The Wedding in the Hamptons (2023) Movie Script

(projector whirring)
Excuse me.
Hi. I couldn't
help but noticing
I think this would look really
pretty with your outfits?
Wow, beautiful.
- Thank you.
- Bye, bye.
Hi, Jenna.
They should add you to the
city sights map for tourists.
Oh, well, I am just doing my
civic duty as a New Yorker.
I just wish I had more customers
to see your gorgeous work.
Maybe I should have just
given her the whole dress.
She'd probably wear it
all around the city.
She's a tourist.
But you would look
stunning in that dress.
Where am I going to
wear a dress like that?
On the subway?
Around the corner to the bodega?
Hey, they would
be taking pictures
of the best dressed
woman in Manhattan.
Well, I am more
suited to dressing
the best women of Manhattan.
There is a leading lady inside
you begging to come out.
Things will turn around.
And that's why you are
my employee of the month.
I am your only employee.
I get all the months.
All right, well, since we
don't have any more customers,
why don't you show
us what else you got?
- Oh, I got. Come on.
- All right.
All right.
Annacardona, feast
your eyes on my latest.
Let me know what you like.
I don't like any of them.
Because I love them all.
Are these ready to sell?
I may have gotten a
tiny bit carried away.
I made an entire spring
collection in various sizes.
These are going to be
perfect for wedding season.
They are bold choices.
Well, what woman
doesn't like to be bold?
I don't know, but
lately it seems that
our best seller is
a black pantsuit.
All it takes is for
one person to like it
then that person
tells another person,
that person tells two people.
Next thing you know, you
got a fashion empire.
(bell dings)
Okay, let's hope that
that's a customer
and not a bill collector.
Good afternoon. May I
help you find something?
Yeah, I'm going to a wedding.
- Yes.
- Not a funeral.
Thanks. I'm good.
Wait, wait. This is our
business collection.
Our spring collection
is in the back.
Cutting edge. No
one has seen it.
Come on, all custom designed.
There is no other
similar piece out there.
Love these.
See, Jenna's a
fantastic seamstress.
She could tailor
for a perfect fit.
Yeah, and you know what?
As a fellow brunette, I
think this shade of pink
would look absolutely
stunning on you.
You're right.
You know what? I'll
take all of them.
All of the dresses
for one wedding?
Not just a wedding. The
social event of the season.
Very exclusive, week long event.
Let's get you fitted.
Wow. I can't believe your dad
created so many popular apps.
Daddy can barely drive
his Tesla, much less code.
But now he owns majority
stake of most of the socials.
Must be very lucrative.
Money can't buy status. Not
on the East coast, anyway.
We are considered new money.
It's so elitist.
Oh, you guys use
crystals, right?
I wouldn't be caught
dead in plastic beading.
Oh, yes.
Elitist. Right.
Well, you know, East Coasters
are pretty traditional.
It's all going to change
with this wedding.
The bride is unconventional,
artistic type.
Total opposite from
the groom's family.
Who's getting married?
Wyatt Slate.
From the Slate
Publishing empire?
Are you friends with them?
I wish. I've never
met them in my life.
I was invited by the
family's PR firm.
PR firms plan weddings?
It's a brilliant move.
And it's breaking me into
the New York social scene.
Because my father
rules social media,
they think inviting me will
give him extra exposure.
Well, you will definitely
stand out in these dresses.
So, when is the wedding?
- I leave tomorrow.
- Tomorrow?
- Tomorrow tomorrow?
- Yes, tomorrow.
I'll have a courier
stop by to pick them up
along with the
rest of these bags.
It's in the Hamptons.
I assume you'll be available if
there's a wardrobe malfunction?
Of course. Oh, yes, yes.
We're a full service.
We'll have them ready.
Here's the address for
the Slates and the number
for my father's accountant.
He'll take care of the bills.
Thanks, ladies.
Oh, time to go, baby.
Do you think she will get
our dresses on social media?
Definitely a good chance.
Every website
mentions this wedding.
The publishing giant
clings to a merger with
Red Wagon Children's Publishing
in spite of the public outcry
when Slate Media pulled all
its book donations to schools,
libraries and children's
hospitals earlier this year.
Dang, they definitely
need an image rehab.
This could be our chance
to save the store.
If people see our dresses on
social media, it could blow up.
How could somebody this good
looking be so heartless?
Forget about the Slates.
We are going to
pull an all nighter.
Anybody there?
Oof, ow.
Anna, we overslept!
We missed the courier.
Then deliver them personally.
I can't do that. They're
New York Royalty.
Don't be silly.
She said she might
need you in case
of a wardrobe malfunction.
This definitely qualifies.
Oh my God, okay.
I am off to save the store.
May I help you?
Lindsay Arnold. I'm here...
I had staff waiting for
you at the helicopter pad.
Does your pilot
still need clearance?
The helicopter is in
the shop, so I drove in.
Looks like you got the
last car on the rental lot.
Now, I sent you a map of the
estate and the itinerary.
Are you okay to
make it on your own
or do you need to
wait for an escort?
I'm sure I can find it myself.
Ooh, ah. Ooh.
Hi. Excuse me.
Wow. I've never had my grass
aerated by pink heels before.
How long do you think
it would take you
to finish the east garden?
Well, I could send you a pair
and you could let me know.
Oh, great.
I'm looking for
Lindsay Arnold's room.
I seem to have lost the...
- The lady at the gate.
- Oh, Eileen?
Yeah. Trust me,
you're better off.
Take a seat.
Yeah. Allow me. Oh,
you don't have to do...
Here we go. Thanks.
I'm just getting a look at
my new garden equipment.
Yeah, well, I was going to try
them on, but they won't fit.
I'm size twelve.
Yeah, so your room?
Yeah, for Lindsay Arnold.
Oh, yeah.
The stranger, invited by a
PR firm to a family wedding.
- Come along.
- Okay.
Wow, this place is huge.
I mean, it feels more like a
museum than an actual house.
I could spend days
just snooping around.
I'm sure the PR firm
has plenty of staged fun
to keep people busy.
Like the gardens?
Oh, is that where
the wedding will be?
Or the reception?
Oh, the PR firm and their circus
is not allowed in my garden.
Oh, I would love
to see the gardens.
I'm sure they're beautiful.
You are so lucky to work
on such a grand estate.
Right, well, I mostly
work in the office.
The gardens have
offices as well?
Yeah, but that would...
I would love to see the
Slate private gardens.
I bet they are like
walking in paradise.
Yeah, it is my favorite
part of the estate.
Come on.
This is your room.
Now, if you'll excuse me,
I have to leave you and get
ready for the next event.
Your chambermaid should
be with you shortly.
Goodbye, Miss Arnold.
(phone rings)
Jenna, did you
deliver the dresses?
I'm here. Lindsay is not.
Well, when I called the
accountant today, he said
that Lindsay was on
her way to Europe,
not the Slate wedding.
She's been invited to
go yachting with royals.
So all of this was for nothing?
Well, he did agree to
pay for the dresses
and the sale will keep us
open for another month.
So it's not for nothing,
but we still need a
long term solution.
Yeah, but she won't be wearing
my dresses on social media.
Not at the Slate wedding, no.
There is a problem.
Everyone thinks Lindsay is here.
What? Why?
I checked in as her at the gate.
You told them that
you're Lindsay?
Everyone, including
the gardener,
thinks they know Lindsay
Arnold because it is me.
Are you crazy?
The lady at the
gate was very scary.
And now I'm in Lindsay's room
and they're sending
me a chambermaid.
No, you gotta get out before
you end up as a
Page Six scandal.
Okay? Just come back and
we'll think of a new plan
to save the store.
Okay? Yeah, right. I'm out.
- I'll see you soon.
- Okay.
What am I doing?
What am I doing?
Oh, I apologize for being late.
I was waiting at the helipad.
I brought out the
rest of your bags.
Oh, that's so sweet, but
I actually have to go.
Oh. Nonsense.
You cannot attend the
reception in that.
You look like you
had a hard night.
I'm sure that we
can find something
for you to wear in here.
Oh, dear.
Hmm, this is not the honeymoon.
No, that is not mine.
That is not mine, but
I do really need to go.
Here, let me put
this away for you.
In just a moment, dear.
Oh, now this is so
much more appropriate.
Just the pop of color
this crowd needs.
There has been a mistake.
Oh, no, no. There is
absolutely no mistake.
My name is Diana, and I am
here to assist you all week.
Anything you need.
A whole week?
Okay, so I, uh...
Please, miss, I cannot
have you be late.
This is so awkward.
Come, no need. No need.
- I'm going to get...
- I forgot my toothbrush.
Can't go without my toothbrush.
Don't you worry, I'm
going to get you dressed.
Look at you now,
isn't this better?
Yes, you are a natural
beauty, my dear.
And you look absolutely
stunning in this dress.
Okay, now, off you go.
Time to shine. Come on.
- Uh...
- Time for makeup and hair.
Nope, Okay.
Oh. Oops.
Miss Arnold.
Did you lose your way again?
Oh, hi.
Wow, I guess even the gardeners
wear designer in the Hamptons.
Good evening, Hunter.
Hey, Diana, you going to
let me take you for a spin
on the dance floor this week?
Like you ever touch
a dance floor.
Now, please be a gentleman
and escort Miss Arnold.
Have a good night, Miss Arnold.
Mr. Slate.
Thank you, Diana.
Um, uh, you're, you're,
you're, you're Hunter Slate,
not the gardener.
Oh, you thought I
was the gardener.
To be fair, you were
not in an tuxedo.
Aren't you supposed to know
all the latest social media?
The PR team said you were going
to help us rehab our image,
that you were desperate to
be part of New York society.
You don't even know who I am.
Yeah, I, I knew
this was a bad idea.
Well, would you say
that you were desperate
to appear warm and
fuzzy to the public?
Because if that's the case,
this really isn't a good start.
My apologies.
So that you won't
get lost again.
Oh, good.
You know, I may have mistaken
the bride for a line cook.
I'd put a bell on
you, but I don't think
anyone will take their eyes
off you in that stunning dress.
Um, well, I, I don't know
if that's a compliment
or just the rather
smug satisfaction
that I won't be able
to wander off again.
- Both?
- Both.
All right, here you are.
You can find your way from here.
You're not coming?
Don't worry. You'll command
enough attention on your own.
I'm going to take
another entrance.
Have fun.
Oh, uh,
okeydokey then.
All right.
(woman laughing)
No way.
(chattering, laughing)
Excuse me, I must
compliment your dress.
That shade of pink is divine.
Oh, thank you so much.
It's, uh, it's one
of my favorites.
The cut is so flattering.
Did you buy it off runway?
Can't be.
I would remember that
from fashion week.
Um, it's actually the newest
collection at Anna's boutique.
It's the best kept
secret in Manhattan.
We must visit.
Wait, are you a guest
of Wyatt or Daisy?
- Um...
- Lindsay Arnold.
I've heard so much about you.
Oh, well, I wouldn't
believe any of that.
I'm nothing like her.
Well, your father's a
remarkable businessman,
a real rags to riches type.
Living the dream.
Aren't we all?
Ladies, you must be extra
kind to Miss Arnold.
Her father's industry
can destroy reputations
faster than a tidal
wave to a sandcastle.
We look forward to
getting to know you.
Thank you for the recommendation
of Anna's boutique.
It looks like Manhattan's
best kept secret
is concealed no more.
Well, you ladies know secrets
have a short shelf
life around here.
New money can be
tough to break in.
Have to use reputation
as collateral.
Thanks for the tip.
Jacqueline Sims.
I hope you don't mind I've
asked the staff about you.
I make it my business to know
all people at any function.
I didn't expect anyone
here to know me.
Actually, I didn't even
expect myself to be here.
Still not sure exactly
how I got here.
The king is here.
King Hunter.
Come on. Hunter... I
want you to go over...
He doesn't seem to be a
fan of the PR's czarina?
No, you need to
be meeting people.
Oh, his father hired her.
Bit of a power struggle
between the two.
Okay, so tell me, Lindsay,
what's it like living
in Silicon Valley?
Is it all flying cars
and talking robots?
Must be exciting.
Those robots, they
get a little fussy
when you push all their buttons.
So it's just like New York.
Oh, yeah.
Wow, how funny, right?
Oh my God, is that shrimp?
I love shrimp.
I'll be back.
You know, you can't
hide from Eileen.
Oh, maybe not, but
I certainly can run.
It's important for
your brother, okay?
And the company.
We need this merger.
Hey, I don't really see
how promoting a wedding
is going to make Red
Wagon like us any more.
Because the public will.
Our financials should do that.
We don't need to put on a show.
It's the name of the
game. You know this.
Speaking of duty calls.
Make sure you speak with
a strong speaking voice
with an inflection.
I'm introducing my son,
not the New York Knicks.
(taps glass)
Thank you.
Thank you all for coming.
As a proud father,
it's my pleasure
to share this special occasion
with close family and friends.
So would you please help me
welcome the bride and groom,
Wyatt and Daisy.
- Woo!
- Woo!
I cannot believe
you made a plate.
I wish I had that courage.
Life is too short to say
no to such beautiful food.
Now if you would please
join us for some dinner,
we will start the
marriage festivities.
Ooh, dinner.
There's a dinner?
Of course.
When are we supposed to eat?
I don't know, maybe this
giant table of food.
Oh, no, no, Lindsay, you
are too cute. Come on.
Oh, I actually, I have to
make a quick phone call.
I'll meet you in there.
See you in the banquet hall.
Oh, oh...
Oh, no, no, no, no.
This is horrible.
(phone rings)
Jenna, where are you?
We have big problems.
Oh, no, they arrested you.
No, it's actually worse.
I'm on my way to a Slate
family dinner at a dining hall.
Okay, well, how did that happen?
I thought you were leaving.
Yeah, and so did I.
But this chambermaid, she
was so lovely and nice
that she just came in, and
she put me in Lindsay's dress,
and now I'm her.
You're wearing your dress?
That's fantastic!
Yes, that is the singular
bright spot in this situation.
This could be the
miracle we need.
I thought we were fine
for, like, another month.
I thought you said this
could save the store.
Maybe half.
Oh, no.
This could be our
saving grace, you know?
You're getting stuck
with New York's elite,
private fashion show
to promote the store.
What are you asking me to do?
Stay, and be Lindsay
Arnold for a whole week?
Hey, you could be yourself.
Just under a different name.
I don't know.
I mean, I met Hunter
Slate. He seems nice.
All the Slates seem nice,
and I don't think I can lie
to them for a whole week.
- I can't.
- Hunter?
Is he as good-looking in person?
Oh, gosh. What does
that even matter?
You're already on
Hunter's radar.
You can't really
disappear tonight.
If you leave, it
could be disastrous.
Well, I'm sure that he
would prefer it if I left.
He really doesn't
seem to like the idea
of some random influencer,
this Lindsay Arnold,
coming in and being
a huge part of his
family wedding.
Come on, Jenna.
This could really
help save the store.
Fine, fine, for the store,
but if I need bail
money, it is on you.
You're going to be fine.
I'll call you later, okay?
Again, thank you for coming.
Oh. Oh, my.
Those rolls are just wonderful.
They do look delicious.
All right.
You know, they remind me
of the ones at this place.
It's called Remi's.
It's right near my
apartment in Soho,
and they're amazing.
That's exactly
where they're from.
My art studio is right there.
Nancy, you should
come by sometime.
Get a taste of
something different.
Oh, no. I'm getting
my fill now.
Red wine, please.
I wanted to use this
dinner for some of you
to get to know me better.
I've chosen some of my favorite
things to serve tonight.
Also, if you'll take a
look at the paintings
on your place settings,
I've created
customized art pieces
for each of you.
Oh, careful, Lindsay.
Yours might still
be a little bit wet.
I just made it since I
didn't know much about you.
I love it. I love it.
Daisy, these are beautiful.
I'm glad you guys like them.
(chattering, laughing)
Thank you.
This is well done.
And now this might be a
new experience for you,
but true New Yorkers, eat
cannoli with their hands.
Isn't that right, Daisy?
That's right.
It's good, right?
Let's all adjourn
to the family room,
and please bring these gifts.
Thank you, Daisy.
Okay. All right.
Thank you for that, Lindsay.
Oh, for what?
Being authentic and bold,
like this dress, I love it.
I think clothes should help
you stand out, not blend in.
I agree.
As an artist, I hate conformity.
Doesn't exactly help me
blend in with Wyatt's crowd.
Well, you know what?
I think perfect is boring,
and you are not boring.
It's so nice meeting someone
here who doesn't take
themselves so seriously.
I'm always here for a boost.
Consider me your
fairy godmother.
Don't sell yourself short.
You made that meal memorable.
Daisy, we have your
interview to get to.
So let's move it along.
Sorry. The PR stuns never end.
Tomorrow, I want you
on my croquet team.
Please say yes.
- Yes. Yes.
- Yay.
I'll see you tomorrow.
I really am in Wonderland.
I was looking for
the groundskeeper.
Oh, he took the
night off, lazy bum.
I'm going to fire their guy.
Hey, you think if
I slip him a 20,
he'll give me a tour of
those private gardens?
He could not be bribed.
Well, then I will have
to scale the gate.
I can't figure you
out, Lindsay Arnold.
Who, me?
Nothing to figure out?
I'm sure the PR firm
is dying to use you
in whatever events
they have planned for
this wedding circus.
Good night.
Good night, Ms. Arnold.
You can call me Lindsay.
Good night, Lindsay.
You can call me Lindsay.
What is wrong with me?
We need to talk
about the schedules.
And after that, we will
go over the hairstyles
and get that all together.
Sorry, I'm late.
Well, fashionably late.
I love this dress.
Is it Anna's boutique?
Oh, thank you. Yes, I
thought it looked sporty.
Is it just us today?
Oh, no, we're playing doubles.
With who?
Don't hurt yourself
there, big guy.
Oh, that's funny.
All right. Enough chit chat.
Let's play.
Okay. May I?
Go slow... like that.
Okay. Mm-hmm.
Whoa, it looks like
we've got a ringer.
Good thing we didn't put money
on this game, right, Hunt?
Beginner's luck.
So, I have to ask,
how did you two meet?
Well, I was carrying
this huge canvas downtown
to one of my art shows,
and he offered to
help me get it inside.
I thought she was a
collector, a potential client.
You should have seen his face
when he finally asked
for my name and number.
Could you believe she
shared the same exact name
as a talented artist I'd been
explaining to her all day?
To his credit, he was a fan.
I still am.
What about you? Any
special someone?
Oh, no, I work too
much for dating.
Oh, what do you do?
Socialites have careers, now?
Women who work, it's
kind of a hot new trend.
Some women have been known
to even run countries.
Right now, I'm working
with a small business
to expand their merchandise
at an affordable cost
to help maximize profit.
I've never seen
Hunter speechless.
You gotta be careful
with that, Lindsay.
You're speaking his language.
Is it my turn?
Okay. This game really
should have a clock.
Patience is a virtue.
He takes forever.
- I know, I know.
- Every time.
Very well, you
know. Not a victory,
but it blocks
Lindsay from winning.
What? How?
Can I just jump your ball?
Well, you won't do that.
And why wouldn't I?
Because it's an advanced move.
Go for it, Lindsay. I've
never beaten these guys.
We have to at least try.
Um... Challenge accepted.
You have to jump my
ball through the wickets
and hit the pole to win.
And that is exactly
what I will do.
Step aside. Thank you.
- Oh, my God!
- Woo!
- Oh, my God.
- No way.
Well done. You
surprised me again.
Well, I seem to be
pretty good at that.
God, I wish I had my camera.
Oh, uh, don't worry.
I'm sure Eileen
won't miss a moment.
Right there.
Well, we can still go celebrate.
Let's go.
Well, she's got your attention.
No, that was a lucky shot.
I wasn't talking about her game.
No, a typical social climber.
She's different and you know it.
Not everybody's out to take
from the Slates, big brother.
You sure you don't want
the bee venom, Lindsay?
Oh. Oh, it looks painful.
Beauty is pain.
Well, maybe next time.
I could get used to this.
Used to what?
Being pampered.
Your father's in Forbes.
You're telling me you're not
getting weekly pedicures?
Uh, yeah.
Yeah, I usually go out
for spa treatments.
Having them in
your home is nice.
I had insisted.
He knows how stressed I've been.
If I had known this would
be a wedding by committee,
I would have gone
to the courthouse.
Really? It seems
like a fairy tale.
Yeah, that's what the PR
firm wants you to think.
You keep your nails short, too.
Do you work with your hands?
I can't wear a thimble
with long nails.
Wait, a thimble?
Oh, are you darning your socks
before churning the butter?
I knew your dresses were
too unique for store-bots.
Anna's boutique
gives me an outlet.
It lets me design a little.
You're an artist just like me.
I think it's fantastic.
A woman carving
out her own path.
- With a chainsaw.
- Ignore her.
In this world, appearances
are everything.
Sometimes I wonder if
Wyatt and I should just
live on an island.
Daisy, you do. It's
called Manhattan.
You know what I mean.
Wyatt wants you to be yourself.
Be true to that,
and everything else
will fall into place.
Enough with the mushy-mushy!
Let's see the envy
of social media.
Come on.
Oh, no, I have
guacamole on my face.
It's avocado, and
you look fabulous.
Besides, isn't this why you
were invited in the first place?
Okay. All right.
What is that? Okay.
No. Okay, you're embracing
spa day a little too much.
All right.
Let's take another one.
Oh, no.
I'm a one-take wonder.
Besides, this guacamole
avocado concoction,
I think it's starting to turn.
Oh, I need to wash
this off immediately.
Ladies, enjoy.
Are you okay?
Yeah. Little sticky.
I need a map.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Nice ensemble.
Uh, the spa day with the bride.
I tried to escape
before they brought out
the bee venom again,
but now I am lost.
Bee venom is a
beauty treatment now?
Oh, that's good. I'll just
hang out in my garden,
catch a few stings, and
then I'll be beautiful.
Well, maybe a manicure
would be more practical
for you if you've been
hiding in the garden again.
Oh, you know what?
I'm more of like a seaweed
body wrap kind of guy, right?
But do not tell Eileen
because she finds out
she'll have me in there
with a camera crew
wrapped up like sushi.
So... Shh.
Are we good? Oh.
And speak of the devil.
There you are, Hunter.
We have you on the schedule for
a photo shoot in the kitchen.
You're late.
Oh, oh, no.
You know, I was walking around.
This place is like
a maze, you know,
and she needs a map.
Yes, luckily he found
me before I had to, um,
make camp.
I've been calling. Never mind.
Um, come. The camera
crew is waiting.
Five minutes.
You too, Ms. Arnold.
You'll be a good influence
to help his camera presence.
Okay. Five minutes.
I'm gonna go...
make camp.
- I'll see you in five.
- Okay.
Lindsay will be out of
hair and makeup shortly.
Then we can start the shoot.
Shooting what, exactly?
You're making
strawberry shortcakes.
I thought it would
be something nice
to do for Wyatt and Daisy.
You know, to
include your mother.
Yeah, that is nice.
And do you have the recipe?
Right in front of you.
We tried picking
strawberries in the garden,
but it was locked.
Yes, for good reason.
I'm sure.
Oh, Lindsay, you look lovely.
Doesn't she, Hunter?
Yeah, yeah, I'm sure.
She'll look good for the camera.
Hmm. Well, I'm counting on it.
And maybe just a little
boost on the apps
from Dad, right, Lindsay?
Oh, yeah, yeah, sure. Yeah.
I heard my son was cooking.
Didn't want to miss the bonfire.
Oh, very funny.
You know, toast is
harder than it looks.
Okay, let's get started.
I need you two to chat.
Pick up ingredients.
Okay. Oh!
Here are the eggs.
Am I doing this face?
Beat's me.
With the whisk.
Look happier, Hunt.
Give a smile.
The board at Red
Wagon will love it.
Okay, great. Perfect.
We got what we needed.
See, you call it micromanaging,
but you need my guidance.
Henry, are you ready
for your bonding moment
with Daisy on the lawn?
Yes, I am.
Whoa, wait, wait.
Aren't we gonna make
strawberry shortcake?
Oh, no. We got what
we needed. Thank you.
I will have someone in here
to clean everything up.
And you are free to go.
Even this is fake.
Well, you know, I'm
actually in the mood
for real strawberry shortcake.
Yeah. You don't
have to do that.
Eileen may be phony,
but we do not have to be.
Take this whisk.
Hold still.
What are you doing?
Oh, I'm so good at
this. Here I go.
Nice. That's it.
You know, my mom would
never make a recipe
with store-bought strawberries.
Maybe I should go to my garden.
You're not gonna hide
in there, are you?
Because you know I'm
never gonna find you.
I do not hide in my garden.
Uh-huh. Yeah, okay.
Then why is it all locked up?
To keep Eileen out.
Mm-hmm. Uh-huh.
The garden is where
I can be myself.
I can make mistakes without
my dad micromanaging.
Focus on what I want
without the press
commenting on my
pruning technique
or if I met a quarterly harvest.
I like the idea of a
place to make mistakes.
Yeah, that's the
beauty of the garden.
You can try things and
just see what blooms.
I can be myself without
worrying about this show
that Eileen is putting on.
Why is Eileen here?
It's my fault.
And my dad thinks this is
the only way to fix it.
So what really happened
with the children's books?
So you do know something
about the Slates?
People talk.
People do.
So what is the real story?
It was my first move as CEO
and I went with a cheaper
book-binding company.
They couldn't deliver, so I
had to pull the donations.
There was no books to give them,
but the press ignored that
and just made me look
like a heartless monster.
So, you made a mistake.
You should get the
truth out there.
That's what I suggested.
Just be honest.
I just want to do
things with integrity.
Well, I'm sure it will
blow over in time.
People have short memories.
Yeah, there is no time.
We have an important
merger coming up
with Red Wagon
Children's Publishing
and if the merger
doesn't go through,
we're going to lose our
stakes in our company.
And this... this
wedding will fix that?
That's what my dad thinks.
Aren't you CEO?
Well, since the book blunder,
my dad isn't letting go.
He second-guesses
everything I do.
I'm sorry.
Anyway, um...
Should we, um, see how he did?
We should.
That's good.
Yeah, it's just like my mom's.
Wyatt is going to love it.
Thank you for making me look
like I know how to cook.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
I was trying to sneak downstairs
for a cup of coffee
before Eileen
roped me into something else.
Tell me about it.
I feel more like her little
moving prop than a bride.
Oh, that sounds tough.
This wedding should
be about you.
Mr. Giraffe, can you fly, too?
- Yes.
- Do you hear that?
You get so high up.
Mr. Robot can fly.
Mr. Turtle gives robot a ride.
He's flying.
You're going to make him walk?
Cousin James's kids.
Single dad.
Looks like the Slate men are
giving him a break for a bit.
And not a camera in sight.
Goldilocks and the three bears.
That was your favorite, Wyatt?
Yeah, you and Mom always
did the best voices
when you'd read to Hunter and I.
Yeah. I thought it'd be fun
if we read some of Wyatt
and Daisy's favorite
children's books to the kids.
Daisy would love that.
What was her favorite?
Princess Paintbrush.
Oh, let's sit down.
Ah. Forgot my glasses.
Here, Hunt.
Why don't you and
Miss Arnold read it?
Like your mother and I used to.
Oh, wow.
I get to be Princess Paintbrush?
And I will be your prince.
Okay, kids, sit there.
Daisy. Good choice.
"And the prince
defeated the evil queen
"to reach the tower to
rescue his princess.
"But the princess
was distraught.
"'Where is my magic
paintbrush, dear prince?'
"'I combed the kingdom
for it, my princess.
"'I would do anything to see
your beautiful colors again.'
"The princess leaps into
the arms of the prince
"as the prince pulled
out her magic paintbrush
"from his pocket.
"'My hero.
"'Let me paint our escape
to happily ever after.'
"'My princess, there is no need.
"You are my happily ever after"
"Princess Paintbrush
looks into the eyes
"of the prince.
"And she paints the
most beautiful hearts
"around the two of them.
The prince and princess kiss."
- Eww!
- Yuck!
"They live happily ever after."
They're the happiest.
They're going to love this
online, aren't they, Lindsay?
(camera shutter clicking)
That's interesting.
Dad, what's going on?
Well, it was such
a perfect moment.
I thought that Eileen
might show Red Wagon.
It was a perfect moment.
No harm.
Come on, kids.
Let's go to the kitchen and raid
it for some more shortcake, huh?
Hup to, ba-ba-ba.
Let's go. Let's go.
Save some for us, Hunter
made those for me.
Thanks for that.
It was nice to
have a real moment,
even if it was for a minute.
Well, you make a
great prince charming.
Thank you.
Oh, it looks like the
people from Red Wagon
have RSVP'd to the wedding.
They mentioned the pictures
of us making shortcake,
That is great news.
Thanks to you.
You make me look
happy, apparently.
Oh, well, don't sound
so thrilled about it.
No, honestly, you've made this
whole wedding show bearable.
Still part of me just
feels it's not right,
you know, pretending like this.
I know what you mean.
But still, this is
reason to celebrate.
You're right.
And I owe it all to you,
Princess Paintbrush.
I look forward to
seeing the colors
you paint the
ballroom with tonight.
Me too.
(door opens)
Good evening, my dear.
Ready to dress for the ball?
There's been a...
I am not who you think I am.
All right, stop it.
You are a star to someone
in this estate, Jenna.
Wait, do you know who I am?
I swear it was a mistake.
I was just here dropping
off dresses for Lindsay.
No, no, calm down.
I found your wallet days ago.
I knew there was something
different about you.
Why didn't you kick me out?
Sorry, I...
I did it to help my friend.
And things just got completely
out of control, but I...
I do not want to hurt anyone.
No, I know, I know
you have a good heart.
I can see it.
And I would never let
anyone near Hunter
who had bad intentions.
Is this from Hunter?
Does he know the truth about me?
No, no, no, no, no.
Your secret is safe.
Open it.
He wants to see me...
for a walk in his
private garden.
I should tell him the truth.
No, you will not.
I mean, he doesn't
know who I really am.
What's the difference?
It's just... it's just a name.
You will tell him when
the time is right.
Let's get you dressed.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Thank you for coming.
I feel like I'm a
little bit overdressed.
No, you look beautiful.
Here, let me show you my garden.
Yeah, it's a passion of mine.
My mother, she got me into it.
And we used to spend
hours out here.
And some of my favorite
memories are here.
Oh, wow.
What are these?
Those are azaleas.
Originally cultivated in China.
There's a Chinese legend that
says there was a great emperor
who won many battles.
But he suffered from
loneliness despite his success.
One day, he was given azaleas.
He became enchanted
by their beauty,
planted them in his garden,
and when they first bloomed,
he found his true love.
Ever since then, they've
been associated with
luck, love, passion,
and sudden happiness.
I like that.
They're my mom's favorite.
To be honest, I have derived
a great deal of inspiration
being here.
Yeah, inspiration for what?
Aren't you an influencer?
You push products on people?
Not exactly.
A lot of what I do
involves helping people
feel great about themselves.
I just, you know, hate
all this pretending
that comes along with all this.
There's something I want
to show you in here.
(gasps) Wow.
Oh, so pretty.
These are gorgeous.
Yeah, it's my wedding
gift to Wyatt and Daisy.
They're night blooming flowers.
The only bloom once a year.
And it is said that if you
kiss someone as they bloom,
they will be your
true love forever.
Will they be ready in time?
If I did my work correctly, yes,
and every year on
their anniversary.
That is so romantic.
Honest work for
something you love.
Hunter, there's
something that I, um...
Take a shot. Now.
- I want...
- (camera shutter clicking)
Oh, okay.
Looks like we're not alone.
Yeah, we better go.
This is the only place
that's not tainted
by Eileen's Circus.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
You know, it's okay.
It's just a seam.
I can fix this in a second.
Is this your inspiration?
They're incredible.
Oh, you think so?
Well, I am no fashionista, but
I know beauty when I see it.
You fixed it so quickly.
Well, sewing is
second nature for me.
Oh, wow.
You really are something.
But let's turn around
so I can check the fit.
- Yeah, okay.
- Yeah, okay.
How does that feel?
- Great.
- It's okay.
Is it too tight?
- No, it's great.
- Okay.
Well, it did all that
looks good back here, so...
Oh, okay. Turn...
Yeah, that's Great.
Thank you.
Where'd you learn to do this?
They don't have home
ec in prep school.
Yeah, it's a funny story.
But there is something
I need to tell you.
Well, now what is
going on in here?
You two are supposed to be
heading down to the ballroom.
Hunter, you're not even dressed.
You're going to be late.
Move along.
Lindsay was about to
tell me a funny story.
Actually, I'm...
You can tell him.
Because you found my wallet
the other day, and, um...
Her driver's
license was expired.
How is that funny?
- Um...
- It isn't.
Now, move along. Come on.
Wyatt is going to expect
you to be on time.
Tonight, may I secure
your first dance?
Yes, of course.
You almost ruined it.
He deserves to know the truth.
In due time, okay?
Now, what should we
do with your hair?
What do you think about these?
All of these people will
be at the wedding tomorrow.
Make sure you get pictures
with all the VIPs.
There you are.
Okay, perfect.
Hey, it's almost over.
Then it's all about us, huh?
Keep saying that.
Feels like it'll never end.
Can we get Eileen
to cool it, man?
I feel like a show pony.
Oh, yeah. Well, you know,
if she backs off you,
then she's going
to be all over me.
And your coat is
shiny and healthy.
What are brothers for, bro?
I'll talk to Dad.
I'm sure you have enough wedding
photos to last a lifetime.
Wait until you get married, man.
That'll shock the world.
Well, maybe not so shocking.
You might want to
close your mouth
before you go talk
to her, though.
All right. Don't
be ridiculous.
That is the look of love.
You have been hanging out
with artists too long.
Hey, what can I say,
man? We're romantic.
Better go ask her to dance
before cousin James, huh?
Hey, you know, I'll
talk to Dad, you know.
Daisy does deserve a wedding
where she doesn't
feel like a show pony.
Yeah, she does.
I got you.
Thanks, man.
James, hey, hey, I want
you to go grab a drink.
This lady promised me a dance.
Of course.
May I?
- Yes.
- Yeah.
Oh, um, I'm not really
used to dancing like this.
Well, just follow
and and I'll lead.
I guess you get
used to everybody
staring at you all the time.
They're not watching me.
They're wondering how
this beautiful woman
got Hunter Slate to dance.
Hey, um...
Oh, yeah, oh, yeah,
um, I have to go.
Um, just save me a dance.
Yeah, yes, of course.
- Yeah.
- Yes.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- Oh, yeah.
- Bye-bye.
And bye.
Lindsay, hi.
You made him look approachable.
The camera seems
to love you two.
Oh, is it, um, always like this?
Well, they invited you for
your father's influence,
so the game never ends.
Ooh, um...
I think I need some air.
Are you good?
Some air.
Daisy, what's wrong?
Everything. I'm trapped.
I can't have the
wedding that I want.
I mean, I really
can't even be myself.
Do you know what that's like?
Uh, I... I do.
It's awful.
Wyatt says that Hunter's gonna
do something to help, but...
I don't know how.
Well, Hunter seems to hate
this just as much as you do,
so I'm sure he'll
do whatever he can.
Eileen tells me what to say.
She tells me where to
stand, what to wear,
how to kiss my own fianc.
What does Wyatt say?
He's worried about his
family and the merger.
I know that we haven't
known each other very long,
but I think you are so
creative and passionate,
and you seem honest.
Just keep being that girl,
and I really think
everything will work out.
Do you really think so?
Next time you're in
Soho, come to my studio.
Well, it is right next
to Anna's boutique,
so I'm gonna see you
sooner rather than later.
Sounds like a plan.
Now, let's get you
back to your party.
Come on.
Hey, how about a dance?
Sounds good.
Well, she seems to
be in better spirits.
Just needed a little girl time.
Uh, I was thinking,
can I talk to you in private?
- Uh, yeah.
- Let's go. Come on.
Are we going to
read another story?
Yes, I have to go
get my paintbrush.
I... I forgot my props.
Yeah, I was thinking a
lot about what you said.
You're genuine.
You're not afraid to be you.
Well, it's the only way I know.
Actually, it inspired me.
In... in what way?
I took your advice, and
I'm gonna talk to my father
about this PR wedding,
about being honest
with Red Wagon,
running the business.
That is so wonderful.
I really think you're
doing the right thing.
Well, I know my dad has
his way of doing things,
but if I'm gonna take over,
I have to do things my way.
Wyatt and Daisy are...
are lucky to have you.
You know, I...
I feel like the lucky one.
(door opens)
Am I interrupting?
No, Dad. Come on in.
Miss Arnold, you've made quite
an unexpected
impression tonight.
Oh, my. I hope that
is a good thing.
Now, in my experience, yes.
Well, uh, please say hello
to your father for us.
Yes. Of course, I will.
Oh, well, I should
get back to the ball,
so I'll let you two... talk.
A good evening.
Uh... I'll come find you.
Hey, are you okay?
I can't do this anymore.
But you're doing so well.
I saw you dance.
The feelings are too real.
I can't lie to somebody
that I respect this much.
Look, go upstairs to your room.
We will figure this out.
Just... just apologize first.
Hunter, I'm so sorry.
- (knocking on door)
- Oh!
What the...
- Daisy.
- I'm so sorry.
I didn't know where else to go.
I called off the wedding.
What? Why?
You and Wyatt were just dancing.
Eileen pulled me aside
to go do a final photo
of me looking at
my wedding dress
only that was not my dress.
They took out everything
that was really me.
The artistic elements,
the color, the veil,
and I just lost it.
I lost it, and I
took your advice.
Well, I mean, I
didn't... I didn't...
I didn't say call
off the wedding.
The dress was the one
thing that was really me,
and I needed one
thing to be real.
Yeah. Well, what
did Wyatt say?
He was very diplomatic.
Supporting both sides.
You know, I really thought
that he would stand up for me.
I love Wyatt so much,
but I just can't live the
rest of my life like this.
It's too much.
We're printing books
around the clock.
We'll have the
donation by next month.
Next month?
The merger is
happening next week.
Let me go to Red Wagon.
I'll be honest with them.
I'll tell them my mistakes,
and how I'm correcting them.
That's not how business works.
Well, then we'll do
business a different way.
Dad, I can do this.
This wedding has to go
off without a hitch.
The wedding's off.
Whoa, wait, what?
Daisy called off the wedding.
She can't possibly...
Oh, she can and she did.
Should have just eloped
like we wanted to.
Son, you did it for
the greater good.
Really? What's that, Dad?
Maybe we can talk to her.
Yeah, maybe there's a
compromise between...
Oh, she shouldn't
have to compromise.
I fell in love with
Daisy for who she is.
Not who Eileen has
created in the press.
Now I let the Slates down.
And I let her down.
I'm sorry.
Hey, Wyatt? Wyatt!
This is why I can't hand
over the reins so quickly.
Jenna, this is not your fault.
Yes, it is.
I encouraged Daisy
to be herself,
and now the Slates are
going to lose everything.
No, I have known the
Slates for 20 years.
They always find a way to win.
- I...
- (knocking)
Excuse me.
Hey. I'm sorry for
knocking so late.
I really have to talk to you.
No, I need to talk
to you as well.
- Good night, Diana.
- Good night.
I will see you in the
morning, Miss Arnold.
Good night to you both.
So, I got bad news.
- Daisy...
- Call off the wedding.
I know, she told me.
Is there any way to
convince her otherwise?
I don't know.
She loves Wyatt, but she
can't be somebody she's not.
Oh, I get it. I really do.
This is all my fault.
How could this
possibly be your fault?
I kept telling Daisy
to just be herself,
but I didn't think she would
call off the entire wedding.
You're right. She
should be herself.
Hiring the PR firm
was a mistake.
You really think that?
I spoke to my father.
How did that go?
Not well, and this
whole fiasco hit.
No. This has all gone too far.
No, I don't think so.
I mean, you can...
you can fix a bad impression,
as long as you're
your genuine self.
I mean, you taught me that.
I'm a hypocrite.
My name is not Lindsay Arnold.
It's Jenna Preston.
I'm a seamstress
at Anna's boutique.
Lindsay ordered dresses from us,
and I was there
dropping them off,
and somehow everyone
mistook me for Lindsay.
And when I got here,
everybody started asking
me about my dresses,
and I got so excited
about helping Anna store.
And then, of course, I didn't
want to create a scandal,
so I just sort of kept
going along with it.
But then I met you, and I...
I didn't know how to
tell you the truth.
You're not Lindsay Arnold.
No, but everything else
I told you was true.
The only thing I lied to
you about was my name.
I'm so sorry.
I swear, I didn't mean
for any of this to happen.
This was all just...
This was a huge mistake.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, it was.
I should go before I
do any more damage.
Yeah, I think
that's for the best.
Um, for what it's worth?
Nothing that the press said
about you as a man is true.
I wish everyone
knew that your heart
is always in the right place.
Was all this just self-serving?
Honestly, I've asked
myself that question.
It started with me really just
wanting to help my friend.
But I promise, I never
meant to cause any harm.
Please keep this
experience to yourself,
at least while the merger
hangs into balance.
I know you may not believe me,
but I would never betray
you or your family's trust.
My name may be different, but...
my feelings are true.
I just...
Jenna, you're back.
Wait, why? The
wedding's this weekend.
Wedding is canceled.
But it's the social
event of the season.
What happened?
I happened.
I ruined everything with
this ridiculous lie.
When I told you to stay,
I didn't know you were going
to get so close to the Slates.
Neither did I!
I thought, oh, yeah, I'll
just stay for a while,
promote the store, then come
home, not blow everything up.
You did help the store.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Assistants came and they bought
dresses for their bosses and...
Oh, the sketches you sent me.
I had them made.
These are your best work.
Your time at the
Slates inspired genius.
Hunter couldn't even look at me.
You got really
close to him, huh?
Then talk to him.
I don't know what to...
I'm just another
phony PR stunt to him.
If I know anything, it's
that you are never phony.
For the first time in
my life, I really did,
I felt like a leading lady.
You can still have your dream.
That's the problem with dreams,
is that eventually
you got to wake up.
Good morning, Hunter.
Yes, thank you.
A cup of tea, just
the way you like it?
I can pour my own.
It's no trouble.
You think it's my fault
that we'll lose the company?
No, that is not
what I was thinking.
You need to find Jenna.
She turned out to
be more fictitious
than the PR stunt
she showed up for.
No, she sacrificed herself
to help out a friend.
That sounds like
something you would do.
She was faking it.
Just like our business
practices and this wedding.
I can't trust someone like that.
Hunter, I was the one that told
her to keep the truth a secret.
Why would you do that?
Because she touched your
heart like nobody ever has.
She lied.
No, just about the name.
Everything else was the truth.
She's one of the few
people that knows
why this wedding was called off,
and yet there has been no
mention of it in the media.
I wish the circumstances
were different.
Please don't punish
her for one mistake.
You, of all people, should
have compassion for that.
It's Jenna calling again.
Yeah, you have my number, right?
Okay. Thanks.
Maybe it really is busy.
I know he never wants
to see me again.
I just...
I need to know that he's okay.
I wish I had never met him.
Of course.
Because I always
call guys that I wish
I'd never met over and
over and over again.
What are these?
Hunter's Garden inspired me.
It's new designs, but
it's silly, right?
I love them.
These are gonna be a hit.
I know it.
Fate works in mysterious ways.
Well, fate seems pretty cruel.
I mean, not only
did I hurt Hunter,
I destroyed somebody's wedding.
Who does that?
(bell dings)
Oh, hey. Do you
mind getting that?
I've got some orders to fulfill.
Gonna be okay.
What are you doing here?
You told me that I could
come and visit Anna's.
- Of course.
- So I came.
I am so glad you found me.
Me, too.
Things got pretty
intense at the estate.
Is everyone okay?
Henry has been working
double time with the PR team,
and Hunter has been
hiding himself away
either in the
garden or his office
working on a plan
to save the merger.
I am so sorry that
I didn't tell you.
I wasn't Lindsay Arnold.
You don't have to apologize.
I had a feeling you weren't
really an influencer.
I didn't ruin your relationship?
Wyatt and I realized that
we only need each other,
not the press or the
business or any of that.
We're focused on our
marriage, not a merger.
That is so beautiful.
I'm relieved.
I am so glad you guys are
still getting married.
Of course we are.
And we're doing it our way.
I'm just missing one last thing.
I can't find a dress,
or at least not one that
really feels like me, you know?
Well, I just might be able
to help you with that.
Could you?
Daisy, it would be an honor.
Thank you.
I can't wait to tell Wyatt.
Yeah, is that, um, is it going
to be okay with the Slates
if I design it?
I mean, I just,
Hunter... Would Hunter...
You know what? Never mind.
Honestly, I don't really know,
because I haven't spoken to him.
Even Wyatt has only
caught glimpses.
I think he just needs a little
time alone to sort it out.
Sure. That makes sense.
So tell me about
your dream dress.
Yes, I'm aware of that.
Yes, Eileen, can we talk later?
Thank you.
Hey. What is this?
That is the details
of our merger.
I went in and
talked to Red Wagon.
We had an honest and
blunt conversation.
They told me their concerns,
and I told them why it's
in their best interest
to merge with us.
Total transparency.
And that worked?
We finalized the deal on Monday.
Well, I'm impressed, son.
If I'm going to run a company,
I'm going to have
to run it my way.
I'll make some mistakes,
but so did you.
You're going to
have to trust me.
Maybe it's time I step back.
Let's you run the show.
No show. Just business.
I'm proud of you.
Thank you.
I'm still going
to need your help.
I want the Slate Charities
to be a family organization.
Wyatt, Daisy, everyone.
Daisy, is the wedding back on?
In the only place the PR
machine can't touch it.
- Oh, yes.
- I love that.
Oh, that's beautiful.
Do you mind, Anna?
Thank you.
Ooh, I have an idea.
- Wait right there.
- Okay.
Okay, I'll be right back.
How do we feel about
a little pop of color?
It's kind of wild.
- I love it.
- Yes.
And we can put some
in your hair, too.
Like maybe just a
little, is that accent?
Oh, I love that.
It's different.
It's what I want.
- Yeah.
- I love it.
All right, good.
I just want to say thank you.
This is amazing.
Well, now you know why
I never let you in here.
Hey, come on. It's
my wedding day.
You know, I'm pretty.
Pretty obnoxious.
Really, though. Thank you.
I'm happy for you.
Daisy is perfect.
And the way she stood up
to this family, right?
Mom would have loved her.
Oh my God.
You are absolutely gorgeous.
The most beautiful bride.
It's gorgeous.
I really feel like a princess.
Thank you, Jenna.
Oh, well, you make the dress,
not the other way around.
And there's those azaleas.
And they represent love, luck,
passion, and sudden happiness.
Perfect for your fairy tale.
I'm ready to go get my prince.
("Wedding March" plays)
Well, it's not the
wedding that I planned.
And two, and two.
What a spin.
Diana, I hope you
saved a dance for me.
Oh, beautiful bride.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
Have fun.
Well, they did it their way.
And happier for it.
I'm proud of my son today.
Both of them.
Thanks, Dad.
All right, well, I will see
you two on the dance floor.
You're dancing.
You're going to...
Oh, he didn't even hesitate.
Jenna, you can't leave.
My work is done.
Yes, but the party
is just starting.
Please, come on.
Go congratulate
the happy couple.
They're right out on the patio.
I will another time.
It really was a
beautiful ceremony.
Yes. Yes, it was.
And those night-blooming flowers
were the perfect backdrop.
You should go see them
close up before you leave.
Please, the party
is out on the patio.
If you change your mind.
Thank you.
I thought they would bloom
in time, but they fooled me.
I'm sure with a little grace,
they will bloom.
And they will steal
the show, no doubt.
I tried to call.
I wanted to explain everything.
There's no need.
I know the truth.
It was like I tried
on this new me,
and then I started to like it.
And I'm just, I'm so sorry.
Hey, can I say something?
Yes, of course.
Thank you.
For everything.
You changed all of
this for the better.
Without you, none of
this would have happened.
It was you sharing this
garden that made it possible.
Not only the wedding,
but I got the merger.
My way.
And the support of my father.
Yes! Congratulations, Hunter.
I'm... I'm so excited for you.
Well, you inspired
me to be myself.
Well, I...
I wish I'd been myself
the first day we met.
Well, you were.
I mean, you weren't
trying on a new you.
You were just stepping
out of the shadows
and into the spotlight.
I'm ready to step into
the spotlight with you.
Yeah, well,
Let's start our next
chapter, Princess Paintbrush.
I feel like I'm in a fairy tale.
Well, then, let's begin
with happily ever after.