The Wedding Diary (2011) Movie Script

Everything in this society is about packaging
We can lose anything but "face"
The less perfect it is on the inside
the more extensive the packaging needs to be
So, whenever there is an opportunity to flaunt
everyone is bound to put on their best show
You must have attended one of these affairs
where everyone is dressed to the nines,
like they are superstars
This is the event we call - The Wedding
The rules of this include, first, sending a "Red Bomb"
It doesn't matter how close you are, the trick is to "bomb" all
Once you've been "bombed", you'll have to play by ear
This place is even older than we are
Okay, a smaller red packet then
If the wedding reception is held at a shabbier venue
you pay a cheaper "entry fee"
and vice versa, a higher "entry fee" for a swankier venue
How much are you giving? A hundred and twenty.
Oh dear, mine's only a hundred. Is that enough?
Welcome, welcome
with your name written on the red packet
It can be embararasing if the gift is too little
Yet there are some who are thick-skinned enough
to bring the entire clan, for the "price" of two
Daddy's red packet is only for two, so keep a distance later
Don't let the others see you here
Hey, most of them couldn't make it
This is from Yun Xiang and this is from Siew Yan
Those who are present pay for the full price
and those who are unable to attend, pay only half the price
Why is the groom so ugly? Are we at the right place?
Yes we are, the names are correct. Let's go
That's right
This "ugly" person they are referring to,
and of course, most will disagree
is me
I am the leading man tonight
and she, is my leading lady
Today is my big day, and I've invested a lot to look good
Introducing...the supporting cast for tonight
My father-in-law, my mother-in-law
They seem most worthy of stealing our limelight
Don't you even doubt, every piece here is genuine
Isn't this the best occasion to flaunt
This is my dad
Sigh. He is way out of their league
The only thing he can flaunt is that old watch
A ladies' watch
I don't even know half the people here tonight
Actually, what has my wedding got to do with
I'm sure they share my sentiments
What are we doing at this fella's wedding?
Actually, this is what my dream wedding looks like
The two of us strolling by the beach,
exchanging our vows
Sealing it with a kiss
Isn't it more romantic? And so economical?
Who would have known it'd spiral into
such an affair?
This is like a movie, a big-budget production
Well, I'm only an extra
who has to take instructions from the directors
Here, this is Director No. 1 - the wife's youngest aunt
Come come, you handsome one!
Send all these over to that table
But she...
Just ignore here. Send these to that table
at the far end
This is director no.2 - my youngest aunt
A scene like this is only complete with the groom's side
and the bride's side of the family sparring
It's the survival of the fittest
Finally, enter the bride and groom
I consider myself lucky, having spent only months
on wedding preparations
Some have spent years in preparation for this one night
Oh my! An elaborate affair indeed
Looking at my very beautiful wife
You must think I'd feel really blissful?
The truth is
I am happy, yet somewhat worried and
a little troubled..
because I have totally bust my budget
on this wedding.
How did I bust the budget?
This takes u back to three years ago..
You bitch
This toad got lucky and met a beautiful swan
She is so beautiful
Even the water she splashed on me is sweet
And what luck I got to meet her again
The formula always goes like this
When a hero meets a damsel in distress, he ...
hands her a tissue
Oh yes!
Who would have thought
I got bitten
Hey, what are you doing?
Oh! you brat!
I had such a hard time lugging these over
and you moved them back?
Sorry, sorry auntie..I didnt' know
Sorry? you're such a busybody
I'm not. These looked too heavy for you
Thanks for taking time to meet me
I thought you'd have forgotten me
How can I forget?
In my entire life
I've only been bitten by a woman once
Eh, thanks..and my apologies
Half a year late. Yet better late than never
Does the wound still hurt?
It's healed a long time ago
That picture you took of me, made me realise
how foolish I was
To have shed tears for a man like that
Can you hand me a tissue?
It comes half a year late
But better late than never
I am Chua Wei Keat
Yeah I know. I am Chong Sze Xin
Hello Chong Sze Xin
Hellow Chua Wei Keat
Sze Xin
In this age, who still uses film?
That's where the thrill is
You make it a point to think with every release of
the shutter..
that makes every single piece more precious
I'll alight here please
Miss, why did you walk home?
I'm not telling you
Hurry up. It's gonna start
For better of for worse
For richer or for poorer
Do you take her as your lawfully wedded wife?
Yes, I very much do
Baby, what happened to you?
Your friend isn't getting any better?
No, he's fine
If you are living your last days
what would you do?
I will bid everyone I know farewell
Catch up with friends and apologise for past misdeeds
Then spend the rest of my time with you
Will you marry me?
This soon?
If I am living my last days, I would regret not
having been your wife
You'll have to be on one knee if this is a proposal
Haha, hey no
Will you marry me?
This, is the story of how the ugly toad got
his beautiful swan
Please tell me you're only the gardener's daughter
I really don't know if I should count myself lucky
This, is no ordinary swan
You've been dating for more than a year?
You are indeed secretive
Sze Xin, I really don't mean to nag
but why did you choose a B-grade?
You plan to get married this soon?
Sometimes, you may not even know someone
whom you've spent decades with
Much less a person you've dated for just a year?
Keat is a very simple person. It's not hard for one
to understand him
Xin, you know I really don't want to nag
but don't you think it's your money he's after?
He only got to know my father five minutes ago
Xin, actually I still dont' know who your father is
You don't know me, Colin Chong?
Hello uncle, it's my pleasure to meet you
I will take good care of Xin
The daughter of Colin Chong will not wed shabbily
Uncle, I wouldn't let Xin wed shabbily
I will give her a grand wedding
Well, so much for "face"
That one promise that would be back to haunt me and break my bank
On what grounds?
I'll marry no one else but Keat
I'm carrying his child
Hey that is not true. And i'm still a virgin
Eh, I'm sorry, it wasn't intentional
Why are you back, Keat?
You shouldn't told me you're bringin a friend
This is my friend, Sze Xin
Hello uncle
Hello, hello
Hey, don't shake hands if your hands are dirty
Oh, I'm so sorry
It's okay
Come over and wash your hands
Here, here
Thanks, thanks, thanks
We'll have dinner after I'm done with
the salted fish
Hey hey, Keat is back
Auntie, you're getting prettier by the day
And you're still as handsome
And this is a real beauty. She is?
She's my girlfriend. Eh, my fiancee
Wow, you're good!
Hi Auntie, I am Sze Xin
Sze Xin can cook really well. Her skills are better
than yours
Really? The only son in this family
is getting married
We will invite all our Penang relatives for this celebration
Hubby, where were you? There's gonna be a wedding in this family soon
Oh, how many months is it now?
So, the rice is cooked and it's a done deal now
I meant to say, the rice is cooked and ready to be served
Come come, let's have dinner
Would you like some sour plums?
I have some in the house
Hurry up. Watch your step. Slowly now
These days, the youngster from Penang strive to move to KL
and those in KL want to go to Singapore
Do you think they will return from Singapore?
That's how it is. It's easier to strike it rich in big cities
Would you rather they be like us?
Sunning salted fish all day?
Strike it rich?
I would hope for this daughter-in-law to be
married back to Penang
and not my son to Singapore
After the meeting of parents from both sides, war commences
On one side, the Singaporeans, and on the other, the Malaysians
On one side, the Cantonese, and on the other, the Hokkiens
why does the pre-wedding discussion look like
mob negotiations?
On one side, the uber-rich, and on the other, the peasants
No matter how the fight goes, I'd end up bearing the brunt of it all
This is my dad, Ah Sai
Ah Sai? ("faeces" in Hokkien")
It's Ah Sai!
My daddy, Colin Chong
As in "Pathetic" Chong?
It's Colin Chong!
I don't know English
You don't know English? Let's speak Mandarin then
Alright, back to the wedding
No thanks to your son
Hmmph, the son of Ah Sai
is quite something
First, the banquet. Two hundred tables
At the most luxurious hotel in Singapore
Are you kidding me? Your daughter is marrying
into our family now
We are from Penang so the banquet will be held there.
30 tables the maximum
There's no reason for Colin Chong's precious daughter to wed in Penang
Shall we leave the wedding dicussions to the ladies?
You men go get yourselves some drinks
Okay, let's get some drinks
Why is he so obedient?
Weddings are of great significance to us Cantonese
Although we are from an average family
Weddings are, to us Hokkiens, no less significant
I would like to know what the betrothal gifts are?
Well, that would depend on how much dowry you are offering
Ah..Ah Sai
What do you do for a past time?
Well, I'd usually sun the fish once I'm back from fishing
And spent the rest of the time chatting with
my neighbours and family
You don't earn much, do you? Any plans for
business expansion?
Do you have to expand everything?
It's pretty simple. First, you buy a bigger fishing boat
Then, you hire workers to do the fishing
Once your company is on the right track, I can even help you to list it
When that happens, you can start enjoying a leisurely life
How long will it take for that to happen?
At least 10 years
Why do I have to wait another 10 years
to enjoy the life I am enjoying now?
Eighteen sounds more auspicious
The maids we have in the family would already
take up 20 tables
What, two hundred maids?
Are you running a maid agency?
Ming Ming
Okay. Deal.
Oh my. How did they conjure up a hundred tables?
Do we have a thousands guests?
How much would it cost to let the bride's family have 20 tables?
Sigh. Getting married is not much different from
getting robbed, is it?
Dad, can we not invite those whom
we're not close to?
We don't call them relatives for nothing
A table costs S$1,000. That's almost RM3,000
Another $500 for 2 nights' accomodation, and
that's not including transportation
Whoa! Almost $900 just to attend a wedding dinner
Dad, we're helping them save by not inviting them
I won't let them pay a cent. I'll take care of everything
Do you think you're loaded?
If you're really considerate, you would have held the dinner in Penang
I just want to keep things simple
100 tables and you call it simple?
Uncle, my dad was the one who asked for that
100 tables
You're not holding the dinner in Penang, and now
you won't even invite them?
How would I answer to them?
It's my wedding so why would you need to
answer to anyone?
They are not just "anyone". They are my relatives
You ought to be more thoughtful and
not so indifferent
Hey, will you stop arguing?
Get into the car
Ignore him. What a bad temper
Here, take this, for your wedding expenses
Is this from Dad?
No. Auntie has some savings too, you know?
Don't worry about me, I can still cope.
Aren't you coming yet? Hurry up!
Yes, yes...
Auntie's leaving. Bye
You stink like an old cow
Like father, like son. You two have the same temper
Hey baby, I can talk to my dad about the hundred tables.
Baby, I said I'll find my own way out
I won't let our dads look down on us
Pride, oh pride. The root of all my problems
At times like these, "good friends" of the bride are bound to appear
Who excel in the art of squandering your money
Women, they are really strange
They are happy to splurge thousands
on a little carbon rock called the wedding diamond
This is bigger
My baby, she's just trying to help me save, but
the size of this rock
is supposed to show the world how much
I love her
So how can it be small?
The bigger the diamond, the greater the love?
Of course
And in future, one additional rock for each time she has a baby
Congratulations, in-laws
Today is the day the groom's family sends over
the betrothal gifts
Followed by lots of rituals according to our custom
Congratulations to the groom
Today is the day the bride's family sends over the dowry
I'd like to do the nail art. And the gel nails
Give them the best please
You darned Pat. Having a great time squandering
my money eh?
Of course, today's our dear friend's hen party
I really don't get you. What is so good about
He's simple, genuine and honest
He's still a...
Oh, just look at your lecherous face
Don't you tell me he's still a virgin
Hush hush
Hey, is he impotent?
He's very manly
How does one tell if it's a man's first time?
You'll just have to take his word for it
You're so low
Hey, my Baby is really different. He will never
ever lie to me
Don't say I haven't warned you
Just look out for yourself
I'm dressed like that, all for a prayer ceremony
Hey "Junk". Hurry up
Coming, coming. And uncle, my name's Jeremy!
Here you go. Your glutinous rice balls
Swallow two at once, without chewing.
It's inauspicious for the marriage if it breaks
What? Two at once?
How to, when they're so big?
Come, let me
Remember not to bite into it
Don't chew, don't chew. Come, again
Don't chew, don't chew, ok?
Don't chew, don't chew
I'm choking
Good thing it's not broken
No, no, again
Come. I'll help the bride
so wealth keeps rolling in for your husband
The first comb, signifies endless love
The second comb, signifies a lasting marriage
The third comb, signifies many offsprings
for the family
The fourth comb, signifies the fullfillment
of all wishes
Okay the ceremony is over
Open up
Wait. Be silent
We will if you give us a red packet
Okay here, five hundred
Ten thousand. No bargaining
What?? Ten thousand?
Let's not step on their toes. I'll handle this
Hey beautiful, any room for negotiation?
Three thousand and these handsome men here
will be your escorts for 3 weeks
It's an offer just for you
Close the door
Hey, no
See? Open up
Let's me ask you. Do you love Sze Xin?
Of course. I wouldn't be here if I don't
We can't just take your word for it. Sign this
No, please
Sorry, it's too late
My cheque. Where did you get this from
Open the door, sisters
How many digits are there on the cheque?
Welcome. We're going in
That's robbery
Oh god! And I have to act like a clown even
before I get to the bride
Spinsters like them get the kick out of torturing
others' grooms
But strangely, the moment I set my eyes on my
beautiful baby
It feels like everything was worth it
There is nothing I will not do for her
Have some tea, Dad
If my daughter ever sheds a tear for you, I'll not
let you off
Have some tea, Mum
You'd better be as honest as you appear to be
Have some tea, Dad
You'll have no more worries now that Keat is
Ying, Shi, hurry up
Coming, coming
So sweet
From now on, we are a family
Thanks, auntie
Time to enter ther bridal chambers
After the child jumps on the bed, you'll have a
grandchild soon
Look mummy, there's a red packet inside
And that is how Xin becomes the wife of Keat
Marriage is really not just about the bride and
It's also the union of two families
From being strangers to becoming relatives
There are unfilled seats on many tables
Why is that so?
There are guests who refuse to be seated
So I had to ask for three more tables
Isn't that going to cost another $4,000?
What's worse, your father-in-law's friends are
drinking like there's no tomorrow
They've finished almost everything. We'll have to
open up more cartons
A carton costs a lot! Can you check how many cartons they'd need?
There are a lot of hidden costs in a wedding
How much has been spent to date?
Eight? Nine? Or eight-nine cartons?
How is that possible? $1,100 for a carton?
Eight nine nine eight one eight eight nine nine
eight eight eight eight eight eight
Almost ten thousand
Oh no! I'm dead!
Money, oh money
What are you doing, brother?
You brat
I know you are in a spot. Don't worry
My son-in-law will pay for the damages
There's no reason for us to pay
How is it possible that a chandelier this big be
shot down by a cork this small?
The chandelier must have been faulty to start
Try hitting my head with this cork and see if it
I'll call you "Dad" if it does
How would you do that if your head's gone?
Your auntie is right. We are a reputable family
The way things are now, we have lost all "face"
it's only right to compensate for their losses
You have no guts
I take after you
A hundred tables?
You should never take on what is beyond your
And having to rely on a woman? What a shame
Since when did I rely on Xin?
I paid for the wedding
Yes. Very capable engineer, you are
Can you achieve all that without me?
Have i ever relied on you?
How dare you speak to me like this?
Hey, stop arguing
Stop staring. Get into the car
Mum, the car is locked
Ignore him. Too much salted fish
He has a stinky bad temper
Do you have enough money?
I won't mistreat my wife even if I'm poor
unlike someone
Just look at yourself
What a loser
Okay forget it
Look after him, auntie
Drink driving is a serious offence in Singapore
I will, you take care too
I will. Goodbye
Hey hey hey
I've tried my best to negotiate on your behalf
Mr Hong is agreeable to you replacing just a few
small chandeliers
Fifteen chandeliers at six hundred each. Write
me a cheque tomorrow
nine thousand!
Come on, these are cyrstals. Not crystal
What a wedding! What else has not gone wrong?
Chill. Those red packets can definitely tide you
For many, the point of a wedding dinner reception
is to profit
Choose the most luxurious hotel, and book the cheapest menu
And tell everyone an inflated menu price
Everyone would know what to do. Then you'll
profit for sure
That is not right
Don't worry. You can count on the wealthy
father-in-law's guests to be generous
Go. Your bride is waiting
Here's what your great buddy has for you
This is strawberry-flavoured. And this glows in the
This is even more powerful. It vibrates!
And this even plays music
The bride is looking over
Why do you think I need contraceptives?
Can you be more serious?
I don't want this
you don't like the musical one?
It's out of tune
Have you settled the compensation?
What if
I've said I will marry you with my own means
I want to be a man you can rely on
You are stubborn
Indeed I'm a hard one
I'll take a shower
Alright, you go first
Two hundred. Not bad
Twenty bucks? What a miser
What, a lottery ticket?
Baby, where are the rest of the red packets?
Aren't they all there?
You'll have to ask Auntie. She kept them
The tables are from the groom to the bride
So, it's only right that the red packets go to the
Didn't we agree on 20 tables?
Keat, I really don't want to nag
but is there anything in Singapore that's not
affected by inflation?
Property, cost of living, COE, ERP, GS Except the fertility rate
And that's precisely because everything else
keeps rising
How is this related to the red packets?
An increase from 20 to 70 tables is inflation,
Shouldn't you have discussed this with me first?
Does the government discuss with you before
raising the ERP and GST? Nuts
I got robbed again, Jeremy
Well, so did I
They robbed me of 50 tables
That's a total of $70,000 in red packet money, all
How am I going to pay the hotel tomorrow?
Write them a post-dated cheque
On account of your father-in-law, they should give
you a few days' grace
Alright. I'm in the middle of something now
I'm doomed. Where do I find $70,000?
What about the over-budget today?
I've waited so long just for today
Crystal dumplings, no, crystal chandeliers, more
than $9,000
Four nine four nine. How much was that?
No no, I need to focus and stop my mind from
running wild
Four nine makes it more than ten thousand. On
top of that, $9,000 for chandeliers
And the $10,000 I was robbed of this morning
That's like...a hundred thousand?
What are you doing?
What? Oh no
He can't really be impotent?
Pat can't be right?!
Over S$100 for a room like this?
Everything is expensive in Singapore
That's right. How does Keat survive?
Just one wedding is enough to wipe out his entire
What do you mean, just one wedding? You want
him to have more than one?
This girl comes from a rich family
She's used to having the best of everything, very
This girl called Chong Sze Xin, is now your
Oh dear
Am I pretty, Daddy?
My little Sze Xin is the most beautiful bride in the
Ah, you lied to me
You said I'm the most beautiful
Ok, you are the most beautiful, and little Sze Xin
is the most adorable
The two of us are the most beautiful
That's right. Both of you are equally beautiful
I can settle the bill myself, at the cashier
Mr Chua
you are our VIP. My boss Mr. Ang already
instructed that
this should be handed to you personally
That's right. $108,288. So auspicious right?
Of course it's auspicious for you. You're ripping
me off
Mr. Chua. You didn't fill in the date
Can we negotiate, Mr. Wong?
Can this be backdated 3 days, until I get the red
packets deposited into my account?
I understand, that shouldn't be a problem
Shall I cook some cup noodles for you, hubby?
Sure, thanks, baby
It's ready, hubby
It smells so good. You're great, baby
It's just cup noodles
You need skills for cooking cup noodles too
The water temperature has to be right, and you
have to time it just right too
Sigh, would I have to end up selling my
"girlfriend" after marrying my wife?
So, how much did you sell your "girlfriend" for?
Sigh, not too bad a price
Here you go
That's all I have
Only this much?
Hey, that's how Singaporeans are
Donning brands like LV, Armani, BMW but it's
all just WMB inside
What's that?
(Malay) I'm totally broke
You see everyone with an iPhone or an iPod
It's actually all just a vicious circle
I need a hundred thousand
I appreciate your effort
Sigh, just put aside your pride and ask Xin for it
No way
The more her family looks down on me, the more
I have to prove myself to them
Well, the truth is that there's not much to prove
You have a point there. How much did you collect
from the red packets last night?
I have a way to make us some money
Hello baby
Oh, you've picked them up? I'll come over right
Xin has picked up my dad and the rest, and
they're waiting at the Singapore Flyer
Great, that's one of the places I had in mind for
Casino? You and your great ideas
Where else can we find so much money in such
a short time?
Oh, I know. You can sell "silver"(sounds like
Why don't we sell gold instead? Its worth much
Gold prices are soaring
I'm not talking about "silver" - I meant
Prostitution? Go ahead yourself
You'll fetch a higher price as you're virgin
Stop it!
Okay, okay. You sell "gold" then
(sounds like "sperm")
And where would I get the gold to sell?
I'm not referring to "gold"
This is measured in millilitres
Are you insane? How much sperm do I have to
sell to make tens of thousands?
I'm not sure if this is enough
Hey cousin, help us take a picture
If you can make her look slim, and make her look
I'll salute you
Hey, why aren't you here yet?
I can't get away
Don't you know how to lie?
No I don't
You go to Xin, and just repeat whatever I say
Are you there yet? Yes
Repeat after me. Repeat after me
What? You want me to go to the office today?
What? You want me to go to the office today?
I just got married last night
The machines are not working?
The CEO is fuming, and wants me to repair them
Tan's hand was caught in a machine?
The broken finger flew into the CEO's mouth?
Hey, that's getting ridiculous
Ridiculous. The machine, it's ridiculous
I...I'll be back right away
Something happened in the office?
Yes, it seems rather serious
It sounded really serious. You'd better go back
and have a look
Dad, aunt, something cropped up in the office,
and I need to go back right away
Aren't you on leave now? Can't they be more
This is just one day after your wedding
Xin will show you around, I'll be back as soon as I
Will we really win?
I've never been to a casino before. I don't know
how to gamble
Let me help you
What are you doing?
Memorising the cards
The next card is J
And the one after is a 5
You'll have to draw another card, in order to win
Are you sure? It's already 18 points
Trust me. I'm good at memorising the cards
Ok, I'll take your word for it this time. I'll draw
another card
Dealer 19 points
Thanks. Oh thanks, thanks
It's time for us to strike
Good at memorising cards? My foot!
Don't take it to heart. You know how it is with
gambling, you can never win all
Yes, we should have stopped while we were on a
winning streak
I've even lost my $20,000 red packet money.
Now I really need $100,000. What should I do?
Actually I have another idea
Stop giving me your lousy ideas, I don't need
I'll be a fool to listen to you
So what are you going to do now? It's $100,000
You you you...
Forget it. Go get it from your parents-in-law
How will I face them in the future if I do so?
Well, just wait then
Wait for what? For the money to drop from the
Wow, durians are dropping from above
Wow, it's a whole bagful of money
This does not belong to us. Return it to the
rightful owner
Hello, hello, sorry but the money belongs to me
Wow, you throw a whole bagful of money
It's a good thing you ran into us
Someone else would have made off with the
Just one look and I know that you two are good
Come, come. Over here. We'll help you to keep
an eye on it
Darn! Don't you run away, give me back my money
You wolves in sheepskin! Return my money now
Stop running, Jeremy
You two darned kids, stop running
Give me back the money
Stop running, you bad kids
You get back here
Stop running
How can you still run with a limp?
Hello Director Neo, someone robbed us of our
counterfeit notes
Oh, the knife is still here
Counterfeit notes are not easy to find you know,
unless you want real notes
What? Damn you!
From sourcing for props, to being Assistant Director, and even
acting as a gangster - I have to do everything!
And they even dare to mock at my tattoo. How's
the fake one better than mine?
I'll never take on a low-budget movie production
next time!
Damn you!
He's gone?
Hey, what happened to your leg?
It's all your fault, why did you snatch his money?
It's just a small bump to the side, not in the
Will you shut up already?
I'm still a virgin, you know
That's no big deal, this is what's most important
We can't take this money
Why not? This is god-sent
We got chased after like crazy just now
Well, he didn't catch us, didn't he?
That is proof enough that this is indeed a gift from
the heavens
These could very well be ill-gotten loot. Whatever
it is, we can't keep the money
Let's go to the police. No, we can't. How would
we explain ourselves?
We can't be telling the police that we snatched
the money off a robber, right?
You're the one who did it
Come on brother, I'm just trying to help. You're
the one who needs this money most
Okay, okay, we'll hold on to the money first. You
go think about it
We'll decide in two days' time if we should go to
the police
Where do we keep this?
What's good here, Xin?
I'm not sure too
Huh, you're not sure?
You haven't been here? You won't get to dine in
restaurants often in future
In Singapore, you can't just dispose of your
rubbish anywhere. There's a $500 fine
I need to go to the washroom, Mummy
Hey, what are you doing?
Sorry, sorry. I'm so sorry
Sigh. Forget it
Let's leave the money here. We'll come back in
two days and split it between us
I'll hold on to the key for safekeeping
Yes, I'll hold on to the key for safekeeping
Hey, how can I be sure you won't take the money
for yourself?
I wouldn't do that!
Hey baby, you're back. Have you eaten?
I'm starving
I just cooked some instant noodles
Where did you bring dad and aunt today?
Shopping. And eating.
Have you settled the problems in the office?
Yes, settled. Wow, instant noodles
You've improved. You've even added ingredients
Hmm. So what happened to Mr Tan's finger?
It's broken
Really? Can it be re-attached?
Luckily the CEO didn't swallow his finger
Hey, how can you still joke about his plight?
I'm the pathetic one. What's with you?
You wouldn't feel so anymore tonight
I just noticed that your right eye seems bigger
than the left
Does it hurt? A little
It's sensitive. You feeling okay?
What's wrong, baby?
I twisted my leg this afternoon, it hurts
Why didn't you say so earlier?
We won't be doing this if I told you
How did you hurt your leg?
Don't worry, it's a small thing
Sorry, baby. I'm kind of down today
Same for me
Why are you feeling down? Did Dad say
something to you?
Dad...does he dislike me?
He only loves himself, and doesn't care about
how others feel
He didn't even show up at my mum's deathbed
It's different with my family. My mum's always at
loggerheads with my dad
She has an opinion about everyone
And especially me
Baby, we must show them how blissful we are
We definitely will
That's right, buying a watch for your father-in-law
is most apt
He looks really strange donning that ladies' watch
all the time
Hey, don't be so mean
I'll take this. Thanks
You're discharged from the hospital, Mr Tan?
Are you kidding me, Keat? Your father-in-law is
the real estate magnate of Singapore
You're asking to advance your salary?
Oh I have to rush off for a meeting. Talk to you
later okay?
Are you trying to scare me to death?
Were you here all this time?
Give me the key and we'll split the loot
I know you desperately need the money. How
about this?
You take 60% and I'll take 40%
I'll never take money of a questionable source
Why don't I take your share as well then?
I don't mind at all
Baby, mess it up a little or they'll be able to tell
you didn't cook this
Next time, let's just get simpler dishes like fried
bean sprouts
It's too easy to see through
You are good at lying, huh?
Where did you go today?
I visited Mr Tan in the hospital
Is his hand any better?
He had about 10 stitches, but otherwise he is fine
It's not that serious
Dad, they are here
Hi, Keat
Hello, Dad, Grand-aunt, Aunt, Uncle
I'll send you down
Thanks for the meal, Sze Xin
The meal was delicious. You're such a good cook
Thanks. I'll see you tomorrow
Aren't you going to your parents' tomorrow? You
don't have to see us off
In that case, you have a safe trip
Okay, we will. Bye
Bye, bye
Dad, wait
This is for you
Oh, you really shouldn't have
It's not that expensive
What's taking you so long?
Come, let's go
Hey, now that Xin is pregnant
Do take good care of her, and spend less time at
Okay, I know what to do. Someone's on her side
now that he's got a gift
So what if I am?
Arghh, how did this happen?
What's up?
The tyre is punctured
Where's the spare tyre, Dad? I'll help you change
I don't have a spare tyre
You don't? You drove all the way from Penang to Singapore
without a spare tyre?
Spare tyres cost money too, you know
One two three four five six seven
You have 7 passengers with you
Even if you don't care about yourself, spare a
thought for the others
You're always like that, just thinking about yourself
No consideration for others at all
Why are you raising your voice at me?
You are such a spendthrift. You think you're so
capable now, don't you
Hey hey, stop arguing, will you?
We have to return to Penang tomorrow, let's think
of a solution now
Do you sell this type of tyres?
I'm sorry. We're closed
Just mend it and pump some air, that should do
the trick
How do you mend a tyre that is so damaged?
It can still be used. Let's not be wasteful
Do you know how costly a new tyre is?
The hole isn't that big. It can be mended
Not everything can be mended
If you put your heart to it, can't you?
No. You can't
Some holes can never be mended
Just give it your best shot
Yes sir
Dad is ridiculous. He drove from Penang to
without a spare tyre
Baby. Is everything alright?
All my three ex-boyfriends have lied to me, and I
You would be different from the rest. But you're
And you are lying to me on the very first day of
our marriage
What are you talking about?
I saw Mr Tan today
and he's absolutely fine
Baby, oh baby
I'm sorry. I'll never lie to you again
So tell me, why did you lie?
A desperate situation calls for desperate
Where did you go today?
I...Do I tell her I lost all my money at the casino?
Will she get madder if I tell the truth?
What else are you hiding from me?
Hm..And she'll think I'm dishonest if she knows I kept the money I found
Stop stammering now
What's done cannot be undone
Just like toothpaste. It can't return to the tube
once you squeeze it out
Mr. Ang? The cheque bounced
Did the bank say it cannot go through?
Do you know it is a crime to issue invalid
You're putting me in a spot
If your father-in-law isn't Colin Chong.
Hello? What?
I would have reported this to the police.
Yes? I can't hear you. Hello?
Hi Xin, Auntie
Dad. Mum.
Dad. Mum. Auntie
Oh poor thing. You have lost weight
Keat, I dont' mean to nag at you, but
have you not been feeding Xin well?
I don't even have money for proper meals now
Come on auntie, just do it, chop me into pieces
And leave me high and dry like you always do
It's alright. hey, what's with the outburst?
How can you be so discrespectful to your auntie?
Let it go, we're family now
Keat, the baby that Xin is carrying
What are your plans for it?
Plans? What plans can he have, except to cheat
and lie his way through?
He cheated on you?
You're not serious? You've just been married for
a few days
I've already warned you
I will not spare you if my daughter ever sheds a
tear for you
Say something. I gave my daughter's hand to you
You have to be faithful and true to her. That is the
least I'd expect of you
How can you lie to her just a few days into the
How would you expect her to trust you in future?
No man can be trusted
Keat, I don't want to nag, but...
You have to prove your integrity if you want us to
trust you
We know you're poor but we don't look down on
you because of that
So why did you lie to Xin?
Okay, I get it. With wealth comes integrity. I
know what I must do now
Go, go. You're best at disappearing acts anyway
What happened?
I'm so sorry about the bounced cheque, Mr Wong
I've never see a customer pay in this manner
Is the right amount?
I'm sorry. I haven't counted the money, so sorry
What happened?
What happened?
Nothing, nothing much
Let me help you count
It's okay, I can manage. Let me help you
I really can do it myself. Let go, will you?
This is currency for the dead
Who are you trying to fool?
How can this be?
Alright. I got it
Xin claims she has no idea where Keat is
It sounds like they had a tiff
You think so? It's just three days into the
Let's not wait anymore. Let's go
You're always like that. You don't want to get the
It's expensive in Singapore. I'll get it in JB
Has he disappeared?
There is no honest man
They appear all honest and down-to-earth
But once you're married, the true colours are
Is he having an extra-marital affair?
Mum, Keat is not like that
Stop being so suspicious, will you?
Never be too easy with your man
You've got to show them who's the boss
Or they'll take advantage of you over and over
Respect and trust must exist between husband
and wife
I don't want to be like you
What did you say
Can't you be nicer to Dad?
You appear so loving in front of others, but in
private, you are so cold and distant
Is there happiness in a marriage like this?
You have no right to judge me
Aren't you in a similar situation now, just days into
your marriage?
Am I not right?
Thank you
We're brothers, no need for formalities
Don't you pride yourself on being principled?
I'll never use money from a questionable source
But when one is pushed to a corner
And anyway, I am already seen as one without
If they were to know that my cheque bounced
I would lose all dignity
You got my father-in-law involved
Hey look, you got arrested and he was the only
one who could solve your problem
You've really done me in this time
You've driven me so mad
Using counterfeit notes to pay off your debts?
You've ruined my reputation completely
I'm really sorry
Hey, hey
Hey Colin Chong, aren't you curious?
How someone so seemingly honest turned out
like this?
All because he was pushed to a corner
Men are all prideful
Haha. I'm so mad
Why didn't he just tell me he needed money?
He's not treating me like his wife
This is the pride of a man
Yes, I wanted to push him to a corner
Only in poverty can one's real character be revealed
So it was your idea to take the money from the
red packets?
I really have nothing to do with that
Okay, don't be mad at him anymore. He's just a
man with a lot of pride and principles
At first, I was afraid he was marrying you for your
I feel assured now that he is not
Actually, I'm not pregnant
I guessed it all along
So why did you lie to us?
If I didn't, would you have let me marry him?
It's only for your own good if I don't
You see, it's been proven that he's not honest
He lied all because you pushed him to a corner
Taking the money from the red packets is as
good as robbery
Did you ever think what Keat would do without
the money?
Yes, so I was waiting for him to seek my help
Why does everyone have to cater to your whims?
You're so overbearing, you're going to drive
everyone away from you
I think this time you've really gone too..
I feel so unjust for you, sis
Can you do me a favor?
How do you know I'm here?
Where else can you be?
I'm still angry
After so long?
Counterfeit notes? Yes of course
You won this from gambling?
Hey, I had to beg my dad for it
Parents will always reach out to their children in
times of need
You don't have to thank me. As brothers, I'll
definitely help when you're in trouble
Go home. I'm sure Xin has cooled off by now
She won't even bail me from the police station
I can't face her. Can I put up at your place
Hello, Aunty
You don't like to be lied to, but didn't you do the
same to your parents?
Buying all that food from restaurants and passing
them off as your cooking
All because you wanted to leave a good
Why is the world full of lies?
You lie and put on a pretence because you care
Think about it, I feel quite sorry for Keat this time
He almost bankrupted himself over the wedding,
and even landed himself in the police station
And at the end of it all, everyone's still mad at him
Even I was wrong about him this time
I'm sorry, baby. I shouldn't have lied to you.
Please dont' be mad anymore
I'm heading to Penang now because Dad got into
and accident. I'll explain when I'm back
How could that happen?
Do you want to talk to your mum?
Oh, okay
Xin is going to Penang. Keat's dad got into an
Is it serious? I'm not sure
She still doesn't want to talk to me?
Let's go to Penang and talk to our daughter
The watch dropped onto the floor
And he crawled over to retrieve it, all bloody
Why does he treasure this watch so much?
How would I know?
I'm sorry, baby
Dad. Mum
Since this watch means so much to Dad
Let's have it repaired. It may help to rouse him
Get into the car
Your dad rented this car, it should be faster this
Let us help okay, Keat?
Do you repair watches like this?
Oh yes, we do
Doesn't this watch belong to Ah Si?
You know him?
He bought this watch from me
and he's sent it in for repair quite a few times
This watch...
Ah Si bought it the day his son graduated from
high school
It was a gift for his wife
For having painstakingly raised their son so well
He told me he has never bought his wife a gift
I just got the report
The doctor said
I'm diagnosed with cancer
This is beautiful
Give it to me next year
In order to wear this beautiful watch
I will make sure I recover well
Next year
Give it to me again next year
Hey boss
Ah Si
Can it be repaired?
Watches are meant to be worn
It is sure to break down if you don't wear it
If you see him, please ask him to rush back
His wife can't hang on for much longer
I can't find him, sis-in-law
Where is dad? Where is he?
Dad's almost home. Hang on, mum
Hang on awhile more. He's almost home
You're finally here. You might as well not come
Mum refused to shut her eyes just now
Just so that she could have one last look at you
Where were you? What else can be holding you
up at this time?
It's all your scoldings. You're the one who caused
Mum's cancer
You're not fit to be her husband
When we got married
I could not even afford to throw a wedding
She has never enjoyed the good life
This watch is the only gift I have for her after all
these years
The watch is ready
Can you two be closer? You're acting like
Come one, give me a smile. Quick
Keat is now married. You'll have no more worries
Hey, after chatting for so long
I don't even know who you are
I realise I can only see my dad clearly from a
I'm truly touched by Dad's feelings for Mum
We seem so shallow compared to them
Giving you a grand wedding
is all just an excuse to show off
We've been married for several days
And you haven't had a good day at all
I am really the shallow one
I am the one who takes everything for granted
Never once thinking that you would have any
I didn't even realise you sold off your cameras
We will live happily, ever after
We will live happily, ever after
Is your dad awake?
The love your dad has for your mum, is truly
Many things
are not how they appear to be
I may be good at running my business
But I can't even handle my marriage well
There are many little things within a marriage
that can easily defeat love
I now give you my daughter's hand
And I hope you will never be defeated
This is just the beginning. I wish you the best
Actually there are many things
that can be started afresh
I like this photo very much
It makes me feel like I have achieved something
Because I could make you laugh so easily
But ever since that incident
I have never seen you laugh like that
It hurts here. It is really painful
I really don't want to be like Ah Si
To be left with just a watch
And me, just this photo of us
Would you give me another chance
To renew your faith in me?
Can you?
Yes, I can
Dad! Dad!
Dad, you must not die, Dad!
Didn't you say you want to tell me off?
Dad, you must not die, Dad!
Shut up!(Tamil)
I need to sleep! You're too noisy!(Tamil)
Keat, your dad has woken. He has been
transferred to another room
Come, let's go. I'll show you the way
You're awake
Dad. Dad
Brother, your son thought you were dead
You're right. Not everything can be mended
The tyre should have been thrown away
No, what you said was right
If you put your heart to it, anything can be
This is very famous too
I think I will have the vermicelli
The vermicelli?
Mmm it's delicious. Keat's recommendation was
It's such a kick to be sweating it out while eating.
Dad should come to Penang more often
Sze Xin, don't you blame your mum anymore
There is a reason behind her treatment of me
Some years back
I had an extra-marital affair
Your mum was very upset
She almost divorced me
But chose to forgive me on your account
She doesn't want you to know about this
So as to uphold the fatherly image you have of
Your mum was never like this before
It hasnt' been easy on her all these years
Xin, the $100,000 that I gave to Keat, was
actually from your mum
Come, let's go home
Why did you bring me here?
In-law, welcome back
You gave me a fright. I'd have died of fright
because of you
Hush, hush, hush
I don't mean to nag at you
It's a happy thing to be discharged, so stop all
this talk about death, will you?
Come, let me help you. One on each side
Thanks, thanks
Dad, this cake is for you
In-law, I made a cake for you
It's been a while since I made one, hope you'll
like it
Thanks, thanks
Out with the old, in with the new
But is there no place for this old watch?
If you don't mind that it's old and inexpensive, I'd
like you to have it
Dad, I'll have it and treasure it
Let me help you. Thanks, Mum
Look at this watch. It's beautiful
Wow, the cake made by my in-law is really good
Humans are such deplorable beings
Taking things for granted and not treasuring what
they already have
Life is short. It can be better if one just takes it
But we are always striving for a better life. If only
we can learn to be content
Hey, what are you talking about?
We're talking about the cake
Congratulations Ah Si. Your daughter-in-law is
I've brought some liquor
Just some simple fare. Please help yourselves
Thank, thanks
Actually, a wedding is a one-day affair
But marriage is for life
It does not matter how grand or elaborate a
wedding is
What matters most, is a happy and blissful
And the key to a blissful marriage is love
At the end of the day, a simple wedding
can be as beautiful and moving
As long as it is showered with blessings
from loved ones.
This is what I want to share
"The Wedding Diary"
Thank God, you are a real man indeed.