The Wedding Party 2: Destination Dubai (2017) Movie Script

Welcome to Oceania.
- Thank you.
- Thanks.
I've always
wanted to come here.
Thank you for
giving me a reason.
Thank you.
A nurse shark.
So, what reason did I give you?
I missed your birthday.
You got me a
Swarovski purse, silly.
That was a gift,
I wasn't there.
I'm just gonna
go to the bathroom.
I'll be right
back, don't move.
Hi, you, wait, why are you
calling me, aren't you supposed
to be on your romantic
getaway with Nonso?
Ha, hold on.
Honestly, what the
hell is going on here?
No, is this what I paid you for?
Look at them, do they look
like a couple you want the
to be, no, why, because
they look homeless.
Fix it.
Hi, Diedre, my love,
oh, is Nonso boring you
that much that you
have time to call me?
He's brought me
to the Oceania.
He brought you to Oceania?
Oceania's a nice restaurant.
So has he proposed yet?
Not yet, but I
think he's going to.
Wow, I didn't think Nonso was
that stupid, it's only been,
- like, what, six months?
- I know.
Look, what if he just
likes the restaurant?
He's never been here before.
That's a proposal, honey.
Okay, what, maybe
it is, maybe it isn't.
I don't know, I don't,
I don't know, I mean...
But Dee, if it is,
what will you do?
What a fake guy, how do you
propose in a place like this?
So obvious.
That's why you don't
propose in public.
Thanks, girls, I gotta go.
Okay, bye.
Yes, Nonso, I will marry you.
Is that one yours?
It's good for you.
Is the
captain not here yet?
No, he's on his way.
How are you, I hope
he won't be late.
Isn't it the top of
the small one we wanted?
It is, I've asked them
to order it for us.
Yes, once oil price money goes
up $200.00, we are buying it.
Well, we are most certainly
looking forward to that,
and shall we board, as
we wait for our children?
Yes, yes.
Oh, I forgot something.
What is it, Tinuade?
Oh, no, no, that's
not necessary,
there's champagne on the yacht.
I know, this one is
special, it's from France.
Sorry, Ma.
Don't do that, though.
Go into the car, and bring
me the carton of champagne.
Yes, Ma.
Ah-ah, rum.
Chilled one or a cold one?
Oh, lord, hot one.
going to bring it.
But a royal
palm plantation takes,
like, 80 years to produce.
Yeah, but he has a technology
that does it in two
years, max, two years.
Oh, so why don't you
sell it to the plantations?
He wants us to give it
some time for the.
With your money?
Oh, I thought we were
going to run this together.
Hey, down
here, what is that!
Easy, easy, easy.
Oh, thank
you, my darling.
Thank you.
stay where you are, don't move.
Why are you so much in a
hurry, we are going too fast.
Mom, I'm fine,
I'm pregnant, not sick.
I know you are fine,
do you want to fall
inside this water, eh?
It's okay, it's
okay, it's okay.
Easy does it,
gentle, yeah, yeah.
Bam-Bam, oh, ,
where's your dad, easy, oh.
Hold her, hold her, no,
no, no, hold her, hold her.
Hello, my lovely,
shall I help you with that?
Yes, please.
Careful, now.
That's how to do it.
You are absolutely
glowing, my son is doing...
Thanks, Mama.
You're welcome,
hello, darling.
Hi, Daddy.
How are you?
Very well.
What is
the matter with you?
I've done nothing to you.
Mom, I'm fine.
I know you are fine,
but do you want
to have back pain?
Yes, if you do,
it's CS, do you want CS?
- Really, a CS?
- No, we don't want CS.
- Mommy, we don't want CS.
- Yes.
We don't want CS.
Harrison, Harrison!
Go inside the car and bring
me Dunni's special pillow.
Special pillow?
Dunni, yes.
We don't want
CS, baby, we don't.
- Stop it, don't.
- Dunni, it's okay, it's okay.
Pillows, yeah,
I got you 20 more.
Sir, Oga, please,
help us to dress.
Help you to do what?
Sorry, sorry, man,
just move for him.
I put, like this.
Sorry, sorry.
Sorry, sir.
This is not even comfortable.
- It is comfortable.
- Oh, my.
Come on, come on.
Nonso, darling, you said
that you had an announcement
you wanted to make?
Yeah, I do.
Okay, go on.
This might come as
a bit of a surprise.
- You think?
- Yeah.
I'm getting married.
Let's go!
come here, hold my hand.
done, well done.
To who?
Not Viagra, Diedre.
Okay, sorry.
I mean, isn't this
a bit too sudden?
I mean, you've been
dating her for what,
now, like, eight months?
You went to Dubai for a
business meeting, not so?
How in the world did
you get to propose?
Oh, you will be
happy, you are blessed.
Give god the glory,
what do you want?
You're only a.
Well, let me tell you, I.
I will be the one to supply
from my shop.
Do you understand?
And you're going to have
the best deals in Lagos,
your wedding's in Lagos, abi?
We are yet to decide.
Decide, Diedre's going
to marry into the family.
And we are family.
Ah, it
is simple, Felix?
She's telling her parents
tonight, so I'll find out later.
done, well done.
- A toast, maybe.
- Yeah.
To the bride and groom.
Everybody, bride
and groom, to the...
You're getting
married, to Edward?
Edward, no, we broke
up four years ago.
But he's 120th in
line to the throne.
He cheated on me.
Ah, well, forgiveness
is a virtue.
I'm not marrying Edward, Dad.
Well, then, who are
you marrying, darling?
His name is Nonso Onwuka.
Oh, is he Japanese?
No, he's Nigerian.
Why would you marry a Nigerian?
Because I love him.
But you're in the
line of succession,
love is not a reason.
I'm 3,264th in line to
the throne, who cares?
3,255th, darling, the Earl
of Cumberland had a daughter.
I thought you'd
be happy for me.
If not for the ban against
Sophia's Catholic descendants,
would have been the king.
You missed a great, and
anyway, it's only our family
that thinks Victoria would have
married him, and not Albert.
Well, that's true.
And even if it
is, Dad, so what?
But , but you're
in the line of succession.
You would need the Queen's
permission to marry.
I doubt that she would
approve of you marrying a
Nigerian nobody.
That law was repealed in 2013.
Well, I don't approve, what
is it with you and Nigerians?
What do you mean?
Well, your university
friends were Nigerian,
and now you want to marry one.
We should have sent her to
Cambridge like a proper Winston.
Nigerians go to
Cambridge, too,
Dad, would you rather
me marry one of them?
Now you're mocking me.
Only a little.
Come on, you know
you're going to agree,
so why draw it out?
But you're heir to
a grand tradition.
Marrying Nonso's not
going to change that.
I love our traditions,
and that's never going
to change, no
matter whom I marry.
You really love him?
Yes, I do.
Oh, well, then I
suppose I'm going
to have to agree, don't I?
Only if you agree to give
me away at the wedding.
Well, we better
call the archbishop
and preserve Christchurch.
Oh, no, but...
Oh, no buts, Winstons
married there for centuries.
Fine, you can
have the cathedral,
if you agree to follow the
traditional Nigerian engagement.
You're going to love Nigeria,
it's a beautiful place.
Ah, hello.
Hi, how are you?
I am
good, thank you.
Sir, are you sure
you're in the right place?
I'm exactly in the
right place, yes.
Not Kenya?
No, no, no, no, no, no.
She doesn't look sure, though.
sure you're supposed to be here?
So why are you
visiting Nigeria today?
I'm on holiday.
Who goes to Lagos on holiday?
These people.
I'm getting married.
You are getting married?
Oh, my, wow, look
at you, fine girl.
Oh, gosh, is he Igbo or Yoruba?
He's Igbo, yeah, I
knew, my sister, huh?
Oh, Mama, try, oh, welcome,
my sister, welcome.
Don't worry, oh,
Igbo man, yeah, okay,
he'll buy you.
Hey, look at you, beautiful
thing like yourself,
hey, , oh, wow.
this thing, well, my friend.
Sorry, oh, child, fine
girl, I like your hair,
oh, wow, it looks nice.
Happy weekend, sir.
Thank you, you have
a happy weekend, too.
You, too, have a
great weekend, sir.
happy weekend.
Happy weekend, sir.
And thank, thank you,
thank, thank, thank,
thank you, bye-bye.
Okay, bye-bye!
Come on.
your dad wearing?
Don't ask.
Hi, Ma.
Mummy, Dad,
this is Nonso.
Welcome to Lagos, Ma.
Sir, welcome to Lagos.
We have a
car waiting outside.
Oh, it shouldn't be a problem,
we only have a few
pieces of luggage.
Eh, hey, huh?
I'm sorry, no.
Yes, we're.
It's nothing, just.
It's for personal use.
Are you going to be the
one to tell me what is
for personal use, huh, you
want to explain my job?
That is how they smuggle
things into this country.
Are not personal effects.
Hello, someone wants
to speak with you.
I'll not talk to
anybody, I not take phone,
I have your time, all
the time in the world.
This administration
is here for a reason.
We are fighting corruption.
His badge says T. Achebong.
Yes, perfect.
We don't take bribes,
if you give us something,
we can it,
but we don't take bribe.
Hello, who is this?
Yes, sir!
Sorry, sir, they are right
here, they are waiting, sir,
yes, sir, yes, sir, they are
on their way, sir, yes, sir.
They are going already, sir,
they are going, sir, yes, sir.
They are going, sir.
You are welcome,
have a happy weekend.
Yes, and you have
a happy weekend,
too, my good man, thank you.
Where are we?
We're at my parents.
Oh, we would have preferred
to have stopped at our
hotel to have freshened up.
Sorry, getting them
here was hard enough.
There seems to have been
some miscommunication,
we made arrangements for
you to stay at my parent's.
However, we could get you
a hotel if you'd prefer.
Oh, we'd be delighted
to stay with your parents.
I had the American make
a special pepper soup just
- for you.
- Thanks, Mom.
So enjoy it.
Can I try some, or was
it just for pregnant women?
The soup.
It's hot!
Pa, it's very spicy.
Well, I manage very
well with the lamb,
I'm sure it can't
as bad as that.
A bowl, my good.
Are you sure?
If the man wants the
bowl, give him a bowl.
It's a bad idea.
Why not, a bowl.
Bring the pepper soup.
Mom, Mom.
Are you
sure this is a good idea?
It is.
If he says
he wants, he wants.
Ah, there, a little bit
more would be nice, thank you,
thank you, give me one
more spoon, one more spoon.
- That's fine, there, right.
- All right, yes, that's okay,
all right, oh, yeah?
I'm going to
tradition, tradition.
No, use a spoon, no!
To my new in-laws.
To all of you, bottom's up, yes.
Oh, yeah.
Stop laughing, it's not funny.
Oh, sorry, Mom!
Why did you give it to him?
Water, water!
Oh, oh
In fact, from a
very long time ago
I loved you so
I thought it
was plain to see
That you were the one for me
Why did you bring him?
Sola, okay, that's
enough, it's enough.
I'm sorry, now.
It's just such an
awesome thing, bro,
I mean, who else gets
engaged accidentally?
This was a mistake.
Nonso, wait, wait, Sola.
Well, he's right, only a
fool proposes by accident.
Okay, bro, but
do you love her?
I, I think so, I don't know,
we've only been together
for, what, seven months now?
That's bad, right, I
should cancel the wedding.
No, how can I do that when
we've already come this far?
Oh my goodness.
Do you want to
tell her, maybe?
Tell her what, oh,
I'm sorry, I proposed
to you by accident, let's
just cancel the wedding,
but stay together?
Shit, oh, shit.
So what are you going to do?
My friends, they told
me I should tell you so
I'll get married, I guess.
Take care.
See you tomorrow, bro.
All right.
So I have to let you hold
it now, I told you that
Look, look, look, look,
look, see what's happening.
What's that?
What was that?
See, I don't take you out
because of this nonsense.
I thought you might be asleep.
Dee, I'm pregnant, not five.
I'm sorry.
What's up?
You don't want to get married?
I didn't, I didn't say that.
But you're not
saying anything.
Dee, why did you say yes?
Because I love him.
Dunni, let me take.
Oh, I'm sorry, I can
come back, it's fine.
No, no, it's okay.
Are you sure, I can...
What's wrong, why is
everything so weird?
Cold feet, she
just has cold feet,
she'll be fine by
the morning, I hope.
What's wrong?
- Nothing, it's fine.
- Uh-uh, baby.
- Mm-mm, it's okay.
- Baby.
Don't worry now.
No secrets, remember?
He proposed by accident?
Shh, what's wrong,
why are you shouting?
Do you want Diedre to hear you?
How could you let this happen?
Hey, look, is it me
that proposed to her?
Please, oh.
Baby, we have to tell her.
Well, she said yes, which
means she actually wants
to get married to him.
Yeah, but he doesn't
want to marry her.
No, I mean,
okay, maybe he wasn't ready
to propose right away,
but he loves her, though,
he loves her, I know that.
Mm-mm, baby, what if
something goes wrong?
We just have to make
sure nothing goes wrong,
it's fine, don't
worry about it, okay?
Look what I got you.
Hey, yeah, shift, shift,
shift, shift, shift for me.
Shift for me, now, ah.
I know what you're doing.
Eat some sugar, please.
You know you want it.
I don't want sugar, we're
talking about something...
Take it, eat some sugar.
Good morning, Mrs. Onwuka.
Yes, that's right, we
are already setting up
at the Lily Gate Hotel,
yes, everything is going...
Now, are the flowers
arranged exactly
how I want them to be?
Let me call you back.
Yoruba outfit?
Yes, I know, don't
they look wonderful?
You both look very nice.
- Absolutely.
- Thank you.
We're gathering
in the living room.
I've asked Harrison
to be the spokesman,
and Harrison's
, abi, abi?
It's fine.
Okay, let's go,
guys, let's go.
So not only are you content
to marry our second son.
You are marrying.
And a good morning to
you, too, Auntie Adana.
What is so good
about this morning, eh?
What is good
about this morning?
Thank god that our father
is not alive to see today,
to see what is
happening in his family.
Sister, it's so
good to see you, hmm?
I am glad that you have come.
I don't, I have no idea.
Might I?
Don't touch my brother's wife.
The gifts are on the way.
They're bringing gifts, small,
small, they're
bringing gifts, come.
We wait.
We wait.
I'm sorry, ma'am.
You're sorry?
Yes, ma'am.
Ma, the driver called, said
that the vehicle broke down
on the express, ma'am.
And so?
Ma'am, there's problem, oh.
Now, you gets problem,
they won't meet...
No, Ma, that is it,
they are carrying the
gifts, all the gifts, ma'am.
As in the gifts that were
supposed to be here yesterday?
That's what I
was trying to say,
ma'am, the vehicle broke down.
You want to finish my destiny?
No, no.
You want to scatter
this thing from me, abi?
Driver said the moto
broke down on the express.
They warned me about you.
I am not
the driver, ma'am.
Dad, what's going on?
Nothing, son, just that
Harrison here is the
spokesman for the Winstons.
What, why?
It's okay, it's okay,
son, just play it,
play along, and just
flow along with it.
Just go, flow, go with the flow.
Yes, I'm the one
that wants to...
Felix, I have just
about had enough
- of this nincom...
- There's the list,
you must apply this
list to marry this girl.
You want naira bride price?
One deep freezer, two
cartons of champagne,
one fridge, 50 chickens,
three cases of stout?
Five cases of malt, 100 yards
of fabric, imported Ghana.
You must be mad
to think I'd bargain
for my daughter
like a pound of ham.
Oh, come on, now,
this is not a bargain,
it's a, it's tradition.
Well, a pox on your tradition,
I will not demean my daughter.
Dad, what's going on?
Well, they, they,
they're trying to buy you.
He's mad about
the bride price.
Oh, Dad, they're
not trying to buy me,
they're trying to show
me that they value me,
and want me as part
of their family.
It's symbolic.
you, are you sure?
Oh, well.
Well, well, in
that case, I think
a pound coin would suffice.
Brilliant, so
let's break Kola.
- Kola?
- Yes.
Okay, I...
No, no, no, no, no, no.
Oh, no, no?
One ditty, one ditty?
Bitter, bitter,
bitter, bitter, bitter!
Water, water!
Oh, darling, you look lovely.
Thank you, Mummy, is it time?
Come on, girl.
You look
beautiful, my dear.
Thank you, Daddy.
Okay, so Geofery, you
are going to ask her,
exactly the way we
talked about it.
Ah, yes, of course.
And then she has to
look at him before.
Right, right, I have it,
I have it, I have it, right.
My daughter,
they say you have brought
a man you want to marry.
Well, find him and bring
him to me, there you go.
Go along.
Sit down.
Everything that
you seek and you need
in your marriage, it
will be handed on to you,
in Jesus' name.
A toast
for the youngest Onwuka family.
May you have the very
best in life, cheers.
But I saw it on the internet.
Is not internet.
You caused this, you forget?
You brought this foolish woman
to come and marry our.
Hey, why are
you like this, eh?
It was an honest mistake,
eh, don't be angry, now.
Enough, okay,
enough, okay, enough.
Our father will
roll in his grave
to see what you have
made of our family.
Made of your family?
Your family is
beneath my daughter.
Our ancestors crossed over
with William the Conqueror,
and one of them even fought
with Henry the IV at Hastings,
and we are direct descendants
of Sophia of Hanover.
And if it were not
for the Catholic bar,
my great-great-great-grandfather
would have been the
king of England.
My grandfather
saved Mountbatten,
and Nehru in India
during partition,
not worthy of you?
No, sir,
you are not worthy of us.
Your entire
country is not worthy.
Nonso, you will not marry
that woman, you will not!
As long as I live, you
will not marry her.
I forbid you.
You forbid?
Yes, I forbid!
There you go again,
you couldn't then,
and you can't now, who exactly
are you to forbid anything?
It will not happen,
as long as I live, it will not!
And what is that,
exactly, let's see,
three years, she can wait.
Did you hear her?
That's enough.
Her witches want me
to die in three days,
in three years, you are
the one that should die.
If anybody is likely
to die, it should be,
it will be you, you are
likely to burst a vein,
you're likely to have an
aneurism if you do not stop,
no, you are likely to die.
Adana, you are
likely to drop dead.
I will not let this person
jeopardize my son's happiness
over a tantrum.
Tantrum, what's a
tantrum, what's a tantrum?
Did you not hear him,
or are you deaf, too?
Well, the last time I checked,
my son wasn't marrying
Diedre's father.
Obianuju, that's enough.
We marry families, now.
We marry families!
This wedding will
not be shelved.
This wedding will go on.
Why would you say
such hurtful things?
I was, I was defending you.
Defending me?
By insulting my new
family and friends?
She's right.
Well, they think
you're not worthy.
Who's they?
Despite the insult,
we have decided
to go on with the wedding,
you will now see the dignity
and honor in marrying a Nigerian
because I am proud
to be a Nigerian.
I love you.
Thank you.
Oh, dear.
May I have a word with you?
You know, watching our parents
almost kill each other kind
of makes me want to marry
you more, is that weird?
Well, I feel the same
way, so if it's weird,
then you're in good company.
I wonder how we're going
to survive them
through the engagement.
I have an idea.
Come on.
Hi, Dad.
We want to have the
wedding next month in Dubai.
Why Dubai?
I thought we agreed
on Christ Cathedral.
It takes a year
to get a booking
at Christ Cathedral,
it's not an option,
and let's not pretend you'd
have the wedding here.
Well, well, why are
you in such a hurry?
You started a fight
at our introduction,
we think it's best to have
a small, quick wedding.
It's either that, or
we go to the registry,
no party, no nothing.
No, no, no, no, no.
Nonso, a month isn't enough
to organize a wedding.
Plus, if it's any
later, Dunni can't travel,
and I want her to
be my maid of honor.
Yes, I need to be there.
Well, if you use Victoria
as your maid of honor,
then, well, both sides
will be represented.
We have family in Nigeria, oh?
And they must have
fun, enjoyments galore,
and are waiting, it's
as simple as that.
Whatever plans we
have, we, as a family,
must come together and
make sure that we show the,
the Winstons, or.
The Winstons that we
are better than them,
that the whole country's
better than them,
we are behind you, just
take all of us to Dubai.
The very best people.
This is your
department, darling.
Try again.
Well, it's, it's...
Agreed on the venue.
It's just two weeks
until the wedding.
Let's not blame me,
let's blame those.
Well, don't
worry, from now on,
you won't have to
deal with them again.
We'll plan the wedding
without your input.
We'll end up with two
weddings in the same venue.
That sounds settled to me.
It's the Onwukas.
Oh, wow, look at you.
You look so, anyway,
Thank you, are
you going to Dubai?
Of course.
Mm, do you want to follow her?
Uh-uh, Dunni.
Stop it, follow who, to
where, when I'm here with you?
I saw you looking at her.
I'm looking at you, my eyes
belong to you, hello, stop it.
We're going to Dubai, baby,
it's going to be a good time.
Are you happy to see Rosie?
I'm happy to see
you, who is that,
I don't even know who she is.
Let me see.
This thing is not valid, take.
Do you know who I am?
Who are you?
I am.
No, no,
this is not a valid visa, now.
- What do you mean?
- I mean...
Yeah, come on and pass now.
I won't let you come back in.
How are you today,
sir, welcome to Atlantis.
Let me escort you to your
suite, yeah?
It's turn up time, boy.
Hey, Sola is the master.
I'm busy, guys.
Busy doing what?
Planning his escape
from his fake marriage.
If you must know, I
am writing my speech.
His speech, guy, forget.
What's this I'm
hearing about Club 360,
and your bachelor party?
That's where I want to go.
Fam, please, let
me do this for you.
I, sorry, go ahead.
I'll give you a bachelor
party to remember, bro.
The last time you
tried arranging one,
you almost ruined a
marriage, no, thanks.
Just chill, chill,
chill, chill, Nonso, wait.
Let's try to take
it easy on Sola,
let's not, let's not
project your worries on him.
My worries, I'm fine,
I have no worries.
Wait, wait, wait,
you're actually fine?
You're actually okay with
it, since when, please.
Well, since I figured
she was the best thing
that's happened to me,
and I'm the luckiest man
because she said yes.
Aw, you didn't even
say thank you to me.
Huh, for what?
Did you not meet
at my wedding?
Congrats, bro, much love.
He's got a point.
Do you even know what
kind of ring you want?
Know what kind
of ring he wants.
Look, look at them.
I am looking.
Good afternoon.
Welcome to Versace.
Thank you.
Dunni, look at this one!
Hey, hey, hey, look, look, look!
I am looking.
Look at this!
This is one of our rings
from the special collection,
it's the Greek collection.
Here you go.
Bro, if you no pick
one here now, eh,
I no say you no are married.
I got your message about the
beach availability you said.
I know.
Just move it, move it, I
will cover any obstructions,
do you understand?
But the wedding
is tomorrow, Ma,
it's just not going
to be possible.
Wonu, you've
started again, Wonu.
Just do it!
Move it, and listen to me,
don't say anything to Obianuju,
I will do it myself, I
will tell her myself,
it's a surprise, okay,
get off the phone!
Is that how you used to be?
So I cannot play with you?
Yes, they've changed the
venue, we're now Atlantis beach.
It's your wedding, if you
wanted the Atlantis beach,
why didn't you just insist?
Nonso and I decided to leave
everything to the planners.
You know that's
actually crazy, right?
Oh, look at
you, "Nonso and I this,
"Nonso and I that,"
you guys are sweet.
Oh, please,
don't encourage her.
What, she was afraid to
get married a month ago,
now look at her!
I need to pee.
All these pregnant people.
Stop it!
Well, it's true, you
are glowing, what changed?
I was scared, but
I really love him,
and I can't wait to be married.
You can
knock if you want.
And I will.
But it is sweet, though,
that you finally found your
Nigerian prince who comes
and just sweeps
you off your feet,
but I would deny you in public.
Fair enough.
Fair enough.
between you and I.
You see why she...
Dunni, are you
enjoying your pepper soup?
Yes, Mummy, thank you.
You see, Wonu and Yamake had
to travel all over Dubai
to get the ingredients.
Aw, please tell them
thank you, thanks, Mama.
How did she get the
pepper soup in here?
threatened the manager.
- It doesn't, I mean...
- It doesn't?
You didn't tell me
you were coming.
Why wouldn't I come?
Well, you did say
you weren't coming.
Oh, shut up.
When your friend called
me illiterate in Nigeria,
what did you say, why
didn't you tell her
that no Onwuka is an
illiterate, we travel around.
Sister, come.
Oh, my brother, I must
attend a Paris wedding.
Here they go.
Felix, this one, you
people are organizing wedding
at the beach, have you forgotten
that the Onwukas don't hold
their weddings at the beach
so we don't get entangled
with marine spirits?
Oh, and there your
sister goes again,
what are you on about now?
This isn't taking
place at any beach,
this event is slated for
the Armani Hotel, not so?
Yes, we are, we are...
Events have special
places for them,
this is part of the wedding,
it doesn't have to be here.
Sister, the wedding
is not at the beach,
it's at the Armani.
is part of the wedding.
Who requested for the change
in venue without asking me?
What is the matter with you?
Tell me, what is
the matter with you?
Me, what?
What gave you the
right to shift the venue
of my son's wedding
without asking me?
Obianuju, I can explain.
Explain, Tinuade,
there's something you want
to explain to me, this
is none of your business,
and this right here is not
your family, why do you meddle?
Obianuju, please, it's okay.
No, Felix, it is not.
What consumed her to
interfere, what possessed you?
I was on my way out
of the lobby.
I heard Diedre
and Yemisi
and Dunni talking.
They didn't see me
because I didn't stop.
Once I heard that,
once I heard that.
We book the Atlantic
beach for the wedding.
Why didn't you tell me?
I wanted to tell,
but until I was sure,
until you confirmed, confirmed
it was a go.
Look, I was going to tell you
when we were at the
market, but I forgot.
It's okay,
it's okay, it's okay.
It's okay, it's okay, it's okay.
Mummy, it's okay.
It's okay.
I am tired.
I need to get to the hotel.
Obianuju, please come.
You've done well.
This is exactly what
I'm talking about,
this is exactly what
I'm talking about,
guys, look at this,
look, are you feeling me?
Man, you guys, man.
And what's the
problem with that?
Nonso, the last time we
did something like this
with Sola, you know
what happened, okay?
Let's go to a normal
club with normal people,
and have normal
drinks, and go home.
Because I am your
senior brother.
You are my senior brother,
you should know better.
You have enough rice and
chicken in the house,
leave this small chops
life, and let's go.
This is Lisa.
Hi, Lisa.
And this is Anita.
And this is us leaving,
nice to meet you.
See you later, let's go,
you're gonna thank me for this.
- Walk, walk, walk, just walk.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey...
We're are coming,
we are coming.
Where are you going?
We are coming.
Wait, now.
We are coming.
Small chops.
We are here now,
lord commander.
Yeah, whatever.
All I was trying to do
was make up for the fact
that homeboy over here is
getting married accidentally...
Sola, shut up.
Dude, no, but seriously, now,
how do you expect to
explain to this woman
that you initially
really didn't propose,
and now you're proposing
with a new ring?
Sola, shut up!
Hi, boys.
What are you doing here?
Well, it's the
best party in town.
That's what
I'm talking about.
Guys, I'll catch up with
you in a second, okay?
Mm, of course, an
accidental meeting
to go with an
accidental wedding, eh?
Let me handle it, I got
you, I got you, Rosie, wait,
Rosie wait.
Sola was just joking.
And you're pulling me aside
just to tell me that, hmm?
Oh, okay, so it really
was a fake wedding.
No, it's not like
that, it's not like that.
Yet you're flirting
to buy my silence, eh?
Rosie, I'm not
flirting with you.
Well, you should be, and
I mean you really should be.
Lucky for you, I'm amenable.
- Rosie.
- Yes?
Nothing will ever
happen between us, okay?
And yet you can't
keep your eyes off me.
Rosie, you're a
beautiful woman.
And any man would look,
but I belong to Dunni,
now and always, and
you need to accept it.
You should tell
me that more often.
I wasn't spying, honest, I
was on my way to the toilet.
How much did you hear of that?
Enough to make me
want to take you home
and have my way
with you right now.
As nice as that sounds, it's
going to have to wait, okay?
I love you, I'll
see you in a bit.
I love you.
I love you more.
Is it true?
Deedee, I love you.
You love me, you love me?
If you love me, you
would, you would...
It was Sola, he...
He what, was the one
that said you
accidentally proposed?
How did he, how did he know
if you didn't tell him?
Did you give me this ring?
Did you ask me to marry you?
No, I did not.
Oh my god.
Deedee, I love you.
I was scared I was going to
lose you, I made a mistake.
Dee, if you'd have me,
I'd love, love to
be your husband.
You love me, but you
didn't trust me enough
to tell me you made a mistake.
I'm sorry, that's not love.
Sorry, bro, it's
all my fault, man,
I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.
It's not your
fault, it's on me.
I can't believe
you guys told Sola,
and you didn't tell me.
Okay, you're right, I'm sorry.
It's fine, but what
are we going to do now?
I don't know,
I think interfering will
only make things worse.
How can it be
worse than it is now?
The wedding has been called off,
and how are we okay with that?
Maybe we should sleep on it,
maybe things will feel
better in the morning.
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
Good night, guys.
Good night.
We won't have a
wedding by the morning.
You know what,
I actually agree,
we should do
something, something.
You're the reason we have
to do anything, anyway,
it's like you have an anointing
for just ruining weddings.
Well, I'm the only
one still here with you.
So are you gonna stay mad at me,
or are you actually
gonna let me help you?
Are you coming?
Who can that be?
What's going on, darling?
I don't know,
at this hour, no peace.
Oh, oh, too low.
He didn't propose?
Well, he
accidentally proposed.
But he loves her.
And she loves him.
Why would she want
to cancel the wedding?
Well, she had doubts earlier,
and I think the non-proposal
may have brought them back?
Maybe it's for the best.
Thank you for telling us.
Thank you.
Have a good night.
That's what we were
hoping for.
That's what we were hoping for.
Why would we hope for
our daughter to be unhappy?
What does that mean?
Geofery, are you coming?
Oh, bother.
At least it was worth a shot.
You saw his face.
It made his day.
Excuse me, do you know
the Onwuka's room number?
So, as I see it, we can let
this wedding fall apart,
or we can try to
help our children.
Ma'am, what if
this marriage
is not what they really want?
We knew this whole thing
was a bit too quick,
and now we know why,
maybe we should just let
the whole thing die
a natural death.
Do you want him?
Although it galls me to say it,
I've never seen her happier than
when she thought she was going
to get married to your boy.
Now, you're not the family I
would have chosen for her, but
she's found her place with you.
Geofery, was there a
compliment somewhere in there?
I'm not so sure.
So, what are we going to do?
I have an idea.
Here you are.
I want to be alone.
We need to talk, darling.
I think I'd rather
be alone, Mum.
Darling, we
really need to talk.
I heard your man was dumb
enough not to propose to you.
Nan, don't make me laugh,
I'm too angry to laugh.
Do you love him?
It's not that simple.
Let me tell you a story.
When I was a young
woman, during the war,
I was not happy driving
ambulances around London,
I joined the SOE, and went
to France to fight the Nazis.
This was not a thing
done by the Rutherfords,
but it wasn't gonna stop
me, you are a Winston girl,
follow your heart, and
let the rest be damned.
We're in the restaurant,
if you'd like to join us.
Well, guys, I, thanks
for coming out, I,
I guess she's not coming.
I'm here.
What do you want?
My daughter, the Onwuka
family have come here
to ask for your
hand in marriage.
Dad, what are you doing?
Marriage is a
joining of families,
now, we have researched
their family,
and found them to
be fit, however,
we love you, and will not make
you marry against your will.
Their representative will
now speak on their behalf.
My sister.
Deedee, you deserve
the kind of proposal
that would make angels
sit up and watch.
And I'm sorry you have
to make do with this.
I love you, Deedee,
please do me the honor
of becoming my wife.
And if I said no
and walked away?
I'd live the rest
of my life in regret.
I'm sorry, I can't.
I'll tell everyone tomorrow
that we're calling off the
wedding, we'll return the gifts.
I'm not having this,
why are you so
determined to be unhappy?
This is not the place.
This is the place, this is
the family that loves you,
the one you were born in,
and the one you chose.
Everybody here cares about you.
And we all want the best for
you, please, don't do this.
You love him.
Marry him.
You know you want to.
Ask me again.
Make me the happiest
man in the world
by saying yes to
becoming my wife.
Wait a minute,
this isn't my ring.
I bought you a new ring,
I thought you deserved
one I bought myself.
You can save that for the
wedding, yes.
A toast!
To the latest
Mr. and Mrs.
Nonso Onwuka, cheers.
Okay, okay, guys,
is everyone happy now?
Yeah, please, can we go to bed?
I am tired.
You should go on, darling.
Good night, guys.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Can we talk?
Tin-Tin, my darling.
I would like to
apologize for earlier.
We are family, and I know
that you would only act
in our best interest.
You don't have to apologize,
I should be the one
doing the apology.
It was not in my place to
make conditions, which I did.
You are the mother of the groom.
I'm so sorry.
Very, very sorry.
We're gonna be just fine.
I'm just
glad this is all over.
Come on, we have
a wedding to go to.
We make a good team, don't we?
What, what did I
say, what did I say?
Bro, relax,
okay, she'll be here.
You don't think maybe
she changed her mind?
Changed her, no, she
didn't change her mind,
she's coming, calm down.
Do you think she
did the right thing?
What do you mean?
Realize she's not
good enough for Nonso,
and just, and just
leave the man and go?
Diedre is a great
addition to this family,
and if you don't like it,
please, keep it to yourself, eh?
I'm not here to fight,
though, I'm not to fight.
have you all been?
I wanted her to
make a grand entrance.
Doesn't she look lovely?
You look like a princess.
It's such a shame she's only
3,264th in line to the throne.
3,265th, darling.
Come on, let's go,
before we're late,
- off we go.
- All right.
Come on, Nan.
You are stunning,
absolutely, darling.
Thanks, Nan.
There we go.
Come on, we're already late.
I hope you're ready,
'cause they're on their way now.
Get off me!
What is going on?
Easy, easy, stop,
what is the fight for?
They brought me all
the way from Nigeria.
Listen, I demand to
get this brute taken off
of the venue, he's
just assaulted me.
Me, brute, me, brute,
do you know who I am?
Do I know who you are?
I know who I am, I don't
care if you don't know,
listen, my grandfathered
MC'd a royal wedding,
what was yours doing,
swinging from the trees?
Oh, that is why I need to
swing those royal punches
on you right now.
Oh, yeah, buddy, you wouldn't
dare, he wouldn't dare.
Forget all this.
This is ridiculous,
I'm sorry about...
Do you know who I am, eh, eh?
You think all this
your parents,
your great-grandparents,.
Get off
of me, get off of me!
Me, get off of you,
apologize, apologize.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Say it out loud,
say it out loud.
I'm sorry!
Sorry guys, we're just
getting to know each other,
just getting to know each
other, right, yeah, we know.
I can't believe Rosie
and Sola almost ruined
another wedding.
Mm, well, he did help
me talk to the ministers.
Yeah, Sola's always
willing to fix his messes up.
Uh-uh, he's not that bad.
'Cause if you think
about it, he, what, what?
- You like him.
- Ugh.
What, no.
Yeah, this, your pregnancy
is getting to you.
Anyway, what, are you
okay, is it your water?
I think my water just broke.
How are we so late?
Well, it's good
for a man to get used
to waiting for
his wife.
- Come on.
- God.
That's Dunni's car,
why is it stopping?
Everybody, Dunni's
water just broke.
No, but
she's one month early.
- I know, I know...
- Where is she?
She's just
a few minutes away,
they say there's
a clinic nearby.
She can go to Dubai
Medical Hospital.
We can take my chopper,
it's that side.
Dunni, Dunni, oh, Dunni,
Bam-Bam, where are you?
Where's my daughter,
where's Dunni?
Where's my daughter?
Leave me alone, let me go!
No, they told us to.
Push, push.
Push, baby, push.
Yes, you can do it.
- Push.
- I can't do it.
Yes, you can do it,
you can do it, push.
It's her mom, it's her
mom, it's her mom, it's okay.
I can see, okay, we're almost
done, I can see the head.
I can see the head.
One more time.
You can do it.
Look at me, I want a
granddaughter, you can do it.
Come on, come on.
Thank you, thank
you, thank you!
Guys, it's a girl.
And a boy.
He is so handsome,
he looks just like you.
Wait, why are you here?
Aren't you supposed
to be getting married?
We had to see
if you were okay.
Mom, aren't you supposed
to be getting married?
We had to see
if you were okay.
I'm okay, now, you
need to go get married.
Go, get married, go
get married, bye.
Thanks, Mama,
Mama, thank you, Ma.
Okay, you know they can't
get married alone, right?
Guys, you need to
go to the wedding.
You need to go to
the wedding now.
Now, you look
after them for me, all right?
Bamidele, let's go, let's go,
let's leave the women alone.
I am so
proud of you, darling.
Thank you.
darling, look after yourself.
Mama, aren't you gonna go?
I'm going nowhere.
Harrison, get this thing off.
Hi, baby.
Hi, sugar.
Is everybody having a
good time, by the way, yeah?
Let me hear you
say, "Uh-huh, uh-huh."
Uh-huh, uh-huh.
All right, ladies and
gentlemen, the bride and groom.
Hello, I see you're
having a good time.
Well, we were until you
came and disturbed us.
Well, if you will permit
me, my beautiful bride here
and I would like to get
this wedding rolling.
Ladies and gentlemen, should
we let them get married?
Let's do this, let's do this.
Ladies and gentlemen,
family and friends,
we're gathered here
to witness the union
of this man and this woman.
Nonso Onwuka,
do you take Diedre
Winston as beloved wife?
Yes, I do.
Diedre Winston,
do you take Nonso Onwuka
as beloved husband?
Yes, I do.
By the power invested in
me, I pronounce you husband
and wife, now, you
may kiss the bride.
My brother, I beg,
I want to buy a.
No, no, no, no.
You not sound excited.
Tell him now.
The pepper is, you
know, very, very small,
like this small, do you have it?
Maybe I should
call my cousins,
they have a person here
in Dubai,.
We have traveled
far and wide today
to bring a special man for
you, if he touches you,
10 billion, 20
billion, 30 billion,
you got it for 30,.
I say, do not let your
consuming fire consume us
because we should
have done better.
Everyone know that
the sound of my voice,
that is supposed to pay
their tax, but they have not.
God, give them last
chance, just five minutes,
just five minutes, before
you release your fire, lord.
Hold your consuming
fire for five minutes
so that they can come and
be putting it to rights now,
so that they can come,
and be.