The Way We Dance (2013) Movie Script

Everyone should aspire to something.
Uncle Bill says life is an ongoing
struggle with the Jockey Club.
Tony says playing video games
is like fighting battles.
You got to keep advancing
and progressing.
In order to recapture
her phantom true love,
Miss. Dry Fish
has bawled her eyes out.
The Twins want to represent Hong Kong
in the Beyblade Grand Slam.
Their mom only wish
that she didn't have to help
with the down payment
when they buy their apartment.
And you're wholeheartedly supporting
Hong Kong Cinema.
How about me? Slicing tofu?
No, no, no!
I only know how to dance!
Fleur, don't ruin the tofu!
Look at you! Bad habits die hard.
Don't play with the tofu,
we have to serve it.
It's the Lam Family's lega--
Legacy, no doubt.
Together with this tofu shop,
I'll become my parents' legacy.
This is an utter misfortune.
My name is Fleur. Since I was little,
all my classmates, teachers,
neighbors, customers
liked to call me Fleur de Tofu!
I truly find the nickname worse
than profanity.
That's why I plug my ears
and act silly all day long.
Since I was eight,
I've been forced to help out
in our ancestral shop.
My childhood?
Can you smell the boiling tofu?
To prevent my youth from
turning into a block of tofu...
Fleur! Hurry!
All right!
...I have to dance! I have to dance!
You want spicy tofu?
If that doesn't suit you,
$25 for small ones,
$28 for small ones.
A bit of sugar, please.
Sugar... All right...
If you can be like your cousin, Ben,
and get enrolled in college,
then I'll set you free.
So early?
This is cousin Ben's Mom.
I played mahjong
and won big time today.
Ben has been swamped lately.
He got a scholarship.
Hold your tongue!
Fleur de Tofu!
Fleur de Tofu has grown
into a young lady.
Hurry home and watch your soap operas.
Thanks! Bye!
Fleur de Tofu, are you seeing anyone?
This is too much!
Okay! I'll split if you don't.
I'm going to make an announcement.
From this moment onward,
tofu, tofu puff, soy milk,
fried tofu, tofu dessert,
fermented tofu, tofu skin
and me go separate ways!
Fleur is going to college!
Why am I going to college?
I need 18 credits a semester.
3 mandatory subjects, 2 electives,
1 general studies.
I must compete for grants, classes,
and club memberships.
Find a dorm, get a part-time job,
and plan my exchange program.
I'm getting crazy!
Isn't it just too exhausting?
Since I feel that pigs
of the same color
herd together,
I'd better first dig up
all the coolest peeps
in this university!
Him? No way.
Him? No kidding.
Him? Not really! No, no, no, no.
There he is! D-A-V-E. Dave.
Captain of the
Greatest College Dance crew, BombA.
He often goes dancing around
with his crew.
Dancing around with Dave and BombA
is my ultimate goal in university!
In order to join BombA asap,
strike when the iron is hot.
Come and check out our booth.
Join Astronomy Club!
Lots of cute ladies.
Please support us.
BombA will perform
at the orientation camp finale
the night after.
Root for us then.
I wanna dance with you.
Of course you can dance with us.
Fill out this form first.
We will notify you in 2 weeks
for an audition.
I mean at the orientation camp finale.
I wanna dance with you guys.
What is it, Milk Tea?
She wants to dance with us
at the orientation camp finale.
She just smoked you.
Okay, now let me, the newbie,
introduce BombA to you all.
Although we are very popular,
we don't have a proper nook
in the university.
But dancing around is quite fun.
This Somersault King is Kenway.
He's our strategist.
She's Milk Tea,
who takes care of us all.
Fly says it's essential to look cool
while dancing.
I naturally agree.
Feather is easily pleased,
the littlest things
can make her very happy.
The cutest is Panda.
He's great at cracking jokes.
When we all dance together,
how can we not win?
Oops, I seem to have
missed one person.
That's Rebecca the Goddess.
Like me, she's also
a freshman recruit.
She's awesome, having performed in
Joey's MV in 11th grade.
So Dave recruited her as soon as
he knew she's admitted.
Gifts on first encounter.
Streetwise indeed.
Good! BombA assemble! Let's begin!
Fleur was awesome!
Did you guys see that?
Fleur, you're awesome.
What you just did was like kung fu.
Don't exaggerate. I was just lucky.
Thanks for rescuing me, Fleur.
Don't mention it.
I'll count you in at
this year's Dance Chample.
Dance Chample?
I'm very glad to have met Dave
and to have my dream
starting to materialize.
Bring it to the top!
Split into two teams.
Whichever team gets the hat up
to the flagpole on the rooftop first,
Guys, it's show time!
That's cool.
You see that?
Not bad.
I've only been gone a while,
and y'all got new moves.
Welcome home.
Miss you, brother.
You too, man.
Check this, he got some new moves.
Let's see, let's see.
Thanks so much.
No problem.
You guys are gonna see this
on our forum tonight.
Brother, when will you recover?
In about two weeks.
But, I just can't wait.
Watch out!
All right guys,
I'm good, I'm good.
Actually, I got something
to show you guys.
While I've been away from dance,
I took up some freelance jobs
and come across this, check it out.
Isn't that BombA? Are you for real?
I'd rather watch AKB online.
Just look, it's different this time.
She's just a girl. What's so special?
She's dancing beyond the routine.
You'll see.
How come other clubs have
fewer members but bigger offices?
We BombA are so popular but
we don't even have a storage space.
We're forced to store everything
all over the place.
You'll gradually understand.
For now, just work hard
and focus on this year's
Dance Chample.
For you.
-Oh, thank you.
-You're welcome.
What are you watching?
I'm watching Rooftoppers.
This crew is called Rooftoppers.
They all started from street dancing.
Their members multiplied
these couple of years.
They slowly moved from the streets
to industrial buildings.
Every single one of them is awesome.
That's their leader, Stormy.
Strangely enough,
for the past two years,
seems like nobody
has seen him around.
Rumor has it
he's undergoing closed-door training
of something called "Storm the Mind".
Storm the Mind? Sounds awesome.
In fact, we've won plenty of awards.
But they somehow always
beat us these two years.
Whenever they're there,
we only get 2nd place.
We're gonna face them again at
the Dance Chample this year.
Look! Why are there
pics of our last performance?
Like kindergarten? That's too mean!
Let me reply.
Hey, don't be silly!
They have a lot of fans.
If you piss them off,
they will spam you.
Okay! It's better
to forgive and forget.
Even if my GPA is zero this semester,
I will support BombA.
Wait till I smash
their invincible record.
Dave, the coffee is getting cold.
Take a sip.
Thank you.
Look at this.
That looks like me.
"A supernova that occurs
once in a millennium."
Even our rival is praising you.
These are only psychological tactics.
I won't give in so easily.
You horny bastards.
A devil and an angel in one,
a summer thirst quencher.
Do boys always prefer girls
like Rebecca?
Of course.
But... I mean...
as a matter of fact...
Girls like Rebecca...
Can be found everywhere.
Let's go back to the Chample.
In order to beat Rooftoppers,
we must try new things.
I have an idea.
We'll pick a few of us to go solo
on their best moves
and see if we can set off some sparks.
You wanna try?
Newbies can participate too?
To try new things,
we'd have to do that.
That's your assignment
for the next rehearsal.
Okay, I'll go rehearse right away.
I went the wrong way.
It's that way.
Thanks for your heart.
Miss, your dance last time
was fabulous.
Last time?
How special?
Three words: spectacular,
extraordinary, unprecedented.
The whip move you made just now.
I think there's room for improvement.
You should push your left hand outward
and your right hand forward.
Don't straighten your arms
but shape them like arcs.
Use opponents' force to beat them with
front-loaded steps and flipping palms.
Don't straighten your arms.
You're gifted!
Have you learned the Chen Style?
Try hitting my chest with your palm.
Don't stand still!
On the count of three.
Hit me with your palm. Ready? One...
Very gifted!
Let's start from the beginning.
First, the Ready Position.
Then Diagonal Slide, okay, ready.
Firstly, we line up our feet, right.
Same with our arms.
Inhale, exhale.
Move your feet so that they're
shoulder width apart, then exhale.
Be straight but not straight,
palms facing down, exhale.
You looking down on Tai Chi?
Youth cannot be posed.
Miss, you forgot your school bag.
You're welcome. Were you actually
practicing dance?
I don't need the whole lawn
to practice Tai Chi.
Why don't we share the lawn?
Come! Let's draw an imaginary line.
I'll practice Tai Chi on the north,
and you can dance on the south.
How's that?
No, thanks.
Miss, can I have your phone number?
Your dance moves
were simply fantastic.
Please take one.
I wanna learn to dance.
Good, take an application form.
Wanna learn to dance?
-Start from the basics.
We'll have an audition.
We'll call you then.
-Okay. Okay.
-Good! Definitely!
It's so much work
being a crew member.
What did you expect?
Where's Dave?
Dave is performing outside
with the others.
Earning extra bucks for BombA.
So hard working?
Has Rebecca gone too?
Rebecca hasn't.
I think she's having a photo shoot
for some magazine.
Please take a flyer.
Welcome to the Tai Chi Club.
That guy! I can't stand him.
His King of Gamblers hairstyle!
So outdated.
Why doesn't he bite a chocolate bar
as well?
You mean Dickhead Alan?
This guy is a classic!
He's seriously over-aged.
He's been in the Tai Chi Club
for years.
He's even
an honorary chairman for life.
But most importantly,
apparently, he's a Triad member.
This is the Tai Chi Club
application form.
Please take a look.
You can find
the practice timetable inside.
It's for your reference.
Stop that.
Did you hurt your brain
while practicing Tai Chi?
Why don't you join BombA?
Move your limbs and clear your head.
I can give you our flyer
for reference.
For your further reference,
"Dearest Dave,"
Was the coffee sweet and "deliceous"
enough for you?
"Delicious" is spelled with an "I".
It's from the old
French word "delicios".
Meaning a delight, an allurement.
It rhymes with "precious" and not
Are you done?
What are you doing here?
Let me see it again.
Getting your phone number.
Got it. Thanks. Bye.
It rhymes with "precious".
What's so funny?
You're so silly.
All right, I won't tease you!
I'll stop.
Tai Chi Club's office
used to be BombA's.
One evening two years ago,
two new members
secretly duplicated the office key
and did the nasties.
They were filmed and put on YouTube.
It was eventually reported
by some tabloid.
The school originally wanted
to shut us down.
But Dave pleaded
with the executives everyday
and we managed to
keep that piece of slum.
So Tai Chi Club
just took over the office?
In fact, Dave has spent
a lot of time on BombA.
Teaching new members to dance,
prepping for the Chample.
Not to mention raising funds.
He seems to have lost interest
in girls.
Many girls have been rejected by him.
He has very high standards.
He doesn't like common bimbos.
Wow, you seem to know him really well.
But Dave is very competitive.
If you can help him beat Rooftoppers,
he will dig you for sure.
Diggin' you.
What's going on?
Be quiet.
Sorry, I didn't mean it.
But you really danced like a crab.
These steps especially,
like a fiddler crab.
I know.
Huhu, chichi, kakaka...
Your imitation is so bad.
What happened to you?
You always act like that.
Was it really that funny?
Where are you going, Fleur?
Fleur! Hey! We were just joking.
Plain joking.
Do we have some kind
of misunderstanding?
Why don't you put a picture of
you and her on Rooftopper's website?
That'd be great, wouldn't it?
But beware of being in common areas.
Let's go, Dave.
I haven't danced my solo yet.
Out of my way.
Miss, any thoughts on joining
Tai Chi Club?
Dave, let's go.
Yes, just go.
She's dying to show you her solo.
-Yes, she's dying to show you her...
-Go eat shit!
Watch your mouth.
Listen to me.
Use opponents' force to beat them.
With front-loaded steps
and flipping palms.
Very promising.
Thank you.
Meal time.
Miss, you must learn Tai Chi.
Because you have good balance.
You're like a roly-poly toy
that won't fall down.
It's a waste if you
don't learn Tai Chi.
For you.
It's all your fault.
Your ugly steps and palms
made me look like a fool.
You still dare to recruit me?
Not at all.
I think you looked fantastic.
Out of print.
Out of print.
These Tai Chi cookies
are also out of print.
Oops, it crumbled.
Even I am out of print.
You are such an idiot!
Don't you Chinese say that,
the woman next to the Master
should be called Madam?
You're hopeless.
All packed for tomorrow's performance?
Yes, sir.
Thank you, madam.
The couch belonged
to the previous occupant.
Come with us
to tomorrow's performance.
Performance? I'm not even warmed up.
The performance tomorrow is simple.
Given your talent,
you can learn it instantly.
What if I can't?
Then try again.
We have a league
outside the university.
It's called the Tai Chi League.
We're all weathered and seasoned.
Having gone through
some pretty tough times.
Some have even hovered
between life and death.
But we managed to exorcise ourselves,
as we believe
we have an indelible,
forever burning flame.
Burning right here, lighting up
a beautiful path ahead of us.
Fleur, the door to youth
has been opened for you.
Are you ready or not?
Big Brother.
Let me introduce her to you,
she's Fleur.
Big Sister Fleur.
They are all my good brothers.
Wow, they all wear their names
on their faces.
What are we supposed to perform?
You'll know after reading this.
Read it, it's good stuff.
The words are upside down.
A Tai Chi cookie for you.
See you next week.
Learn Tai Chi when you're free.
You're so pretty.
I'll give you a Tai Chi badge.
It fits you. Wear it now.
Fleur, thanks. All because of you.
You're like an oasis in a desert.
Right, you're such a good sport.
You know, we haven't had
so much applause for a while.
All thanks to your skills
of seduction.
In fact, I've been seduced by her too.
Come, I'll give you a fan.
You gave me a rheumatism plaster
last time.
-Did it work?
-Very much so.
-That's good. That's what counts.
-Right, it worked very well.
What's this?
Master, our new members.
Bruce and Fleur.
Alan, you have
more and more followers.
Master, you're the one
with more Tai Chi students.
You're the Big Brother now.
Come more often to help out
when you're free.
Will do.
Don't straighten your arms.
Go out and do the horse stance
for 20 minutes.
-Go out.
-I'm not going.
-Go out.
-I'm not going.
That's only 10% of Master's power.
We were trained like that by him
back in the days.
Want some water?
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
You're welcome.
You all came from here?
What's your crime?
What about your Big Brother?
Don't ask a hero where he's from.
That's okay.
Sorry, I wanna ask.
If you can all move back a bit
during my solo.
Otherwise, I can't be seen.
We still don't know
the size of the venue.
There's no need to be so precise
in our rehearsal.
No sweat, I can move back a little.
Shoot! She just wants to show off.
Let's first try
Rebecca's suggestion, all right?
All right?
All right.
What's up?
Okay, let's start! Five... six...
seven, eight and one.
Granny, it's for you.
Rooftoppers has officially accepted
our challenge.
The battle will take place on
the 5th of next month.
A battle? That'd be like
throwing sheep to the lions.
If that's true, then the sooner,
the better.
This battle is to let you all see
Rooftoppers' true power.
After all, we'll see them
at the Dance Chample.
You still remember
our goal this year?
Unless you still plan
to hide out here.
It's actually not bad here.
Does it matter
if we have an office or not?
If you really hate
the office that much,
let's give it up after
the school returns it to us
instead of hiding here like orphans.
It's a matter of our reputation.
Let's cut the crap
and start rehearsing.
-All right, let's do it.
-All right, let's start.
Lose your diapers before the Chample.
Or people would say we're bullies.
Where's your supernova, Fleur?
Is she not here cause you guys suck?
Who the heck are these rabid dogs?
Their moves just keep coming,
how can we possibly beat them?
You wouldn't be able to do their moves
even with 10 years of practice.
Well, have you guys
thought about asking
Fleur to come back?
I'm exhausted! Let's discuss later!
Do you really not remember
or are you just pretending?
Remember what?
Four years ago,
"The Damsel from Alishan".
Since I was little,
all my uncles and aunts
called me a natural born artist.
They said I was destined
for the stage.
That was the first time
I had performed
in front of so many people.
I had prepared half a year
for the performance.
I dreamed of a standing ovation
every night.
We'd like to thank
the student of Jubilee School
for performing in our school.
I think if
we had invited the Uncle
from Alishan to dance for us,
it would have been more touching.
The Uncle from Alishan?
The performance was so touching.
After that, I vowed to myself,
the next time I set foot on stage,
I would be a star.
So you're here for revenge?
Dave? Good, I'll swing by right away.
No, I just met an old friend.
Why are you dancing like a crab?
Fiddler crab, go back to the river bed
to lay eggs.
-What happened? You okay, Fleur?
-Don't touch her for now.
I'm fine, sorry.
Sorry, we're okay.
What are you doing?
Look! A shooting star.
Your secret remedy really works.
Nature works in mysterious ways.
It's all your fault today.
I needed to twist 90 degrees
to do the Fan Dance.
Twist, palm out, chaste step,
show the fan. It looks hideous.
You didn't put your heart to it.
Tai Chi values intention
over strength.
You've spent all your strength.
When you flipped the fan,
the center of gravity
was in the center.
You turned...
The mustang parts its mane,
the white crane flashes its wings.
Don't say I never listen to you.
My foot is better now,
teach me new moves.
I'll teach you Pushing Hands.
Let's start.
Try listening to my hand with yours.
Keep touching.
Don't drop off, and don't resist.
The spirit of Tai Chi
depends on how you
harmonize with the rest of the world.
How do I harmonize?
Master, please enlighten me.
When you push towards me,
I absorb your energy
and return it to you.
Yin doesn't leave Yang.
Yang doesn't leave Yin.
The ultimate of Yin is Yang.
The ultimate of Yang is Yin.
Alan, what are you really made of?
At college, they all call you
Tai Chi Dickhead Alan.
How come you don't seem to be pissed?
You're still trying to recruit
new members every day.
The little bunny asks you,
are you a shepherd dog?
Wow! A wolf?
Got a problem?
Beat him!
Stop! Go away! Stop!
-Go over there.
-Easy, Sir. You're hurting me.
-Sit down.
-I'm not sitting.
-Sit down!
-Go away!
Sit down!
Are you new?
Haven't seen you before.
Spare me the story
of the prodigal son.
Repent and be saved.
I'm so tired of listening
to that shit.
Everybody is good at something.
Like me, I'm good at Tai Chi.
What about you?
Beating people up!
From tomorrow on, learn Tai Chi
from me at 5:00 a.m. every day.
You look really cool when you dance.
You know how?
Not really, just a little bit.
The way you dance is quite unique.
Master, please tell me more.
The main difference between
your dancing and theirs
is that they look so contrived
when they dance.
It's as if Vegeta is dancing.
But you're different.
You smile when you dance.
Not only your face,
but your limbs are smiling too.
That's really awesome.
Idiot, you're the only one
who thinks I'm awesome.
They all think I dance like a crab.
Like a fiddler crab.
When I was
at the correctional facility,
I often had to pick up trash here.
So I made friends with the crabs here.
Here's where I met Shing.
He was dancing with his claw
to woo a crab girl.
While he was dancing,
some crooks tried to kidnap his girl.
Shing used his claws
to chase them away.
Then Shing got married.
With his big claw,
he dug a comfy hole in the sand
for him and his wife.
When they had kids,
he dug the hole deeper.
So the kids won't be washed away
by the waves.
No matter how much the others
teased him by saying,
"Shing, your claws are so weird,
hide them!"
He wouldn't be bothered by it.
Because he knew the fact
that he was Shing
was all due to his claws.
I'll tell you another secret.
When Shing was down
and at his lowest point,
he would keep
waving his claws at the sea.
The waves would come
one by one to console him.
The sea said to him,
"People laugh at your uneven claws.
"So you must become
the most awesome fiddler crab
"and show off to them
at least once in your life."
Hurry up.
You did look like a block of tofu
when you were little.
What about now?
A block of tofu
that can dance Hip Hop.
Hong Kong, show me some love!
Everybody, next Saturday night,
the town's best dance crew,
Rooftoppers, will perform for us here.
It will be their last
public performance
before the Dance Chample.
Do you think Rooftoppers
are all set for the Chample?
Come find out for yourselves.
Your ass is sticking out like a woman.
I have two idols.
The first is Zhang Sanfeng.
The second is...
Michael Jackson.
Michael Jackson?
Your idol?
The way you dance.
With that ass.
Ever think of going back to BombA?
They are your rivals.
Won't you be mad?
Bear no grudge.
Tolerance is a virtue.
Hallelujah. What a noble man!
Master, please.
Thank you.
This move is called transformation.
What transformation?
You're too old for that.
Give me the balloon.
I used my arm to transform your force
into propulsion.
It's unfair. You're in total control.
You don't move, I don't move.
How can you say I'm in total control?
Watch out for "Chun Li's Kick"!
Wasn't that the long lost
Tai Chi Hip Hop?
Which part of your body
is the sexiest?
I think... it's my brain.
I think ideas and substance
are the sexiest part of a girl.
Is Anime Babe a stepping stone
for the entertainment biz?
The hot topic among
the college students is,
"College Beauty Queen
Becomes Anime Babe".
The Annual Anime Babe Contest
is back for you all out there
to come and see.
Last year, Ice-cream Licking Queen
shot to stardom.
This year is even better.
Yesterday, we were told
she already dumped her boyfriend
in order to become a star.
But her classmates
don't seem to like her.
I would really like
to squeeze her brain.
She used to steal the limelight
with the dance crew.
Now she's participating
in this stupid beauty pageant.
She dumped her boyfriend
just like that. Truly heartless.
Her university is notorious
for scandals.
Two years ago, there was a video
of students having sex.
This year, there are
scandalous pictures of Momoko.
Even Bob can't resist
an interview with her.
Are Teen Models
a bad influence on kids?
Firstly, the acronym for Teen Models
is TM.
To be a true Teen Model,
you must be talented and modern.
Not everybody can fulfill that.
I don't think they are
a bad influence on kids.
What she just said seems to be true.
Sorry for bothering you.
It's okay.
Look, this Momoko is ridiculous.
When she's Rebecca, she used to bare
her shoulders and waist.
Now that she's Momoko,
she's nipping out
and showing her undies.
The most ridiculous is that
Dave was drawn to her.
Oh, that's Dave?
I wanna have a word with you.
How's it going,
Mr. "Boy Who Got Dumped"?
"Midnight Cowboy", "HK Gigolo",
"Magic Dave" are among others
Fucking tabloids.
Do you know all our shows,
both internal and external
have all been canceled?
All our members
have stopped practicing.
Each one of us
is at our lowest point.
Are you still with Dickhead Alan?
It's none of your business.
No longer with her.
So what?
She already left BombA.
She said she needed to find herself.
So she participated in
the Anime Babe Contest.
That has nothing to do with me.
She's right. I'm like her.
We're both selfish
for our own cause.
We all want you
to come back to BombA.
Don't you like dancing?
One, two, three and go.
One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight and go.
Good stuff.
Well done. Let's drink something.
Good! Let's bring this vibe
to the Chample.
The music will be very slow.
Remember to relax...
Fleur, you seem to dance better now.
Really? Thanks
Have you been secretly training?
No, but thanks.
It's true, everyone seems
more energetic.
We were all very down before.
It's all Rebecca's fault.
Stop talking trash.
Go wipe your mouth.
Never mind.
Bear no grudge.
Tolerance is a virtue.
Fleur really had some secret training.
Madam, allow me to pay respect to you.
I'll let you taste the elixir
from the far mountains.
Seriously? Will people laugh at us?
No, I think we can try it out.
Didn't Rooftoppers have
a long sequence with nunchucks?
Kenway, what do you think?
Let me try.
Can you be faster?
How can I be faster?
Fast forward.
Fast forward.
Fast forward x4.
How can I be faster?
I'm already very fast!
Rewind, rewind.
Here I come.
No, no.
No, no, Alan.
Sorry, it's not what you think.
What's with you?
I will never bother you two anymore.
Hey, wait, there's nothing between us.
We were just dancing, okay?
Fleur has been raving
about your Tai Chi
since she came back.
We were trying
to merge Tai Chi with...
x4, x16 or x32?
Are you really this petty,
Dickhead Alan?
There's no need to feel so lonely,
we're here to have some fun!
Give a shout out to the kings of
the dance floor, Rooftoppers!
DJ Tin Ho.
Give it up for my man, Heartgrey.
Give a shout to Popper 88.
We've practiced a lot.
Let's take a break.
We only have one month left,
but we don't have that vibe yet.
Why do we dance? To be cool.
Now we're a joke.
I can't even get girls.
Our GPA is an all-time low.
What's the point of all this?
Do you really have to say that?
Dave, be careful.
That's the 17th magazine
that you've thrown.
Let's just quit practicing!
Any response
to your revealing pictures?
Anything you want to say?
And the scandal at the dance crew
office two years ago.
Are all of you so promiscuous?
-Big Brother.
-You all right?
I'm all right, keep practicing.
Yo, looking for Fleur?
I'm right behind you.
You believed that? What an idiot!
Leave a message after the beep.
Be careful.
Do you want me to take you home?
Thanks. I can manage.
-Okay, bye.
Hello, kitty.
Hello, do you know how to DJ?
DJ! With one hand,
turning and turning.
So you're that supernova, Fleur?
I'm not that great. And you're
Rooftoppers, the Best in the Universe.
Nice to meet you.
So you are injured,
that's why you're not with BombA.
Without you, they're a mess.
Wow. That's how you talk?
No wonder Dave hates you so much
and must snatch the crown
from you at any cost.
It's a shame you guys think
you guys know
what this dance is all about.
You think it's all about crazy moves?
Looking cool?
What's so funny?
Yeah, I know each of you Rooftoppers
is a veteran with scars galore.
But you don't need to
flaunt them everyday.
I tell you, these are
the scars of our youth.
Don't joke about it.
This is called "Bend Stick", you know?
I'm not gonna lose my leg,
I just can't walk for three months.
So how far are you
willing to go for dance?
From the moment I get up,
I think about dance.
On a bus or the subway,
I think about dance.
While slicing tofu,
I think about dance.
While taking a shower,
I think about dance.
When I see my reflection in a mirror,
I think about dance.
People would sing at the karaoke,
but I'd dance.
While I was hospitalized,
I thought about dance.
If I can't dance, I feel antsy.
If I can't dance, I'm no longer Fleur.
But how can I dance now?
I only have one leg!
Two years ago, I had a pain.
The doctors found a tumor on my knee
close to my vital nerves.
It resulted in a choice that
I had to make.
If I choose to keep my leg,
it will conclude in a life
without dance.
Then I told the doctor how far
I was willing to go for dance.
And this is the choice that I made.
These are the scars of our youth.
Don't joke about it!
Dickhead Alan, watch out!
"Storm the Mind" is actually
no specific move.
It's a principle.
To train your rustiest part,
to become your sharpest weapon.
You're not allowed to leave!
Don't leave!
Milk Tea.
I've never seen you act so badass.
Simply irresistible!
Everyone should learn from her.
Right! Next, we'll have
the spectacular performance
by the dancers from the rooftop,
Here, here.
Enough, sorry.
No more pictures, thank you.
-I haven't taken any yet, come on.
-I haven't taken any yet.
Hey, you're next.
No further introduction is needed
for the next contestant.
She's the most exposed.
She has the most negative publicity.
She's one of the top four,
the Queen of Scandals, Momoko.
I was actually just kidding.
All the contestants here
are both beautiful and wise.
Why are you so hypocritical?
Doesn't everyone just wanna
see boobs, asses, and nip slips?
This Lolita is very feisty indeed.
All yours, Momoko.
I want to dedicate
the following performance
to a group of friends
who chase their dreams every day.
Though I've chosen not to be with you,
I've given you up
and am standing on this stage.
I'm just like you all,
striving for my personal goal.
No matter how difficult
or how many people stood against me,
or disapproved of me,
I'm not giving up.
Same for you guys, you have to win.
BombA BombA BombA BombA BombA...
Good show!
Hello everyone, my name is Rebecca.
I'd like to dedicate a dance
I've been practicing since I was 6.
To you all, "The Damsel from Alishan".
What's up?
You just graduated
from kindergarten dance class.
Now you are in elementary school.
Thanks, man.
I'll ask for some tips next time.
Look, Momoko won
the Anime Babe Contest!
Really? Great!
Yes, the Dance Chample
has almost come to an end.
Let's hear some noise.
At this moment,
everyone is dying to find out
who is the champion tonight.
Do you have anyone in mind?
Let's hear it!
But there's only one champion
and it's in my hands.
Do you really wanna find out?
Let's count from three
and we'll find out, all right?
Let's count in...
Three, two, one...