The Web (1947) Movie Script

Train 31, Empire Service
Express, leaving on...
...track 5, for Albany...
Rochester, Buffalo...
...and Niagara Falls.
- Are you all right, father?
- I'm fine.
- You should've let me come out to meet you.
- To see me get out of prison.
It's not a thing I want you
to remember.
You're home now, father.
That's all that matters.
- What is it, father?
- Mr. Colby didn't come.
- Did you expect him, too?
- Yes. Yes, I did.
Father, please.
Let's go home now.
I'll call him.
I'll call Mr. Colby
this afternoon.
Good morning, miss. I...
Excuse me, I'd like to see
Mr. Colby...
These are the
Mr. Colby wants them right away.
- Excuse me, but I'd like to see...
- I'm sorry, you'll have to wait.
This is from the contract department.
They're for Mr. Colby.
- Can you tell me where I...?
- Just a moment, please!
These contracts are for Mr. Colby.
Well, I can't disturb him right now,
he's at conference.
How many doors and secretaries
do you have to get through... get to see this guy?
Anything I can do for you?
Any number of things, but unfortunately
I'm here on business.
- Are you...?
- I wanna see Mr. Colby.
What do you want to see him about?
Well, he's been carrying out
with my grandmother.
I'd like to find out what
his intentions are.
If you have any business
with Mr. Colby,...
I have lots of business,
but it's all personal.
I'm his secretary.
His personal secretary.
Well, it just goes to show you
how far a girl can get it,
...she keeps her stockings
seems straight.
Don't get up, thank you,
I'll announce myself.
Just a moment,
you can't go in there.
Don't blame the girl, Mr. Colby,
whichever one you are.
She did her best.
I trust this is something urgent.
If you are Andrew Colby,
this is very urgent.
I am.
Well, my name is Robert Regan,
I'm an attorney.
I'm representing a client named
Emilio Canepa.
As result of your negligence driving,
...his push car load of bananas
were damaged... the extent of
68$ and 72 cents.
You ignored my letters, I brought you a little
invitation ordering you... appear in my
district's court.
This, in case you've never seen one,
is the summons.
They're issued by the
city of New York.
...I've heard of the procedure.
In that case, good day.
Oh, just a minute, Mr. Regan
Perhaps we can settle this matter
out of court. Forgive me, gentlemen.
I assure you, it wasn't my intention
to defraud your client.
I turned your letters over to my
attorneys, Porter and Griswold...
Porter and Griswold! They wouldn't
even take a bath,
...unless it involved a
thousand hundred dollars.
Mr. Porter's wife might
resent that remark.
Yes, I'm afraid she might.
- This is Mr. Porter and Mr. Griswold.
- Hmm...
- How do you do?
- How do you do?
For your convenience, I've brought you
an itemized account.
23$ for the damage of the push car,
12$ for the bananas...
Emilio Canepa doesn't think
this is funny.
Of course not. I'm sorry.
- Ok.
- I'll see that Mr. Canepa gets a check.
And a letter congratulating him
on his choice of attorneys.
Thank you.
Do you always attend
to this matters...
...personally, Mr. Reagan?
Well, I thought my client
was getting pushed around.
I didn't like that.
Well, goodbye, Mr. Colby.
- Goodbye.
Sorry if I got you in a jam.
Anything for the cause of justice.
Say, you know you're a lot prettier
than the girls out there.
But, obviously, that's why
you're in here.
What do you do saturday nights?
Oh, play marbles with the girls
next door.
- Look, I know of a little place...
- I'm sure you do.
Well, the name's Regan,
Robert Regan.
I'll try to remember.
I'm in the book.
In case your push card
ever gets pushed.
It very rarely does.
I don't anticipate any serious trouble
on this loan, Andrew.
Did you ring, Mr. Colby?
Oh, yes, Mr. Faraday.
Did Mr. Murdock return?
No, he hastn't.
It is unfortunate that Kroner
should be getting out...
...of prison at precisely this time.
You can assure everyone concerned
that Kroner has absolutely... connection with my organization
any longer.
- I think that's all we need. Goodbye.
- Goodbye
I'm sorry about the
interruption, Andrew.
You mean Regan?
It was the welcome relief.
- How did things go?
- Beautifully...
As a matter of fact, can wire our Paris office
that we'll be ready... leave in two weeks.
- I'm ready right now.
- Why?
- You're getting tired of New York?
- Oh, not particularly. It's just that...
...well, high finances aren't my idea of
the most stimulating thing in the world.
But the things you can do
with the money.
You can buy steamships,
and oil wells and head waiters...
Wouldn't you like an old stuff
majordomo to use as a hat rack?
Oh, come in, Charles.
I've been waiting for you.
Kroner got in at the 10.12.
Nobody met him but his daughter.
Five years... doesn't seem possible.
- How did he look, Charles?
- Oh, 'bout the same. Thiner, a little bitter.
I suppose I should see him.
- Should I try to reach him for you?
- No.
No, we wait for him to call us.
...that young attorney
who was here,
...what do you think of him?
Well, I don't know.
Rushed, hot-headed, fairly bright,
I imagine.
Have him come to see me tonight.
Come to see you?
Yes, 9 o'clock. At home.
Is Mr. Colby at home?
- Who should I say is calling?
- Mr. Regan. Robert Regan
Come in, please.
Expecting someone?
Come this way, Mr. Regan.
- May I take your things, please?
- Oh, thank you.
Quite a place. A fella
could get lonesome.
Good evening, Mr. Regan.
- My name is Noel Faraday.
- Well, hello.
I'm representing Andrew Colby.
This, in case you've never seen one,
is not a summons.
Thank you.
When I'm worth 40 million dollars,
I'm going to have a secretary...
...who looks exactly like you.
Oh, my taste is fairly simple.
20 million would be quite enough.
How's Emilio Canepa?
Expecting a check.
I feel like a man of distinction.
Are you?
As distinctive as you can get it
at Public School 45.
Well, what's the idea
of this interview?
Why don't you ask Mr. Colby?
I thought you were his
personal secretary.
Oh, he keeps a few secrets
from me.
I couldn't.
What kind of a guy
is he, anyway?
- Good shot, Mr. Colby.
- Thank you, won't you join me?
- I'm a little out of practice.
- Good.
Thank you, Noel.
Don't forget to save
your nickels, Mr. Regan.
20 million will do it.
That's a very attractive secretary
you have there, Mr. Colby.
I'm still young enough to notice
that myself, Mr. Regan.
Were you surprised to hear
from me so soon?
Sure I was surprised.
I was very much impressed
with you this afternoon.
That's funny. I didn't think
you'd feel like that.
I like your agressiveness,
your loyalty to your client.
It's a very rare thing to find
this days, loyalty.
You can buy it at any
dog store downtown.
Unfortunately, that's about
the only place.
How would you like to come and
work with me, Mr. Regan?
Sounds fine.
For considerably more money than
I believe you're earning now.
Sounds even better.
- It's all settled?
- Not quite.
What do I do for all this money?
What have I got that Porter
and Griswold haven't?
You wouldn't believe me if I told you
I needed another attorney.
Nothing more than if you told me
you needed another million dollars.
I didn't think you would.
Regan, you understand,
of course,
...that this is aprofessional,
rather than a social visit.
You can talk freely,
if that's what you mean
I'll try to make it short.
Up until five years ago I had
a business associate,
...a man named Leopold Kroner.
He became financially entangled,
...and took nearly a million dollars'
worth in bonds belonging to our firm.
He had counterfeit duplicates made, and
then using his position as an executive,
...sold those counterfeit bonds.
Clever boy.
Not so clever.
He was discovered and sent
to prison for five years.
I did everything I could for him
at the trial, but it was hopeless.
He's been released from prison,
...but the long confinement
seems to...
...have unbalanced him seriously.
How do you mean?
He seems to hold me responsible
for everything.
I talked with him on the phone today,
...and he threatened my life.
You'd better call the cops.
If necessary I will,
but I'd prefer not to.
- Why?
- Well, the publicity involved
Just now I'm negotiating
a rather large loan...
...essential for expanding
my operations,
...and if certain of my perspective
backers were to hear...
...that my life has been
threatened, or...
...I had hired someone to protect me.
I see.
But, on the other hand, if I were to
engage a bright young attorney... be constantly at my side...
Nobody would think
a thing about it.
- Exactly.
- That is,
...nobody except me.
'Cause I think about it a lot,
and I wouldn't like it.
Why not?
'Cause I'm a lawyer,
not a bodyguard.
- Yes, I understand.
- I have a career
Someday, I'd like to have
an office of my own.
Someday, I'd like to be able
to sue people like you and...
...Porter and Griswold.
I'll be leaving the country
in two weeks.
That's all the time it would involve.
I don't like to make a detour
for even two weeks.
This might not prove
to be such a detour.
5000$ should go along way towards
opening that office.
I've heard of that kind of money.
Well, what do you say?
If you think I'm going
to turn it down,'re crazy.
But then... act a little bit crazy,
Believe me, it's worth it to me.
Believe me, it's worth
it to me, too.
Ok. You got yourself a bodyguard
at 5000$ a body
- When do I start?
- You're working right now.
I'm a little bit short of the tools
of my trade.
Help yourself.
Can you get a permit for that?
I have a friend.
Alright, Regan.
Thanks, Matt.
Hi, Damico. How's the kids?
The kids are fine.
What's this about
a gun permit?
They passed a law,
you know, you've... to have one to carry
one of these things.
You're not suppose to carry it
until after you have the permit.
- Where'd you get it?
- Oh, the stuff brought it.
Some of your satisfied
clients after you?
No. It's the man's shortage. One isn't
safe in the streets nowadays.
Why do you want to carry a gun?
'Cause it makes me feel
two feet tall.
Come on, come on.
Oh, there've been prowlers
around my place lately.
Yesterday I've been held up
in rod for 15000$.
An old girlfriend of mine
has threatened my life.
Personally I don't like guys walking
around with guns on them.
I like schoolboys playing
cops and robbers.
A man thinks twice before
he strangles somebody...
...or sticks a knife in him,
but if he's got a gun...
Oh, come on, lieutenant,
give me that permit.
Don't point that thing at me!
- But...
- And don't tell me it isn't loaded!
Look, Damico. I can't wait around
for months for this permit.
You and my old man used to
play hopscotch together.
First thing we teach a man in my
department is that it's bad manners... point a gun unless
you're gonna use it.
For Bob Regan's little boy?
How 'bout it?
Alright, get out of here.
Get yourself fingerprinted, photographed
and questioned. I'll call the captain.
- Thank you.
- You're not welcome.
Look, chum.
Hope you and I have
an understanding right now.
You don't creep around dark rooms,
...I don't fire this
in your direction.
- I was just checking up.
- You'd better wear a taillight
I hope if the occasion arises you'll
know how to use that thing.
You keep on playing Frankenstein
and you'll find out.
...the drawbridge is up, the house
is locked, the barbed wire is strung...
...and Murdock just scared
the pants off me.
Oh, well. A day in the life
of a bodyguard.
I didn't even knew that there
were bodies worth 5000$...
...and nothing personal, of course.
Say, now that the boss
is safely upstairs,
...what do you say if you and I...
...cut up a little bit?
You'd better get out your little
tattered black book...
...and make other arrangements.
I'm gonna get myself
safely upstairs.
I was merely suggesting
changing the radio and...
...having a dance.
You could be lynched for the way
you suggest it.
I was locked out, sir. Sorry
- Have you finished checking?
- Everything's tight.
- Good night.
- Good night, Charles.
What does he do
for a living, except...
...turn up unexpectedly
from time to time?
Oh, Charles? Lots of things.
He's been with Mr. Colby for years.
Nice compact little group:
...Murdock, you and Colby.
There are lots of double meanings
in that remark.
No, I just like to keep
things straight.
What pigeon belongs in
what pigeon hole,
...who belongs to who...
- Why should you care?
Well, we're all hired to help
together, maybe...
...I have visions of asking you
for a date sometime.
- With what in mind?
- Oh, dancing, drinking...
- Thanks for warning me.
I'll bring along my police wistle.
Oh, no, you've nothing
to fear from me.
My early years at reform school
left a lasting impression.
- Problem child?
- Just average.
I used to set fire to my kid brother
ocasionally, but then...
...who doesn't?
Well, that's very encouraging.
Ask me nicely and
you can have this dance.
You've been asked.
Reagan, look out!
You won't need that.
He's dead.
- Kroner?
- Yes.
- How did he get in?
- I don't know?
I'd better call the police.
I got up from my desk
to put some papers away...
...when I turned back there he was
holding the gun on me.
His hands were trembling,
his eyes were wild.
It was horrible.
Go on, please.
He called me every
name imaginable.
He swore that he was
going to kill me...
...and then himself, because
I had ruined his life.
I who have tried everything.
- What happened then, Mr. Colby?
- I was afraid to call for help.
But then, when he came
closer to me,
...I threw the papers in his face,
and made a grab for the gun
He fired one shot, that went
into the floor.
I couldn't get his gun away from him,
but I did manage to push him back.
That's when Reagan rushed
into the room.
He turned on me with a gun,
...but he was off balance,
I guess.
...I was able to fire first.
Lieutenant, does this testimony agree
with the reports of your department?
It does.
The absence of any evidence
or presumption,
And in view of the testimony
heard here...
...makes it unnecessary for this office
to pursue this hearing any further.
Thank you, gentlemen,
for your cooperation.
Let's you and me have a little
talk at my office, alone.
You haven't heard anything
from Mr. Kroner's daughter?
No. We've been trying
to locate her.
When you find her, would you please
let me know?
I'd like to make some
provision for her.
- Certainly, I will.
- Thank you.
Ready to leave?
I have a couple of
things to do, Mr. Colby.
I'll see you at the house later.
Alright, Bob.
That made sense what I said yesterday,
didn't it, about people carrying guns?
Personally, I stuck my neck out
a mile to get you that permit.
I would've looked great
in there without it.
A guy takes a shot at your boss when
you're downstairs...
...romancing a dame and
listening to a symphony.
You're a great bodyguard,
you are.
Why didn't he come to the police,
if he'd been threatened?
Well, he didn't want the publicity.
He's got plenty of it now.
We knew where Kroner
was all the time.
We could've picked him
up without a sound.
- You'd better ask Colby about that.
- Maybe I will.
- What was the payoff, Bob?
- Look!
Are you holding me?
- No,
...but there's a couple of things
that I don't like about this case.
Like what?
I've been looking over the Kroner case
of five years ago.
A guy counterfeits some bonds,
...sells them for a million dollars,
and then pleads guilty.
But no one ever finds
the million dollars.
- Well, he stashed it away some place.
- Great, and what's he sore about?
A man with a million dollars
isn't sore at anybody.
What's that got to do with me?
Everything's got to do with you.
You killed him.
In self defense. The guy had a gun in
his hand, he'd already fired once.
Anybody can shove a gun
in a dead man's hand.
Kroner's prints were the only ones
we found on that gun, you know.
Colby picked it up after Kroner
was dead, we told you that.
You told me a lot of things,
I still don't like it.
Yesterday morning you get your
permit approved.
Last night you killed a guy.
In self defense.
Kroner gets out of
prison one day,
...and gets bumped off the next.
All the time there's a million bucks
in cash laying around loose some place.
Couldn't be that you got a line on
that money, could it?
Now, lay off, Damico, you
know me better than that.
I knew Benny Parsons all his life.
And two weeks ago he did a job
on his uncle with a meat cleaver.
This case is a long ways from settled,
as far as I'm concerned.
Remember that, Regan.
If I forget, you remind me.
I will.
You really think there's
something phony?
You heard me.
Noel, I'm really terribly sorry
you had to be mixed up in all of this.
Maybe you'd like to go
on to Paris ahead of me.
I'll wait for you.
But let's go soon, Andrew. I'm
beginning to hate New York.
So hot outside, I thought I could
get a drink in here.
Well, help yourself.
We began to wonder what
had happened to you, Bob.
I haven't had a chance to
really thank you for last night.
- Oh, forget it.
- I don't want to forget it.
I wanna show my appreciation.
Would a check for 20 million be
asking too much?
But here's the amount
that we agreed on.
Well, another day,
another 5000.
Well, Bob, if you want to
stay on with me...
I'm afraid I couldn't stand
the strain.
You know, try as I will I just can't
get used to killing people.
What's the matter, Bob?
Anything that police lieutenant said?
No, he just wanted to talk.
The trouble with Damico is he
reads too many detective stories, spoils for routine
police work.
- What's the matter with you?
- Me?
- She's a little depressed.
But it didn't get me first,
is that nice?
You know, you and I had
a date, remember?
You're gonna way your
police whistle?
Let's make it for dinner tonight.
We're both of us ? we shouldn't
? our company on anyone but each other.
Why don't you?
I'll pick you up at eight.
Dress up real pretty and I'll wear
my graduation suit.
Tonight I wanna feel respectable.
You'd better call me
in an hour, Regan.
I'm checking in my gun, coach.
It was a great fight. I'm glad I won.
I know it isn't easy, Bob.
But don't let yourself start
brooding about this.
I'm Ok.
And I haven't forgotten.
You still owe Emilio Canepa
68$ and 72 cents.
I'm glad Regan suggested
dinner tonight.
Are you? Why?
- Well, I thought you might enjoy it.
- Maybe I will.
- You don't have to go, Noel.
- I know I don't.
Maybe you could cheer him up.
Oh, yes, Andrew, I'm just
the girl to do it.
Specially tonight.
Seriously, Noel. He
denied it, of course.
But that lieutenant must have said
something to disturb him so deeply.
- And you'd like to know what it was?
- I didn't say that.
You didn't say it, but that's
what you meant.
A few minutes ago you were sorry
because I was mixed up in all this.
I'm still sorry.
I don't know what's come
over you, Noel.
It isn't like you to suggest that I go
out with someone else.
I can't ever remember suggesting
that you shouldn't.
Regan has done us a great service.
It seems to me like the least
that we could do for him.
The least?
Of course.
I'll dig up some light bright
table talk and a low-cut dress.
Anything else?
- No.
- Good.
- More coffee?
- Please.
I couldn't be more surprised when
Colby let you out tonight.
What do you mean by that?
If I were in charge of
someone like you...
...I'd be a little careful about
how I'd pass it around.
Any passing round to be done,
I do it myself.
Nobody else.
I saw the look you threw me before
he gave you the nod.
I only wanted to know if he had
anything for me to do tonight.
That's what I mean.
What's happened to the
masculine ego?
Or the girls that usually go out
with you just done that as...
...orders from somebody else?
You know, I don't think myself that
the president of three corporations...
...isn't a little competition
This is America.
You too can be competition.
That's a stirring thought.
I was just trying to figure out if I
needed three corporations or if I...
...could do it on my own.
Why don't you ask me?
First of all, I'd like to find out
how you stand with Colby.
Why, what does that matter?
Maybe I've already made
a few plans.
Well, if you have, they certainly
don't include him, so why worry?
I'm just naturally a worrier.
- How long have you worked for him?
- All over six years.
You must know him pretty well.
I recognise him when I see him.
- Any more questions?
- No.
No questions.
What's the use?
Tonight I'm making awful
passes at a beautiful girl,
...last night I killed a man.
You're not to blame for
what happened.
I'm to blame for getting in a spot
like this in the first place.
Who am I to be carrying a gun,
...playing around with people's lives?
I ought to have my head examined.
But last night, Bob, there was
nothing else you could do.
I could've shot him in the shoulder,
couldn't I? Or in the leg.
Could've kept my head
and not have killed him.
Is that what they said
at the police station?
What do you mean?
You seemed so disturbed
when you got back.
Mr. Colby rears his ugly head.
And after I tell you, do you have to
leave right away...
...and then to stick around
a while and report later?
- Let's go home.
- Quit kidding.
He asked you to find out
what happened down there.
I've had dinner with you
tonight because I wanted to.
And up until now I've been
having a very nice time.
You're rude, but you're upset,
so I'll forgive that.
What you want is really
know each other,
...why don't you stop acting like a
schoolboy asking...
...grown-up questions?
I'm sorry.
So am I.
If we ever go out again,
...I do what I want
because I want to do it.
Now take me home.
Good night, Reagan.
Wait a minute.
...I don't like to leave
things like this.
Why not?
I'll be gone in a week anyway.
A lot of things can
happen in a week.
France fell in eighteen days and
you're not as tough as France.
- Don't be so sure.
- Look,
...about tonight.
I'm a warm-hearted, impulsive boy.
Sometimes I say things I don't mean.
It's alright, Bob.
Don't worry about it.
I'm not only warm-hearted,
I'm shy. I...
...I need a lot of encouragement.
...I'm not really as tough as France,
if that's any help.
That's fine, that shows you're
thinking in the right direction.
I'm a great admirer of the
Resistance movement, but I...
...don't like to see things
carried too far.
Kiss him goodnight, Noel,
...or we'll have him
here for breakfast.
You must have rubbed soles.
It was such a nice night,
I decided to walk.
Did you tiptoed the whole way?
Why don't you come in for a
while, Bob? It's still early.
Alright, I will.
Well, what did you
two do tonight?
Oh, not much, we sat around,
threw a few rocks at each other...
You boys can burn the candle's
both ends if you want to,
...but my dangerous beauty
depends upon eight hours of sleep.
- Good night.
- Good night, Noel.
- Drink, Bob?
- No.
How much do you owe me for
the billiards the other night?
20 bucks, even.
Well, I'll give you a
chance to get it back.
How about showdown poker,
to dollar a hand?
You must be interested
in my 5000$.
I'm interested in everybody's
5000$. Aren't you?
It's worth thinking about.
Of course, lieutenant Damico
doesn't settle so cheaply.
He's interested in
a million dollars.
Ambition is a dangerous
thing in policemen.
Kroner's million.
- He thinks I know where it's buried.
- Do you?
Until this afternoon I've had
to save up the way myself.
What else did the
lieutenant think?
Oh, I told you he's... too many detective stories.
He's always figuring out plots.
- Oh. What's his plot this time?
Well. It's not bad.
A wealthy industrialist has somebody
he's anxious to get rid of.
He hires a not too bright, eager
young man as a bodyguard,
...frames the situation where
the bodyguard...
...has to kill the guy
in self defense.
The industrialist gets
rid of the guy,
...he's in the clear...
...and the not too bright young
man never tumbles.
The lieutenant seems to have more
imagination than most lieutenants.
There's an interesting legal point.
Because even if our
dull boy should tumble.
And there's nothing he
could do about it.
Why should he want to?
Why shouldn't he?
The man is already dead.
There isn't anything your young
friend can do about that.
The district attorney
has exonerated him, there's no danger there.
On the other hand, he'd have made himself
a powerful and influential friend.
You forget he's not too bright.
He may feel some twinges
of conscience.
Why? There's no intent
of murder on his part,
...morally he's as pure
as the driven snow.
Hm. That's true enough.
So why should he
jeopardize himself?
He can only cause trouble by refusing
to accept his position.
First, with the police, who would
never believe his story,
...secondly with the industrialist, who,
if he's as ruthless as he sounds,
...might prove to be
dangerous himself.
Well,'s lieutenant Damico,'s plot.
Let him worry about it.
- Of course.
Bob, I honestly wish you'd change your
mind and come to Paris with me.
Were in for an exciting time, a
tremendous expansion. You'd like it.
- Maybe I would...
- Change your mind?
I might.
Maybe I end up with as much
dough as you have.
Not unless you improve
your billiards.
That was the last time.
Pair of kings?
- Sorry. Eights over fives.
There must be some way
of beating you.
Not while I'm holding
all the cards.
You're Kroner's daughter.
Come away from the door.
I know how you must
feel, Miss Kroner.
How you must hate me...
Do you?
How much hate does
it take to kill a man?
You should know.
- I didn't hate your father,
...I didn't even know him.
- And yet you murdered him.
For what?
For money?
I could have waited for you
outside and killed you.
But I wanted to look at you.
To talk to you.
To see for myself what kind
of a man takes money... murder someone
he never even knew.
There was nothing else
I could do.
He had a gun in his hand,
he'd already fire once.
You've got to believe me.
- Believe you.
A hired gunman? No.
You murdered my father because you
were paid to do it. No other reason.
One dead body,
cash on delivery.
He isn't a person.
He isn't anyone's father.
He's just a new car you can
buy when he stops breathing.
Your father would have
killed Colby.
He wasn't himself.
- Don't lie.
It won't help you.
I never dreamed I could hate
enough to want to kill.
I've reason enough to kill
you ten times...
I'm sorry I had to do that.
Why don't you kill me, too?
You have the gun.
I don't want to kill you,
Miss Kroner.
Any more than I wanted to
kill your father.
I was hired to protect Mr. Colby.
Protect him?
From what?
My father would've
never hurt anyone.
It isn't easy to believe that about
someone you love, but...
...when a man is out of his mind...
He wasn't out of his mind!
Well, a rational person doesn't
threaten another man's life,
...or break into his house
with a gun.
He didn't threaten Colby,
...and he never owned a gun.
How do you know?
I knew my father.
You didn't.
Shall I tell you about him?
You really want to know about
the man you've killed?
My father was a man who'd...
...sprinkle bread crumbs in the
window sill every morning,
...for the birds.
A man who'd grow faint if I cut
a finger or pick up a splinter.
Leopold Kroner,
...a man whose child was never
taken to the zoo...
...because it was cruel to coop
up animals in cages.
Is that the picture of a
house breaker, a murderer?
But he did break into the house.
All the doors were locked,
I checked them myself.
He didn't break in,
he was invited.
He was asked to be there
at ten o'clock.
I was there when he phoned.
As though you didn't
know all that!
Are you sure of this.
Do you have any proof?
If I had proof, do you think
I'd be here now?
Or you would?
No, Mr. Regan.
If I could proof what I know, and Colby would be
where you belong.
In a dead cell.
Give me my gun.
I didn't murder your father.
I don't believe you.
I think you're absolutely right
about people carrying guns.
Where'd you get that?
Surplus war materials,
...marbled? into my appartment
by a girl named Kroner.
Martha Kroner?
Where did you find her?
When I've seen she was
trying to kill me.
You are...
...asking for protection?
No. Information.
I'd like to find out how near you are
to pinning this thing on me.
You just keep yourself handy.
I'll let you know when
the time arrives.
Supposing I wanna tell you
that I agree with you,
...that I think it was murder.
In that case, I'd take out
a piece of paper, and a pencil...
...and have you
sign a confession.
That's not exactly what I meant.
Why not? You could turn
state's evidence,
...see the daylight again
when you're about 95.
I don't have any evidence,
...everything I told you
was the truth.
I was hired as a bodyguard,
...I killed Kroner in self defense.
Well, then what are
you worried about?
Finally, it occurred to me I...
...could have been a patsy
in this thing.
Frame up?
You must have heard of him
in your profession.
Not as often as you think.
What's the matter, does Miss Kroner know
something that scares you?
- Nothing that you could arrest me on.
- That's your opinion.
Just what do you want, Regan?
I want to work with you
on this case.
What makes you think
I need any help?
I'm on the inside, I might be able
to dig up something.
Yeah, and cover it right up again.
You seem to forget you're
the one I'm after.
No, Damico.
I'm not the man you want.
You pulled the trigger.
It was your bullet that
killed the guy.
If it's murder, you did it.
What's the motive?
5000$ you deposited in the bank
this afternoon.
Any more questions?
You don't believe I could've
been framed?
If you were, you too stupid youd
better run around anyway?.
In other words, I'd better
get out of town.
You wouldn't get three feet.
What do I do, then?
Well, if I were on your shoes,
I'd go to church every morning.
Pray that a certain cop named Damico is
running himself right out of a blind alley.
That's great, except for
a couple of little things.
I'm not a guy that goes
around killing people.
I'd like to be able to
sleep at night.
And I just talked to the daughter
of the man I killed.
Personally, you're in a tough spot.
I didn't have to stay up
this late to find that out.
Isn't there some way we can
get together on this?
Oh, sure.
You confess and I'll arrest you.
I'll just start digging around
on my own, that's all.
Regan, for a lawyer you're
not very smart.
Like I said, if you prove that it's
murder, you prove you're a murderer.
If there's a frame, there's only one
guy that can clear you, Colby.
And I don't think he'd be too anxious
to run to the rescue.
Do you?
Thanks for nothing.
Any time.
Any time at all.
Here's all we've got
on the Kroner case.
Uh. This won't help.
You might want to try
one of the other papers.
I already have.
Is this guy, Nolan,
still on the paper?
James Timothy Nolan
in a newspaper?
Did you read that famous bestseller
"Wither Away, Mankind"?
Nolan wrote it.
He told you, "Wither".
Hm. That's great. Where can I
reach him now?
These days, he lives in a
people at the Barclay Tower.
Barclay Tower, hm?
Oh. Thanks for the help.
- Have fun.
- Right.
I want to see Mr. James Nolan, please.
My name is Reagan.
Yes, sir.
Never mind, operator.
There's Mr. Nolan coming out
of the elevator now, sir.
Thank you.
Mr. Nolan?
See my business manager,
he'll pay you whatever I owe you.
You don't owe me
anything, Mr. Nolan.
My name is Bob Regan.
I want to buy you a drink.
I don't care what your name is,
I've got ulcers.
One minute, please.
Ulcers, eh?
Will you send two glasses
of milk up to room 512?
- Yes, sir.
- Thank you.
Mr. Nolan, I've been looking forward
to meeting you for a long time,
...I'm a great admirer of yours.
Suppose we have a little talk.
Well, of course I don't remember very
much about my newspaper days,
...but I do recall
the Kroner case.
It was a pretty open-and-shut affair.
Kroner pleaded guilty and
they took him away.
Do you remember Colby
at the trial?
Oh, yes. He acted very decent
about the whole thing.
Trying to do everything
he could for Kroner.
Oh, come on, Nolan.
Earn your milk.
I'm looking for angles that weren't
reported in the papers.
What angles?
If I didn't write it in my stories,
then it wasn't worth mentioning
You let me decide that.
What about other people
connected with the case?
You know, surprise witnesses...
What do you think it was,
a pulp story?
The man pleaded guilty,
there were no witnesses.
I can't make any money
around here.
Wait a minute.
Come to think of it.
There was a guy, of Bruno.
Victor Bruno.
Who was he?
The cops figured there were only
three men in the country...
...who could do the engraving job
on those counterfeit bonds.
One was in the jug,
another gone straight,
...and the third one
was this Bruno.
What did he say at the trial?
He wasn't at the trial,
they never called him.
Victor Bruno, eh?
Say, you don't mind finishing
your milk alone, do you?
Oh, I thought you wanted
to talk about my book.
What's there to talk about?
You wrote it, you sold it.
...wouldn't you like to hear
how I happened to write it?
I'm afraid not.
Not while I'm buying the milk.
Someday you'll give a party, and we'll
talk about anything you like.
"Wither Away, Mankind".
Hello? Hello, I'm trying to locate a
certain Victor Bruno, an engraver.
What? Well, I know this is
Theodore Bruno,
...I wast just...
Well, do you know Victor Bruno?
Well, do you know any Bruno
that might know a Bruno...
...that would know Victor?
Oh, nevermind.
Fastest pickup I ever made.
Don't get the idea
that a telephone call...
...gets me running any time
of the day or night.
It's a nice idea.
You've been looking tired over lately,
a little of fresh air will do you good.
You said it was important.
When I feel like seeing you,
that's important.
Where are we going?
To a little parking spot I used to use
when I was in high school.
Well, I have to apologize
for the time of day.
I used to hit it a lot later
in the evening.
I'm just as happy with the
time of day, thank you.
Boy, oh Boy.
How I used to operate
from this spot.
Public School 45 must have been
a progressive school.
What did you want to see
me about, Bob?
Well, I've made up my mind about a lot
of things of last night and today.
One thing, I'm not going to
Paris with Colby.
And another thing I've decided,
...I don't want you
to go to Paris.
What do you want me to do?
- Stick around, see America first.
Might get to meet someone you like.
I might.
With Colby, what have you got?
Money, influence, travel, yachts...
...why don't you let me
take you out of all that?
That's an offer,
if I ever heard one.
I'm really very serious.
I know you are.
What's the matter, Bob?
I don't know.
Maybe today is not the day.
I've spent the whole morning going over
the newspaper accounts of the Kroner trial.
But why?
You just naturally get curious
about someone you kill.
I kept running across
the name of Bruno.
Who's he?
A little engraver that counterteited
the bonds for Kroner.
Honey, Kroner didn't look like the type
to get away with a million dollars.
Neither did Bruno.
He was a strange little man.
A tremendous inferiority he was
always trying to hide,
...he never managed to look like anything
but a twelve-dollar-a-week bookkeeper,
...glasses two feet thick,
not a hair in his head...
A foreigner?
- Originally.
He spoke with a marked accent.
Is Colby going to be at home tonight?
I think so. Why?
Maybe I could get him to throw
some legal business my way.
I'll keep him at home for you.
You'd better get me back
to the office.
One of us has to keep her job.
Well, well.
Little did I think when I first met
Emilio Canepa that you'd... the mother of my children.
Why, is there some connection
between the two?
No Emilio, no summons.
No summons, no children.
We'll name our first one Emilio.
Over my beautiful muscular
dead body.
Look out!
You're not hurt, are you?
Just a mild case of
shuttered nerves.
Feeling that thing slipping didn't
do mine any good, neither.
- Have one?
- Thanks.
That little lantern fell
like Hiroshima.
Forget it.
I think maybe you've given me
a very good idea.
Just as long as it's not
a busted head.
I'll make one yet,
unless my luck holds out.
- Hello, Murdock.
- Good evening.
Much killing going around
the place tonight?
I think Mr. Colby's expecting you.
Ask a dull question,
you'll get a dull answer.
Hello, Bob.
Don't be glad to see me until
you find out what I want.
Noel has already told me.
I'm sorry you changed
your mind about Paris.
Have you told him about the service
our new firm is prepared to offer?
I thought I'd better
save that for you.
Well, we're offering everything
in the legal line.
Ambulance chasings and
grey subpoenas.
Sounds like an up-and-coming outfit.
We sympathize with our clients'
troubles and...
...charge only 500$
for the sympathy.
That's cheaper that the sympathy I'm
getting from Porter and Griswold.
Your proposition sounds very
attractive, count me in.
One call, one client.
Must be my personality.
Oh, did you know your house
was being watched?
Yes. Some little bald-headed guy,
with not a hair in his head,
...stopped me outside
by the lamp post.
I don't understand.
It's hard to tell just what he wanted.
He spoke with a hard accent,
...kept blinking at me with
glasses two-feet thick,
...seemed like he was a little
bookkeeper trying to act important.
- You say he stopped you?
- Yes.
He asked me for a light and wanted
to know if I was coming in here.
When I told him I was, he said something
about being a friend of Kroner's...
and that you'll hear
from him.
He must have gone.
He's not there now.
- Is there anything I can do?
- I don't know, Bob.
- There isn't any danger, is there?
- I don't think so.
- Bob!
- 'Cause if...'d like me to talk to him.
- Possibly I will, but there's no hurry.
If we want Bruno,
we can always reach him.
But if he's of any threat to us,
I could see him tonight.
No. We'll wait to hear from him.
Thanks anyway.
Maybe I'll call on you later.
I hope this news isn't too bad.
It isn't good, but we
can handle it.
Thank you for the information, Bob.
I'm glad you dropped around tonight.
Thank you for the business.
Good night, Noel.
Good night.
I wonder where Bruno's been
all this years,
...and what brought him back.
The newspaper stories, I imagine.
He never impressed me as being the
sort of fella who makes threats.
He was such a meak little man.
Did you ever meet him, Noel?
- Probably.
- Of course you did.
Sometimes I forget how long you've been
with me. How long we've been together?
Andrew, do you mind...?
What was it you once said
that he reminded you...
...of a twelve-dollar-a-wee
bookkeeper, wasn't it?
Do you have anything else
for me to do this evening?
I don't think so.
- Then I say good night.
- Good night, Noel.
This could give me a pretty bad
name with my landlady.
I'd like to know what you meant by
that little performance tonight.
Was I convincing?
You're not a very nice person.
Are you, Regan?
Your high school parking spot
came through beautifully.
- Now, wait a minute, Noel.
- No, you wait
I admit I am a little ashamed
of what... easy target I was
this afternoon.
But primarily I came to find out just
what you were up to tonight.
What's your guess?
That's a nice business, if you have
the right connections.
I think I deserve a better
answer than that, Bob.
You do.
Sit down.
There's several people in key
positions in this town...
...who believe that Kroner was
deliberately murdered.
That's ridiculous.
Is it?
Would have been comparatively
easy for Colby to frame.
He invites Kroner to the house, the middle of the conversation
he pulls the gun,
...he fires one shot into the floor,
...shoves the gun into
Kroner's hands,
...starts wrestling with him
and yelling for help.
I rush in, Kroner turns startled,
bang bang and it's all over.
You must be out of your mind.
The police don't think so.
In fact, they gave me the idea.
- Why should Andrew want to kill Kroner?
Suppose Colby dreamt up this
old counterfeit deal himself.
He promises Kroner a share of the
profits if he'll take the rap,
...while Colby takes the million
and builds up the business.
Kroner gets out, expecting a
share of the gravy,
...instead, the lights go out.
If I use that kind of reasoning
I can think of at least...
...fifteen motives why
you killed Kroner.
The police have 5000.
What were you trying
to do tonight?
I wanted to see Bruno.
I thought I could startle Colby
into giving me his adress, but...
...he doesn't startle so easily.
How could you be stupid enough
to believe all this?
Andrew is one of the finest
men I've ever known,
...and he's certainly been
decent enough to you.
He may have carried his friendship
a little too far for my own good.
So you take up the little
corn-fed secretary, her up with some fake
sincerity and just spills over...
...with everything you
want to know.
I know it's not going to be easy
to convince you...
...that the things I said today
was sincere...
It's just about the most hopeless
proposition you've ever faced.
Things are a lot more desperate
than you know.
I had to do something.
I must have looked like
the easiest way.
I'm gonna have to make another try
for Bruno's adress tomorrow.
If you give me away I'll be sunk,
in more ways than one.
Don't ask me for any promises.
She went straight to
Regan's appartment.
I don't know how long
she stayed, I didn't wait.
I was afraid she had.
Why?, let's forget that girl
and start thinking about Bruno.
She's not easy to forget.
I think a great deal
of Noel, Charles.
If Bruno's back, you've got something
to worry about, besides her.
The police might be very interested
in a statement from him.
It isn't like Noel to do anything
behind my back.
What are you gonna do
about Bruno?
We don't have to do anything, yet.
I rather suspect he'll
telephone us tomorrow.
That will be plenty of time
to decide.
Mr. Andrew Colby, please.
Victor Bruno calling.
Just a minute, please.
You sure this ain't illegal?
Look, Emilio, haven't I always
been your friend?
- Didn't I graduate from law school?
- Sure.
Didn't I get you 68$ and 72 cents
for your push car?
Not yet.
Don't be so greedy.
Anyhow, if it hadn't been
for your push car,
...we wouldn't be doing this
in the first place.
- Yes?
- Colby?
This is Victor Bruno.
Oh, yes.
I heard you were around
here last night.
I didn't like what I read
in the paper about Kroner.
That was unfortunate.
Yeah, it will be maybe
unfortunate for you,
...if the police all of a sudden
find out where I am.
Yes, it will.
For 10.000, they don't find out.
That's a lot of money.
I've got a lot to say.
At the moment I don't have
that much money available.
I figure you will know
where to get it.
Stop by at my home,
tonight. At 9 o'clock.
Oh, no. I don't make the same
mistake that Kroner made.
You send it to me.
You know the place.
You remember the adress?
You're sure you know?
Yes, of course,
I remember perfectly.
Now, listen, Bruno, I'll give you
the money on one condition.
I want you out of the country,
you and your wife.
With the money tonight there'll be
two tickets to Mexico City. Use them.
And be sure to have the money
there tonight, at 8:30.
Alright, but this is the last,
Bruno. Remember.
If you're going to start paying Bruno,
you'll never going to stop.
Don't be absurd, Charles, that wasn't
Bruno on the telephone.
What are you talking about?
Who was it?
Or one of his friends.
- How do you know?
- I know these things, Charles.
That's why I am such an
enormous success.
- Bruno was here last night.
- He wasn't here last night.
- How can you be so sure?
- Bruno is been dead for five years.
How did Regan know what
he looked like?
Noel, of course.
She's the only one who could
have given him that description.
You never told me Bruno was dead.
I thought you'd be happier
not knowing.
- How did he die?
- Testing his innocence.
- What was Regan after?
- Bruno's whereabouts.
Either he's worrying too much about
this Kroner business...
...or he's trying a little
Regan's no blackmailer.
Did you have Bruno killed?
- Don't be so inquisitive, Charles...
- I'm not inquisitive.
I don't want you to get the idea that
anything like that could happen to me!
What a curious thing to say.
I'm no Kroner, I'm no Bruno.
I don't disappear so easily.
I hope we'll have you here
for some time, Charles.
That's my plan, exactly, Andrew.
What are you going to do
about Regan?
I've been thinking about that.
I want you to go to the bank, Charles,
and get that 10.000 dollars.
- After that...
- Yes?'ll have to do something
I'm not going to like at all.
What about the girl?
What about her?
She's involved in this
as much as Regan.
It looks that way.
You don't like the idea of getting
rid of her, do you?
I don't like it at all.
But if I have to, I'll do it.
You know that, Charles.
Yes, I know that.
Silly bit of doubted for a moment.
Noel, there's something I'd like you
to do for me this evening,
...if you're not busy.
In the safe, there's a large
manila envelope,
...with 10.000 dollars in it.
- Will you get it for me, please?
- Sure.
Then I'd like you to go down to the station
and get two tickets for Mexico City.
Deliver them with the money to an
address that I'll give you.
Oh no, leave it open.
There are a few other
things I want to get.
It's for Victor Bruno.
You know, it's strange, Noel.
All my life I've worked
for only one thing:, and the power
that goes with it.
Right now I'm on the verge of getting
everything I ever wanted to have.
And yet, when I look
around me,
...I find there's only one person
I know I can really trust...
- Andrew, please...
- Even that's remarkable, Noel.
Very few people have anyone.
I wonder if you know how much
I appreciate it.
Well, it will be nice to get back
to Paris again, won't it, Noel?
- We've always had a lot of fun there.
- Yes.
Andrew, you know...
...that telephone call
from Bruno?
What about it, Noel?
Nothing, it's not important.
Be sure and get the tickets, Noel.
I will.
I'm going right away.
She'll meet him some place and
then they'll go on together.
Why do you suppose
she did it, Charles?
Did she fall in love with him,
was that the reason?
What difference does it make?
For a moment I thought
she was going to tell me.
If she had, I would've
forgiven her, Charles.
That would've been a mistake.
Perhaps, but I would've
forgiven her.
- Wouldn't you better call the police?
- Yes, I guess I'd better.
Andrew, I'm not so sure
this is such a clever idea...
Aren't you, Charles?
On ground that we can have them
picked up for stealing the money,
...but that doesn't really get
them out of the way.
They'll find her fingerprints
on the safe.
They'll be arrested buying
two tickets to Mexico City.
You're mistaken, Charles.
I think it's very clever.
And then, what if they'd be arrested
not merely for theft?
What if they're arrested
for murder?
What are you talking about?
Whose murder?
Yours, Charles.
Lieutenant Damico, homicide.
I see.
- Round up the homicide crew.
- Yes, sir.
And I'll need three extra men
for Grand Central Station.
Train number 8,
arriving on track 3,
...from Rochester, Syracuse, Rome,
...Utica, Schenectady and Albany.
I'd like to make connection
with Mexico City.
Two, please, leaving
tonight, possibly.
Excuse me.
Noel Faraday?
You're under arrest
Come along, puss.
You're not going any place, Regan.
You're under arrest.
Wait a minute. What are they
doing with that girl?
Calm down, buddy, and
don't cause any trouble.
Make it more pretty.
How's it coming, Mike?
What do you think?
- I'm having some photographs enlarged.
But the prints on the gun are
very much like Regan's.
- What about the prints on the safe.
- We're working on them now.
The medical examiner just
came in, lieutenant.
- Hello, Damico. How's business?
- There's your body over there, Doc.
Oh, lieutenant. We've got Regan
and the girl outside.
- Keep them till I call them in, Joe.
- OK.
You men are all through here?
You've finished your pictures?
- I'm set.
Well, let's get this body
onto the next room.
- Call the boys in.
- Alright.
Let me know when you get those
prints on the safe, Mike.
Well, Mr. Colby, looks like
you guessed right,
...we picked up the boy and
the girl at the station.
I hope you'll be able to get this over
with as quickly as possible.
I'm not anxious to hang around.
Regan, that was Charles!
Was is right.
You may as well relax.
Damico will call you when he wants you.
What happened to him?
Why are they holding us?
Because I'm the biggest
lunkhead of the year.
It never occurred to me
he'd take it out on you.
- Andrew?
- No other than Andrew.
He's got rid of the last guy that knew
anything of the phoney bond... and he's stuck
us with the rap.
I am walking around the clouds,
this guy builds a hole down to me.
He couldn't possibly hope
to get away with this.
Why would he want to kill Charles?
Don't worry. With Colby tearing the
evidence it will fit like a bathing suit.
He must have figured
you were in with me.
I'm sorry, Noel.
If I could get loose for five minutes,
I'd kick myself around the block.
Alright, you two. Damico's
ready for you now.
Come along.
Get the lady's fingerprints.
Well, laughing boy, I thought
I told you not to leave town.
Give out, Damico.
What are the details?
Murder and grand theft.
And you haven't a sure
way in getting out of it.
How does she figure in?
Oh, come now, Regan.
Let's not be ridiculous.
Did you find the money?
She had it on her. She was buying
two tickets for Mexico City.
I suppose you wanted to
change of scenery.
You ought to identify this, Mr. Colby.
Yes, that's the envelope.
I assume the 10.000 dollars
is the same.
- Get me a stenographer in here.
- He's right here, lieutenant.
Got anything to say yet, Regan?
I'm speechless with your efficiency.
Let's have it, Mr. Colby.
You understand that this is
very difficult for me.
Miss Faraday has been my secretary
for over six years,
...her father was one of
my dearest friends.
I understand.
Well, I...
...I was up in my room doing some
work about an hour ago,
...when I heard a shot.
First, I thought it was
in my imagination,
...but then I decided
to investigate.
I found Charles dead on the floor,
...with Regans gun beside him,
...and the safe was open.
But Damico, that was his gun!
You can't keep quiet?
We'll do this without you!
- I gave it back to him two days ago!
- Who saw you?
- Miss Faraday. She...
- Mh-hm
Go ahead, Mr. Colby.
I realised that Miss Faraday was the
only person besides Charles...
...and myself who knew the
combination to the safe.
Andrew, you had me open
the safe yourself!
A couple of nights ago, I happened
to overhear a conversation...
...between Mr. Regan and Miss Faraday,
in which Mexico City was mentioned, when I called the police
I told them that.
Ok, thanks.
She was buying two tickets to
Mexico City when we picked them up.
You already told me that.
What are you looking for, promotion?
Lieutenant, he knows why I had the money.
He send me for the tickets.
You'll get your chance to
talk later, Miss Faraday.
What are you trying to do, Andrew?
Everyone that's ever meant
anything to you:
...Kroner, Charles,
and now me.
- Lieutenant, this is very awkward for me.
- We're nearly finished, Mr. Colby.
Why do you believe him, Damico?
Only yesterday...
That was yesterday!
I am not interested in that
case anymore.
Personally, I've got one right
here that suits me fine!
Look, what do you want,
the truth or a quick arrest?
- What's your story?
- This is a frame!
You get framed more than
any guy I ever met.
You're supposed to be a lawyer,
take a look at the evidence!
You'd better change your charge.
The corpse is still alive.
We won't have him forever,
...but I may be able to string him
along through the night.
- Any chance of him coming to?
- If we don't move him.
Let me know the minute
he comes around.
Is it alright if we leave
him here, Mr. Colby?
Of course, Charles is my
very dear friend.
I'll see about having him
moved upstairs.
- Don't let him near that room!
- You still running this case?
I'm telling you, Damico!
Don't let this guy nearer!
Just a minute, Regan!
You're under arrest, you're not
giving any advise around here,
...just get that through your head.
It's been one of my closest
friends for years,
...naturally I'd want to see him
before he dies...
The doctor says
he can't be moved.
With him liable to
pop off any minute,
...I'd better wait around
to have a talk with him.
Maybe we all would better
wait around.
Well. Damico's in his glory.
Two new suspects, fresh
blood on the floor...
- Regan?
- Humm.
Why can't we tell them
about Bruno?
And how do you think that will sound
from the witness stand?
I was trying to find a man named Victor
Bruno because I was convinced...
...that the other killing
I had done was murder.
Colby figured on that one.
Maybe somebody could find...
Bruno's probably dead, too.
Otherwise how could Colby be sure
it wasn't Bruno on the phone?
Yes, I suppose so.
How could I be such a dope?
I've been second guessing
the whole way.
Regan, the boy detective.
He couldn't have put your
life in worse hands...
Come on in, Regan. I want to ask you
a couple of questions.
- What about Charles?
- He's still out.
Don't even bother, Mr. Colby.
He's been dead for two hours.
Ever since you shot him.
You knocked him down.
Pick him up.
Tough break, Mr. Colby.
I really saw this one
from left field
I've had Regan tailed for
the last three days.
I knew he wasn't here tonight.
It's quite a confort to us taxpayers
to find our police department... such competent hands.
Thanks, thanks so much.
Oh, personally, just to keep
the record straight,
...what ever happened to
Kroner's million bucks?
That's funny. That's what
Kroner wanted to know.
Yes, very funny.
Wait a minute.
What do you think you're doing?
He still owes my client 68 dollars
and 72 cents.
Well, you're a lawyer.
Sue him!
That Damico is really the answer
to our maiden's prayer.
You're right.
He's a smart cookie.
But he doesn't catch everything.
What's that?
Two tickets to Mexico City.
Think we can use them?
Don't forget you two you'll have to
check with my department...
...if you're figuring on
leaving the country.