am anymore.
I've recovered from that.
Do you think Johnny recovered?
Listen, if you don't mind,
I'd rather not talk about this.
You're right, it's cool.
I don't mind.
The thing is, Dale,
Johnny minds.
Johnny minds a lot, Dale!
Oh, my God.
Look, oh God, I know it was
wrong, I know it was wrong.
I was sick, I needed
help, I was abused too.
Then you should've known better.
What do you see when you
look in the mirror, Dale?
I don't know, please, please, please,
I'll do anything you want, please.
If it's money, I have money, please.
Don't, please.
"He that dies pays all debts."
I hated my first year,
the sponsor said no dating, that sucked.
Mine said the same thing, but you know,
it's all right now.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Well, now that you're past a year sober,
got your eyes on anybody
you wanna ask out?
We're here, aren't we?
You mean me?
Yeah, I mean you, I'm looking at you.
What, didn't you know this was a date?
I mean, I thought you were into me,
but I didn't think it
was like a date date.
You thought I was
into you, but you just,
you decided to come for the attention?
Ah, I don't know about that.
We're guys, we flirt, that's what we do.
Brent, you're totally leading me on.
No, I'm being nice to you
'cause you're a newcomer.
Bullshit, bullshit!
No, no, come on, you
fucking owe me this date.
Ooh, no, I don't owe you this date.
I don't owe you anything, no one does.
Okay, oh what, we're
gonna go there with it?
What an asshole!
Okay, let's just dial it back.
Oh, fuck you.
No, yeah, yeah, fuck you!
Who's she?
Who are you?
Alex, this is Kirsty.
You okay?
I'm fine.
Don't look it.
Don't worry about it.
Is this about that guy?
Did he dump you?
Something like that.
Remember, it's not about him,
it was about you taking your shot.
Now move on.
It's not that easy.
Don't worry, baby,
somebody's gonna love
that sweet face of yours.
Now if you'll excuse me.
Don't leave me waiting too long.
All right.
Is she one of your clients?
Why would you think that?
- I just thought that you-
- You just thought that?
You have your little girlfriend.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I didn't expect to see you back here.
What's up, Randy?
What's up?
Any word yet?
No, just starting to
get a little worried.
Well, he could still show
up, the night is young.
Meanwhile, you are so
unbelievably talented.
Thanks, Freddy.
You know, we do tend to
always think the worst.
I'm sure there's just some dumb reason,
that he is not here yet.
Yeah, that's what I'm afraid of.
Is this okay?
Yeah, let's fucking do it.
I take it it'll be a rough one?
Yeah, what you don't know about me.
- Like what?
- Like this.
- You ready for some more?
- Yeah.
What the fuck are you doing?
- Relax.
- What the fuck are you doing?
- Come on, it's fine.
- No!
I want you to go.
Randy, I'm sorry,
I thought you liked it, man, it's cool,
we could, we could do-
No, no, no, no, no, no.
I don't know what you think this is.
- Yo, don't be like that.
- I'm not into that.
I-I'm sorry, I was just
trying to impress you.
Don't be like that.
Just get out, man.
Come on, we could try
again, Randy, don't be like...
Alex, Alex,
hey, you forgot your keys.
Look, Randy, I'm so sorry.
I'm, I would never hurt you, man,
I just, I wanted you to like me.
Look, some people are what, into that.
It's just not my thing, okay.
I get it, I get it.
Let me just try again, I'll be gentle.
I don't know.
Please, please, look, I'll be gentle.
Look at the fairy boys.
- Come on, man.
- What did you just say?
I think you heard me, faggot.
You can't talk to us like that.
- Yeah?
- Alex.
Step back, Randy.
Yeah, well, at least I'm
not some fucking closet fuck
getting your rocks up
You trying to start something?
Maybe I am, but how
about you blow me first?
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.
- Come on.
- Fucking bitch.
Come on.
Yeah, yeah, how'd you like that?
You wanna punch me?
Fuck you!
Yeah, they're over here
in the, in the alley,
my, my friend.
Alex, come on.
Oh, there he is.
It hurts so much.
You're gonna be okay.
So you drank?
I can't do this with you right now, GJ.
I thought you were done.
Yeah, so did I.
Did they find the guy?
No, not yet anyway.
So what happened?
This asshole called me a faggot.
And you fought him?
What was I supposed to do?
Walk away, let it go.
I'm tired of being
pushed around, Gracie.
You could have been killed, Alex!
You have every right to
stand up for yourself, baby,
but you have to pick your battles.
You know this started
when Shane moved in?
You should have listened to me.
Well, I'm a little more
concerned with being the victim
of a hate crime right now,
if that's okay with you.
No, actually it's not
okay, it's not okay at all,
because there shouldn't
have been a hate crime.
You weren't supposed to be drunk,
you weren't supposed to be hooking up
and you for damn sure
weren't supposed to be
starting a fight with
some homophobic jackass!
You were supposed to
be with me at my show,
because it was my night!
Yeah, after I talked you
up to my boss's husband,
told him all about my
talented best friend,
who didn't even bother to fucking show up!
Shit, Gracie, I'm,
I'm sorry.
I'm so done with you,
Alex, I have one life
and I am done trying
to help you fix yours!
Good luck, Veronica, you're a saint.
So I guess you hate me now too?
No, honey,
I love you and I'm your sponsor,
but I can't run your life.
I'm just here to try
to help you stay sober.
Do you want that?
I really don't know.
Well, you think about it and let me know
and I urge you to ask yourself,
do you want the rest of
your life to look like this?
Here you go, slowly.
Mm-hm, mm-hm, okay.
Do you need anything?
No, they said the
pillow, I should be okay,
I just, I don't know.
Do you want me to stay?
No, it's fine, Ronnie,
you've done enough really.
What happened to you?
He was gay bashed.
Did you put up a good fight?
He cracked his ribs, you know.
for next time.
I believe in protecting myself.
What you do is none of my business.
Just like it was none of your business,
when I moved into a house
where his father was murdered?
Alex told me you knew.
That was Alex's business
to disclose if he wanted to,
there was no law that said he had to.
Hm, I see how it works.
I don't think you do.
Honey, I'm gonna come
back and check on you.
She's wrong, you know.
Would you get off of her?
She helps a lot of people.
I never said she didn't.
I shouldn't have pushed that guy.
If you don't stand up
for yourself, who will?
It was stupid, it was stupid.
Why are you so afraid to fight back?
Look at me.
You're stronger than
you think you are, Alex.
I wanna show you something.
Yeah, that's me.
Who are you?
A friend.
I don't go alone these
days, you understand?
Yeah, sure.
Can we come in?
Oh, yeah.
Ah, this is a nice place you have.
You live alone?
Yeah, just me.
Do you guys want a drink or something?
No, thanks.
Okay, what do we do now?
We could go to the bedroom,
if your friend doesn't mind staying here.
Yeah, in a minute.
I have a few more questions,
if you don't mind.
Okay, sure.
Can you tell me about Rachel Monahan?
Why do you wanna know about her?
I think you know why.
Okay, you know what, you two
are starting to freak me out
and I think you should go.
You're freaked out?
That's interesting, you
molested Rachel, a teenager,
you think Rachel was freaked out?
- Who the fuck are you?
- Who the fuck are you
to do that to a kid?
Did you do that to your
own fucking daughter,
you punk bitch? Okay, get out!
I'm gonna call the cops!
Shut the fuck up!
Holy shit!
Come on!
This is your chance.
You wanna kill him?
Shane, I can't.
If you don't do this,
he gets away with it.
I'm not killing anybody.
You have a choice here, Alex,
you can crawl back to
that safe, little cave
and drink your life away
or you can give this sick
fuck what he deserves.
No, no!
Look at yourself, Grant, you did this,
you brought this on.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Think hard about what he did, Alex.
No, no, please don't.
- Should I do it?
- No!
No, stop, stop, don't, please.
One less monster.
You had no right.
He's nothing but a
fucking schoolyard-stalking
child molester, do you really
think he deserved to live?
Do you?
That's what I thought.
I don't think I need to tell you this,
but this isn't something you
run and tell your sponsor
or little girlfriend about.
Yeah, why not?
- Are you fucking serious?
- Are you fucking serious?
I didn't fucking do
this, I didn't want this!
Give me your shirt.
- What?
- There's blood on it.
Does anything you fucking
listen to have lyrics?
How's that working out for you?
What you did tonight,
have you done it before?
People pay for my company,
I look up their address.
If they're not on a list,
then everyone has a good time,
but if they are, yes,
I do the right thing.
Kill people?
That deserve to die.
You're not God.
I'm doing God's work.
What the fuck happened to you?
That doesn't matter,
all that is in the past.
What matters now is we set things right.
They deserve a second chance.
Do you really believe that?
Some people, after they're
abused, they commit suicide.
Did they get a second chance?
I want you out.
I'm calling the cops.
Calling the cops, yeah.
It's okay, call the cops then,
you were there too.
So what?
In fact, you're the one that killed him.
I tried to stop you, I have
your shirt with his blood on it.
Fuck you.
No, fuck you, Alex!
Fuck you.
I'm sorry.
I'm fucked up,
but I love you.
I'd do anything for you.
I told you to get the fuck out.
Tell me one thing.
What were you gonna say to your dad?
I don't have to tell you shit.
Yeah, you do.
I was, I don't know,
just gonna see if he'd changed.
Maybe give him a second
chance, I don't know.
And then what?
Pretend nothing ever happened?
You gonna drink some more?
Maybe try to kill yourself again.
You're fucking crazy.
You try to kill yourself.
I kill monsters.
Who's the crazy one here?
There are a
lot of really sick people
in this world.
If you can think
of him as sick instead of bad,
the shift in your perception
might be the miracle you need.
I forgive you, Dad.
I forgive you.
There's more than 300
murders a year in New York
and almost 10,000 unsolved murders.
What, what are the odds
of, of, of us catching him?
This guy knows what he's
doing, he doesn't leave a trail,
but I won't stop until we find him.
I should've just called you sooner.
Some people never report
a crime, it takes courage.
I have nothing to say to you, Alex.
Let me just explain
to you, I know it's different,
it's different. I don't care.
You were right about Shane, okay.
I don't care, it's
always the same with you.
No, I know, but
he's dangerous, Gracie.
Goodbye, Alex.
God, I'm having a bad day here.
Gracie won't speak to me.
No how are you
or I'm sorry for dropping
by without calling?
I did call, you didn't
answer, I'm sorry,
but Gracie won't see me.
Alex, you relapsed, you missed her show.
You do nothing but think about yourself,
including right now.
Honey, I am beat,
do you want anything else?
I need to know how I can
get Gracie to forgive me,
Ronnie, please.
Stop saying I'm sorry,
it's just words.
Show up, be the friend she's been to you.
You do anything you
want, no matter the cost.
It's time to grow up, Alex.
I'm sorry I bothered you.
When I lost Ethan, I
woke up and I got sober,
but being sober is only the beginning.
You've got to show Gracie real change,
before she can trust you again.
You have a chance that I didn't have
and with time and with
patience, you can fix this,
I know you can.
Goodnight, Ronnie.
No, but she's here.
- I'm calling the cops.
- You don't wanna do that,
not if you wanna see your
little girlfriend alive.
Leave her alone, you fuck,
this is between you and me!
I want you to
come to the garage, Alex,
she's running out time. Gracie!
- Alex!
- Gracie!
I said I'd make a
fighter out of you, Alex.
The only way to do that is to
get rid of your little crutch.
You're gonna have to
fight harder than that.
You really wanna let her die?
You said you'd do anything
for Gracie, prove it!
Do you really wanna know
what happened to me, Alex?
I went away to Little League camp.
Your dad, that sick fuck, he was my coach!
You know what he did
to me, don't you, Alex?
I can't count how many years
I walked around ashamed,
a loser, weak!
But then I found a way
out, I became a fighter
and every time I kill
one of those monsters,
I see your dad's face!
How are the ribs, Alex?
No, argh!
I did the world a
favor killing your father
and I tried to help you,
because I know what it
feels like to be afraid.
I tried to help you become
somebody that fights back.
You really think he's
gonna save you, Gracie?
He's done nothing but let you down,
why should today be any different?
Hope this is your best shot, Alex.
What are you gonna do now,
give me a second chance?
I learned a lot from you, Shane.
Like always carry a knife.
Gracie, Gracie, Gracie!
Come on, Gracie.
Come on, Gracie, Gracie, Gracie, please.
Gracie, Gracie, Gracie.
Come on, Gracie!
Come on, come on, come on!
Come on!
You're good.
No, it's me, it's me!
It's me, it's Alex, Alex,
it's Alex, it's Alex.
That's good, that's good.
Come on.
Oh, my God, baby, are you okay?
Oh, it's okay.
It's okay.
"Dear Alex,
I wish you only love."
I hope you figure it all out,
I hope you go after your dreams,
but I need to focus on me for a while.
You know I care about you,
I just can't be with you right now.
You have to take these
first steps on your own.
"Love Gracie Jean."
Hey, guys.
I wrote this song, um,
I hope you guys like it.
Who are you?
Hello, Henry,
I'm here with Kirsty.
Where is she?
She's in the car, I
typically come up ahead of her
just to make sure everything's safe.
You know how it is.
Okay, so could she come up?
It depends, Henry,
are you gonna drug her,
like you drugged Julie Erickson?
What do you see?